One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on OLTL

Jessica was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Bree was tested for the disease, but the results were negative. Antonio realized that Jessica had seemed more like Tess in recent months. Todd was missing. Henry suffered a heart attack and crashed his car while angrily driving a group of teens. Henry died, but the teens were uninjured.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Nash asked God to make Jessica well, while Michael explained what was going on with Jessica to Viki and Natalie. Miles told Marty he thinks he knows what happened to Todd. In Chicago, Detective Morris brought John a garbage bag from the crack den. Amber came running into the gymnasium and ran into Marcie, blubbering that Henry stole the drivers' ed car and sped off with Britney in the passenger's seat. Meanwhile, Cole and Starr were also in the car, and pleaded with Henry to turn the car around. Britney whispered something into Henry's ear that distracted him and made him slam on the brakes.

Michael explained to Viki that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) could have been dormant for an extended period of time and asked if Jess had ever worked anywhere where she might have been exposed to the virus. The most common way to get it is through sharing needles with someone who has it, the doc explained. "Needles? Like HEROIN!?" Viki balked.

Marty said she was sure there was a reasonable explanation for Todd's disappearance, and even though she's had her past with Todd, she genuinely hopes he's alive. Miles headed out to talk to the police commissioner.

Blair and John got on their rubber gloves and started rummaging through the bag for anything that would have a partial print. John pocketed a broken cassette tape. Dorian wanted Blair to return to Llanview with her, but Blair was afraid of worrying the kids by coming back without their father. Blair changed her mind when she received a call from a panicky Marcie about Starr and the drivers' ed car.

Over lunch at the police station, Bo suggested a weekend away with Paige and Matthew. Paige pointed out that the next weekend is Mother's Day and she feels weird considering she'd lost Hugh before she ever got to spend the holiday with him. Instead, she planned to go to California to visit Hugh's grave with his adoptive mother. Paige talked about she'd prayed for Hugh so many times before she met him, praying that she did the right thing by keeping him away from Spencer. Bo thought it was great that Paige wanted to visit Hugh's grave, but reminded her that Llanview (and Bo's house) is her home. He gave her a passionate kiss good-bye, then received a call from John before Miles could have a word with him. Miles thought back to the letter from Spencer, while Detective Morris told an inquisitive cop, "The longer he's missing the more likely that he's dead," referring to Todd.

Britney tried to calm down Henry after he sped through a stop sign, saying she never realized how much he cared about her. Henry went through another stop sign as Britney lied through her teeth about liking the earrings that he gave her. Starr told Henry not to believe one word out of Britney's mouth and yelled for him to keep both hands on the wheel as he reached in his pocket for the earrings. Britney modeled the earrings, while Cole found a pill that Henry took. Blair called Starr, but Henry instructed everyone to throw their cell phones out the window before Starr could tell her mom what was going on. Henry admitted that it had been two weeks since he'd slept and had been popping the pills like candy. Cole tried to relate to Henry by talking about how using steroids affected him, but Henry didn't feel that Cole's life was as bad as his. Suddenly, Henry complained of sharp chest pains.

Viki went into Jessica's hotel room to tell her about the HCV. Michael explained that drug therapy would help treat the virus, but that they'd need a biopsy of her liver. Michael asked her to remember what caused the virus, and she worried that she might have passed it on to her daughter. Once alone with Michael, Jessica candidly asked him if she was going to die. Outside, Viki told Natalie and Antonio that no matter how they felt about it, someone would have to tell Nash. Viki ran off to call Clint. Meanwhile, Paige walked in on Nash telling God that he'd leave Jessica alone if it meant she'd recover. "I don't think it works that way," the doc interjected. "Are you really willing to make that sacrifice?" She advised him against making promises to God that he can't keep.

Blair, John and Dorian got on the first plane out of Chicago so that Blair could see Starr. John said he'd try to have the tape fixed to see if there was anything on it that could give them answers about Todd.

Antonio visited Jessica, who apologized for putting him through so much. The nurse informed them that Jessica needed to remove her jewelry before the surgery and handed Antonio her wedding ring. Then Natalie came in and talked to a sleeping Jessica, asking her sister how she could have gotten mixed up with someone using heroin. Jessica awoke from remembering an encounter with a slimy-looking guy as Tess, and told Natalie to believe it. Meanwhile, Nash asked God not to punish Jessica for loving him, then turned around to see Antonio standing in the doorway.

Henry kept driving despite the pain, and threatened to drive the car to the end of the world. Britney pleaded with him to pull over, and it became more and more apparent that the side effects of the pill were causing Henry major problems. Cole offered to drive, but Henry wouldn't let him. "We're going to do it my way or no way at all," Henry threatened. His chest pains got worse as he lost control of the car and everyone screamed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Natalie comforted Jessica as she blamed herself for her situation and how it might have affected Bree. Nash turned around to face Antonio and explained that he was praying for Jessica. Antonio broke the news that Jess has hepatitis C. Rex thanked someone on his cell phone for doing something on short notice, then covered to Adriana that he was talking to the manager at Ultraviolet and had a certain surprise planned for tonight. Blair and Marty pointed fingers for their kids' crisis when John received word that there'd been a car accident. Back at school, Bo greeted Starr, Cole and Britney, who had survived the accident. Britney cried as she touched one of the earrings, and Marcie and Langston were relieved to see that everyone was Okay. "Where's Henry?" cried Starr, and Bo explained that Henry wasn't wearing a seat belt, was thrown from the car and didn't survive.

Adriana asked Rex what her surprise was, but he refused to give her any clues. "I want you to be blown away," he told her as she headed to the ladies' room. "Not as blown away as Tate's gonna be," he then mused to himself. When Adriana returned, she confessed that she called the UV hostess, who told her all about the surprise. She was impressed that Rex had planned an AIDS fundraiser, "outing himself as a humanitarian." Rex told Adriana he was going to take her home and teach her a lesson for her naughty behavior!

Marcie and the teens lamented that it was unfair that Henry didn't survive and that he was a good kid and didn't deserve this. Blair and Marty arrived to comfort their children. Blair wanted to know why this happened. Marcie asked why Henry would steal a car and why everyone got in it with him. Everyone looked at Britney, who claimed to be a victim and not at fault. Cole told the cops that Henry had been taking Dexamphetamines and started to have severe chest pains when he was driving. John explained that the drug causes hallucinations and panic attacks and is "not something to mess around with." John said it sounded like Henry had a heart attack brought on by a drug overdose. Marcie chastised Britney for making Henry do her schoolwork for her. Starr tried to make Marty and Blair realize that Cole was a hero in this situation. Marty looked on as John comforted Cole, and Starr approached Britney to warn her that she planned to let the whole school know just how responsible she was for Henry's demise.

Antonio explained to Nash that hep C attacks the liver and could be fatal, depending on how far along it is. Is it transmitted via sex? Nash asked, but Antonio said it traveled only through the blood. Nash insisted that he never shot heroin or shared any needles with Jess and he didn't know if she ever did. Antonio then pointed out that Jessica's not the only one they should be worried about Bree would have to tested, too, and Viki was taking care of it. Antonio argued that Jessica is his wife and Nash doesn't deserve to know anything about her condition, but Nash pleaded to be allowed to see her. Antonio agreed on the terms that Nash not upset her. Natalie found Antonio and told him she hoped he knew what he was doing by letting Nash see Jessica.

Natalie stroked Jessica's hair as she recalled making out with the slimy guy in a bathroom stall. Michael came in and told her to fight. Jessica berated herself for putting her daughter in danger. Nash arrived at Jessica's bedside and they shared a tender moment. A disheveled Antonio instructed a random medic to do whatever it takes to make Jessica better.

Rex was displeased to find Tate at Adriana's apartment, but gloated as he told the sudden newscaster that his station was doing a news piece on the fundraiser. "It would be just ducky if you could join us," Rex cracked to Tate, then made a few innuendos before taking off, suggesting that he must have left his jacket in the CLOSET. At Ultraviolet, Roxy marveled at all the buff, gay attendees, and was shocked when Rex intimated that Tate is gay, too. Later on, Tate's news report ended with a live segment on the UV party and Rex saying he wanted to use the club for good, not evil. The camera panned to a few guys dancing ELBOWS UP! and asked if baseball legend Tate Harmon would be interested in joining the other gay celebrities there.

Miles arrived at the high school auditorium to offer Marty his support, while John and Bo discussed Todd's disappearance and the audiotape. They both looked in Miles's direction. Starr asked her mom if Todd knew about the accident. Britney's bitchy mom showed up and complained about how long it took to get into the school, even though Miles seemed to have no problem. Blair broke down and informed Starr that her father is missing.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tate is mortified and Adriana is furious while watching Rex out Tate on live television. The reporter asks Rex if he got Tate's permission to disclose his sexuality, but Rex dances around the answer. Rex encourages Tate to come to the fundraiser. Layla calls Adriana to ask her what Rex is doing. Adriana has no clue, and goes to Ultra Violet to get some answers. Tate storms off the set after the newscast is over.

Roxy is worried that Tate might retaliate because of Rex's announcement, and is ashamed at how Rex handled the whole situation. Tate bursts into the club and slams Rex into a wall. He decides not to beat Rex up, though, because Rex isn't worth it. Adriana and Layla arrive. Adriana agrees with Tate's assessment. Adriana's very angry with Rex for outing Tate and offers to help Tate with the mess Rex caused. She then asks Rex if he paid for this information because he's done it before. Rex assures her he didn't, and then mentions he got the information from Tate's ex-wife. Adriana is shocked to learn that Tate used to be married, and wants to know why he hid his prior marriage from her. Tate explains that he was young and impulsive when he got married. Adriana and Tate are both furious with Rex because he ruined both their careers. Adriana storms out of the club, and Rex chases after her.

Layla offers to buy Tate a drink, but he refuses. He wants to kill Rex, and Layla says that Adriana is probably doing just that.

Adriana fumes at Rex for going behind her back with this stunt. He tells her it's the truth. She says that Tate's sexual orientation is Tate's own business and no one else's. Rex asks her why she's still defending Tate, and she says that someone has to.

Marty tells Cole that Todd is missing. Cole wants to go comfort Starr, but John convinces him not to at the moment. Starr is angry at Blair for keeping Todd's disappearance a secret from her. Blair tries to calm Starr down, but Starr's not having any of it until she notices that Blair is really worried about Todd. Marty is relieved that Cole is alright after the car crash. They hug, and she glances at John, which Miles notices. Starr asks Blair about what happened in Chicago, and she tells Starr what she thinks. Miles interrupts them to offer his apology, but Blair reams him out and blames him entirely for Todd's disappearance. She then tries to get him to confess to getting rid of Todd. Miles insists that he had nothing to do with it. Starr tries to reason with Blair, but Blair won't stop until John asks Miles. Miles repeats that he knows nothing about Todd's whereabouts. Blair thinks he's lying, but Marty defends him. Blair snaps at her to stay out of it.

Blair apologizes to Starr for making such a scene, then accuses Miles of knowing more than he's letting on, which he still denies. John assures Blair that they'll find Todd. Langston and Starr hug after they realize the enormity of what could have happened in the car crash. They're in shock because of what happened to Henry. John tells Blair that he'll notify her if he hears anything from Chicago. Blair and Starr offer Langston a ride home, and then Marty and Cole leave with John, even though Miles offered again to give them a ride.

At their apartment, Marty offers to make something for John and Cole to eat. Cole tells her not to worry and wants to do something about the way Blair attacked her. Marty understands that Blair is having a difficult time and is just taking it out on people. Marty tells Cole that Patrick would be proud of him. Cole says that he kept his cool in the car by thinking about what Patrick would do if he were in the same situation. Cole asks John if he's done the same thing, and John says he considers what his dad would do all the time.

As Blair is getting ready for bed, Starr checks on her. They chat about everything that's happened and spend a little time bonding. Starr asks if she can sleep in Blair's bed with her tonight. As they're settling in to go to sleep, Blair mentions that she may have to go back to Chicago to find Todd. Starr just tells her to make sure she and Todd get back safely.

Cristian comes to visit Jessica. Antonio tells him that Nash is seeing Jess right now. Cris thinks that's a bad idea. Antonio knows Nash won't hurt Jessica, even though Cristian remains unconvinced. Cris thinks that Nash is just going to pester Jess until she admits that she loves Nash. Antonio stops Cris's rant by telling him that Brennan may have contracted Hepatitis C, and says that Nash has a right to talk to Jess about their baby. Cris is suspicious of Nash, while Antonio is sure that Nash won't do anything to upset Jess. Antonio is frustrated by everything that's happened, but has faith in Jessica.

Nash tells Jessica that she's a fighter and tries to convince her to do what she needs to do instead of protecting everyone else. She confirms that she wants to be with him, but is concerned about having to tell Antonio and her family the truth about how she got the disease. Jess wants to talk about Brennan and the possibility that she may have Hepatitis C, but Nash tries to skirt around the issue. Jessica insists on talking about it because she's sick of everyone having falsely positive attitudes while still being fearful for her life. She just wants to be realistic, and tells Nash that they either need to talk or he needs to leave. Nash relents and has a serious talk with Jessica. He assumes that if Jessica dies, she'll want Antonio to remain part of Brennan's life.

Cristian thinks that Antonio won't lose Jessica, but Antonio realizes he already has. He still loves Jessica, yet admits that Jess has completely changed since her integration. He also is concerned that Tess is coming back to haunt him due to Jessica's illness. Nash comes out into the hallway and tells Antonio that he and Jess want to discuss something with Antonio.

Jessica tells Antonio that she and Nash want Antonio to stay a part of Brennan's life if Jess dies. Nash then lets Antonio and Jessica have some alone time. Jessica worries about how she'll live with herself if she passed on Hepatitis C to Brennan.

As music plays, Rex, Adriana, Blair, and Starr all have sleepless nights. Tate goes back to the studio and releases some of his frustrations by tearing up some copies on the desk. Langston picks up something she forgot in the gym, then sits to reflect on what happened that day. Cole gives John a hug before John leaves as Marty looks on. Jessica wakes up from a nap to see Antonio praying and Nash peeking in her room from a hallway window. Nash steams up the window and draws a heart on it, which gets Jessica to smile a little bit.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

At the diner counter, a disguised Tate reads a glaring newspaper headline about himself. Nearby, Antonio agonizes over how to explain everything to Jamie as Carlotta gives him a pep talk.

A perturbed Adriana orders Rex out of her apartment. She receives a call from Tate requesting a meeting. They get together at the diner, with two unexpected people. Rex insisted on tagging along and Paula, Tate's ex-wife is there. She wants to set the record straight. Tate is not gay and she will sign a statement to attest to that. Many of Tate's deals are ruined and his TV venture is on hold. Rex wants proof, like a long kiss. Adriana suggests that Rex is the only one who can fix it. She wants a retraction and apologies to both her company and the gay community. Rex asks why the couple was divorced.

Nash spends the night at the Angel Square Hotel with Bree, in order to be closer to the hospital. He hears from Marcie and Roxy that Mother's Day is coming up.

Viki surprises Jess with a visit from Clint, while she cries on Nat's shoulder. She feels that she shouldn't show her emotion, that they all need to be strong for Jess. She admits that she's angry at herself as she feels responsible for this. She knew she was losing time and should have told someone; instead, Jess went out to the bars with Niki. Jess feels she needs to explain how she got Hepatitis C and wants Clint to stand by Nash since everyone else is against him.

At school, the students and their parents begin to arrive for grief counseling. John orders the press to back off. Dorian has come to be with Starr, who has some aches and pains from the accident, as Blair has gone back to Chicago. Starr shares some tears with Langston. Dorian is happy to learn that Marty won't be leading the counseling. Britney knows that the whole school is holding her accountable for Henry's death. Cole tries to have a decent conversation with her, to explain how familiar he was with what Henry was feeling, but she's her usual self. Britney's parents arrive and announce that they plan on suing the school. They're thrilled to see Dorian and ask her to support them. She's appalled and tells them so. When Britney tries to get them to quit with their loud threats, they tell her to stop whining. Marcie feels obligated to apologize to the students for not seeing how Henry was; she herself was an outcast and was just like him. Cole thinks they each have to carry some of the guilt. It was an accident and no one person was responsible, replies his teacher. Cole and Starr find themselves alone for a moment and admit that they only thought about each other the previous night. Cole wants to go off and talk but Starr is sticking to her guns and refuses to be with him. They almost died and still their mothers couldn't be civil to each other, she responds. Her dad will kill him. She obsesses over him whenever she sees him and it takes a long time to get over it each time. Starr is the only one he cares about in the whole town, he pleads. She feels the same. Then she's not protecting him as she says, he accuses. She's protecting herself. Marcie later consoles an extremely upset Langston. "I knew," she says. "Not I knew, knew, but I knew and didn't say anything."

Viki, Clint, Nat and Antonio are ready to hear what Jess has to say. She mentions that they're waiting for one more person. Nash arrives with Bree and Clint steps up as he promised he would. Nash is here at Jess' request, he tells everyone. Jess apologizes to her daughter and says, "Tess, no I, used heroin." She relates the details of the one evening that it happened. When she finishes, they learn that the results of Bree's tests are in.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Jessica and her family get some good news. Nash and Jessica yearn to be together. Miles turns Spencer's letter over to Bo and John but isn't completely truthful with them. Marty admits to John that she's been troubled lately. John runs into Natalie in the park. Rex is a dog with a bone when he wants to know why Tate and Paula claimed fraud as grounds for their divorce. Rex can't shake the feeling that something's fishy about Tate and Paula's explanation of why they got divorced. Bo is exasperated by Rex.

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