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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 3, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dr. Baker was getting ready to skip town, but when he opened the door, Hope was standing there. She told him that he wasn't going anywhere, because they were partners and needed to stick together. Dr. Baker ordered Hope to move out of his way, but she told him that there was "no turning back" for either of them. Dr. Baker said that they were not partners -- he didn't even know her name, and he didn't care about her.

Hope reminded him that he helped her "take down" E.J. Dr. Baker pointed out that she was in trouble, because she was a cop who was robbing people. He asked why she was doing It and who she was. She told him to have a seat and she would explain everything. She admitted that she was a police detective and had been assigned to investigate the muggings.

Dr. Baker was shocked, but Hope assured Dr. Baker that she would forget all about Dr. Baker. He wasn't interested, though, and he asked why she was mugging people. She said she had her reasons, but they were none of Dr. Baker's concern. She said the only thing they should worry about was having fun and making money. Dr. Baker still wasn't interested, but Hope blocked the door so he couldn't leave.

Dr. Baker said he knew when he first met her that something was "off" and he should have followed his gut. He tried to leave, and she demanded the cashier's check, which he obtained after transferring money from the DiMera bank account. He lied and said he didn't have it on him, but Hope pulled a gun on him. When he gave her the cashier's check, she ripped it up. He called her "nuts."

Hope said it wasn't about the money. He tried again to leave, but she stopped him and said she needed him. "I can't do this without you, please. I can't, not after -" Hope said. "Not after what?" Dr. Baker asked. "I had a partner before - someone I loved very much. Still love him, but he's gone, and he's never coming back," she said. Hope complained that she felt alone.

Dr. Baker tried to console Hope by touching her shoulder, but she turned cold and told him "no touching." She asked what he thought about being partners, because they wouldn't be alone anymore and they would make a great team. He agreed, so she jumped for joy, and they ran out to rob someone else.

Stephanie asked Philip why he referred to himself as a "bastard." He said he didn't actually do anything, but Stephanie knew the look that Philip had. "It's the I've-really-done-something-this-time look," she said. He told her to "lay off." That made her even more suspicious because he was being "mean and nasty to someone who was just trying to help." He claimed that he had been disrespectful to his father, but she knew that Philip liked being disrespectful to Victor, because it boosted Philip's self-esteem.

Philip said whether he did something to Melanie or not, it wasn't Stephanie's business. She said it was her business. He asked why she cared, because she didn't like Melanie. Stephanie said she did like Melanie. Philip said he noticed the snide look that Stephanie had on her face. "That's very unfair to say, because I happen to think that Melanie's a very interesting girl," Stephanie said. She added that if Philip messed up with Melanie, Melanie and Nathan would get back together, and neither Stephanie nor Philip wanted that.

Adrienne walked up and could tell that Stephanie was upset. Stephanie said she was afraid to find out what it is. Stephanie said that Philip always messed up his relationships with women, and she was worried that Nathan would console Melanie. Then she was adamant that she would not let anyone mess up her happiness. She was not going to let Melanie play tricks on Nathan. She was determined to find a way to get Nathan to commit to her.

Adrienne advised Stephanie to just be herself, because she was too terrific to have to work to get a guy to be with her. "If he doesn't realize how lucky he is just to be in your presence, to hell with him," Adrienne said. "Spoken like a true aunt," Stephanie said. They said goodbye, and Adrienne reminded her to be herself. "If he doesn't appreciate you, he's an idiot," Adrienne said. Stephanie took out her birth control pills and stared at them.

The hotel desk clerk met with Chloe at the Cheatin' Heart. He said that someone knew that Chloe was jealous and was having fun with her. Chloe immediately suspected Carly. The clerk said someone deliberately sent her on a "wild goose chase" and made Chloe believe something that wasn't true. "No, you're the one who made me believe something that wasn't true," Chloe said, and she asked why he told her that Carly and Daniel were at his hotel having sex.

The clerk said that he never said that -- she jumped to her own conclusions. He said goodbye and then called Vivian when he got outside. Vivian asked if Chloe "bought it," and he said that Chloe bought everything. "I was so wrong -- or was I?" Chloe said to herself.

Melanie asked Carly what she thought of Chloe. Melanie said it sometimes felt like Chloe was judging Melanie, but Carly reassured Melanie that no one could feel that way about Melanie. Melanie assumed that Chloe was possessive and didn't want new people in Daniel's life, but Carly shot down that idea. Melanie asked if Carly thought Chloe would make Daniel happy, and Carly said she did. "Okay, then I will stop being paranoid, and I'll let her into my heart, because all I want is for my father to be happy. I want that for both my parents," Melanie said.

Melanie had a change of heart about Carly. She was starting to soften towards Carly. She explained that she saw another side of Carly when she was taking care of Daniel after the surgery. She realized that she should forgive her mother, because people made mistakes. She said she no longer felt like she didn't want Carly to be a part of Melanie's life anymore, and she wanted them to be closer. Carly said she would like that.

Nathan stopped by Daniel's apartment with the medical files he requested. Daniel was consulting on a surgery, and Nathan thought it would be nice for Daniel to do surgery again soon. Daniel asked if Nathan wanted to stay longer because Carly planned to go over some of the cases together, and Nathan could learn something as Carly and Daniel formulated their "plan of attack." Nathan was excited at the prospect, but he wondered if Chloe was home. "No, what difference does that make?" Daniel asked.

Nathan decided to leave, and Daniel assumed that Nathan's decision had something to do with Chloe. Nathan said he didn't want Chloe to feel weird with him being there, because he lived in the house that Lucas had bought for Lucas and Chloe. Daniel reminded Nathan that he saved Chloe's life and was her hero. Nathan insisted that it was because Lucas and Chloe weren't on good terms. Daniel wondered what that had to do with Daniel, unless Nathan had a problem with Daniel and Chloe because of Lucas.

Nathan said he looked up to Daniel, and Daniel's personal life was none of Nathan's business. Daniel figured that if Chloe didn't have a problem with Nathan and Nathan didn't have a problem with Chloe and Daniel, he had no reason to want to leave, but Nathan still felt uncomfortable being there. Daniel suddenly realized that Nathan's problem was that he had unresolved feelings for Melanie and that Daniel would be watching Nathan like a hawk. Nathan denied that. Then he said it was because he had a date with Stephanie. Daniel wondered why he didn't mention that to begin with, and Nathan said it was because he "blew off" work to be with her. Daniel said Nathan shouldn't worry about it.

Arianna and Brady were making out. She told him that if he didn't stop, they would never leave. Brady said he had the idea of staying in, since Victor, Hope and Vivian were asleep. Brady thought they could relive their first time in the pool together. She liked the idea but didn't have a swimsuit. Nicole called Brady's phone, but he didn't answer the phone once he saw who it was. Arianna asked who it was, but he said it didn't matter.

Brady and Arianna were in the middle of making out when there was a knock at the door -- it was Gabi. Gabi said she needed to see Arianna right away, because Gabi "really screwed up," and Arianna was the only one who could help her. Gabi said that her history paper was deleted when her computer froze. Arianna agreed to help, and Brady was understanding. After they left, Nicole knocked on the door. He assumed it was Arianna.

Arianna and Gabi went to the Brady Pub, and Arianna realized she might be able to retrieve Gabi's paper.

Nicole begged Brady not to turn his back on her, especially when she was in trouble. Brady ordered her to leave, and she agreed to that, but first, he had tell her that he didn't have feelings for her. Brady shut the door, and Nicole hugged him. He told her to wait in the living room, and he would get them something to drink so that Nicole could plead her case. Nicole picked up Brady's phone and read his text message from Arianna that she might be back soon. When Brady walked in the living room, he noticed that Nicole had unbuttoned her blouse.

Brady asked what Nicole was doing. She said she was showing him her appreciation. He ordered her to leave. She started buttoning her blouse and said she knew he still had feelings for her. He said he was going for a walk and didn't want her there when he got back. Nicole was outside the Brady Pub, when she called Brady and said she would never push things between them again, and she asked him to give her another chance.

Nicole hung up the phone and noticed Arianna and Gabi in the pub, so she unbuttoned her blouse and messed up her hair. When she walked into the pub, Nicole pretended to be on the phone with Brady. "Oh, it was great. Really, spending time with you, Brady, it's just one of my favorite things in the world, and tonight was so special, you really came through for me," Nicole said.

Nicole pretended to hang up and acted like she didn't notice Gabi and Arianna. Gabi asked if Nicole was with Brady. "No she wasn't," Arianna said. "It's not what you think. He was just a shoulder to cry on," Nicole said. "She's a liar," Arianna said, referring to Nicole. "Which is why he didn't get a chance to respond to your text -- I thought you were headed back over," Nicole said. Arianna called her "evil" and left.

Nicole buttoned up her blouse, and Gabi grabbed Nicole's arm. She called Nicole "a horrible person" and ordered Nicole to leave Arianna and Brady alone. Nicole told her to grow up and said Arianna needed to grow up too. Meanwhile, Arianna went to the Kiriakis mansion to look for Brady.

Chloe met with Philip at the Cheatin' Heart, because she wanted to put things into perspective. Chloe blamed Carly for setting her up. Philip didn't understand what Carly's motive would have been. Chloe said it was because of Daniel. "But she's in love with Bo," Philip said. Chloe insisted that Carly still saw Chloe as a threat. Chloe felt miserable for betraying Daniel and didn't think she deserved Daniel. Philip reassured her.

Chloe vented about how much she hated Carly, and blamed Carly for Chloe and Philip ending up in bed together. Philip warned Chloe to "keep it together" because someone could hear Chloe blurting out about them sleeping together. He warned her to stay away from Chloe. He reassured her that everything would be fine if she would just stay away from Carly. Chloe was determined to prove to Daniel that Carly was "the devil."

Vivian and Gus celebrated that her plan to get Chloe to hate Carly and eventually kill her was back on track.

Carly met with Daniel at his apartment, and she felt uncomfortable meeting there. She thought it would have been better meeting at his office, but he insisted they would be more comfortable at his home. Carly asked if Chloe would join them. He said Chloe had sent a text message saying she might be late. He needed to pick up the Chinese food from across the street. Carly thanked him for helping her make so much progress with Melanie. She said he was a great friend to her, and she considered him a friend too.

Chloe returned home, and Carly assumed it was Daniel returning with the food. Chloe asked where Daniel was, and Carly said he left to get dinner. "Here you are lounging in our apartment looking all cozy," Chloe said. Carly explained that they were working on a case, and she thought that Daniel had informed Chloe. "Yeah, but I've had a lot on my mind lately," Chloe said.

Carly noticed that Chloe seemed upset and asked if something was wrong. "Yeah, you," Chloe said. Chloe said she knew that Carly thought that Chloe wasn't good enough for Daniel. Carly denied Chloe's accusation, so Chloe yelled at her. "You know what? Shut up, okay? Shut your lying mouth. I know what you did," Chloe said.

At Maggie's house, Melanie kissed Philip passionately. She told him that she got him something. He asked what the occasion was, and she said the occasion was that she loved him. She asked if they could go by Daniel's apartment over the weekend and hang out with him and Chloe. "Sure," he said. Melanie also wanted to invite Carly. Melanie ran out of the room excitedly. Philip called and left a message for Chloe and reminded her not to do anything "rash." Melanie overheard him and asked why Chloe would do something "rash."

Brady went for a walk but realized she forgot her cell phone when he wanted to check up on Arianna. Meanwhile, Hope and Dr. Baker noticed Brady, and Hope thought Brady was "the perfect target." "Let's kick it up a notch," she told Dr. Baker. Brady heard a noise and asked, "Who's there?" Hope hit him on the back of the head with her gun. Dr. Baker wanted to get Brady's money and leave. "Not yet. I'm afraid he doesn't get off that easily," she said.

Stephanie threw her birth control pills on the ground moments before Nathan met up with her.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In her living room, Chloe berated Carly for interfering in her relationship with Daniel. "You tried but you didn't cover your tracks well," Chloe commented as Carly shook her head in confusion. "You are really good at this. I know that you're a lying, manipulative bitch but somehow I'm almost falling for the 'What are you talking about?' bit," Chloe said. Frustrated, Carly said that she did not want to listen to Chloe's rant and she started to leave. In a fury, Chloe grabbed Carly's wrist and warned that she would not let Carly "ruin anyone's life ever again."

Still confused, Carly told Chloe that she did not understand what Chloe was talking about. "Were you this underhanded with Hope? Playing mind games?" Chloe yelled. Frustrated, Carly demanded that Chloe say what she thought Carly had done. As Carly urged Chloe to answer, Daniel walked through the front door. "What is going on?" Daniel asked as Carly and Chloe stood in awkward silence. Noting that he could hear them arguing in the hallway, Daniel demanded to know what was wrong. "Oh I'm sorry. I tend to raise my voice when someone's out to ruin my life!" Chloe screamed.

Daniel urged Chloe to calm down and asked Carly what was wrong. Carly admitted that she had no idea why Chloe was angry, but Chloe interrupted to mock Carly. Upset, Carly excused herself and left. "What is this thing you have about Carly?" Daniel wondered aloud. "Carly is a part of my past. You do know that," Daniel said. "I was so sure that you and her were...that you two left the hospital together, went to some sleazy motel and had sex," Chloe cried out.

Concerned, Daniel asked Chloe why she believed that he was having an affair with Carly. "It's what I was told. It was a rumor started by Carly, I'm sure, and it got back to me," Chloe said. When Chloe rattled off Carly's list of mistakes, Daniel reminded Chloe that Carly had kept Melanie a secret to protect them. Shaking her head, Chloe noted that Daniel always defended Carly. "I have to! You keep attacking her!" Daniel countered. Daniel explained that he did not think that the rumor started with Carly and was surprised that Chloe believed the rumor.

"I would not do that to you. And I don't even know why in the hell you think that I would," Daniel growled. Daniel assured Chloe that he loved her, and he was concerned that she did not believe that. Daniel urged Chloe to tell him everything. Chloe told Daniel that the voicemail he left her the night of his surgery was cut off, so she went to the hospital to find him. Chloe continued that Greg the nurse had told her that Daniel left with Carly to go to the Mercer Motel. When an angry Daniel cursed under his breath, Chloe informed Daniel that Greg no longer worked at the hospital.

Daniel assured Chloe that Greg made up the story about Carly. "But it wasn't only him. I went to the motel and the clerk there said that you and Carly had checked in," Chloe continued. When Daniel shook his head in disbelief, Chloe assured Daniel that she had shown the motel clerk a picture of him and that the clerk had confirmed that Daniel had checked in with a woman. "It boggles my mind that someone would do this," Daniel said in amazement. Daniel assured Chloe that Carly would not have started the rumor at the hospital and asked Chloe to trust him. "If someone did lie to you and made you believe all of this crazy stuff, I will find them. I will find them and make them pay," Daniel promised.

Philip paced Maggie's kitchen as he left a voicemail begging Chloe not to do anything "rash when it comes to Carly." "Why would Chloe do anything rash?" Melanie asked Philip as she entered the kitchen. Surprised, Philip hung up the phone and spun around to greet his wife. Concerned, Melanie asked Philip what was going on. Philip explained that Chloe was "more upset than she was letting on."

"More upset than smashing a picture of Daniel?" Melanie asked. Philip said that Chloe was having a hard time processing all the news about Carly and Melanie. "What does that have to do with you?" Melanie wondered aloud. Fumbling for the right words, Philip stammered that it was none of his business how Chloe felt about Carly. "Chloe's kind of making it your business," Melanie pointed out. Philip explained that Chloe leaned on him whenever she was having a difficult time because she did not have many friends.

"Even though, for really close friends, that seemed like an intense message," Melanie said. Noting that Philip was making it sound like Chloe had been confiding in him about Carly "for a while," Melanie asked Philip why he had not told her about Chloe sooner. Melanie told Philip that she was thankful that Philip was such a good friend to Chloe, then hugged him. Feeling guilty, Philip thought about the night he spent with Chloe and pulled away from Melanie.

"No, I haven't helped okay? I've just made things worse," Philip grumbled. Laughing, Melanie told Philip that she thought he was exaggerating about making things worse. "I was talking with Chloe, she was upset, and I just made things worse," Philip said. "You're not telling me the whole truth. What is it you're not telling me?" Melanie asked with a look of worry on her face. Philip explained that Chloe had leukemia in high school and that because of the treatments, she would likely not be able to have children. When Philip noted that Chloe wanted to have children with Daniel, Melanie sighed. "I'm here. Daniel's the father and she's not the mother," Melanie said sadly.

"It's actually harder than that, you know. Right before our wedding, she took a pregnancy test and she got a false positive," Philip noted. Stunned, Melanie wondered why Chloe would be upset with Daniel unless she believed he wanted to make a family with Carly. Melanie thanked Philip for being a good friend to Chloe and she told him that his passion for his friends was one of the reasons she fell in love with him. Philip asked Melanie not to tell Daniel or Chloe that they had talked about Chloe's problems.

Philip added that he wanted to stop spending time with Chloe and Daniel because he felt like Chloe was uncomfortable around him after confiding in him. "That's not fair," Melanie said quietly. Philip argued that it did not matter how he felt because Chloe would still be uncomfortable. Unsure, Melanie asked Philip why he was talking about Carly earlier and whether she was aware of Chloe's health issues. When Melanie suggested she could tell Carly, an anxious Philip growled that he wanted her to stay out of it.

Down at the pier, Stephanie threw away her birth control pills in the trash can and turned to find Nathan walking toward her. With a smile on her face, Stephanie hugged Nathan and asked him what they were going to do for their date. Tired, Nathan asked Stephanie if they could spend a quiet night alone. After a quick glance over at the trash can containing her pills, Stephanie smiled at Nathan and agreed with his suggestion.

Back at his apartment, Nathan told Stephanie that as much as he loved his job, he was happy to spend the evening alone with her. Staring at her face, Nathan told Stephanie that he wanted to take her to Paris someday. With a wicked smile, Stephanie responded that she spoke French. "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?" Stephanie joked. Nodding his head, Nathan kissed Stephanie, and the two began to make love.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi warned Nicole not to bother Arianna. "You're done. You're played out," Gabi argued. With a smirk on her face, Nicole responded, "I'm Nicole DiMera. I'm never done." Gabi asked Nicole to leave. The girl noted that she was glad Arianna was happy and that she did not want to "see that screwed up by some washed-up old porn star." "That ain't up to you, honey. And that ain't up to your sister. It's up to Brady," Nicole said with a grin.

When Gabi noted that Brady loved Arianna, Nicole warned Gabi that "this washed-up old porn star is gonna make sure he sees the light." Gabi noted that the first time she met Nicole, Nicole had lied to her about her "abusive husband." Ignoring Gabi's rant, Nicole ordered a cocktail. "Will you just make my drink, you little twit!" Nicole said in exasperation. Annoyed, Nicole went over to the bar to make her own drink, while a nervous Gabi warned Nicole that she was not allowed behind the bar. Nicole joked that making her own drink was not illegal like Arianna's drug-dealing endeavors. Stunned, Gabi told Nicole to get her drink and then leave. "You may be the biggest loser of all," Gabi noted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna wandered into the living room and called out for Brady. Worried, Arianna left the mansion and called Brady's cell phone. As Arianna wondered aloud where Brady was, Brady's cell phone rang in the living room where he had left it.

After knocking Brady unconscious in the park, Hope grabbed his wallet and tore open his shirt. Dick was anxious to leave the scene of the attack, but Hope insisted, "This is my game and we play by my rules." Hope pulled a black velvet bag out of her purse and "left her mark" on Brady. "You are extremely perverse," Dick said. While Hope closed Brady's shirt, Dick spotted a money clip lying nearby and placed his foot over it to hide it from Hope. When Hope rushed away from the scene, Dick scooped up the money clip and followed her down the sidewalk.

Dick met up with Hope down at the pier. When Hope asked Dick who the victim was, he thought about when Brady had threatened him to stay away from Nicole. "We had a little disagreement. I guess we're even now," Dick said. Hope pushed for details, but Dick declined to discuss his past. "We're a great team. Until I say we're not," Hope said. As he walked away, Dick muttered, "This isn't getting better any time soon." Hearing Dick mumble, Hope asked Dick what he said. "Hope to see you soon!" Dick said cheerily as he walked away. "Sometimes I think he lies," Hope said to herself.

As Nicole finished making her martini at the Brady Pub bar, Gabi rushed up to her and squirted mustard into the drink. "You're not drinking here!" Gabi shouted. As Nicole wiped what was left of her martini off of her shirt, a disheveled Brady stumbled through the doorway of the Brady Pub. Nicole rushed to Brady just as he collapsed into her arms. With a look of alarm on her face, Nicole realized that the back of Brady's head was covered in blood. Gabi called 9-1-1, and gave Nicole a pile of dishtowels to staunch the flow of blood. Nicole assured a semi-conscious Brady that he would be fine. As Brady went limp, Nicole called out his name and urged him to fight.

When the paramedics wheeled Brady into the hospital, Carly stopped Nicole from entering the room. Worried, Nicole grabbed Roman's arm as he was passing and told him that Brady had been mugged. "Not now, Nicole!" Roman barked as he wrenched his arm away and kept walking. Determined, Nicole marched after Roman and followed him into Brady's room. From the doorway, Nicole watched through the window as Roman asked Carly whether the wounds were consistent with the other muggings. When Carly noted that the wounds appeared to be similar to the other attacks, Roman expressed his relief that the mugger had not escalated the damage as he had feared.

Raising an eyebrow, Carly told Roman his fear was well-founded. Opening up Brady's shirt, Carly showed Roman a strange red symbol burned into Brady's chest. Roman made a couple of notes about the marking on Brady's chest, and Carly told Roman that she had spotted Nicole in the waiting area and that she smelled of liquor. "When you're talking about personal attacks on Brady Black, it can't get more personal than Nicole DiMera," Roman said.

When Roman went to the waiting room, he found a nervous Nicole. "Someone I love is in there, seriously injured," Nicole noted. Roman told Nicole that he believed she was the one that attacked Brady. Nicole argued that she was innocent and that Gabi was her alibi because she was talking to the girl in the pub prior to the attack on Brady. When Nicole called Gabi over, Gabi corroborated Nicole's story and noted that she was with Nicole for at least an hour prior to Brady stumbling into the pub.

Arianna arrived at the hospital, and Nicole asked Roman whether Arianna had an alibi for the evening as she slunk away to the corner. Gabi told Arianna that Brady had been mugged, and then asked why she had not answered her phone. Frazzled, Arianna explained that her phone was on the fritz. Gabi informed Arianna that Brady was stable as Nicole wandered up behind them. Suspicious, Arianna asked why Nicole was at the hospital. Nicole noted that she had an alibi during Brady's mugging and asked Arianna whether she had an alibi for the evening. "I'm not accusing anyone. I'm just saying," Nicole said with a grin.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Hope stashed Brady's items in the secret box under her bed. Satisfied, Hope drank a glass of water, then placed the glass back on the tray. Roman called Hope and left her a voicemail notifying her about the mugging. Asleep, Hope did not hear her phone ring. Hope dreamed about leaving the branding mark on Brady's chest, then woke up with a start. Hope talked aloud to herself, noting that she was relieved that although she was still having strange dreams, she was glad she did not remember them.

Across town, Dick attended a poker game with the money he stole from Brady. "I have my lucky charm," Dick said as he kissed the money clip. Dick set the clip down on the table and counted out the money to buy into the game. After a few hands, Dick had gambled away all of his cash and was forced to bet the gold money clip in a last-ditch effort to win some money. Though Dick's next hand was a flush, he lost out to another player. As the player raked in his winnings, he contemplated the money clip and asked Dick where he got it.

Down at the pier, Daniel and Chloe were talking about the clerk from the Mercer Motel just as he was walking by. Daniel called out to the clerk and asked him who instructed him to tell Chloe that Daniel was at the motel with Carly. The clerk acted as if he never met Chloe, then walked away. Dumbfounded, Chloe shook her head in disbelief as Daniel stood there speechless.

Chloe and Daniel headed back to their apartment, and Chloe worried aloud whether Daniel believed her or the motel clerk. Daniel assured Chloe that he believed her and that they would figure out who was responsible for spreading the rumor about the affair. In tears, Chloe hugged Daniel tightly.

After heading to bed, Philip put his arms around Melanie and apologized for snapping at her. "It's okay. I love you," Melanie whispered. "I love you too," Philip said as his voice cracked. Philip thought about having sex with Chloe, and shook his head to forget the memory.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Victor and Vivian were visiting Brady in the hospital when Arianna arrived. Arianna believed that if she had called Brady instead of going to the Kiriakis mansion to find him, he never would have been attacked. In the hallway, an eavesdropping Nicole overheard Vivian mention that she had been at home but hadn't seen Arianna. "So the good and faithful Arianna doesn't have an alibi," Nicole somewhat gleefully noted to herself. "Sometimes you just get lucky."

Victor was determined to find out who had attacked-and branded-Brady, and vowed, "Believe me, they're going to be sorry they ever laid their hands on a Kiriakis." Brady urged his grandfather to let the police handle it, but Victor wasn't convinced that they could. Victor then left to talk to Roman at the police station, and Vivian followed him out. Vivian stayed behind to attend the hospital board meeting in Victor's place, while he went see Roman.

As Arianna left Brady's room, Nicole demanded an apology, because Arianna had insinuated that Nicole was the Salem mugger. Arianna refused, and warned Nicole not to try to grill Brady on camera about the mugging. Nicole indignantly insisted that she would never do that to Brady.

After Arianna left, Nicole slipped into Brady's room. Brady thanked Nicole for taking charge and getting him to the hospital after his attack. He apologized for not realizing sooner that she was still his friend, despite the awful way he had been treating her. Nicole assured him that she would always have his back, especially after all the times he had helped her when no one else would.

Brady was offering to let Nicole interview him when Arianna returned. She informed Nicole and Brady that the news department had gotten an order, apparently from Victor, not to cover Brady's attack. Arianna added that she was taking the morning off to stay with Brady, so Nicole left to call in for her next assignment. While Arianna sat on the bed and kissed Brady, a scowling Nicole watched from the doorway. "Little bitch," Nicole muttered as she walked away. "I wish I could just wipe that smirk off her face. She doesn't deserve him."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope awoke in a panic because she'd overslept. She spotted her makeup scattered on the floor, and asked Ciara if she'd gotten into it. Ciara insisted that she hadn't. "Who else could it be?" Hope asked patiently. Ciara replied, "You, Mommy." Hope was puzzled, but sent Ciara back to her own room.

As Ciara scampered off, Roman called Hope from the police station and informed her that the mugger had attacked Brady the night before. "And it looks like our mugger friend is targeting people we both know," Roman added.

Victor found Roman at the station and demanded, "Have you found the lowlife who attacked my nephew and my grandson?" Roman assured Victor that every cop available was working on the case, and the department's best detective-Hope-was heading up the investigation. When Hope arrived just then, Victor apologetically asserted that her life was too complicated for her to handle the case. Roman noted that Victor usually knew who was behind the crime in Salem. "Not this time," Victor replied tersely, then added before stalking out, "I want this handled."

Roman showed Hope a photograph of the mark the attacker had branded on Brady's chest. Hope recognized it immediately as a symbol for the three Celtic deities of land, sea, and sky. She'd learned while she and Bo were in Ireland that one of them, the goddess Bridget, represented female empowerment. Roman asked if Hope thought the attacker was a woman, but pointed out that E.J. thought he had seen a man. Hope noted that the man had been too far away to hit E.J. in the head, and she left to talk to Brady at the hospital.

When Hope arrived at the hospital, she found Brady and Arianna kissing. Hope apologized for interrupting, but she needed to follow up on Brady's statement. After Arianna left, Hope showed Brady the photograph of his brand, and revealed that the symbol might help her to make an arrest.

Vivian stopped Arianna as she left Brady's room. She cautioned Arianna to keep her keep her eyes on Brady, and explained, "I just have a feeling that Nicole might be looking for a little opportunity."

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano checked in by phone to find out what Anna was up to. "Very good; she's finally doing what she's told," a pleased Stefano said. Kate entered the parlor as Stefano was hanging up, and asked if he had just been talking about Anna DiMera. Stefano denied it. Kate didn't think that Stefano would leave a loose end like Anna untied, but conceded that it was none of her business.

As E.J. and Sami entered the Brady Pub, she chided him for following her in, since he'd just gotten out of the hospital. E.J. was just thankful to be out of his skimpy hospital gown, and good-naturedly refused to let Sami tell him what to do. He went upstairs to get Sydney and Johnny from Caroline.

While Sami was pouring coffees for her and E.J., Roman arrived and told her about Brady's mugging. Roman was peeved to learn that Sami had picked E.J. up from the hospital, but he became even more dismayed when she told him that she was moving into the DiMera mansion. Sami reassured him that the situation was temporary. Roman wanted to know what Rafe would think, but Sami reminded him that Rafe had rebuffed her offers to reconcile.

Roman asked if Sami thought there was a future for her and E.J., and E.J. returned just in time to overhear Sami say that there might be. Roman stated, "I know I don't have to remind you what happened the last time you moved into that house." As E.J. joined them, he admitted, "It was a complete disaster-but I can assure you that won't happen again." After cautioning E.J. that he would be keeping an eye on the situation, Roman left.

Soon, Stefano and Kate were welcoming Sami, E.J., and the kids to the mansion. Kate reluctantly informed Sami that Will hadn't wanted to watch his mother move in, so he wasn't home. Although Sami was clearly disappointed, she left with Kate to get the children settled into their rooms.

When Stefano learned that Brady Black had been attacked, he suggested to E.J. that they join forces with the Kiriakises to take care of the mugger. E.J. agreed that it was probably a good idea, but warned Stefano, "I kept up my part of the bargain, father. So you better make sure nobody-and I mean nobody-finds out where Anna is."

As Sami and Kate returned to the foyer, Sami assumed that Kate's attempts at civility were just an act. Kate assured her that it wasn't, but the two women were soon bickering about Will. Stefano and E.J. heard their raised voices, and went into the foyer to find out what was going on. Neither Sami nor Kate would give a direct answer, so Stefano suggested that Kate go for a walk with him, to give Samantha and Elvis some privacy.

After Stefano and Kate had gone, E.J. urged Sami not to let Kate get to her, and to give Will some time to adjust. E.J. then wanted to know if he were any part of the reason Sami had moved in. Sami admitted that he was one of the reasons, but stressed that it was because he was the father of her children. She added that she could handle Stefano, but since she'd already had an argument with Kate, Sami wasn't sure she could make living there work.

E.J. pointed out that if she left, Sami would be leaving Will with Kate, and added that Sami and E.J. could deal with Kate together. Sami noted that all of her friends and family had tried to talk her out of living there-and she had a million other reasons not to move in.

In the park, Stefano urged Kate to try to get along with Samantha. Kate agreed, but pointed out that he had invited Sami into their home without considering how it would affect Will or Kate. Stefano maintained that he only wanted his son and his grandchildren back in his life, and happy-and Elvis was in love with Samantha. An incredulous Kate contended that Sami was only using E.J. the way she always used men, and when she was finished, she would move on. Stefano stated, "Samantha is not going anywhere. Trust me."

In South America, Anna, relieved to be away from Stefano and E.J., arrived at her cabana. As she was about to settle in to read a book, Anna was astonished to hear the voice of her old friend, Calliope Jones, behind her. The women shrieked and hugged, and marveled at running into each other in such a remote place after having not seen each other in years. Calliope remarked that it looked like Anna was hiding out.

As they caught up about their lives, Anna explained that she hadn't been able to bear staying in Salem without Tony. Calliope noted that Anna seemed on edge, and urged Anna to confide in her old friend. Anna reminisced about the good times they'd shared, and then asserted that if she were in hiding, it was only from her memories.

Anna wanted to know why Calliope was there. Calliope claimed that she and her husband, Eugene, were in trouble with the IRS, and so they were looking for a country with no extradition treaty with the United States. She divulged that Eugene was deep-sea fishing at the moment, but she was thrilled because it would give her and Anna time to catch up. Anna didn't think that was a good idea, and asked Calliope to leave.

Calliope was appalled that Anna was kicking her out. Anna quickly explained that it hurt too much to be around old friends who reminded her of Tony, because she'd lost her mind a little after he died, and had done some reckless things. Calliope pressed Anna for more details, but Anna wouldn't reveal more. After a bit more chatting, the women said their goodbyes, and Calliope left.

In a hotel room later, Calliope angrily told Rafe, "I did it! I made contact, just like you said. And for the record, big shot, I don't like it -- not one bit."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stefano was worried that Kate was being too agreeable about Sami moving into the mansion. Kate pointed out that it was a big house and she wasn't that fazed about it. However, he sensed that something was bothering her. She said it had nothing to do with Sami. She was upset about Madeline threatening her. He told Kate to put the judge in the past where she belonged, and he assured Kate that he would take care of Madeline.

Gabi waited on Madeline and Chad as they dined at the Brady Pub. Madeline asked him how he messed things up with Gabi and how it had anything to do with Mia. Chad pointed out that his mother and father never liked any of his friends or the girls he dated, especially Mia. Madeline said that Mia was a troubled girl. Chad asked why Madeline didn't like Will. She said it was because of Will's relatives and because he lived at the DiMera mansion. Madeline ordered Chad to stay away from Will as long as he lived with Kate and Stefano.

Madeline had to go to court, so she told him that they would speak about it later. Gabi asked if he and his mother had a nice lunch. Chad said it wasn't nice, because she was judgmental. Gabi asked if Madeline had said something bad about Gabi, and he said no and that Madeline thought that Gabi was nice. He started to leave, but before he did, he asked Gabi to keep quiet about his association with Will if his mother questioned her.

Arianna asked Gabi if she had heard from Rafe. Gabi said she hadn't heard from him. Arianna referred to Rafe as a "jerk." She was frustrated that Brady was in the hospital, her boss was "a bitch," and she had no idea where Rafe was. Arianna apologized for her attitude and blamed it on cramps and being tired. She went behind the bar to take some Midol. Then she realized that Rafe had left her a message on her phone.

Sami realized she was making a mistake by agreeing to move into the DiMera mansion. E.J. wondered why she had a sudden change of heart. He pointed out the amenities that went along with mansion living, like having a cook, a nanny, and a swimming pool. She pointed out that Kate and Stefano lived there. He said that she was fine about moving in until he asked Sami if part of the reason why she was moving into the mansion was E.J. Sami thought about when she and E.J. kissed after he was mugged.

E.J. guessed that Sami was the reason Sami didn't want to move in. He admitted that he played a role in her decision. She explained that she wasn't thinking straight at the time, because she was worried about him when he got mugged and about what would happen to Sydney and Johnny. She also wanted to be with Will, but she realized that it wouldn't work.

E.J. stopped Sami before she left and pointed out that they were doing well at Sami's place. He asked why things were "suddenly falling apart." Sami said the mansion was filled with bad memories for her. E.J. said that she knew that when she initially agreed to move in. He wanted to know what the real reason was, and he assured her that he would help her deal with it.

Calliope told Rafe that she made contact with Anna just like he told her to but she didn't like it. Rafe told her that she would help him catch Anna whether she liked it or not. Calliope said she had never seen Anna like that before, even though she had known Anna for over 20 years. Rafe asked how Anna was. Calliope said that Tony had died tragically, and he was the love of Anna's life. Rafe said Anna was working out her grief in a five-star hotel.

Calliope regretted helping Rafe, so he told her not to help him. Then he started to make a phone call. When she asked who he was calling, he said he was calling the IRS to let them know that their deal was off. Calliope told him to tell the IRS that Eugene had been "taken in by a rotten, scheming accountant -- like that's rare." He said maybe telling the IRS that would help. Rafe started to tell someone at the IRS that he was with Calliope, but she grabbed the phone. He asked her who was going to jail -- Calliope and Eugene, or Anna.

Calliope didn't know what she was supposed to do. Rafe encouraged Calliope to convince Anna to open up to her. Calliope said that Anna was already suspicious. Rafe said they needed to act fast. Calliope said she knew that Anna was getting a two-hour stone massage and would be there for a while. Rafe hid a camera on Calliope's blouse. He told her to talk to Anna about her tax problems, because Anna would probably want to talk about her own problems.

Anna was upset that her masseuse cancelled on her. She noticed that Calliope had left behind her mirror, and Anna thought to herself about how she would have to end their reunion. Anna called to arrange for a flight off the island.

Kate looked through her photo album and noticed a picture of her and Madeline and agreed with Stefano that her association with Madeline needed to stay in the past. Will walked in and asked what she was looking at. Kate tucked the photo of her and Madeline in a pile of papers and made up a story about how Sydney's smile reminded her of Will as a child. Will asked if Sydney, Johnny, and Sami had already moved in. He hoped that he wouldn't have to run into Sami or E.J. Kate said that Sami had been looking for Will. Kate received a business call and left the room. Will grabbed the pile of papers and left the room.

E.J. told Stefano how Kate had immediately begun antagonizing Sami, and Sami left. Stefano told him to change Sami's mind, but E.J. said he tried that and it didn't work. Stefano was sure that Sami would return. E.J. noticed how confident Stefano was and asked why. Stefano said that he had tried to make E.J. happy. E.J. said what would make him happy would be living at Sami's house with her and the kids. Stefano said that Sami would be back and Rafe would be chasing his tail trying to find Anna thanks to Stefano.

E.J. warned Stefano not to get too cocky, because if Anna talked, E.J. would lose Sami, and Stefano wouldn't be able to see the kids.

Rafe called Arianna and said he had a lead on Anna. Arianna said that if he were the one to catch Anna, it would change everything for him and Sami. Rafe said there was no easy answer for him and Sami. Arianna said it would be easy if Rafe were the one to catch Sydney's kidnapper. He had to get off the phone when he saw on his surveillance camera that Calliope couldn't find Anna. Gabi asked what Rafe said. Arianna said he might be close to finding Sydney's kidnapper. Gabi assumed that Rafe would be Sami's hero, and both Rafe and Arianna would have someone that loved them. Arianna assured her that she would, too, someday.

Calliope told Rafe that Anna left. He told her to check with the front desk and see if she showed up for the massage. As Calliope was talking to Rafe, Anna walked in and asked whom she was talking to. Calliope said she was talking to herself and was afraid that Anna left without her. Anna said she couldn't get off the island if she tried. Calliope was glad, because she and Anna had more time to talk.

Calliope tried to get Anna to open up about her problems. Rafe warned that she was being too pushy, so Calliope tried to pretend like she was being patient and would wait until Anna was ready to talk about it. Anna asked why Calliope was being so nosy about it. Anna thought that Calliope was acting pushy, and she explained that she didn't nag Calliope about the details of her tax problems.

Calliope said that taxes were boring, but Anna had an adventure, and adventures were exciting. Anna admitted that she was scared. Calliope assured Anna that she could tell Calliope anything. Calliope said Anna could tell her, because Calliope had no one to tell anyway. Anna agreed to tell Calliope.

Kate returned to the living room and realized that the picture she tried to hide was gone. She explained to Stefano that the papers were missing after Will had left. Stefano sensed that Kate was still thinking about Madeline, and Kate said it was still weighing on her mind and it should be weighing on Stefano's because she could undo Kate and Stefano. Kate worried what would happen if the picture fell into the wrong hands. E.J. walked in as Stefano assured Kate that he would handle it. E.J. asked what was wrong. Kate made up a lie about the maid and left the room.

Sami walked in, and E.J. told her that the children were upstairs waiting for her. Sami said that they weren't going anywhere and she wasn't taking them back to the penthouse. Sami explained that a pipe burst and her home was flooded. Stefano said that she and the kids could stay at the mansion as long as she wanted to. Sami insisted they would stay at a hotel. E.J. tried to convince her to change her mind.

Then she suggested she would stay with Roman or Caroline. He said that they would tell her "I told you so." E.J. suggested that they find as many ways as they could to make Kate's life miserable while Sami and the kids live at the mansion. Sami was intrigued by that idea and agreed to move in.

Chad and Will were studying at the Java Café when some of Will's papers fell on the floor. He tried to retrieve them, and Chad noticed the picture of Kate and Madeline. Will said it was a picture that Kate was looking at of Kate and some lady. Chad said it wasn't some lady -- it was his mother. Chad wondered why his mother had been so against him hanging out with Will. Will pointed out that the picture made it seem like Kate and Madeline used to party together. Chad realized he didn't really know his mother at all.

Chad met with Madeline at the Java Café and asked her about the picture he saw of her with Kate. She asked who showed it to her. He said it didn't matter, and she realized it was Will. He assumed that she and Kate had partied together, but Madeline explained that she was a lawyer on a deal that Kate was involved with, and Madeline attended the celebratory dinner after the contract was signed. Madeline left, called Kate, and demanded that they meet. Kate said she didn't have time, and Madeline said that if she wanted to prevent her life from "going down the drain," she had better make the time.

Arianna asked if something was wrong with Chad. He denied it at first. Then he explained that his mother didn't want him to hang out with Will. He told her about the photo that Will found. Chad pointed out the hypocrisy in Madeline's statement, given that Madeline and Kate had been friends, which meant there was more to it than Madeline not wanting him around the DiMeras. Chad vowed to find out what the connection was.

Will walked in while Sami and E.J. joked about the dungeons in the house that they could use for Kate. Will asked if his mother had seen Kate, but Sami didn't know where she was. E.J. left them alone, and Sami used the opportunity to tell Will that he couldn't leave the room every time that he saw her. She told him about all the ways that she missed Will. Will said that she must miss E.J. more, because she picked him over Will. Sami said that she never picked E.J. over Will.

Sami asked why Will had a problem with E.J. staying with her but didn't have a problem living with Stefano. Will said he didn't have anywhere else to go. Will said that Sami hurt Will by choosing E.J. over Rafe. Will said that Sami blew things with Rafe for all of the kids, and they could have been a family. Will said that before long, Sami would be pregnant with one of E.J.'s kids.

Sami ordered him not to talk to her that way. Will pointed out that he loved Kate no matter what she did or what Sami and Lucas had said over the years because Kate was Will's grandmother. Sami said that E.J. was Sydney and Johnny's father, and they loved him no matter what, so Sami had to support him. Will said he couldn't understand that.

Sami told E.J. that things didn't go well with her and Will. She explained that she and Will grew up together, and it felt like someone cut off her right arm, because it felt like she lost Will. E.J. tried to comfort her. Then she thought about the kiss they shared. She said if she were to live there, they needed to set some ground rules. She didn't want anyone to think that she was staying there for any other reason than to wait for her penthouse to get fixed. E.J. said that Sami was anxious to leave for another reason. E.J. thought it was because of Rafe, and Sami said it wasn't about Rafe. E.J. asked why Sami kept putting up walls, and she said it was because he kissed her.

Kate met with Madeline in the park, and Madeline demanded to know why Kate gave a picture of them to Will. Kate explained that she took the photo out of the album and hid it under some papers which happened to be Will's school papers. Kate asked what Madeline told Chad, and after Madeline explained that she told Chad that she had done some work on a business deal with Kate. Kate thought it would make it harder for Kate to explain that she saved a photo of her and Madeline at a business dinner. Madeline said she better find a way to explain it, because if it blew up, it would be far worse for Kate and Stefano than for Madeline.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Maggie arrived at the hospital for an appointment, and ran into Nathan and Stephanie. Maggie commented that Stephanie looked so happy that she was practically glowing.

Victor visited Brady in his hospital room, and Brady insisted that he was feeling much better. Victor was still determined to make the mugger pay, and thought that Brady and the other victims should band together to help the police.

At the nurses' station, Maxine instructed Melanie to do an intake on a homeless patient, a woman named Rae. In her room, Rae was looking at a pack of birth-control pills with Stephanie's name on the label, but quickly stuffed the pills into her bag when Melanie entered. After Melanie reviewed Rae's medical history, Rae agreed to let Melanie look through Rae's belongings. When Melanie found Stephanie's pill pack, Rae explained that she'd found the pills in the trash on the pier, and had only kept them because she liked the case.

Nathan and Stephanie arrived so Nathan could take Rae to get her foot x-rayed, and Stephanie could arrange for a consult for Rae with social services. As Nathan wheeled Rae out, Stephanie started to follow, but Melanie stopped her to ask her about the birth-control pills.

Stephanie claimed that she'd lost the pills and had been looking everywhere for them. Melanie didn't buy it for a minute, and accused Stephanie of trying to trap Nathan into fatherhood. Stephanie insisted that wasn't the case. Melanie argued that Nathan deserved to know about it if he thought Stephanie was on birth-control pills but she'd stopped taking them.

Nathan arrived right then and asked what they were talking about. Before Melanie could say anything, Nathan got a page and had to leave again. Stephanie quietly maintained that what Melanie was thinking was completely wrong, and urged her not to tell Nathan. Melanie ignored her and left.

While Maggie was visiting Brady, Melanie arrived. Victor and Maggie left so that Melanie could take Brady's vital signs. After Melanie was finished, she threw her arms around Brady and admitted that she'd been worried about him. Brady noticed that something else seemed to be bothering Melanie. She told him the story about Stephanie's birth-control pills, and asked if Brady thought she should tell Nathan. Brady asserted that Melanie shouldn't get involved in another couple's problems.

After Melanie had gone, Stephanie looked in on Brady. As they chatted, Stephanie noticed that Brady was looking at her strangely, and she suspected that Melanie had blabbed to him. Brady insisted that Melanie was just concerned about Stephanie. Stephanie didn't want to hear about it.

Melanie was surprised to find Nathan taking a break in a waiting area. She confessed that she needed to tell him something about Stephanie.

Maggie asked if Victor would drive her home, because there was something she wanted to discuss with him. He agreed, and soon the two of them were in Maggie's kitchen. Maggie offered her help in mending fences between Victor and Philip. Victor was very grateful. Maggie poured a cup of coffee for Victor, and he noticed that her hand was shaking violently as she set the pot back down. She insisted that she was fine, but suddenly she collapsed into his arms.

In South America, Rafe watched via a hidden camera while Calliope urged Anna to talk about whatever was making her so upset. Over tropical drinks, Anna divulged the whole story, beginning with Sami hiding her pregnancy with E.J.'s baby, all the way through Nicole's miscarriage and the baby switch. As the women got progressively inebriated, Anna continued that she'd been completely devastated and heartbroken after Tony's death, which she blamed Stefano for.

Anna had realized one day that she could get Tony's rightful inheritance-and make Stefano suffer-by kidnapping Sydney and demanding a ransom. Anna declared that she did not regret it a bit, but worried that Calliope was judging her. Drunkenly hugging her friend, Calliope insisted that she would never judge Anna. Calliope then made an excuse about having a hair appointment, and left.

"She kidnapped her baby-Sami Brady's baby!" Calliope later wailed to Rafe, and was stunned when he replied, "I know." Rafe reminded her that she was supposed to find out whom Anna was working with. Calliope refused, citing her decades-long friendship with Anna. Rafe stated his belief that Anna had been a pawn in someone else's game, and urged Calliope to return to Anna's cabana to ask more questions.

At last Calliope stumbled back into Anna's room, where Anna had passed out with her hat over her face. Calliope explained the two of them hadn't seen each other in ages, so her hair could wait. Anna was thrilled to see her old friend again, and admitted that she felt much better after having confessed about the kidnapping. Calliope suggested that Anna pick up where they left off and divulge everything.

Over even more tropical drinks, Anna confided that she suspected E.J. still had feelings for Sami, even after she had lied to him about the baby. Calliope noted that kidnapping was very unlike Anna, and prodded Anna to confess whose idea it had been. "What is with all these questions, Calliope?" Anna asked lightly. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were grilling me!"

At the DiMera mansion, Sami told E.J. that after his mugging, when he'd still been woozy, he'd kissed her. He was stunned, because he didn't remember doing it, and wanted to know how she had reacted. Sami insisted that it was no big deal, since E.J. hadn't known what he was doing, but he was embarrassed.

E.J. guessed that he'd done it because obviously they'd been attracted to each other at some point, and his concussion had made him think that it was a different time and place-but he didn't want it to create any further awkwardness between them. Sami was just glad to get it out in the open, and she was grateful that the two of them had become friends. They agreed that it was important to put their differences aside for the children.

E.J. then announced that Lexie had ordered him to do laps in the pool for an old shoulder injury, and invited Sami to join him. She tried to decline, but E.J. teased that she didn't want to because she was afraid he'd try to kiss her again. Johnny ran into the room and enthusiastically declared that he wanted to go swimming, too. E.J. pointed out that Johnny couldn't go unless Mommy went along to supervise. "Please, Mommy!" Johnny begged. Sami glared at E.J., but couldn't stifle a laugh, and agreed to go.

Later, the three of them rushed back into the living room, and were shivering in their wet swimsuits and towels. Sami pointed Johnny in Mary's direction to get him dressed in warm clothes, and then E.J. helped Sami on with her robe. As he pulled his own robe on, E.J. groaned in pain, and noted that he'd swum too many laps.

Sami offered to massage his shoulder, so E.J. slipped his robe back off and sat in front of her on the sofa. He yelped as she hit a tender spot, but declared that she was good enough at massage that she should go to school for it. Sami confessed that she had for a while, but she'd had to leave. E.J. quietly assured her that things would go her way, because she was a very gifted person. "All you have to do is believe that," he murmured, and the tension was palpable as they moved to face each other, their lips inches apart.

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