One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 14, 2005 on OLTL

Blair awoke, and Asa had her placed in a mental hospital. Kevin and Kelly received a lead on Blair and passed it on to Todd. Dorian tried to mend fences with Viki. Testing done on Jen's printer disclosed that she had been framed. Roxy locked John and Natalie in the evidence room. Daniel planted further evidence in Jen's belongings.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 14, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, March 14, 2005

The police arrive at Riley and Jennifer's apartment with a search warrant. Bo asks Riley where Jennifer is, but Riley denies knowing where she is. The commissioner advises him to call around and find her as soon as possible. Daniel arrives and angers Riley when he orders an all points bulletin on Jennifer. Riley pleads with his father for a little more time, certain that she hasn't skipped town. The police search the apartment. Riley walks out anger just as Paige arrives.

Riley and Paige talk about Jennifer and the doctor tells him he should do anything he can to stay together. He observes that she seems to know a lot about that and she enigmatically agrees.

Bo and Daniel argue - Bo is angry that the DA showed up while the police were executing the search warrant, and Daniel accuses the commissioner of trying to undermine him because he's marrying Nora. Their argument is interrupted when Paige and Riley walk back in. The police find a bracelet belonging to Paul Cramer in Jennifer's things. Find Jen before he does, Bo advises Riley.

Jen is at sitting at the bar at Rodi's downing shots while Rex concludes a transaction outside. Natalie interrupts him; they argue then she panics when Rex admits that he stole the file on Paul Cramer's murder from the police station. Antonio arrives and insists that he needs to talk to Nat right away. While Rex goes inside and finds Jen at the bar, Antonio fills Nat in on Jessica's stalker and asks for help figuring out who he is. Based on the evidence, Nat concludes that the stalker is a woman, not a man. Antonio is afraid the situation will get worse. Natalie promises to keep a close eye on her sister and let him know if she sees anything strange.

Rex won't let Jennifer order any more shots; she tells him about the note in her printer. Jennifer explains that she doesn't want to get Riley into trouble. Natalie walks in and gives her a hard time about leading Rex on, and Jennifer leaves in a huff. Rex and Natalie argue about Jen and he says that Jen may go to jail because of Natalie. Rex agrees to retrieve the file so Natalie can return it.

Jennifer arrives home the next morning, explaining to Riley that she spent the night at the cottage. "What's going to happen to you and me?" she asks him. He smells alcohol on her, but she denies having anything to drink and claims that someone spilled a drink on her. He vows to fight for to prove her innocence.

John and Evangeline go back to his place for a private birthday celebration. When she asks about the family picture on his bedside table, she is touched when he opens up a little and talks about his late brother. He objects when she playfully takes his picture. The conversation turns to Natalie and her job at the PD, and he assures Evangeline that he needs her, not Natalie. They both try to get the other to reveal more about themselves. John starts to tell her he is falling in lover with her, but realized she had fallen asleep.

Jessica angrily accuses Julie of telling Antonio that she saw Jess at the bar. Julie denies telling him anything, and as soon as she walks way Jess is accosted by one of the men she dumped that night at the bar. He hits punches, but she zaps him with a taser gun. Convinced she's crazy, he runs away. "One down, one to go", she says to herself cheerfully before calling out to Julie to wait up for her.

Later Jessica gets in her limo and tells the driver it was an eventful evening. He's worried about the fresh bruise on her face; she brags that some men just make it too easy for her - but Antonio is a different story. When she arrives home she gives the driver a big tip to keep quiet, but asks him to drive around some more when she spots a guard at the door.

Bo and Paige resume their date at Rodi's and Rex eavesdrops as they discuss the case against Jennifer. Paige assures Bo she didn't believe Daniel's accusations.

Jessica walks up to the guard and explains that she had slipped out for a walk.

Before going inside she asks him not to let anyone disturb her. Once inside, she looks at herself in the mirror and congratulates herself on her acting skills. Antonio arrives at Llanfair shortly thereafter but the guard won't let him in. Antonio tries to call her; when she gets the message on her cell, she says "Antonio, how can you be that pathetic? Oh well, another message Jessica won't get." Examining her bruised cheek in the mirror, she laughs and says "Oh well, no pain no gain."

John is notified of a DOA - Julie Tana.k.a.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Evangeline meets up with John at the gym and finds him visibly upset. He says they will have to postpone her boxing lesson for the time being. Evangeline gets him to tell her what is wrong: there was a car accident in which a young woman was killed, and John had to notify the parents. The name of the girl is Julie Tana.k.a, Marcie's friend from the Love Shack project. John leaves, and Evangeline has a brief word with Antonio regarding the custody battle. Antonio tells her they will have to play dirty if they want to beat R.J.; Van tells him not to worry, and that R.J.'s tape of Carlotta will not see the light of day. Evangeline then takes out her tensions on the punching bag, unaware that John has not actually left the gym and is watching her intently. He makes his presence known to her, and the sexual tension is palpable. They head off together ...

Jessica wakes up and discovers a bruise on her face. She tries avoiding Viki, who finally sets eyes on the bruise and wants an explanation. Jessica tells her that she ran into the door during the night, and Viki says she's relieved the damage isn't more severe. Jessica abruptly ends two phone calls from Antonio, telling him that today is not a good day for him to come over. When she emerges from the shower, however, he has let himself into her bedroom. He notices the bruise and demands an explanation.

David walks in on Dorian attempting to make pancakes. She cannot stop raging against the Buchanans and the harm they have caused her through the years. David takes over pancake duties and asks Dorian why these feelings are all coming to a head at this particular time. Dorian confesses her emotions are due in large part to the fact that she has to wake up every day not knowing if Blair is alive, but that Todd is fine. She admits that she does not know what to do with her anger, but that she is going to make every last one of the Buchanas pay. David tells her he doesn't know if he can support her in this endeavor, and Dorian tells him to get out. He refuses, and she ends up falling into his arms.

Adriana overhears Dorian ranting about her plan for revenge on Viki and takes off for the Buchanan mansion. She and Duke talk once again about the war between their families, and Adriana is upset when Duke cannot give her any concrete advice. He admits that he's not objective, because he has loyalites to his family.

Kelly and Kevin have another long, civil conversation, although they do rehash Kevin's one-night stand with Blair. Kelly tells him that he still knows how to push all of her buttons. They talk about Asa's strange behavior the night before: Kevin says he wants to believe that the Buchanan patriarch is sincere in his efforts to locate Blair, but that he's doubtful. However, Nigel overhears Kevin and Kelly talking and tells them that Asa must have lied about going to a board meeting; he has no board meetings to attend for another couple of months. Kevin and Kelly are suspicious.

Todd and Starr continue the search for Blair, with Starr working on a website devoted to her mother's plight. Bo stops by to confer with Todd, who lets him have it for taking so long to believe that Todd was being held captive by Margaret. Bo reminds Todd that because of his past behavior, the police had no reason not to believe that he had simply walked out on his family. Bo reminds Todd that he will have a chance to make things right by testifying against Margaret once she's captured and put on trial. Todd has flashbacks to being raped by Margaret, and he tells Bo he will never testify against her. Bo is confused by this statement, but leaves to continue the hunt for Blair. Todd and Starr bond over Blair. A man that Todd has paid to track Blair shows up, claiming he has discovered an item that belongs to Blair.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Evangeline leaves John a message to tell him how much she enjoyed her boxing lesson. Jen and Riley pay her a visit as she hangs up; they want Van to represent Jen in Paul's murder. She's filled in on the evidence found thus far and agrees to take the case. Riley tells her how anyone could have used Jen's printer in the house they lived in over the summer, including Rex. Jen believes that someone is trying to have her convicted and is extremely worried about it.

Snooping through Bo's desk, Daniel is taken by surprise when Nora walks in looking for Bo. Claiming to be looking for a pencil to write the commish a quick note, he borrows one and hastily scrawls an apology for locking horns with Bo. He suggests they fight on the same side which pleases Nora. He claims that his closing the door was just a habit. Bo walks in as Daniel is recounting the evidence found against Jen but Bo is quick to doubt her guilt. He refuses to bring in another person who may be the wrong one and decides to conduct an experiment instead. Evangeline shows up at the station to announce her new position as Jen's attorney and advises the group that they must share any and all facts with her. Attempting to put her off, Daniel is overruled by Bo who shares his experiment. He's produced a copy of the original letter to Rex off of Jen's printer and surprise! The text doesn't match so he's just learned that the original is not from Jen's printer and she is therefore, innocent.

Todd's PI finds Blair's engagement ring at a pawnshop and though Viki tries to stop him from going, she finally agrees to accompany him to the place to keep an eye on him. The owner of the shop tells them that the ring was brought in by a junkie and that he has no further information on him. Viki ends the conversation when Todd threatens the man, but not before he vows to kill someone if they are withholding knowledge of Blair.

Tethered to a hospital bed, Blair wakes up and calls for help. She is surprised to see that it's Asa who answers her call and is concerned when he indicates that it's unknown whether Todd is dead or alive. He refuses to allow her to make any calls and she is unsuccessful in trying to get both a doctor and a nurse to heed her pleas for help. Asa announces that it's all about payback after he suggests that the police have stopped looking for her and that much time has elapsed since she was in the car trunk. Asa suggests that she apologize for everything that she's ever done to him over the years and when she does, he tells her he'll think about it. Later, when he returns gloating, he advises her that she hasn't suffered enough. She offers to do anything and begs him to let her call her children. He summons the nurse and asks that the medication be given.

Kevin and Kelly try to figure out why Asa lied about going to a meeting when he had none scheduled and deduce that it had something to do with a phone call he received regarding Blair's whereabouts. They start to think that he knows where Blair is and Kevin is angry that his grandfather would lie about something so serious. He plans on letting Todd know. Kelly pays Viki a visit to see if she can get the latest details on her cousin's whereabouts. She suggests that someone may know something which horrifies Viki. Kelly admits that she's worried about Viki's health with all of their latest problems, but Viki convinces her that her heart is strong because it's Ben's heart. When she receives a call from Kevin looking for Todd, she's immediately suspicious and Kelly admits to Kevin thinking that it's actually someone they know who might have some news.

Jess is angry at first that Antonio stops by to see her but calms down when he shows concern for the bruise on her face. She can't remember where she got it and only knows that she went to bed early. She feels like she remembers being at the park but doesn't think she really would have walked that far in her sleep. She decides to take Antonio's advice and make herself a doctor's appointment. A concerned Viki appears, confusing Antonio by mentioning that Jess was hurt walking into a door. Jess confides that she just wants her mother to think that for the time being and asks that he keep the secret.

Kevin finds Todd and lets on that he may have some news, reminding him of the possibly suspicious call that Asa received while they were at the Buchanan place. He thinks Asa knows something.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

John is investigating the car accident that killed Julie Tana.k.a, Marcie's friend from the Love Shack. He asks Michael to meet with him in private and provide some details from the coroner's report. Michael informs John that no drugs were found in Julie's blood system, and her blood alcohol content was normal. John grows suspicious, and his feelings are substantiated when he has tire fragments analyzed. The test results show that a bullet was fired into one of the tires of Julie's vehicle. "She was murdered," John determines.

Meanwhile, Michael decides he needs to tell Marcie the news about Julie's death before she hears it on TV. He heads to Rodi's, where she, Riley, and Jen are celebrating the fact that no charges are currently being filed against Jen for Paul Cramer's murder. Michael delivers the shocking news that a second Love Shack-er has been killed, and Marcie flips out. She insists that it cannot have been a car accident that killed her friend. Michael says he understands how upset she must be to lose Julie so soon after Hudson. Marcie lets herself be comforted, but there is much more to her concern than meets the eye.

Kevin and Kelly run into each other at their son's grave. Kelly comments on how different the grave looks compared to Paul's, which is overgrown with weeds. She says she wishes she could mourn her brother, but she feels little remorse for his death. Kevin reminds her that her indifference is natural, given all the despicable things Paul did. Kelly insists that Paul is not responsible for everything; after all, she did beg and plead for him to find her a child. Kelly ends up asking Kevin if he killed Paul, and Kevin is understandably aghast. He asks her how they went from being able to finish each other's sentences to Kelly wondering if he might be capable of murder. Kelly questions whether they really knew each other in the first place. They agree that starting over might be the best thing ... they introduce themselves to one another and Kelly says, "Mr. Buchanan, I think I'd like to get to know you better."

Daniel tells Nora that his promotion to a prestigious Pennsylvania State position might be coming sooner than he thought. He pressures her to move up their wedding from two months to two weeks. She doesn't see why that's necessary but agrees to move it up ... if they can get everything arranged in time. Nora and Evangeline take off to shop for wedding gowns, as Roxy and Natalie kick off their shopping spree at the same store. As they enter the shop, Roxy and Natalie spot Evangeline holding up a gorgeous bridal gown. Natalie flees the shop, with Roxy at her heels. They make their way to the police station, where Nat forces Roxy to come clean to John about the surprise party. Roxy confesses that it was all her idea, but then takes two steps back by whispering to John how upset Natalie was when she saw Evangeline with the wedding dress.

Rex sneaks into the police station to return Paul Cramer's case file. Bo catches him and drags him into his office. When Rex asks how much trouble he's in, Bo says it depends on what Rex can tell him about the letter he received from the killer. Specifically, Bo wants to know who knew about the letter besides Jen ... and who Rex thought the letter was from when he first received it.

As the residents of Llanview go about their various lives, a figure in a long trench coat sneaks into Riley and Jen's apartment. He plants more evidence against Jen, once again hoping to frame her for the murder that he committed. As he stands at Jen's desk, this killer's face is revealed ... he's Daniel Colson!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Just when Blair thinks matter couldn't get any worse, they do. Back in Llanview, Todd is worried sick and is desperate to find Blair. To that end, he comes up with a new plan that he hopes and prays will brings them back together.

When Dorian puts one of her schemes in motion, there's no turning back. She realizes that her plot against Viki is moving like a runaway train, and there's no stopping it, whether she wants to or not. Daniel's strange behavior begins to concern Nora.

Riley doesn't know what to think when he finds evidence that incriminates Jen. At the same time, Roxy is back to her old matchmaking ways. This time it's John and Natalie who she's hoping will get struck by cupid's arrow.

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