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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 14, 2009 on ATWT
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At the Snyder farm, Father Farley, a Catholic priest, talked with Janet about Liberty's alternatives to abortion. He talked about adoption, as Liberty joined them. She was irritated that her mother had "ambushed" her with the priest. Liberty told the priest that she respected his beliefs and the fact that he was older and wiser, but she added that he needed to respect her to do what she felt was best. Father Farley reminded the girl that she had been baptized as a Roman Catholic, and that meant certain responsibilities.

Brad walked in at that point, and he told the priest that no one was going to force his daughter to do something that she did not want to do. The priest suggested that Brad talk with Liberty privately, and Janet showed him out. Brad hugged Liberty and asked why she had not told him what she was going through. He asked who the father of the baby was, and said that it was Tony who should be humiliated, not Liberty. Brad said he agreed with her that, at her age, Liberty should not have the baby.

Janet returned and lit into Brad, so he asked Liberty to give her parents some time alone. Liberty walked out, and Janet immediately pitched for adoption as the solution. Brad reminded Janet, however, just how big Liberty's heart was, and he said there was no way their daughter could carry a baby for nine months and then give it away. Janet said that Liberty could never get over the guilt of an abortion, but Brad yelled that it was the girl's decision and that God was very forgiving. Janet held firm to her beliefs and said that Liberty would never be the same if she had an abortion.

Jack caught Parker on his way out of Carly's house. Parker said that he was headed to the farm to see if Liberty wanted to hang out. Jack invited the boy to go to breakfast with him, but Parker said that he had already eaten. Then Parker asked his father why he was really there, and Jack admitted that he knew about Liberty's pregnancy, and he wanted to know how Parker was dealing with it. Parker warned Jack not to tell him to stay away from Liberty because he would not do it.

Jack counseled his son not to go off the deep end, as Parker read a text message from Liberty asking him to meet her at Java. Parker excused himself from his father and went to the coffee shop. Liberty was waiting, and she told him about the priest's visit and what a horror her situation had become. Parker asked what she was going to do, but the girl had no solution. Parker said he had one, and he asked her again to marry him. Liberty said that she was shocked and could not imagine going that route again.

Parker insisted that marriage to him would solve all Liberty's problems, but she was doubtful, because they had not been able to make it work when it was just the two of them. Parker said that they never had a plan before, but with a baby on the way, things would be different. Liberty could take care of the baby, and Parker would continue working on his mother's business with Craig. Liberty finally admitted that she did not want to be married or have a baby, because it would only make Parker feel trapped eventually.

Liberty turned down Parker's proposal, as Brad walked into the coffee shop demanding to know what was going on. He was pleased that Liberty had refused to marry Parker again, and he sat down with his daughter for a private talk. He asked what she really wanted to do, but Liberty could not think straight. She asked what her dad thought, and he said that he was all right with an abortion. Then Liberty asked what Brad would have done if Janet had gone to him when she learned that she was pregnant with Liberty. Brad said he could not answer that, and he left after asking the kids not to make any rash decisions. Liberty broke down in tears.

At Lily's, Damian found his ex-wife going through piles of paperwork, which she referred to as "Holden's life." Lily was concentrating on financial affairs and said that she wanted to go to the bank and close out Holden's accounts. She said that Holden had set up trust funds for the children and organized their securities and other holdings so that Lily would know what to do in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, Lily said, she had no idea what to do. She was close to tears as she told Damian that she knew Holden was gone, but she still expected to see him walk through the door.

Damian hugged Lily and tried to comfort her. He helped her put the papers back in Holden's office and told her that she could work on them anytime. Lily was insistent, however, about going to the bank that very day, so Damian offered to go with her, and Lily agreed.

In Kentucky, Holden lay chained to a cot while his captors ate oatmeal. Eb griped that they would be eating steak and eggs if only Holden would tell them where Skaggs had buried his money. Eb went in to Holden and demanded to know where the cash was, but again Holden denied any knowledge of it. Eb told Maeve that they would continue to starve their "guest" until he gave them the information they wanted. Maeve was afraid that Holden would slip into a coma, so Eb allowed her to give their prisoner her leftover oatmeal.

Maeve gave Eb some beer she had gotten at the store and told him that she would be gone all day. She said that she had to go to Paducah, where her cousin Loretta was due to have her baby any day. Eb took his beer out on the porch, while Maeve whispered to Holden that she would take the letter he had written to a bank manager. She gave him a long kiss and went to change her clothes.

Eb asked his wife why she was all dressed up, and Maeve said that she wanted to show her cousin that Eb could "do for her" as well as Loretta's husband did for Loretta. Eb liked that, so Maeve kissed him goodbye and went out the door. Eb asked Holden if something was going on between him and Maeve that he didn't know about. He hinted that he might call up Loretta and check on his wife, but Holden said he shouldn't do that. Eb struck Holden in the face several times and demanded to know what secrets Maeve had confided to him. He threatened Holden with his revolver, but Holden did not act afraid. Eb filled a tub with water and doused Holden's head in it repeatedly, asking where Skaggs's money was.

At the bank in Oakdale, Lily, with Damian, explained to the manager what she was going to do. The manager asked for Holden's death certificate, and that upset Lily, so she asked Damian to find it in the briefcase, and she excused herself to get control. Maeve walked into the bank and handed the manager the letter of authorization from Holden. He turned Maeve over to a clerk who asked for the woman's identification, while the manager approached the clerk and pointed out "poor Mrs. Snyder" who was in the bank to close her late husband's accounts. Maeve got frightened at that point and walked very fast out of the bank.

The manager approached Lily and Damian and told them that they had "a situation." Lily could not believe that the retreating woman had been trying to withdraw money from Holden's account. The clerk said that she did not know the woman, but she had presented a note from Mr. Snyder. Lily took the note and recognized her husband's handwriting immediately. Lily asked about surveillance cameras and asked to see the security tapes. She also asked for a copy of the note. They watched the tape, but Lily had never seen the woman before.

Lily and Damian returned to Lily's house and began looking for samples of her husband's writing. Damian told her that the police would verify that, but Lily was convinced that there was no time for that. She was sure that Holden was still alive, but Damian thought she was overreacting. He logically said that if Holder was still alive, he would move Heaven and earth to get in touch with his family. Lily had to agree with that, but she became very agitated. She went into her room, and Damian took her a pill to calm her nerves, and he finally persuaded her to take it. He tucked her into bed and told her to close her eyes.

Damian went back into Lily's living room and removed the copy of the strange woman's letter and a sample of Holden's handwriting, and he slipped them into his pocket.

Jack returned to the diner, and from Janet's expression, he surmised that the meeting with the priest had not gone well. Janet said that Liberty had insulted the good father, and her real father, Brad, had not done much better. Jack urged Janet to listen to her daughter and hear what she was saying. Janet figured out that if she did "nothing" for a long enough time, the decision would be out of Liberty's hands. Brad returned to the diner and told both Jack and Janet that he had promised his daughter that he would stand behind her whatever she decided to do.

Back at the cabin, Maeve walked in on Eb's version of waterboarding, and she attempted to stop him. She led Eb to their bed to distract him until he passed out. Holden sat on the floor next to his cot until Maeve could get back to him. He asked if she had gotten the money, but Maeve said that she had made a mistake and had gone all the way to Oakdale to go to Holden's branch of the bank. She told him that she had panicked when a clerk had asked for her identification, and she causally mentioned that Holden's wife had also been in the bank closing his accounts. Maeve said that Lily had been upset, and there had been a guy with an accent who "acted like he owned her." Holden knew it was Damian, and he insisted that he had to get out of there.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lily asked Damian if anyone had identified the woman in the bank security tape, but he had no news for her. Damian discouraged Lily from getting up her hopes that Holden was still alive. Lily was weak and unsteady on her feet, so Damian insisted that he take her to see a doctor. He also took a call from Meg, who said that she needed to see him right away. Damian said that it would be a while before he could get to the farm, but he promised to go when he could. Lily told him that he was not going to accompany her to the doctor and that he needed to go take care of Meg.

Lily promised that she would see Susan Stewart because she was sick of feeling tired. She also told Damian that he could call her later, but she did not want him to return. Lily kept her word and saw Susan at the hospital, and she talked about her grief. Susan asked if Lily was sleeping, but Lily said that she could only sleep for very short periods of time.

Susan said that she would prescribe something that would make her sleep, but Lily was hesitant because of her previous addiction problem. Susan understood, and said she would only give Lily a few pills, and she also recommended that Lily think of the good times with her husband while she was trying to fall asleep.

Lily went home and got into bed. She swallowed one of the prescription pills and lay down next to Holden's picture. She fell asleep, but soon thought she heard Holden talking to her. When she opened her eyes, Holden was sitting on the end of their bed. Lily was overjoyed that he was alive, but Holden asked her to follow him. Lily got up and walked out of the bedroom.

Vienna delivered breakfast pastries to Henry, along with a promise of fun with whipped cream as a postprandial romp. Henry was in a hurry and said that he was sorry, but he had a meeting at the lawyer's office to sign the inheritance papers. Vienna tried to pin him down as to what his plans for the money were, but Henry was slippery. He said he would love to give the money to Audrey, but he did not want to be disrespectful to James's memory.

Vienna calmly announced that she was leaving Henry, even though she loved him dearly, and she got out her suitcase. Henry tried to talk with Vienna, but she said that it was a matter of self-respect; Henry did not seem able to keep his promises. Vienna begged him to give the money to his mother, but Henry reminded her that dear old mom had murdered dear old dad. Next, Vienna suggested that he give the money to charity, but Henry was reluctant to part with what he viewed as a house with a pool, a sauna, and room for a pony. Vienna asked if that was for all the children they were not going to have, but Henry said that no one had decreed that they wouldn't someday have children.

Vienna said that she did not want to have children with a man who could not keep his promises. Henry begged her not to leave, but Vienna said if the money was not out of Henry's hands by the next day, she would be getting on a plane out of Oakdale then. Audrey knocked on the door, and when Henry let her in, he said nothing to her about the inheritance. Vienna grabbed her purse and ran out. Audrey noticed the suitcase on the bed and asked if Vienna was leaving. Henry said that he had to give away the Stenbeck fortune, and Audrey said she was more than happy to help him out.

Henry shouted that his mother had masterminded James's death, and he was not going to give her one red cent. He and Audrey went downstairs to have a drink, and he told her that his plan was to unload the money on a charity. Audrey laughed at that "dumb idea," and then chattered that there might be a way to keep both Vienna and the fortune. She suggested that Henry get the same amount of money in a legitimate way, and her plan was to use Henry's half-interest in Metro. Henry said that when the club reopened, they did not have room to pack in the number of bodies needed to equal a whopping fortune.

Audrey acknowledged that, but said that could change if she brought in "Ralph." Henry asked what a "Ralph" was and how it would help to keep Vienna. Audrey revealed that Ralph was someone she knew who had a lot of money and needed to "put it into circulation." He also ran a "charitable organization" that Henry could donate his money to, and then Ralph would turn around and give the same amount to Metro. She said it was a win/win situation, but Henry said it was money laundering, and it was illegal.

At Fairwinds, Paul declared a holiday, and Emily noticed fresh fruit and flowers in the living room. She said she was taking the day off, and since Paul had opted for a short engagement, she suggested that they go to a justice of the peace or a judge at City Hall and "take the pledge." Paul said that was not going to happen, and Emily assumed that he had set her up yet again. She badgered Paul until he admitted that he wanted to marry her, but not at City Hall. The two times they had tried that before had not worked so well, and Paul wanted a church wedding in front of the whole world.

Emily laughed hysterically, but Paul was serious about wanting to do things differently. He said that they could have a big party at Metro to celebrate their nuptials, and they set the date for the next day. Emily said it was time for her to tell her mother, so she left for Memorial, and Paul offered to set up the Metro deal.

Damian arrived at the Snyder farm, and Meg told him that since they had not been able to travel together previously, she had booked flights and a hotel in Aruba for them. Damian was surprised, but he got to thinking that a long weekend with Meg might be enjoyable. Meg, however, said that the trip was for two weeks, and they would take Eliza with them. Damian was stunned, but he went along with Meg until she said that their flights were that evening. He said he couldn't possibly leave that soon, and he referred to the timing as "delicate." He did not want people to think that they were insensitive so close to Holden's death.

Damian suggested that they delay the trip for a month, but Meg argued that she had already booked and paid in advance for everything. She said she was disappointed, but that she would get over it. Meg went to get Eliza up from her nap, and when she returned, she was surprised that Damian was still there. He said that he really wanted to be with her, but he couldn't go to Aruba yet. Meg assumed Damian was concerned about Luke, and when she mentioned the boy, Damian jumped on it and used him as his excuse.

A pouting Meg said that she wished Damian had more time for her; after all, she was the woman he loved. Damian kissed her for a while and then agreed to the Aruba trip that night. He said he would go pack a bag and meet her back at the farm. After he left, Meg packed up the baby and set out for Fairwinds. The housekeeper let her in, and she wheeled the stroller into the living room and heard Paul asking for the number of Metro. He put down the phone when he saw Meg, and he was delighted when she asked if he wanted to keep their daughter for a while.

When Meg said she would be gone two weeks, Paul was surprised, but he readily agreed. He did ask Meg what had prompted the offer, given their tumultuous history. Meg said that she was going to Aruba with Damian, and Paul was happy for her. He also hoped that she would return the favor when she heard his news. Meg's only comment on hearing of Paul's impending nuptials was to remind him about the gunshot wound to his back that Emily had delivered several years before. Paul said that Emily's craziness merged with his and made them kindred spirits. Meg congratulated him, and they hugged.

At the hospital, Susan's first words to Emily when she heard of the soon-to-be marriage were," Are you nuts?" Emily said that she was hoping for a more traditional response, such as "Congratulations." Susan's point was that she wished that her daughter was marrying someone Emily had not shot in the back, and then she dumped on Emily and concluded by saying that Paul was "flakier than a croissant." They argued until Susan gave in and agreed to attend the wedding. She said that she loved Emily and she "hoped to hell" that Emily didn't "rue the day" that she remarried Paul.

Emily returned to Fairwinds, where she walked in on Paul and Meg hugging. Emily told Meg that she had not expected to see her there, so Paul explained that Eliza was visiting for a couple of weeks while Meg went to Aruba with Damian. That pleased Emily, and she wished Meg a good time. Meg walked out, and Paul and Emily kissed.

In her nightgown, Lily followed the spirit of Holden to the Snyder pond, calling for him to wait. She found him swimming, and he invited her to join him. Lily walked into the water and began swimming with her husband. They kissed and began a playful splashing. Suddenly Holden disappeared beneath the water, and when he surfaced, he was calling for help. Lily went below to help him, but she could not find him. She began calling for help and floundering in the water, and a passing Damian heard her cries. He dived into the water and swam to save her.

Damian found Lily and pulled her to the edge of the pond. He carried her to the grass and tried to rouse her. Lily began to cough, and Damian knew she was all right. He picked her up and carried her home. She assured him that she had not tried to commit suicide, and they realized that she had been sleepwalking. She said Holden had called her. She asked how Damian had happened by, and he said that he had been going to check on her, despite her previous instructions.

Lily took a warm shower and got into bed. Damian wore a robe and put his wet clothes into the dryer. Lily was shivering, so Damian climbed into bed with her and took her in his arms. Lily turned to him, and Damian began to kiss her. Soon they began making love.

Henry returned to his hotel room bearing a beautiful bouquet. Vienna chided him for wasting some of his millions, but Henry explained that he had rescheduled the lawyer's appointment for the next day because he could not enjoy being rich without Vienna by his side. He promised that he would sign the papers, get the millions, and give it all away. He said they could find a suitable charity together, if she still wanted to be with him. Vienna threw her arms around Henry and thanked him. They kissed.

In the Lakeview lobby, Audrey spotted "Ralph" when he entered. They hugged, and Ralph said that it was always a pleasure working with her. He asked if her son was interested in their plan, and Audrey said that Henry was "completely on board," and she assured her old friend that Henry would cause no trouble.

Meg did not understand why Damian was not back at the farm or why he was not picking up his phone. She left another message asking where he was, and telling him that he would love something she had picked up for their trip. She pulled a bright red bikini out of a shopping bag as she talked. She asked him to call her, and then headed for Damian's room at the Lakeview. Meg got no response from her knocks on his door, and she could not understand why Damian was not there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lily cried, as she lay in bed with Damian. She realized that sleeping with him meant that she had accepted that Holden was never returning. Damian urged her not to punish herself, but Lily told him that he had no idea how she felt. She said that Damian could not "fix" her feelings; the only person who could do that was Holden. The two of them discussed Damian's expectations, and he said that he was willing to wait for Lily as long as it took for her to return his love.

Lily resented the pressure that Damian was putting on her, so he decided to give her some space. He stood up just as Faith threw open the bedroom door and saw a half-naked Damian getting out of her mother's bed. Lily was horrified, and she jumped up to put on her robe. Faith dashed out, and a frantic Lily followed. The girl ran through the living room where Luke tried to stop her, but Faith ran out despite his efforts. Lily ran into the room, followed by Damian who was still putting on his clothes. Luke's mouth dropped open in amazement when he realized what he was seeing.

Luke looked at his mother and said that he had no idea what to say. Damian said that he had found Lily wandering outside and had accompanied her home but was afraid to leave her. Luke asked if that was why he had decided to take off his clothes, and Lily winced. Luke guessed that Faith had walked in on them in bed, and he shouted at his mother. Lily said that she should have locked her door, but that only inflamed Luke's anger. He asked his mother if she was crazy and ordered her to get her clothes on and leave Faith alone. He said that he would handle his sister, and he ordered Damian to get out of his way.

In Kentucky, Maeve sneaked some food to Holden after Eb left for supplies. Holden noticed a new bruise on her cheek, and Maeve confirmed that Eb had struck her again. She said her husband had not believed that she had visited her cousin the previous day. Maeve was terrified that if she left Eb, he would track her down and drag her back and beat her. Holden begged her to stay strong, because he needed her help to get away. He assured the woman that she deserved to be treated better than a punching bag.

Maeve considered what Holden said and then announced that she was done. She began frantically searching for Eb's pistol. Holden realized what she had in mind as a solution to her problem, so he told her that killing Eb would only put her in prison. He suggested that she get a restraining order against him instead, but Maeve refused to live her life in hiding. She yelled that they were walking out of there that day, but her husband's return interrupted her.

Eb was carrying a potted flower as a peace offering to his wife, and he gave it to her and apologized. He also shoved her to their bed and pulled the privacy curtain. He said that he loved her and asked her not to lie so that he didn't have to "get rough" with her again. Maeve promised to behave and offered him some food. She handed Eb a cold beer as he sat at the table in the tiny kitchen. Maeve picked up the iron skillet and bashed him in the back of the head from behind. She grabbed the keys to Holden's shackles from Eb's pocket and ran to free their prisoner.

"It's just you and me," Maeve said, as she helped a weak and shaky Holden to his feet. She began to search for the keys to Eb's truck, but she could not find them. She picked up the gun and put it to Eb's head, and Holden was fearful that she would pull the trigger to make sure her husband did not follow them. Holden did some fast talking and persuaded her to hand over the revolver. They tied up Ed, and, on his way out of the cabin, Holden slipped the gun into Eb's jacket. They headed through the woods to the nearest telephone.

Holden was too weak to make good time, but he did the best he could with Maeve's help. She made him take a break and rest, and she told him how grateful she was that Holden had persuaded her to leave Eb. Maeve called Holden an angel sent from God and said that she owed it to Him to take care of Holden. She tried to kiss Holden, but he pulled away and suggested they resume walking.

Suddenly, the two escapees heard a gunshot nearby, and Maeve was afraid it was one of her husband's hunting buddies, so she changed directions and urged Holden to hurry. They walked across a clearing covered with fallen autumn leaves, and they suddenly plunged into a hidden pit. They were not hurt, but they looked up and saw Eb standing at the edge of the hole pointing his gun at them and making threats.

At the Snyder farm, Meg wrote a note at the kitchen table and was surprised to see an upset Faith burst in the door. The girl said she was looking for her father's leather jacket, which he usually kept in the barn, but she could not find it. Meg realized something was really bothering her niece, but Faith was reluctant to talk about it. Meg mentioned that she was waiting for Damian because they were taking a trip together, but Faith said she didn't think so. Meg asked why not, and Faith told her that Meg's "boyfriend" was having sex with Lily.

Meg was stunned, and Luke ran into the kitchen. He tried to calm his sister, who declared that she hated both her mother and Damian. Luke wanted the two of them to talk to their mother, but Faith yelled "No way!" and ran out. Meg asked Luke what had happened, but he was hesitant to get into it. He told his aunt to talk to Damian, and he went out to find Faith. A confused Meg did not know what to do.

At home, Lily paced the floor and worried about Luke and Faith's reactions. She beat herself up and cried that she had been so stupid. Damian attempted to placate her, but Lily was almost hysterical. She cried and blamed herself for doing something that she could not take back. She said a little comfort was not worth the price of her children's love and respect. Damian got angry and shouted that he was tired of having to apologize for his feelings for her. They sat on the couch, and Lily said that Faith had been on Damian's case for a long time, but she did not know why.

Damian tried to persuade his ex-wife that their behavior was not reprehensible because of their "connection" as Luke's parents. Lily asked about Meg, and Damian said that he cared about Meg, but his bond with Lily went much deeper. Lily said that no one could replace Holden in her life, and she yelled that the problem was not about her and Damian, but about her family with Holden. She was terrified that a reckless choice on her part might have destroyed that family unit. Damian said that he would go speak with Meg, and Lily should work on damage control with the kids, and he walked out.

When Damian arrived at the farm, Meg asked where he had been, and Damian answered, "With Lily." Meg asked if it was true that he had slept with her, and Damian admitted that it was. Meg slapped his face hard and shouted that all the time, she had just been Damian's "backup plan." She carped that for once she should have listened to her mother, who had warned her about Damian. She accused him of using her and her family to get to Lily. Damian denied that, but Meg was furious that he had sex with her dead brother's wife. She cruelly asked if Holden's side of the bed had still been warm.

Damian said that was an ugly thing to say, and Meg countered by telling him that what he had done was an ugly thing to do. They continued to trade barbs until Damian confessed that he still had deep feelings for Lily. He said that with Holden gone, there was no reason for them to deny themselves their love. Meg realized that Damian had chosen her grieving, widowed sister-in-law over her. Damian got even more angry and said that he had dragged a drowning Lily out of the pond and saved her life. He begged Meg for forgiveness, but she refused and ordered Damian out of the house.

Luke escorted Faith home, and Lily tried to apologize and start a dialogue with her daughter. She said that Faith had walked in on something deeply personal between her and Damian, and she wished that it had stayed that way. Faith wanted to know how Lily could have slept with someone else when Holden had just died. Lily answered that she did not know, and Luke scoffed at that. Lily said that she had not forgotten about Holden; in fact, she thought about him so much it made her ill. She apologized for not doing enough to help the children through their own grief.

Faith said her mother was lying and accused her of "fooling around" with Damian even before her father had gone to Kentucky. Luke was shocked and asked if that was true, but Lily said no. Faith said that she saw Damian and Lily kissing, so she blamed Holden's trip to Kentucky and subsequent accident on Lily's cheating. Lily remembered the incident and said it had been only one kiss, which both of them realized had been a mistake. Faith ran to her room shouting that she would hate Lily for the rest of her life. Luke said that explained a lot, and he asked his mother how long she and Damian had been carrying on their affair.

Lily denied any affair, but Luke was not convinced that Lily had not cheated on Holden. Lily's excuse was that she was "just human" elicited a response of "That's so lame" from her son. Lily then told Luke about the pills that Susan Stewart had prescribed and how they had led to the incident of near drowning in the pond. She credited Damian with saving her life, and wept that everyone in the family was miserable, and she had dishonored Holden's memory.

Lily asked Luke to forgive her, but he did not respond. Lily went upstairs to lie down, as someone knocked on the door. Luke answered it, and saw Damian there. The young man told Damian to go away, and he accused his father of taking advantage of Lily when she was the most vulnerable. For that, Luke would never forgive Damian. He said that Holden was his dad, and he called Damian a "cheap imitation." Finally, Luke called Damian a "selfish bastard" and said that he did not want him in his life. He slammed the door in Damian's face.

Faith found Luke on the couch, and he told the girl that Lily was resting in her room. Luke said that they had to "cut Mom some slack," and he explained how terrible Lily felt. He admitted that he hated what their mother had done, but she was still their mother. Faith said that she wished that Damian had never returned, and Luke said he felt the same way. He assured Faith that things would get better, and he hugged her, as Damian peeked through the window.

Upstairs, Lily cried on her bed and told a picture of Holden how sorry she was.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Margo hugged Adam, who was in handcuffs in the interview room at the Oakdale police station. She said Tom was trying very hard to understand what was going on, and Casey was having an even harder time with it. Adam announced that he had made a decision: he was pleading guilty to all the charges against him. Margo shouted, "Absolutely not!" She said it would kill her to see her son in a federal prison, and Adam had no idea what life was like behind bars. Adam also wanted to reveal all his transgressions, even those he was not charged with, but Margo also felt strongly against that. She said if Adam was not going to fight for himself, then she would do it.

Alison went to the Hughes home and invited Casey to a cocktail party at Metro to celebrate Emily and Paul's engagement. His response was that he was dating his ex-wife's sister, who also happened to be her daughter; and if he could handle that, Casey could certainly handle going to a party. Tom arrived home and wanted to speak privately with his son, so Alison left. Tom said that he and Margo had made a decision about Adam, and they were both on the same side. He could not blame Margo or Casey for not wanting Adam to face hard time.

Tom needed Casey's aid to help Margo face whatever was ahead for Adam. Margo rushed in and told Tom that their son was about to make a bad situation worse, and he was the only one who could stop him. Tom said that he could not believe that Margo was asking him to take Adam's case when she knew how her husband felt about what their son had done. Margo begged Tom to do it for her, while Casey argued that Adam didn't "give a damn" about any of them.

Casey got disgusted and did one of his quick retreats out the door. Margo continued to plead with Tom, who said that too much had happened with Adam to wipe the slate clean, but she continued to argue that they could not turn their backs upon their son. Meanwhile, Casey visited his brother at the police station, much to Adam's surprise. Casey asked when Adam was going to end the game, and he said that Margo was working on Tom to persuade him to represent their son. Adam claimed that he had never asked Margo to do that; in fact he had told her that he was pleading guilty to all charges.

The interview room door was open, and Alison appeared in the doorway, but neither young man saw her. She ducked to the side but stayed to listen to their conversation. Alison was stunned to hear Adam describe how Maddie Coleman and Gwen Munson had buried him alive in the woods, and she jumped into the room to ask Adam what he was talking about. Adam explained how Maddie had assumed that he was trying to hurt Gwen, so the two of them had bashed him in the head with a shovel and then buried him in the woods. He said no one knew about the incident except the principals and Casey and Alison.

A horrified Alison said that Adam had to tell the police that story, but Adam did not want to cause the young women any more trouble. He asked the two of them to swear that they would not reveal his secret. Tom and Margo walked in, and a disgusted Casey led Alison out. Tom said that he would be representing Adam, but Adam said no. Tom said that he wanted to help him because Adam was their son and always would be. He said the first thing they had to do was figure out some kind of defense, but Adam claimed he had none.

Margo protested that there had to be some mitigating circumstances because Adam was not a violent person. Tom said that if there were such circumstances that might explain what drove Adam to such actions, it might prompt a jury to cut Adam some slack. Adam said harshly that there was nothing they could use.

Casey and Alison went to Java, and Casey griped that anyone but Adam would be behind bars by now. Alison was still stunned that Maddie and Gwen had buried Adam alive, and she wondered out loud if that fact would make a difference in the outcome of Adam's trial. She said that personally, she was willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt. She said that they could always ask Gwen and Maddie, but Casey was strongly opposed to that. He reminded Alison that his brother did not want anyone else to know about the burial incident.

An unhappy Lily knocked on Damian's hotel door. He let her in, and Lily told him that Luke kept looking at her with accusatory eyes, and Faith would not look at her at all. She said that she and Damian had made a terrible mistake that she needed to fix. Lily decided that all she could do was to make sure that it never happened again. Damian was shocked when Lily asked him to stay away from her. She said that she had regained her senses, but Damian argued that they could not deny their mutual feelings. All of a sudden, a loud rapping on the door interrupted them, and they heard Lucinda's voice calling for Damian.

Damian opened the door, and Lucinda said, "Perfect timing" when she spotted Lily. She told her daughter that she was not leaving without her after she had chewed up Damian. Damian told Lucinda that she had no right to barge into his room and issue orders, but Lucinda countered by asking what right Damian had to crash land in the middle of Lily's life and destroy her family. She claimed to know just how Damian had used Luke to insinuate himself into the Snyder family.

Lucinda suggested that Lily pack up the children and join her on a world cruise, but Lily reminded her mother that running away never solved anything. Lucinda accused Damian of having one of his minions arrange for Holden's accident, and that horrified Lily. She demanded that her mother stop hurling accusations at Damian. Lily also refused to disrupt her children any further and declared that she was the only one who would be making life decisions for her. Damian ushered Lucinda out the door.

Lily admitted that she had caused her family great pain at the worst possible time. She repeated that she and Damian had to stop seeing each other. Damian attempted to change her mind, but Lily held firm. She told Damian to stay away from the house and not to try to see her, and she walked out.

Meg appeared at Fairwinds, much to Paul's surprise. She said that she wanted to pick up Eliza, but she refused to go into any explanation. Meg took the baby and left in a hurry. Paul looked at Emily, who gave him permission to follow Meg and find out what had happened. Paul went all the way to the farm to speak to Meg, who bluntly said that Damian had slept with Lily, so the two of them were finished. Meg said that she should have seen the signs earlier, and she apologized for crying on Paul's shoulder. She also felt that Holden's death had a lot to do with speeding up Damian's affair with Lily.

Paul said that Meg deserved someone better than either Damian or himself. He wished Meg well and went to Metro where Emily was supposedly getting things ready for their engagement party. Paul was a bit late and was surprised that no one else was there except Emily and the stock boy. Emily explained that she had phoned all the guests and cancelled, because she had called off the wedding. She said that she had finally realized that she would never be number one with Paul; otherwise he would not have run after Meg.

Paul admitted that he was worried about Meg, but as Emily railed on, Paul began to laugh. He said Emily was correct, but they both had a lot of baggage. Emily's retort was that they had enough baggage to bring down a 747. Paul said they needed to throw it all on the side of the road, and he suggested that they do something unexpected.. He asked if Emily was really invested in a big wedding, and she said that none of the trappings were important to her. Paul said that the wedding was off, but the marriage was on.

Paul and Emily went to a justice of the peace and ordered the short ceremony. Just before the justice pronounced them man and wife, Paul stopped him. He wanted to say how long and how much he loved Emily, and she then responded by remembering how many years the two of them had been tied together, both good and bad. She called Paul her "home," and the justice pronounced them man and wife, and they kissed.

Lucinda called at the Snyder farm and surprised Meg by asking her if she was going to mope around the farm or put up a fight and go after her man. Meg said that Damian did not appear to be her man any longer, and she asked what Lucinda was really up to. Meg rightly said that Lucinda only wanted Lily away from Damian, and Lucinda did not disagree. She asked Meg is she was willing to put her money where her mouth was.

Lily rested on the couch at home, as Meg rang the doorbell. Lily tried to put her off, but Meg said they needed to have a conversation. Meg said some nasty things, including that Lily's affair with Damian had begun before Holden's trip to Kentucky. She also accused her sister-in-law of being jealous when Damian became interested in Meg, and she called Lily a "spoiled princess" who always got what she wanted.

Meg was angry that she had made it easy for Lily to take advantage of Damian, and she should have fought harder. Meg warned that Lily had better change or she would lose everything, including her family. Meg called Lily a classic "damsel in distress," and Lily asked if she had taken the role that Meg usually favored. Lily opened the door and told Meg to "get the hell out." Meg returned to the farm and played with her baby. She told Eliza that she was going to fight for Damian so that the baby could have a wonderful new daddy.

Lucinda's next stop was the foundation office in the Worldwide suite, where she found Damian doing paperwork. She asked him what it would take to get him out of Lily's life for good. Damian asked if she was really that afraid of him, and Lucinda answered that she thought that Lily was beginning to see through Damian's "Maltese charm." She urged him to name his price and to let her know. Lucinda walked out, and Damian immediately called Lily. He told her to meet him because there was something that she needed to know.

Lily met Damian in his car, and he said that he wanted to make sure she was all right after Lucinda's tirade. He repeated that he did not feel that they had done anything wrong, and Lily finally admitted that she no longer had any guilt about their actions. That gave Damian hope, and he said that he was not ready to walk away from her. He asked if Lily was really sure that she wanted to end things between them, and Lily said no, she was not. Damian kissed Lily's hand.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Craig went to pick Teri up at Carly's house to take her to Metro for a practice run to be sure the revamped menu would be a success. Teri was nervous and invited Rosanna to join them for moral support. Rosanna agreed, and the three of them left.

At Metro, Rosanna perused the menu while Craig called his sitter to let her know that Johnny had to be picked up early from school because it was a half day. When Craig finished leaving his message, Rosanna congratulated him and told him she thought that he and Teri had done a great job with the menu. Craig was surprised to hear praise coming from Rosanna and told her so. Rosanna informed him that she could be positive when there was a reason to be.

In the lounge of the Lakeview, Audrey found Henry having a drink. Ralph approached, and Audrey introduced him to Henry. Ralph said, "How you doing, partner?" but Henry told him they weren't partners. Ralph continued to grip Henry's hand and said that he and Audrey had a deal. Henry explained that his mother had boundary problems, but Ralph said there were no boundaries between a mother and her son, and a deal was a deal. Ralph continued squeezing Henry's hand and asked if Henry understood him. Henry assured Ralph that he did, and he asked Ralph to let go of his hand.

Henry, Audrey, and Ralph went to Metro. Henry saw Craig and suggested to Audrey and Ralph that they leave, but Craig told Henry that his timing was impeccable, because they were giving the new kitchen a "test drive." Craig asked who Ralph was, and Ralph replied, "I'm your partner's new partner." Craig took one look at Ralph and responded, "Oh, no, you're not."

Audrey jumped in and introduced herself to Craig, flirting with him shamelessly. Craig told Audrey that it was nice to meet her, then told Ralph he wasn't so sure about meeting him. Rosanna introduced herself and explained that she was Carly's sister. Craig then told Henry that he wanted to talk to him in private, but Craig's cell phone rang, and after checking to see who was calling him, he excused himself for a moment. Craig then let Rosanna know that the sitter had never picked Johnny up from school, so he had to leave to get the boy. Rosanna offered to do that for him so that Craig could stay and sort out the new partnership.

After Rosanna left, Craig again tried to get Henry to talk to him in private, but Ralph said that anything Craig wanted to say to Henry, Craig could say to him, too. Craig told Ralph that he had a problem with him. Craig then asked Henry when he had decided the business was looking for a new partner. Henry said that Craig wasn't a partner in the business, but Craig pointed out that Carly had given him power of attorney to manage her business affairs.

Ralph told Craig that he was starting to dislike Craig's attitude, and Craig replied, "All the more reason to leave and not come back." Craig asked why Henry had invited Ralph into the business, and Henry answered that Ralph was a friend of Henry's mother and wanted to help fund an expansion of Metro. Craig said they weren't expanding, but Henry replied that Ralph thought they should. Craig said he didn't care what Ralph thought, and Ralph said that maybe Craig had better start caring. Craig retorted that he'd dealt with Ralph's type before, and he said Ralph didn't scare him. He then told Ralph to "take your dirty money and get out."

At that moment, Teri walked into the room, spotted Ralph, and exclaimed happily, "Uncle Ralphie!" She ran to hug Ralph, and Craig asked if Teri knew Ralph. Teri replied that she'd known him her whole life, and then she asked Ralph how he had known that she was the new head chef at Metro. Ralph said he'd had no idea but was thrilled to hear it. Ralph explained to Teri that Audrey had told him that Henry was looking for a partner to help him with a business expansion. Teri said she hadn't know that Metro was going to be expanding, and Craig said it was news to him, too, but Ralph said the word was out that Metro would be the next big thing, all because of its new head chef.

Teri offered to make some food for her Uncle Ralphie, and Craig suggested that Henry show Ralph around while he waited for his meal. Craig then asked Teri if Ralph was really her uncle, and Teri told him that they weren't blood relatives, but in her family, they called someone "uncle" as a sign of respect. Craig told Teri that he didn't want to "get into bed with the mob," but Teri insisted that Ralph wasn't with the mob. She explained that Ralph had a business building affordable houses to get people out of the projects. Teri also told Craig that Ralph had paid her way through college and culinary school, because he believed in her.

After Teri served Ralph his meal, she got him caught up on why she was in Oakdale, including the fact that Janet was living there with her daughter, Liberty. Ralph was happy to hear that Teri had found her big sister again, but Teri said she'd had a falling out with Janet recently because of Janet's daughter. Ralph told Teri that families had to stay together, and he said he would see what he could do to help fix the problem.

Craig asked Henry why he needed Ralph's money, since he had heard that Henry had just inherited money from James Stenbeck. Henry informed Craig that he was going to give away all of James's money, and Craig said that made Henry either the saintliest man alive or the stupidest. Henry walked away, and Audrey told Craig that she was proud of her son. When Craig replied, "I'll bet," Audrey asked what good deeds Craig had done lately. Craig retorted, "None that I feel the need to tell other people about." Audrey said that was admirable and that she liked a man who was comfortable in his own skin. She continued flirting with Craig as he tried to get her to explain why Ralph, who was apparently in the housing business, was interested in investing in a "saloon."

As they talked, Rosanna walked in. When she saw Audrey and Craig together, Rosanna appeared jealous, but she recovered and let Craig know that the sitter was with Johnny. Craig told Rosanna that Ralph was Teri's uncle, and Rosanna was surprised to learn that. Craig went to look for Henry, and Audrey told Rosanna not to worry, because she had just been discussing business with Craig. When Rosanna asked what Audrey meant, Audrey explained that she wasn't after Craig. Rosanna laughed and told Audrey that Craig wasn't her man and was in fact engaged to her sister. Audrey seemed doubtful and told Rosanna that she had looked like she wanted to rip out Audrey's eyes when she had seen Audrey and Craig talking.

Craig and Rosanna left Metro and went up to Craig's suite at the Lakeview, where Johnny was waiting with the sitter. Craig asked Johnny if he wanted to thank Rosanna again for picking him up from school, and Johnny went to Rosanna and hugged her. Craig sent Johnny to play with the sitter in the next room, and then offered Rosanna a drink. Craig noticed that Rosanna seemed upset, and he asked what was wrong. Rosanna told him that she'd been thinking about when she and Craig had tried to have a baby.

Craig said that had not been meant to be, and he asked if Rosanna was thinking about Cabot. Rosanna said yes, because Cabot would be a little older than Johnny, about nine years old. Craig asked whether Rosanna would tell him if she'd been in touch with Cabot, but Rosanna said she had never even tried to get in touch with Cabot again, because it would have been too dangerous. Craig pointed out that James Stenbeck was dead and couldn't harm Cabot, but Rosanna said it had been too long since she'd been with Cabot, and she wouldn't want to confuse him. Craig told Rosanna that although it wasn't a substitute, if she ever wanted to spend time with Johnny, he was sure Johnny would like that, and so would he. Seeing the emotion on Rosanna's face, Craig hugged her.

At school, Parker found Liberty in a hallway and asked if she was okay. Liberty told Parker that she had thrown up during assembly. Liberty was worried that kids at school would soon start gossiping about her being pregnant. Parker asked when Liberty was going to decide what to do about her pregnancy. Liberty told him she'd already decided, but she had to figure out a way to go through with it without her mom hating her forever.

Two girls approached, and one asked Liberty how her summer had gone and called her "baby mama." One of the girls said that Liberty wanted Tony to be the baby's father, but everyone knew Parker was the dad. Liberty told the girls that no matter what Tony said, there was no baby. Parker told the girls to shut up and leave, or he would let everyone know what they'd been doing at a party the month before. They promptly walked away. Liberty was angry that Tony had told people about her situation. Parker said he could put a stop to that, but Liberty told Parker not to do anything that might get him in trouble.

At home, Brad told Katie that something needed to be done soon about Liberty's situation, even though Janet was having trouble with the idea of an abortion. Katie pointed out that Janet was dead set against it. Brad believed that if he and Katie went to talk to Janet and told her that they both felt strongly that it wasn't the right time for Liberty to have a baby, they might be able to convince Janet to let Liberty proceed with an abortion. Katie told Brad she didn't know if she could do that, because she had a different view than Brad did about it.

Katie told Brad that it was difficult for her to think about someone having an abortion when she herself had a miracle baby growing inside of her. Brad told Katie to look around, because their situation was totally different from Liberty's. Brad pointed out that it wasn't about Katie or him, it was about Liberty and what was best for her. He then received a text saying he was needed at the studio, so he asked Katie if she would try to talk to Liberty. Katie said she would.

After Brad left, Janet arrived, looking for him. Janet told Katie that she didn't know what she was going to do about Liberty. Janet said that although she would never tell Liberty to do what Janet herself had done, which was to have a baby and raise it on her own, she still had trouble even thinking about an abortion. Katie understood and said that a baby was a precious gift. Janet was relieved to hear Katie say that, and she suggested that Katie talk to Liberty, to help make sure that Liberty knew what all of her options were. Katie reluctantly agreed to talk to Liberty.

Katie called Liberty and asked if Liberty could stop by Katie's house on her way home from school to pick up a cake plate for Janet. Liberty agreed and hung up, telling Parker that Katie wanted to see her. Parker left and found Tony walking up the stairs. Parker shoved Tony against the wall and asked how hard he would have to hit Tony to get him to keep his mouth shut. Parker then told Tony that he should man up and admit that he was the father of Liberty's baby, but Tony said that for all he knew, Liberty "could be doing the whole football team." Parker punched Tony repeatedly after that remark.

Janet went to the studio at WOAK. Brad told her that they needed to talk about Liberty. Janet said that she hadn't realized that Brad had the same doubts she had about what to do and that she hadn't known that Brad was against the abortion. Brad asked who had told her that, and Janet said that Katie had said she would never go down that road. Brad corrected Janet, saying that Katie meant that she would never choose abortion, but Janet said she thought Katie meant Liberty, too. Janet told Brad that Liberty was probably on her way to his house to talk to Katie at that moment. Brad became angry and told Janet that she was out of line and shouldn't have tried to get Katie to do her "dirty work" for her.

When Liberty arrived at Brad and Katie's house, Katie offered her some pregnancy tea that she said would help calm Liberty's stomach. Katie then let Liberty know that the discomfort of pregnancy would probably only last six weeks or so. Liberty said, "You know I'm not going through with this, right?" and Katie replied that she knew that Liberty wasn't sure what she wanted to do yet. Liberty told Katie that she was sure, and that Brad supported her choice. Katie said that she understood that, but sometimes, things happened that were unexpected, and you often didn't realize how much you wanted something until you didn't have it.

Liberty became upset and told Katie that she hadn't realized she was being set up for an ambush by Janet and Katie. Liberty exclaimed that Katie of all people should respect that she had a right to decide what to do with her own body. Katie assured Liberty that she did respect that, but Liberty disagreed and stormed out.

Brad went home and asked Katie whether she'd spoken to Liberty yet, explaining that Janet had told him what Katie was going to do. Katie said that Liberty had already been there, and that Liberty had accused her of plotting with Janet to get her to do what they wanted. Brad asked why Katie hadn't talked to him before having a conversation with Liberty, and Katie said it had happened too quickly. Katie told Brad that she hadn't told Liberty what to do, but that she had tried to give Liberty some facts. Brad said the fact was that if Liberty had the baby, it would ruin her senior year of high school and keep her from going to college. He also said that since he'd only known he was Liberty's father for a year or so, he didn't want to screw it up.

Katie reminded Brad that he had told her that it wasn't about him, or Katie, but about Liberty, and she said they all needed to calm down, or things would get really bad. Katie felt her baby moving, and she put Brad's hand on her belly to feel the movement. Brad remarked that he'd never get used to that feeling, and Katie asked if he remembered when they thought they'd never get to feel that. Brad said he did, and Katie told him, "Life happens. We can try to control it, but I just don't think we're in charge."

Jack had to go to the school to pick up Parker after the fight with Tony. Parker told Jack that Tony had it coming, but Jack reminded Parker that he had promised not to get caught up in Liberty's problems. Parker tried to explain the situation to his dad, and Jack said he understood, but he wanted Parker to back off and let other people help Liberty. Parker said that he would try. Jack had to leave, and after he was gone, Parker got a call from Liberty. Liberty told Parker that she wanted to return to Chicago immediately to have the abortion, and she asked if Parker would help her. Parker told Liberty to meet him at his house.

Janet found Liberty at the farm, and she told Liberty that perhaps she shouldn't have made Katie part of the situation, but she just wanted Liberty to hear everything she needed to hear before she made her decision. Liberty told her mother to stop, saying she didn't need "any more lectures or perspectives or priests and pregnant women. I know what you think, and I don't care, and you're not going to stop me." At that, Liberty left the farm, and Janet called Jack, telling him, "I think I just blew it with Liberty."

Liberty went to meet Parker, and he asked how she planned to pay for the abortion. Liberty said she still had the money that Craig had given her the first time she'd gone to Chicago. Parker said he had his mom's car keys and would drive her to Chicago, but as they walked out the door, Jack and Janet met them. Janet went inside to talk to Liberty, while Parker and Jack talked out on the porch. Parker told Jack that Liberty had been miserable, and no one was helping her. He asked Jack how he would feel if it happened to Sage, but Jack told him that Liberty wasn't his child, and it wasn't up to either him or Parker to help her decide what to do.

Liberty pleaded with her mother to understand her feelings about the pregnancy, and Janet said she would stop trying to get Liberty to change her mind. She said that she wanted Liberty to give her the time to get all the information she thought Liberty needed to make the best possible choice. Liberty asked if Janet would promise not to stop her if she looked at everything that Janet might give her but still decided to have an abortion, and Janet promised.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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