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Hope and Liam agreed to take it slowly, and Hope photographed a naked man in the woods. Carter landed a role on a web series, and Caroline talked her producer friend into casting Maya as Carter's love interest. Rick and Maya consummated their relationship, and Rick warned Bill to back off from Maya.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 17, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, June 17, 2013

At the cliff house, Liam felt that things were changing very quickly, and he still couldn't believe Steffy had gone. Hope replied that Steffy was giving him a gift by letting him have the life he'd chosen with Hope long before others had interfered. Liam felt that it had happened out of nowhere, and it made no sense that Steffy had taken off after wanting to try for another baby.

Liam was glad that Hope was there for him. He said she was his best friend and much more, and she was there for him when he needed it. Hope said he'd been blindsided, and it was reasonable that he needed time to recover. She said she was very patient, and she'd be there when he was ready.

Liam conveyed that he'd thought he and Hope and run out of chances. Hope replied that she'd always known that time would catch back up to them, and though he still needed time to heal, she believed that their plans and dreams could still happen.

Hope stated that she wasn't pushing Liam. She wanted them to take their time and get to know each other again. Liam claimed to know how much he'd hurt Hope, but she said she'd hurt him, too. She felt that they needed to rebuild and reconnect. Liam laughed, wondering if they could really do that. He said he was shell-shocked still. Hope understood that and said he'd cared a lot for Steffy.

Hope was excited for her and Liam's future because they'd already had a strong foundation. A montage of scenes of Hope and Liam's romance played on screen. Hope said they'd had an amazing first chapter, and she couldn't wait to experience the rest. She kissed Liam, and bewildered, he stared at her.

At Rick's house, Maya and Rick discussed the "coincidences" that had led to Jesse being at the club for Alison to photograph him with Maya. Rick thought it was classic Dollar Bill but asserted that Bill wouldn't get away with it. Maya asked Rick not to make Bill an enemy, but Rick insisted that Bill needed to learn that Maya was off-limits.

In the CEO's office, Caroline couldn't make herself press the "single" button on her phone app. As she tossed the phone aside, Bill entered, saying he had better things to do than to be summoned to Forrester. Caroline sarcastically quipped that she was very thankful to her uncle for blackmailing Maya and costing Caroline her relationship with Rick.

Caroline ordered Bill to do something because Maya couldn't have Caroline's boyfriend. Bill remarked that he'd have to reveal incriminating information that would land Maya back in prison. "Works for me," Caroline replied.

Bill received a call from Alison, who patched Rick through to Bill. Rick ordered Bill to meet him at Forrester. Bill commented on how bossy everyone seemed that day. Bill said it should please Rick to know that Bill was already at Forrester, and he'd be waiting.

Later, Maya entered while Caroline was alone. Caroline made Maya wait to speak until Caroline had posted something for her Internet followers, and then Caroline quipped that Maya had been in prison when the world had gone viral. Maya said she'd arrived in hopes of forming a truce because she and Caroline had to work together. Caroline seethed that she'd rather Maya not be there at all.

Maya claimed she wasn't going anywhere and said Caroline could relay that to her uncle. Caroline stated that, for the record, she hadn't known about Bill's blackmail. Maya asked what would be different if Caroline had known. With a shrug, Caroline indicated that she was okay with anything it took to get Maya out of Rick's life, and Maya shouldn't have made her return to prison an option.

Caroline asserted that she was a Spencer, and they protected what was theirs. She suggested that Maya latch onto someone like Carter, who was hot with great abs. Caroline highlighted that, unlike Rick, Carter was available. Maya declared that she and Rick were together, and it was what they both wanted. Maya suggested that Caroline accept it.

Caroline stated that before she handed Rick or her territory over to an ex-con, she'd send Maya back to jail herself. Caroline felt that Rick wanted to save Maya, and the more damaged a woman was, the better for Rick's rescue complex. "There was train-wreck Amber and now jailbird you," Caroline quipped. Caroline said she was the woman he could take in public without doing the walk of shame.

Maya thought that only problem was that Rick didn't want to be with Caroline. Disagreeing, Caroline replied that he'd been temporarily blindsided by the fashion-crippled Maya, who wasn't suitable for Rick. Maya said that Rick's choice was Maya, and Caroline and Bill didn't get a vote.

Caroline asserted that Maya had underestimated Caroline, who was an intelligent and substantial person. Maya said that Caroline had to be hiding behind her insincerity and rudeness. Caroline stated that she wasn't those ways; she was from Manhattan, and she'd worked hard to earn the right to be the way she was.

Caroline claimed that she hadn't just popped out that way. Instead, she'd been schooled to learn what was proper, and she'd attended cotillions. Caroline asserted that she was a ballerina and a sommelier, and she could tell everything about a glass of red wine in just one swallow.

Maya guessed that Caroline was impressed with herself, and a truce was out of the question. Maya decided she was wasting her time. As Maya left, Caroline warned that Maya shouldn't get comfortable because New Yorkers never gave up.

In the photo studio by the jail cell prop, Rick awaited Bill. When Bill arrived, he asked what the cell was, and Rick said it was a prop and a way for Caroline to stick it to Maya. Rick revealed that he knew Bill was blackmailing Maya, but it would stop right then.

Rick asked Bill to explain why a man of Bill's power and standing would be so interested in manipulating Caroline's personal life. Bill explained that he wanted his niece to be happy. Rick said that Caroline wasn't the person he'd thought she'd been, but Bill quipped that the ex-con was better. Rick said that Bill liked to make threats, but Rick could do that, too. Rick threatened to fire Caroline from Forrester if Bill didn't back away from Maya.

Bill claimed that he had nothing against Maya, but his concern was for Rick and Caroline. Rick insisted that he and Caroline were done. Though Rick appreciated Bill's sudden "concern," all Rick really wanted was Bill's word that he'd leave Maya alone.

Checking out the cell, Bill stated that Caroline was a clever girl to have a great marketing campaign and get some digs in at the same time. Rick replied that Maya didn't deserve the digs or Bill's bullying. Bill asserted that Caroline's happiness was his priority, not Maya's hurt feelings.

Bill said that as Caroline's uncle and protector, it was his job to ensure that Caroline got what she wanted. Rick guessed that meant that Bill didn't plan on backing off. "Not in my DNA," Bill responded.

Maya arrived, and as Bill walked into the cell, he remarked that it had been clever of his niece to remind Maya of where she'd been and where she could be headed if she didn't play by the rules. As Bill explained that Maya could go to jail if she broke the rules of the court, Bill heard a clang. He looked around and saw that the cell door had closed behind him.

Bill asked Rick what he'd done, and Rick guessed Bill would have to listen to him. Rick decided that he wouldn't let Bill out of the cell unless Bill promised to stop the bullying. Rick instructed Bill to apologize to Maya, and afterward, Rick would consider letting Bill go.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick and Maya gave Bill a taste of prison life after they locked him behind bars in the prop jail cell that Caroline had ordered for the photo shoot with Maya. Rick and Maya tried to convince Bill that being behind bars was a horrible experience, but Bill offered no apologies for his threats to return Maya to jail. Bill wondered if Maya and Rick were having fun, but Maya said that there was nothing fun about being in prison.

Bill reminded Rick that Bill was trying to help Rick, but Rick had missed the big picture. Bill explained that a merger between a Forrester -- Rick -- and a Spencer -- Caroline -- was an intelligent move and had potential. Rick said he was merging with Maya. Rick tried to convince Bill that there was more to life than money.

Rick reminded Bill that Katie had changed Bill for the better. Bill softened slightly but refused to apologize. Rick demanded that Bill leave Maya alone. Rick unlocked the cell door and released Bill, who made no promises. Bill turned and smirked that he would give Rick a point for creativity. Rick and Maya kissed.

In another office at Forrester, Caroline ripped up sketches and freaked out in anger that Rick and Maya were together and Rick had broken up with Caroline. Carter entered and promised to return at another time when he saw Caroline's anger. Caroline warned Carter not to mention Rick or Maya. Caroline shouted that she was angry with Rick, Maya, and her uncle Bill.

Caroline said that Rick and Maya were back together, but Carter didn't believe it. Caroline told him it was true, and she was furious that Maya had stolen her boyfriend. Caroline said that she knew Maya was wrong for Rick. Caroline refused to give up on Rick.

Carter sympathized with Caroline, but he warned that she couldn't control Rick or Maya's feelings for each other. Caroline explained that after she had moved to Los Angeles, she had met and fallen in love with Rick. Caroline ranted about Maya's past in prison, but Carter defended Maya. Caroline vowed that she would not give up on Rick. Caroline encouraged Carter not to give up on Maya. Caroline added that Rick and Maya would soon fizzle out.

In Eric's office, Brooke shared with Eric and Donna that she had gone to Katie and Bill's house prepared to tell them everything. Brooke added when she had arrived, Katie, Bill, and Will had been having a good time. They had been laughing and dancing. Brooke said she'd had a panic attack and passed out. Eric and Donna were alarmed.

Eric and Donna worried about the baby and the stress that Brooke was under because she was pregnant with Bill's baby. Brooke explained that she had gone to the hospital, and she was no longer pregnant. The doctor had told her she had miscarried.

Brooke tearfully admitted that she had been nervous and worried about the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy, but she had also been excited that she was going to have a baby. Donna hugged her, and Eric said that he was sorry for Brooke. Donna said that it was a good thing that Brooke had never said anything to Bill and Katie because it would have destroyed Brooke's relationship with Katie. Brooke said there was no longer anything to hide.

Brooke begged Donna and Eric to keep her secret. Brooke never wanted Katie to discover that Brooke and Bill had been intimate. Eric warned that Brooke was still keeping a secret, but Donna promised not to say anything. Eric agreed. Brooke thanked them.

At Rick's place, Rick and Maya discussed their victory over Bill. They hoped Bill would agree to leave Maya alone. Rick promised to protect Maya to keep her out of jail. Maya shared how grateful she was for Rick's love. Rick marveled that Maya had taken on Bill by herself. They exchanged "I love yous" and ended up in bed.

At Bill and Katie's house, Katie was on the phone in bed. She left a voicemail message for Brooke about how concerned she had been about Brooke. Katie asked Brooke to return her call. Bill showed up and started making out with Katie.

Later, Bill and Katie talked about Caroline. Bill said that Rick and Caroline had broken up, and Caroline had ended up very angry with Bill. Katie didn't think Caroline should expect Bill to solve her problems, but Bill admitted that he had a personal interest. If Caroline was happy, it mean Karen was happy, and that was good for business.

Bill said he wanted to keep Karen happy because Karen pretty much stayed out of the business, and she always managed to soothe the board if Bill ever needed it. Bill said that the board respected Karen and her decisions, and he wanted to keep it that way.

Bill asked Katie if she had heard from Brooke. Katie said that she had left messages for Brooke but had never received a return call. Katie marveled that she had never seen Brooke have a panic attack. Katie wondered if Brooke had been angry that Bill had interfered in Rick and Maya's relationship, but Bill said that Brooke would have said something.

Bill teased that Brooke had passed out after she had seen Katie and Bill dancing. Bill added that his dancing could have that effect on many people. Katie kissed Bill and said that she couldn't wait to see what Bill had planned for them next.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

by Pam

At Rick's guesthouse, Maya and Rick awakened together. They discussed how incredible the previous night had been. They agreed their night together had been well worth the wait. Rick promised to call Forrester and schedule them both off for the day.

Rick wanted to spend the day with Maya, and he planned to make a breakfast she would love -- his famous omelet. Over breakfast, Maya said that Rick had spoiled her. She teased him about being her waiter like when they had met at the coffeehouse. They laughed.

Rick congratulated Maya on handling Bill's blackmail scheme. Maya apologized for giving up on them. Rick presented a diamond necklace to Maya. He said it had belonged to his grandmother on his father's side. Maya said she couldn't accept such a family heirloom, but Rick insisted.

Rick put the necklace on Maya. They shared how much they loved each other. They kissed.

At Forrester, Hope told Brooke that Steffy had left Los Angeles and Liam. Brooke wondered if Steffy and Liam had had an argument. Hope flashed back to Steffy telling Hope that Steffy was leaving. Hope recalled that Steffy had asked Hope to take care of Liam, and Steffy's exact words had been for Hope and Liam to have a family together.

Hope said that Steffy had to have decided that the baby was the only thing holding Liam and Steffy together. Hope shared that Steffy had returned her rings to Liam. Brooke was surprised. Hope left.

While Hope was gone, Brooke arranged for Hope and Liam to take a trip. When Hope returned, Brooke told Hope that a car was waiting to take Hope and Liam away from Los Angeles. Brooke said it would get Liam's mind off Steffy. Hope thanked her mother and said she needed a getaway.

Later, Katie entered Brooke's office and wondered why Brooke had not returned her calls. Katie said that she had been worried after Brooke had passed out. Brooke said that she had been stressed, but she was fine. Brooke and Katie discussed that Steffy had left Los Angeles. Brooke wondered if Steffy was playing some kind of game.

Katie defended Steffy and admitted that there was more to Steffy's reason for leaving than anyone had realized. Katie confided that she had been with Steffy at the doctor's office when Steffy had received the horrible news that she could no longer have children. Brooke was shocked.

Katie explained that something had gone wrong after Steffy lost the baby. Steffy had sworn Katie to secrecy about her inability to conceive. Katie said that she had tried to convince Steffy that it was a bad decision for her to leave Los Angeles without telling Liam the truth. Brooke disagreed.

Brooke believed that Steffy had made a sacrifice and done the right thing. Brooke urged Katie not to tell anyone else the truth. Brooke admitted that she had sent Liam and Hope to Big Bear.

Katie disagreed with Brooke's recommendation to hide the truth from Liam. Katie reminded Brooke that Liam was still married to Steffy. Katie advised that Liam had many emotions to process before he could spend time with Hope. Katie was upset that Brooke had sent Liam and Hope to Big Bear. Brooke defended her decision and said it was the perfect place for a new beginning.

In another office, Liam told Thomas about Steffy's decision to leave him. Thomas was stunned and asked if Liam and Steffy had argued. Liam said he had tried everything to get Steffy to stay with him. Liam had never expected Steffy to give up on their relationship, but he added that Steffy had advised Liam to return to Hope.

Liam recalled that Steffy had removed her rings. Thomas said it made no sense. Liam agreed, but Liam believed that Steffy had wanted to spend time with her dad -- away from Liam.

Thomas believed Steffy would return. He couldn't believe that Steffy would have left without saying goodbye to Thomas and Taylor. Liam felt Steffy was hiding something. Liam added that Steffy had specifically urged Liam to get back together with Hope because Hope could give Liam the love and family that Liam needed. Thomas urged Liam not to give up on Steffy.

Hope entered. Thomas advised Liam to check on Steffy in Paris, and he left. Hope told Liam to clear his schedule -- she had an adventure planned. Hope shared that her mom had set up a getaway for them. Liam refused to allow Brooke to plan anything. Hope promised it would be fun and nothing crazy. Hope reminded Liam that they needed to get away from Los Angeles and all their problems.

At Big Bear, Hope and Liam arrived, and Hope was thankful that Brooke had sent them there. Liam joked that a priest might pop out of a room or something. Hope laughed.

Liam went out for a walk and flashed back to Steffy's realization in the hospital that she had lost the baby after the accident. Liam recalled how Steffy had removed her rings and left him. Liam remembered Hope's advice that they might finally have a new beginning. Liam turned and saw Hope walking behind him. Hope smiled, and so did Liam.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

At Forrester, Katie debated telling Taylor about Steffy's situation. Brooke advised against it because Taylor, who couldn't be objective in Brooke's eyes, would surely find a way to blame it on Brooke or Hope. Brooke said the meddling in the kids' lives had gone on for too long.

Katie noted that it was okay for Brooke to send Liam and Hope to Big Bear, but it wasn't okay for Taylor to get involved. Brooke refused to be condemned for helping Hope reach neutral ground with Liam. Katie had always been on Hope's side but couldn't help feeling sorry for Steffy. Katie had miscarried before, and she couldn't imagine losing Will. Katie figured she'd run away to Paris, too.

Outside at Big Bear, Hope told Liam that she'd been lost in the woods on the property, and even though her mother had been searching for her, she'd felt close to home. Liam replied that sometimes, one was far from home, and sometimes, home moved away from them.

Hope gleaned that it might be too soon for Liam to be with her. The two returned to the house, and she offered to make him a meal. He murmured that he wasn't hungry; he was lost. She asked if he wanted to talk, but he replied that, before then, he'd never been at a loss for what to say to her.

Hope reminded Liam that he could say anything to her, and they needed to be honest with each other. She said he didn't have to be careful with her. Liam stated that his wife had gone through one of the most difficult things, and his support hadn't been enough. Steffy had claimed that she'd done what was best for him, but he called it a crock. He thought leaving had been easier for Steffy than facing him.

Liam conveyed that Hope was there and as patient as ever. He knew that he should say something to her, but he didn't know what. "'Love me?'" he asked, "'Let me go?'"

Hope figured that Liam had just said the right thing. She cited that the things that had separated them had gone, but there was an unexpected distance that they couldn't cross. She believed that they just needed a little time.

Hope went outside to call her mother to say that it was time for Hope and Liam to return home so that Liam could grieve in his own way and time. Hope appreciated her mother's gesture with the cabin, but Hope concluded that it was just too soon.

At Forrester after the call, Brooke admitted that Katie had been right, and Brooke had been insensitive. Brooke said it had been too soon for Hope and Liam, and they were returning home.

Back at the cabin, Liam flashed back to learning about the baby, losing the baby, and being with Hope before they'd almost recited their vows at his house. Hope returned inside, and Liam apologized for his demeanor. Hope said it was okay because she'd wanted something that couldn't be. She'd wanted to roll back time, but she'd realized that life didn't work that way.

Hope stated that she and Liam could never be at the beginning again; they could only be in the middle, not knowing what would happen next or how it would end. Liam claimed they weren't at the end, but she said it was the end of her forcing her way to a happily-ever-after.

Hope walked to the door, and Liam kissed her cheek. She looked disappointed, but he suddenly swept her into a passionate kiss that left her awestruck.

At the sky lounge, Carter excitedly ended a phone call about a job offer. Caroline asked if he'd be moonlighting. Carter revealed that he'd landed a job in entertainment. Caroline asked what entertainment law firm wanted to hire him, and he nervously replied that it was an acting gig.

Carter fondly remembered participating in drama club while in high school. Caroline guessed that he'd given up his acting dream for law, but he replied that the dream had led him to Los Angeles. He'd put out pictures and résumés until he'd finally gotten the lead on an Internet show. Caroline asked how naked he'd have to get, and he rolled his eyes. She decided that she'd go with him to the studio because he needed an agent to deal with lowlife producers.

Caroline escorted Carter to the studio to meet Rafael, the producer. Rafael couldn't believe it when he saw Caroline, and she quipped that he didn't think she could represent her acting clients. Rafael retorted that he was surprised she could stand in heels. As the two verbally sparred, Carter cut in. Caroline and Rafael laughed and hugged each other. Carter guessed that the two knew each other.

Caroline called Rafael a brilliant producer, but Rafael contended that she wasn't much of an agent. The friends told Carter that they'd known each other for ages. Caroline admonished Rafael for not looking her up. He said it was on his to-do list, but he was busy with the show he had to put on.

Later, Caroline critiqued Carter's contract and the title of the Internet show, Room Eight, which was about two people who accidentally rented the same apartment and wound up sharing it. Caroline asked who the female lead was, and Carter said Rafael had asked Carter to help him with casting. Rafael wanted a woman who'd click with Carter.

Rafael's assistant arrived to take Carter to read with four female lead prospects. Caroline told Rafael that she'd seen those women on the way in, and one of them was sporting purple press-on nails. Rafael explained that he was looking for someone simple and wholesome, and Caroline suddenly decided that she knew someone simple and as wholesome as the Midwest.

At Rick's house, Rick and Maya kissed, and a tribal tune played on his phone. Rick said he'd gotten the ring tone because it was called "Mayan." He missed the call from Pam, but he called back to say that he'd be working from home that day.

Pam asked if she could take the day off, too. Rick declined it but instructed Pam to tell Caroline that Pam didn't know where he was. Pam replied that she couldn't say anything if she weren't there. "Goodbye, Pam," Rick replied.

Maya told Rick that he didn't have to choose between her and other aspects of his life. She wanted him to have his work, his family, and her, as well. Rick joked that she was probably going to go out with Carter if Rick got too busy. Maya hinted that she and Carter had a lot in common.

Rick guessed Maya aimed to make him jealous. Maya claimed she couldn't tell what she and Carter had in common because it could be Carter's secret. Rick asked if she were also a minister or if Carter was secretly an actor/singer/dancer. Maya shoved a strawberry into Rick's mouth.

Rick pressed for the information about Carter, but Maya said she didn't ask questions about Caroline. Rick replied that everyone knew everything about Caroline, and that was how Caroline wanted it. Maya said nothing that had happened before that day mattered, except that it had led them to that moment. Maya and Rick kissed.

Friday, June 21, 2013

At Big Bear, Liam and Hope had moved to the sofa to continue kissing. Hope said she'd never given up on their relationship. Liam replied that he couldn't make sense of what had happened in his life, and the only thing he really had a grasp on was his love for Hope.

The two cuddled on the sofa and expressed that it had been a good thing to take time out to regroup at the cabin. Hope said they could take their time, and she'd be ready to move forward whenever he was ready. Liam nodded and kissed her forehead.

Liam was still preoccupied with thoughts of Steffy's actions. Hope said they had to be realistic and give him the time he needed to recover. She didn't want to move forward until that happened, but she said she'd be able to look into his eyes and know when he was completely ready.

Hope wasn't surprised that Liam was still thinking about why the marriage had ended. Hope felt she needed and deserved a man who could be fully committed to her. She believed he was that man, but she said that, until he was ready, they probably shouldn't be together alone like they were.

Liam and Hope decided to go home, and she said Eric had a couple of cars in the garage that they could use. Liam tried to say something, but Hope cut him off to say that it was okay. She said she was fine, and she'd just hang out at the cabin for a while. "We'll be together again," she added, smiling.

Later, Hope took a walk in the woods. She neared a stream, where a campsite had been set up, and to her amazement, a naked man was there, washing himself. Hope pulled out her phone and took a picture of him. He heard a noise, and startled, he whipped around to look in her direction.

The man scrambled to retrieve his clothes, and Hope took off running. As he pursued her, she tripped and fell to the ground. The man hovered over the unconscious Hope and stroked her brow.

At the production studio, Caroline insisted that she had Rafael's next leading lady, but Rafael wasn't sure that he could afford to take a chance on one of Caroline's friends. She asked when he'd ever known her to have female friends. She asserted that she didn't like the actress personally, but she wanted Rafael and Carter to succeed. Caroline was certain that Maya Avant was Rafael's girl for the job.

Rafael wanted to see a picture of Maya. As Caroline scrolled for one on her phone, she said Maya and Carter had an interest in each other, and chemistry wouldn't be a problem. Rafael seemed unconvinced, but Caroline was certain that staring at the shirtless Carter would be Maya's dream job.

Later, Caroline sat in a studio chair and flashed back on her relationship with Rick. Rafael found her to say that he had tons of girls lined up to read with Carter, but Rafael still planned to call Maya. Rafael, however, didn't understand why Caroline wanted someone she didn't like to land the job.

Caroline revealed that her ex-boyfriend was interested in Maya, but spending long hours with Carter might cause one thing to lead to another. Caroline suggested that Rafael conjure up some steamy scenes for the actors. Turning serious, she said he should only hire Maya if it were best for his show.

Caroline revealed that she'd fallen in love for the first time, but Rick had become fixated on Maya. Caroline was sure that it was a passing thing, and she was more suited for Rick than Maya. Caroline felt that, deep down, Rick didn't want to be with an actress. She said she'd had a taste of what it was like to be with Rick and his family, and she didn't want to give it up.

Rafael was amazed that Caroline had actually fallen for someone because she'd usually expressed disinterest in the men she'd dated. Caroline insisted that Rick was the one she wanted to marry, but she'd screwed it up by underestimating his involvement with Maya. Caroline said that, though Rick really liked Maya, he'd cut her off at the hint of an indiscretion.

Rafael thought romance was a long shot when dealing with professional actors. He warned that chemistry on the set didn't always move off the set. Caroline was still willing to give it a try. She was hopeful that it would be exactly what she needed.

At Forrester, Rick kissed Maya on the way into his office. Maya exclaimed that Pam could see, and Maya wanted to be professional. "At this company?" Rick quipped. He didn't care if the whole world had seen them, because he and Maya had united at last.

Pam knocked on the door and asked if everyone was decent. Rick allowed her to enter, and Pam asked him not to put her in the middle of his triangle with Maya and Caroline. Because Caroline could get intense at times, Pam was leery about covering for Rick. He said that it wasn't necessary because he was with Maya, and he and Caroline were broken up.

"Well, duh..." Pam replied. She said everyone knew that -- except Caroline. Rick stated that Caroline had been informed. Laughing, Pam expressed that she couldn't wait to tell Donna about the development. Pam figured that things were about to get interesting at the office.

Pam left, and Rick promised Maya that she'd get used to Pam. He noted that the Forresters were an eccentric bunch. Maya hoped she'd fit in, but he said she already had. She remarked that she felt more accepted with Rick than she did with her own family, who'd turned their backs on her when she'd needed them most. She said that the Forresters were teaching her what family really meant.

Maya remarked that her family hadn't approved of her acting dream or of her moving to Los Angeles to pursue it. Rick couldn't wait for her to prove them wrong, and she exclaimed that acting was her life's dream. He guessed being a spokesmodel wasn't what she had in mind. Maya said she was grateful for the job and his faith in her. Rick told her that she could accomplish anything.

Maya received a call from Rafael. He said that he was the producer of Room Eight, and her "headshot" had caught his attention. He requested to see her at the studio, but Maya asked if the production was suitable for all ages. "Yeah..." Rafael quizzically replied. After a moment, he realized what she'd meant, and he assured her that the job was for a legitimate series.

Maya readily made an appointment to be there as soon as possible. After the call, she beamed about the audition to Rick. He spun her around and hoped that it was exactly what she was looking for.

Back at the studio, Rafael ended the call and told Caroline that he was doing it for her. He asked if she really wanted that guy. Caroline nodded. "What's his name again?" Rafael asked. Caroline replied that it was Rick Forrester.

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