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Passions Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on PS
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Ms. Lucy encounters Tabitha while looking for Tina, her student. She tells Tabitha that she shouldn't be here because it's not pick up time yet. Too bad Ms. Lucy doesn't know that Tabitha is able to help her. Tina's mom shows up a little early to take Tina to a dental appointment and realizes that her daughter is missing. Tabitha goes looking for Tina, the cat, and expects Endora to turn her back into a girl before Ms. Lucy and Tina's mom go nuts. Tabitha has a hard time finding Tina amongst so many cats at the pound, so she tells Tina to speak to her. Tina speaks to Tabitha, and the officer hears her. He remarks to Tabitha about the speaking cat, and Tabitha tells him that he is being silly. It's time for Tabitha to take the cat, Tina, but the officer tells her that she has to fill out some paper work. Tabitha knows that there is not enough time for that, so she uses her magic to disappear. The officer observes and thinks his mind is playing tricks on him and decides that it's time for a vacation. Tabitha rushes back with Tina because Mrs. Krimmer, Tina's mom, is threatening to call the police if Ms. Lucy doesn't locate Tina. Tabitha asks Endora to reverse the spell so that Tina could be a little girl again. Tabitha brings Tina in the room while Mrs. Krimmer is on the phone with the police. She sees Tina and cancels the call. Tina tells her mom exactly what happened, and she and Ms. Lucy have a puzzled look on their faces. Tabitha plays it off by saying that Tina is very imaginative and creative for coming up with such a story. Mrs. Krimmer and Ms. Lucy are satisfied with Tabitha's explanation. Tabitha takes Endora aside and tells her that she cannot practice witchcraft in public because it will get them in trouble.

Julian is still trying to explain his way out of sleeping with Ivy to Eve, but she wants nothing to do with Julian. He uses the search for their son so that Eve would meet with him. Eve does not want to get her hopes up again because Chad turns out not to be her son. In addition, Eve makes it very clear to Julian that she does not want to have any other discussions with him unless it's about her son. Julian manipulates Valerie into telling Eve what she wants to hear, and she tells Eve and Julian that she found their son. Eve is relieved since Valerie tells her that his DNA is a 100% match to hers and Julian's DNA.

Jessica awakens and realizes that the john lying next to her is dead. She screams and calls Simone for help. Simone and Paloma head over to the motel to help Jessica. Spike observes all of this and says out loud that Simone and Paloma are doing exactly what he wants. Apparently, Spike has set this in motion. He wants to have something over Jessica's head so that she stays with him and do what he wants her to do. Jessica wants to run away from it all, but Paloma reminds her that she is a cop and that she has to report it. When she helped Jessica in the past, she wasn't a cop, but it's different now. She will lose her badge if she doesn't report it. Jessica begs Paloma not to report it, and she promises not report it, but Spike witnesses it. Paloma, Simone, and Jessica grab a hold of the dead john so that they can bury it. Spike takes pictures of the incident because he knows it will come in handy for when he wants Jessica to do what he wants.

The prison guard tells Luis, Sheridan, and Miguel to turn around and look at him because he knows what's going on, but Sheridan cannot turn around because the guard would discover that she is a woman. It turns out that the guard only wants them to use light shampoo. The thing is that they have to go and get the shampoo. Luis tells Miguel to go get the shampoo and he will distract the guard so that he doesn't see Sheridan. Meanwhile, Fancy decides to go to the showers to see if Luis was kissing another man. Sheridan is scared and decides to cry on Luis' shoulders. Fancy sees this and confirms that Luis was indeed with another man and has the nerve to do it in front of Miguel. Luis tells Sheridan that she can get them in a lot of trouble, and Sheridan states that she would do it all over again because all she wants is to be with Luis. After Luis and Sheridan leave, Miguel is beaten up by two prisoners. Their reason: They had a message to deliver to Miguel. Fancy marches to Luis' cell and confronts him about kissing another man. Luis is a bit surprised that Fancy has witnessed that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fancy confronts Luis about his "gay" kiss. Sheridan wants to sneak back inside the prison to see Luis.

Jared is surprised when he sees the huge hole in Theresa's bedroom wall. Realizing she can't tell him Ethan tore out the wall to get to her stalker, Theresa tells Jared that she decided to remodel her room.

Fox feels ills when Kay says she needs to tell him something. As Fox prepares himself for the worst, Kay stops, saying she has a feeling something bad is happening. Meanwhile, two prison inmates are beating Miguel!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Julian and Fox follow Kay to the prison hospital, where she is distraught to find that Miguel has been savagely beaten. Fox is appalled that Kay is so concerned for Miguel, but Julian tells him to have patience. Each gives the other credit for paying off Miguel's attackers, but discover that neither of them was responsible, merely "a lucky accident" chortles Julian. Eventually Pilar arrives and as Fox and Julian overhear the passionate declarations between Kay and Miguel, Julian admits to Fox that he was wrong when he said that separating Kay and Miguel would cause Kay to turn to Fox. Fox is angry and says that he will not give up. Julian says that the only course of action left is to eliminate Miguel.

Elsewhere in the prison, after Fancy leave in a huff, Luis convinces his cellmate to pretend that they are fighting so that Fancy will come back and he can explain things to her. Unfortunately, Fancy is so convinced that Luis has betrayed her with a man that she misinterprets what she hears and leaves the prison without going back to Luis. Two other guards arrive, beat up Luis and toss him in solitary, where he fantasizes about Fancy. Fancy goes home and talks out her sorrows with Esme. Eventually Fancy realizes that there must be another reason for Luis' behavior than that he switched teams after being in prison for less than a day. She goes back and lets herself into to solitary with Luis. Before they can talk, he kisses her passionately.

In her cottage, Sheridan plots with Spike on a plan to get Luis out of jail. They bicker and insult each other. Sheridan indulges in a fantasy about breaking Luis out of prison and rekindling their love.

Ethan and Theresa talk in the kitchen of the Crane Mansion while Theresa prepares breakfast for Jared. The blackmailer eavesdrops on their conversation from behind the pantry door. Ethan tries to talk Theresa out of following the blackmailer's instruction, but she insists that it is the only way to save her brothers. Ethan pulls her into a sizzling embrace, but she escapes, grabs the tray and leaves. Ethan follows and so does the blackmailer, after fondling a knife and threatening Theresa's life. When she reaches Jared's door, she is grabbed from behind and is dragged into the mansions secret passages. Once there, Ethan reveals himself and spirits her off to a hidden safe room. The half man half woman is also wandering the hidden hallways, holding a knife and making plans to kill Theresa as a means of winning Ethan. For the first time the lunatic starts to consider killing Ethan also, if he persists in rejecting the blackmailer.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spike tells Sheridan that he has a contact inside the jail who informed him that Fancy has disguised herself as a guard and is probably with Luis at this very moment. Sheridan is outraged and demands Spike to expose Fancy. Spike begins to answer Sheridan when his phone rings. He tells Sheridan that he is more afraid of the person on the other end of the phone than he is with her and he leaves. Sheridan takes matters into her own hands and heads to the jail. There, she speaks with the warden about Fancy's impersonation of a guard. The warden begins his search.

Kay and Pilar are visiting with Miguel in the jail infirmary while Fox and Julian are in the hallway spying on the trio. Fox is disgusted that Kay won't stay away from Miguel. Julian tells Fox that the only way Kay will be truly his is to have Miguel killed. Fox agrees and leaves with Julian to meet Spike on the wharf.

Ethan and Theresa are in a secret room in the Crane Mansion. Theresa is concerned that the blackmailer will find them but Ethan eases her nerves by reminding her of the love they share. After some resistance, Theresa gives in and she and Ethan make love. As Ethan and Theresa enjoy being in each other's arms Theresa's cell phone rings. The blackmailer warns Theresa that her loved ones will pay for her actions.

Jared tells Rebecca that Theresa wants to have a baby soon. Rebecca is shocked. While Jared takes a call, Rebecca calls Gwen to tell her to come back to Harmony to fight for Ethan, however, what Rebecca doesn't know is that Gwen is being held captive by the blackmailer.

After Little Ethan has a run in with the half man/half woman blackmailer in the hallway he finds Jared and Rebecca and relays his encounter. The two think that he has created an imaginary friend.

Fox and Julian arrive to their meeting with Spike. Spike agrees to killing Miguel and makes plans to smuggle himself into the jail.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Chad is tormented with thoughts about Vincent and how he plans to handle the situation without hurting Whitney. He is so affected by it that he thought Vincent had showed up at his door. It turns out to be Eve visiting Whitney. She and Whitney are planning a surprise party for Chad. Eve tells Whitney how excited she is to finally meet her son, but she doesn't know his whereabouts as of yet. In addition, Eve tells Whitney how proud she is that she has a man who she can trust. She is unloading her disappointment with Julian to Whitey, but she doesn't realize that Chad is just as untrustworthy as Julian. Meanwhile, Chad is upset at Vincent since he had to lie to Whitney again. He goes to meet Vincent and promises himself that it's over between him and Vincent for good this time. He packs a gun with him this time.

An extremely jealous Sheridan orders the warden to find Fancy who is posing as a guard in order to be near Luis. Meanwhile, Fancy is interrupted by a ruckus outside and realizes that the guards know that a Fancy Crane is posing as a guard in the prison facility. She and Luis create a diversion to throw off the guards. Fancy makes it appear as if Luis is attacking her. The warden orders the guard to beat Luis, and Fancy seems concerned. The warden then questions her and ask her if she is Fancy Crane since she found herself on the same cell block as Luis. Fancy denies it. She had to explain what she was doing in Luis' cell so that she doesn't look too suspicious. The warden orders the guard to take Luis down to the infirmary due to the injuries from the beating, and Fancy manages to convince the other guard to go so that she can watch over Luis. As soon as she and Luis were alone, she checks to make sure that he is ok. Sheridan did not trust the warden to get the job done, so she goes to the infirmary to check on things, and she runs into Fancy. Sheridan couldn't wait to tell Fancy that she is all wrong for Luis and how Luis' life has been hell ever since Fancy met him. Fancy reminds Sheridan that Luis' life was a mess way before she met him. Sheridan ended up marrying Chris out of duty and left Luis to pine over her. Now that he is moving on with someone else, she finally realizes how important Luis is to her. Sheridan is fed up with listening to Fancy, so she threatens to call the guards so that Fancy could rot in jail while she is with Luis. Fancy tells Sheridan that she won't call the guards because Luis will hate her for it since he despises vengeful and vindictive behavior. Fancy also reminds Sheridan that Luis is hers now, but Sheridan promises to do whatever it takes to make Luis hers again.

The blackmailer tells Theresa that if she is with Ethan, she will be punished. Theresa resurfaces and Jared inquires about her whereabouts. She lies as usual. Jared did get her attention though. He tells her about Little Ethan's run in with the half man/woman. Theresa acted strangely. Even though, she gave an excuse, Jared doesn't buy it. Theresa calls Crane security and orders them to beef up security on her kids. The blackmailer walks in on her, and she tries to call security, and he prevents her from doing so. The blackmailer asks Theresa if she was with Ethan, and of course she lied. He tells her that if she does not do his bidding, her family will pay dearly. Jared goes to check on Theresa in the library, and she is clearly besides herself. She hugs Jared and tells him she loves him. That is merely a way to throw off any suspicions about her strange behavior. Ethan walks in on Jared and Theresa's embrace. Rebecca is on the phone with Gwen, and she is tied to a bed against her will. She yells out asking to stop, but no one comes to her aid. Rebecca is concerned and complains to Ethan. He resisted listening to Rebecca at first but decides to call and check up on Gwen. Gwen is not pleased to hear Ethan even though she is uncomfortable in her situation.

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