General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 12, 2009 on GH

Jax pulled some strings to get Dante assigned to Sonny's case. Johnny made peace with his sister. Carly went into labor. Kristina and Kiefer had sex. Diane talked to Alexis about Max.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 12, 2009 on GH
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Robin followed Maxie's advice about keeping the spark in her marriage. She dressed up as a space girl to surprise Patrick when he got home, but the surprise was on Robin when Patrick arrived home with Chinese takeout and their new friend, Louise.

Both Robin and Louise were chagrined, but Robin's doctor instinct took over when Louise tried to leave and tripped over a toy. After Louise's arm was bandaged, Robin, Louise, and Patrick were over their embarrassment and decided to have the takeout together. They ate, laughed, and shared stories from their pasts.

After dinner, Robin drove Louise home. When she got back, Patrick was asleep on the couch. Robin covered him with a blanket. She was looking at their wedding photo when Patrick hugged her from behind. As he nibbled on her ear, he whispered that he wanted to teach the space girl about foreplay. Robin, still dressed in her costume, turned to him, and they started kissing.

Lucky caught Sam in the evidence locker, but he did not notice Jason in the shadows. Sam told him that she was there to look up an old case file for a client and that she had merely hoped to skip the red tape. She said that she only wanted to look, not actually steal anything. Sam was prepared to face the consequences if Lucky arrested her, but he told her that he owed her a pass because of all that she had done for him.

Lucky told Sam that he and Liz were getting remarried, He apologized to Sam for never really giving their relationship a chance because he had never let go of his love for Liz. She told him it was okay. She also said that he had helped her through a tough time. When Lucky asked about her relationship to Jason, she denied having one.

Lucky helped Sam exit the building but did not notice Jason, who stayed behind to check on Devlin's evidence box.

Ronnie told Dante that he was off the case because Claudia had blown his cover. Dante refused to leave his post and threatened to quit the police force so that he could see his mission through. Ronnie tried to talk Dante out of quitting the agency.

Sonny was in the Metro Court, talking to Carly, when he spotted Claudia leaving an elevator. Sonny asked Claudia what she was doing in the hotel. She lied and said she was checking on some catering. When Sonny remarked on the key in her hand, she lied again and said the room was for Johnny because he had been shot on Sonny's behalf and needed a better place to stay than the one he had.

Sonny called Carly over and then asked Claudia to surrender the room key so that Sonny could pay for it. Claudia refused, using the excuse that Johnny was family and she wanted to be responsible. She insisted that Johnny's use of the room would signal that he was no longer mad at her.

Sonny accepted her answer after saying that Johnny would not use the room. Carly remained silent but looked skeptical. Sonny offered Claudia a ride home. She said she had her car. As soon as they walked out together, Carly put on her coat and followed them out of the hotel.

Johnny staggered out to the alley behind Jake's with a bottle of tequila. A tearful Olivia was also in the alley. Johnny begged Olivia to admit that she still loved him. He told her that he was convinced that Claudia was holding something over her head. He begged her to share it with him.

Olivia held to her lie that she was in love with Sonny and no longer wanted to see Johnny. Johnny did not believe her, but was forced to let Olivia go when she walked away and left him in the alley.

Not long after, Carly appeared in the alley and knocked on the back door to Jake's. She passed some cash and got a brown bag filled with French fries in return. Johnny spoke up and noted that she probably should not be eating the fries.

Carly defended her actions by saying that Coleman weighed her portion and that she ate them only once a week. She said that the doctor monitored her weekly, and if the fries were having a negative effect, it would have shown up in the tests. She added that looking forward to her weekly fries was lowering her blood pressure.

Carly wanted to know why Johnny was in the alley, drinking himself into a stupor. He told her about his breakup with Olivia and their recent talk in the alley. Carly told him that she was a fan of the couple and wanted to see them together.

Johnny told Carly that he was convinced that Claudia was holding something over Olivia. Carly started to tell Johnny about the scene she had witnessed earlier between Olivia and Claudia but was hit by a premature contraction before she could finish her story.

Lulu ran into Dominic, who was on the pier, swinging a stickball bat. He wanted to know where she had been lately. She told him she'd been away on business and let it drop. When Dominic did not make his usual pickup lines, Lulu wanted to know what was wrong.

Dominic said that he had made a promise to himself when he'd been a kid playing stickball, and he was facing the reality that he might not be able to keep it. He told her that innocent people who mattered might get hurt if he continued on his quest. Lulu listened as Dominic told her that he had grown up not knowing who his father was.

Dominic told Lulu that his best friend's father, Mr. Pirelli, had taken over the role of father, but the local wise guy had murdered him. Dominic told Lulu that he had promised himself that he would force the murderer to face justice.

Lulu concluded that Dominic had joined the mob so that he could take revenge. She asked if Anthony had murdered Pirelli. She was relieved to find out that Anthony was not the one who had shot Pirelli because she did not want Johnny to be part of Dominic's revenge.

Dominic told Lulu that he had no interest in Johnny and, in fact, liked him. Dominic said that of all the mobsters he had met, Johnny was the only one who had not had a choice in what he'd become. Lulu voiced her amazement that, for the second time, Dominic had sounded more like someone who was against the mob than someone who was part of it.

Michael walked in on Sonny and Claudia at home. He got angry when he overheard Sonny saying that he could help Michael overcome his uncontrolled outbursts. When Michael shouted, Sonny asked Claudia to leave.

Michael got defensive about his attack on Kiefer. Sonny said he did not care about Kiefer. He told Michael that he had bad feelings about Kiefer and expected Michael to protect Kristina from him. That calmed Michael down.

When Sonny started talking about losing control, Michael said no one understood how he felt. Sonny told Michael that his bipolar disorder caused him to act similarly to Michael. When Sonny described how he felt, Michael was comforted but said that Sonny could be helped by medications, while Michael could not.

Sonny continued talking to Michael and explaining that some of his stress would be relieved if he would share the flashbacks and visions that he was having. As Sonny talked, Michael had a vision of Claudia confessing that she had been behind his shooting. Upstairs, Claudia was eavesdropping on the conversation.

Jason caught up with Sam as she arrived at her apartment. Jason told her that he had gotten into the evidence locker and found a tape recorder with no tape. They speculated that Devlin had hidden it somewhere to use as blackmail over Claudia. They agreed to start searching for it by having Spinelli look for a safe-deposit box that Devlin might have had that had gone undiscovered.

They talked about her conversation with Lucky, and she apologized for pretending that they were not a couple. Jason told her that he appreciated everything she did for him. He told her that they had gotten past what was wrong in their relationship and were getting to what was right. Sam was very pleased.

Jason and Sam laughed and started kissing. Sam climbed into Jason's lap. They were about to get romantic when Molly, dressed in a swimsuit, fins, and a scuba mask, interrupted them.

Claudia tracked Dominic down to his room and threatened to tell Sonny that Olivia was his mother if he did not meet her at a hotel. Dominic wanted to know why Claudia insisted on having sex with him instead of someone who was willing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
by LoraLu

Luke and Ethan walked into the Haunted Star and were pleasantly surprised to see that business was booming. They both stopped dead in their tracks when they saw a man who looked remarkably like Luke. They were even more shocked when they saw a young bartender who looked a lot like Ethan.

When Tracy appeared, she introduced Luke and Ethan to their replacements, Link and Evan. Tracy was tired of Luke and Ethan running off, lying, stealing, and drinking. She had hired "Luke-a-likes" to replace them, and the replacements were superior. Ethan tried a drink Evan made for Tracy, and he spit it out, disgusted. Luke told Tracy that his replacement couldn't excite her like he did, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

In Sam's apartment, Molly walked past Jason and Sam making out on the couch. They were both shocked, but Molly acted as if it was no big deal. Sam tried to gently inform her little sister that she shouldn't have invaded their privacy. Molly had used the key that Sam had given her to enter the apartment for a sample of the hot tub water for a science project. Since she had Jason and Sam's full attention, Molly asked questions about their relationship that even they were not prepared to answer. Molly especially wanted to know why Jason and Sam pretended they weren't dating.

When Sam arrived back at her apartment from taking Molly home, Jason tried to sidetrack her by talking about Ian Devlin and a possible safe deposit box. Sam stopped Jason and told him she wanted to talk. Sam tried to start the difficult conversation about their relationship, but she gave up and decided to go back to the safe deposit box inquiries. Jason tried to convince Sam that he really did want to talk about their relationship. He told her he hadn't realized how much he had missed her until they'd started spending time together again. Sam smiled as Jason revealed his feelings for her.

At Alexis' house, Kristina was talking to Keifer on the phone and told him she had been to the clinic and had everything they needed. Alexis walked in and asked what Kristina was talking about, and Kristina lied by saying she was working on a school project regarding reproduction. Alexis bought the lie, and Kristina quickly escaped by telling her mother she had to do further research at the library.

After Kristina left, Molly and Alexis talked about the science project until Molly revealed that she had been at Sam's apartment. Alexis was not happy when Molly said she had walked in on Sam and Jason having sex, so Alexis decided to pay Sam a visit.

When Alexis arrived at Sam's apartment, she asked Jason if she could have a private conversation with her daughter. As soon as Jason left, Alexis told Sam what Molly had revealed to her. Sam started to deny it, but Alexis stopped her. She wasn't interested in what had or hadn't happened. Alexis was more concerned with the fact that Sam was sleeping with a mobster and that Kristina and Molly looked up to Sam. Alexis thought it was time to set some guidelines.

Kristina met up with Keifer, and they started kissing heavily. Kristina stopped him and said that they couldn't have sex for a month. The doctor at the clinic had told Kristina she needed to have the birth control in her system for at least a month before she had sex. Keifer told her he had condoms, but Kristina didn't feel they were safe enough. Kristina didn't want an unplanned pregnancy like her mother had had with Sam. Keifer assured her that a pregnancy wasn't in his plans, either. He still wanted her to have sex with him that night, though.

In his living room, Sonny talked to Michael and tried to help him with the flashbacks and anger Michael was experiencing. As they talked, Michael grew more and more frustrated. He couldn't control his anger, and Sonny couldn't understand what that felt like. Michael blew up at his father and rushed out of the house.

Meanwhile, Dominic and Claudia were upstairs in Dominic's bedroom. Dominic was busy packing to leave, but Claudia was doing her best to seduce him. Dominic told her he couldn't sleep with her in Sonny's house, so Claudia told him she would rent a room at a hotel for that evening. Dominic couldn't understand why Claudia wanted anything to do with him, but Claudia said Dominic reminded her of Sonny. Dominic couldn't see the resemblance, so Claudia further explained that both Sonny and Dominic had an air of authority that she was attracted to.

Later, Michael walked back into his father's house to apologize for blowing up at him earlier that day. Claudia was in the living room, and she reminded him that Sonny had just been trying to help. Claudia had talked to Sonny earlier and tried to convince him to stop pressuring his son to remember. She told Michael the same thing. Michael needed to focus on the future and stop worrying about the past. Michael said it seemed like Claudia was the only person who understood him.

Jason walked in and told Michael that he needed to leave. Michael started to protest but soon realized there was no point, and he left. Jason told Claudia that he had found Ian Devlin's safe deposit box, complete with recordings of all his business deals. Jason said there was even a recording between Claudia and Ian.

Upstairs, Sonny walked into Dominic's room to tell him goodbye. Sonny knew he had been hard on Dominic, but Sonny wouldn't forget what Dominic had done to save Morgan's life. Many people would have just stood by and watched the car run over the boy. Sonny warned Dominic that if he continued in the business, he shouldn't ever get married or have children. Dominic was surprised to hear Sonny as he gave that advice, because Dominic thought Sonny was a great father. Sonny admitted that he loved his kids, but he wasn't to be credited with giving them the wonderful lives they had. Sonny told Dominic that Claudia wanted a baby, and suddenly, Dominic understood why Claudia wanted to sleep with him.

As her contractions continued, Carly bent over in pain. Johnny tried to help her by holding her hand. Coleman heard Carly screaming and walked around the corner with a shotgun, thinking Johnny was mugging Carly. Johnny quickly corrected Coleman, who used his phone to call for an ambulance.

It soon became apparent that Coleman could drive Carly to the hospital faster than waiting for the ambulance to take her. When they arrived at the hospital, Johnny remained at Carly's side while she explained to Epiphany that her contractions were about four minutes apart and a minute long. Epiphany immediately grabbed the phone to call Dr. Lee.

Meanwhile, Olivia met Jax on the pier to tell him that Dominic Pirelli would be leaving town. Dante's superiors had found out his cover had been blown, so Dante was being reassigned. He wasn't happy about it, but Olivia had no doubt that Dante would do as he was told.

Olivia was surprised at how disappointed Jax appeared. Jax admitted that Dante had gotten closer than anyone else who had tried to take Sonny down. Olivia became upset and said Jax would stop at nothing to destroy Sonny, even if it meant hurting Dante.

After Olivia left, Jax called a senator to set up a meeting. Soon after the phone call, Jax rushed to the hospital to be with Carly. He was surprised to see Johnny and Coleman still sitting with Carly in the triage room. Carly said they were annoying her and keeping her mind off the contractions. Dr. Lee walked in and told them that the medicine to stop the contractions was not working. Jax and Carly needed to talk about a cesarean section, because they could be having a baby that very night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At Sam's apartment, Alexis reminded her daughter that she was the mother, not Sam. Alexis wanted Molly and Kristina to confide to their mom, not their elder sister. Sam was hurt; she questioned if Alexis considered Sam a bad influence on the girls. Alexis admitted that she had reservations about the way that Kristina and Molly idolized their sister.

Sam insisted that she and Jason had not been having sex when Molly had walked in. Alexis pointed out that regardless what had happened, Molly had walked away with questions. Alexis didn't relish being in a position where she had to have a sex talk with her ten-year-old daughter. As Alexis turned to leave, Sam stopped her.

Sam suggested that perhaps Alexis should stop trying to micromanage every part of Kristina and Molly's lives. According to Sam, Alexis put too much pressure on her younger daughters to be perfect. Sam speculated that Kristina and Molly enjoyed spending time with Sam because they were able to be imperfect around her. Sam admitted that she had made mistakes, but she insisted that she had learned from them.

Alexis confided that she was terrified. She realized that Kristina was in trouble. Alexis promised that she loved Sam and that she thought her eldest daughter was wonderful. However, Alexis also believed that Sam continued to show questionable judgment when it came to men. Alexis pointed to Sam's rekindled relationship with Jason as an example. Sam reminded Alexis that she didn't have room to talk. Alexis readily agreed; she made it clear that she didn't want Kristina or Molly to emulate her, either.

Alexis wanted more for Kristina and Molly than what she and Sam had. Alexis hoped to encourage her daughters to turn to her, not Sam, for guidance. Alexis believed that limiting their contact with Sam would help. For that reason, Alexis decided that it was best to return Molly's key to Sam. After Sam took the key, Alexis left. As Alexis walked away, Sam watched with an expression of sadness.

Kiefer took Kristina to a familiar motel. Kristina looked around while Kiefer confessed that he hoped that the room didn't stir up painful memories. Kristina assured him that she was okay. Kiefer was eager to get started. He promised to make her first time "right" for her then he kissed her. Moments after they landed on the bed, Kiefer pulled away to ask Kristina if she had the condoms. Kristina scrambled to fetch her purse. When she produced the condoms, Kiefer grinned victoriously as he snatched them out of her hand.

Kristina appeared to have second thoughts about sleeping with Kiefer. She wondered if they should wait until the birth control pills became effective. Kiefer assured Kristina that everything would be fine. When Kristina reminded him that it was her first time and then confessed that she was nervous about doing something wrong, Kiefer promised that he would guide her. Kiefer resumed kissing her before Kristina could raise any more objections. As things heated up, Kristina looked away with an expression of uncertainty.

Afterwards, Kristina lay in bed next to Kiefer. While Kristina appeared pensive, Kiefer seemed supremely satisfied as he thanked Kristina for trusting him to be her first. Moments later, Kiefer's cell phone rang. Kiefer announced that it was a reminder that he had to pick his father up from the airport. Before Kiefer dashed off to shower, he offered to drop Kristina off wherever she liked; however, he made it clear that they couldn't be seen leaving the motel together. Kristina was stunned.

Later, Michael found Kristina on the piers, crying. Michael assumed Kiefer was responsible for his sister's distraught state; however, Kristina clarified that she was upset about her mother. Kristina was terrified of screwing up. She didn't want Alexis to grow to hate her the way that Alexis despised Sam. Kristina didn't think that Michael could understand her situation because he had a great mom like Carly. Kristina begged Michael to help her pull it together, so that she could go home and be the perfect daughter that she was expected to be.

When Kristina arrived home, Alexis was asleep on the sofa. Alexis woke up as Kristina closed the door. Kristina assured her mother that it was early, but offered to lock up the house while Alexis went to bed. Alexis invited Kristina to join her on the sofa instead. When Kristina sat down, Alexis assured Kristina that she was proud of her work at school, including Kristina's project on the human reproductive system.

Alexis used that as a springboard to invite her daughter to turn to her with questions, rather than turning to Sam.

At the hospital, Kelly prepared Carly and Jax for the possibility that their child would be born that very night if the medication failed to work. Johnny and Coleman lurked nearby. Carly seemed to relax as Johnny and Coleman began bantering back and forth. Later, Johnny and Coleman fetched Carly a cup of ice chips and a children's book to read to the baby. They hoped that the sound of Carly and Jax's voices would soothe their child.

After Johnny and Coleman left, Carly promised to behave for the rest of her pregnancy. She apologized to Jax for the premature labor. Jax assured his wife that everything would be okay. Carly was determined that their daughter would be fine. A short time later, Kelly informed the Jackses that Carly's labor had stopped. However, Carly was two centimeters dilated, so labor could resume at any time. Kelly cautioned Carly that it was imperative that she avoid stress of any kind.

At Greystone Manor, Jason informed Claudia that Ian had recorded all of his personal conversations. Claudia managed to hide her reaction to the news behind a cool façade. Claudia insisted that she didn't have anything to do with the shooting, but Jason didn't believe her. He called her a liar, prompting Claudia to go on the attack.

First, Claudia reminded Jason that she was Sonny's wife. Claudia then accused Jason of being an obsolete war tank without an enemy to hunt down. Jason disagreed. He made it clear that he considered Claudia the enemy. Claudia wondered why it was so important for Jason to prove that she was somehow involved in Michael's shooting. She pointed out that Michael was recovered and ready to move forward with his life.

Claudia questioned if Jason was attempting to atone for not being able to adequately protect Michael. Claudia continued to try to get under Jason's skin, to no avail. Jason warned her that if he heard her voice on any of the recordings, he would be back for her. After Jason left, Claudia decided to do some damage control. She called someone to order the person to track down the recordings that Ian had stashed away. Johnny walked in moments later.

Claudia quickly ended the call so she could talk to her brother. Johnny explained that Carly had gone into premature labor. As he'd helped Carly, Johnny had realized what Claudia had gone through when she had miscarried her son. Johnny remained convinced that Claudia was behind Olivia's decision to end things with him; however, he couldn't hate his sister.

Claudia was relieved. She ran into Johnny's arms and hugged him fiercely. After they pulled apart, the siblings settled on the sofa. Johnny reiterated that he believed that Claudia was behind Olivia's decision to break up. Claudia didn't want to discuss it, but Johnny was determined to clear the air. Johnny reminded his sister that he loved Olivia. Claudia didn't think that Olivia deserved Johnny. According to Claudia, Johnny wasn't really in love with Olivia; he loved Claudia, and Claudia, in return, loved him. She insisted that it would always be that way.

After Jason left Greystone Manor, he went to see Sam. He immediately sensed that Sam was troubled. Sam confessed that, as childish as it sounded, she felt hurt because she was certain that her mother hated her. After Sam revealed the details of her discussion with Alexis, she admitted that she understood Alexis' point of view. Sam agreed that she wouldn't want her daughters to repeat her mistakes.

Sam was certain that things would only get worse if Alexis learned that Sam had taken Kristina to the clinic for birth control pills. Jason asked Sam if she thought Kristina would have proceeded with her plans to have sex if Sam hadn't taken Kristina to the clinic. When Sam nodded yes, Jason confirmed that she had done the right thing. Jason believed that Sam was a good influence on her sisters. Sam appreciated Jason's support.

Later, Sam confessed that she found it ironic that Alexis had lectured Sam about Jason despite Alexis' involvement with Jerry. Jason admitted that he saw Alexis' point about him; however Sam didn't care. She kissed Jason then pulled away to check the apartment for possible hidden siblings ready to interrupt them. When she confirmed that they were alone, Sam returned to the sofa and Jason's arms.

Dante sat in his mother's dining room as she served him a sandwich. While Dante wolfed down the sandwich, Olivia confessed that she was relieved that he had been removed from the investigation against Sonny. She didn't want to have to open a newspaper one day to discover that her son had been fitted with a pair of cement blocks. "Cement shoes," Dante corrected his mother.

Dante confided that Sonny had not been what he had expected. Sonny seemed like a typical father who had his problems but loved his kids. The person that Dante couldn't figure out was Claudia. Not surprisingly, Olivia didn't have anything encouraging to say about Claudia; however, she was concerned by Dante's interest in the "nasty psycho." When Dante didn't supply an explanation, Olivia quickly surmised that Dante intended to go Lone Ranger by continuing the investigation on his own.

Olivia begged Dante to reconsider; she wanted him to return to Brooklyn. Dante remained quiet, prompting Olivia to question what was on her son's mind. Dante admitted that he was thinking about his mentor, Lieutenant Vince Poletti. As they talked, it was revealed that Lieutenant Poletti had been killed on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the back alley of a liquor store. Sonny had ordered the hit. Dante hated how the cops always seemed to lose while the mobsters got away with making the rules up as they went.

After Dante left his mother's apartment, he ended up on the piers, where he spotted Lulu. Dante uncharacteristically opened up to Lulu about what was going on. He revealed that Claudia had tried to seduce him and that he suspected that Claudia was trying to get pregnant in order to pass it off as Sonny's child. Lulu was disgusted with Claudia's conduct. She advised Dante to run as far away from Claudia as he could get.

Dante insisted that it was not an option for him. Lulu warned Dante that if he went along with Claudia's plans, there would be no returning from that. Dante realized that he had an important decision to make.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When Sam arrived at Jason's penthouse, she admitted that it had felt odd greeting him when they had woken up together earlier that morning. Jason and Sam kissed, but they jumped apart when Spinelli and Maxie entered. Maxie confessed that she didn't understand why Jason and Sam couldn't be honest about their relationship in front of other people.

Sam claimed that some people didn't feel the need to flaunt their relationship to the world. Maxie and Spinelli were unabashedly affectionate as they kissed and cuddled on the sofa. Jason watched their antics with a mixed expression of horror and disgust. Later, Spinelli, Jason, and Sam discussed where Ian might have hidden the tapes. Sam suggested searching Ian's motel room.

A short time later, Jason prepared to pick the lock of the room that Ian had stayed in. However, Sam stopped him. She suggested renting the room instead. While Sam dashed off to pay for the room, a prostitute approached Jason. She bragged that she could satisfy Jason more than Sam could. Jason wasn't interested. The hooker continued to try to tempt Jason until Sam returned. Sam quickly chased the woman off then handed Jason the key.

Moments after Sam and Jason entered the motel room, someone knocked on the door. It was the prostitute. She flashed her badge as she identified herself as a police officer then announced that Sam and Jason were under arrest for solicitation.

At the laundromat, Ronnie returned Dante's badge as he confided that Dante had friends in high places. However, Ronnie wasn't comfortable with Dante's reinstatement. Ronnie was concerned because Dante's cover had been compromised when Claudia had discovered Dante's true identity. Ronnie revealed that there was another complication. Joey Limbo, a Zacchara associate, was to be released from jail that very day.

Ronnie and Dante were startled when Olivia marched in and demanded to know why they were in Port Charles. Dante revealed that someone important had pulled some strings on Dante's behalf. Olivia was livid when she realized that Dante was back on the case. Ronnie gathered his things and fled before Olivia's tantrum drew unwanted attention.

Before Olivia could continue lecturing Dante, he confided that someone was determined to remove Sonny from power. Olivia wondered why Dante couldn't go after someone more deserving of an arrest than Sonny. Dante reminded Olivia that it wasn't up to him. Sonny had known the consequences of his choices.

Nikolas was surprised to find Liz working when he approached the nurses' station. She revealed that she had used her time off to reflect and that she had made some important decisions. However, she was curious why Nikolas was at the hospital. He explained that his grandmother had been admitted. Liz looked up in time to see an orderly guide Helena's wheelchair to the nurses' station. Helena grinned up at Liz with evil intent. Nikolas explained that Helena had been poisoned.

Lucky approached moments later, his eyes fixed on Helena. Lucky was furious that Helena was in the hospital; he insisted that she was a disaster waiting to happen. Nikolas explained that Helena could provide valuable information about Valentin, a formidable Cassadine who was bent on revenge. Helena appeared to take delight in tormenting Lucky, so Nikolas instructed the orderly to take Helena to her room.

Lucky didn't trust Helena; he threatened to get rid of her if Nikolas wouldn't. After Lucky stormed off, Liz demanded to know how Nikolas could have put Lucky through that. She reminded Nikolas that Lucky couldn't be around Helena after everything she had done to him. Nikolas realized how difficult the encounter had been on his brother. While they were on the subject of Lucky, Nikolas was curious what Liz had decided.

Liz led Nikolas to a nearby examination room. After she closed the door, Liz asked Nikolas if he had received the letter that she had left with Alfred. Nikolas confirmed that he had and questioned if she had left town because of him. He also wondered if she intended for them to continue behaving as if nothing had happened between them. Liz didn't want to hurt Lucky; she was determined to build a life with him.

Nikolas respected her decision; he assured her that he would try to make it work with Rebecca. Liz didn't understand why Nikolas intended to pursue a relationship with Rebecca when he didn't care about her. Nikolas confided that he couldn't be in the same room with Liz without wanting her. Nikolas needed Rebecca as a distraction.

Liz wasn't fond of Rebecca, but she didn't think it was fair for Nikolas to use Rebecca like that. Nikolas assured Liz that he didn't hate Rebecca. Besides, he told Liz, it left her free to be with Lucky. Liz said nothing as Nikolas walked away.

Lucky went to see Helena in her hospital room. Helena smiled as she confessed that she had missed him. Lucky accused Helena of lying about being poisoned by a homicidal Cassadine. Helena dropped all pretenses to assure Lucky that she was serious. Before Lucky could respond, Rebecca entered the room. She seemed surprised to see Lucky and even more shocked when she noticed Helena in the bed.

Helena remarked how much Rebecca looked like her dead twin sister. "Too bad it's too little too late." she informed Rebecca.

On the Haunted Star, Luke and Ethan discussed strategy; Luke suggested that they wait for Valentin to show his hand. Ethan decided to use the opportunity to let Luke know that the DNA results had returned during Luke's absence. Ethan informed Luke that they were father and son. Luke had never doubted it. Ethan confessed that he had questioned the possibility because of how Luke had left town.

Luke reminded Ethan that he had once made Ethan a promise; Luke would always let Ethan know when he intended to go on the road. Ethan made a note to remember that the next time Luke turned up missing without an explanation. Moments later, Alexis entered the casino. Luke didn't waste any time informing her that Helena had returned to Port Charles.

Luke quickly filled Alexis in on the recent events, including Helena's claim that one of Mikkos' illegitimate children was determined to destroy all of the Cassadines and the Spencers. Alexis cringed when she realized that Luke was referring to her half-brother, Valentin. Alexis admitted that she had never met Valentin, but she had heard of him. According to Alexis, Valentin had made several attempts on their father's life. However, Mikkos had never been able to prove that Valentin had been behind the attacks because Valentin had managed to not be seen. Alexis had always suspected that Valentin had merely been a front for Helena.

After Alexis left, Luke confessed that Alexis' theory had merit. A short time later, Rebecca arrived to inform Ethan and Luke that Helena had turned up at General Hospital. They let her know that they were already aware of that. Before Rebecca left, Ethan made an attempt to persuade Rebecca to end her relationship with Nikolas. His pleas fell on deaf ears. After Rebecca departed, Luke chastised his son for wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Ethan decided to tell his father the truth about his association with Rebecca. Luke felt vindicated when he realized that he had been correct about Ethan all along; Ethan had been after the Quartermaine fortune. However, Luke focused on Ethan's attraction to Rebecca. He warned his son that it was never a good idea to go up against a Cassadine, especially over a woman. Luke urged Ethan to be certain that he truly wanted Rebecca.

Alexis headed to the hospital after she left the Haunted Star. "Oh, my God, " she confessed to Helena, "you look awful." Alexis admitted that the discovery made her quite happy. Helena smirked at Alexis as she responded, "Hello, Natasha. Aging hasn't made you sweeter." Alexis got straight to the point; she told Helena that she had heard about Helena's claims concerning the "mythic" Valentin. Helena reminded Alexis that she wasn't the only "bastard Cassadine" who was an ongoing inconvenience. Alexis shot back, "The more the merrier."

Alexis revealed that she wasn't convinced the threat was real. Helena suggested that Alexis not ignore the warning. Alexis was curious why Valentin would be interested in her. Alexis had nothing to do with the Cassadines beyond an occasional dinner with Nikolas. Helena reminded Alexis that she had been raised in Mikkos' house, which was more than Valentin had received.

Helena insisted that Valentin was insane; she believed that he would destroy any Spencer or Cassadine that he could get his hands on. Helena regretted not killing Valentin when she'd had the chance. Alexis realized that Helena was truly scared. Helena suggested that Alexis heed her warning, because Alexis stood to lose quite a bit, although Helena believed "a few pounds" wouldn't hurt.

Rebecca returned to the hospital, just as Nikolas wrapped up a phone call. Rebecca assured Nikolas that she trusted him to handle Helena and that she was prepared to stand by his side. As Rebecca hugged him, Nikolas appeared distinctly uncomfortable. Later, Rebecca confessed that she didn't think Helena was quite as dangerous as everyone claimed.

Nikolas warned Rebecca not to underestimate his grandmother. Nikolas assured Rebecca that Helena would slit his throat as easily as she would hug him. Rebecca was confident that Nikolas was exaggerating. Nikolas cautioned Rebecca that her naïvety could be dangerous. Rebecca remained unconvinced; she insisted that she wasn't afraid. Nikolas advised her that she should be very afraid.

Jax was on the cell phone as he approached Carly's room. He thanked a senator for his help then disconnected the call. When Jax entered the room, he immediately noticed Sonny seated next to Carly's bed. Jax smiled at Sonny as he admitted that he'd just been thinking about Sonny. Carly seized the opportunity to broker peace between the two men. She told them that they could greatly reduce her stress by getting along with each other.

Sonny agreed to play nice with Jax if Carly promised to stop sneaking French fries for the remainder of her pregnancy. Carly reminded Sonny that the fries had not caused her to go into labor. Jax laughed along and shook Sonny's hand as he left. Carly thanked Jax for making an effort to get along with Sonny.

When Sonny arrived home from the hospital, Claudia was waiting in the living room. Sonny told her about his visit with Carly then realized that it might have been insensitive for him to talk about Carly's pregnancy after Claudia's recent miscarriage. Claudia smiled as she reminded Sonny that she might be pregnant. At Sonny's reaction, Claudia quickly assured him that she respected his decision not to have children. However, she went on to confess that she hoped and prayed that she was pregnant with his child.

Claudia appeared to sense how uncomfortable Sonny was with the direction of the conversation, so she added that she would be content to focus on being a great stepmom to his children. Before Sonny could respond, Dominic burst through the door to announce that he had information that could change all of their plans. Claudia froze as Dominic looked pointedly at her. In the next breath, Dominic revealed that Joey Limbo was to be released from prison.

Sonny realized that he would have to make a move against Joey before Joey had an opportunity to strike out at Sonny. Dominic wondered if Sonny wanted him to kill Joey.

Anthony approached Joey Limbo in jail. Joey thanked Anthony for arranging his early release. Joey made it clear that he was deeply indebted to Anthony for the favor. Anthony reminded Joey that he wanted Johnny to remain safe, but Joey was free to kill Claudia along with her husband and the traitor, Dominic Perelli. Joey promised that none of them would know what had hit them until it was too late.

Olivia made her way to Jax's office to confront him about Dante. Olivia was certain that Jax had been the one to arrange for Dante to be put back on the investigation against Sonny. Jax didn't deny it. Olivia angrily accused Jax of using Dante; according to Olivia, Dante was just a means to an end. Jax insisted that it wasn't true, but Olivia didn't believe him. Their argument ended abruptly when Carly entered the office. Carly wanted to know what was going on. Olivia panicked when Jax admitted that he had a confession to make.

Liz went to check on Helena. Helena was surprised see Liz; she'd thought that Liz would have made an effort to avoid the Cassadine matriarch. Liz ignored Helena's comments as she checked Helena's chart. Helena continued to needle Liz. When she failed to get a response, Helena asked Liz if Lucky had any inkling that his fiancée and Nikolas were becoming lovers.

Friday, October 16, 2009

At the hospital, Nikolas approached Rebecca at the nurses' station. He promised not to drag her into the Cassadine mess. Rebecca insisted that she didn't mind; she intended to stand by Nikolas' side. As they talked, Lucky approached them. Lucky was furious that Nikolas continued to help Helena. Nikolas explained that she had information that he needed, but Lucky didn't care. Lucky was certain that Helena was out to cause trouble.

Liz entered Helena's hospital room to check Helena's chart. As she observed Liz working, Helena wondered aloud, "Who would ever expect that a hellcat lurked within?" Liz ignored Helena, who continued to play her game of cat-and-mouse with Liz. Liz hid her reaction when Helena revealed that she knew that Liz and Nikolas had been lovers.

When Helena threatened to tell everyone about the secret, Liz called her bluff. Liz warned Helena that no one would believe Helena's "insane ranting." Helena admitted that Liz reminded her of Laura. According to Helena, Laura had toyed with Stefan and Stavros in an attempt to pit the brothers against each other, until one had proven himself worthy of Laura's "faithless heart." Helena was curious if the truth about Liz's affair with Nikolas would send Lucky reeling "back into addiction hell."

Liz warned Helena to shut up. Helena smiled with satisfaction as she realized that she had struck a nerve. Helena's victory was short-lived. Luke appeared in the doorway as he announced, "It looks like I got here just in time." Helena explained, "Liz and I are old adversaries. Oh, sparring is our means of communication. Right, dear?" Liz ignored Helena's question while Luke ordered Helena to leave Liz alone.

Helena didn't think that Luke would be so quick to defend Liz if he was aware of what Helena knew. Luke proved Liz correct by ignoring Helena's ranting. It infuriated Helena enough to warn Luke that while he might not care what she had to say, Lucky would. Luke continued to show absolutely no reaction to Helena's veiled threats. After Liz walked out, Helena was forced to admit that she was impressed with how Liz had managed to garner Luke's unwavering support. However, Helena insisted that Liz's halo was askew.

Luke walked over to Helena's I.V. and tampered with one of the bags. Helena immediately cried out in pain. Nikolas strolled in moments later. He didn't seem overly concerned about his grandmother's welfare. After Luke left, Nikolas made it clear that he had only helped Helena because she had information that he needed. When Nikolas received a text message, he turned to leave. Helena was curious if the message had been from Liz. Nikolas hesitated mid-stride for a fraction of a second but left without responding.

At the nurses' station, Liz asked Rebecca if she knew where Nikolas was. Rebecca sensed that Liz wanted to talk to him about Helena. Liz confirmed that she believed Helena had to be dealt with before she harmed someone. Rebecca suggested that Liz wasn't being fair to Nikolas. Liz pointed out that Rebecca didn't have a clue about Helena's true nature. Liz advised Rebecca to pray that she never had to tangle with Nikolas' grandmother.

At Liz's request, Nikolas met her at her studio . She thought it would be the safest place for them to discuss Helena's latest threat. Nikolas was surprised when Liz revealed that Helena had threatened to tell Lucky about their night together.

Helena beamed with delight when Lucky entered her room. Lucky informed Helena that he would not stop until he convinced Nikolas to send her packing. Helena found it touching how he put so much faith in those that he loved. Helena was curious how Lucky would feel if all of that "precious faith" had been betrayed.

Alexis met Diane at the Metro Court restaurant. Alexis assumed Diane had selected the restaurant because Diane had planned to rendezvous with Max. Diane was reluctant to talk about Max, but Alexis persisted until Diane confessed that she hadn't spoken to Max, since he had stormed off after an argument. Later, Max had been seen at the carnival with Louise Addison. Alexis confided that Max had seemed somber lately. Diane was heartbroken because she believed that Max had dumped her.

Alexis advised Diane to call Max, but Diane refused to consider it. She quickly changed the subject to ask if Alexis would be interested in joining her law firm. Alexis appreciated the offer but refused to risk working with Sonny. Alexis didn't want to fall into the old pattern of justifying what Sonny did. Diane explained that she desperately needed someone to take care of her clients in Port Charles because she had been spending a great deal of time in Philadelphia.

Diane promised that she would return to represent Sonny if he were charged with any crimes, but Alexis wasn't swayed. Alexis didn't want to be tempted to handle any of Sonny's legal business, even contracts.

At the cheap motel that Ian had lived at, Sam and Jason were stunned when the hooker who had propositioned Jason identified herself as a police officer. Sam denied the accusation of solicitation, but the police officer wasn't interested in what Sam had to say. The policewoman had visions of a promotion after being the officer who had finally managed to make a charge against Jason Morgan stick.

At the police station, Mac decided that Sam and Jason were to be booked. Sam couldn't believe that Mac intended to proceed with the charges. The police officer insisted that she had seen money exchanged between Sam and Jason. Sam explained that Jason had given her the money to rent a room. Mac was curious why Sam and Jason needed to rent a room at a seedy motel.

A short time later, Maxie and Spinelli arrived at the police station. Initially they were outraged because Jason had solicited a prostitute. Sam quickly cleared things up when she entered the interrogation room. Maxie and Spinelli jumped to the conclusion that Sam and Jason had been role-playing. Jason reminded them that he and Sam needed to be bailed out. After Maxie and Spinelli left, Jason shared a smile with Sam.

Later, Sam and Jason returned to the motel room. Jason quickly discovered a prescription pad hidden in the wall safe. An address was scrawled across it.

At Jax's office, Carly questioned what she had walked in on. Jax managed to assuage Carly's curiosity by claiming that he had asked Olivia to keep Sonny away until the baby was born. Jax thought it was the most efficient and effective way to keep the peace between them. Olivia readily backed up Jax's story.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Dominic discussed the threat that Joey Limbo posed. Sonny questioned if Dominic was the right person to eliminate Joey. Claudia insisted that Dominic was the perfect choice to carry out the hit. She quickly jotted down a list of contacts then handed it to Dominic. Claudia assured Dominic that the people on the list would help him if he mentioned her name. After Dominic left, Sonny demanded to know what Claudia was up to.

Claudia claimed that she was just trying to help Sonny. She understood that Sonny felt indebted to Dominic because Dominic had saved Morgan's life. She realized that Sonny had plans for Dominic and that he would want Dominic to succeed. Claudia had helped because she wanted to please Sonny.

Olivia went to Sonny's warehouse office. Sonny wasn't there, but Johnny was. Olivia begged Johnny to leave her alone; she wasn't in the mood to deal with him. Johnny was relieved because he wanted Olivia to hear him out. Johnny revealed that he had made peace with Claudia in an attempt to distract her. Johnny was certain that he and Olivia would be able to continue their relationship in secret without Claudia being the wiser.

However, if Claudia proved to be problematic, Johnny admitted that he wouldn't hesitate to expose all of her secrets. Johnny was determined to protect Olivia at all costs. Olivia's walls crumbled. After Johnny kissed her, she agreed to meet him at her apartment later that evening to discuss things.

Claudia lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping. She seethed with anger as she ducked out of sight. Once Johnny left the office, Claudia confronted Olivia. Claudia vowed to make Olivia pay for daring to cross her. Olivia accused Claudia of having an unhealthy obsession with Johnny that bordered on incestuous. Claudia's fury mounted. Olivia was stunned when Claudia smugly revealed her plans to sleep with Dante until she became pregnant with his child.

Olivia vowed to tell Sonny the truth before she allowed Claudia to sleep with Dante. Claudia invited Olivia to go to Sonny. Claudia didn't have any qualms about telling Sonny that she had slept with his son because Sonny had refused to get her pregnant. She promised Olivia that by then, the deed would have been done. Claudia started to flounce out the door but stopped for a moment to say goodbye to "grandma."

Dominic met Lulu for coffee. Lulu was curious if Dominic had decided what he was going to do about Claudia's proposition. Dominic didn't think he had a choice in the matter. Lulu couldn't believe that Dominic was seriously considering getting Claudia pregnant.

Later, Dante met Claudia at her hotel room. Claudia was furious when Dante informed her that he had no intention of ever getting her pregnant so that she could pass the child off as Sonny's. Claudia wondered if Dante was willing to risk his mother's life when Sonny learned that she had lied about Dante's true identity.

When Johnny arrived at Greystone Manor, Sonny informed him that Joey Limbo was out of jail. Sonny demanded to know where Johnny stood. Johnny promised that he was loyal to Sonny. Sonny was pleased. He revealed to Johnny that Dominic had been ordered to take out Joey. Sonny wanted Johnny to keep an eye on Dominic and to report back to him if there were any problems. Sonny also ordered Johnny to track down Jason in order to let him know that Joey was on the loose.

Johnny found Jason at the piers. After Sam walked away to check on the address they had found, Johnny revealed that Joey Limbo had been paroled and that Sonny had ordered Jason to put everything on the back burner to concentrate on dealing with the threat of Joey Limbo.

Olivia stormed into Greystone Manor, prompting Sonny to wonder what he had done to upset her. Olivia clarified that it was Claudia whom she had a problem with. According to Olivia, Claudia was out of control and needed to be stopped. Olivia realized that by keeping silent she was complicit in everything, so she had decided to tell Sonny the truth about Claudia and about herself. Michael stood outside on the patio, listening to their conversation.

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