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Monday, September 14, 2009

Owen asked Jackie if it was true that she had accepted money for sex in the past. Jackie explained it wasn't as bad as it sounded. She had only slept with men she knew who helped her out financially because they knew she was a single mom, but she hadn't been with total strangers. She said the story had been blown out of proportion when Stephanie got her hands on it. Jackie begged Owen to understand and forgive her.

Jackie said she did what she did to keep food in her son's mouth and had felt her past was behind her until Stephanie used the information to try to destroy Jackie. Jackie admitted that her son, Nick, was devastated when he learned the news and the fashion industry was shocked, as well. Jackie continued with her story and reminded Owen that she had been young and desperate. She begged him to assure her nothing had changed between them, but Owen said the news changed everything.

Owen said knowing her past made it easier to understand why it was so easy for Jackie to rush into Whip's arms when the two of them had trouble. Owen started to leave, but Jackie begged him to stay and talk it over. Owen insisted that he needed time alone to think, and walked out. Jackie called after Owen as he walked away to say she loved him.

Nick entered Jackie's office and found her sobbing on the sofa. Jackie reminded Nick that he told her not to tell Owen the truth, but she had anyway. Jackie said after Owen's reaction, she wished she had listened to Nick. Nick tried to comfort his mother and took her in his arms. He reassured her that she had done the right thing by being honest, and that Owen probably just needed time to think.

Nick added that once Owen realized Jackie's past had nothing to do with her feelings for Owen and their marriage, he would come around. Jackie, however, was afraid of a certain look she saw in Owen's eyes, and feared he would never see her in the same light again.

A man named Justin, Bill Spencer's executive vice president from New York, flew in to Los Angeles to meet with Bill. The two shared a drink, and Justin asked Bill if the rumors about his love life were true. Bill confirmed that he had indeed fallen for someone. Justin asked if the girl knew who she had gotten involved with. Bill replied that she did know him, and thus far still liked him anyway.

Justin said he had seen Bill get involved with a lot of women over the years, but noticed a certain look in his eye and noted Katie must be an extraordinary woman. Bill agreed and added Katie was a good girl with loads of potential, both personally and professionally. Justin suggested to Bill that even though Katie worked at Forrester Creations, the company was ripe for a takeover. Justin urged Bill not to let his personal life get in the way of good business, and said they should make a takeover attempt soon.

Donna and Katie discussed Katie's new romance with Bill. Donna admitted that she had been nervous at first about Katie's involvement with Bill, but Donna had since realized Katie was a good influence on Bill. Katie lamented that it would be great if Eric and Bill buried the hatchet so the four of them could dine and travel together. Katie announced that she had a plan, and suggested Donna and Eric join Katie and Bill at Café Russe.

Donna didn't think that was such a good idea. Katie countered and reminded Donna the two of them had been civil to one another at the Forrester Royalty campaign. Katie felt that had been a first step and the four of them having dinner together could be a second in making peace. Donna agreed to ask Eric, but said she wasn't sure he would agree to the dinner plans.

Thomas and Steffy had coffee at I nsomnia, and Thomas expressed his opinion that Owen and Jackie's marriage was a sham. Steffy defended them and assured Thomas that Owen truly loved Jackie and wanted to spend his life with her. Steffy waxed poetic about the beauty of unconditional love, and reminded Thomas what a rare and precious thing it was. Steffy said she thought the way Owen loved Jackie was beautiful.

Owen ran into Steffy at Insomnia and she could tell that Owen was upset. She asked him what had happened, and Owen advised her that she didn't want to be around him. Naturally, she didn't listen and followed him across the coffee shop and insisted that he divulge his problems to her.

Owen complied and filled Steffy in on Jackie's sordid past. Steffy was shocked and couldn't believe she hadn't heard about it from her family. Owen expressed his love for Jackie and added that he really wished to try to put it behind him. Owen said the problem was it just wasn't that easy. Owen admitted that finding out about Jackie's past brought up some upsetting emotions from times when Jackie made him feel like a boy toy or a piece of meat.

Steffy moved in closer and assured Owen that trying to understand Jackie's past proved that Owen was a good man. Steffy added that any woman would be very lucky to have a man like Owen.

Katie joined Bill and Justin for cocktails. Justin told Katie that he was a fan of her work during the Royalty campaign. Katie mentioned to Bill that Donna and Eric were going to meet them for dinner, and added to Justin that she and her sister, Donna, were determined for Eric and Bill to make peace. Bill and Justin exchanged knowing looks with one another.

Donna arrived, kissed Katie on the cheek and explained that Eric had a late meeting and would try to meet them later. When Donna spun around to meet Justin, it was clear the two of them knew one another. When Bill and Katie noticed, Justin explained that he and Donna had gone to the same high school. Justin left, and as Bill and Katie talked, Donna was clearly in shock after running into Justin.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

by Pam

In Eric's office, Donna researched Justin Barber, Marcus' father, on the Internet, and was interrupted when Katie and Marcus entered looking for Eric. Marcus left to find Eric, and Katie stayed to quiz Donna about why she didn't stay for dinner with Justin, Bill, and Katie the previous evening.

At Jackie's, Jackie was on the phone telling Nick that Owen had not returned home after she told him about her life as a prostitute. She worried that he would never return home, but Owen entered. Jackie and Owen frankly discussed her past, and she admitted that she was wrong to do what she had done to make money. She said it took her a long time to get over what she had done, and a long time to forgive herself. Jackie admitted that most mothers would not have handled the situation the same way.

Owen said that he understood that she was alone and had a child. She didn't have family or anyone to help her. Owen said that he didn't understand how she could have slept with men for money. Jackie apologized, but Owen said she should have been honest. Jackie told Owen that she knew it was a lot to ask, but she hoped that Owen would forget about her past. Owen said that he knew it must have been difficult for her. He agreed that it was a long time ago, and she did what she felt she had to do at the time.

Jackie told Owen that she loved him desperately. Owen said that he could never stop loving Jackie. In his mind, though, he had an image of Jackie as an elegant, gorgeous, refined woman. He thought of the private Jackie Marone as a woman of class and sophistication. He was upset that the image had been destroyed.

Jackie acknowledged that her past and her mistakes had hurt Owen. She promised that things would change. She wanted their relationship to be based on respect. She cherished Owen, but she understood that he would never see her in the same way again. She begged for his forgiveness again and apologized that it was so soon after he had to forgive her kiss with Whip. Owen said that he would forgive her. Owen agreed to forget about the past and work on the present. They embraced and declared their love for one another.

At Forrester, Marcus and Eric met in the rooftop lounge. Eric thanked Marcus for his tremendous contribution to Forrester. Eric added that Marcus had done a wonderful job in Thorne's absence, and he wanted to make sure that he let Marcus know how appreciative he was that Marcus had stepped up.

Marcus suggested it was a good time to hit Eric up for a raise. Eric teased that there was never a good time for that. He added that Marcus had brought a lot of good things to Forrester. He especially made Donna happy. She was elated to find Marcus after she had given him up as a baby. Marcus said that he was happy just to be a part of Forrester.

Marcus added that he was the luckiest guy on Earth because he had found his mom and had been lucky enough to meet Eric. Marcus said that he was grateful to learn from Eric and that he appreciated Eric not only for his talent, but also his ability to touch so many people with his heart. Marcus said that Eric was a father figure to him -- someone who believed in him.

Eric said that he thought of Marcus as family. Eric handed Marcus a petition for legal adoption approval and announced that he had decided to adopt Marcus. He said that he had legal papers drawn up to make it official. Eric noted that they would need the approval of Marcus' adoptive parents.

Marcus was stunned that Eric had gone to such lengths to make him a member of the Forrester family. Marcus said that he was overwhelmed and honored. Eric wondered about Marcus' adoptive parents and his birth father, but Marcus said that he never knew his birth father. He added that Eric was the only father he needed. They joked as they hugged and sealed the deal with Marcus calling Eric "Dad."

Back in Eric's office, Katie wondered how Donna and Justin had known each other, and if Justin had been one of her boyfriends. Katie teasingly encouraged Donna to spill her guts about Justin. Donna's eyes filled with tears as she confided that Justin was Marcus' father. Katie was shocked. Katie remembered that Donna had a lot of boyfriends in high school and didn't recall Justin as anyone special.

Donna explained that Justin was a star basketball player and Donna was a cheerleader. Donna said they were crazy about each other and got carried away one night. She found out that she was pregnant the same day that Justin found out that he received a college basketball scholarship. It was the chance of a lifetime for him, and Donna didn't want to ruin it for him. She broke up with Justin. She felt it was the only decision she could make at the time, so she stayed at her aunt's home and gave up her baby for adoption.

Katie wondered if Donna wanted to tell Justin about Marcus. Donna said she didn't know what was best for Marcus or Justin. Donna worried that she knew nothing about Justin, and had no idea what kind of man he had become. He might not be the same person she was crazy about in high school.

Katie reminded Donna that Justin didn't abandon Marcus. He had no knowledge that he had a son. Katie encouraged Donna to carefully think about her decision. Donna agreed. She said she would approach the subject of getting to know his father with Marcus. She said she didn't want to tell Marcus if she didn't have to. Then, Marcus entered and asked his mother what it was that she didn't want to tell him.

Katie left. Donna said she had something to tell him. Marcus smiled as he thought that Donna was going to announce that Eric had planned to adopt him. Donna told Marcus that he was a blessing she never knew she had until he came into her life the year before. She said that she thought she had to share that blessing. It was time for him to meet his father. Marcus looked confused.

In the rooftop lounge, Katie found Eric, and he told her that he had asked Marcus to be his adopted son. Katie was surprised.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Katie asked Eric if he had talked to Donna about his plan to adopt Marcus. Eric said he had mentioned it to Donna in the past, but they hadn't spoken about it recently. Eric said the hardest part was to bring up the topic with Marcus, but since Marcus was already on board, he felt certain Donna would be thrilled.

Katie wondered what Marcus' biological father would think. Eric reminded Katie the biological father wasn't in the picture, so it didn't matter what he thought. Eric's aim was to secure and legalize Marcus' standing in the Forrester family.

Eric explained that Marcus and Donna were virtually inseparable, and Eric never wanted Marcus to feel like a "hanger-on" of the family, or feel as if he were merely being tolerated. He wanted Marcus to know without a doubt he was a real member of the family.

Eric's generous gesture moved Katie, but she wondered again what would happen if Marcus sought out his biological father. Eric said he had already talked to Marcus about that, and Marcus assured Eric he was not interested in pursuing that path.

Donna and Marcus discussed his biological father, and Marcus was pleased the topic was finally on the table. Marcus realized Donna and his dad were young. He said everyone made mistakes and then wondered aloud if that made him a mistake. Donna said Marcus should never think of himself as a mistake.

Marcus was curious why Donna broached the subject after she spent so long avoiding it. Donna explained that when Marcus first arrived in town, she didn't want him to feel she was trying to replace his adoptive parents. She feared throwing too much at him at once would only confuse Marcus. Donna added that she was very grateful to the kind people who took Marcus in and raised him when she couldn't.

Donna added that Marcus never really asked her any questions about his father, so she hadn't been inclined to divulge any information. Donna apologized for giving Marcus up for adoption and tried to explain. Marcus said he forgave her and understood they were just kids. Marcus told Donna to stop torturing herself trying to explain, because he already knew.

Donna looked puzzled and asked him what he already knew. Marcus explained that Eric wanted to adopt him and make him "Marcus Forrester." The two beamed at one another with joy.

Donna was thrilled that Eric wanted to adopt Marcus. However, she tried once again to bring up the topic of, Marcus' biological father. Marcus shut her down. Marcus reminded Donna that his real father never even knew Donna was pregnant, and Marcus didn't want to risk blowing that man's life apart when a long-lost son he didn't know he had showed up at his door.

Donna reminded Marcus that he had shown up on her doorstep, and things turned out great for them. Marcus explained that the difference was that Donna carried him in her womb and knew and remembered him, while his father did not. Marcus was content to have a family that included Donna and Eric as his parents. Eric walked in as Marcus and Donna embraced. He joined the circle of their hug and celebrated their soon-to-be-official family.

Donna was delighted that the two most important men in her family loved one another enough to legally become a family. Eric explained it was legally tricky, but that he had his lawyers working on it and felt certain it would work out. Marcus explained his adoptive parents would not stand in the way, and would be happy that Marcus had a chance to be happy with his mom and Eric. Marcus said "I'm going to make you proud, Dad." Eric was clearly delighted that Marcus called him "Dad."

Justin went over Forrester's sales figures and projected numbers for winter and spring. Bill interrupted his PowerPoint presentation and asked what Donna Logan had been like in high school. Justin responded that she was blonde and gorgeous, just as she remained.

Bill found it odd that Justin knew Donna in school and that Bill was dating her sister, Katie. Justin said he thought it was odd, too, but mostly because he thought Bill should try to hire Katie away from Forrester. Justin pointed out that if Katie was still working at Forrester when they made their takeover attempt, it would be a bone of contention between the two of them.

Justin asked Bill point-blank if taking over Forrester Creations was still on the agenda.

Bill said of course it was still his plan, but he had slowed it down for the time being to pursue a relationship with Katie. Bill mentioned that when he first met Donna, he was smitten by her, until he met Katie. Bill added that he would never understand why a hot woman like Donna was wasting herself on an old man like Eric. Justin said Donna appeared to be happy with Eric.

Katie stopped by Bill's office and ran into Justin again. Katie mentioned what a small world it was, and added that Donna used to be a cheerleader for Justin's basketball games. Justin spoke affectionately about Donna. He said Donna made people feel as if they were the only ones on earth and truly listened when people talked. Justin said Donna was very special to him, and never played games with him. Justin said he always knew where he stood with Donna.

After Justin left, Katie suggested they go out to dinner and try to connect with Eric and Donna again. Bill chuckled and said Eric did not want to dine with Bill. Katie said she thought it was worth a shot, and suggested he invite Justin, too.

Katie asked what Justin's story was and noted that everyone had a story. Bill said although he didn't delve into his partner's personal life, he believed Justin was one of the most honorable men he knew. He continued that Justin had been on the verge of becoming a pro basketball player before a career-ending injury halted his basketball hopes.

Bill said he didn't want to share Katie with anyone, and wanted a quiet evening for just the two of them. He promised her it would be memorable, and perhaps even unforgettable. Katie smiled sweetly and the two melted together into a kiss.

Justin stopped by Forrester and paid Donna a visit. They briefly reminisced about high school, and then Justin asked Donna why she had ended things with him so abruptly and if she had been angry with him about something. Donna denied it and said she was never angry. She added that she had adored Justin.

Justin asked her again why things had ended in such a hurry and why she had taken off to Europe so soon after they split. She said something just came up and she left before she had a chance to explain. Justin asked Donna point-blank if anything happened that he should know about. She stared at him, but did not respond.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

by Pam

Justin visited Donna at Forrester, and they discussed the days when they were dating as teenagers. Justin pointed out that what he and Donna had was special, and he wondered why she left him. Donna struggled to come up with a reason, but she said that they were young. She laughed and asked why teenagers did anything. Justin agreed.

Donna said that she followed Justin's basketball career and knew how important it was to him. She said that the injury that ended his career must have been hard on him. Justin admitted that it was difficult at first, but it was a blessing, because he discovered the business world, and he really liked being in business and working for Spencer Publications. If he hadn't been injured, he said that basketball would have been his career, and he would have missed out on a lot.

He and Donna talked about their families, and Justin said that he had always envied the close-knit Logan family. He remembered that her mom always tried out her catering recipes on him and the Logan kids. He enjoyed her cooking. Donna smiled and said that her mother was living in Paris with her dad, but that Beth wasn't well. They were all hoping that she would return to Los Angeles, but that it had to be her choice.

Donna asked Justin if he was married, and he responded that he was divorced. Then she asked about children and he said that he and his wife had tried, but they never had any kids. He guessed that he just wasn't meant to be a dad. Donna said that he probably would have made a great dad. He asked if Donna and Eric had any children, and Donna said that they didn't.

Marcus entered and wanted to talk to Donna, but Donna was trying to get him out of the office as quickly as she could. She said that she knew he wanted to talk, but she was in a meeting. She introduced Justin to Marcus, but did not refer to Marcus as her son. She watched uncomfortably as Justin and Marcus shook hands and started a conversation.

She hustled Marcus out the door, and wondered if Justin was heading back to New York City soon. He said that he was returning to New York, but was very glad that he had the chance to reconnect with her. She said that she was happy to see him again, also.

In Ridge's office, Eric was going through some paperwork when Stephanie dropped by. Eric told her that he planned to adopt Marcus. Stephanie was shocked. She said that he needed to rethink the idea, because Marcus was already in Eric's will. She couldn't understand why he felt the need to adopt him.

Eric insisted that it was something he wanted to do. Stephanie argued that it wasn't fair to Eric's children with Stephanie or Brooke. Eric disagreed. He told Stephanie that she was going to be the only person bothered by his decision. Stephanie said that Felicia and Thorne were not going to be happy about it. She reminded Eric that they had left Forrester because of the way things were going and because of Donna.

Eric reminded Stephanie that they had also returned to Forrester. She continued to argue that Donna had been the downfall of the company and drove a wedge between Eric and his children, but Eric shook his head. He told Stephanie that she was once again trying to blame Donna for something because she didn't like Donna. He told Stephanie that his decision was final and that he was moving forward. He left her standing in the office alone.

She picked up a picture on Ridge's desk, but suddenly seemed dizzy. She swayed a bit, and her right arm went limp. She caught herself by grabbing the desk with her left hand. Then, she leaned against the desk and appeared to be dizzy. She kept blinking and then stared at her right arm that was very still. She grabbed her right arm with her left hand, and looked frightened.

She started to gently move her right arm with her left. Then, she moved her right arm without the aid of her left. She started to slowly clench and unclench fists on both hands as she curiously stared at her hands. She stood upright, and seemed to be all right, but continued to rub her fingers against her thumbs as if she wanted to assure herself that she could move them. She looked concerned and left the office.

On the basketball court on the rooftop, Marcus shot some hoops with some of the Forrester employees. After they left, Katie offered to play a little one-on-one with him. She said that he appeared to be very happy. Marcus said that he'd found his dad. Katie mistakenly thought that Donna had told him about Justin, and she was confused.

She asked when Donna told him about his real dad, but Marcus said it was Eric who told him about adopting him. Marcus said that he was happy to have Eric as his father. Katie tried to cover her error in asking about Donna, and she told him that she was very happy for him.

Justin returned to Spencer Communications and started to research all the Forresters. He found photos of Donna and Eric and all the Logan girls on a Web site, but he also found a photo of Donna and Marcus. The photo identified Marcus as her son. Justin looked at the photo and was painfully aware that Marcus could have been his son.

Katie returned to the office to talk to Donna, and told her that Marcus was very happy with Eric's offer of adoption. Donna said that Justin had stopped by to see her, and she discovered that he was the same intelligent and sweet guy that she had known as a teenager. She described the scene of Justin and Marcus in the same room shaking hands and talking without knowing that they were father and son.

Donna said she wanted to tell them, but she knew that Marcus was happier than he had ever been when he learned that Eric wanted to adopt him. Donna said she didn't know what to do. Justin was returning to New York, and would probably never see Marcus again. She didn't know if she had done the right thing in telling him that she didn't have any children. She nervously asked Katie what she should do.

Friday, September 18, 2009

At Forrester, Katie confronted Donna about Donna's decision not to tell Marcus that Justin was his biological father. Donna said that Marcus was ecstatic that Eric was adopting him, and that it would only complicate things if she told Marcus and Justin the truth about Marcus' paternity.

In Bill's office, Justin stared at an article on the Internet about Donna finding Marcus, her long-lost son. Justin wondered whether he could be Marcus' father, and then rushed out of the office.

Katie showed up at Bill's hotel suite, wondering where they were going to dine. Bill said that they were going to dine in his suite, and revealed a table set for two. As they dined, Katie told Bill that there was always a lot going on behind his eyes. Bill said that, at that moment, his eyes were transfixed by Katie. Bill fed Katie a bite of dessert, and the couple began kissing.

Bill and Katie slowly began undressing each other. They ended up making passionate love on Bill's bed.

After Bill and Katie made love, Bill asked her if she had ever thought that they would get to that moment. Katie chuckled and said that she was glad to have learned that Bill wasn't the man who everyone warned her about. Bill, referring to the first time that he and Katie met, said that it wasn't his style to take advantage of an inebriated woman. Katie said that she knew that there was a heart inside Bill's chest. The couple began kissing again.

In Eric's office, Marcus stared at a picture of Eric, Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia, and, with a grin on his face, said, "My family. Thank you, Dad." Marcus was surprised when Justin showed up in Eric's office. Justin said that he was looking for Donna. When Marcus said that Donna was somewhere around the office, Justin told Marcus not to bother her.

Justin told Marcus that Justin was in Los Angeles on a business trip for Spencer Publications, but that he lived in New York. Justin and Marcus teased each other about New York and Los Angeles sports teams. Justin said that he had been reading up on Forrester Creations, and that he found it fascinating that Marcus had discovered that Donna was Marcus' mother. Donna entered the office and became nervous when she saw that Marcus and Justin were talking. She asked what was going on. Justin told Donna that he wanted to see her before he returned to New York, but that he had run into Marcus. Justin asked Donna why she hadn't told him that Marcus was her son.

Donna said that the subject of her being Marcus' mother hadn't arisen during Justin's visit. Marcus mentioned that he had learned to play basketball while growing up in Texas. Justin asked Marcus if had been born in Texas. Marcus said that he hadn't – that he had been adopted. A nervous Donna interrupted the men's conversation and advised Justin that he should hurry to the airport, lest he miss his flight to New York. Justin ignored Donna, and challenged Marcus to play one-on-one basketball the next time they met. Marcus left the office to attend a meeting. After Marcus was gone, Justin told Donna that Marcus seemed like a fine young man, and that she must be very proud of her son.

Eric told Ridge that he had made a decision – Eric was adopting Marcus. Ridge was shocked that Eric was making Donna's son a Forrester, and wondered if Donna had been pressuring Eric to adopt her son. Eric said that she hadn't, and that she was actually surprised when Eric mentioned the adoption to her. Ridge asked Eric why he had made the decision to adopt Marcus.

Eric said that he had been watching Marcus, and that Marcus treated Forrester the same way that Ridge and Thorne did – with respect and care. When Ridge questioned Eric's decision, Eric said that Marcus deserved to be a Forrester, and that the family should be proud to embrace Marcus as one of their own. Eric hoped that Ridge agreed.

Ridge said that Eric had obviously grown very close to Marcus, but wondered how much Eric really knew about Marcus. Eric thought that Ridge was implying that there might be something sinister in Marcus' past.

Marcus, who had been listening in on Ridge and Eric's conversation, walked in and said that he understood Ridge's misgivings about the adoption. Marcus said that he didn't want to cause any trouble for the Forrester family, but that he already felt that Eric was his father. Marcus said that it would mean a lot to him if he were Eric's son.

Marcus wondered if Ridge was opposed to the adoption because of Donna. Ridge said that Donna had changed everything for the Forrester family, but he realized that Eric was in love with Donna. Ridge said that Eric's decision to adopt Marcus spoke a lot about the kind of man Eric was, but it also spoke to the kind of man that Marcus was. Ridge told a thrilled Marcus and Eric that he wasn't against the adoption, but that Marcus had to respect what it meant to be a member of the Forrester family. Eric thanked Ridge for his support.

Donna told Justin that she was very proud of Marcus. Justin said that Marcus was a very impressive young man. Donna reminded Justin that she had nothing to do with raising Marcus. Justin said that Marcus seemed confident and balanced – the way Justin would want his son to be. Justin's remark clearly made Donna uncomfortable.

Justin told Donna that he had wanted to keep in touch with her after they had graduated from high school. Donna said that they were young, and that it was inevitable that they drifted apart. Justin said that it must have been something for Donna to have discovered Marcus after so many years. Donna said that the happiest day of her life had been the day that Marcus walked up to her and announced that he was her son. Justin said, "I know that's the way I would feel."

Justin asked Donna why she gave Marcus up for adoption. She said that she was young, and that it had seemed like the right thing to do. He wondered whether Marcus had been resentful that Donna had given him up for adoption. Donna said that Marcus had been understanding and forgiving. Justin said that she and Marcus seemed to have a close relationship, despite their years apart.

Justin told Donna that she was blessed to have a great son like Marcus. Donna said not a day went by when she didn't realize that – but that responsibility came along with parenthood. Justin said that every mother and father needed to be responsible.

Justin reminded Donna that he had never understood why she had ended their relationship so abruptly. A flustered Donna said that she didn't know what Justin was talking about, and told him that she had to get back to work. Justin asked Donna to be honest with him – and then asked her if he was Marcus' father.

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