All My Children Recaps: The week of October 12, 2009 on AMC

Brot passed his entrance exam to the police academy. Natalia was hurt when Jesse missed her graduation ceremony. Emma required emergency surgery following a fall down a flight of stairs after she had fled her father's apartment.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 12, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Kendall and Zach sat on their living room sofa, talking about Emma. Kendall hoped that Emma would do the right thing. She believed they had to trust that the truth would prevail. Zach seemed to have his doubts, prompting Kendall to remind him how she had trusted him to know what he'd been doing when he had arranged for her to escape from prison. Kendall was certain that Zach knew, deep down inside, she was the same woman that he had married. She wanted him to trust her instincts.

Zach responded by kissing Kendall. Afterwards, Kendall confessed that she needed to hear Zach say the words; she wanted their vows to be real. Zach wasn't certain what Kendall wanted. Kendall explained that their latest wedding had been born of necessity, not love. Kendall wanted their marriage to be about more than that. Zach didn't think they could go back. Kendall agreed, so she suggested that instead of exchanging vows, they both make certain promises to each other.

Kendall promised that she would think before she acted. She also promised that she would never turn her back on her family again; she vowed no more lies, just love. In exchange for her promises, Kendall needed to know where Zach stood. Zach assured Kendall that he was there with her. He promised to try to put his demons to rest and to focus on the present rather than the past. As the two kissed, someone knocked on the door.

It was Aidan. Aidan told them that after he had dropped off Annie, he had lingered outside Ryan's apartment building. A short time after Annie had gone in, an ambulance had arrived. Moments later, Emma had been rushed to the hospital. As Aidan informed the Slaters about what he knew of Emma's condition, Jesse arrived. Jesse announced that he had to arrest Aidan. According to Jesse, Adam was on the warpath because of Annie's kidnapping.

After Jesse left with Aidan, Zach decided to go to the hospital to check on Emma. Kendall returned to the living room, where she spotted her and Zach's wedding picture. Kendall recalled her first wedding ceremony with Zach. They had vowed to share everything with each other and to always forgive. Zach had sworn that his love for her was who he was.

At Ryan's apartment, Annie accused Ryan of plotting with Aidan to force a confession from her for a crime that she had not committed. As Erica defended Ryan, Adam threatened to have Ryan arrested. Scott stood on the sideline, taking it all in. Meanwhile, Emma became upset. She fled the apartment while the adults screamed at each other. Adam noticed Emma's departure and tried to give chase. Emma appeared frightened of Adam and ran away from him. Moments later, Emma stumbled down a flight of stairs.

Inside the apartment, Ryan noticed Emma's absence. As soon as he remarked on it, they heard Adam yell out Emma's name. Everyone ran to the stairwell, where Adam was trying to help Emma. Ryan raced down the stairs to immediately begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on his daughter. Scott called 9-1-1.

At the hospital, Erica and Scott went to the waiting room to check on Adam. Erica and Scott were worried because Adam didn't look well. Adam brushed aside their concerns. Moments later, Jesse approached to question Adam about what had happened. Adam accused Aidan of kidnapping Annie; he demanded that Aidan be arrested. Erica announced that no one would be arrested because Emma was the only thing that mattered at that moment.

After a brief examination, during which Emma remained unconscious, Jake ordered a CT scan for Emma. Annie tried to follow the gurney, but Jake stopped her, since only Ryan had custody of Emma. As Annie watched them disappear around a corner, Erica, Scott, and Adam approached her. Erica accused Annie of not caring about Emma. Annie was furious as she lunged for Erica. Jesse and Adam stepped in before Annie made physical contact. As Adam dragged Annie away, Jesse advised Erica to leave. Erica refused to budge; she insisted that she was there for Ryan.

A short time later, a nurse fetched Annie because Jake wanted to see both of Emma's parents. Erica took the opportunity to question Adam because she was curious why Emma had run out of the apartment rather than to her room. Adam suspected that Emma had fled because she had been frightened when the adults had started to argue. Adam revealed that he had tried to reach out to Emma, but she had turned away from him.

Adam was certain that Emma hated him. He had no idea when it had started because, according to Annie, Emma had helped him in the attic. The comment appeared to have triggered a memory. Adam recalled writhing on the floor as he called out to Emma. In the memory, Emma ignored Adam's pleas as she ran to a chair, drew her knees up, wrapped her arms tightly around her legs, and began rocking herself.

Adam didn't mention the memory. He told Erica that he didn't understand why Emma was suddenly afraid of him, but he knew that he would never forget her scream as she fell down the stairs.

Jake informed Ryan and Annie that Emma required immediate surgery. They had to drill holes into her head in order to relieve the pressure. Annie appeared to have doubts about proceeding with the surgery, but it wasn't up to her. To Annie's frustration, Ryan had the final say. After Ryan agreed to the surgery, Annie asked him if Kendall's freedom had been worth Emma's life.

When Erica noticed Annie race past her, she sought out Ryan. Ryan told Erica about the surgery that Emma needed. When Ryan blamed himself for what had happened to Emma, Erica spoke up. She insisted that Annie was to blame because she had been the one to force Emma to lie. Ryan then griped about how he shouldn't have listened to Zach. Ryan believed that if Zach hadn't persuaded him to allow Annie to see Emma, the fall would not have happened.

Erica looked at Annie, who appeared to be getting cozy with Scott in a hospital corner. Erica suggested that perhaps it wasn't the adults yelling that had frightened Emma.

Zach arrived at the hospital to check on Emma. He asked Erica to give him a moment alone with Ryan. Ryan snapped at Zach that he regretted allowing Annie near Emma. He had believed Zach when Zach had insisted that it would do Emma good; however, Emma was in surgery. Zach clarified that the last thing he had wanted was for Emma to have been hurt. Ryan demanded to know why Zach was at the hospital.

Zach reminded Ryan that he had been in a similar situation with Ian; ironically, it had started the whole mess that they were all in. Zach understood what it felt like to be in a situation where a parent had to face the possibility that their child might not make it. Zach wanted to offer whatever support Ryan was willing to accept. Zach also revealed that he was determined to stop repeating his mistakes.

Annie cried on Adam's shoulder. She was angry because she hadn't been allowed to have a say in Emma's surgery. Adam assured Annie that Ryan loved Emma. He urged Annie to take comfort in knowing that Ryan would do what was best for Emma. Scott walked up moments later. He informed them that Jesse had arrested Aidan for Annie's kidnapping. According to Scott, someone had to go to the police station.

Annie refused to leave while Emma was in surgery, so Adam decided to head to the police station. Annie warned Adam not to trust Jesse; she was certain that Jesse had somehow been involved in the kidnapping. After Adam left, Scott asked Annie how she was holding up. Annie fell to pieces as she told Scott how much Emma meant to her.

After a few moments, Annie pulled away from Scott and apologized. She insisted that everything she had done had been for her daughter. Scott's doubts appeared to melt away. He asked Annie to confirm that she wouldn't have sold Emma out. Annie's tears dried up instantly. After a few seconds, Annie suggested that they go for a walk because he deserved to know the truth.

Scott and Annie returned to the waiting room after their talk. Scott appeared shaken, while Annie asked him if he finally understood why it had to be "this way." Before Scott could respond, Erica approached them to let them know that Emma had made it through surgery. Annie demanded to know why Erica, a non-family member, had been given private information about Emma. Erica insisted that she was merely passing along a message.

When Erica mentioned that Zach was at the hospital, Annie became livid. She accused Zach and Ryan of conspiring to keep her away from Emma. Annie vowed to fight Ryan for custody of Emma. Erica was stunned. She couldn't believe she had just told Annie that Emma had survived brain surgery, yet Annie was worried about custody. Erica considered that sufficient proof that Annie didn't love Emma. Annie turned to Scott for some moral support but discovered that he was gone.

Later, Jake informed Ryan and Annie that the anesthesia had worn off, but Emma had not woken up.

At the police station, Jesse explained to Aidan that he would have to spend one night in jail, for appearances, and then they would drop the charges for lack of evidence. Aidan rejected the idea. He explained to Jesse that in order to be convincing, Jesse would have to go by the book. Jesse asked Aidan if he understood what he was suggesting; Aidan could face some serious jail time.

Adam arrived at the police station a short time later. He was stunned when Jesse informed him that Aidan had confessed to kidnapping Annie. Adam accused Jesse of being involved, but it was clear to Jesse that Adam didn't have any proof to back up his claims. Jesse taunted Adam about Annie; he wondered if Annie had confessed her secrets to him. Adam resented Jesse's implication that Annie was Stuart's killer. Adam made it clear that he would never help the person who had murdered his brother.

Scott entered the parlor of the Chandler mansion. When he saw the spot where his father had died, Scott envisioned Stuart's body lying there. Scott was rattled by the morbid thought. With shaking hands, he poured himself a drink and downed it. Moments later, Adam entered the room. Adam seemed to be filled with doubts about Annie; he wondered if he might have fallen in love with a woman who had killed his brother. Scott assured Adam that Annie had not murdered Stuart.

Zach called Kendall to update her about Emma. Before they ended the call, Zach asked Kendall to give Ian a hug and kiss for him. Zach then told his wife that he loved her and advised her not to wait up for him. After he disconnected the call, Zach turned around and found Erica standing behind him. It was clear that she had overheard his end of the conversation. Erica did not appear pleased.

As Kendall prepared to go to bed, she turned off the lights in the living room. When the house phone rang, Kendall waited for the answering machine to pick up the call. Moments later, a woman identified herself as the prison warden at the jail where Kendall was supposed to be confined. The warden informed Zach that Kendall had been stabbed in jail. According to the warden, they were transferring Kendall to the Pine Valley Hospital because of her medical history.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As Ryan and Annie searched for Emma's hospital room, Ryan reported that Emma was doing well, but he still seemed worried. He reminded Annie that Kendall had taken three months to recover from her coma after the tornado.

At the Chandler house, Adam questioned Scott's new outlook on Annie, and Scott replied that he no longer suspected Annie of murdering Stuart. Adam guessed that meant Scott knew who the real killer was. A nervous Scott said that Annie's actions after the murder showed that she was either guilty or protecting a loved one who'd unintentionally killed Stuart.

Just then, Annie called Adam, upset about Emma's condition. Annie sobbed that she was supposed to protect Emma but could lose her. Adam comforted Annie, and after the call, he turned to Scott, suddenly certain of who'd killed Stuart. Drawing upon Scott's theory about Annie's protective behavior, Adam concluded that Emma had killed Stuart.

Scott asked if Emma should be punished. Adam assumed that Stuart's death had been accidental. Adam sympathized with Annie for accepting the blame in order to protect Emma. Scott suggested they head for the hospital, but Adam requested some time alone.

After Scott left, Adam envisioned Stuart. Adam asked Stuart why he hadn't revealed the killer to Adam. Stuart said that Adam needed to put the pieces together for himself. Stuart stated that Adam had known in his heart that Kendall wasn't the killer. Adam didn't feel comforted by the truth and realized that a piece of the puzzle was missing. Stuart disappeared.

In a hospital corridor, Erica overheard Zach on the phone, telling Kendall to wait up for him. Once the call ended, Erica remarked that it was an odd thing to say to a prisoner. Zach called it an inside joke, but Erica didn't think it was a very funny one. Jesse approached, asking about Emma, and at Zach's suggestion, Erica left to find Ryan. Once out of sight, Erica paused to listen in as Jesse informed Zach that there was a problem with "the other Kendall."

Later, Erica found Ryan at Emma's bedside. Ryan hoped that Emma would wake up by morning but realized it could take months. Erica said that Emma would wake up and see her loving father by her side. Ryan stroked Emma's hair, begging her to open her eyes.

Annie entered to check on Emma. As Annie let the child know that her mother was by her side, a nurse entered to tell Erica that Kendall's ambulance would arrive in ten minutes. Erica looked startled as the nurse explained that Kendall had been stabbed.

Later, Ryan asked a nurse in the corridor for news about Kendall, but the nurse didn't have any. He listened at the threshold of Emma's room as Annie talked to Emma. Annie wished she'd spent her time hugging Emma, not fighting with Ryan. Annie realized that Emma had been through too much and had seen too many terrifying things. Annie suggested that Emma escape to her dream world and sleep as long as she needed to.

Scott arrived outside Emma's room, and Ryan asked him to watch Annie with Emma while Ryan checked on Kendall's status. When Annie joined them, Ryan accused her of telling Emma to remain comatose, because Annie didn't want Emma to tell Ryan what had happened to Stuart. When Scott remarked that Annie was only acting in Emma's best interest, Ryan scoffed, certain that Annie had something on Scott. Scott asked Ryan to let up on Annie, reasoning that Annie and Ryan had loved each other once, and they both loved Emma.

Ryan backed off and reentered Emma's room alone. He realized that Emma probably did need to sleep, but he promised her that she wouldn't have to awaken to adults bickering.

Back in the hallway, Scott asked Annie what they'd do about Kendall. Annie thought that there was nothing they could do. She asked if Scott had found out what Adam knew. Just then, Adam approached, saying that he was sorry. Annie said she'd wanted to tell Adam for a long time. Adam figured it had to have been difficult for Emma, the sweet child who'd killed his brother and whose life hung in the balance.

Kendall listened to a voicemail message then frantically called Liza over to the house. When Liza arrived, she stated that the warden had informed her that her client had been shanked in prison. Zach called, and Liza put him on speakerphone. Kendall worried that the moment her double arrived at the hospital, everyone would know that Kendall hadn't been in prison. "Not if we make the switch," Zach replied. Kendall asked if she was supposed to beat her double to the hospital. "And then I'm supposed to stab her?" Liza incredulously asked.

Zach promised that no one would get stabbed, but Kendall had to get to the hospital immediately. He asked Liza to accompany Kendall, reasoning that it was too risky for Kendall to do it alone. After the call, Liza worried about what to do with the kids. Kendall advised Liza to handle them while Kendall drove herself to the hospital.

After Kendall left, Erica arrived to take Ian to the hospital, where his mother was being admitted with a stab wound. Liza claimed that Zach had asked her to watch Ian. Erica said she'd talk to Zach about that later and led Ian out of the house. Liza followed Erica.

Back at the hospital, Zach and Jesse hammered out a plan to switch Kendall and her double. Zach wondered if anyone on staff was "on the take." Jesse doubted it, but decided that he'd risk his marriage by asking Angie to help them. Jesse sought out Angie and stammered to explain that he was involved in something. "What did you do?" Angie pointedly asked.

Later, Angie and Jesse intercepted Kendall's double as orderlies wheeled her through emergency. David approached, stating that that Kendall was a heart transplant patient, expressly sent to her cardiologist for treatment. Angie covered the woman's face, explaining that the wound was superficial. Zach approached and created a diversion by yelling about seeing his wife. Angie wheeled the woman away, asking David to handle Zach.

Liza, Erica, and Ian joined the melee just as Jesse explained that Kendall's wound was superficial. Erica insisted that Kendall see Ian right away and stomped off with the child. David followed her. Jesse told Liza and Zach that the double had gone to a wing in the opposite direction of where David and Erica had headed. Zach received a text message that Kendall had arrived.

Later, Zach tracked David and Erica down, insisting that Ian go to the nursery until Kendall was up for visitors. Erica asked David when they could see Kendall, but Zach cut in, replying that Angie would alert them. David glared at Zach and strode off.

Jesse sneaked Liza and Kendall into a medical room. He told them about a news article he'd read about a man who'd gone to the hospital to treat a splinter but had left in a body bag due to an infection. Liza said the switch was taking too long. Kendall worried that her double could die.

Later, in the double's hospital room, Angie told Jesse that the double was recovering. Angie resented Jesse forcing her to compromise her principles yet again. Jesse apologized but reasoned that she'd saved the woman's life and helped their friends. Angie snarled that it was safe to move the patient, and she left.

Jesse entered the hallway to ask the guard outside the room to get him a cup of coffee. As the guard left, Jesse saw David observing the situation and walking away. Jesse made sure the coast was clear and ushered Liza, Kendall, and Zach into the prisoner's room.

Moments later, Erica encountered David in the hallway and asked where Kendall's room was. David showed her a door, but as they stepped toward it, Angie blocked their path. Angie explained that Zach was in with Kendall and advised that they keep Kendall's visitors and doctors to a minimum. David questioned Jesse's presence in the room, and Angie claimed he was making a police report. Erica left to get Ian, and David barreled past Angie into the room.

Jesse, Zach, and a bedridden Kendall looked startled to see David burst in. Jesse concluded his "questioning," about the stabbing, and Jesse and David exited. Erica rushed into the room with Ian. She brimmed with excitement to see her daughter but seemed concerned when Kendall claimed that she couldn't hold Ian because of her stitches. After visiting Kendall, Erica confided in Jesse that it was disheartening that Kendall had hardly reacted to Ian, as if she'd seen him days, not months, prior.

Kendall worried that she'd messed up by not pretending that she'd missed Ian. Zach reasoned that it was normal not to hold a baby because of stitches. He said they'd do the switch again and give Kendall's double a raise for returning to prison. Kendall doubted things would go smoothly, and Zach asked her to trust him.

Back in the corridor, David examined Kendall's file, and Angie accused him of wanting to find a problem. David questioned Kendall's quick recovery from such blood loss. Angie insisted it was a superficial wound. David accused Angie of keeping him at bay so he wouldn't foil their prison break.

Liza took Kendall's double to the secret room at Kendall's house, and the double complained about rats in prison. She noted that it was much nicer at the house and bet that Kendall never worried about rats. Liza said the woman could rest before they did the switch back, but the woman replied that she had no intention of going back to prison.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ryan was confused as to why Scott was defending Annie again. Ryan reminded Scott that Scott had once thought Annie had been guilty of Stuart's murder. Scott was sure that Annie was innocent. Ryan was aggravated because Scott had fallen for Annie's "act." Ryan assumed that Annie blamed the murder on Emma. Ryan insisted that Emma was innocent. Scott said that he did not think Emma was guilty.

Adam and Annie sat in the hospital chapel and discussed Stuart's murder. Adam announced that he knew Emma was guilty. He said that he would not tell anyone because it had been an accident. He then asked Annie why she had confided in Scott and not him. She said that Scott had turned on her, so she'd needed to tell him the truth.

Adam wondered if Annie was with him because she wanted to protect Emma. She said that initially she had been using Adam to protect her daughter, but she had eventually fallen in love with him due to his generosity and kindness. She swore that her feelings for him were real. He believed her.

Annie visited Emma in her hospital room as Ryan confronted Adam. Ryan called Adam a fool for falling in love with the woman that had killed his brother. Adam asserted Annie's innocence. Ryan realized that Adam thought Emma was guilty. Ryan affirmed that his daughter was not a murderer. Annie exited the room and told them to stop arguing. Ryan said that he was going to get a restraining order to keep Annie away from Emma. Ryan feared that, when Emma awoke, Annie would convince the girl to keep her secret about the night of Stuart's death.

David accused Angie of plotting with Jesse and the Slaters to help Kendall escape. Angie denied his allegations. She called him paranoid.

Angie was furious with Jesse for involving her in his schemes with Zach and Kendall. Angie noted that ever since Jesse had returned to Pine Valley, all he had done was lie and cover up. Jesse was certain of Kendall's innocence, and he did not want her to lose her children. He declared that he would do whatever it took to clear Kendall. Angie was worried about his unlawful behavior.

Erica told Jesse that she was concerned because Kendall had not seemed excited to see Ian and Zach. Jesse proposed that Kendall knew she was returning to jail, so she did not want to get close to her family again. Jesse said that he could empathize with Kendall's situation due to all the time he'd spent away from Frankie. Jesse's explanation made sense to Erica.

Kendall's double told Liza that she did not want to go back to prison. The double was certain that she would be killed if she returned. Liza promised the double more money, but she was not swayed.

Zach was with Kendall in her hospital room when he received a call from Liza. Liza told him that Kendall's double was being stubborn.

Zach rushed out of the hospital. Erica saw Zach leave and assumed that Kendall had sent him away. Erica asked Kendall why she did not want to spend time with her family. Kendall assured her mother that everything was good with her marriage. Kendall stated that she and Zach had found their way back to each other. Erica still sensed that something was off. Kendall admitted that she did not enjoy watching Zach and Liza dance together on the televised dance marathon. However, Kendall was confident that Zach loved her, not Liza. Erica was pleased to hear that Kendall's marriage was in a good place.

Erica was about to leave Kendall's room, but Kendall stopped her. Kendall said that she had seen Erica and Ryan dancing at the marathon, as well. Kendall inquired about Erica's relationship with Ryan. Erica looked uncomfortable as she explained that Ryan had helped her through a rough time in her life. Erica was grateful that he had encouraged her to leave New Beginnings so she could devote her time to the starving children in Africa. Kendall smirked and said that she understood.

Zach arrived at his home and met with Liza and the double. Zach promised the double more money, but she wanted no part of Zach's plan. Zach told Liza to lock the double in the secret room so he could take care of everything. Liza wondered what he planned to do, but he said nothing and left.

The double called out for help from the room. She claimed that she was hurt and needed help. Liza was skeptical, but entered the room. The double asked for water. As Liza handed the double a bottle of water, she lunged at Liza. Liza and the double fought as the double tried to escape. Liza grabbed her phone to try to call for help, but the double hit Liza over the head with a vase. Liza fell to the floor.

David entered Kendall's room. Kendall told David that she did not need a checkup because Angie had already examined her. He reminded Kendall that he was her doctor, too. He noted that she looked very good for a transplant recipient that had recently been stabbed. He commented that she looked like she had been in a country club, not a prison. She appeared worried as he perused her chart. He then gloated about his new baby. Kendall begrudgingly said that she was happy for David. He assumed that Kendall missed her family and would do anything to reunite with them. Just then, Jesse entered the room.

Jesse ordered David to leave the room. Jesse declared that Kendall was not David's patient because she was a prisoner. David looked annoyed and said that he would arrange for Kendall's release as soon as possible. David said that Kendall should be treated by the prison's infirmary, not Pine Valley Hospital, since she was a prisoner. Zach overheard the conversation and seemed concerned.

Zach returned to Kendall and informed her about the double. Zach insisted that he confess to kidnapping Kendall and take the blame for the entire plan. She did not want him to confess. She wondered who would take care of their sons. He said that Erica and Ryan would watch their sons.

Zach told Jesse that he wanted to confess. Zach said that he would take the fall, and he would not implicate Jesse.

Kendall asked Erica to bail Aidan out of prison and take him to the hospital. Erica demanded to know what was going on. Kendall said that she wanted to prevent Zach from losing his kids. Kendall then asked her mother to trust her. Erica agreed to help.

Erica posted Aidan's bail, and he was released from prison. When Aidan arrived at the hospital, he told Erica that he wished to remain in prison. Erica said that Kendall needed to see him right away.

Kendall told Aidan that he was the only person that could help her.

Zach approached Ryan and stated that he needed a favor.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

At the hospital, Angie was irate that Jesse was too embroiled in Zach's cover-up to attend Natalia's academy graduation that evening. Jesse said that he couldn't make it because he had to protect Zach's family from a big mistake. "Again, at the expensive of your own," Angie seethed.

At police headquarters after graduation, Frankie complimented Natalia, who beamed with excitement about the new badge on her uniform. When Frankie commented that her pinning was a big deal, Natalia sullenly replied that it wasn't to their father. Frankie assured an unconvinced Natalia that Jesse had to have been doing something very important, and the two joked about a cadet's antics during the ceremony. Frankie invited her for a beer, but Natalia said that her first shift was that evening. Upon leaving, Frankie warned her not to write him any tickets.

Brot approached Natalia to show off the new uniform that he'd received after passing his entrance exam. He congratulated her on her badge, and she said it had been a long road to receiving it. Brot remarked that it wouldn't be long for him, because his military experience had exempted him from some of the courses. Just then, an officer handed Natalia a gun and assigned her to transport security. She stared gravely at the weapon, hoping that she'd never have to use it.

Frankie went to work and told his mother that the graduation had gone well, except for the part where Jesse hadn't shown up. When Angie seemed tense about it, Frankie worried that Jesse had missed the graduation because Madison had returned. Angie insisted that she was just busy, and Madison was long gone. Frankie took some of her caseload and left.

In Kendall's hospital room, Aidan suspected Erica had bailed him out so that he'd be indebted to Kendall. Kendall admitted that she needed Aidan's help, and it would require him to break every condition of his bail. Aidan wondered if Kendall understood what she was asking of him. Kendall knew that it was illegal, and Zach would feel betrayed; however, she couldn't bear the alternative. Aidan said if they did it, there was no turning back.

In the corridor, Erica forbade Jesse from disrupting Kendall's rest, and Jesse questioned Erica's motives behind posting Aidan's bail. Erica felt that Aidan deserved a medal, not jail time, for trying to get the truth out of Annie. Jesse called Aidan's kidnapping plot idiotic and reckless.

Later, a guard told Jesse that a lawyer was visiting Kendall. When Aidan exited the room, Jesse growled, "Counselor?" The guard announced that they would transfer Kendall in thirty minutes. Jesse ordered Aidan to cease whatever plan he was concocting. Aidan left, saying that Jesse worried too much.

Outside Emma's room, Zach asked Ryan to look after Ian, but Ryan demanded to know why. Zach reluctantly replied that he couldn't care for Ian himself because he'd be in prison. Ryan pressed Zach to tell him what was going on, but a frustrated Zach replied that Ryan was the only person that he could trust. Zach asked if Ryan would keep Ian until they got Annie. Ryan wanted Annie put away more than anything and agreed to help for Emma's sake, not Zach's.

In the hideout, Kendall's double scuffled with Liza, bashed her over the head, and escaped. Liza called Zach, worried that because the double was at large, the authorities would discover that Kendall hadn't been imprisoned. Zach cryptically said that he had it under control, and they didn't need the double anymore. Liza wanted to help, and he asked her to check on Ian.

Zach hung up on Liza and called the D.A. to meet him at the hospital. Erica overheard the call and asked what Zach was up to. Zach asked if she'd talked to Kendall. When Erica replied that they'd discussed bailing Aidan out, Zach grimaced and boarded the elevator.

When the elevator doors opened on Kendall's floor, Zach saw Aidan and said, "Whatever she asked you to do, the answer is no." Aidan said that Kendall wanted to ensure that he hadn't given up on the Annie situation. Zach dismissively replied that Ryan was handling it. Aidan huffed that he'd gotten closer to the truth than any of them, and everything would have worked out if Adam hadn't shown up. Zach ordered Aidan to stay out of it.

In Kendall's room, Jesse pleaded with Kendall to talk Zach out of his false confession because it wouldn't help anyone. Kendall reasoned that their plan would save their accomplices from jail time. He worried about her sons, but she was resigned that Ryan would have to care for them. Jesse stated that Kendall had lost it the last time Zach had falsely confessed to a crime and wondered what had changed. "This time, there's no way out," Zach said as he entered.

Jesse left, and Zach demanded to know what Kendall was planning with Aidan. She insisted that she was enlisting Aidan's help so that Ryan didn't have to handle Annie alone. Kendall didn't want to spend the little time they had left fighting. Zach climbed into her bed to hold her, and she said it was unfair that they'd lose each other after they'd just found each other again. She made him promise that no matter how long it took, they'd be together again. Zach said he'd never accept anything less.

Jesse encountered Liza in the corridor, and she informed him that the double was missing. She found it strange that Zach wasn't upset about it and hadn't mentioned it to Jesse. When Jesse also seemed oddly calm about it, Liza suspected that Zach was planning something. Jesse replied that she'd get her answers after Kendall and Zach said their goodbyes.

An officer notified Jesse that transport security had arrived, and Jesse alerted Kendall that it was time to leave. After a tearful goodbye with his wife, Zach went into the hallway and asked Liza to give his love to Ian. Zach said he was headed to a meeting with the D.A., and Liza asked what was going on. Zach walked away, replying that he was protecting the people that he loved.

Back in Kendall's room, Aidan knocked out a guard as the guard prepared Kendall for transport. Aidan and Kendall took the elevator to the ground floor. When Jesse and some officers spotted them, Aidan took Kendall hostage. With his gun drawn, Aidan said that if the cops moved, Kendall was dead. Jesse ordered the officers to stand down.

Liza pursued Zach to his meeting with the D.A. Before Zach could explain the reason for the meeting, they heard officers yelling about an escape attempt. Liza and Zach took off in the direction of the standoff, where Jesse was telling Aidan that things didn't have to escalate. Aidan whispered to Kendall that they would run on the count of three. Just as Aidan reached three, Natalia slipped up behind him and fired her gun. Aidan dodged downward, and Kendall slipped out a side door. Zach yelled her name.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam comforted Annie, promising her that he'd pull strings with a judge to get her in to see Emma. He assured her that she wasn't alone, and he wouldn't let the truth damage Emma. Scott entered to say that he'd gotten the judge to draw up a court order granting Annie access to Emma. When Adam questioned Scott's motives, Scott replied that he'd done it for their family and added, "We all want the same thing."

Adam left the room as he called to thank the judge. Annie thanked Scott for his help. She wondered if he desired revenge for his father's death. Scott resentfully replied that he couldn't seek revenge or justice without hurting more people. Annie said that she pondered the "what ifs" of that night every day of her life. Scott contended that no matter how many ways the evening could have played out, Stuart still would have been dead.

Scott wondered what path Annie would have taken if she could do it again. Annie reasoned that Emma wouldn't be in a coma if Annie had left with the girl that night. Scott countered that if Annie had left, she wouldn't be marrying Adam. She acknowledged that she was lucky to start her life over with Adam. Just then, the court papers arrived, and Scott offered to accompany Annie to the hospital. Annie said he'd done enough. She kissed his cheek and left.

Adam returned, thanking Scott for his support. Adam worried about Emma, saying that if her memories surfaced, they'd cause irreparable damage. Scott toasted to that never happening.

Erica visited Emma and wondered what it would take for Emma to wake up. Though Erica offered the child a room full of stuffed animals and a serenade from her favorite singer, she figured the best reason for Emma to awaken was to hug her father. Erica said that Emma's father would fulfill her every wish if she'd just wake up.

Ryan sat at Emma's bedside later, telling her that Ian would live with them. Ryan begged her to wake up for him. Annie entered, handed him the court order, and said she had every right to be there. Ryan quipped that it had to have been cramped quarters for the judge who lived in Adam's pocket. Annie said Ryan couldn't keep her from her daughter. "We'll see," he said.

Frankie and Angie entered and asked Emma's parents to wait outside during Emma's neurological check. Annie and Ryan moved to the corridor, where they bickered about their love for their daughter. Ryan challenged Annie to prove her love by confessing. Ryan didn't know why Emma would want to wake up after being burdened with her mother's murderous secret. He said that Emma might wake up and smile again if Annie did the right thing.

Friday, October 16, 2009

David and Amanda briefly discussed the information about Kendall's escape from the hospital. Amanda didn't believe that Kendall could have shot Stuart. David reminded her of why Kendall had been at the Chandler mansion and said that people went to incredible lengths for their children. Amanda's phone emitted a chime and interrupted the conversation. Amanda checked her phone and found a message that read, "Escape."

The text messages continued, and Amanda explained that they were just spam. Amanda then said that she needed to go shopping, and David offered to make it a family event. Amanda told him that she would be fine on her own, but David said that he had taken the day off so they could spend quality time with their son. Amanda acquiesced and set out to find the stroller.

Ryan watched Annie as she slept with Emma in their daughter's hospital bed. He stepped away into the nearby waiting room, and Erica found Ryan just as he punched the wall. Erica suggested that he vent his anger by talking. Ryan mentioned that he was frustrated at how Adam had used his money, power, and influence to grant Annie access to Emma. Erica suggested that Ryan use the time to elicit a confession out of Annie. Ryan felt that getting Annie to be truthful had become an impossible feat.

Ryan asked Erica if she had an update on Kendall. Erica said that Kendall was still on the run then suddenly became apologetic. Ryan questioned her mood shift, and Erica confessed that she'd helped Kendall to escape. Erica admitted that she had bailed Aidan out of jail but hadn't known about the plan to help Kendall escape. They agreed that Annie was to blame, and Ryan confessed that he'd stayed up all night to watch Annie because he couldn't trust what she would do next.

Erica suggested that he needed a break, but Ryan insisted that he couldn't leave the hospital. Erica told him that they could take a break by closing their eyes and imagining they were somewhere else. Ryan gave in and was able to relax some as she described a peaceful scene. When she was done, Ryan said that a hug would go a long way, as well. Annie watched from around a corner as Erica fell into Ryan's arms.

Annie broke up the tender moment with condescending talk about how hard Kendall's escape had to have been on Erica. Erica feigned ignorance and instead offered to buy Annie a coffee. After they purchased their coffee, Annie noted that Erica might be able to share how best to help Emma through an extended comatose state, because Erica had done the same thing with Kendall. Erica said that the first thing Annie needed to master was uncovering actual love for Emma. Annie was irate over Erica's implication that she didn't care about Emma.

Annie pointed out that Erica shouldn't act like a better person, because Erica had made mistakes with her children. Erica admitted as much but said that she had learned from her mistakes to put her children first, which Annie would never do. Annie pointed to Erica's attachment to Ryan as soon as Kendall was taken to jail as proof that Erica hadn't learned as much as she claimed. The conversation between Erica and Annie continued to break down until Erica proclaimed that Annie would end up in hell for all the destruction she caused.

As Liza watched, Zach railed against the questions D.A. Willis fired off at the police station. Zach insisted that he didn't know where Kendall and Aidan had run off to, but Jesse's arrival stalled further questioning. Jesse informed the trio that he hadn't located Kendall and Aidan, but the bullet Natalia had fired had been retrieved from the wall. Zach thought the bullet had missed its intended target, but Jesse said blood had been found in the parking lot.

Jesse said the blood was in the process of being typed then stepped away to take a call. Zach made some noise about leaving, and the D.A. grabbed his arm to prevent that from happening. Zach lashed out and demanded that the D.A. never touch him again. Liza interjected that Zach had cooperated all night and should be allowed to take a break. She then walked into an interrogation room with Zach and told him that his behavior made him more suspect. She asked Zach for details of his plan to talk to Willis before Kendall had escaped. Zach confessed that he had planned to take the blame for everything so that Kendall would go free.

Jesse joined them in the interrogation room and revealed the blood type of the sample. Zach immediately knew that Kendall hadn't been hit. Jesse apologized for the methods that needed to be used to track Kendall down, but Zach noted that neither of them was at fault because Kendall had failed to keep them informed. Jesse left to check on Natalia, and Liza noted that Zach was probably relieved to know that Kendall hadn't been harmed.

Zach said he would only be relieved when Kendall returned to Pine Valley where she belonged. Liza thought that what Kendall had done took courage, but Zach said Kendall had gone crazy and put herself in danger. Liza pointed out that Aidan had done well to protect Kendall because he had taken a bullet. Zach added that because Kendall would be on the run with a wounded man, it would only be a matter of time before they were found.

Zach paced around the interrogation room then said that he needed to talk to Willis. Liza said that if he proceeded with his original plan, both he and Kendall would go to jail, and Kendall would have escaped for nothing. Zach demanded that Liza not try to tell him what to do, but Liza claimed that she was trying to be the rational friend Zach needed. Zach fired her from her presumed post, and Liza acted as though she was glad to leave. When Zach told her to tell her family that he said hi, she used that moment to remind Zach that she had Ian in her care and spotlighted Zach's recklessness behavior.

When D.A. Willis and Jesse joined Zach in the interrogation room, Willis announced that Jesse had made a good case for Zach's release. Willis stated that Zach should be honest about any involvement, as it would most likely mean an easier conviction. Zach declined to confess, and the D.A. left. Jesse informed Zach that the U.S. Marshals were assisting in the hunt for Kendall, and there was no guarantee of the level of force the marshals would use to do their job. Fearful for her safety, Zach took off without a second thought.

Aidan woke Kendall up with his groans of pain, and Kendall offered to call for help. Aidan banned her from making any calls. He told her that they would be found if she did so, and Kendall said that she was willing to take that risk. Aidan promised that he would be okay as long as she did as he asked. Kendall gave Aidan the water he requested then begged him to rest so that he could heal. Aidan insisted that they needed to get moving, but they froze when they heard the stable door open.

AMC Recap Photo 091016 Jake only took a few steps into the stable before Amanda joined him. They quickly locked lips and shared some sweet talk before Jake made it clear that he intended to use the hayloft to make love to Amanda. He swept her into his arms and put his plan into action but stopped as quickly as he started when Kendall pointed a gun at them. Jake set Amanda on her feet and shielded her from the gun with his body.

Jake tried to reason with Kendall. Kendall claimed that she was innocent of Stuart's murder and said she had only run because she hadn't had a choice. Jake said he believed her and reminded her of another time when he'd helped her to escape. Amanda promised that she and Jake were on Kendall's side, and Kendall finally believed in them. She lowered the gun and begged them to help Aidan.

As Jake checked Aidan's wound, Aidan demanded that they avoid the hospital and police. Reluctantly, Jake asked Amanda to go up to the house and procure all medicine and bandages she could find. Amanda did as asked, but just when she spotted David's medical bag, the man himself showed up in the living room and checked to see if Amanda had found the stroller. Amanda deftly covered her tracks, and when they heard Trevor cry through the baby monitor, she used their son as a way to distract David. Once David went to tend to Trevor, Amanda grabbed as many supplies as she was able to hold out of David's black bag.

Jake told Aidan that the bullet had passed through his arm, but Aidan's only concern was that Amanda hadn't returned yet. He told Jake that the wound needed to be patched up quickly so that he and Kendall could get back on the road. At the house, Amanda managed to sneak out with the medical supplies, but David, who had hidden outside the house, saw her escape and wondered what Amanda was up to.

Liza arrived home and found the house in shambles and a distraught Bailey trying to quiet Stuart. Liza stepped in and accomplished the job, and Bailey proclaimed that Liza's ease with her son was unfair. Liza told Bailey that Stuart was still getting used to Bailey. When Liza saw that Bailey was still upset, she tried to comfort Bailey and Stuart at the same time.

After Liza put Stuart down for a nap, Bailey asked why Liza had been so nice to her. Liza admitted that she wanted to get rid of Bailey but knew that the best thing for Stuart was to let Bailey into his life. The baby started crying again, and Liza encouraged Bailey to try again with Stuart. Bailey carried Stuart out into the living room and Liza helped her teach the baby to smile. Spurred on by the joy she saw on Stuart's face, Bailey talked openly about the bond she felt growing between her and Stuart. Liza tried to be supportive, but her crestfallen face revealed how dismayed she felt over the connection.

Bailey put Stuart back down and decided to have an honest conversation with Liza. She admitted that her parents hadn't pushed her into giving her baby up for adoption. Rather, they had told Bailey that the decision was up to her, but Bailey said that she had never wanted that responsibility. Bailey said that she'd made a rash decision but regretted it once she realized how empty she felt without her son.

Jake was able to patch Aidan up and suggested that both Kendall and Aidan have something to eat before they left. Amanda offered to get something from the stable fridge, and Kendall took the opportunity to talk to Jake alone. Kendall asked him to get in touch with Zach and give him a letter without telling Zach their location, and Jake promised to follow through.

Zach found Ryan at the hospital and updated him with what he knew about Kendall. Zach then revealed his plan to track Kendall down himself and asked Ryan to care for Ian while they were gone. Ryan agreed but said that he would not find a way to get Ian back to his parents once the frenzy over the location of the Slaters died down. Zach was flummoxed at Ryan's refusal, but Ryan said that the Slaters would become moving targets, and he wouldn't help Ian into the crossfire.

Zach said he didn't have any other choice but to go after Kendall, but Ryan felt that Kendall's panicked reflex would wear off and that she would return on her own. Zach questioned why Kendall had chosen to run off with Aidan, but instead of answering, Ryan asked why Zach had chosen to confide in Ryan. Zach answered that if Ryan didn't help him find Kendall, Zach could lose his wife, and Ryan could lose his daughter.

Amanda was amazed at the revelation that Annie had killed Stuart and asked Kendall how she planned to clear her name while on the run. Kendall said that while Ryan and Zach sought to have Annie charged with murder, she would protect her husband by staying away.

Jake approached Zach and Ryan and asked to speak with Zach privately. Ryan went back into Emma's room, and Jake led Zach to a private corner before he admitted that he'd seen Kendall. Zach demanded to know where his wife was, but Jake made it clear that he would not break the vow of silence he had given to Kendall. He then handed Zach the letter that Kendall had written.

Jake slipped away as Zach read Kendall's request that he not try to track her down. As soon as Zach finished reading the letter, he took a call from Jesse and found out that the police had a lead on Kendall's whereabouts. A short time later, Jesse showed up at the hospital and said that a chopper had spotted a blue car that appeared similar to the one Aidan and Kendall had used to escape. Jesse asked if Zach wanted to tag along, but Zach said that the police should let them get away.

Ryan talked to Emma in hopes that she could hear his words of love and encouragement. Erica stopped by and found out that Zach had visited the hospital. She suggested that Ryan get some rest, and then left to head down to the police station to see if she could find additional information on Kendall. When Ryan walked Erica out of the room, Emma briefly squeezed the stuffed animal that lay under her hand.

Aidan went to get some additional food for him and Kendall to take on the road, while Amanda offered to gather some blankets. As she did that, the door swung open, and the only person David could see was Kendall. David demanded to know why Kendall was there; he didn't see Amanda as she swung a shovel over her head and hit David. Aidan ran back in when he heard the commotion. Kendall thought that David might be dead, but Amanda told them not to worry about David and encouraged them to run.

Annie rejoined Ryan in Emma's room but soon drove him out with her caustic words. Ryan warned Annie that he could see the room from where he was headed and told her not to try anything. Once he left the room, Annie told Emma that it was just the two of them. With her eyes closed, Emma asked her mother if she was allowed to open her eyes yet.

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