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Billy confessed the truth about his gambling problem, but Victoria believed that he was having an affair with Chloe. Leslie thought the blogger was connected to Rose. Chelsea accepted Dylan's proposal. Nick and Phyllis agreed to keep Summer's paternity a secret.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 17, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, June 17, 2013

At Victoria and Billy's house, Victoria stormed in and slammed the door just seconds before Billy placed bets over the phone on several horse races. Victoria said, "I know what you're up to, Billy!" Victoria accused Billy of having an affair with Chloe. Victoria noted that Billy had been sneaking around, receiving mysterious phone calls, and offering lame excuses for staying out late. Victoria added that she'd seen Billy and Chloe sharing an intimate embrace at the restaurant. Billy explained that Chloe and Kevin were having marital problems and that Chloe had needed a shoulder to cry on.

Billy told Victoria that he was in love with her and was committed to their marriage. Victoria demanded that Billy own up to whatever it was he was doing. Billy admitted that he'd begun gambling again. He explained that the phone calls he'd been receiving were from his bookies and that he'd spent late nights in a motel room, playing cards. Victoria replied, "I can't believe that you'd stoop so low to use a real addiction to cover up that you're screwing around on me."

Billy tried to convince Victoria that he wasn't having an affair. He admitted that he'd won the restaurant during a card game. Victoria, still fuming, wasn't sure that Billy was telling her the truth. She asked Billy why he hadn't told her the truth weeks before. Bill explained that he had feared losing her if she discovered that he'd begun gambling again. Victoria warned Billy that she'd never forgive him if he were lying about not having an affair.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Lauren that her marriage to Kevin was over and that she'd already moved out of their home. Lauren stiffened when she noticed Carmine enter the coffeehouse. Chloe told Lauren that she wished she'd wised up sooner. Chloe added, "Does that make us soul sisters now?" After Lauren stood and insisted she needed to leave, Chloe glanced at Carmine and asked, "Are you running away because of Carmine?"

Lauren denied any association with Carmine, but after Chloe observed Carmine's reaction to Lauren, Chloe cried, "Oh, my God! How could you hook up with that piece of filth?" Lauren admitted that she'd made a mistake she'd regret every day for the rest of her life. Lauren confronted Chloe and asked if she ever wished she could take back the terrible things she'd done to Cane and Billy. Chloe apologized and said that perhaps her failed marriage might be "the universe's revenge."

Out on the patio at the coffeehouse, Kevin confronted Alex and his partner, Sheryl. Kevin blamed Detective Chavez's constant snooping for "wrecking his marriage." Alex claimed that he and his partner had stopped by for a cup of premium coffee served by the new owner. Enraged, Kevin yelled that it was the same coffee he'd served when he was the coffee shop's owner. Kevin angrily walked away.

After Kevin left, Alex teased his partner about ordering a "chichi, foo-foo cup of coffee." Sheryl laughed and said that she preferred her coffee black. Abby, standing in the entryway, glared at Sheryl. Abby moved close to Alex and asked if the two detectives were on a coffee break. Sheryl nodded. Alex asked Abby if she wanted coffee. Abby replied, "I would love an iced, decaf skinny vanilla latte, easy on the ice." Abby wasn't amused when Alex and Sheryl laughed and then refused to tell her why.

After Alex went to order the coffees, Abby told Sheryl that they should get a few things straight about Alex. Sheryl claimed that Alex didn't strike her as a man who intended to get involved in a serious relationship. Alex overheard the women, and he stepped behind the entryway to listen. Abby said that her relationship with Alex was none of Sheryl's business. Sheryl insisted that she and Alex were just partners. After Alex returned, he and Sheryl left Abby behind when the detectives were called to work.

Kevin entered the main dining area at Crimson Lights and spotted Chloe. After Lauren left, Chloe told Kevin he'd repeatedly broken their trust by stealing. Kevin, sounding defeated, replied, "I screwed up. I just felt like such a failure from having to sell this place." Kevin held up his left hand and vowed to never remove his wedding band. He begged Chloe to tell him how to fix their relationship.

Chloe told Kevin that he'd first have to return all of the items he'd stolen. Kevin readily agreed. Chloe added that Kevin would also have to volunteer at a homeless shelter for few weeks. Kevin insisted that he didn't have time to volunteer. Chloe said she wanted Kevin to learn that others lived with less and never felt the need to steal in order to feel validated. Kevin seemed humbled that Chloe had given him an opportunity to set things right.

Abby went to the Genoa City Athletic Club and took a seat beside Tyler at the bar. Tyler offered to buy Abby a drink, and she accepted. Abby and Tyler exchanged lively banter about exclusive clubs they'd visited in New York. Alex entered and spied Abby and Tyler together at the bar. Alex interrupted Abby and Tyler. After Tyler left, Alex asked Abby if she'd hit on Tyler to make him jealous. Abby noted that she and Tyler had a lot in common.

At Michael and Lauren's condo, Michael panicked when he found Fenmore passed out on the floor beside the coffee table. After Fen awoke, Michael noted that his son's eyes were bloodshot. Michael demanded to know if Fen was high or drunk. Fen stood up and explained that he'd attended a graduation party. Fen took a seat on the hearth, facing his father.

Michael told Fen that he was scared for his son due to the trauma Fen had recently suffered. Fen admitted that he was scared, too, because his future seemed bleak. Fen added that he feared he might not be able to deal with his rage and anger. Michael explained that he'd spent a great deal of his life the same way. Fen asked what his father had done to turn his life around. Michael noted that someone had happened along to save him.

Lauren slipped in and overheard Michael promise Fen that he and Lauren would work out their problems. Lauren asked Fen about the party he'd attended, and Fen said he'd ended up spending time with Courtney and Summer. Fen said he'd agreed to rejoin Summer, so Michael gave his son cash for cab fare. After Fen, left, Lauren told Michael that she'd heard him talking to Fen and was relieved that Michael was committed to saving their marriage.

After Michael left to meet with a client, Carmine knocked on the door. Lauren was surprised to see Carmine, and she blocked him from entering the condo. Lauren told Carmine that Michael was taking a shower. Carmine said he'd watched Michael leave. Lauren was angry to learn that Carmine had spied on her. Carmine insisted that he couldn't move on because he and Lauren were meant to be together. Carmine lunged forward and kissed Lauren passionately.

Michael stopped by Crimson Lights and ordered Lauren's favorite key lime cheesecake. Chloe said, "Sweets for the sweet. I like that." Kevin told his brother that he was glad to see that Michael appeared happy. Michael, smiling broadly, replied, "For the first time in a long time, I have something to be happy about."

At On the Boulevard, Neil asked Leslie to read an open letter he'd written to post on G.C. Buzz. In the letter, Neil explained that the unknown blogger had wounded Neil's family by copying and twisting excerpts from the stolen journal. Neil added that the unknown blogger was an "Internet bully." When Leslie read the portion of the message Neil had penned about an attack on Lily, Leslie suddenly recalled that she'd read the words elsewhere.

Neil said he hoped to anger the anonymous bully and provoke retaliation. Neil added, "They might make a mistake that could lead the police right to them." Leslie skimmed the post about Lily and recognized that the blogger's phrase "she doesn't want realism; she wants magic," had been quoted from A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Leslie added that she'd recently seen the phrase used elsewhere. Neil was intrigued to discover why the blogger had used the particular phrase.

Leslie left and later returned with a letter that Rose had written to Gus. Leslie unfolded the letter and read, "I wish we didn't have to be so practical. Who needs reality when we could have magic?" Neil pointed out that he didn't know anyone by the name of Rose. Because he didn't know anyone acquainted with Gus, Neil said he couldn't understand why someone would attempt to hurt his family. Leslie said that it was a coincidence they couldn't ignore. Leslie said she'd have to track down Rose. Neil thanked Leslie for sticking with him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack stopped by to visit with a sleepy-eyed Summer, who was seated alone at a table. Jack asked Summer about her friends' graduation parties. Summer yawned and admitted that she'd stayed out until after sunrise. Summer noted that even though she hadn't consumed alcohol, she feared that her father might still reprimand her. Summer added that she couldn't seem to please her dad. Jack replied, "Nick's just being protective. It's hard for any good father to let go."

Summer told Jack she was pleased that he and her mother were together. Summer asked Jack if he thought she and Kyle were destined to be together. Jack urged Summer to get to know herself. He explained that Summer was just beginning a new stage in her life. Summer nodded halfheartedly. Jack encouraged Summer to enjoy experiencing new things in her future instead of focusing on a serious relationship with a guy.

At the Abbott mansion, Nick stopped by to check on Summer. Phyllis told Nick that Summer was having an early dinner with Courtney. Phyllis added that Summer and Kyle had gone their separate ways after dinner, so she was certain Summer hadn't spent the night with Kyle. Frustrated, Phyllis told Nick that they had to tell Jack and Summer the truth about Jack being Summer's biological father. Nick replied, "We will." Phyllis cried, "No! Now, tonight."

Tears welled in Nick's eyes when he told Phyllis that he'd never questioned Summer's paternity until she'd grown closer to Kyle. Phyllis replied, "It's going to be painful, but you have to come clean. You have no other choice." Summer and Jack arrived together after Nick and Phyllis summoned them. Nick explained that what he had to say would affect both Summer and Jack. Summer became upset and cried that she and Kyle had only had dinner together and that nothing more had happened.

Angry and sobbing, Summer told Nick that she'd tried her best to make him proud, but none of her efforts ever seemed good enough to impress him. Nick broke down and told Summer that she had no idea how unbelievably proud of her he was. Phyllis calmly interjected, "You're jumping to conclusions." Nick tempered his emotions and said, "We need to talk to you about Kyle." Jack looked puzzled. Summer cried, "It's like you're embarrassed that I'm your daughter."

Summer went upstairs to her room. Phyllis confronted Nick and commanded him to follow Summer upstairs and talk to her. Nick headed toward the front door. Nick paused and mumbled that his visit had been a waste of time. Nick stormed out. After Nick left, Jack asked Phyllis if there was something he didn't know about Nick's impromptu visit.

Phyllis kissed Jack and said that Nick was struggling because his daughter was leaving the nest. Phyllis told Jack that she needed to visit Nick and lend moral support. Phyllis left. Summer reappeared downstairs. Jack told Summer that he understood how she felt. Jack added that Summer probably felt that her father wanted to control her life. He reminded Summer that Nick loved her. Summer told Jack that he was an amazing father to Kyle. Jack embraced Summer and thanked her.

Nick returned to the tack house. He read the letter from the lab stating that his DNA was not a match to Summer's. He balled up the letter in frustration and threw it across the room. He sat on the sofa and gazed at a framed photo of Summer. Phyllis walked into the tack house and told Nick that she'd help him find a way to do the right thing. Nick said that he'd changed his mind about telling Summer that he wasn't her biological father. Nick said he didn't think he'd ever be able to tell Summer the truth.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kyle arrived home from a meeting, and Jack confirmed that they were still on for dinner with Traci. Kyle reported that he'd sealed a business deal with a handshake, and he'd have a contract signed the next day. Jack said that he was proud, and Kyle replied that it had meant a lot to him that Jack had let him handle the deal on his own. Jack gushed that working with family meant the world to him, and he was pleased to watch Kyle grow into an accomplished young man. Jack credited Diane with raising Kyle, since Jack had missed out on being a father for so many years.

Kyle wanted to say hello to Summer before dinner, but Jack reported that she had left after a chat with Nick and Phyllis about Summer's growing independence. Kyle didn't understand Nick's behavior, but Jack understood that Nick wanted to protect Summer. Kyle complained that Nick was being overprotective, because Kyle and Summer were just getting to know one another. Jack reasoned that it could seem threatening to a parent of a young daughter, but Kyle contended that Summer was determined to live her own life, and Kyle was part of it.

Over dinner at On the Boulevard, Jack bragged about Kyle's business acumen, and Kyle told him to stop, but Traci loved hearing how "team Jabot" was working and living together. Kyle asked how Traci was faring at Abby's place, and Traci marveled that Abby had rolled out the royal treatment for her. Jack inquired how long Traci planned to stay, and she vaguely stated that her plans kept getting extended. Jack hoped that she wasn't avoiding going home, but Traci simply said that time with family was time well-spent. Kyle made up an excuse to do something at the office, and he left. Jack asked Traci what was really going on.

Traci confided to Jack that she and Steve were having problems, and Jack asked if Steve had cheated again, but she said that it was nothing like that. Jack offered to help however he could, and Traci was embarrassed that she'd given Jack grief about Phyllis when Traci couldn't keep her own marriage together. Traci said that she and Steve had been going through a rough time since Colleen had died. Traci sobbed that there was nothing worse than losing a child, and Jack took her hand. Traci thanked Jack for dinner and the talk, and he pledged to always be there for her.

At Crimson Lights, Michael sent a text message to Lauren to inform her that he was picking up dessert for a sweet evening together. Michael ran into Summer, and he congratulated her on her graduation. He noticed that she looked better than Fen had after being out so late the night before, and she covered for Fen. Michael mentioned that Fen was meeting her that evening, and she stammered that Fen was probably running late. She walked away, and Michael looked suspicious.

Summer looked fondly at the goofy photo Kyle had sent her, and Sharon and Faith arrived at the coffeehouse. Faith excitedly ran over and said that she missed Summer, and Sharon explained that Faith was adjusting to being the only kid left in the house. Summer called Faith lucky to have Nick all to herself, but Faith complained that Avery was always around. Summer pointed out that Avery made great cupcakes, and she pulled Faith onto her lap and pinky-swore that she would always love Faith. Faith and Summer hugged.

Summer promised to go to a water park and have a sleepover with Faith, and Faith called her the best big sister ever. Faith left with Sharon as Courtney arrived. Summer divulged that she and Kyle had shared a romantic night, but Courtney realized that Summer and Kyle hadn't had sex. Courtney suggested that Summer sneak into Kyle's room later, but Summer said that she was tired and that she had a fitting the next day. Courtney chided Summer for making excuses, but Summer defended that she was a model and couldn't look ragged.

Courtney questioned why Summer wouldn't make a move, and Summer replied that she had something real with Kyle, so she wanted having sex to be something special. Summer admitted that she was a little scared, and she worried that she'd be bad in bed. Courtney rationalized that Summer had to have sex to gain experience, and she was sure that Kyle would be more than happy to teach Summer. Courtney advised Summer not to hold off for too long, or Kyle would hook up with someone who didn't want to wait. Summer saw Kyle walk in, and Courtney made an excuse to leave.

Lauren pushed Carmine away and angrily asked what he was doing, but he continued to try to kiss her. Fen arrived home and pulled Carmine off of Lauren, and he demanded to know what was going on. Lauren struggled for words, and Carmine pleaded with her to tell Fen the truth. She ordered Carmine out, and he reluctantly left. Fen asked if she was having an affair, and she shook her head no. Fen rephrased the question in the past tense.

Fen pressed Lauren to tell him if an affair had been the reason Michael and Lauren had warned him to stay away from Carmine, and Lauren argued that what she and Michael had said about Carmine was true. Michael entered and declared that he had picked up Lauren's favorite dessert. Michael remarked that he'd seen Summer at Crimson Lights, but he observed Lauren and Fen's expressions, and he asked what he'd walked in on. Fen said it was nothing compared to what he had walked in on earlier -- Lauren kissing Carmine.

Lauren defended that Carmine had kissed her, but she hadn't initiated or encouraged it, and she swore that Carmine had shown up uninvited. Lauren begged Michael to believe that she was telling the truth, and Michael replied that he believed her. Fen questioned whether his parents had split up because Lauren had been screwing around, and Michael commanded Fen to watch his tone and respect Lauren. Fen queried whether Lauren had respected Michael by sleeping with Carmine.

Lauren confessed that she'd made a mistake, and Fen blasted her for lecturing him about being a better person when she had been out having sex with another man. Michael acknowledged that Fen had every right to be angry, but he urged Fen to talk about it calmly. Fen refused to talk to Lauren, and he wondered how Michael could look at Lauren without being disgusted. Michael yelled at Fen not to abuse Lauren in their home.

Michael asserted that Lauren deserved a chance to make things right. Lauren insisted that what had happened was in the past, but Fen argued that Carmine had just kissed her. Lauren swore that it had been one-sided, and she detested herself for what she had done to Michael and their family. Fen said that her words didn't fix anything, and she said that she was sorry. Fen asked if an apology was supposed to be enough, and she said that it was a beginning, because nothing was more important to her than family.

Lauren contended that she and Michael were repairing their marriage, but Fen told them not to bother, and he walked out. Michael suggested that Lauren give Fen some time. Lauren cried that she could never forget how Fen had looked at her when he'd seen her with Carmine, and Michael threatened to make Carmine stay away. Lauren begged Michael not to let Carmine get to him, but Michael preferred to send a message that Carmine wouldn't forget.

Lauren worried that things would get worse if Michael went after Carmine, and she thought that Carmine would eventually realize that his tactics wouldn't work. Michael saw the logic in her argument, and she pleaded with Michael not to make her worry about him when she was already concerned about Fen. She wondered if Fen would ever be able to look at her again without disappointment, and Michael assured her that it would take time, but once Fen's anger subsided, Fen would remember how much she loved Fen.

Lauren hoped that Fen would give her another chance, just like Michael had. Michael thought that they were setting the right example by attempting to forgive one another. Carmine sent Lauren a text message, and Lauren read it and handed her phone to Michael. Carmine had written not to worry, because Carmine would make Fen understand.

Sharon arrived at On the Boulevard and asked Carmine if he was still pining for the one who'd gotten away. He flirted with Sharon and questioned why a beautiful woman would be at a bar alone. She said that sometimes it was nice to unwind by herself, and he offered her the same drink she'd had the last time. A man sat at the other end of the bar and smiled at Sharon.

Later, Sharon chatted with the man at the bar, and he offered to buy Sharon another drink. Jack approached and asked if he was interrupting. The man scurried away, and Sharon inquired where Phyllis was. Jack reported that Phyllis and Nick were having issues with Summer. Sharon thought that there was more to Nick and Phyllis' meeting than just Summer growing up, and Jack asked what she was suggesting.

Jack argued that there was nothing strange about Nick and Phyllis discussing their daughter, and he expected them to have a bond because of Summer. He wondered if Sharon felt adrift, and he recalled that she'd seemed edged out at the graduation. He sympathized that it was the Newman family dynamic, but he assured her that she and Nick would always be drawn together by Noah, Faith, and Cassie. Sharon realized that her relationship with Nick was the one thing she could count on.

Fen confronted Carmine and asked whether Carmine got off on messing with people and ruining families. Carmine countered that Fen had no idea what had happened, because sometimes two people just met and had chemistry. Fen snapped that Carmine had known that Lauren was married and that Fen was Lauren's son, but Carmine insisted that he really had wanted to help Fen. Fen barked for him to stop lying, because everyone Fen had trusted had betrayed him, and he stormed off.

Kyle bought a dessert to share with Summer, and Fen stepped out of sight when he spotted them together. Kyle anticipated that Summer would be swamped once the campaign rolled out. He asked her to have dinner with him the following night, and she happily accepted. He called it a date, and he jokingly hoped that Nick wouldn't beat him up. Kyle understood that Nick was just trying to protect her, and he couldn't blame Nick, because she was worth it. She took his hand.

Phyllis was flabbergasted that Nick wouldn't tell Jack and Summer the truth about Summer's true paternity, and Nick claimed that he wasn't ready. Phyllis asserted that Nick had let everyone wallow in ignorance for years, and he had agreed to tell the truth. He explained that he had looked into Summer's eyes and hadn't been able to say the words, and he didn't know if he ever could. Phyllis questioned whether he expected her to drop the bomb, and she refused to do so. She asked what he was waiting for, and she realized that he intended to keep lying.

Nick didn't think that it was the right time, and Phyllis snapped that it wasn't an acceptable reason. Nick realized that Jack, Summer, and even Sharon would be angry with him, but he swore that he was doing what was best for Summer. He said that he wanted to protect his daughter, and Phyllis vowed that she would protect Summer once it was over. Nick pointed out that Phyllis herself had said that the truth would destroy Summer, but Phyllis insisted that he had to be honest. He requested that they talk it through, and Phyllis screamed that she hated him for what he had done to all of them.

Nick quietly replied that he couldn't face telling his little girl that the man who had held her hand while she had learned to walk and who had taught her to ride a bike wasn't really her father. Phyllis retorted that Nick had stolen those moments from Jack, and Nick agreed, but he worried about Summer's reaction. Phyllis recalled that Summer had lost control after Summer had learned about Phyllis' affair, and Nick said that the affair had been nothing compared to his news. Phyllis sobbed that she couldn't keep lying, and Nick suggested that they just take time to think it through before they told Summer.

Nick suspected that Summer would think that he'd lied to her for her whole life, and Phyllis coldly noted that he had lied to everyone. Nick was only concerned with how Summer would react, and he worried that she would act out. Phyllis offered to be there when Nick told her, and Nick asked if Phyllis was ready to do that. Phyllis admitted that she wasn't, and Nick proposed that they wait until Summer was better equipped to handle the news. Phyllis conceded that waiting might result in less damage, and Nick asked if they were in agreement. Phyllis cried that Summer had been very happy, and she didn't want to mess things up.

Nick said that Summer was one factor, but Jack deserved to know the truth. Phyllis doubted it would be easy, because she was certain that Jack would want to reach out to his newfound daughter. Nick reasoned that Jack wouldn't do so if Summer would be hurt, but he realized that Summer would resent Jack if she found out that Jack had kept the secret, too. Phyllis didn't want to put Jack in that position, and Nick thanked Phyllis for standing by him. She clarified that she was doing it for Summer, not Nick. Nick said that he was very sorry, but Phyllis spat that the situation made her sick, and she could never forgive him.

Phyllis asked Nick if anyone else knew about Summer's paternity, and she mentioned Avery. Nick said that he'd needed to talk to Phyllis first, and Phyllis ordered him not to tell Avery, because no one else should know before Summer and Jack did. Phyllis noted that Nick would put Avery in an awkward position if he told her, since Avery was close with Summer, and Nick understood her point. He asked how they should handle their biggest problem -- keeping Summer away from Kyle.

Phyllis said that they were covered for that night, because Summer had an important fitting the next day. Nick was uneasy with Summer and Kyle living in the same house, and Phyllis promised to keep a close eye on Summer to make sure nothing happened. Nick realized that it would be an ongoing issue, and he insisted that he and Phyllis work together to put an end to Kyle and Summer's relationship.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kyle and Summer drank lattes and exchanged chitchat at Crimson Lights. Summer said that she was nervous because things were still weird with Chelsea. Kyle said that Chelsea was the one who should be nervous because Chelsea's designs would have to be really sweet to compete with a face as pretty as Summer's. Summer blushed.

Dylan was happy to see Billy and asked if Billy was there for a latte. Billy said that he was there to give Dylan a list of reputable suppliers. Billy said that he figured that Dylan needed all the help he could get after Kevin had sold Dylan a dump. Avery overheard Dylan tell Billy that things were moving along with Chelsea and interjected that Chelsea had taken Avery's advice.

Avery got two large coffees and asked how the business was going. Dylan said that it was going great and that Billy was helping. Avery said that she thought that the two men were competitors. Billy wisecracked that he and Dylan had a lot in common. Both owned restaurants, neither was good at practicing safe sex, and they were going to have kids that were siblings. Avery changed the subject and asked if Dylan and Chelsea were going to raise their child as a couple. Dylan said that nothing had been decided.

Avery said that she had to go because she had a wedding to plan. Once Avery was gone, Billy wondered what Avery had been talking about and told Dylan that it was not over between Dylan and Avery; however, Dylan said that it was. Dylan said that kids changed things. Billy agreed somewhat but said that a man could have children with any woman, but there was only one woman that Billy wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Billy drank his coffee as Dylan showed off the changes he was making to Crimson Lights. Billy asked about the creepy eyes, and laughed when Dylan said that he took them down every night, but the eyes mysteriously reappeared every morning. Billy got a text message from Ken inviting him to a poker game. When Billy muttered that he was through with that crap, Dylan asked if Billy was referring to the coffee.

Billy said that a caffeine addiction would be a welcome change to what he was going through. Billy told Dylan about his gambling addiction and how he had somehow let the thrill of gambling overcome the exhilaration he got from being with his family. Billy said that Victoria was mad at him but not for the reason that she should be mad.

Billy said that he could be strong for his family and texted Ken that he would not play in the game. Dylan said that his pop had always told him to never let anything get between him and the woman that he loved.

Lily and Cane were having breakfast at On The Boulevard when Jill arrived for a meeting with Cane. Jill left to make a phone call. When Cane mentioned his schedule, Lily complimented his new assistant, Hilary, on the good job that Hilary was doing and told Cane that he was lucky that Lily was not the jealous type. Cane said that with Lily around, he did not notice anyone else.

Lily's phone signaled an appointment reminder for the fashion campaign, which, Lily noted, should have been removed from her calendar. Cane talked, but Lily was distracted. Lily explained that the ad deadline was that day and that even though she had left the fashion line, Jabot was still using some of Lily's ideas.

At Jabot, Chelsea was amazed that Chloe was willing to give Kevin another chance and then went off on a rant about men. Chloe immediately jumped to the conclusion that Dylan had hurt Chelsea, but Chelsea quickly explained that Dylan had told Chelsea that he loved her. Chloe said that she was happy for Chelsea.

Devon appeared and said that he wanted to look over the ad campaign. From the other side of the room, a very surly Tyler said that it was too late because he had already sent the ads to marketing. Kyle and Summer entered as Devon placed a phone call to marketing to stop the ads. Tyler took the phone from Devon. Devon asked if Tyler was five, and Tyler snarled that he knew what was right.

Devon said that it was a two-man job, and Tyler had agreed that neither would go ahead with the campaign until both were satisfied. Tyler told Devon that Devon only had the job because Neil was his father. Devon replied that Neil was Lily's father, as well, and Tyler did not seem to have a problem with that. Chloe told the two men to stop acting like children and to find someone to settle their problems. Chloe followed Chelsea, Kyle, and Summer out of the room as Dylan and Tyler continued to squabble.

Tyler said that he did not care if Devon went to the top of the company. Devon asked if Tyler thought that Jack wanted to hear Tyler brag about himself. Tyler said that Jack knew talent. Devon agreed, and that was why Devon had been hired. Tyler spat that Devon was not in the same league. Devon shot back that according to Tyler, no one was in Tyler's league.

Devon added that he did not know one person who thought that Tyler's work was even close to his massive ego and that no one wanted to work with Tyler. Tyler said that Devon was jealous; Tyler said that he and Lily had worked just fine together. Devon said that Tyler's getting along with Lily had had nothing to do with work. Chelsea and Chloe were lurking and listening. Chloe grabbed her phone.

Hilary joined Cane and Lily. Lily complimented Hilary on the good job she was doing. A phone call from Chloe interrupted Lily. Chloe reported that Devon and Tyler were having creative differences. Lily said that she would be there as soon as she could. Lily told Cane and Hilary that she had to go to work. Lily asked Cane to walk her out. Hilary remained at the table.

When Cane asked, Lily said that Chloe wanted her to tie up some loose ends and that she would meet him at home. They kissed, and Lily left. Jill found Hilary at the table and wondered who she was. Jill was pleased that Cane had taken her advice and hired an assistant. Cane returned. Cane told Jill that he did not expect the biotech division to become immediately profitable, but if Jill could accomplish profitability within the year, she would be a hero.

Hilary left to reschedule Cane's day so that he could get home early to his children. Jill asked about Lily and how she was doing with the long hours that Cane was putting in. Cane said that everything was fine because Lily had plenty of work of her own to do at Jabot.

Phyllis and Nick spoke on the phone and made plans to keep Kyle and Summer apart until Nick could summon the courage to tell Jack and Summer the truth. Nick said that they were doing what was best, but Phyllis corrected him and said that she was not doing what was best, but had come up with the least horrible solution to fix a difficult situation. Jack entered the Abbott home just in time to overhear the last part.

When Jack asked Phyllis what she was talking about, Phyllis said that there was trouble with a focus group, and she had to fly to Chicago. She added that the junior executive who had been scheduled to go with her was on vacation. Jack offered to rearrange his schedule and go in the junior executive's place. Phyllis told Jack that it was a grand plan. Jack left to make calls, and Phyllis made calls of her own. Jack returned to say that his schedule could not be cleared, and he could not go with her. Phyllis did not seem surprised.

Coyly, Phyllis suggested that Kyle go with on the trip because it would give Kyle a chance to put his business degree to work. Jack agreed, and when Kyle got home, Phyllis told him about the focus group and invited him on the trip. Kyle was all for it until he learned that he would have to leave that afternoon. Kyle did not want to leave without signing papers for a big business deal that he had just closed, and he did not want to miss his dinner date with Summer.

Phyllis convinced Kyle that the trip was too big an opportunity for him to miss out on. Jack concurred and said that he could sub for Kyle at the signing. Phyllis was sure that Summer would understand and be happy to reschedule dinner with Kyle. Reluctantly, Kyle agreed to accompany Phyllis to Chicago.

Avery arrived at Nick's with two cups of coffee and a briefcase full of wedding planning material. Nick said that Avery really seemed to want to get cracking. Avery asked if Nick had changed his mind. Nick told Avery that he loved her and needed her in his life, especially at that time. Avery sensed that Nick was in distress and wanted to tell her something. Avery said that she was not trying to pry but that a big weight had lifted from her when she had told her secret to Nick.

Nick said that he wanted to tell, but that too many people would get hurt. Avery said that Nick would never intentionally hurt anyone. Nick replied that Avery might not feel the same way about him once she learned his secret. Nick said that Avery was smart and beautiful, and all he wanted was to hear Avery talk about their life together and their big wedding.

Avery latched on to the "big wedding" and made the assumption that the secret that Nick was reluctant to tell was that he did not want another big wedding and had not told because Nick did not want to hurt Avery's feelings. Nick did not disabuse Avery of that notion.

Avery said that she would be happy to marry Nick in a small, private, family ceremony if that was what he wanted. Avery said that all they needed was Faith as the flower girl and Summer as her attendant. Nick said that Summer might not want to do it out of loyalty to Phyllis.

Phyllis called to tell Nick that she would be out of town with Kyle for a few days. Phyllis talked, and Nick listened. She told Nick that a few days was all that she could give him. Phyllis said that eventually Nick had to tell the truth because he could not keep his secret forever. After Nick hung up, Avery could see that he was distracted and not listening to her, so she grabbed her briefcase and said that they could get together at another time.

Avery said that she understood that Nick was a busy man who could not just drop everything to plan a wedding. Before she could walk out, Nick stopped her. He said nothing was more important to him than Avery and planning their life together. Nick and Avery looked at the calendar and picked a day in August for their wedding. Avery would not let Nick speak the date out loud for fear that it would jinx their plans.

Lily arrived at Jabot and found that everyone except Devon had left the premises. Devon said that Tyler was unprofessional and egotistical and did not work well with others. Lily said that Tyler had worked well with her. Devon asked when Lily was going to admit that she was obsessed with Tyler. Lily said that she was not obsessed and that she and Tyler had merely been friends and colleagues.

Devon reminded Lily of the rumors about her and asked if Tyler had ever come on to her. Lily said that Tyler flirted with everyone. Devon asked why Lily thought that Neil had replaced her on the campaign with Devon. Lily said that it was what had been best for the company. Devon corrected her and said that Neil had done what had been best for Lily.

Still sulking, Tyler stopped by the bar at On The Boulevard and ran into Cane, who questioned Tyler about his ad deadline. Tyler snarked that if Cane had learned about the campaign from Lily, then Lily and Cane had lousy pillow talk. Cane said that when Lily committed, she committed with her whole heart and that was one of the things that Cane loved most about his wife.

Jill was hovering and noticed Hilary listening to the conversation between Tyler and Cane. She was about to sit down when Billy saw her and engaged Jill in conversation. Jill apologized for taking so long to visit his restaurant. Jill said that it had been a good idea for Billy to invest in the restaurant. Jill told Billy that it was a much better choice than living off the misery of others. Jill added that she was glad that he was no longer a playboy gambling his life away.

Billy asked if Jill was sure that she was not confusing Billy with her faux son, because he knew that Jill liked to save her compliments for the most perfect son she had ever had. Jill asked why it was so hard for Billy to accept a compliment. Billy replied that it was an unfamiliar feeling. Jill told him to stop playing the "poor little me" card. Jill told Billy that he was an Abbott, and he should behave like one. Billy said that his mistakes would probably get him kicked off the family island.

Jill told Billy that he was on the right track because he had battled his demons and won. Jill said that Billy should be proud of himself because she was proud of him. Billy kidded that Jill was trying to get a free meal. Jill retorted, "As long as it's not the risotto." Billy said that was the mom he knew. As Jill returned to Cane's table, Billy called out, "Thanks, Mom." Alone, Billy made another call to Victoria, who was not picking up. Billy told Victoria that he was worried and begged her to call him.

Summer told Kyle that she was getting modeling offers but that she was reluctant to accept because she would have to leave Genoa City and him. Kyle was flattered. Kyle asked to reschedule dinner because he had travel out of town on business. Summer smiled knowingly when Kyle told her that he would only be gone for a couple of days and that when he returned, they could be together.

Phyllis was ready when the car arrived to take her to the airport, but Jack was reluctant to let her go. He wanted to rearrange his schedule and go with her, but Phyllis said no. She convinced Jack that the trip would be a really good opportunity for Kyle to put all his fancy bookwork to good use. Jack added that it would also separate Kyle from Summer and added that he had never thought that Phyllis would be afraid of Nick Newman. Phyllis bristled and said that she was not afraid of Nick and that her only concern was her daughter.

Jack was sympathetic and said that a lot could happen in a few days. Perhaps Kyle would fall for someone else and then return home and let Summer down easily, and that would make their lives a whole lot simpler. Phyllis said that their life would never be simple as she rolled her suitcase to the car.

Chelsea caught up with Dylan at the coffeehouse. When he asked how the fitting had gone, Chelsea said that she had not realized how difficult artistic types could be. Dylan said that if those artists checked their egos at the door, then Chelsea would be the star and take center stage.

Dylan said that he had spent the day sprucing up the place and had fixed the espresso machine. Dylan offered to make the first cup of decaf in Chelsea's honor. Chelsea was surprised when Dylan offered her a perfect cup of coffee, mainly because Kevin had failed repeatedly in his attempts to repair the coffee machine. Chelsea asked Dylan if there was anything that he could not do.

Dylan said that he had not scaled a mountain or been scuba diving in the barrier reef. Chelsea interjected that he would. Dylan said that he had never been a father. Chelsea replied that Dylan would make a great dad. Then Dylan said that he had never been married.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Victoria arrived home, and she ignored a call from Billy. From On the Boulevard, Billy left her a message to swear that there was no one else, and he would prove it to her if she called him back. Jill overheard, and she asked what he'd done. Billy admitted that he'd done something colossally stupid, and he had to make sure that he didn't lose his family.

Jill assumed that Billy had been unfaithful, but Billy clarified that Victoria had only thought that he had been. He confessed that Victoria had overheard him making arrangements to meet someone at a hotel, but it had been an old poker buddy. Jill surmised that Billy was gambling again, and she recalled how he had turned his life around, but he revealed that he'd won the restaurant in a poker game. He admitted that he had a problem, and she told him to fix it before it sent him into a tailspin.

Abby stopped by to see Victoria, and she offered Victoria a job at Jabot. Victoria relayed that she was starting a new project of her own, writing and illustrating a children's book. Abby said that it sounded like fun, and Victoria remarked that it would have been great to work from home when she and Billy had been trying to have a baby. Victoria confided that she didn't think that she and Billy would have another child.

Abby was astounded to hear that Victoria thought that Billy and Chloe were having an affair. Victoria said that Billy had claimed that he had been comforting Chloe after a fight with Kevin, and Abby thought it was possible, but Victoria pointed out that she'd caught Billy in other lies. Abby wondered if the hormone treatments had Victoria on edge, but Victoria asserted that she hadn't overreacted. Victoria acknowledged that Billy and Chloe shared a child, and that kind of connection didn't just evaporate. Abby advised Victoria to tell Chloe to back off.

Lauren asked whether Michael had heard from Fen, but Michael expected that Fen needed time to sort through his feelings. Lauren lamented that she hadn't wanted Fen to find out about her affair by seeing her with Carmine, but Michael noted that there never would have been a good time. Lauren worried that Fen couldn't forgive her, and Michael understood how difficult it would be for Fen. Lauren wailed that she had to do something to make it right, and Michael replied that nothing would be right as long as Carmine was around.

Lauren reiterated that going after Carmine would be a mistake, but Michael refused to sit idly by while Carmine insinuated himself into their lives. Lauren insisted that they wouldn't set the right example for Fen by dealing with their emotions with anger, and she wanted to present a united front to show both Fen and Carmine that she and Michael were committed to working through their problems. Michael said that it didn't mean they would be successful, and she asked what had happened to the man who had sworn to do whatever it took. Michael sadly stated that reality had slapped him in the face.

Michael assured Lauren that he intended to keep working on their marriage, but it didn't mean that everything would be fine. Lauren realized that it would take a lot to repair the damage, but she thought it was possible if they both worked toward the same goal. She mentioned their therapist's recommendation that they go on a date and pretend that they were meeting for the first time, so they could remember why they had fallen in love. She suggested that they go to dinner that night.

Later, Jill informed Lauren of her plans to throw a charity ball to raise money for brain tumor research. Jill hoped that Fenmore's would be involved, so Jill could do something right for the people she cared about. Jill mentioned that she'd been beating herself up for being a bad mother, and Lauren revealed that Fen had stopped speaking to her. Lauren confessed that she'd gotten involved with another man, and Michael had wanted a divorce, but he had agreed to give Lauren 30 days. Jill asked what could change in such a short period of time, and Lauren hoped everything.

Jill called herself a terrible sister, because she'd had no idea of what Lauren had been going through. Lauren said that she had done a lot of pretending and had told a lot of lies, and she couldn't imagine what Jill thought of her. Jill pointed out her own mistakes, and she wished that she'd been a more hands-on parent. Lauren remarked that there were no guarantees, and Fen was still troubled even though Lauren had spent every day of his life with him. Lauren said that the important thing was what they had learned from their mistakes.

At the police station, Alex reported to Paul that there had been a break in the Heights burglary case, because the owner had found the stolen goods on his doorstep, and Alex had sent a team to dust for prints. Paul remarked that the perpetrator had known how to get away clean, and Alex wondered why the thief had returned. Paul speculated that the thief had sensed that the police were closing in and hadn't wanted to risk getting caught, but Alex theorized that the guy had wanted someone to believe he'd grown a conscience.

Later, Michael read a case file in Paul's office, and Paul asked him to join Paul and Christine for dinner. Michael said that he had a first date, and Paul was surprised that Michael was dating already, but Michael revealed that it was with a knockout redhead named Lauren. Michael explained that the exercise had been their therapist's suggestion, and he doubted that it would salvage anything, but he had agreed to try for 30 days. Paul advised Michael not to put a time limit on fighting for his marriage.

Michael knew that he and Lauren couldn't work through their problems in a month, and he had pushed for a divorce, but he had been relieved when Lauren had proposed that they wait. Paul realized that Michael wasn't ready to let go, and Michael said he'd only postponed making the hard decisions. Paul asked if it would be easier after the 30-day period, and Michael said it depended on how well the date went.

Michael and Lauren met at On the Boulevard, and they exchanged compliments. He asked if she wanted to switch seats so she could better see the room, but as she gazed at him, she said that her view was just fine. He called her smooth, and he admitted that he was a nervous wreck. He added that he wasn't sure what the rules were about dating, and she thought they didn't have any.

Lauren reached for Michael's hand, but the waiter interrupted with a bottle of champagne. She gushed that she appreciated Michael thinking ahead, but he thought that she'd ordered it. "Oh, no," Lauren cried as a look of horror crossed her face.

Kevin dropped by the design studio with Thai food for Chloe, and he suggested that they have another picnic on their imaginary private beach in Phuket. She wanted nothing to do with him until he proved that he had given up stealing, and he reported that he'd returned everything that he had taken. Chloe said that Kevin would have a shot at earning her trust back if he kept going down the right path, and she asked when he planned to start volunteering at the homeless shelter. He explained that he had been slammed that week with work and community service, but he intended to take a Saturday shift.

Chloe told Kevin to keep her posted, and he griped that they didn't have to act like strangers. He asked her to move home while he did what she'd requested, but she huffed that it would be an easy way out to just cross her demands off a checklist, but he had to prove to her that he wanted to be a better person. He asked if the "old Kevin" had really been so terrible, and Chloe said that she'd loved the old Kevin but not the new one. She pointed out that she had been able to quit stealing, and he had to convince her that he was capable of it, too.

Later, Alex requested Kevin's help with the burglary case, and he asked Kevin what would have driven the thief to return the stolen merchandise. Kevin contended that he knew nothing about working up a profile on a suspect. Alex pointed out that Kevin had the same kind of criminal mind as the thief, but Kevin corrected that he'd only been charged with possession of stolen goods. Kevin told Alex to look elsewhere for insight into a criminal mind.

Billy stopped by the studio at Chloe's request, and she apologized for dumping her problems on him. She lamented that the situation was confusing for Delia, and Billy quipped that he could barely manage to tiptoe through the minefield of trust and marriage himself. He commented that sometimes people risked everything by not managing their impulses, and she assumed that he'd talked to Kevin, but Billy clarified that he had been referring to himself. Billy asked Chloe to help him with something, but Victoria walked in and bellowed that Billy and Chloe weren't even bothering to hide it.

Chloe was confused, and Billy informed her that Victoria thought that they were having an affair. Chloe called the idea crazy, but Victoria asserted that she wasn't hormonal or blind, and it had been obvious when she'd spotted them hugging at On the Boulevard. Chloe explained that Billy had been comforting her, but Victoria barked that Billy was Victoria's husband, and she demanded to know why Chloe would turn to Billy. Chloe calmly justified that their daughter needed him, and Victoria groused that Delia wasn't Billy's only child. Victoria surmised that Billy was blaming Victoria for pushing for a baby that he didn't want. Victoria stormed off, and Billy took off after her.

Billy returned home and called out for Victoria, who was huddled on the couch, crying. He cuddled up next to her and said that he loved her, but she suggested that Billy sleep somewhere else that night. He swore that he hadn't been unfaithful, but she couldn't accept him at his word. He showed her something on his phone to prove it.

Abby stopped by to see Alex at the police station, and Chloe arrived. Abby snarled that Chloe was a predator who had ruined her own marriage and then had gone after Billy. Chloe insisted that she wasn't sleeping with Billy, but Abby suspected that Chloe wanted to. Kevin overheard the exchange, and he inquired whether Chloe was moving on with Billy instead of returning home.

Tyler answered his door to Lily, who spotted a bra on the couch and asked if it was a bad time, and he inquired whether it would bother her if it were. Lily snapped that she didn't care who Tyler slept with, and she was only there about Jabot. She complained that she'd stepped aside so that he could make the campaign a priority, and Tyler explained that Noah had been entertaining while Tyler had been busy working. Lily mentioned that she'd received a call from Chloe, asking for Lily's help with keeping the peace between Tyler and Devon. Tyler stated that he and Devon had simply had a difference of opinion, but Lily didn't want to think that all of her hard work had been for nothing. Tyler replied that it hadn't been.

At the Athletic Club, Neil told Leslie that his plan to challenge the blogger had worked. The blogger had written that Neil had his or her attention, and the blogger mentioned how easily Neil had cleaned up his mess and swept it all away. The blogger stated that he or she hadn't forgotten and never would. Neil said that the person obviously blamed him for something, and the blogger intended to make him pay.

Leslie worried that the blogger could be dangerous, and Neil thought that was more reason to draw the person out, because eventually he or she would slip up. Leslie still suspected a connection to Rose, and she suggested that she take Rose's letter to Alex, but Neil believed the theory was a stretch. Avery called Leslie and informed her that the court order had gone through, so Leslie could open Gus's safe deposit box. Neil offered to go with Leslie, but she thought that Tyler should be there, too.

Leslie and Neil arrived at Tyler's apartment, and Lily stammered that she and Tyler were finished talking about the campaign. Lily said that she had to meet Abby, and she departed. Leslie told Tyler that she had been granted access to Gus's safe deposit box, and she asked if he was ready to find out what was inside. Neil said that the siblings should do it alone, and he claimed that he had something to take care of. Neil kissed Leslie goodbye, and he left.

Neil found Lily on the Crimson Lights patio, and he commented that she'd said that she had a meeting. She claimed that she had some free time before it, but he didn't believe her. Neil inquired why she had been alone with Tyler, and she explained that she'd had an issue with the campaign. Neil reminded her that the fashion line had become Devon's territory, and Lily called Devon the problem, because Devon and Tyler had been arguing.

Neil said that he'd handle it, but Lily argued that Tyler had a clear vision that she agreed with, and she didn't understand why Devon wanted to mess it up. She chided Devon for trying to revamp things when he had been assigned to simply execute the campaign, but Neil countered that he trusted Devon's opinion. Lily wondered if Neil was trying to pit Tyler and Devon against one another, when the only thing that mattered was what was best for the fashion line. Neil was more concerned with what she had been doing with Tyler, and he advised her to take a step back while she still could.

Lily questioned what Neil meant, and he recalled that she had asked for a transfer so Tyler would return to the fashion division. Neil believed that Tyler had resigned because the line between Tyler and Lily had been blurred, and he warned that once it was crossed, there was no turning back. Neil thought that Tyler and Lily were still drawn together, but she declared that Neil was wrong. Neil told her to think about her husband, and she snapped that she and Cane were fine. Neil hoped that she never lost sight of what was important, because he had when he'd turned to alcohol, and he was still paying the price.

Leslie and Tyler retrieved the contents of the safe deposit box, and they returned to Tyler's apartment with an envelope. He offered her a drink, but she declined. He handed her a beer anyway, because the last time they'd opened a box of Gus's, they'd found more questions than answers. Leslie remarked that Gus's entire life had been reduced to a single envelope. Tyler commented that they didn't have many memories of Gus, and most of the ones they had weren't good ones. She hated having to piece together their father's life, and she wished that they'd had more time with Gus.

Tyler said that Leslie didn't have to open the envelope, but she wanted answers, and she looked at the contents. She found a will inside, and as she read the document, she mused that it contained something else she hadn't known about.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Victoria asked Billy how his phone could prove his fidelity. He showed her a website where he had placed bets, and he explained that he had been betting on horses and setting up poker games when she'd caught him on the phone. He swore that he hadn't been sleeping with Chloe or anyone else, and he begged Victoria to choose to believe him. Victoria snapped that he could have just accessed the site at that moment, but Billy showed her his account history, which displayed the bets he'd made over the past month.

Billy presented Victoria with his notes on his wins and losses, and he pulled up a calendar showing when he'd booked hotel rooms for poker games. She suspected that he was trying to cover his tracks, and he understood that she didn't want to believe that he was gambling again, but he maintained that he'd never be stupid enough to cheat on her. Billy wondered why it was so easy for her to think that he could, and he wanted her to tell him that she believed that he would never do the one thing that would push their marriage beyond the point of repair.

Lauren was sure that Carmine hadn't sent the champagne, because Carmine wasn't there. Michael stared at the bar and reported otherwise. Carmine held up a queen of hearts card, and Michael cursed. Lauren apologized, and she insisted that she'd called the restaurant to confirm that Carmine had the night off, but Michael remarked that Carmine had a nasty habit of just showing up.

Lauren lamented that the evening was ruined, and she got up to leave, but Michael instructed her to sit down, because it wasn't over yet. She couldn't believe that Michael wanted to stay, but Michael refused to let Carmine chase them off, and he intended to show Carmine that they were a happily married couple having a pleasant evening out. Carmine smirked at them from the bar, and Michael pointedly poured the champagne out into the bucket. Michael reached for Lauren's hand.

Michael and Lauren pretended to get to know one another for the first time. Lauren talked about running department stores and singing with Danny Romalotti in concert, and Michael joked that he had gone to Harvard on a dance scholarship. Michael asked where Lauren saw herself in five years, and she replied that she expected to be wherever he was. They held hands, but Lauren felt like they were being watched. Michael was determined to convince Carmine that it didn't matter what Carmine did, and he hoped that they'd start to believe it themselves.

Billy dragged Victoria to On the Boulevard, and he asked Carmine to tell her what had been going on. Carmine feigned ignorance, and Victoria requested that Carmine confirm that Billy hadn't been gambling. In an effort to cover for Billy, Carmine swore that Billy hadn't. Carmine insisted that Billy had always been psyched to get home, and Billy appreciated Carmine's loyalty, but he told Carmine that it was fine to be honest. Victoria thanked Carmine and stalked off, and Billy followed her. Carmine stared at Michael and Lauren's table.

Lauren recalled that Michael hadn't known what could change in 30 days, but they had been going to therapy and had formed a united front for Fen, and they were discovering things they hadn't known about one another. Michael admitted that they were making progress, and she asked if he still intended to leave when the 30 days were up. Carmine approached and remarked that they'd wasted a good vintage of champagne, and he claimed that he had meant it as a peace offering. Lauren ranted that they didn't want anything from Carmine, and she flew to her feet to confront him. Michael calmly thanked Carmine and said that would be all.

Lauren ran out to get some air, and Carmine watched her leave. Michael approached the bar and assumed that Carmine had been following them. Michael warned Carmine to stay away from his wife and son, because there was nothing Michael wouldn't do to protect his family.

At Crimson Lights, Leslie showed Neil and Avery photos that had been mixed in with Gus's will. Leslie recognized some pictures of Belinda, Tyler, and herself, but there was one more of a woman. She handed it to Neil, who read a note on the back from Rose that stated that she hadn't forgotten and never would. Leslie mentioned that Gus had left half his estate to Rose, but she hadn't been able to locate Rose. Avery offered to help, but she had to meet a client first. Avery left, and Neil asked if Leslie still wanted to find Rose.

Neil reasoned that under different circumstances, he'd support Leslie's search for Rose, but Gus had died with pennies to his name, so there was no inheritance. Leslie couldn't let it go, and Neil argued that Tyler didn't share Leslie's curiosity about Rose. Leslie wanted to know what Rose had meant to Gus and why Rose had been the first person Gus had asked for after his heart attack. Leslie also wanted to find Rose because of the mysterious blog entries, and she noted that the latest entry had the same wording that Rose had used on the back of the photo.

Neil chalked the similarities up to a coincidence, but Leslie thought there was more to it. Neil called "I haven't forgotten" a pretty common phrase, but Leslie contended that the wording in the blog about Lily had been unusual. Neil questioned what connection Rose could possibly have to the person targeting his family, and Leslie noted that the posts had started popping up after she had begun to search for Rose. Meanwhile, someone snapped a photo of Neil.

Leslie believed that it was worth tracking down Rose on the chance that Leslie might be right. Neil wanted to shut the blogger down; he expected that the person had been carrying a grudge for a long time and that the posts wouldn't end until the blogger was caught. Leslie urged him to write another message with a reference to Rose to see how the blogger responded. Neil wrote a post about the blogger looking for attention by making remarks that were as pointed as a thorn on a rose.

At the Athletic Club, Melanie and Adam wrapped up a business meeting, and she said that she'd have some contracts for him in the morning. She asked if he needed anything else, and he replied that there was nothing he wanted while on the clock. He signaled for the waiter to serve them a bottle of wine to reward her for her hard work. Chelsea entered and spotted them.

Adam called Chelsea's name as she passed by, and Melanie recognized Chelsea as a designer. Melanie gushed that she'd obtained some samples of Chelsea's designs when she'd done some freelance legal work for Jabot, and the clothes had been amazing. Melanie asked when Chelsea was due, and Chelsea replied October. Melanie remarked that a baby changed everything, and Chelsea hurried off. Melanie noticed Adam's change in demeanor, and he revealed that he and Chelsea had recently divorced, but the baby wasn't his.

Adam asked Melanie about herself, and she disclosed that a job opportunity had caused her to land in Genoa City, but her boyfriend hadn't wanted her to take the job, because her beau had felt that she'd chosen work over him. She confided that they'd broken up, and Adam empathized. Melanie realized that she'd said the wrong thing again, but Avery interrupted. Melanie offered Avery her seat, because Melanie wanted to issue the contracts that evening. Melanie left, and Avery insisted that she hadn't meant to chase Melanie away, but Adam said that he'd done it on his own.

Avery asked if Adam was seeing Melanie outside of work, and Adam dodged the question, but she thought it would be good for him to date. He said that both he and Melanie were married to their jobs, and Avery inquired whether he wanted a family of his own one day. Adam realized that if things had worked out for him and Chelsea, his son would have been three months old. Avery sympathized, and she admitted that she still thought about the baby she and Dylan had lost. Adam found it ironic that neither he nor Avery had babies, but Chelsea and Dylan were having a baby together. Adam thought it was pointless to be nostalgic over something that had never happened, and Avery asked if he had given up on fatherhood.

Adam wondered if Avery could picture him changing diapers, and she joked that she could see him wanting someone with spiky hair and a dour expression to carry on the Newman name. Billy and Victoria approached, and Billy implored Adam to tell Victoria about Billy's gambling problem, but Adam simply stated that he'd thought that Billy had kicked his addiction. Billy swore that Adam had participated in the game when Billy had won the restaurant and that Adam had been holding it over Billy's head. Adam implied that Billy was in big trouble if Billy was willing to lie, and a humiliated Victoria declared that she'd had enough. Billy chased after Victoria.

Avery asked what the confrontation had been about, and Adam remarked that Billy had made his bed, and Victoria had to decide whether to lie in it. Adam expected Victoria to cut her losses and step away, and Avery wondered why he couldn't wish them happiness. He questioned whether Avery hoped Dylan wouldn't really find true happiness with Chelsea, but Avery swore that she wanted what was best for Dylan, and if Chelsea made him happy, she was all for it. She pointed out that Adam had loved Chelsea once, and she urged him to wish her well, because she was sure that Chelsea wanted him to be happy.

Billy followed Victoria home, and he reasoned that Carmine had lied because Billy had asked him not to say anything. He continued that Adam had simply wanted to mess with Billy. Victoria didn't believe Billy, and he admitted that he had screwed up and had betrayed her by gambling and lying, but he questioned whether the trust between them was so broken that she'd believe Adam over him.

Victoria knew that she couldn't trust Adam, but she didn't know what to believe. Billy pleaded with her to believe that he hadn't been unfaithful, and he wondered if that was easier to accept than the fact that he'd been gambling. He recognized that he'd gotten in deep before and that she could have been killed, and he'd promised that he'd never be reckless enough to put her in danger again. He admitted that he'd failed her again, and she told him to stay elsewhere that night.

Dylan covered a wall with a sheet at his warehouse. Later, Chelsea arrived and was impressed by the candlelit dinner he had set up, and she noticed the covered wall. He said that he'd been trying out paint samples, and he said that he'd show them to her after dinner. He rattled off the menu of things that she'd been craving, and he thought that they were entitled to one night of indulgent eating. Dylan touched Chelsea's belly and asked the baby if that was okay.

Chelsea began to cry, and she explained that she was happier than she had been in her entire life. She wished that the feeling could last forever. "Why can't it?" Dylan questioned. Chelsea said that the idea of holding her baby made her happy, but the rest of her hopes and dreams had never lasted. Dylan conceded that things changed in life, but it didn't mean that her dreams had to disappear.

Chelsea admired Dylan's positive outlook, and he contended that if two people shared an important part of themselves, like a child, then the possibilities were endless. He said that he wanted her and their baby in his life, and she replied that she wanted that, too. She added that he made her believe that it was possible that she could be happy. He offered to prove it, and he helped her to her feet. He led her over to the covered wall, and he instructed her to take the sheet down. She obliged, and she revealed the words "will you marry me" painted on the wall.

Dylan said that he'd imagined what color Chelsea would like when he had been figuring out what color to paint the wall, and then he'd considered what she'd look like in front of it. He knew that the loft needed more work, but he wanted to build a life with her, and his place was starting to become a home because of her. Dylan thought it would be amazing to wake up next to Chelsea every day, and he apologetically stated that his proposal wasn't conventional, but she called it perfect. He asked if she liked the color, and she said that she loved it. He wondered about the rest, and he asked her to marry him.

Chelsea didn't know what to say, and Dylan hoped for yes. She called him an amazing man, but she felt that she wasn't good enough for him. He said that he loved her, and he understood that she wasn't perfect, because he wasn't, either. He thought that they were better together, and he loved the idea of being a family and raising their child. Chelsea reiterated that she didn't deserve him, and Dylan insisted that she did, but he realized that he couldn't change the way she felt.

Chelsea said that she needed some time, and Dylan was obviously disappointed, but he told her to take as much time as she needed. Dylan claimed that he needed to get paint out of his truck, and he stepped out. A short while later, Dylan returned and confessed that he didn't need paint, and he apologized for catching Chelsea off guard, but he clarified that he wasn't sorry for asking her to marry him.

Dylan rambled that he understood that Chelsea wasn't ready to give him an answer, but she sternly called his name and told him to shut up. She stepped aside and revealed that she had painted a response on the wall -- "Yes!" She proclaimed that she would marry him, and they kissed.

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