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Shaun emerged from his coma. Greg and Rachel were unable to make love after they received the news about Shaun. Blair couldn't remember what had happened just prior to her fall out of the window. Todd refused to forgive Téa. Jared disappeared. Jessica and Brody received a warning. Gigi admitted that she had been jealous when she had seen Schuyler and Kim together. Jared turned up missing, and Natalie desperately searched for her husband.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 12, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Thick As Thieves

At Llanview Hospital, both Nora and Bo were stunned when Matthew informed them that Dr. Nance would be available to perform his surgery in Seattle -- the next day. As Rachel and Destiny listened, Greg approached and overheard Matthew state that Greg had recommended Dr. Nance for the job. After confessing that he had referred Matthew to Dr. Nance, Greg assured Nora and Bo that his protégé was an excellent surgeon. Nora questioned whether Dr. Nance was as capable a surgeon as Greg. Greg confessed that he possessed a better track record than Dr. Nance. Terrified about Matthew's fate, Nora begged Greg to reconsider and operate on Matthew. As Nora's eyes filled with tears, Greg said that he couldn't perform the surgery, and he walked away.

As a solemn Greg sat in Shaun's room and replayed his conversation with Nora in his head, Rachel entered the room and asked him to do her a favor. Reminding Greg that Matthew trusted him, Rachel asked Greg if he would assist Dr. Nance during Matthew's surgery. Stating that Greg was Matthew's only hope, Rachel insisted that she wanted Greg present during Matthew's surgery in case something went wrong.

In a hospital corridor, a devastated Nora collapsed into Bo's arms. The possible outcome of Matthew's upcoming surgery terrified Nora. Nora pleaded with Bo to figure out a way to save their son. Bo suggested that they support their son but later told Nora that he had a plan.

In the hall, Destiny offered to accompany Matthew to Seattle the next day. Matthew reminded Destiny that Shaun needed her, but Destiny replied, "I love my brother, but I lo -- " Bo and Nora approached and interrupted Destiny's statement. To Matthew's surprise, Nora and Bo related that they would no longer fight with him. While Matthew was pleased when his parents informed him that they would join him in Seattle for his surgery, Destiny appeared disappointed.

Inside Todd's house, Noelle babysat Jack, who was concerned about his mother's condition. As Noelle attempted to console Jack, Ross lurked around outside. Ross placed a call to Elijah, who advised him to leave Llanview at once. Disregarding Elijah's warning, Ross exclaimed, "I need to know where Téa stashed my kid! If she won't tell me the truth, I have a good idea where I can find out!"

Back inside, Dorian phoned and informed Noelle that Blair would be fine. As Noelle assured Jack that his mother would make a full recovery, Ross sneaked inside the house. Unnoticed, Ross rushed upstairs. Moments later, Ross emerged downstairs with a briefcase that displayed the initials, "TD." As Ross made a dash for the door, Noelle stopped him and questioned why he was on the premises and in possession of Téa's briefcase. Ross refused to return the briefcase, and a struggle ensued. Hearing the commotion, Jack intervened and hit Ross over the head, rendering him unconscious. After placing Ross in restraints, Noelle phoned the police.

At La Boulaie, Amelia and Nick held their breath when reporters asked David if he was aware of Dorian's secret life. Keeping his promise to Dorian, David lied and implied that Dorian had given him signals that she was possibly gay.

Afterward, Fish and Kyle watched as Amelia and Nick thanked David for his participation in their plan. As Amelia and Nick declared that everyone deserved the right to be married under the law, Fish spoke up and questioned their motives. Reminding Fish that he was also gay, Amelia insisted that she was trying to create a fair world for gay individuals, including Fish. When Fish argued that it was wrong to lie about having feelings for someone, Nick questioned whether Fish had plans to reveal their secret to the world. Fish stated that he didn't intend to divulge what he had learned, but Amelia and Nick were skeptical. As Amelia and Nick continued to put pressure on Fish, he received a work-related phone call and excused himself.

While waiting for the police to arrive, Jack told Noelle that his mother had been secretly hiding Ross in the cabana. Moments later, Fish arrived and carted Ross off to jail. Fish also took the briefcase to submit as evidence.

Back at La Boulaie, Amelia wondered if Fish would keep his promise and keep silent about her scheme. When Amelia and Nick pressured Kyle for insight into Fish's frame of mind, Kyle related that Fish would do what Fish thought was right. Adamant that she didn't want any problems from Fish, Amelia suggested that Kyle convince Fish to work with them. When Kyle resisted, Nick drew him close and asked, "Don't you want the opportunity to marry the man you love?"

At the police station, Ross refused to answer Fish's questions. As Fish placed Téa's briefcase into evidence, Fish stated, "Whatever is in that briefcase must be very important to you." Ross replied, "You have no idea!" Later, Ross phoned Elijah and informed him that he had been arrested. Ross related that he hadn't found the evidence he had been looking for because the briefcase was locked. Observing the briefcase that sat on a nearby desk, Ross declared, "Wherever Téa has my kid, the answer has to be in that briefcase."

At the hospital, Téa was relieved when Starr informed her that Blair had suffered minor injuries, but Téa panicked when she learned that Todd was speaking with Blair inside her hospital room. As Téa prepared to enter Blair's room, Dorian appeared and threatened to physically harm Téa if she took a step toward Blair's room. Starr was shocked when Dorian announced that Téa had pushed Blair out the window. Téa became emotional when Dorian defended Blair and stated that Téa was a terrible person because she had never experienced motherhood. Insisting that she hadn't caused Blair's injuries, Téa brushed past Dorian and stepped inside Blair's room.

Inside Blair's room, Blair told Todd that she had to tell him something about Téa. Blair struggled to tell Todd what was on her mind, but Todd continued to interrupt her. Determined to express her thoughts, Blair blurted out, "Téa's lying! She told me something..!" Téa entered the room and warned, "Blair, don't say another word!"

As Starr and Dorian rushed into the room, Blair stated that she remembered arguing with Téa, but couldn't recall what the argument had been about. Dorian related that Blair was apparently suffering from temporary memory loss, which was often the result of a concussion. Dorian said that Blair appeared to remember everything except what had taken place before Téa had pushed her out the window. As Téa breathed a sigh of relief, Dorian announced that memory loss was often short-lived. A frustrated Todd stepped toward Téa and asked, "Relieved?" Guiding Téa out of the room, Todd said that he wanted to have a word with her.

Blair was aggravated that she couldn't remember Téa's secret. Urging Blair to forget about the argument, Dorian suggested that Blair stop worrying about Todd and Téa. Blair was convinced that the secret was something that Todd needed to know. Blair thought she had let Todd down by failing to remember.

Out in the hall, Todd demanded to know what Téa was hiding.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Blair Aired

Stacy went to see Rex at the carriage house to let him know that he had forgotten to pay the cable bill. Rex informed Stacy that the bill had not been overlooked. Stacy was furious; she demanded to know how he expected her to spend her time. Rex suggested that Stacy read a book or listen to music. Stacy blanched at the thought. She insisted that she needed her romantic comedies.

Stacy seized the opportunity to mention Gigi and Rex's recent encounter with Schuyler and Kim at the movies. Stacy repeatedly implied that Gigi had been jealous when she'd seen Schuyler with Kim. Rex was forced to defend Gigi, claiming that the problem had been Kim, not Schuyler being on a date. Stacy claimed that she thought that Schuyler and Kim would make a wonderful couple if Gigi managed to stay out of their business.

Rex had heard enough. He promised to pay the cable bill then informed Stacy that he wanted a paternity test as soon as possible. Stacy realized that she had pushed Rex too far. She assured him that she was eager to take the test to prove that he was the father; however, Stacy didn't want to endanger her baby. She refused to take the test if there were any risk to the child.

Schuyler was working behind the bar when Gigi arrived for her shift at Rodi's. Gigi apologized for her conduct at the movie theater. She hadn't meant to spoil the ending of the movie for Schuyler. Schuyler admitted that her version of the ending had been more interesting than the movie's actual ending. Gigi admitted that she thought it had been weird how they had all ended up at the same movie. Schuyler questioned if it had been a coincidence.

Gigi seemed perplexed. She revealed that she and Rex had been talking about seeing the movie for a while. Schuyler admitted that Kim had suggested that Gigi had followed them because Gigi had been jealous. Gigi laughed off the suggestion. She made it clear that she didn't view Kim as any kind of threat; however, Gigi hoped that her behavior had not ruined Schuyler's date. Schuyler confessed that he doubted there would be a second date with Kim. Gigi pretended to be disappointed, but he saw through the lie

Moments later, Kim approached them. She asked Gigi why she had left the movies, but before Gigi could respond, a customer called out. As soon as Gigi walked away, Schuyler demanded to know what Kim was up to. Kim claimed that she was trying to help Schuyler out because she could tell how much Gigi liked him. Kim encouraged Schuyler to go after Gigi.

Gigi suddenly appeared behind Kim. She was curious about what kind of bad advice Kim was offering Schuyler. Kim was unrepentant. She accused Gigi of following them to the movies then accused Gigi of being attracted to Schuyler. Gigi informed Kim that Rex had surprised her with the movie tickets and that she'd had no idea that Kim and Schuyler had been headed to the movies.

Kim insisted that the attraction between Gigi and Schuyler was noticeable to everyone, including Rex, who happened to approach them at that moment. Rex ignored Kim as he asked to speak to Gigi. After Gigi and Rex walked away, Schuyler told Kim that he hadn't appreciated her comments. Kim didn't show any remorse.

Ross was at the Llanview Police Station, handcuffed to a chair. He spotted Téa's briefcase on a nearby desk just before Elijah arrived. Ross implored Elijah to help him steal the briefcase. Ross was confident that it contained information on where to find "the kid." Elijah decided to work on Ross's release. He asked Ross who the arresting officer had been. Ross pointed to Oliver.

Elijah threatened Oliver with a lawsuit because he had failed to take Ross to the hospital to have his injuries treated. Oliver refused to allow pushy people to intimidate him. As Oliver ranted, he revealed details about his failed relationship with Kyle as well as Téa's strong-arm tactics following Blair's fall. Ross was stunned to hear that Blair had been injured. Ross insisted on being released immediately.

When no one complied, Ross managed to break free from the chair then fled on foot. Oliver gave chase but was unable to apprehend Ross. When Oliver returned to the squad room, he issued an ATB on Ross and announced that he had a fairly good idea where Ross was headed. Moments later, Elijah found himself alone in the squad room with Téa's briefcase.

At the hospital, Dorian tried to give Blair some painkillers. Blair refused to take the medication because she wanted to have a clear head. Blair was certain that Téa was hiding something and that Blair had the information locked away in her head. John entered the room moments later. Dorian immediately insisted that John arrest Téa for pushing Blair out the window. John admitted that if Blair couldn't testify about what had happened, there wasn't sufficient evidence to prove that Téa had pushed Blair.

Dorian was outraged. She promised that things would be different when she was elected as mayor. John snickered that he had heard that congratulations were in order for Dorian. Dorian realized that John was referring to her engagement to Amelia. Blair was curious about what John was talking about, but Dorian cut him off before he could explain. Dorian pointedly told John that it wasn't the appropriate time to discuss the issue.

John focused his attention on Blair. He told her that he was getting tired of visiting her in the hospital. He promised that he would look into the circumstances of her fall, and he left. Dorian commented that John had seemed just a tad too concerned for Blair. Blair sensed where her aunt was headed with the comment; she reminded Dorian that John was with Marty. Dorian wasn't quick to dismiss the possibility of more between John and Blair.

Blair informed her aunt that the topic of John was off-limits. Dorian decided to question Blair about Todd, but Blair refused to discuss it. Blair insisted on finding a doctor who could help her recover her memories. Dorian warned Blair that there was a possibility that she might never remember. Before Blair could respond, Ross raced into the room. Ross quickly assured himself that Blair was all right before he collapsed into a chair. Blair noticed the handcuffs and questioned him about them.

Ross evaded the question by asking Blair if Téa had pushed her out the window. Blair admitted that she didn't recall what had prompted the fall. Ross decided to question Téa about the incident but found Oliver blocking his path. Ross tried to escape, but Oliver was prepared. Oliver shot Ross with a Taser. Ross crumpled to the ground in a heap.

Todd wanted answers from Téa. Téa agreed to tell Todd everything that she knew about Blair's fall. However, she found it irritating that everyone seemed to have forgotten that Blair had once done the same exact thing to Téa. Téa didn't understand why everyone was upset, since Blair had only sustained minor injuries. Todd didn't appreciate how Téa appeared to suggest that Blair had somehow deserved what had happened to her.

Téa told Todd about the events leading up to Blair's fall, but she conveniently left out the details about Blair's discovery that Téa had given birth to Todd's child. Todd sensed Téa's deception. He accused Téa of intentionally shoving Blair out the window. Todd believed that Téa wanted Blair out of the way at any cost. Téa was hurt that Todd would have such a low opinion of her.

Téa reminded Todd of how many times he had lied to her. Todd readily admitted that he had been less than honest; however, he had always been truthful about his feelings for her. Todd confided that two days prior, he wouldn't have believed that Téa was capable of pushing Blair out a window, but that had been before he had discovered her deception.

Téa accused Todd of choosing Blair over her. Todd insisted that it wasn't that simple. He explained that when he had seen Blair land on the pool cover, he had been horrified by the thought that he was about to witness the death of the mother of his children. Téa realized that she was going to be the bad guy in the scenario regardless of what she said. Todd told Téa that he had been ready to move past her lie; that was why he had been at La Boulaie.

Téa was hopeful; she reminded Todd that it wasn't too late for them to work things out. Todd disagreed because Téa had not been honest from the beginning. Téa suggested that they probably would have ended up in the same place no matter what had happened. Téa was certain that Todd would be with Blair. Todd wondered if that was what Téa wanted.

Téa confessed that it didn't matter what she wanted because Todd clearly wanted Blair. Téa invited Todd to go see Blair. When Todd didn't move, Téa began yelling at him. As Todd walked to the door, Téa added, "Don't stay with your wife." Todd stopped. He informed Téa that she had never been his wife, merely his ex-fiancée. Todd gave Téa the opportunity to give him a reason to stay with her, but Téa was all out of answers.

Natalie interrupted one of Marty's therapy sessions. Natalie claimed that she needed to discuss an urgent matter concerning John. Marty apologized to her patient, but made arrangements to accommodate Natalie. Once they were alone, Natalie told Marty about John's investigation into Jared's possible role in the stalker's murder. Natalie insisted that Jared was innocent and that John was unfairly targeting her husband.

Marty understood the difficult position that Natalie was in, but she didn't feel comfortable asking John to drop his investigation against Jared. As Natalie prepared to leave, John walked in. Natalie bristled when she saw him and freely admitted that she had attempted to persuade Marty to intervene on her behalf. Natalie realized it had been a pointless request, since John stubbornly refused to accept when he was wrong.

John explained that he had to follow the evidence. Natalie wondered if that included when the evidence led him down the wrong path. John clarified that if Jared were innocent, then eventually the evidence would prove that. Natalie remained convinced that John was out to railroad Jared. After Natalie left, John apologized to Marty for putting her in the awkward situation.

Marty commented that it had appeared there were strong emotions between John and Natalie. John admitted that he had a history with Natalie, but he insisted that it didn't go beyond that. He locked the office door and joined Marty on the sofa to show her that he was all hers.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To the Manning Born

At Llanfair, Jessica was surprised when Madame Delphina showed up. The psychic noted that the caller ID on the phone had indicated that Jessica had called without leaving a message. Jessica retorted that she had called to give Delphina a piece of her mind, pointing out that Delphina's insistence that Nash was back from the grave with a message was wrong. The man had turned out to be a stalker, not Nash.

When Brody entered the room, Delphina advised him to stay close to Jessica, to look around him and especially behind him. Brody was skeptical until Delphina mentioned his sister, Nadine, hiding his baby bottles when they had been children. The person who had killed Wayne Landers was going to kill again, Delphina informed them.

Kim continued to pester Schuyler at Rodi's, insisting that Gigi had strong feelings for him. He denied it, as Stacy arrived and wanted to know what their conversation was about. Hearing Kim fill in her girlfriend, it suddenly dawned on Schuyler that the two women had set him up.

Schuyler was angry when he realized that the reason Kim had asked him on a date was really about Stacy's pursuit of Rex. He accused Stacy of using him and urged her to get over Rex because Rex didn't want her. He was angry at himself because Gigi had warned him about Kim, but he had felt good when Kim had asked him out. Stacy thought he should reconsider before he missed his chance with Gigi.

Schuyler declared that it wasn't a game, and he had thought he could move on if he had gone out with Kim. His feelings for Gigi didn't matter, he added, since she didn't care for him. Adamantly, Kim and Stacy voiced their beliefs that Gigi had feelings for Schuyler. They recommended that he "seal the deal" by going out with Kim again.

When Schuyler advised them to find someone else, Stacy wanted to know what had happened to the "bad boy" she had known. He reminded her that he had been on drugs then and ha been a different person. He told Stacy once again that Rex would never want her. The women advised Schuyler to let them know when he was ready to make a move.

Outside the bar, Rex asked Gigi for some honesty. He wanted to know if Gigi was jealous that Schuyler had been out on a date with Kim. She confessed that she was jealous, but she insisted that she didn't want to be with Schuyler. She felt that Schuyler had been through enough trouble in his life, and she didn't want to see him in a relationship with the wrong person. Rex pointed out that someone could only be jealous if they had feelings for someone and that protecting a friend wouldn't cause jealousy.

Irritated, Gigi proclaimed that she didn't want a lecture. She reminded Rex of how jealous she had been when Rex had been with Stacy. Indicating that it wasn't the same thing, Rex asked Gigi point-blank if she had feelings for Schuyler. "Yes," she replied.

Quickly recovering, she said no, and she didn't know. Rex continued to press her for answers. Gigi decided that she didn't know why she had feelings for Schuyler, while Rex continued to insist that he had no feelings for Stacy. He thought they had a problem if Gigi had a "thing" for another guy.

Gigi revealed that Stacy's pregnancy was on her mind around the clock; she was unable to get over it, and the thought of it made her sick. She felt that Schuyler helped to calm her down, and she needed him, though she wasn't sure why. Rex thought that he should leave Gigi until she was able to sort things out. Worried about upsetting Shane again, Gigi insisted that she only wanted Rex, and she believed they'd be able to work things out if they stayed together. She believed in him and loved him. They hugged and agreed to try to work it out, though the look on Rex's face was one of doubt.

At the police station, Viki, Charlie, and Natalie were happy to learn that Jared had been released from police custody, until they learned that he was still considered a suspect. Jared explained that the police were still looking for evidence to connect him to the stalker's death. Nearby, Elijah spoke to Ross on the phone, urging his client to turn himself in. At Ross' request, Elijah agreed to figure out a way to get into Téa's briefcase, which was being held for evidence. Ross was sure that there was information inside about the location of his child.

In Blair's room at the hospital, Oliver held on to his prisoner, but Ross attempted to escape again, prompting Oliver to use his Taser for the second time. Ross assured Blair that he was fine and merely had scrambled brains, much like hers. Amelia and David arrived looking for Dorian but waited until the police matter was finished.

As soon as Oliver and Ross were gone, Dorian introduced Amelia and Blair. David let it slip that Amelia and Dorian were engaged, causing Blair to call him an idiot. Amelia defended him and admitted that it was true. She and Dorian were getting married. As Dorian began to explain that she needed an edge in order to win the mayoral election, Viki arrived. Dorian concluded her explanation, admitting to her niece that she had realized she was gay and was in love with Amelia.

Grinning, Viki disclosed that she was there to visit Blair, but she thought that Amelia and Dorian made a "lovely couple." She extended her congratulations. Dorian stumbled over her words and indicated that it was very difficult for gays to "come out" to their family members. She left Viki and Blair alone to visit. Blair told Viki about her memory loss. She knew there was something that was going to have a big impact on Todd, if she could only remember. Viki felt certain that Blair's memory would return.

Viki ran into Amelia, David, and Dorian as they had a quick strategy meeting in the hospital hallway. Tongue in cheek, Viki assured Dorian that she would perform the wedding ceremony after she won the mayoral election. Dorian responded that Viki would lose. Dorian began to speak of the great passion involved, as she headed into Blair's room. Once inside, she ordered her niece to get better, preferring not to answer Blair's questions about Dorian's sudden change in sexual orientation . Blair's desire was to remember what she had to tell Todd. "Maybe you'll dream about it," Dorian suggested.

Téa arrived at Todd's house to retrieve her belongings, but Todd insisted that he would send them to her. Jack asked Téa if she had pushed his mom out the window. Téa responded that while she disliked Blair, she would never do anything to hurt her. The fall had been an accident, she stressed. She added that she loved Jack and would never lie to him. Jack admitted that he believed her and also wanted to know if she would still be his stepmother.

Téa changed the subject and advised the boy to go to bed. Resisting, Jack headed upstairs after Todd gave him the same order. Wondering where they stood, Téa accused Todd of not making things easy. She told him that he had a habit of not forgiving, of holding onto things, and of not empathizing. She indicated that if things were over between them, there was no reason to tell him anything else. She assured him that her only motive for any of her actions was her desire to protect herself.

Téa marched upstairs, insisting that she would reclaim her possessions herself. Much to her dismay, her briefcase was missing. Frantically, she ran back downstairs and demanded to know where it was. Overhearing, Jack explained that the man hidden in the cabana had shown up at the house to take it. The police had taken the briefcase along with the man.

Oliver returned Ross to the station and listed the charges pending against him. As Ross hovered with his attorney, he and Elijah tried to devise a plan for getting into Téa's briefcase. As Oliver began to question Ross, Téa raced into the police station, looking for her briefcase. She revealed Ross's real last name after Oliver addressed Ross with the fake name he had been given. She added that Ross had a long list of previous charges against him, including kidnapping.

Elijah jumped up, yelling that Téa also had a less than perfect past. Ross stopped the lawyer, advising him that Ross was afraid Téa would change the location of his child again. After indicating that she preferred not to press charges against Ross for the theft of the briefcase, Téa was permitted to take it with her. Oliver was satisfied that there were plenty of other pending charges against Ross and ordered him to be taken to a cell. Ross reminded Elijah to think about getting into Téa's briefcase.

Delphina explained that she had no idea who would be killed and that her vision showed Nash's death, a clear vision, and then Jared. Just then, Natalie, Jared, and Charlie returned home. "What's going on here?" Natalie wanted to know. As Delphina headed to the door, she leaned over to Jared. "Tell your wife," she whispered.

Charlie advised Jared that he'd never stopped believing in his son. Charlie headed upstairs. Brody and Jessica thought it was time to check on Bree, and they left Natalie and Jared alone. Brody acknowledged that he didn't believe the psychic, though he joked that "messages are coming."

Natalie reminded her husband that he had admitted previously that he had been lying. She wanted him to finish what he had to say. Jared confessed that he had indeed been lying and that he had known Wayne Landers in prison. "I've been working with him," he added.

Jack confessed to Todd that he was unable to sleep, having repeatedly seen the news footage of his mother falling from the window. Todd assured his son that Blair would be fine. Jack wondered if Todd would end up being with Blair or Téa. Todd felt that the only thing they needed to concern themselves with was Blair's health and seeing that she was taken care of.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Say It Ain't So, Bo

Visiting Greg in his Palace Hotel residence, Rachel thanked him profusely for agreeing to observe during Matthew's surgery in Seattle. Greg reminded her that there were no guarantees and that the outcome of the surgery might be worse than what Matthew had already endured. Matthew might even die. He asked if Rachel was prepared for that.

Rachel wondered how someone could prepare for death but admitted that she was most concerned about Bo, since he had already lost one son. She thought that Matthew understood the risks involved, feeling as though her brother had become much wiser since the day of the accident. Greg declared that he kept his heart and feelings out of his surgeries because it was much easier that way. Rachel asked how it was working for him.

Rachel explained that it was impossible not to get involved and ignore one's feelings. She stated that the further one tried to suppress their feelings, the stronger the feelings would become. "Is that how it is for you?" Greg asked, as he drew closer. As the words took on a different meaning and a moment of awkwardness overcame the couple, Rachel snapped out of it and announced that she needed to call her mother.

Matthew, Bo, and Nora were waiting for takeoff to Seattle aboard the family's private jet. They agreed that there were no hard feelings following their dispute over Matthew's surgery. Bo advised his son that he would hold him to that declaration. The pilot announced that the flight would take approximately seven hours, advising a perplexed Matthew that it was due to lots of headwinds they would be encountering. Nora urged her son to take a nap. Just then, Destiny arrived with a gift for Matthew, a new pair of sneakers. She advised him that they were for his first steps after the surgery. She promised to be there to see his first jump shot.

Leaving the teens alone, Nora broke down. She wasn't sure she'd be able to handle things, she advised Bo, but she thanked him for being brave. He responded that he had no plans of looking back. They made their way back to Matthew and Destiny.

At Llanfair, Brody asked Jessica to move in with him, since there was a killer around, and Jessica was the presumed target. Jessica found it unnecessary, pointing out that she had a daughter and needed to stay at home to love and support her family. Brody vowed to keep Jessica in his sight at all times until the case was solved and Jared was cleared. Jessica defended Jared as Brody looked at her doubtfully.

Brody reiterated that there was a killer around, and Jessica was in danger. He shot down her argument that her father had ordered more security around Llanfair. He reminded her that both the killer and stalker had gotten on and off the grounds and past security, and he suggested that perhaps it was an inside job. He pleaded with Jessica to allow him to take care of her. Relenting, Jessica pointed to her suitcase in the closet. She needed to pack.

Brody grabbed the suitcase and noted that it was heavy. Jessica gasped as the suitcase was opened. It was packed with clothing that had belonged to Tess and Bess. A panic-stricken Jessica related that she had donated all of those clothes to a clothing drive at St. Ann's, but she was worried that Tess or Bess had returned. Brody reassured her that she was fully integrated and reminded her that he had been with her constantly. He also felt that he would have noticed the signs. It was his opinion that someone had planted the clothing to frame her. He called John and asked that the detective get to Llanfair as soon as he could.

Natalie was stunned to hear Jared admit to lying about his relationship with Wayne Landers. "Were you behind all of this?" she asked her husband. She promised to "have [his] back" as he replied that he didn't want to lose her. She assured him he wouldn't, but she wanted answers. He told her it was complicated but said nothing more as Natalie continued to clobber him with questions.

Jared finally admitted that he had told Landers to beat him up and had given him a security pass to get in and out of Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie asked if he had killed Landers, also. As he remained speechless, Jared received a text message. "Don't talk," it said. As he advised Natalie that it was a wrong number, the phone went off again.

Natalie attempted to grab the phone out of Jared's hand but was unsuccessful. "Buchanan Lodge now," the text read. Jared advised his wife that he had to leave. An insistent Natalie wanted to go with him, but he told her it was dangerous, and she needed to stay home. He promised to explain later.

Marty and John enjoyed a meal at Rodi's, though John was extremely quiet. After Marty did her best to get him to talk, he finally acknowledged that he was preoccupied with work. He admitted that he believed that Jared had been lying since "day one," but played down Marty's praises of his detective skills. He felt that his personal feelings often got in the way.

John felt that a red flag was raised when things were personal, and he insisted that he wasn't always right. Marty noted that John had been right about her and had saved her. John revealed that he suspected someone else was in charge of the situation involving Jared. After receiving a phone call, John disclosed that Brody had summoned him to Llanfair.

Rachel called Nora with the good news that Greg was willing to sit in on Matthew's surgery. A speechless Nora was less than thrilled with the news. She advised her daughter that they were already in the jet and ready to leave momentarily. She apologized that there was no time for Rachel to get to the plane before takeoff, but said she would explain later. She asked Rachel to trust her. Rachel was floored, due to both her mother's disappointing reaction and the fact that the family was leaving without her. The scheduled departure time had originally been set for later in the day.

Rachel sadly told Greg that their presence wasn't required. She was confused and figured it was because she was the "family screw-up," no matter what she did to try to change her past. Declaring that Rachel was not about what she did in the past but what she did in the present, Greg advised her to look at the good in herself. She was a beautiful person inside and out, he added, and he wished that she could see herself the way he saw her. He felt that he had let her down and that he should have kept himself together. Rachel saw him as being brave and added that no one blamed him for Shaun's surgery except himself. She felt that he should see himself the way she saw him. They looked at each other and began to kiss.

Hearing yelling, Brody and Jessica ran downstairs and found Natalie alone. Brody inquired as to whether Natalie thought Jared would know something about the clothes packed away in Jessica's closet. Natalie was sure that Jared was not involved in securing the clothes from St. Ann's and repacking them, as he hardly had any time to do all of that. John arrived, and Brody revealed the contents of the suitcase to him. "What's going on, Natalie?" John inquired. She began to cry. He wondered where Jared might be, but Natalie retorted that she was not going to fight with John.

"I love Jared," Natalie said softly. John asked her to allow him to help Jared and her. Natalie divulged that Jared had confessed.

Destiny made her way to Shaun's hospital room and read out loud to him. She told him about the gift she had given to Matthew and how Nora had looked like she'd wanted to cry. She admitted that she couldn't see a life for herself in the future if Mathew was gone. Finally, she begged her brother to return and help her.

Confiding to her unconscious brother that she should have told Matthew how she felt about him, Destiny mentioned how much Rachel cared for Shaun. "Des," Shaun muttered weakly. An ecstatic Destiny was thrilled to see her brother awaken.

Bo was curious about Rachel's call, and Nora advised him that her daughter had persuaded Greg to be in on Matthew's surgery. Sarcastically, she berated herself for lacking Rachel's skills at persuasion. She felt that Greg was emotionally unstable, anyway, and wouldn't be able to do anything in the operating room. Bo assured her that the right decision had been made. Matthew, pulling ear buds out of his ears, wanted to know what was going on. He had a list of people who needed to be called after his surgery.

Bo advised his son that they were not flying to Seattle. Matthew was puzzled, reminding his parents that his surgery was scheduled for first thing in the morning. "No, it's not," Bo replied.

Letting himself into the Buchanan lodge, Jared turned and looked at someone, startled. "You?" he asked.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flight of the Buchanans

On the Buchanan private jet, Bo and Nora informed Matthew that they had lied about accompanying him to Seattle. Matthew's parents related that they had canceled his surgical procedure with Dr. Nance. When Matthew questioned what his parents were up to, Bo and Nora announced that they were relocating Matthew to a place where he couldn't enforce the judge's ruling. Upon learning that his parents were sending him to a new school in London in an attempt to prevent him from having the surgery, Matthew flew into a rage.

Inside Shaun's hospital room, Destiny was overjoyed when her brother awoke from his unconscious state. A confused Shaun asked to see his parents, Greg, and Rachel. Before rushing off to locate the family, Destiny told Shaun that Rachel would be thrilled to learn that he was awake.

Inside Greg's room at the Palace Hotel, Greg and Rachel shared a passionate kiss. As they prepared to make love, Greg received a call from Destiny, informing him that Shaun had regained consciousness. A relieved Greg told Rachel the news, and she responded by giving him a hug. Greg offered to drive Rachel to the hospital to see Shaun, but she hastily related that she would drive herself to the hospital. When Greg commented that they would have to eventually discuss what had taken place between them moments earlier, Rachel agreed but reminded Greg that Shaun was their first priority.

Once his parents arrived, Shaun was surprised to learn that he had been in a coma for over a month. Shaun smiled when his mother informed him that Rachel had visited him several times. When Greg entered the room, Shaun thanked his brother for saving his life. Meanwhile, Rachel watched the family through Shaun's hospital room window. Unable to face Shaun, Rachel rushed off.

After witnessing Rachel leave, Destiny managed to catch up to her. Informing Rachel that Shaun had asked for her, Destiny suggested that Rachel pay her boyfriend a visit. When Rachel entered the room, Shaun was delighted to see her, but Greg appeared uncomfortable. Rachel told Shaun never to frighten her again. Thrilled by her presence, Shaun declared, "I'm not going anywhere. I promised the woman I love that I was taking her on a date!"

Inside her room at the Palace Hotel, Téa prepared to make a call, but a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Téa was annoyed when she discovered Elijah standing in her doorway, wearing only a towel. Claiming that he had locked himself out of his room, Elijah asked to use her phone to call hotel security. A look of disgust crossed Téa's face as Elijah began to flirt with her. Aware of Elijah's intentions, Téa immediately retrieved her briefcase and locked it safely inside a desk drawer. When Téa stated that she had thwarted Elijah's plans of stealing her briefcase for Ross, Elijah stated that Ross only wanted to see his child.

Téa made it clear that Ross had given up his parental rights after their divorce, but Elijah reminded Téa that she was still married to Ross. Téa announced that she had plans to travel to Tahiti and finalize her divorce. After suggesting that Téa have a heart and allow Ross to see his child, Elijah commented that Téa had given her heart to Todd, who had stomped all over it. Téa's face dropped when Elijah stated that Todd was probably romancing another woman that very moment.

Inside Blair's hospital room, Blair awoke after having a nightmare about her argument with Téa. Blair was pleasantly surprised when she discovered Todd at her bedside. Doting over her, Todd promised to do everything within his power to help her recover. Moments later, Jack surprised Blair with a visit. Blair appeared happy as she spent time with Jack and Todd.

Later, Blair questioned Todd about his relationship with Téa. Acknowledging that Téa had lied to him, Todd stated that he wished that he had taken Blair's advice concerning Téa. When Blair expressed regret that she couldn't remember what she and Téa had been arguing about, Todd urged her to forget the altercation. Blair was convinced that the basis of the argument would affect Todd's life dramatically. Appearing torn about his feelings for Téa, a sullen Todd remarked, "Well, Téa won't ever tell me!"

As Todd and Blair shared a special moment together, they decided to work together in rearing their children. Blair thanked Todd for rushing to her rescue. Promising to help Blair on her road to recovery, Todd stated that he wanted to grant Blair her wish. Touched by Todd's compassion, Blair asked Todd what he had planned for her. As Marty appeared in the doorway, Todd stated, "Here she is now!" Blair wasn't pleased by Marty's arrival.

Back at the Palace Hotel, Elijah tried his best to convince Téa to tell him where she had hidden her child. Unable to get any answers from Téa, Elijah argued that he could locate someone who might be privy to the whereabouts of Téa's child. Relating that he and Téa shared the same practice of helping their clients, Elijah commented that they both were willing to use every trick in the book to win for their clients. Showing no fear, Téa gave Elijah a devilish look and exclaimed, "Yeah, but my tricks always work!" Stealing his towel, Téa pushed a naked Elijah out of her hotel room.

Afterward, Téa opened the mysterious briefcase and removed its contents. Inside were a picture and a brochure. After staring lovingly at the photo, Téa made a phone call. Once Téa made contact, she smiled and said, "Hi, honey, its mom! Whatcha doing?" Téa held a brochure entitled, "The International Warwick Academy."

Back on the Buchanan jet, Matthew was livid after learning that his parents had betrayed him. Matthew told his parents that he hated them and accused them of kidnapping him. Presenting Matthew with evidence of Dr. Nance's past work, Nora informed her son that Dr. Nance had only performed the operation twice, and both efforts had yielded minimal results.

When an angered Matthew demanded to know where he would be living in London, Nora explained that Matthew would attend a boarding school. Nora handed Matthew a brochure of his new school, which read, "The International Warwick Academy." Afterward, Nora pulled Bo to the side and questioned exactly what they had done to their son. Meanwhile, Matthew glared at the brochure.

At the Buchanan lodge, Jared raced into the cabin. Jared stared at an unknown person and screamed, "You! It was you that brought me here?"

At Llanfair, Jessica and Brody were shocked when Natalie revealed to John that Jared had admitted working with the dead stalker, Wayne Landers. Showing sympathy toward Natalie, John asked her for the details of Jared's confession. Jessica was horrified to learn that Jared was responsible for the stalking episodes. Brody insisted that there was a third co-conspirator. Defending her husband, Natalie was adamant that Jared was being used as a pawn and that the real killer had threatened Jared in some way.

Upon learning that Jared had disappeared after receiving several text messages, John wondered if Natalie knew of his whereabouts, but she insisted that he hadn't given her any information. John instructed Brody to await further instruction at the police station, and Jessica left to advise Viki and Charlie of the situation.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, a frantic Jared continued to yell at an unknown person. Jared argued, "I've already confessed everything to Natalie! It's over!"

As John continued to pressure Natalie for information on Jared, Natalie received a phone call from the company that provided security at the Buchanan lodge. The security company informed Natalie that someone had tripped the alarm at the lodge. Upon receiving the news, Natalie reminded John that the stalker had been observed for the first time at the lodge. Adamant that the stalker was at the lodge, Natalie announced that she was headed to the lodge to search for Jared. Although John tried to stop her, Natalie raced off to locate her husband. Realizing that trouble was brewing, John followed close behind.

At the Buchanan lodge, a panicked Natalie rushed into the cabin. Consumed with fear, Natalie lost her balance and fell to the floor. Standing to her feet, Natalie discovered blood on her hands and let out a blood-curdling scream.

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