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Jack tried to get Victoria to return to Genoa City. Paul told Ashley that Gloria had two sons, Michael and Kevin. Kevin was forced to tell Michael that Michael had won the lottery. Ashley found Michael, Gloria, and Kevin together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Gloria is shocked to hear that the million dollar lottery ticket belongs to Michael. She tries to convince Kevin that Michael doesn't need the money. She tries to manipulate Kevin into thinking that Michael would leave them out in the cold. She mentions how nice it would be for Kevin to get his own place. He finally agrees and he and Gloria open a bottle of Michael's wine to celebrate.

When Lauren comes into Michael's office he hides behind his briefcase. She asks him why he's hiding. Michael explains the recent outburst of people storming into his office about Gloria. Lauren convinces Michael that Gloria is the only mother he will ever have, and someone has to stick by her. Michael decides to come home and have a heart to heart with the only two people in his life that really are family.

Brittany tells Bobby that she needs to spend some time away from him. Bobby doesn't seem to understand. The nurse tells Bobby and Brittany that it is important for Brittany to rest and to have Bobby take care of her. Brittany doesn't think that would be a good decision. She wants to call her parents.

Jill tries to make cucumber sandwiches to have a nice tea lunch with Katherine. Esther believes that Jill is really trying. When Katherine comes home, she won't have it. Jill gives up and goes away. Esther tries to explain to Katherine that Jill really cares about her. Katherine says that Esther is more gullible than she thought.

Nick tries to get Drucilla a contract and Sharon overhears. Sharon expresses her disapproval of Drucilla and Nick doesn't appreciate her telling him what to do. She wonders what became of the beautiful portrait he painted of Nick and Sharon working at Newman side by side. Nick says he's sorry, but he's the CEO and doesn't want to hear anymore. Nikki catches them arguing and explains that they are going to visit Victoria. Nick is angry by the news and leaves with a sarcastic, "have a good time." Nikki wonders why Nick is so against them seeing Victoria. Sharon tries to change the subject by taunting Nikki about Bobby.

Jack goes to see Victoria in Italy. Victoria has been doing well for herself. She has a whole new life painting, learning Italian and living a free life not having to be a Newman. Jack says that it's in her blood to be a businesswoman. He wants her to come back and be his CEO of Jabot Cosmetics.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

In Florence, Italy, Jack is still trying to convince Victoria to accept his offer to become CEO of Jabot. Victoria continues to question his motives, but Jack insists that his offer is legitimate, that he wants the best, and that's her. She still suspects that his motives are connected to his ongoing war with her father. They agree to go to a little cafe.

Meanwhile, the Newman jet is en route to Florence with Victor and Nikki aboard. As they grasp one another's hands, they share their concern as to how Victoria will react upon seeing them after all this time. As the jet begins its descent, Victor tells Nikki that he knows he has to do all in his power to reunite the family, as family means everything to him. As they fasten their seatbelts, both are very excited!

Neil has returned to work and enters Nick's office. Nick tells him he has decided to give Dru a contract. He wants Neil to work closely with Dru due to her lack of experience and says he's counting on Neil to make sure things fall into place. Neil remarks that he is surprised that Nick agreed to give Dru a contract since she has very little administrative experience. Nick tells Neil he feels she will do a good job and asks him to tell Dru he wants to see her in his office.

Phyllis is working at her computer when Dru enters and in her usual condescending manner, barks out orders to Phyllis; Phyllis is obviously not happy. The phone rings, and Phyllis picks it up. The call is from Neil, informing Dru that Nick wants to see her in his office. Dru then leaves, though not before smugly informing Phyllis that she's meeting with Nick to finalize the contract he's giving her.

Gloria and Kevin are with Michael. Michael makes the statement that he has now realized they are all family and need to be supportive of each other. At hearing this, Gloria suspects there is something on her elder son's mind. Michael says he's just trying to reach out, that he really does sympathize with his mother about her troubles with the Abbott children, and then tells Kevin how proud he is that his therapy is going so well. He says he realizes Kevin has been looking for a job and even offers to make some calls for him. Neither Gloria nor Kevin is as enthusiastic as they would obviously be had they not gotten their hands on that lottery ticket! Michael goes on to say that he promises to be more sensitive to both of them in the future. When they tell him not to worry, that he has done a lot for them, he appears suspicious at their reaction, but gives Gloria a kiss on the cheek anyway....Gloria and Kevin give each other a concerned gaze. After Kevin and Gloria are alone, Kevin informs his mother that he must tell Michael about the lottery ticket, that what they are doing is wrong. Gloria makes him promise to say nothing to Michael until they talk again tomorrow.

Paul is at the office and sitting at his desk when Ashley pays him a surprise visit; he's obviously delighted. She has brought some fragrance samples with her and says she wants him to be her tEsther and is interested to hear his opinions. They begin testing as Ashley sprays the perfumes on her wrist and Paul smells them. Paul is obviously enjoying himself, especially when Ashley puts the test sample in back of her ear instead of on her wrist. Paul happily informs her that he would be happy to help her test any further samples! Ashley agrees but says she has another reason for visiting him. She wonders if Paul has found out anything yet about Gloria. Paul tells her he has done some digging around in Detroit and knows that Gloria has two sons. Just as Ashley begins to tell Paul that it almost seems that Michael and Gloria are somehow protective of each other, Paul's phone's J.T. calling from Detroit. J.T. informs Paul that about 9 months ago the police were called to Gloria's apartment in Detroit for a domestic disturbance, that one of her sons had a gun. Ashley says she finds that strange since both of Gloria's sons live in Genoa City. Ashley tells Paul she doesn't know where they live but that Jack knows where one of them lives.

Sharon is getting ready for work when Cassie tells her she wants to see her friends. Sharon tells her she can't go since she has to study for her midterms. Cassie assures her mother that she will study with her friends, but the answer is still 'no'. Cassie gives Sharon a defiant stare. Cassie then asks permission for her friends to come to the house and assures Sharon they will study. Sharon still won't give permission, and the resentful Cassie seems to be plotting how she can get to see her friends. Sharon finally leaves but not before assuring Cassie that she will check on her later. Cassie wastes no time in calling her friends and making arrangements to get picked up. She starts to walk out the door with her purse but on second thought also picks up her books before leaving.

Jack and Victoria have returned from lunch at the little Italian cafe. He obviously hasn't made much headway with Victoria, as she is still suspicious that he has an agenda and that his motive is to get to Victor. Jack still maintains that this is not at all the reason and assures Victoria this would be a very good opportunity for her. Victoria reminds Jack that if she goes back home at all, it would have to be to work at Newman Enterprises. He urges her to think it over, that he doesn't want to leave Italy without her. She tells Jack it's obvious that he's desperate but she, on the other hand, is not.

Dru comes to meet with Nick who assures her that her contract will be ready for her signature immediately. She's thrilled, profusely thanking Nick for this opportunity, and assuring him she will work hard. Nick reminds her that Neil will work closely with her, also adding that training Sharon is to be her #1 priority; Dru agrees. Before leaving Nick's office, Dru thanks him again. He assures her all he wants is that she does a good job.

Meanwhile, Sharon has a meeting scheduled with Phyllis, but Phyllis tells her she's not ready for the meeting because Dru gave her orders to take care of other things. At hearing this, Sharon becomes livid. Phyllis realizes she has an ally in Sharon in her quest to dethrone Dru. Their conversation then turns to the possibility of Victoria coming back to work at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis seems interested to know if Victor and Nikki went to see Victoria; she assures Sharon she will tell no one about this. Phyllis reconsiders her meeting with Sharon while looking over at her desk at what she was told to do for Dru. Phyllis is going to forget about what Dru told her to do and tells Sharon the two of them can have their meeting after all....just to give her 5 minutes. Sharon leaves. Dru returns and begins boasting about her contract. She asks Phyllis where the documents are which she asked her to complete. Phyllis defiantly informs Dru that they are not done....she's meeting with Sharon instead. Dru is obviously furious.

Sharon then bursts into Nick's office ranting about Dru. She tells him that she feels it's a big mistake to give Dru a contract, but Nick tells her it's a done deal. Sharon then accuses Nick of giving Dru the contract because he fears Victoria will be coming back, that giving Dru Victoria's old position somehow guarantees that his sister won't be working there, which Nick vehemently denies. Dru then bursts in saying there are major problems with Phyllis to which Sharon shouts that it's not problems with Phyllis, but with Dru!

The bantering continues between Jack and Victoria. He again informs her that he's not leaving until she says 'yes'. She has everything she wants there in Florence, she tells Jack, and returning to Genoa City would only bring back painful memories. With that, there is a knock at the door. Victoria looks out the peep-hole in her door. Seeing her parents outside the door throws her into a state of shock! She turns to Jack.....barely able to utter, "Oh my God!!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sharon confronted Drucilla about her poor management style after Dru burst into Nick's office. Nick told them he didn't want to hear their argument. He suggested they go to Dru's office and have it out until they could reach some agreement. Drucilla stomped out, and Sharon gave Nick a hurt look but followed Drucilla. Sharon told Dru that this was a new position for her, and one she wanted to succeed in. But Dru wasn't giving her any guidance, especially not the kind of hands-on help she'd received from Brad. Indifferent to Sharon's concerns, Drucilla said that she would set aside time for Sharon soon and hurried her out of the office.

Lily came to see Drucilla to get some money for their dinner she was supposed to pick up that night. She also apologized to her mother for her recent attitude. She wanted things to be okay between them. She congratulated her mother on her promotion and the contract she'd be getting. Later, when Dru had to leave the office, Neil came in. He was happy to hear that Lily and her mother were getting along better, but he suggested that Lily also try to make peace with her uncle. Family was more important than anything.

At Crimson Lights, Adrian was surprised to see Malcolm's new look. She was also curious about his new upbeat attitude. When she found out that he wasn't expecting a visit from Nate, she figured out that it had something to do with Lily. Malcolm said he didn't feel comfortable talking about it. Adrian correctly guessed that Lily was Malcolm's daughter. She thought Dru and Malcolm should tell Lily the truth. Malcolm said it wasn't the right time. He had some fence mending to do with Lily. At that point, Lily called her uncle and asked if they could meet the following morning before she had to be at school.

Victoria pushed Jack on the balcony to keep him out of sight when her parents showed up. Nikki and Victor were thrilled to see their daughter, and Victoria seemed glad to see them, too. She assured them that she was happy in Florence and had no desire to return home. When Victor seemed to want to entice her by using the business, Victoria admitted that she'd read Nick was the new CEO and wondered how he was doing. Victor said that he didn't approve of all of Nick's decisions, but Nick would learn. Victoria promised to see her parents the next morning for breakfast and sent them off to a hotel. When Jack came back in, she told him that she hadn't changed her mind. She wasn't going back to Genoa City. Jack said he'd give her two weeks to make her decision before he chose a CEO for Jabot. For those two weeks, the job was hers if she wanted it.

Brad went to see Nick, pretending that he was interested in hearing how Sharon was doing. Nick assured him that Sharon was going great in her new spokesperson role. He thanked Brad for training her so well before Nick stole her away. But he was sure Brad had another reason for being there. Brad said that he'd asked Jack for Jabot's CEO position. If Jack didn't give it to him, Brad wanted to keep his options open. Nick wondered if Brad was asking him for a job, and Brad said he was just giving him something to file away. Nick looked thoughtful as Brad left.

After hearing that Gloria's sons had been in some kind of trouble in Detroit, Ashley told Paul that maybe she'd been too hard on Gloria. It sounded like she'd had a tragic life. Paul warned Ashley that she should trust her instincts. Ashley wasn't so sure. She told Paul to stop the investigation for now. She wanted to give Gloria another chance. After Ashley left the office, Paul talked to J.T. in Detroit and told him to get copies of the police report from what had happened to Gloria's sons nine months before.

Back at the Abbott house, Ashley was startled to see Brad. He was looking for Jack, who was apparently out of town for a couple of days. Ashley said that Jack probably wouldn't be gone long since there was so much going on at Jabot. She was surprised that Jack had been a little cool to Brad's suggestion that Brad be made CEO. She said there was no one else more qualified. Brad said he was keeping his options open but refused to explain what that meant.

As Brad was leaving, Gloria came downstairs. She was suspicious when Ashley was nice to her. Ashley said that she'd been thinking things over and wanted to know more about Gloria's sons. At first uncertain about Ashley's motives, Gloria finally opened up, saying that both her husbands had been abusive. Worse, they'd also abused her sons, and she'd let it happen. Ashley said that she'd been scared. Gloria said that was no excuse. She took full responsibility for what had been done to her children and didn't blame them for any anger they felt toward her. Maybe now Ashley could better understand why Gloria clung so hard to John. Ashley watched with sympathy as Gloria left the room in tears.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lily says good morning to Neil and tells him she's going to the coffeehouse to talk with Malcolm. When Drucilla hears, she warns Lily not to get her hopes up. Neil wonders why Dru is being so pessimistic. When Lily leaves, Neil and Dru talk about her pending contract at Newman. Drucilla is excited, yet perturbed about Sharon's complaints that Dru hasn't trained her yet. Neil advises her to do so. Drucilla would rather go to the coffeehouse to interrupt Malcolm and Lily's meeting.

When Lily meets with Malcolm, she feels uncomfortable. He tells her it's okay to be honest with him. She wonders if things would have been different if he were really her father. Malcolm says he would rather talk about starting a new relationship with her. He suggests that Lily work at the coffeehouse with him.

Gloria calls Kevin first thing in the morning to make sure he didn't tell Michael about his lottery ticket. She tells him that it's about her and Kevin, not Michael. Kevin says that he knows where Gloria stands. He looks at his ticket and wonders if helping himself out is the best thing to do. Michael comes downstairs and offers him breakfast and help finding a job. Kevin says he'd rather have things be the old way. He's glad to see Lauren show up and leaves right away.

At the coffeehouse, Daniel has gone overboard and called his press buddies to tell them about Kevin's lucky lottery ticket. At first, Kevin is angry because he doesn't want Michael to find out. Then, he admits that he won the ticket but wants it to be an anonymous story. When one press guy takes a picture of him, Kevin becomes angry. He knows that Michael will see it in the paper and know that he has betrayed him.

Victoria tells her parents that she has a new life now. They are impressed by her wonderful new cooking skills, as well as her paintings. When a young child shows up to get some paints from Victoria, the parents are impressed. She tells them that she doesn't want to leave. They are disappointed, but say they are happy to see her and hope she calls. Victor gives her a deep hug.

Paul thinks about Ashley's suspicions. Chris comes by with coffee, but she's forgotten how Paul likes his coffee so she has to give him her's. He tells her about his new client Ashley. Chris is interested in the details. After she leaves, Paul gets a shocking fax message.

Ashley tells John that she's upset that Jack has disappeared and still now named a new CEO. As they talk about it, Jack shows up. He doesn't tell Ashley what he's been up to. Ashley asks Jack where Gloria's sons live. When she goes over there, Michael answers the door.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Ashley was stunned when Michael answered the door at the address Jack had given her for Gloria's sons' apartment. She stammered out an excuse and left a bewildered Lauren and Michael standing there. Michael tried to figure out why Ashley came and left so abruptly, and Lauren tried to take his mind off Ashley's visit with romance.

Meanwhile, Paul called Ashley and asked to see her. When she got to his office, she told him about her shocking encounter and her suspicion that Michael Baldwin was Gloria's son. She wondered why Paul didn't seem more surprised. Paul told her about the fax he'd received which was confirmation. Michael was indeed Gloria's son, which explained the attorney's discomfort when Ashley consulted him. Even worse, of course, was that Kevin was also Gloria's son. Ashley was livid, remembering all the pain Kevin had caused the Abbott family when Colleen had nearly died. No matter what part of Gloria's story had been true, she'd obviously been playing them all for fools. Ashley stomped out of Paul's office saying that Gloria was going down hard.

Kevin was furious that Daniel had alerted the media about his lottery winnings. Daniel said that Kevin would figure out something to tell Michael, and Kevin hurried home to see his brother. When he got there, Lauren finally gave up on her romantic morning with Michael and left. Kevin lied and told Michael that he'd bought himself a lottery ticket the same time he bought the one he gave to Michael. And Kevin's was a winner. Michael was thrilled for Kevin and wondered if maybe he'd won anything on his ticket. Only when he tried to find his ticket, it was gone. Michael quickly deduced why Kevin was so nervous. He'd stolen Michael's ticket. Before Kevin could persuade Michael otherwise, Gloria came in and inadvertently blew Kevin's cover story. Michael demanded that Kevin give him the ticket and shoved it into his pocket while lecturing them on how greed made people behave. His rant was interrupted midstream by a knock on the door. When he opened it to Ashley, Gloria looked on in horror as Ashley triumphantly said that the gang was all there.

Nick and Sharon were bickering about running late. They were out of coffee and Sharon's car wouldn't start, so they went to his parents' house to get help from Miguel. While they were there, Victor and Nikki arrived home from Italy. Nick asked how Victoria was, and they described how happy she seemed with her new life. Nor did she show any intention of returning home. Victor was disappointed that Victoria had turned her back on business when she had such a knack for it. Sharon seemed to be trying to figure out what this meant for them, and Nick tried to hide his relief that his sister wouldn't be coming back.

Phyllis attempted to get details from Jack about his visit to Victoria, but he wasn't saying anything, especially when he realized that she thought he'd gone to Florence to persuade Victoria to come back to Newman. Jack was intrigued to hear that Nick was about to offer Drucilla a contract. When he had to leave for work, Phyllis stayed behind at the Abbott house to call Victoria. Victoria was startled to hear that Drucilla would be heading up her old cosmetics division. But she insisted that she wasn't coming back to Genoa City, not even for the offer Jack had made of the CEO position at Jabot. After they hung up, Victoria brooded about Drucilla, and Phyllis vowed to confront Jack about misleading her regarding his intentions for Victoria's return.

Mackenzie invited her grandmother over for some morning coffee and a proposition. Katherine was dazed to hear that Mackenzie had been researching online senior dating services. Mac even had a guy picked out; a retired surgeon living outside Milwaukee who had many things in common with Katherine. Katherine wasn't so sure she wanted to be trolling for men on the Internet. Mackenzie reminded her how happy she'd been when she fell in love with Arthur; she wanted her grandmother to experience that again.

Brittany was released from the hospital, and Bobby took her to an apartment that he'd rented for her. He said it would be too stressful for her to stay with her parents, and the doctor had told her to avoid stress. This was the only way he could take care of her. Even though he would abide by the distrustful Brittany's wishes and live elsewhere, he could make sure she and their baby were well taken care of. Brittany couldn't understand how he was paying for the apartment or where he was going to stay. Bobby said he'd stay at the club for a while; Angelo wouldn't mind. Brittany finally agreed to stay in the apartment, but when Bobby tried to leave, she asked him not to go.

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