One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 14, 2009 on OLTL

Starr and Hope were rescued. Brody, John, Fish, and Bo were honored for their bravery in the rescue. Dorian decided to take Lowell's spot in the mayoral race, and she hired David to run her campaign. Fish's parents arrived in town and were unhappy to find out that their son had a gay roommate. Fish revealed that he was the one that was gay, not Cristian. Cole received his GED. Téa called off her wedding to Todd.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 14, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Dasvidania, Comrade

After leading Starr and Hope to safety, Brody struggled with Sergei's henchman, who stabbed Brody in the chest with a sharp metal object. As John prepared to help the wounded officer, Sergei placed a gun in John's back. Threatening to kill John, Sergei ordered him to drop his weapon. John managed to get the upper hand on Sergei, and the two men struggled over Sergei's gun. As the men fought, Sergei accidentally shot himself and fell through a nearby window. As Sergei's motionless body dangled through the window pane, John stood over him and exclaimed, "Dasvidania, Comrade!"

After critically wounding Brody, the Russian pointed his revolver at Brody, but Bo rushed into the room and shot Brody's attacker. As blood gushed from Brody's body, Bo urged the soldier to hang on until help arrived.

At Llanview Hospital, Rachel and Matthew stood vigil with Destiny and her parents, and awaited word on Shaun's condition. After informing Rachel that Matthew had contacted her about Shaun's accident, Nora thanked her son for realizing that they needed to be together. As Destiny continued to brag about Greg's surgical capabilities, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, and Rachel worried about the outcome of Shaun's surgery.

Privately, Rachel and Nora discussed Rachel's relationship with Shaun. Stating that her feelings for Shaun weren't romantic, Rachel admitted that she and Greg did share a few special moments together. Consumed with guilt, Rachel told her mother that she regretted not telling Shaun the truth about her feelings for him. Offering her daughter support, Nora told Rachel that she had done the right thing. Acknowledging that Rachel had decided to spare Shaun's feelings after the accident, Nora told Rachel that everything would be fine if Rachel told Shaun the truth after he recovered.

Meanwhile, inside the operating room, Greg assured Shaun that the surgery would be a success. Greg was touched when Shaun related that he trusted his brother with his life. As a confident Greg prepared to perform surgery on his brother, he was shocked when Vivian entered and advised him that she would be assisting him. Greg argued that he was capable of operating on his brother, but Vivian expressed her concern that Greg had emotional ties to the case. Vivian stated that if Greg hesitated for one moment, it could result in Shaun's death. Greg allowed Vivian to assist in the surgery, but was confident that he would single-handedly save his brother's life. Upon removing the bullet fragment from the base of Shaun's brain, Greg boasted about his skillful work.

Back inside the waiting area, a nurse informed the Evans family that the surgery had been completed, and that Dr. Evans would later answer their questions. Everyone was pleased to learn that the surgery was over, but expressed a slight concern about the limited update on Shaun's post-surgical condition.

Once the surgery was completed, Greg became alarmed when he examined Shaun's x-rays and learned that a small piece of the bullet fragment was lodged inside Shaun's brain stem. With a look of horror, Greg explained to Vivian that the fragment was embedded deep inside the base of Shaun's brain. Greg feared that he might cause severe damage to his brother if he tried to remove the fragment. Vivian reminded Greg that there was no other alternative. Moments later, as he prepared to operate on his brother for the second time, a panicked Greg confided in Vivian that he didn't think he was capable of performing the surgery. Reminding him that he was the best qualified surgeon, Vivian convinced Greg to perform the surgery.

John arrived at the hospital to learn the condition of both Shaun and Brody. John informed everyone that Starr and Hope were safe. Shaun's parents were pleased when John referred to their son as a hero.

At Rodi's, Gigi shared her suspicions concerning Stacy with Schuyler. Explaining that she had discovered an empty home pregnancy test box inside Stacy's trash, Gigi wondered why a pregnant woman would be in possession of the kit. As Gigi commented that Stacy might not be pregnant with Rex's child, Schuyler had flashbacks of his recent encounter with Stacy. Unable to recall what had actually taken place between him and Stacy, Schuyler listened to Gigi's suspicions, but remained silent about his possible involvement. While Gigi continued to accuse Stacy of trapping Rex, Natalie approached and was stunned to learn of Stacy's pregnancy. Schuyler appeared sad when Natalie assured Gigi that no one would ever succeed at causing the breakup of Gigi and Rex.

At the clinic, Stacy and Kim nearly panicked when Rex asked the doctor for information regarding a paternity test. In an attempt to deflect Rex's questioning, Stacy accused Rex of not loving their child. As Stacy and Kim continued to criticize Rex's behavior toward the unborn child, Rex became annoyed and asked the doctor to explain how far along Stacy was in her pregnancy. Stacy and Kim's prayers were answered when the doctor received an emergency phone call. Dismissing Rex's questions, the doctor presented him with a pamphlet concerning his role as a father, and rushed off to her patient. Afterward, Stacy begged Rex not to punish their child because of his feelings for her. A frustrated Rex promised to support Stacy and their unborn child.

Back at Rodi's, Clint expressed his happiness regarding Jessica's relationship with Brody. Clint was surprised when Jessica confided in her father that Brody was working undercover for Bo. Thrilled by her blossoming relationship with Brody, Jessica assured Clint that the dangerous undercover operation was nearly completed and that Brody would soon sail through the police academy, safe and sound. Seconds later, Jessica received a call from Bo, informing her that Brody had been injured.

Nearby, Schuyler suggested that Gigi tell Rex about discovering the home pregnancy test box. Gigi feared that Rex would look down upon her if he learned that she had rummaged through Stacy's trash. Advising her to trust her own instincts, Schuyler reminded Gigi that she had reason to be suspicious of Stacy. Schuyler's words of wisdom convinced Gigi to tell Rex the truth. After having another flashback of his rendezvous with Stacy, Schuyler quickly excused himself and rushed out of the bar.

Back at the clinic, Stacy and Kim plotted their next move. Stacy wondered how they would pull off a paternity switch, but Kim came up with a plan. While the two women strategized, Schuyler appeared and demanded to know if he and Stacy had slept together the night she had tried to seduce him. After informing Schuyler that they didn't have sex that day, Stacy and Kim rushed out into the hall. While Schuyler observed them through the window, a nervous Stacy told Kim that Schuyler might uncover her secret. Easing Stacy's fears, Kim promised that everything would work out in Stacy's favor.

Rex paid Gigi a visit at Rodi's. When Gigi told Rex about her discovery, Rex dismissed her suspicions. Gigi expressed her belief that Rex hadn't fathered Stacy's child, but Rex was adamant that it was a strong possibility that he was the father. Informing Gigi that he planned to be a father to his child, a frustrated Rex walked away. Observing Rex as he read the pamphlet that he had received from the doctor, Gigi dropped the home pregnancy test box in the trash.

Greg removed the bullet fragment, but Shaun's blood pressure continued to drop. Greg and his staff used the defibrillator to resuscitate Shaun. Meanwhile, Brody was rushed into the emergency room. As the doctors tried to save Brody's life, they feared that he had lost an enormous amount of blood. While Jessica observed the doctors tend to Brody through the examination room window, she cried, "Dear God, not again!" Clint, Nora, and Natalie consoled a grief-stricken Jessica.

Moments later, the doctors removed the metal object from Brody's abdomen, and his blood pressure became stable. Meanwhile, Shaun's condition continued to decline.

Later, Greg entered the waiting room and approached his family. As they bombarded him with questions about Shaun's condition, a devastated Greg stood silent.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Calling All Angels

In Brody's hospital room, the doctor explained to Jessica that they would have to operate on Brody in order to clear out debris left by the rusty spear that Brody had been impaled with. Jessica was anxious until the doctor assured her that Brody would recover. Brody had sensed Jessica's distress; he promised Jessica that he would be fine. Brody realized that Jessica was reliving the horror of what had happened to Nash. Jessica didn't deny it.

In the hallway, Nora hugged Clint while Bo embraced his niece after they realized that Brody was stable. Nora and Bo's eyes briefly connected before they purposefully looked away. Nora decided to update Rachel and Shaun about Brody's condition. After Nora walked away, Clint, Bo, and Natalie joined Jessica and Brody in the hospital room.

Bo congratulated Brody for rescuing Starr and Hope. Bo had been so impressed with Brody's performance that he had decided that Brody could skip the police academy in order to join the Llanview Police Department as soon as he was able. Clint and Natalie were happy for Brody, but Jessica didn't say anything. Brody noticed Jessica's reaction, but didn't comment on it. Meanwhile, Clint took the opportunity to thank Brody for his heroic efforts.

Clint revealed that he had been praying for a miracle for Jessica. Clint considered Brody to be Jessica's miracle. Clint added that he thought Asa would have liked Brody immensely. Natalie confided to Brody that Clint rarely had such high praise for anyone. Brody was honored, especially when Clint invited Brody to call him "Clint." After the Buchanans had filed out of the room, Brody asked Jessica what was wrong.

Jessica revealed that he had gone from entering the police academy to being a cop within days; she thought she would have more time to talk Brody out of joining the police force. Brody was confused; he thought that Jessica had supported his decision to become a police officer. Jessica confessed that she hadn't realized just how dangerous the job was until Brody had been injured. Brody understood how deeply affected Jessica was. He offered to follow another career path if it would ease Jessica's worries.

Brody explained that Jessica and Bree were everything to him; they made him happy. Brody would gladly choose them over being a cop. Jessica appreciated Brody's sensitivity, but she refused to allow him to turn his back on a dream. Jessica reminded Brody that no one had foreseen Nash's death. Jessica half-joked that at least she could be prepared for the worst if Brody went into law enforcement.

Brody offered to quit as soon as the job became too much for Jessica to handle. Jessica appreciated Brody's consideration. Moments later, a nurse popped in to let Brody know that he would be taken to surgery soon.

Greg stood in the waiting room facing his family, Rachel, and Matthew. He was forced to deliver the devastating news that Shaun had slipped into a coma during the surgery. Destiny immediately lashed out at Greg and blamed him for Shaun's condition. She wept as she pounded on Greg's chest.

Greg explained that when he had removed the bullet fragment, a piece had splintered off; Shaun had gone into cardiac arrest. Greg warned his family that Shaun could be in a persistent coma. Destiny felt betrayed, but her parents insisted that Greg had been trying to help his brother. Nora stood behind Rachel, stunned by the news; she whispered to Rachel, "I thought Shaun was stable." Rachel confirmed that everyone had believed that Shaun would be fine.

After Destiny ran off, Greg's father tried to understand what had happened. Greg revealed that a bullet fragment, the size of a grain of sand, had become embedded in a blood vessel. Added to the trauma of a second surgery, Shaun's heart gave out. They managed to resuscitate Shaun, but his brain had suffered a deep trauma. Phylicia Evans asked Greg if he had performed the surgery before with similar results.

Greg tearfully admitted that all of the previous surgeries had been successful. Phylicia looked at Greg with condemnation as she asked, "So why today? Why with your brother?" Greg's father tried to comfort his wife, while Greg struggled to answer his mother's questions. Greg explained that much about the brain was unknown. Greg wished that he had the answers, but there were so many variables that he didn't know what Shaun's fate would be.

Phylicia reminded Greg that he hadn't told her any of that before the surgery. Instead, Greg had promised that everything would be okay. Greg appeared stricken before he turned away from his parents in shame. Nora quickly approached the Evanses and offered to take them to recovery, so that they could see Shaun. Rachel turned to follow Greg, who had walked away.

Rachel found Greg a short time later. He remained visibly shaken and anguished over what had happened. Greg was certain that his actions had led to Shaun's coma. Greg admitted to Rachel that he had gone too deep into the brain in an attempt to reach the bullet fragment. He confided that Vivian had realized it and she had cautioned him. Rachel reminded Greg that Shaun would have died if the fragment had not been removed from his brain. Greg believed that Shaun would rather be dead than in a coma.

Greg walked away again, so Rachel followed him. In a moment of brutal honesty, Greg admitted that he had wanted to impress Rachel and his family by sweeping in and saving Shaun. Rachel pointed out that Shaun had trusted Greg. Greg shot back that Rachel had not trusted him; she had objected to Matthew's surgery. Rachel insisted that the situations were different; Shaun had needed life-saving surgery, Matthew had not.

Rachel believed that Greg was hiding behind his guilt because he didn't want to admit that he was scared to death of losing his brother. Greg had a violent reaction. He kicked around furniture and knocked over tables until security arrived. Before they could grab Greg, Greg ran out of the hospital.

Matthew found Destiny in the hospital's chapel. Destiny was angry and crying. Matthew suggested that Shaun's coma was not Greg's fault. Destiny was stunned as she wondered if Matthew was blaming Shaun. Matthew clarified that the person who was responsible for Shaun's coma was the person who had shot Shaun. Matthew added that things could be worse for Shaun; he could be dead or paralyzed.

Destiny recalled an argument that she'd had with Shaun. Shaun had accused her of favoring Greg. At the time, she'd been so angry that she had agreed with Shaun. Destiny was heartbroken because she might never have an opportunity to tell Shaun that she didn't favor Greg over him. Destiny also regretted not treating Shaun with more respect. Matthew was certain that Shaun knew how much Destiny loved him.

Destiny stood up, as if she was about to leave, but then she was overcome with emotion. She dropped to her knees, folded her arms on a chair, and then dropped her head to sob. Matthew slowly pulled himself out of his wheelchair, sat on the floor next to Destiny, and then gently stroked her back as she cried.

Todd, Blair, Cole, and Marty were gathered at the police station while they awaited Starr and Hope's arrival. As soon as Starr stepped into the squad room, Cole approached her and Hope. Blair, Todd, and Marty soon joined the reunion. Starr told everyone about her terrifying ordeal before she asked about Brody and Shaun.

John assured Starr that Brody would recover. Todd wondered what had possessed John to involve a kid in an undercover drug bust. Starr snapped that Todd had been responsible for what had happened because he had not trusted her. Marty reminded everyone that it wasn't the time to blame anyone for anything; they should all be grateful that they had survived.

Moments later, Bo entered. When he announced that Shaun had slipped into a coma during his second surgery, everyone was shocked. Starr felt guilty because Shaun had been shot while trying to rescue her from Sergei. Blair admitted that she'd always viewed Shaun as indestructible. Todd was oddly silent for a moment before he suggested that they all leave.

Marty remained at the station with John and Bo. When Bo inquired if John was okay, John turned around and then walked out without uttering a sound. Marty hesitated a moment and then followed John. A short time later, Nora dropped off a bag from Rodi's for Bo and then left without comment.

As John emerged from his bedroom after a shower, someone knocked on his door. It was Marty. John invited her in. When they settled on the sofa, Marty reminded John of all the good that he had done. He'd brought down a corrupt mayor, busted an illegal drug ring, and saved Starr and Hope. John didn't respond, so Marty informed him that she intended to spend the night with him. John reached up and then gently touched her face. Later, the two made love.

At La Boulaie, Blair sat on the bottom of the staircase with Todd. She sensed that Todd was troubled; he admitted that he felt responsible for what had happened to Shaun. Todd also felt bad because he had treated Shaun like a manservant rather than a bodyguard. Blair reminded Todd that Shaun had loved his job and knew the risks that he had faced.

To Blair's surprise, Todd stood up as he announced that he had to leave. Blair wondered where he was going. Todd revealed that Téa was waiting for him. Blair was pensive as she watched Todd leave through the front door.

In Starr's bedroom, Starr confessed that she was grateful that Cole would not have to go to Statesville Prison. However, she regretted that Shaun had paid the price for Cole's freedom.

Today's episode featured the song, "Time" by Ben's Brothers

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Courage Tastes Of Blood"

At the police station, Bo sat in his office reading the front page of the Sun, which hailed John, Brody, Fish, and Cole's bravery during the drug sting. Then, he examined four medal cases on his desk. An officer entered the office and told him that the men he wanted had taken the day off. Bo wasn't worried; he said he had a plan to bring those men in.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Cole rejoiced in being together again, safe and sound. Cole wanted to get more "alone time" with Starr, but Starr cryptically said they had other obligations for the day.

In the drawing room, Langston and Dorian had breakfast. Langston was stunned that Mayor Lowell had turned out to be the ringleader behind the drug trafficking. Starr and Cole entered, and asked Dorian about Shaun. Dorian told them that Shaun's prognosis wasn't good. The teens were angered at the thought that Todd had gone to Lowell, blowing Cole's cover and leaving Starr, Hope, and Shaun in danger.

Squirming, Dorian admitted that she was the one responsible for outing Cole to Lowell. The kids were incensed, but Dorian said she hadn't known about Lowell's crimes and had meant no harm. She begged their forgiveness, which they grudgingly gave. Dorian tore into Lowell, calling him an arrogant narcissist. The kids couldn't believe that Lowell had yet to resign, and Langston was shocked when Dorian haltingly revealed that she had yet to quit as his campaign manager. Under pressure from her daughter, Dorian agreed to confront Lowell at the police station, quit, and singlehandedly force him to resign.

After Dorian flounced out, Starr convinced Cole to get dressed up in a suit. Cole didn't understand why the pomp and circumstance was needed to visit the station and give a simple statement, but Starr fibbed and said he had to look his best. As Langston took in Hope, and Cole walked to the car, Starr and Langston enjoyed a private secret. Starr said Cole didn't suspect a thing, and Langston promised that she would watch everything on television.

At Llanview Hospital, Viki and Charlie greeted Jessica and the recovering Brody in Brody's hospital room. The Bankses were full of praise for Brody's heroics, and pleased to learn Brody intended to stay on the force. Jessica was furious at the thought that someone had exposed Cole to Mayor Lowell, and that had led to the kidnapping of Starr and Hope. Viki said that whoever had named Cole needed to be locked up.

Charlie brought up the mayoral race, realizing that with Lowell behind bars, Viki would be running unopposed. Viki wasn't so sure, and reminded them that Lowell had refused to resign. Jessica was outraged, and said he was responsible for everything that had happened to Starr and "Chloe" -- then corrected herself by saying "Hope." As Viki comforted her, Jessica tearfully admitted that Hope was still very close to her heart. Brody said he'd known that when he'd gone on his rescue mission, and would've done anything to protect the people Jessica loved.

At the station, David and his camera crew, consisting of Ford and Markko, accosted Bo in his office. "It's 'Take Your Kid To Work Day!'" David declared. David introduced his reluctant father to the camera, and called him a local hero. Bo barked at the crew to get out, banishing them from the room. David remained, eager to connect to "Dad" any way he could. David said he knew Bo was just lashing out at David because Bo was angry with Matthew over the lawsuit, but Bo said that wasn't true. David noticed the medals of honor laid out on Bo's desk, and snatched one up over his father's protests. Approaching his tense father, David awkwardly pinned one of the medals to Bo's chest, and said that no matter what Bo thought of him, he knew his father deserved a commendation as much as his officers, even if he would never admit it.

At John's apartment, John and Marty basked in the afterglow of their second night together. Sated, Marty told John it was even better than she'd remembered. John told her he was taking the day off and urged her to do the same. Marty said she had patients, but could fit one more round of lovemaking in. Afterwards, noticing he was distracted, Marty told John that he wasn't responsible for Shaun's condition. She told him to go to work, and bask in the glory of having done something good. John could tell Marty was up to something, but she remained coy.

At Fish's apartment, Oliver awoke to find Cristian and Layla making a celebratory breakfast for the conquering hero, complete with a framed copy of the Sun. Fish was touched by his roommates' gesture, and Cris and Layla assured him he deserved it for his courage. Layla told Fish that Bo had ordered him into work, even though, like John, he'd wanted to take the day off. Oliver moaned that he was stressed enough with his parents coming to town, as they were still unaware of his sexual orientation. When Cristian presented him with the How To Tell Your Parents You're Gay book, Oliver freaked out, and said he couldn't possibly come out to his ultra-conservative family. Cristian agreed to leave it up to him.

At the Buenos Dias Cafe, Kyle and Roxy enjoyed a meal together. Roxy said she hadn't seen Kyle in awhile, and asked if he and Fish had reunited. Referring to Nick, Kyle said he was seeing someone else, who'd encouraged him to clean up his act and get re-admitted to medical school. He wished he could share his new life with Oliver, but said that his ex was too deeply closeted to associate with him again.

Back at John's, John and Marty dressed. When John stepped outside, he found David and his crew on his doorstep. David began yammering into the camera about the black-garbed knight of Llanview, but didn't get far before John flung him down the hallway and slammed the door in the trio's faces.

Fed up, Ford told David the reality show was over. Markko said he couldn't miss his first day of college classes, and Ford blamed David for blowing their budget on paying Matthew's legal fees. David couldn't believe his dream was dying. "We're done, David," Ford said, walking out.

Inside John's apartment, Marty pushed him once more to go down to the station. John finally agreed.

At the Lllanview Police Station, Dorian navigated a media circus to enter Bo's office. She asked him what the crowd was for, and Bo said there was going to be a press conference about the undercover operation. Bo confronted Dorian about blowing Cole's cover, and Dorian insisted it was an honest mistake. Bo teased her, suggesting she go down to the cell block with him and convince Mayor Lowell to resign his office. Dorian asked Bo if he intended to lock her up, as well. "Don't tempt me," Bo cracked.

At La Boulaie, Langston welcomed Markko with a kiss. Markko said he had to get to class, but Langston convinced him to hang around long enough to see Cole on TV.

Back at the station, Starr and Cole arrived with Hope. Cole was curious about the media, but Bo said it was just for his press conference and asked for Cole to wait a few minutes. As John reported for work, Bo grabbed him on his way to his office and told him to hang around, as well. John was itchy to get away from the cameras, but was surprised when Marty appeared and said she didn't have any patients, after all. Finally, Fish arrived with Layla on his heels, and asked what Bo needed. Bo told Oliver to wait, too.

At the hospital, Jessica turned on the television set in Brody's room, slyly suggesting that the family would want to see Bo's public comments.

People across Llanview watched their televisions as Bo began his press conference at the police station. Bo lauded the men who had put a stop to the drug network in Llanview, and paid tribute to the efforts of John, Brody, Cole, Fish, and Shaun, who remained in critical condition. He said that though "courage tasted of blood," the men had not wavered from their duty. He also thanked Marty, Starr, and Layla for dragging John, Cole, and Oliver to the station so they could be properly honored for their service. As Bo awarded medals of honor to Cole, Fish, and a reluctant John, their friends and family watched with pride, while Kyle stared longingly at Oliver on the television at the Buenos Dias. Looking into the cameras, Bo addressed Brody, and said he was also to be honored as part of the police force. The crowd in the police station applauded wildly as Bo presented the heroes of the hour.

After the ceremony concluded, Bo apologized to John for duping him. John said he didn't need any medals, but Bo pushed him to accept the award and take the day off with Marty. John agreed, and told Layla and Fish to take the day off, as well.

Viki and Charlie arrived at the station, looking for Bo. Just then, Dorian waltzed in and took the podium, grabbing the media's attention to kick off an impromptu press conference of her own. Dorian told the assemblage that she had just visited Mayor Lowell and convinced him to resign, due to the corruption in his administration, and held up Lowell's letter of resignation in triumph. Viki and Charlie were impressed by Dorian's seemingly selfless actions.

Bo walked up, and Viki thanked him for honoring Brody's heroism. Bo said he planned to give Brody a medal, as well. He was delighted at the thought that with Lowell out of the race, Viki would be mayor of Llanview once more.

At the Buenos Dias, David hounded Ford into the restaurant, pleading with him not to give up on their show, but Ford said they couldn't do anything without stars willing to sign release forms. David said there were reality stars right in front of them. "Look at Roxy, she's a train wreck!" David exclaimed as he grabbed his old friend. Irritable, Roxy stalked off.

David turned to Cristian for inspiration instead: "He was once brainwashed and he speaks Spanish!" He suggested "Viva La Vida Vickers" as a new title for the show. Ford was adamant: David was out. He assured David he could fulfill the terms of his contract by simply doing a show about one of America's other "David Vickers." David was shocked at the thought there could be another him out there. Ford said there was, a better one. With that, Ford stormed off.

Fish entered the café, where Cristian approached him and continued to cheer him on. Oliver said he had some friends from the station arriving for a celebration, and Cris said his tab was on the house. Just then, Oliver ran into Kyle, who offered hesitant congratulations. He asked Fish where Layla was, but Fish said that he wasn't with Layla anymore. Kyle asked what happened, and Oliver replied that he thought Kyle had all the answers. Just then, Kyle's phone rang. Kyle told Oliver he had to go; it was his boyfriend.

Noticing his friend's sorrow, Cristian was back at Fish's side in a flash. Crestfallen, Fish told Cris he was going to go home instead and spend some time alone.

At La Boulaie, Starr, Cole, and Hope returned home with medal in hand. Starr was grateful that everyone was safe and happy, and that they'd added a fifth to their "fantastic four" -- Hope.

At the hospital, Bo arrived in Brody's room and presented him with his medal of honor. Saluting, Bo welcomed Brody to the Llanview Police Department as Jessica looked on with pride.

At Fish's apartment, Fish returned home, still upset about Kyle. Staring at the Sun headline, Oliver sat down and picked up Cristian's "coming-out" book.

At the Buenos Dias, David ordered comfort food by the Baggie as an older couple entered. The woman asked Cristian for directions to an address which Cris recognized as his own. He asked the couple if they were Fish's parents, and Mrs. Fish said they were very proud of their son.

At the police station, Viki and Charlie were still pondering the mayoral race. Charlie rejoiced in the thought that Viki would soon be "Mayor Victoria Banks." Dorian walked back in and announced that she wasn't so sure about that. Charlie challenged Dorian, reminding her that Viki was running unopposed, but Dorian said that was no longer the case. Viki asked who was running against her. "I am," Dorian declared.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Politics as Unusual

Téa and Todd returned to La Boulaie and Todd was eager to announce their engagement to the family. He wanted a family meeting, he told Jack, as he asked the boy to find his mother. Curious, Starr gasped when Todd made a point of flashing Téa's engagement ring in front of his daughter.

"It's great?" Starr said after much hesitation. She admitted to liking Téa, but was suspicious at her father's insistence at being happy with Téa. Nonetheless, she congratulated them half-heartedly, adding that she expected the same treatment when she eventually announced her own engagement to Cole. She was only worried about Blair's reaction to Todd's engagement and couldn't believe it when Todd insisted that Blair already knew about it. Starr wondered why her mother had been quiet about it and had not provided the usual fireworks.

Blair found Ross lounging by the pool and ordered him to return to his hiding place in the cabana. She was worried that someone would see him. She wondered aloud how people would react if they saw Ross, especially her kids. "Guess we're about to find out," Jack called out, waving to his mom.

Blair faltered over her words as she introduced Jack to her friend, Randy. Looking at Ross in his bathing trunks, she added his last name, Abner. Jack inquired if he was the same kind of friend as Todd's friend, half-naked lady. He mentioned that Todd and Téa were in the house. Gasping, Blair told her son that her friend was a secret agent and Jack couldn't tell anyone about the man's presence. Jack told Blair she was lame as Ross pretended to shoot a gun at him. Blair and Jack headed back to the house.

Once Blair and Jack stepped inside, Todd announced his upcoming marriage to Téa. Jack wanted to know if Blair planned on stopping it, because he wanted his parents to be together. Blair quietly explained that Jack's father wanted Téa instead, though she thought that he probably hadn't thought it out. She hoped it wasn't a mistake, she continued, but she knew that Téa loved Todd. She snidely added that it wasn't the first time that Téa was marrying Todd, though she couldn't talk since she had married six or seven times herself. Téa suggested that it was more like ten or twelve times, starting with Asa. Blair asked that Asa not be mentioned, since she was a different person then. "Who wasn't?" asked Todd.

Blair added that she really admired Téa because she knew that Téa's heart really belonged to Todd. An alert Téa realized that Blair was onto something. As talk turned to the wedding, Blair felt that it would show unity if she attended. It would indicate that they had buried the hatchet, she explained. "Where, in my back?" Téa asked. Blair went a step further and offered to help plan the wedding. Upset, Jack bolted from the room and Todd went after his son. Blair also offered to help with the honeymoon planning, sensing a deserted island in the tropics as the way to go. Téa looked at Blair suspiciously and asked point-blank what Blair's scheme was. She knew Blair wasn't being on the level.

Todd told Jack that he was rude. While Jack admitted that he liked Téa, he did not want her as a mother and did not want to take orders from her if he stayed at Todd's house. Todd assured him that he already had a mother and Téa would not replace her. Jack divulged that Blair had a new friend who was on the premises. Heading towards the pool area, Todd spotted a man lying on a chaise lounge. He called out, but Ross turned and ran into the cabana, locking himself in. Todd ordered him to leave the cabana, or Todd would go in after him.

Layla returned to her apartment and was pleased to see that Oliver was reading the book How To Tell Your Parents You're Gay that Cristian had purchased for him. Oliver assured her that he was not planning on telling his parents the truth. He noted that his parents wouldn't throw him a party like the parents in the book did. He divulged that Kyle's parents had actually "outed him to himself" when they admitted they had known all along that Kyle was gay. Oliver maintained that he was happy that Kyle had himself a new boyfriend, and he apologized to Layla for so much of their lives centering around him.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cristian was shocked when Oliver's parents showed up a day early. He introduced himself to George and Barbara Fish and learned they had arrived ahead of schedule after hearing that their son was a hero. Barbara mentioned that Oliver had described Cristian's muscles so she would have recognized him anywhere. Cristian's attempt at stalling their visit to the apartment by mentioning how messy it was didn't work, as the Fishes insisted on heading over to see their son's residence.

Layla assured Oliver that she had moved on and forgiven him, but that he still needed to forgive himself. She wanted him to stop hiding the truth. As if on cue, Cristian arrived with Oliver's parents. "Surprise!" both George and Barbara called out. After some small talk, the parents announced that they wanted to take everyone to dinner and meet Oliver's girlfriend. When they learned that it was Layla, things momentarily became awkward. They hadn't realized she was black. After the initial shock, they admitted that they didn't mind and were happy that their son was happy. Oliver interrupted Barbara, who was eager to hear details of the relationship. He and Layla had really broken up, he confessed.

Oliver disclosed that he had never told his parents because he didn't know how. Cristian offered to leave with Layla to give the Fish family some privacy, but Oliver asked that they stay. He admitted that he hadn't been straight with his parents and had not told them everything. Layla explained that while she hadn't been right for Oliver, some special person would be there one day to appreciate all of Oliver's exceptional qualities. Barbara wondered why Layla wasn't right for her son if Oliver was so wonderful.

George offered to help his son out as an uneasy Oliver stumbled over his words. Barbara suggested that her family sit down. As they seated themselves on the sofa, George uncomfortably found himself sitting on something else. Reaching underneath him, he pulled out the book that Oliver had been looking at earlier. "What is this?" George inquired.

Sitting at a table at the café, David learned that he had been recast in a television show about himself after speaking to his agent on the phone. He pleaded for any kind of job, even that of a daytime extra. Hearing Dorian announce her candidacy for mayor on the television, David had a new thought. He wondered how he could make the announcement work for himself.

At the police station, Dorian announced her candidacy, and informed Viki that Viki would be "in for the fight of your life." Viki could only chuckle when Dorian listed her qualifications, including her stint as ambassador to a "key and strategic country," also known as Mendorra. Dorian confirmed that she wanted change, and Viki challenged her. Viki wondered how they could all trust a woman only recently aligned with the corrupt Mayor Lowell.

Dorian assured the gathered press that it would be "politics as usual" from her opponent with all of Viki's mudslinging and charges, but she promised she would "never betray your trust" and would "uphold your faith in the principles of American democracy" if people gave her their votes. Viki reassured a worried Charlie that she intended to run her clean campaign and that Dorian would end up "digging her own grave," so they didn't need to worry about anything that Dorian said. The women accused each other of being terrified. They were momentarily distracted when David noisily arrived, stumbling and crashing into the furniture, but looking for the television cameras. "I rest my case," Viki told her husband.

Realizing that the cameras were long gone, David straightened up and became serious. He stated that he had decided to take a new path and wanted to become more sophisticated and more meaningful in his pursuit of his career. A thrilled Viki asked him to become a member of her campaign staff, as she needed someone to do some research on her opponent. David informed her that he was looking for a paid job and had thought a celebrity endorsement to be more of what he was seeking. He wanted perks, too.

As David considered Viki's offer, especially after she added free room and board, Dorian couldn't let her adversary get the best of her. She asked David to be her campaign manager. Viki admitted that the position on her team would be that of a volunteer but there would be room for growth. Dorian offered a paycheck and suggested that David's beautiful hands would be covered with calluses if he was relegated to stuffing envelopes for Viki.

A torn David finally apologized to Viki. Assuring her that she was his best friend ever, he had decided that he needed to take the paid job with Dorian. Viki felt certain that things had turned out for the best. She enlightened Charlie that the couple would be fighting with each other soon enough. With the words barely out of her mouth, they turned at the sound of shouting as Dorian and David had their first argument.

Jared, Natalie, and Clint, wondering if the unknown stalker was still around, were startled when another package addressed to Jared and Natalie was delivered at Buchanan Enterprises. After company security had perused the package, Jerome the security officer advised them that it was safe to open. It was another DVD, which Natalie promptly placed into the computer. A male, with distorted voice and shadowed face, accused Natalie and Jared of murdering Nash Brennan, and promised to make them pay for it.

Jerome admitted that previous holes in the company's security system had been closed up, but they still were unaware of how the latest package was delivered sight unseen. He promised that surveillance cameras would be checked further. He thought that the stalker was a threat. Natalie felt obligated to see Jessica in person at the hospital to fill her in on the latest goings-on. Jared felt uncomfortable letting her go out alone, but Natalie promised to keep Jared informed on her every move.

After Natalie left, Jared went to his office. He closed the door and headed to his desk. Someone jumped him from behind!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who Sleeps With The Fishes?

At the Buenos Dias Café, Langston expressed her fear to Starr that Markko might decide to date a college girl. While Starr assured her friend that Markko had eyes for only Langston, Cole and Markko rushed into the café with good news. The girls were thrilled when Cole announced that he planned to take the G.E.D. examination and attend college with Markko. The celebration was cut short when Mrs. Rivera entered the café and asked to speak privately with her son. Langston feared Mrs. Rivera's arrival would cause Markko distress.

Mrs. Rivera inquired about Markko's living arrangements and offered him money to rent an apartment. Mrs. Rivera's gesture caused Markko to realize that his father had no intention of allowing him to ever return home. Pleading with his mother to accept that he and his father would never make peace, Markko declared his love for Langston and refused to end their relationship. Mrs. Rivera stated that she was proud of her son, and rushed out of the café, leaving Markko distraught. When Markko returned to his friends, Cole offered to share his apartment with Markko. Delighted that his problem had been solved, Markko gladly accepted Cole's offer.

At La Boulaie, a heated argument ensued between Téa and Blair. Téa demanded to know why Blair was intent on causing problems between Téa and Todd. Blair insisted that she was aware of Téa's big secret. Although she denied keeping secrets from Todd, Téa appeared bothered by Blair's statement. Realizing that she had struck a nerve, Blair continued to taunt Téa. Referring to Téa and Todd's engagement as a sham, Blair questioned if Téa really wanted to marry Todd.

Outside, Ross hid from Todd in the cabana. Assuming Ross was another one of Blair's conquests, Todd ordered Ross to open the door and show his face. While Todd continued to shout demands through the door, a terrified Ross searched the cabana for his cell phone. Unable to persuade Ross to open the door, Todd threatened to burn down the cabana.

Inside La Boulaie, Blair exclaimed, "I know who and what you are hiding!" Téa was adamant that Blair would never succeed at preventing Téa's marriage to Todd. While Blair and Téa continued to argue, Blair received an urgent text message from Ross.

Back outside, as Todd lit a match and prepared to burn down the cabana, Blair doused him with a bucket of cold water. Upon hearing the commotion, Téa approached and wondered why Todd was curious to learn the identity of Blair's new suitor. As Todd lit another match, Chad, the swimming instructor opened the door. Realizing that Téa had fled, Todd raced after her. Afterward, Blair thanked Chad for entering the cabana through the back door. Once Chad had left, Blair scolded Ross for nearly being exposed. While Blair continued to rant, Ross flirted shamelessly with her. Pulling Blair into an embrace, Ross gave her a passionate kiss.

Todd found Téa fuming inside La Boulaie. Enraged, Téa suggested that Todd remain at La Boulaie with Blair. Unable to understand Téa's logic, Todd pleaded with her to give him another chance. Convinced that Todd would never change, Téa informed Todd that the wedding was off.

Inside his apartment at the Angel Square Hotel, Kyle was emotional as he read the newspaper article that proclaimed Fish a hero in the kidnapping caper. Kyle became distracted when Nick knocked on the door. Thrilled that Kyle had been readmitted to medical school, Nick announced that he wanted to celebrate his lover's good fortune. Nick drew Kyle into an embrace, but Kyle pulled away. Discreetly hiding the newspaper, Kyle claimed that he had to report for duty at the hospital.

Suspicious, Nick wondered if Kyle was actually consumed with thoughts of Fish. Denying that he harbored any feelings for Fish, Kyle promised to return to the apartment after he finished his shift at the hospital. Once Kyle had left, Nick discovered the newspaper that Kyle had hidden under the bed. Staring at the article about Fish, a look of sadness crossed Nick's face.

At the apartment, Fish nearly panicked when his father discovered the book entitled How to Tell Your Parents You're Gay. As Fish struggled to tell his parents about his sexuality, Mr. Fish insisted that he already knew the truth -- Cristian was a homosexual. Convinced that Cristian was gay, Mr. Fish offered to help find counseling for Cristian. When Cristian argued that there was nothing wrong with being gay, Mr. Fish became offended. Declaring that his family was against homosexuality, Mr. Fish insisted that his son move out of the apartment at once.

Unwilling to allow his father to verbally attack his friend, Fish announced that he was gay, not Cristian. When Mr. Fish refused to believe his son's declaration, Fish pleaded with his mother to tell his father the truth. Mr. Fish demanded answers from his wife, but Mrs. Fish denied having any information. As Mr. Fish listened in shock, Fish revealed that his mother had observed an intimate moment between Fish and Kyle during Fish's college days. Fish related that his mother's reaction had caused him to break up with Kyle and pretend the event had never taken place.

Fish stated that he was tired of living a lie. Admitting that she had witnessed her son in a compromising position with Kyle, Mrs. Fish insisted that she thought it was merely a phase. Upon hearing the revelation, a disgusted Mr. Fish exited the apartment without a word. Fish appeared distraught.

Inside Brody's hospital room, Natalie paid Brody and Jessica a visit. Realizing that her sister was withholding information, Jessica insisted that Natalie explain what was going on. As Natalie began to warn Jessica and Brody about the threatening letter, Jared stumbled into the room, badly beaten. Jared informed them that the stalker had attacked him at Buchanan Enterprises after Natalie had left the office. Jared explained that he hadn't seen the face of his attacker.

Brody wondered who the stalker would target next, and suggested that they turn the matter over to the police. Everyone agreed that Bo and John should be notified. When Jessica worried that the attacker might abduct one of them, Brody and Jared vowed that situation would never occur. Meanwhile, an unknown person observed them through the hospital room window.

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