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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 14, 2005 on GH
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Monday, March 14, 2005

Dillon and Georgie wake up after their first time together. Georgie feels a bit self conscious. Dillon is understanding as they discuss the difference in their relationship since making love. Dillon assures her that it was much more than sex for him while Georgie admits that to her it felt right and that she has absolutely no regrets. Later, Dillon walks her to Kelly's and asks if she's certain that she won't get in trouble for staying out all night. She tells him that Mac believes she was spending the night at her girlfriend's house so there would be no problems. She is also relieved that they had practiced safe sex. At that point they realize that Kelly's is closed. They realize that it's closed for a reason...Michael's memorial service. Dillon is immediately reminded of his role in helping Faith to escape and shares with Georgie his guilt over that. For a moment he questions whether he'd be able to even attend the service but Georgie is quick to remind him that he's not to blame for Michael's death.

Talking on her cell phone to her boss, Agent Marquist, Reese assures him that she will do her job but she will do it her own way. As she hangs up Sonny approaches. She apologizes to him for not returning all three of his children and then admits that she can't just walk away from him. He assures her that he knows she did all she could to rescue the children. When she asks him how he's doing, he tells her that he's taking it one day at a time and is managing for the sake of his two children. He then vows that he will never let Michael's fate befall Morgan and Kristina.

Back at the house Ric is waiting for Sonny. He tells him that they have not yet told Kristina about Michael's death. They wanted to leave that to Sonny. Ric goes on to tell him that he's deeply sorry for Sonny's loss and knows there are no words that he can offer that will bring him comfort. Touched, Sonny thanks Ric for bringing Kristina. Together they walk into the living room where Alexis and Kristina are waiting. Kristina runs to her father when he enters. He sits down with her on the sofa and tells her that it's his understanding she is missing her brother. He too misses Michael. He decides to break the news about Michael's passing by sharing a story with her of Michael going to heaven to live with God forever. He goes on to reassure her that in heaven there is no fear or pain, just happiness and that Michael will always be loving her from there. He is clearly shaken, discussing Michael's passing with Kristina. Teary eyed, Alexis offers him comfort and support by squeezing his shoulders.

Jason wakes up from a disturbing dream of Michael in which he's calling out to Jason. Shaken, he shares what happened in the dream with Sam who feels it might be a sign of unresolved feelings. She asks him if there is anything about the case that is still bothering him but Jason dismisses that possibility. He doesn't know what the significance of the dream is.

Carly is at the church, making the final preparations for Michael's memorial service. She lights a candle for Michael and then looks at the picture that she has chosen. It's one of Michael when his two front teeth were missing. Lorenzo walks in just as she begins to tear up. She pulls herself together long enough to greet him but then another wave of grief washes over her as they talk about the picture that she has selected for the service. She shares a bit of what she's been going through since learning that Michael died, at one point asking him what is right about a parent out-living their child, and then telling him that she feels like two different people at times. She goes on to share with him the feeling of pain she's enduring which is so profound that at times she can't seem to even catch her breath. Lorenzo listens and then offers his arms as solace, sensing no words can comfort Carly.

Liz finds Lucky in the hallway trying to walk with crutches. She demands to know what his is doing while trying to get him back to his room. Lucky explains that he refuses to go to Michael's service in a wheelchair. Liz tries to break it to him that it's doubtful he will be given a release to go but Lucky is adamant. He tells Liz that he has every intention of attending for Emily's sake. Michael was Emily's nephew and godson.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica is worried about Emily attending the service. She's afraid it will be too much for her. Emily tells her that she will be fine. Alan makes a biting comment which has Emily confronting him. She yells at him for having no compassion for Jason's situation and storms out of the room. Monica too yells at Alan, telling him that if he can't control himself then she would prefer that he not attend the service.

Carly stops by Jason's penthouse to pick him up for the service. Sam quickly makes her excuses, sensing they need privacy, and tells Jason that she would meet up with him at the church. Alone, Carly becomes emotional as she reminds Jason of when she was 8-1/2 months pregnant, running through the rain to get to him so that he could help her keep her child away from AJ. How he had promised her that he would make certain she would be able to raise Michael. A vow he has kept for 9 years. She thanks him and then says that he was there with her in the beginning and she now needs for him to be there with her in the end. She also tells him that she is going to need him for the reception. He reassures her that he will do whatever she needs him to do. They then begin to discuss Sonny. Carly shares her concerns about him, telling Jason that Sonny is shutting down and the only time he seems somewhat animated is when he's with Morgan. They both realize that he's blaming himself for what happened to Michael and worry that it's going to build and build until he can't deal with it any longer.

Alone in the living room, Sonny is playing with Michael's handheld video game when Carly and Jason arrive. He talks about how good Michael was at the game that he was playing before Carly reminds him that it's time to go to the church. Sonny puts the video game down and turns to both of them. Speaking from the heart, he tells them both that he wasn't there in the beginning of Michael's life but he's grateful to both of them for sharing Michael with him.

Courtney and Jax walk into the church and find Mike sitting in a pew. Courtney remarks that the last time they were gathered in the church was for Kristina's baptism. Just then Sam walks in. Courtney excuses herself and approaches her. When she asks Sam how Jason is holding up, Sam confides that she's worried about him. Michael's loss is hitting him hard and his grief is deep. Shortly afterwards, Lucas, Bobbie, Monica, Tracy and Dillon are joined by the rest of their friends and family including Felicia, Ned, Lois, and Liz. Liz asks Emily if Lucky has arrived yet which is pleasant news for Emily. She knows that he needs to get better but confesses that she thinks he should be there. As everyone takes their seat, Alan promises Monica that for Michael's sake he would not make a scene. Lorenzo meanwhile offers his condolences to Courtney. She accepts and tells him that she understands that his clues help to return Kristina and Morgan so for Carly's sake she will do her best to remember he's there as a friend.

Shortly afterwards Sonny, Carly and Jason enter the church. All three are visibly shaken when they look at the picture of Michael. Sonny approaches it and after a moment or so joins Carly and Jason in the front pew. At that point Father Coates begins the memorial service. As he's speaking, Jason remembers the first time he ever held Michael as a newborn infant in the hospital with Bobbie instructing him on how to support Michael's head.

During Emily's reading, Sonny reminisces about the discussion he and Michael had that led to Michael calling him daddy.

As Courtney gives her eulogy, Carly tearfully remembers a poignant time between her and Michael when they discussed how much Michael was like her and him telling her how glad he was that she was his mom.

Carly and Bobbie share a private moment before the guests arrive at Sonny's. When Carly goes to check on Sonny, standing in the doorway, he instructs Max to close the door as he pours himself a drink. He then tells him to send Jason in when he arrives. On the other side of the door Carly's worry is evident.

Outside on the veranda, John Durant seizes the opportunity to push his agenda to bring Sonny down by pressuring Reese to get information on Sonny. She tells him that she's there out of respect for the child she was unable to rescue and that Michael's death has left Sonny a broken man. Meanwhile, inside, Jason takes a moment to ask Sam to keep her eyes and ears open while she mingles with the guests. He confesses that he's not yet ready to live his life without Michael and won't rest until he knows everything.

Michael slowly wakes up. He's alive and on a private jet! He makes his way to the cockpit door and bangs on it, calling out for help and shouting to whoever is on the other side. He informs them who he is and who his father is. Just then the plane experiences turbulence. Worried, Michael runs over to a seat and buckles himself in.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sam shares with Reese that Jason is hanging on to the hope that Michael is still alive. Little do they all know that he really is! Michael emerges from a mangled plane, which has crashed.

Durant puts the screws to Reese, urging her to come up with the dirt they need to send Sonny to prison. Carly asks Lorenzo what he would do if he were in Sonny's place. Reese gives Sonny the opportunity to turn State's evidence and start a new life with a clean slate.

Skye tells Luke she knows he raped Laura and all but calls him damaged goods. Believing he is too destructive to be around, she says goodbye. After Lucky warns Luke that Sonny is going to kill him, Skye worries that Luke will dare Sonny into doing that very thing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Although Luke tells Skye he'll leave Port Charles to avoid Sonny, Luke plans on staying put. Having convinced Skye he's leaving town, he kisses her good-bye. Skye approaches Carly and pleads with her to talk Sonny out of killing Luke.

Lorenzo leaves Carly unsettled when he admits that he would kill all his enemies if he were in Sonny's shoes. Reese makes it clear to Sam that Jason will be arrested if he executes Luke. Sam takes that information and passes it to Carly in hopes that she'll recant the "hit."

Rachel tries desperately to get in touch with AJ. Jax starts to get the hint that Rachel has some sort of a hidden agenda. Courtney is just about to tell Jax the truth about Rachel when he collapses to the ground.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Courtney comes into the hospital with Jax, who suddenly went into a seizure at Kelly's. Courtney tells Bobbie what happened. Rachel is there and tells Courtney she will take care of Jax for her. Courtney is reluctant to leave him in her care but does. Courtney goes to see Jax after he is admitted in the hospital. She sees Rachel talking to Jax and laughing about something. Rachel tells her they were just joking about something and she wouldn't understand the joke. Courtney wants to stay with Jax when Rachel tells her she needs to examine Jax alone. Courtney tells Rachel she isn't leaving and she can't make her go. Jax tells Courtney he will be fine and he will talk to her later. Bobbie comes in to get some more blood. Rachel tells Jax and Courtney that allergic reactions can vary from mild to severe depending on the person and whatever got into his system. Jax tells her that he isn't allergic to anything he is aware of. Rachel tells them that anything can get into your system and cause an allergic reaction without the patient being aware they were allergic to anything. Courtney sees between the lines of what Rachel is insinuating and gets suspicious. When Bobbie comes in to take blood from Jax, Rachel steps out of the room with Courtney. Courtney confronts her about being the one who poisoned Jax to send a warning to her. Rachel tells her that she did poison him and if she wanted Jax dead she could have done that too. She tells Courtney that what she did to Jax is a warning to her to not tell Jax that she killed AJ She tells Courtney she doesn't expect her to kill Steven anymore but she does expect her to keep quiet about what she knows. Courtney goes back into Jax's room. Rachel calls A.J's cell-phone and gets his voicemail again. She starts to get nervous since she can't get a hold of him lately. She remembers when she was with AJ in bed and they were planning their scheme to fake AJ's death and set up Courtney and her plans to have Steven killed. Courtney comes back to Jax's room and tells him she plans to sleep in his hospital bed with him overnight. Rachel watches them through the door and gets more nervous. Meanwhile, AJ feeds Michael all these lies about how Sonny and Carly aren't looking for him anymore and that he causes them too much trouble. AJ also insinuates that Carly loves Michael in her own way but that she will always do what Sonny wants first. Michael tells AJ that he doesn't trust AJ but starts to wonder if what he said to him was true. Michael falls asleep and dreams that he comes home but Sonny tells him that he has to go back to AJ, his real father and that he and Carly have their "real" son to take care of. Michael dreams that he tells Sonny he hates him and wakes up. AJ suggests that they try to get along with each other until they get rescued. Michael has no interest in getting close to AJ and tells AJ he isn't hungry. He takes the blanket AJ gives him and lays far away from AJ and curls up. He waits until he thinks AJ is asleep and goes over and unwraps a candy bar to eat. AJ pretends he is asleep and watches Michael eat the candy bar with a pleased look on his face.

Skye goes to see Sam to ask her to talk Jason out of killing Luke. Sam tells her she isn't involved in Jason's business and won't interfere now. When Sam makes a remark that life is tough and about payback, Skye slaps Sam across the face. Sam doesn't react at all and looks at her stone-faced. Skye accuses Sam of being one of those women who turns the other way when their men do dirty work as if it shouldn't effect them personally. Skye tells Sam that Sonny brought on what happened to him not Luke when he helped Faith escape. Meanwhile, Luke tells Jason that he can shoot him if he needs to. Jason tells him he does what Sonny wants not what he wants. Sonny comes downstairs and thanks Luke for coming over. Sonny tells Jason he can leave them alone to talk. Sonny tells Luke that he doesn't have any plans to kill him just to send a message to the Sandaval family. He tells Luke that he remembers when they were friends and the good times they had and realizes that killing Luke won't bring back his son. He tells Luke that he has nothing to fear from him or anyone who works for him. Luke leaves and goes back to the casino. Skye shows up and asks Luke what happened. She relieved when she sees that Luke is still alive. She pleads with him to leave town and stay safe. She also tells him he needs to go and find Helena and bring her back so Nikolas will be freed and he and Emily can go on with their life. Luke tells her that beautiful endings belong in fairytales and sappy movies not in the real world. He agrees to go and find Helena and leave town. Skye tells him tearfully that she will keep an eye on the casino for him while he is gone. Jason returns home. Sam tells him that Reese dropped off a copy of the FBI file on the kidnapping. Jason notices something he didn't expect. He calls Sonny and tells him that Reese never recorded any incriminating evidence against Sonny into the FBI file when she could have and used it against him. Sam tells Jason that she got a visit from Lucky and Skye pleading for her to talk him out of killing Luke. Sam tells Jason that she will be there for him and support whatever he needs to do if his instincts tell him that something isn't right about Michael's death. Later, Reese has another run-in with Durant. He questions her about why she isn't going after Sonny now that she has the evidence against him and questions her objectivity. Reese refuses to tell him anything She shows up at Sonny's. Sonny confronts her about why she didn't put the incriminating evidence he gave her about his connections into the FBI file on the kidnapping. She tells him that she saw a vulnerable side to Sonny and she showed him her vulnerable side in return and didn't think the information he gave her was important enough to put into the file. Sonny doesn't buy it and asks her what game she is playing. He reminds her she is a Federal agent and it is her job to take down people like him and why she wouldn't do it. Reese tells him that seems to be the burning question and walks off. Carly comes in to see Sonny, who is alone and grieving Michael. She asks him if he is going to internalize all his anger and loss or is he going to lash out and get revenge on people he thinks helped Faith. Sonny tells her he isn't going to have Luke killed but he will get rid of anyone who threatens his family or is a threat to his family in the future. Carly walks away and leaves him alone.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Reese becomes a little unhinged when she goes to Sonny for help. While Reese is occupied elsewhere, Sonny searches her room to see what she has on him. Meanwhile, Carly and Lorenzo get cozier as she turns to him for comfort.

Alexis and Ric's attempt to get frisky on a date turns out disastrously. Skye learns Dillon and Georgie's secret and promises to keep it to herself. When Bridget fails to interest Diego romantically, she hits the roof.

Lucky officially moves himself into Wyndemere. Emily reacts badly after she inadvertently learns of Luke's sordid past with Laura and of Skye's support of him. Just as Lucky wraps a comforting arm around Emily, Liz walks in.

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