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Starr and John doubted Hannah's story. Kelly accepted a date with Reed. Téa learned that she had an inoperable brain tumor but couldn't find the words to tell Todd about it. Rex continued to search for his biological parents. Destiny agreed to go to the prom with Darren, and Danielle agreed to accompany Matthew.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 3, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, May 3, 2010

At the hospital, Téa was surprised that Greg had her test results. She told him she felt good and would take better care of herself in the future. Greg tried to interrupt multiple times and finally succeeded. He revealed that she had a brain tumor. Téa was skeptical, but Greg assured her the tumor had shown up in the many tests that were run. Hastily, she pulled her planner from her purse and advised him that she would clear her schedule so that surgery could be performed on May tenth.

Greg gently advised Téa that they could not remove the tumor because it would kill her. There were various methods such as chemotherapy and drugs that would shrink the tumor, but it was Stage Four and growing fast. They could reduce the size of the tumor, but it would grow back, Greg explained. They would keep her comfortable and as free of pain as possible, but she would die from it, he concluded.

Greg continued his explanation that the tumor was complex and difficult to diagnose. He would try to buy her time and lessen her suffering. He offered to call someone because he thought it was important that Téa have a support system. Téa declined and announced that she would get a second opinion. Greg had assumed she would and had a copy of her records to give her. Téa asked how much time she had, but Greg stated that it was different with every person. She asked again and Greg replied apologetically. Three to six months, he told her.

Blair and Kelly were finally forced to share their innermost feelings when they found themselves alone on the elevator. Kelly was sure that Todd hadn't pushed Marty down the stairs and killed her baby. Blair snapped that decent people didn't kill other people's babies, but her baby died because of Kelly. The anniversary of that event had just occurred, Blair reminded Kelly.

The women continued their conversation in a waiting area as Kelly assured Blair that if it were possible, she would have given the baby back to Blair. Kelly had apologized too many times to count, but she thought of her own lost baby all of the time too. She thought that Blair was fortunate to have someone to blame for her loss, while Kelly could only blame herself for her own miscarriage. She often thought about the one thing that she might have done to cause the miscarriage, and she blamed herself for that and Brendan's death. Her mother was murdered recently, and she wanted to know if that was enough payback for Blair.

Blair insisted it wasn't about payback but about having to see Kelly at all. She was annoyed that Kelly had stuck around and figured it was probably to "stick it" to Blair, especially after Kelly accepted a job with Todd. Kelly denied Blair's accusation and revealed that she had been so desperate that she would have accepted a job with anyone. She had hidden in London, but after Zane left for boarding school, she couldn't hide any longer. She felt worthless and then her mother was murdered.

Blair charged that Kelly had "glommed onto John," but Kelly pointed out that he was a good detective and she hadn't tried to hurt Blair by her association with John. Blair thought that Kelly should leave Llanview because that would help Blair to make her life better. Kelly indicated that Blair had her children and a great guy, and she thought that was something Blair should settle for. "I'd take it," Kelly said. Blair looked pensive as Kelly continued. She wanted to have the support of the Cramer women, but all Blair had done was reject her, time and time again, Kelly stated. A thoughtful Blair appeared to have a sudden change of heart.

Kelly knew that things were tough for Blair too, especially given the situation with Todd and Cole. She needed Blair's forgiveness and maybe they could help each other out, Kelly pleaded. Blair admitted that she had been through the "ugly dance" with Todd and Cole many times but this had been the worst. She couldn't find the words to explain it all to her other children, especially Jack. She thought that Kelly always made things look easy. Kelly disclosed that she had learned everything from Blair. She told Blair how sorry she was, and Blair echoed her sentiments. The women shared an honest hug for the first time in years.

Marty entered Todd's room and demanded that he drop the charges against Cole. She had fought successfully against all of the other distresses he had forced upon her, but he had killed her baby and she wanted Todd to do that for them. Todd insisted he wasn't the one who had pushed her. Marty advised him that she and Cole weren't going anywhere, but Todd would be headed to prison. Todd would lose everyone and everything. Todd was certain that Hannah had lied for Cole because Cole had cheated on Starr. Marty thought it was ridiculous to think that Cole had planned on pushing Marty down the stairs.

Again, Marty told Todd to drop the charges and Todd repeated that Cole was behind the entire episode. Cole had Hannah lie to get rid of Todd, but Todd was the only one who loved Starr more than Cole, Todd whispered. Marty accused Todd of being "paranoid and delusional" because Cole could not have planned his mother's fall. She was sorry that Cole had put himself in the position that he had, but she wouldn't have cared if Todd was dead. John should never have saved Todd when Todd jumped off the Palace Hotel years before. She was not able to give Todd the redemption he sought from her.

Marty thought that Todd had been upset that John had ruined Todd's fantasy when he found Marty with Todd, but John had given her a new life. They were happy until Todd pushed her. Todd denied that he had committed the assault and claimed that a "half-baked tramp" had made up the lies. "I didn't do it this time," Todd declared. Marty reiterated that Hannah saw and would testify in court, and Marty would tell everyone what Todd had said prior to the fall. She would live with the result and celebrate, and she was sure that lots of people would rejoice with her.

Todd didn't think everyone would celebrate, but Marty was certain that no one would stick with Todd. Even Starr and Téa would walk away and he would wish he were dead, she snapped.

Nate encountered Dani at Angel Square Park when he retrieved her phone that had narrowly missed his head when Dani threw it. He sat by her side as he noticed that Dani was obviously in distress. Suddenly, she leaned over and began to kiss him but, embarrassed, she stopped as quickly as she had begun. She told him it was about her father. She told Nate that she had invited Todd to rehearsal because he was "human-like" and it was nice for her not to be angry for a change. She had seen Todd for the first time and she had seen herself in him and vice-versa. Nate joked that Dani was prettier but she didn't laugh.

Dani was upset that whatever it was in Todd that had caused him to push Marty existed in herself as well. Everyone told her there was good in Todd, but he was a monster and she was confused again. Nate put his arms around her. Dani acknowledged that she had tried to do what Téa and Starr wanted her to do and that was to love Todd for who he was, not what he had done. Nate confidently told her that people were faced with agonizing decisions and choices all of the time and their choices defined them. Dani was impressed, but Nate joked that he had learned that from Woody Allen in Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Dani wasn't sure what she would do, but she thanked Nate for being there for her. As she walked away, she turned to look back at him but he was already engrossed in his script. Later, Nate smiled to himself as he recalled the kiss.

At La Boulaie, Dorian opened the door to a charming Englishman who handed her his card. His name was Reed Wagner and he wanted to see Kelly. Abruptly, Dorian tried to explain that it wasn't a good time, but Reed was aware of Kelly's mother's death. He mentioned the great work that he had heard about the civic center thanks to David Vickers. Reed revealed that he had attended several Buchanan Enterprises functions and, at a charity event, David had attempted to involve Reed in an unsavory endeavor. In between talking about that, David had ,sung Dorian's praises, and it was evident that David really cared about Dorian.

Dorian's tone and demeanor suddenly changed, and when Reed replied in French to something that she said in the language, she almost melted. She insisted that Reed stay behind to wait for Kelly, but Reed declined. Dorian apologized for the third degree she had put him through. Reed left his contact information with Dorian and told her he could be found at the Palace.

Kelly returned home and faced Dorian as soon as she walked through the door. Dorian said Kelly "looked like hell," but she wanted to know about Todd. Kelly assured her aunt it had been a long day and that Todd was in bad shape. Excitedly, Dorian told Kelly that a man had been looking for her. Kelly's face fell when she heard it was Reed Wagner.

John escorted Cole to a cell in the police station. Cole swore he'd stay there his entire life if it would keep Todd away from Marty. He would have killed Todd if he could have, Cole confessed. John understood Cole's feelings, but Cole's life would have been over if he had killed Todd. He was worried about Cole and reminded the teen that was why they had laws.

John noted that things had looked tense between Cole and Starr. Cole revealed that Starr had seen him beat her father, and he regretted that. John pointed out that Starr always stuck with Todd. Cole replied that this time Todd had killed a baby, and Hannah had seen him do it. Cole asked if Todd would be able to get out of the charges, but John was sure that Nora would be able to make them stick, especially after the conversation that Todd had with Marty prior to Marty's fall. Cole was sorry about John's baby, but John told him, "Forget about it."

John wanted to talk about it, though, and he admitted that he had been scared when he learned he would be a father. He didn't think he'd be a good one. Cole reminded him that fathers learned as they went along. John had begun to realize that he could do it, and he thought about taking his little boy to a baseball game or how beautiful and smart his little girl would be. Cole requested that John check on Starr even though she was angry at Cole. He wanted to make sure she was okay. John left Cole in his cell for the night.

Starr pulled Hannah into an empty room and accused her of lying about Todd because Hannah wanted Cole for herself. Starr accused her of trying to break the couple apart. Hannah mentioned several of the crimes that Todd had committed previously and insisted that she had been scared of Todd after she saw him push Marty and he saw Hannah. She had gone to Cole instead of the police as a favor to Starr. "Oh, how thoughtful of you," Starr retorted. Hannah thought that it would be better to hear about Todd's crime from Cole and that way Starr could have decided whether they should go to the police.

Hannah felt that Starr always let Todd off the hook, but he should be in jail, especially after all of the other wrongs he had been responsible for. She began to cite the incidents, but Starr shouted that it was none of Hannah's business. Hannah cited that it was all a matter of public record, and Starr would let Todd get away with murder. Starr couldn't believe what she heard as Hannah suggested that it would be difficult for Starr to choose between her "blind loyalty" to Todd or Cole, the guy Starr allegedly loved.

Hannah thought that Starr needed to think that Hannah was lying but she wondered how Starr could look Cole in the eye. Starr thought that Hannah figured it would be difficult for Starr and Cole to stay together after all of this, or maybe she just wished for them to break up. She was sure that Hannah had lied. Cole had attacked her father because of Hannah's lies, and Cole was in jail. Soon her dad would be in jail, too, Starr raged. She urged Hannah to talk to John or else end up in prison for lying. Starr assured Hannah that Cole and Starr would still be together, and Hannah would never break them up.

After she heard the diagnosis, Téa asked Greg to leave her alone for a time. She suggested he save someone else's life. Once he was gone, the denial and anger set in. Téa groaned and knocked all of the items off of Greg's desk. Hearing the noise, Blair walked into the office to see if things were all right. She was surprised to see Téa.

Starr paid a visit to Cole and he apologized for what had happened and for what she had seen. She handed him a photo of their little family to keep with him. She told him she loved him and Cole reciprocated. He was happy to see her, since he thought she would have left long before. Starr confirmed that she had been with Hannah, and she was positive that Hannah had lied about what she had seen at the hospital. She had no proof yet, but she was determined to get to the truth.

Hannah made sure to find John after her discussion with Starr. She inquired whether Todd would be out and about any time soon, since she was nervous about that. John assured her that Todd would be imprisoned after he left the hospital, and he found it highly unlikely that Todd would make bail.

John had another visitor when Marty showed up. He told her that Cole was "hangin' in," but John wanted to know how Marty was. She made it known that while she was doing well physically, she wasn't as good in other areas. He wrapped his arms around her.

As a nurse looked after Todd, he offered her one million dollars to remove his handcuffs. Dani lurked nearby and listened to the nurse's refusal. When the nurse had gone, Dani walked into the room and pulled aside the drape surrounding Todd's bed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

At La Boulaie, Dorian spoke highly of her brief encounter with the "divine" Reed Wagner. Kelly wasn't impressed, even when Dorian noted that the man spoke "gorgeous French." Dorian told her niece that Reed expressed his sympathies about Melinda's death and the women assumed Reed had heard the news from Kevin. Dorian persisted on finding out everything regarding the relationship between Kelly and Reed, but Kelly explained that she had only met him through entertaining clients for Kevin and Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian thought the man was quite handsome and charming, but Kelly insisted she hadn't noticed.

Dorian continued to push Kelly in Reed's direction and mentioned that Reed was at the Palace. Kelly wondered why she should care. Dorian felt that Kelly had spent too much time around Todd. Dorian continued on as she always did when meddling, but Kelly assured her aunt there was nothing going on between her and Reed. She had other news, though, and told her aunt that she and Blair had declared a truce. They were officially "best buds." Dorian admitted she wouldn't hold her breath.

Reed sat at a table in the Palace and searched the Internet for information on Kelly. Jessica and Clint arrived for a meal and bumped into Brody. Jessica ignored the police officer while Clint chatted with Brody briefly. Brody promised Jessica he'd be in touch with her about the prom and was disappointed when Jessica continued on her way to her table without looking at him.

Jessica and Clint chatted about the prom, and Jessica admitted that she was taking Brody because Cristian would be attending with Layla who looked "so old" and Jessica didn't want to go alone. She felt she should go and both Viki and Marty agreed with her. Clint admitted that he hated to see someone with a broken heart and, while Jessica thought he was referring to Brody, he clarified that he meant Jessica. She conceded that Cristian had already "stomped on" her heart. As the two chatted, Reed approached their table to greet Clint.

The men chatted, and Clint introduced Reed to Jessica. The man questioned Jessica about her work, but Jessica disclosed that she was a high school senior. Reed looked at her oddly before he bid his farewell and returned to his own table. He returned to his fixation on learning about Kelly online. Jessica thought it was peculiar that Reed had treated her as if she were a woman.

Father and daughter returned to their prom discussion, and Clint offered to help Jessica to find a dress. They joked about the old dress from Asa that she had retrieved, and Clint assured Jessica he had experience in choosing clothes. Jessica didn't want to offend Asa, but Clint was sure that Asa would only want Jessica to be happy, the same as everyone else in the family. Jessica thanked Clint for forcing her to go to the prom. She admitted to feeling scared and excited. "Everything is riding on prom night," she said.

At Rodi's, Rex sat with Natalie and showed her the necklace with the broken heart charm that had been found in his baby blanket. He explained that Bo had helped him to contact various jewelers through the police database for information on the jewelry. Natalie pointed out that she considered both Viki and Roxy to be mothers to her, and she knew that Roxy would always be Rex's mom. Rex realized that he hadn't seen Roxy for some time and reluctantly, Natalie admitted that Roxy had been spending time with Schuyler.

Ford sat at a nearby table and sent a text message to Langston. He wondered if he'd be able to see her. When he heard back from her that she wasn't available, Ford began to flirt with Gigi when she stopped at his table. She told him that while she was flattered, she wasn't interested.

Gigi sauntered over to Rex and Natalie, and Natalie filled them in on what had happened to Marty. She was happy to report that a witness had seen Todd push Marty down the flight of stairs, but Natalie had been John's prime suspect originally. Brody was the only one who had believed she was innocent, Natalie divulged. Rex was surprised to learn about John, but Gigi pointed out that people changed all of the time. She wanted Rex to know that there were all kinds of people who loved him.

Natalie spotted Brody and jumped up to join him. She told him how relieved she was that she was off the hook for Marty's assault. Brody didn't think that John believed she had committed the crime but had only been doing his job. They praised each other for being a good friend. Brody mentioned the prom and admitted that he was sure Jessica was going with him to make Cristian jealous. He hoped that he would have another chance to get Jessica to remember her past.

Markko and Langston tried to get some work done at their apartment, but they disagreed about Cole's predicament and the circumstances surrounding it. When Karen arrived with a pizza, Langston took the time to text Ford that she was unable to meet with him. Outside in the hallway, Markko assured Karen that her secret about the Palace hotel was safe with him. Karen was confused as she walked away.

Markko exclaimed that he wanted to take a vacation with Langston because he was tired of everyone's problems, and things were stressful. Langston remained silent as she looked sullenly away from Markko. He was excited about the prom and promised that it was going to be better than the year before. Suddenly, Langston jumped up and yelled that she couldn't do it any longer. She admitted she had been lying.

She needed something different, and she had lied about the way she felt. She explained that Ford had helped her with her musical and it just happened, they were in love. She didn't want to hurt Markko. Things got ugly as he demanded to know how long she and Ford had been together, and Langston shrugged her shoulders to indicate that it had been awhile. She was sorry, she cried. Markko grabbed his beloved camera in a fit of anger and threw it against the wall. Langston was aghast that he had ruined his project and his future. Markko claimed that he had no future without her.

"Lying?" Markko asked. Abruptly, Langston snapped out of her daydream and admitted that she had lied about the two of them studying together. She found it too distracting and couldn't concentrate. She had to finish her rewrites for the musical before the next rehearsal. Markko understood, since he had his own work to complete. He headed to their bedroom. Langston texted "nite" to Ford.

Dani entered Todd's room at the hospital and kept her distance as he asked if it were okay with her that he was fine and would stick around. She told him she was happy that he didn't die because no one should die. She would be concerned about Cole, Marty, and Starr whose lives would be ruined if that happened. Todd wondered if he and Dani had shared a moment at the musical rehearsal before he had been attacked. He thought that Dani might have been willing to give him a chance. Dani acknowledged that was true.

Todd started to talk about the fight that he hadn't started, but Dani didn't want to discuss it. She explained that she had been rehearsing as Starr and had tried to understand more about herself. She thought maybe she had been too hard on Todd and had missed something like the reason to allow him into her life. Todd responded that he had only wanted a chance to be her father, but Dani replied that things were different with all that had happened. Todd assured her he hadn't attacked Marty.

He confirmed that he had been at the hospital and had an argument with Marty, but they had gone their separate ways and he had not pushed her. Dani reminded him that he had pushed a pregnant Starr down the stairs, but Todd quickly stated that Starr had forgiven him and it had been an accident. He was sure that Dani had felt something for him. Dani accused him of brainwashing Starr to love him. Todd stated that the witness had lied, and he wanted Dani to take a "giant leap of faith." He knew she wanted to trust him. He assumed that was why she was there.

He continued to speak with great effort as he told her he was a different person than he had been before. Dani started to interrupt to argue the point, but Todd asked her if she was the same person as before. He emphasized that everyone changed and hopefully for the better. He was optimistic that everyone learned from their mistakes. He thought that Dani owed them a chance. Dani cried out that she couldn't help it, but she thought about Cole and Marty. She knew they were scared of Todd. He wanted to know if she was scared of him too. She replied honestly that she didn't know, but she couldn't be like Starr who always forgave him. Todd asked whether it was "over before it starts."

Todd thought that he had succeeded in getting to her and Dani was able to see the real Todd. He knew it was easy for her to hate him. He thought that Téa did a "lousy job" of raising Dani because Dani had no manners and ran hot and cold just like her mother. He was Dani's father, and that wouldn't change. He would be there if she ever needed him. Dani advised him not to wait for her.

Blair found Téa virtually destroying an office when she walked in to see what the noise was. She asked what was wrong, but Téa insisted she was fine, had stopped to use the phone, and had lost her temper. She slid her medical file out of sight as she spoke. Blair figured that Todd was the reason Téa had lost her temper, and she suggested that Téa find a more reasonable way to show it next time. Blair admitted that she was upset about Todd, too, but she couldn't understand why Téa wanted to defend him. Téa expressed her feeling that Todd was innocent. She thought that all of their children needed a father.

Blair was confused, since Téa had approached Blair in the beginning with the belief that Todd was guilty. Téa said she had to defend Todd for Dani, and he couldn't go to prison. Blair didn't think Todd should get away with the crime, since he always seemed to get out of his messes. She asked why Téa had to save him again. Téa clarified that she wanted to save Dani and she wanted her daughter to see that Todd really had a good side. Blair sniffed that he kept it hidden under a rock and Dani was better off without Todd.

Blair pointed out that her children had grown up with Todd around them, but Dani could make a "clean break." She suggested that Téa and Dani return to Tahiti because Dani would have a better life with just her mother. Téa inquired what would happen if she couldn't be there for Dani. Blair was reluctant to pay Téa a compliment, but she bit the bullet and admitted that Téa was a good mother and that Dani was lucky to have her.

She thought that Téa was irrational with her feelings for Todd and, before Téa could accuse her of the same, Blair noted that she herself had broken away. She thought that Téa should do the same. Téa was doubtful that she could and insisted that she needed Todd. She thought that life was unpredictable, and she didn't know if she'd be around. Blair called her "tough as nails." Téa had something to say but then she hesitated.

Finally, she stated that Dani needed to have someone around for her after everything with Ros, and Téa alone wasn't enough. She wouldn't be around forever, and she thought that Dani and Todd needed to connect with each other. She knew that he could be loving and devoted as a father. "It is your funeral," Blair responded cynically, if Téa thought she needed to keep Todd out of jail.

Karen arrived at Rodi's and sat down with Ford. She revealed that she had delivered a pizza to Markko, someone she had known since they were children. She urged Ford to give Markko a good grade, since Markko had worked hard and was stressed out. She thought it strange that Markko had mentioned something about keeping her secret regarding the Palace. The pair left the bar together, "making out" as they walked.

Natalie topped Brody in a game of pool and revealed that she had met John over a game. Brody asked why she was at John's bar if she didn't want to talk to him. Natalie insisted that she knew John wouldn't be there and she had wanted to catch up with her brother. She instructed Brody on some finer points of the game as Brody asked how long she planned on staying angry at John. "As long as it takes," she replied.

She changed the subject and asked if Brody was planning on taking a limo to the prom. They laughed about how funny it was that Brody and Jessica would be attending the prom at their ages. Hopeful that would strike a chord with Jessica, Brody planned to wear his dress whites. He had to get through to her and thought it might be his last chance. Natalie hoped that Jessica would remember everything else in her life if she remembered that she loved Brody.

Rex wandered over to Gigi as she tended bar and declared how lucky he was to have Bo in his life. He revealed that Bo and Nora were getting married. He and Gigi admired the fact that those two people had loved each other and found their way back to each other. Just then, a girl sitting at the bar asked Rex about his pregnant girlfriend. She ruined the good mood that Gigi and Rex had been enjoying, but Rex advised Gigi that he valued her support. Gigi thought it was important for Rex to locate his parents and Shane's grandparents. Just then, Rex received a phone call from one of the jewelers.

Rex told Gigi that a silversmith in Santa Fe had recognized the necklace. He would travel to that area to pursue the lead.

Kelly walked into the Palace restaurant and spied Reed sitting at a table, as he worked diligently on his laptop. She had a change of heart and turned and walked out.

Téa walked to Todd's room and saw Dani running out of it. Téa broke down and sank to the floor.

Blair walked back into the room she had been in previously with Téa. She picked up the phone to make a call but spotted Téa's medical folder. She looked at it curiously. "Oh, my God, Téa's dying," she said, horrified.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bo's triumphant return to his garret apartment wasn't without some stumbles, as Bo argued with Nora and Matthew and claimed he didn't want to be babysat after leaving the hospital. Nora and Matthew warned him not to overdo it, and said it was important he took his recovery one day at a time. As Bo and Nora bickered over his outpatient care, Matthew answered a knock at the door and retrieved a package from Rex, to Bo - a bottle of "Old Philly" scotch, along with a card thanking Bo for saving Rex's life. Bo downplayed his heroism, but his loved ones were exceedingly proud of him.

Matthew noted that Bo and Rex were like father and son, and told Bo he didn't have a problem with that; after all, his dad was the best around. Nora began to cluck over Bo. She added blankets to his spot on the couch and ordered him not to overexert himself. She informed him that she wanted him back in marrying shape in time for their wedding. Enjoying a stolen moment of domesticity with her family, Nora wished she could stay, but she had to head for the courthouse, and Cole's plea bargain hearing. She admitted that she wished it were Todd she was prosecuting instead.

Matthew asked Nora if he'd have to testify under oath about Cole's attack on Todd, and Nora said she doubted Cole's case would go to trial; in the event it did, all Matthew needed to do was tell the truth. But the truth was what worried Matthew, as he recalled how Cole had brutally beaten Todd within an inch of his life.

After Nora left for court, Bo stopped Matthew on his way to school, and asked for an update on the Danielle situation. Matthew explained that Danielle hadn't gotten back to him; she'd been avoiding him ever since Cole and Todd's confrontation. Bo told him not to worry, and to let Danielle meet him halfway. Matthew resolved to head to school early, in the hopes of catching her before class. He asked his father what he'd do with the rest of his day, and Bo said he'd be planning his wedding.

After Matthew left, Bo stared longingly at his and Nora's old wedding photo, with them standing before Little Richard at the altar. Remembering the good old days, Bo mused aloud about how their first nuptials would be a hard act to follow.

At La Boulaie, Blair re-read her copy of Téa's fatal diagnosis, but was caught off guard when Elijah entered the drawing room. Blair attempted to cover, but Elijah sensed she was hiding something and playfully snatched the paper from her hands. His smile faded as he read the file on Téa's brain tumor.

"Oh, my God," Elijah murmured, stunned at the news, and asked Blair when Téa had told her. Blair admitted that no one had given her the news, and she'd happened to see the file in Greg's office after her run-in with Téa. Elijah chastised her for copying the file and violating doctor-patient confidentiality, but Blair said she'd had to know what was eating at her longtime rival. Growing emotional, she admitted that Téa was a good mother, and recalled with shame the hurtful things she'd said to Téa, how she'd spoken about life and death and parental responsibility. She hadn't understood Téa's cryptic response then, but after reading the file, she understood all too well - Danielle was liable to lose both parents.

Elijah took Blair into his arms and held her as she wept. He wanted to go to Téa, but Blair asked him not to; she wanted more time to face Téa on her own, in case neither Todd nor Danielle knew. Elijah reluctantly agreed, and prepared to leave for Cole's court hearing. Before he left, he comforted Blair, and promised her they'd work things out. After Elijah exited, Blair sat down, staring at Téa's file.

At the Palace Hotel, Greg spotted Téa dining alone, examining her latest diagnosis. Before he could approach her, Destiny walked up, ready for another brother-sister breakfast. As they headed for their table, Destiny asked why they were having another family meeting, and deduced that he was worried that she was traumatized by Cole's assault on Todd. Greg told Destiny he didn't like her being a witness to such brutality, but Destiny said that though it'd been frightening, it was far worse for Starr and Danielle, Todd's daughters. She concluded that she and Greg were lucky, as they'd been raised by two wonderful parents.

Over at Téa's table, Danielle arrived, seething in silence. Téa began by saying she had something to tell her daughter, but Danielle cut her off. She was sure Téa was going to justify her defense of Todd, and her mother's weakness for a man who Danielle felt was wholly evil disgusted her. Danielle's temper raged out of control as she ranted at Téa about her vulnerability for a rapist and abuser of women. Téa attempted to get a word in edgewise, insisting that no one was totally good or bad and Todd's case was not black and white. Danielle vehemently disagreed, and challenged Téa to admit she was only giving Todd the benefit of the doubt about Marty because of how she felt about him.

As the family quarrel intensified, Destiny picked that moment to walk up to Téa and Danielle's table and say hello. Destiny told Danielle she was sorry about Todd's injuries, but Danielle said she wasn't - she didn't have a father, and wanted nothing to do with Todd ever again. Castigating Téa for coddling and excusing Todd at every stage of his life, she stormed off with Destiny. The girls headed for school before Greg could break up the fight. Téa watched helplessly as the girls walked out, calling after them, "Dani, I love you!"

Greg took a seat beside Téa as she regained her bearings, and explained that she hadn't gotten a chance to tell Danielle about her illness. Greg suggested she get a second opinion, but Téa held up her new file and said she already had. It confirmed what Greg already knew - "I'm dying." Téa promised to set up another appointment, but asked Greg to keep the truth quiet for a while longer. Greg agreed and said goodbye, leaving Téa to stare at her diagnosis.

As Téa prepared to leave the Palace, she got a call from Blair, who asked her to stop by La Boulaie. Blair insisted it wasn't about Todd, but they needed to talk, in private and not over the phone. Téa reluctantly agreed.

At Rodi's, Rex and Gigi filled Shane in on Rex's trip to New Mexico, and explained that he was searching for "a client's" birth parents. Rex beat around the bush, but Shane quickly surmised from other talk he'd overheard that Rex was, in fact, searching for his own blood relations. Rex said he needed to know the truth, but he'd always be Shane's dad. Gritting their teeth, Rex and Gigi unspooled the whole sordid story of Mitch and Alison, and explained the part about Rex being switched at birth.

After hearing the tall tale, Shane asked his parents what the news meant for Roxy's place in their lives - she wasn't really his grandmother, but he wondered if she would still be around. Roxy sauntered into the restaurant just in time to overhear the discussion, and melted as she heard Rex tell Shane that Roxy would always be his "real grandma," no matter what biology said. Overjoyed, Roxy rushed over to the Balsoms' table and clutched Shane to her breast, and promising to be there for her grandson forever.

Roxy joined the family circle as Rex discussed his traveling plans; he was going to Santa Fe in order to track down the local artist who'd created the two-part necklace found among his personal effects, in the hopes of tracking down whoever had the other half of the locket. Gigi chimed in by asking Roxy if she could watch Shane for a few days, as Gigi intended to accompany Rex to New Mexico. She quickly reversed herself, apologizing for being presumptuous about the status of their relationship, but Shane and Roxy were all for it, and Rex agreed: Together or not, he wanted Gigi to go with him. Gigi promised to finish packing before him, and the exes raced out of the restaurant.

After the lovebirds left, Roxy and Shane put their heads together. Shane asked Roxy if his parents would ever reunite, and Roxy said she wasn't sure, but it was a pretty good bet.

At the courthouse, John and Marty waited outside the courtroom for Cole's plea bargain hearing to begin. Marty couldn't believe Cole had totally lost control with Todd, but John said Manning had a habit of making people go beyond their limits. Marty disagreed, and blamed herself; it was her fault for bringing her family back to Llanview, and setting events into motion. Years later, Cole was still paying for her mistakes. John told her that all she'd done was fall down the stairs - it was a crime, and he promised Todd would go to prison for it.

Cole arrived in handcuffs, and John got the guard to unshackle him. Marty embraced her son, and Cole said he'd made it through the night in jail thanks to the family picture Starr had left behind. Gazing into the courtroom, he noticed Starr wasn't there. Marty was sure Starr was delayed in traffic and would be there. "Yeah, probably," Cole said doubtfully.

Marty asked Cole why he thought Starr wouldn't be at the hearing, and Cole said it was obvious she'd chosen Todd over him once and for all. He explained that Starr thought Hannah was lying about seeing Todd, in hopes of breaking Starr and Cole up. Listening in, John grew curious, and asked Cole if there was any possibility Starr could be right. Marty and Cole lashed out at him, and said there was no reason for Hannah to lie. Entering the courtroom, Nora agreed, and promised to do her best to keep Cole from landing any prison time.

Elijah's legal associate, Phillip Shaw, arrived to represent Cole in Elijah's stead, and took Nora aside to discuss the plea bargain agreement. He believed they could get the lenient plea past the judge, but Nora wasn't so sure given the severity of Todd's injuries.

The judge entered the courtroom and the plea hearing went into session, with both Shaw and Nora arguing on Cole's behalf for the plea bargain agreement. The judge examined the agreement, but told the lawyers that given Todd's brutal beating, he had no intention of allowing Cole to walk without jail time.

Arriving at Llanview High, Danielle made a beeline for the gymnasium. Destiny pleaded with her to avoid the dark memories inside, but Danielle ignored her and entered the gym. As Destiny dithered in the corridor, Matthew arrived, asking after Danielle. Destiny directed him to the gym, and congratulated him on Bo's homecoming. She watched with pained longing as Matthew retraced Danielle's steps.

Inside the gym, Danielle huddled on the bleachers with a grim look on her face. Matthew walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, and asked her why she was by herself. Danielle said Destiny had warned her, and she was right; all the memories of the attack were flooding back. Walking over to the stage steps, she brushed off Matthew's concerned inquiries about her emotional state. Turning on him, she told him not to worry - Todd Manning was dead to her, and her mother would be, as well, if she persisted in defending him.

At La Boulaie, Téa arrived to see Blair. She thought Blair was going to read her the riot act about Todd's defense, but the crestfallen Blair produced the copy of Téa's file and said her concern had nothing to do with Todd. It was all about Téa, and what they both knew was happening to her. As Blair held out the file, Téa's eyes grew sharp with the realization that her secret was out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reed wanted to know why Kelly was leaving when she saw him at the Palace Hotel restaurant. She gave him a flimsy excuse and then agreed she was okay. He expressed his sympathy for her mother's death and apologized for not attending her service. Kelly quickly advised him it had been a private ceremony. He indicated that he was in Llanview for business and accused her of running and hiding to get away from him. He was sure there was something between them, but Kelly snapped that nothing had happened. "And that was a damn shame," Reed replied.

Kelly sat with Reed at his table but confirmed that she wasn't comfortable. Reed surprised her when he made it known that he had been "lost ever since" he first met her two years, one month, three weeks and two days before. Kelly flashed back to the day when Kevin had returned to their London home harried and busy, and had asked Kelly to entertain a business associate while Kevin cleaned up. Kelly was annoyed but had been pleased to see Reed, and it was obvious they were attracted to each other immediately.

Reed called it a "movie moment," and Kelly admitted she had fun that night. She remembered she had done her best to explain her relationship with Kevin. Reed admitted that he hadn't even negotiated his business properly that night because he wanted to be finished with it. Kevin had called Kelly a star after Reed left and was thrilled that she had helped him seal a deal for Buchanan Enterprises. He had been glad they were still friends and a team.

Kelly and Reed recalled the next night when Reed had stopped by again. He asked her out, but Kelly strongly advised him that Kevin would have to be included. They were a solid team and raising a child together, she explained. Reed was sorry he had misunderstood the signals, but Kelly assured him he hadn't misunderstood. She just couldn't.

Reed wanted the rain check for a date two plus years later. Kelly was reluctant, and Reed accused her of leaving him hanging again. Kelly pointed out that it wasn't she who had left. She remembered that when she last saw him, he had planned on moving to Hong Kong. Reed had wanted to stay in London with her, but Kelly was uncomfortable talking about it when Kevin was near. Kevin showed up with a toast, and Kelly walked out of the room. She wanted to leave the Palace too. Reed asked what she was afraid of. Kelly insisted she had no time and she had a job. Reed got extremely close to Kelly and stopped her as she prepared to leave.

Nora and Shaw wanted lesser charges for Cole, but the judge refused to allow their plea agreement. The judge didn't feel that the deal served the community and there could have been a murder charge involved if Todd hadn't recovered. Both Nora and Shaw argued with the judge, to no avail. The judge was adamant that "vigilante justice" would not go unpunished. The judge announced that the charges would be assault and attempted murder. He called the attorneys for a sidebar.

Nora wanted the judge to recuse himself because she believed that the hearing had been tainted. She made it clear that she thought Todd had paid the judge off. The judge was angry at Nora's accusation and suggested that she should recuse herself as well. He knew that Nora didn't like the victim and had close personal ties to the defendant and his family. The judge spoke of filing misconduct charges against Nora. Shaw spoke up and advised the judge that he, too, wanted to argue the judge's charges. He didn't feel that his client belonged in jail. John told Marty that things didn't seem right with the judge and he left the courtroom. Cole was happy to see Hannah show up.

Nora considered her dilemma and announced that the charges against Cole would be assault and attempted murder. Shaw said his piece and both he and Nora wanted Cole to be released on bail. The judge was still antagonistic, but Nora thought that John could vouch for Cole. She added that while Cole had been arrested on drug charges, he had served his time and had been commended when he worked undercover. The judge said he'd make note of the commendation but wondered where John was. He wasn't even in attendance.

The judge sarcastically suggested that Shaw and Nora change seats, since Nora was defending the person she was supposed to be prosecuting. The judge declared that Cole was a threat to the community and there would be no bail.

Starr visited Todd at the hospital but refused to talk about Cole. Todd snarled that he wasn't about to let Cole ruin Todd's last chance with Dani. He thought that Starr had chosen Cole over him, but Starr pointed out that she was there with her father. Todd wanted to make sure that Cole was punished for what he had done. Todd repeated that he did not push Marty down the flight of stairs and Hannah was lying. Starr agreed and wanted to find a way to prove that Hannah had made up the story about Todd.

Starr thought that Hannah had lied to get Cole, and so far it had worked. Starr and Cole had argued on the day of the assault. Todd wondered if Hannah was crazy or dedicated if she was willing to risk being charged with perjury. Starr thought that Hannah was definitely crazy and while she knew something to back it up, she wasn't willing to share it with her father. Todd was irritated and claimed that everyone kept secrets from him, but Nora wanted him on death row for a baby's murder.

Starr sighed and informed Todd that Hannah had overdosed on pills over some guy, and Cole was the one who had found her. Todd understood that Hannah had then attached herself to Cole and wanted Starr gone. Starr pointed out that Cole believed Hannah's story and Todd noted that the girl's scheme had gone according to plan. Just then, John stormed into the room. "What the hell did you do with the judge?" he asked Todd. He accused Todd of paying off the judge, though Todd denied it. "Justice is coming for you, one way or another," John snapped. As he departed, he vowed to keep an eye on Todd.

Starr advised Todd that she needed to check on Hope. She wanted to know if her father had paid off the judge, but Todd declared that he hadn't. He wanted Starr's help, since he could be in prison for a worse crime than the one Cole had committed.

In the school gym, Dani advised Matthew that she didn't want to talk about her parents. Matthew asked her if she had a date to the prom. Dani confessed that she thought everyone would go as a group, but people were pairing up. Just as Matthew was about to ask her to go with him, they were interrupted when a fellow student, Darren, pulled Matthew aside and asked, "Are you getting with my woman?" Matthew was confused, but Darren pointed to Destiny. "That piping hot pot tart over there," Darren clarified.

Matthew quickly assured the other teen that Destiny was just a good friend. Darren was glad to hear it because he wanted to ask Destiny to the prom. Nate handed Dani a gift. "Happy Cinco de Mayo," he said. It was a phone to get in touch with her parents and to replace the one that Dani had unintentionally thrown at Nate. Dani declared that her mom would be the only parent she'd be on the phone with. Nate was impressed that Dani had acted so quickly to cut Todd from her life. Dani noted that she had made her choice, unlike Téa, who wanted to continue a relationship with Todd. The pair referred to their previous conversation about making choices in life. Nate pointed out that there would be other bad ones along with good ones.

As Nate was about to ask Dani to the prom, Matthew returned, and Nate walked off. Suddenly, Darren had a microphone and he sang an off-key song to Destiny, who looked horrified. "What the hell are you doing?" Destiny asked him when the song was finished. She turned down his invitation to the prom and cited the fact that he wasn't her type. Nate began to chat with Whitney, one of the cheerleaders standing around. Whitney asked Nate to the prom just as Matthew asked Dani. Dani looked over towards Nate and watched as Whitney handed Nate a pair of prom tickets. Dani accepted Matthew's invitation.

Darren continued to pester Destiny, who said she was going to the prom with Nate. Darren called out to Nate, who denied that Destiny was his date. Darren assured Destiny that Matthew would go with Dani. As Destiny continued to say no, Darren threatened to sing all of the songs from the Michael Bolton catalogue. He took a breath and Destiny hastily agreed to go.

Dani asked Nate if he would be going to the prom with Whitney. He replied that he was, just as Dani would be attending with Matthew. He told her he'd see her at the prom.

At La Boulaie, Blair admitted that she knew about Téa's medical condition. Téa was irate as she screamed at Blair and inquired how her private file had gotten into Blair's hands. "You have no right to steal my personal records," Téa shouted at the top of her lungs. Blair stammered and tried to explain that it had been an accident. She didn't steal it, though she did make a copy of it. Téa was prepared to call the police and sue Blair's "skinny ass."

Blair thought that Téa could put her final days to better use and perhaps it would behoove Téa to put her affairs in order instead. Téa confirmed that she was dying, and she asked if anyone else knew. As Blair recalled telling Elijah about Téa's illness, she stated that no one else knew. She added that it was Téa's personal business. A cynical Téa clarified that it was both Téa's and Blair's business. Blair confided that she had been sick when she saw the report. Téa asked why Blair was putting on an act of concern when she had always hated Téa. The door would be "wide open" for Blair and Todd after Téa was gone, Téa yelled. She knew that Blair couldn't wait for her to die.

Téa got into Blair's face and hissed, "Stop trying to act concerned, bitch." Blair couldn't believe that Téa couldn't see that Blair was really concerned. Téa continued on her tirade as she painted the picture that Blair didn't have to take any further actions to get rid of Téa. All Blair had to do was wait. Blair and Téa both cried and suddenly Téa lost all control and the anger took over. She began to hit Blair as Blair tried to grab her and calm her down. Blair finally managed to ask a hysterical Téa, "How can I help you?"

Blair hugged Téa. They both cried but then had to laugh at the strange situation. Blair promised that she really wanted to help, even though she had always hated Téa's guts. She said it all went away after she saw the report. Téa told her that she had a second opinion and it agreed with the first one. Blair urged her not to give up and stressed that Dani wouldn't let her give up either. Téa had no plans to tell Dani.

Blair was certain that would be impossible as physical symptoms would start to appear. Téa wanted time to figure things out. She did not tell Todd, either, since he was busy. Blair was adamant that Todd cared for Téa, and he was also Dani's father. Just then, Téa received a call from Todd. He requested her presence at the hospital. Blair urged Téa to tell Todd and maybe he'd surprise Téa with his caring. Téa could use a surprise, Blair added. Téa thanked Blair for keeping the secret to herself, though she called her a "dishonest snoop" as she walked out the door. "Anytime," Blair called out.

Elijah turned up at La Boulaie and Blair asked him to hold her.

Marty couldn't believe her ears that there would be no bail for Cole. She tried to remain upbeat as John returned. She knew that John had gone to see Todd. John stated that Todd knew they were on to him and if he made a wrong move, John would be there to stop him.

Hannah approached Cole. She was shocked that Cole would remain in jail. She didn't see Starr, but she was sure Starr would have been there if she could. Cole didn't seem so confidant and didn't see Starr as she walked up behind them.

Téa arrived at the hospital, and Todd expressed his happiness at seeing her. He wanted to talk about Hannah. Téa had something to tell him first.

Friday, May 7, 2010

As the hotel clerk led Rex and Gigi into their room in Santa Fe, he gave them the directions to the jewelry store. After the clerk had left, Rex apologized to Gigi, because he could "not spring for two rooms." Gigi expressed hope that they could find Rex's parents in even less than two hours, yet Rex did not appear to be enthusiastic. Rex was unable to believe that his biological parents would care if he were dead or alive, since they had wanted to get rid of him. Gigi said that she would support whatever decision Rex made, but since they were already in Santa Fe, she wondered, "Would you be able to move on with your life if you don't explore every lead there is?"

When Rex and Gigi entered the jewelry store, at first, the store appeared to be deserted. Rex admitted that he was glad that Gigi was with him. A lady walked out and mistook Rex and Gigi for the couple who had wanted the wedding bands. After the lady questioned whether Rex and Gigi were married or were, at least, together, Rex showed her the necklace. The jewelry store lady indicated that the necklace looked like something that her granddad used to make.

Gigi asked if any records existed of the grandfather's jewelry, but the lady stated that any records of his jewelry would have been in her grandfather's head, and that he was dead. When the lady stated that her dad was the only one who would know anything else about the jewelry, Rex asked to speak to her father. The lady indicated that her father was busy. Gigi exclaimed that she and Rex needed to find their son's only living relatives, and that the necklace was their only clue. The jewelry clerk left to talk to her father.

The father followed the lady back into the store and demanded to know where Rex had received the necklace. Rex told the dad of how his biological parents had left the necklace with Rex, after they had left him as a newborn at the hospital. The dad asked Rex about the location of the other half of the necklace, and Rex indicated that one of his biological parents might have it. Rex asked the father if he could tell Rex anything about the necklace, and the dad replied, "Yes, I can."

In the dining area at the Palace, Reed attempted to kiss Kelly, as she covered his mouth. Reed told Kelly that he had been wanting to kiss her since they had first met to prove that there was feelings between them, and Kelly admitted that she would probably like the kiss. However, Kelly claimed that she was trying to start her life over, and that she needed to find who killed her mother.

Reed told Kelly that she needed to have some fun, and that she should go out and just have a good time. Reed assured Kelly that if she went out to dinner with him, just once, Kelly could get rid of him once and for all. Reed questioned what was the worst that could happen, and Kelly answered more than he could possibly know.

Kelly felt that due to what had happened to her mother and to Rodney, if Kelly and Reed were to start any kind of relationship, Reed could end up dead too. Reed was willing to risk death to be with Kelly, and he just wanted to protect her. Reed insisted that Kelly take the first step into her new life, and that she have dinner with him. When Kelly agreed to dinner, Reed informed her that he would pick her up at 8:00, and because "it is a good thing," she could relax.

At the Buchanan mansion in London, Kevin greeted Natalie at the door. As they visited on the sofa, Natalie speculated on what it would have been like to have been raised with the Buchanans instead of by Roxy. When Kevin inquired why Natalie was in London, she responded that she was on an assignment to deliver Jared's death certificate to Kevin, since Jared's name was on a contract to be signed. However, Kevin saw through this explanation as an excuse for Natalie to get away from Llanview.

Natalie told Kevin about Marty's pregnancy and the loss of the baby. Natalie then revealed to Kevin that Marty had believed that Natalie had pushed Marty down the stairs. Natalie admitted that she had said some nasty things to Marty on the day of the incident. Kevin speculated if it were true that John would not have been with Marty, she would not have been pregnant.

Natalie insisted that John had told Natalie that he was going to figure out what to do about Natalie and John as a couple, but then Marty got pregnant. Natalie laughed with Kevin at her nickname, "Miss Perfection" and stated, "Anyway, Marty took her tumble right after that, and I was the number one suspect." Natalie informed Kevin that the police had moved on to Todd as a suspect, and Kevin asked why John and Marty would suspect Natalie, if there was even a remote chance that it could be Todd. Natalie replied, "Because Marty wanted it to be me."

Natalie vented that John had believed Marty, when Marty had accused Natalie of the push down the stairs. Kevin explained that John's questioning of Natalie was part of John's job as a cop, yet Natalie could not get past the fact that John would think that she could do something like that. Kevin asked Natalie if she was honestly done with John.

When Natalie did not answer right away, Kevin asked if the two of them should check out London's single scene. Natalie then responded that she did not think that there was anything that she could do about her and John. Kevin insisted that Natalie not sell herself short and stated that she could always "fly out" to John, as she had just done with Kevin. Natalie replied, "You mean like you do with Kelly?"

At La Boulaie, Eli was concerned about Blair, and Blair explained that she had just seen Téa . Blair declared that she had hoped that Téa would tell her that her prognosis had been a mistake, but that did not happen. Blair cried, "She has stage four cancer...and it's inoperable." Eli expressed to Blair that he would like to talk to Téa, but Blair declared that Téa had sworn Blair to secrecy. Blair insisted that Téa did not want anyone to know about her condition, especially Dani, and that Téa did not want Todd to know either. Eli believed that Todd would need to know the truth about Téa, and Blair agreed that Todd loved Téa and would want to know. Eli and Blair felt that Todd would be all that Dani had left unless Todd went to prison.

Blair speculated on what would happen to her children if something happened to her. "It's a mother's nightmare," she cried. Since she knew that Téa was dying, Blair exclaimed, "Actually, I just always thought that she was going to be around for me to kick around." Blair had always blamed Téa for everything and acknowledged, "Who am I going to be mad at? Who am I going to hate?" Blair reflected that she had always hated three women: Marty, Kelly, and Téa. But Marty had just lost her baby, and Blair had just made peace with Kelly. Eli commented that Blair had a big heart, even if she did not want to admit it, and asked Blair what she was going to do about Téa.

In the courthouse lobby, Marty asked John why Cole could not return home to stay with Hope. John stated that he was certain that Todd had paid off the judge to have Cole put in prison. Marty questioned where Starr had been during the court session and wondered if Hannah was lying. Marty begged John to please tell her the truth if he knew it.

In the courthouse hall, Cole insisted to Hannah that Starr had chosen to be with Todd rather than to be with him, just as Starr arrived. When Starr questioned the outcome of the court hearing, Cole showed her the handcuffs and asked her where she had been. Cole explained to Starr that the judge had refused his plea bargain, had charged him with attempted murder, and would not even let him out on bail. As Hannah watched, Cole asked Starr if she had been with her dad.

Starr admitted that she had been with Todd and yelled that Todd could lose everything. Cole exclaimed that Todd bribed the judge, but Starr said that Hannah was to blame. Hannah insisted that she was not lying about what she had seen. Cole observed that Hannah had been there for him, but Starr related that Hannah was just trying to be "the supportive friend" and that she was lying. Starr exclaimed that Hannah got exactly what she wanted, which was to break Cole and Starr apart; however, Cole claimed that Starr was the one breaking them apart. Marty ran in to interrupt them.

Starr accepted that Marty had been going through a tough time, but that Todd did not push Marty down the stairs. Starr blared, "I would bet my life on it." Marty related to Starr that Todd had told her the day of the incident that he had wanted Cole, Marty, and her baby gone. However, Starr pointed out that Marty had never actually seen who pushed her.

John, who had been observing this, asked Hannah if she had actually seen Todd push Marty down the stairs, because the wrong person should not be accused of it. Hannah insisted that she had seen Mr. Manning push Dr. Saybrooke, and that she just wanted Cole to be at home with his wife and daughter. As she left, Hannah told Cole to "hang in there."

Starr asked John if he believed Hannah, and John evaded the question and stated that he had to take Cole back to his cell. Starr apologized to Cole for not being with him during his court hearing but begged him to consider that Hannah might be making it all up. Cole reminded Starr that he would have a lot of time in jail to figure it out. Starr insisted to Cole that no one could change her love for him. After John informed them that it was time to go, Cole asked Starr to tell Hope that he loved her.

In Todd's hospital room, Téa informed Todd that she had something important to tell him. Todd declared, "No, listen...unless it's about Hannah lying about seeing me shove Marty, I don't want to hear it." Téa understood that was Todd's main focus, and Todd insisted that it was "a matter of life or death." Téa commented that Dani would need Todd soon, while Todd wondered if Téa had told Dani that Todd was innocent. Todd knew that Téa had not, so he exclaimed that he was innocent and demanded that Téa use Hannah's suicide attempt against her.

Téa stressed that she could not "tamper with a witness this time," since she was almost disbarred the last time. Todd demanded to "do it for Dani." Téa remarked, "Yes, I do know how important this is. You are all Dani has left, all right?" Todd wondered what Téa meant.

Téa informed Todd that Dani was ready to write Téa off if Téa defended Todd. However, Téa knew that she had to free Todd of the murder charges, or Dani would never feel free to go to either Todd or Téa. Todd yelled that he needed Téa's help to beat the charges, so that maybe, one day, he and Dani could have a relationship. Téa insisted that if Hannah were lying, Téa would prove it. Todd demanded that Téa get Hannah to tell the truth, so that Todd and Téa could be parents to their daughter. When Todd asked if that was what Téa wanted also, Téa sadly stated, "More than you know." Todd screamed for Téa to "get it done." Téa laughed and stormed out of the room. In the hall, Téa burst into tears.

As Téa sat at the bar with a drink, she lovingly gazed over pictures of Todd and Dani.

On his cell phone, Todd said, "Yes, she's a student at LU, her name's Hannah O'Connor," as Hannah walked through the door. Todd continued, "I just want you to find her." Hannah announced, "I'm right here." Todd looked up.

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