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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 7, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Alison lies and claims that she was with Paul to talk to him about Emily. Alison gets Emily to back down by accusing Emily of not trusting her. Seeing how upset Emily is, Paul admits that Alison's helping him with something that has to stay secret. He asks Emily to trust him. Meanwhile, Lucinda pays up when Alison wants more cash for impersonating Rosanna. Lucinda gives Meg a wire to wear during her encounter with Craig in case he's ready to confess. Craig meets with a P.I. who confirms that Rosanna has disappeared from the clinic and that a woman matching her description was spotted boarding a private jet. When Craig worries someone could be trying to frighten him into giving up his shares of World Wide, Meg agrees. But when she "innocently" wonders how Craig would react if it were real, Craig becomes suspicious. Katie inadvertently reinforces Jack's belief that she is involved with Brad, causing Jack to further distance himself from her. Meanwhile, a woman, Lyn, rips up Brad's publicity photo and takes out a gun. When Katie exits to change, Brad insists that Jack's protection isn't needed. Fed up, Jack decides to leave and runs into Katie. Continuing to believe Brad and Katie are a couple, Jack abruptly turns down her dinner invitation and heads home. Puzzled by his coldness, Katie is about to allow Brad to kiss her when Lyn bursts in, aiming her gun at them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Craig seems close to confessing that he did try to kill Rosanna, but pulls back. Meg declares that she's tired of proving she's on Craig's side. Later, Paul wants to up the stakes and have Meg try again. Craig's P.I. reports that a woman matching Rosanna's description left Zurich on a private jet headed to Oakdale. Paul tries to reassure Lucinda that he's kept Emily in the dark about Alison's involvement. Dusty tracks down Paul and tells him that Alison is using meth, just like Jennifer did. Shaken, Paul admits to Dusty that Alison is helping him take down Craig. Emily tells Dusty that Paul's involved with Alison in some unknown way. Alison asks her dealer Jesse if he wants to do some meth with her, as Emily discovers she ditched work. Alison covers her absence with a story about a cut finger, and Emily asks if she was with Paul working on their plan. Lyn holds a gun on Brad and Katie, promising to make Brad pay for ruining her life. Brad claims he's reformed, but Lyn trains the gun on Katie. As Lyn's about to fire, Jack stops her. Jack tells Katie she was one of reasons he came back and she realizes that Jack believes she's interested in Brad.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gwen and Will arrive at the Lakeview to talk to Lisa about Gwen's impending job as a desk clerk at the hotel. Gwen asks Lisa if she can delay her start date due to her finals and Lisa concurs that Gwen should focus on her studies and that the job will wait for her and agrees to find a temporary employee until Gwen can start. After Gwen and Will leave, Cleo arrives and bumps into Lisa and asks her for a job. Cleo presents Lisa with her resume and Lisa decides to give her a chance in housekeeping while she checks her references. Will arrives to retrieve Gwen's notebook in time to see Cleo walking off from her meeting with Lisa and he asks Lisa what Cleo wanted. When Will learns that Cleo was there to get a job he informs Lisa about Cleo's attempt to impersonate Gwen and Lisa tells Cleo she cannot hire her. Cleo begs Lisa for a job, but Lisa tells her that with Barbara living there and Will being like family there is no way she can work at the Lakeview. With Lisa dismissing her, Cleo turns her attention to Will and asks why she ruined her chances for a job. Will is astonished by Cleo's attempt to minimize breaking into his house and stalking Gwen and warns her to get out of town. Cleo tells Will that she feels sorry for him and that Gwen understands her and was kind to her. Cleo defends herself by saying she just wants to be their friend and she doesn't understand why Will won't give her a chance.

At Al's Diner, Gwen works on her course work as Sage walks in with a friend to pick up food. As the friend checks on her mother's order, Sage tells Gwen how much she misses Carly and with Mother's Day fast approaching she is missing her more than ever. Gwen realizes how hard this time must be for Sage and promises to spend more time with her. Sage leaves with her friend and as Gwen waits for her study group, Jade arrives and the two argue about Jade's involvement with Cleo and sending the fake email from Carly. Jade denies any knowledge of Cleo or the email, but Gwen lies and tells her that Cleo told her everything. Jade continues to reject any part in the plot and leaves Gwen at Al's. After their run-ins with Jade and Cleo, Gwen and Will meet up and tell each other about their confrontations. The two agree to call Margo the next time something happens with Cleo, but hope in the meantime they can find a link connecting Cleo to Jade. Back at the Wagon Wheel, Jade throws Cleo's things into a suitcase and tells her to get out of town. Cleo arrives and asks to keep the photos of Will, but Jade tells her to forget Will because he only has eyes for Gwen. As Jade leaves to go, Cleo thanks her for all of her help and agrees to leave, but as she looks into the hall she sees someone she recognizes. Cleo racks her brain to figure out who the woman in the hallway is and as she looks out her peep hole she sees it is Carly.

Out at the farm, Parker helps JJ with his homework when they are interrupted by a visit from Faith. She arrives with a plant JJ had ordered from her ballet school's charity sale and when Parker learns that JJ bought the plant for their mom, Carly, he is annoyed and angered by JJ's devotion to Carly. The two boys quickly begin to argue about whether or not Carly will ever return. Parker learns that buying the plant was Faith's idea and when JJ leaves to plant the bush he quickly turns on Faith and asks him why she would give him false hope that Carly will be back for them. The two argue about why Faith would encourage JJ to believe Carly would be returning and at the end of the argument Faith calls Parker stupid for not admitting he misses Carly. Faith goes outside and helps JJ as Parker looks on. After watching Faith and JJ, a concerned Parker goes outside and tries to explain to Faith that he just doesn't want JJ hurt again. When they are done talking Parker helps JJ water the plant for Carly.

Still out of town on location Katie learns from Jack that he was lead to believe that she and Brad were becoming a couple. Katie quickly denies Jack's assumptions about her and Brad, but when she learns that Jack's ideas came directly from Brad and that in turn Brad has been telling Jack she is interested in him the two realize Brad has been leading them both astray. As Brad arrives back in the room he begins to apologize about putting them both in danger, but Katie and Jack quickly confront him about trying to keep them apart. Brad back peddles and denies trying to stop their romance, but neither one believes him and in the end Jack says all of his meddling was so he could have a shot with Katie. Jack and Katie continue to bicker with Brad about his interfering in their blossoming romance, but Brad quickly puts them in their place by telling them that if they really wanted to be a couple his interference wouldn't have stopped them. The argument comes to an end when Jack gets a page from the local police and has to leave. As he goes he tells Katie he will call her when he gets back to Oakdale. Once they are alone in the room, Katie accuses Brad of being jealous of Jack, but Brad tells Katie he doesn't want Jack's life, but wants her to "look at me the way you look at him". Katie assumes this is another one of Brad's lines and even when he tries to convince her that she is the one for him she refuses to believe him. Brad struggles to prove to Katie that he has changed and he didn't want her to be just another one-night stand. Katie tells Brad she wants nothing more to do with him accept work and storms from the room. As she leaves Brad yells after her that she will regret getting involved with Jack because he will "never give up Carly". Katie arrives on the plane to find Jack is also there ready to return to Oakdale. The two try to figure out why Brad did what he did, but stop talking about him and try to focus on the two of them. Once Katie starts prattling on about whether they are a couple or just friends, Jack puts a stop to her yammering and her questions with a kiss.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

When Alison arrives for work, Paul demands to know whether Alison is on drugs. Alison's defensive, but in the end, Alison wins by reminding Paul he needs her more than she needs him. After Alison takes a hit, Paul notices that Alison seems different, but she's determined to do a good job and ready for Paul to coach her. Meg invites a jumpy Craig to unload about Rosanna, but when he doesn't seem inclined to do that she starts to go. Craig asks her to stay, and Meg eggs Craig on talking about her own guilt as a nurse. The phone rings and Craig is still unnerved when he hears "Rosanna." Alison botches the call and makes it worse by laughing hysterically. Meg asks Craig if that was Rosanna on the phone, but he simply stares at her. Jack's careful and tentative with Katie post-kiss, but she proves that's not necessary as she goes in for another. Katie and Jack begin to get hot and heavy until Katie reminds them both that she's still married. Katie and Jack are a little shy with each other as he drops her off, and asks her out on a date. Katie accepts and they make plans for later that night. Carly denies who she is to Cleo, until they hear Dallas and a cop approaching, looking for a perp. Cleo hurriedly protects Carly by stashing Carly into her room, then plans to further thwart the police by turning herself into Gwen. Cleo, with a couple of missteps overheard by Carly, succeeds in getting Dallas to leave. When Cleo returns to the room, Carly wants to know why she's impersonating Gwen.

Friday, May 11, 2007

At Emma's, Jack nervously prepares for his first date with Katie. Meanwhile, at WOAK, a lingerie-clad Katie and a shirtless Brad are in bed together filming a spot about Mother's Day for their TV show, giving advice to husbands to let the kids give practical gifts like toasters while the husbands give gifts like lingerie and perfume. After they finish filming, Katie pushes Brad out of bed, and he can't believe she's still upset with him. As she dresses behind closed doors, she continues yelling at him about how badly he treated her and Jack, and Jack walks up behind Brad as Brad tries to defend himself by telling Katie he cares about her. When Jack interrupts, Brad tells them both that he just thought they should slow things down before one of them got hurt, but Jack says Brad didn't care anything at all about Katie until he started showing an interest in her. They leave for their date, and Brad starts thumbing through his little black book before he realizes he just can't do that anymore because he does care about Katie.

Brad ends up at Al's Diner, where he sees Henry and invites him to sit down. Brad wonders why he and Henry, two good-looking single guys, are alone at Al's on a nice night for a date. He lectures Henry about having thrown away a good thing when he walked away from Vienna, then he turns the discussion to himself and how he used to be able to just call someone from his little black book and have a good time. Henry says that was before he met Katie, and Brad agrees. Brad asks Henry why Katie would choose Jack over him, and Henry, getting up to leave, suggests it's because Katie is more attracted to Jack.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Cleo sees Carly in the hallway again and gives her advice on eating healthier. Carly can't find her wallet, but Cleo spots it and then sees the picture of Carly's kids that's on the front of the wallet. She says she bets Carly would like to see them, but Carly says if she tries to see the kids, Jack will have her arrested. Cleo thinks she can help with that by pretending to be Gwen. She calls Emma and finds out she's picking the kids up from a movie in Old Town, so Cleo dresses like Gwen, and Carly hides in the shadows until Emma and the kids walk out of the movie theater. "Gwen" tells Emma she'll take the kids for ice cream, but Parker says he'll pass. Emma then says she wants to stop at a nearby shop, and she asks Parker if he wants to come with her, but he says he'll wait there. She leaves, and Parker takes out a flyer, looks at it, and crumbles it up and tosses it on the ground. Sage walks up a few minutes later and tells Parker that "Gwen" let her have 2 kinds of ice cream. Carly picks up the paper Parker threw away and sees that it was a flyer for a Mother's Day sale. JJ comes out with "Gwen," and Carly listens as the kids talk about her, with Sage saying Parker won't say he misses their mom, and Parker saying he doesn't know why he should, because Carly obviously doesn't miss them. Cleo tries to change the subject by asking Sage what her plans are for the summer; Sage is hurt that "Gwen" doesn't remember the plans they made (to take classes together once a week at the local college), saying, "But you promised me!" "Gwen" apologizes, and although she continues to apologize after Emma returns, Sage is inconsolable. Emma takes the kids home, and Cleo apologizes to Carly for messing things up, but Carly says she's the one who's messed things up by causing her children so much pain. Back at the Wagon Wheel, Carly thanks Cleo for helping her see her kids; Cleo says she's sorry it made Carly feel so bad. She offers to help again if she needs anything else, and Carly responds, "As a matter of fact, I do. I want to see Jack."

Jack and Katie go to the Lakeview for drinks, where he tells her how gorgeous she is and how much he wishes he could be more spontaneous; she tells him from now on, it can be his job to tell her how gorgeous she is and her job to be spontaneous. Then, she kisses him, as Brad walks in. Brad leaves, and Jack gets a call from Emma telling him that Sage is very upset and asking for Carly; he tells her he'll be right there, then he excuses himself to Katie and says he has to go. Katie insists on coming with him, and when they get to Emma's, they kiss on the porch as Parker watches from the kitchen window.

At Paul's, Alison ruins the Rosanna phone call to Craig by laughing when she messes up one of her lines. Paul is furious with her. Lucinda comes in just as Ali is saying she thinks she's going to be sick. When Ali comes out of the bathroom, Paul throws her out without paying her, yelling at her about putting a really good person in jeopardy. Alison leaves and finds Jesse, her drug contact, but he won't give her drugs unless she has cash for them; Alison relentlessly propositions Jesse, promising him a good time, until he walks away with her. Back in Paul's suite, Lucinda tells him Alison wouldn't be involved in this if he hadn't gotten her involved in the first place, and Paul says he realizes this is all his fault. He wants to go to Craig's to get Meg out of there, but Lucinda says he can't do that. She tells him he's too impatient and that if Meg can get out of Craig's place without being found out, she'll be in a much stronger position to deceive Craig in the future. She tells Paul that next time, he should listen to her before deciding what they're going to do next to bring Craig down.

At Craig's, after Alison begins laughing, Craig realizes it's not really Rosanna. He hangs up, but then his phone rings again; this time, it's the CFO of Montgomery Enterprises, and Craig tells Meg he has to handle this business call but that he'll be back in 5 minutes. Meg's cell phone rings after Craig walks out, and it's Paul, warning her that Craig will be onto them now, saying she needs to either get out or get rid of the wire she's wearing. Meg stuffs the wire in her purse as Craig walks back into the room. She asks if the first phone call was from Rosanna, and he tells her how strange he finds it that she came to tell him how guilty she's felt about the patient who died because of her mistake, because it's made his own guilt come flooding out of him. He says maybe he can tell her about it, and he kisses her. As his advances become more insistent, Meg pulls away, and Craig asks if she's afraid he'll find the wire she's wearing. Meg pretends to be outraged that he'd think such a thing about her, and she angrily begins stripping, throwing her clothing at him and telling him to take his time pawing through it to reassure himself there's nothing there. She is so convincing that he begins trying to apologize to her. Meg storms out of the room, pausing in the foyer to call Paul and tell him to meet her in the lobby of the Lakeview right away, "and bring your pal, Lucinda --- we have lots to talk about!" Craig overhears and goes to the Lakeview with Meg, who marches up to Paul and Lucinda and reams them out for doing such a dreadful thing to Craig, who is still mourning Rosanna's condition. Craig listens gleefully and then asks Paul and Lucinda how much it cost them to bribe the Swedish clinic. Meg wants to leave with Craig, but Paul tries to stop her, telling her he can't let her do that; Meg angrily shakes him off, telling him he has no say in the matter anymore. She leaves with Craig, and Lucinda tells Paul she thinks Meg did a very convincing job of fooling Craig and that now, Meg's in a strong position with Craig. She brushes off Paul's concerns for Meg's safety, saying Meg can obviously take care of herself. Meg drives Craig back to Fairwinds, and he apologizes to her again, saying she's not like Paul and Lucinda, that she may be the most honest person he's ever met, and he knows now that he can trust her more than she can possibly imagine. Meg says that's a good thing to know.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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