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Carlotta believed that Keri was irresponsible and owed a large debt. Sam realized that Jack really was Starr's brother and Blair's lost child. Todd continued to lie to Blair. Lindsay continued to have problems in prison.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on OLTL
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MONday, May 6

Bo tells Gabrielle to tell him about what is going on with Todd, or he will help her pack. He knows something bad is going on. Gabrielle softly accuses him of not being her friend. Bo acknowledges it is because he is her friend, and he cares about her, that he needs to know what is going on. Bo lets her know she can count on him for help. She very sadly tells him she has too much too lose. Bo states they both have too much too lose, and if she cannot trust him, he cannot be her friend.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Blair is demanding to know what is going on with Jack. Todd is telling Blair he didn't want her to worry needlessly when Dr. Schiller walks up. Blair asks him what is wrong with Jack, and as he is about to tell her, Todd tells her Jack had an iron deficiency. Sam, totally irritated at this point, asks Todd, "Do you need a bone marrow transplant for an iron deficiency?" Todd confesses to Blair that Jack has aplastic anemia.

Troy and Nora get back from the bike marathon. He gets beeped to the hospital, and they make dinner plans for later.

Blair asks the Dr. and Sam to leave as she needs to speak with her husband alone. Blair, in total disbelief, tells Todd it was beyond bizzarre that he didn't tell her about Jack being sick. Starr had almost died from this same disease. Jack was adopted, how could this happen? How could he have the same rare disease Starr had? Blair wanted to know he had found a donor so quickly, as Jack and Starr didn't have the same genetic make-up. She wants to meet and thank the donor. Todd rushes out to fill out forms, and looks for Alex.

Sam goes over to Nora's to ask questions about Alex. Nora confirms Alex wasn't pregnant at Asa's will reading. She tells him about Alex donating her bone marrow to Starr. Sam starts putting the pieces together.

Lindsay in gets into trouble with the inmates, they try to strangle her. The guard saves the day and offers Lindsay some advice. "Find a reason to stay alive." Lindsay states she doesn't have one anymore. The guard offers her her cell phone, to find a reason.

Todd comes back into the hospital room with Blair. He is ready to go home and be a family. So is she, as soon as she thanks Jack's donor. She walks through the door to Alex's room.

Troy is getting ready to leave the office for the day, and the phone rings. He picks up the phone and answers, "Nora, I'm on my way." "This isn't Nora", says Lindsay.

TUESday, May 7

Todd and Blair are in the hospital where Jack had the bone marrow transplant. Alex is in adjoining dressing room. Blair insists on going in there to see who the donor was for Jack. Todd tries to stop Blair, they argue and when Blair finally goes into the room, she runs into Gabrielle. Gabrielle tells Blair she was Jack's donor. Blair does not believe her and leaves to go find the Doctor to ask him who the real donor was for Jack. In the meantime Todd has told Nigel to find Alex; he finds her and traps her behind a door, they fight and Alex bites Nigel on the hand. Todd buys Alex a ticket to Alaska; persuades her to go there to find a rich man. Alex boards the plane; Nigel calls Todd to tell him Alex is out of their lives; but Alex gets off the plane and is back in Llianview.

Keri and Antonio are at Carlotta's diner; Carlotta and Cris overhear Keri planning an expensive dinner for her and Antonio (her treat) to celebrate their 3-month anniversary. Carlotta is upset with Keri; she thinks Keri owes a $50,000 credit card debt (but Keri does not owe it because her card was stolen while in college). Keri is at diner showing off expensive new silk dress and talks about while in college going go Las Vegas, splurging on an expensive hotel and losing her money, barely having enough gas to get home. Carlotta is further convinced that Keri is a big spender. After Keri leaves the diner, Carlotta tells Antonio about Keri's $50,000 debt.

Lindsay's guard told her she better think of a reason to survive in prison so Lindsay calls Troy and tells him that he and Nora will pay for her being in prison; that when Nora is finished with him, he will wish he was in prison with her. The guard further warns Lindsay that if she knows any body in high places now is the time to use her influence or else she will be having Tillie for a cell mate. Lindsay is terrified.

Sam goes over to see Nora and they talk about Jack's illness. Nora did not know anything about Jack but did tell Sam that Alex also donated bone marrow when Star ws a baby for the same sreason and for Sam to be wary of Alex. Todd had told Sam that Alex is Jack's mother but Nora told him Alex would not do that to her body. So Alex could not be Jack's mother. Sam leaves vowing to find out who is Jack's real mother. Sam calls Mexico and finds out that Blair is Jack's real mother.

WEDNESday, May 8

At the diner, Antonio denies to his mother that Keri is $50,000 in debt, even after she shows him the evidence that she found accidentally enclosed with his school paper. Carlotta insists that Keri has a problem and he shouldn't be mixed up with her. She goes off on all of the money that Keri has been spending lately until Antonio orders her to stop. He sticks up for his girlfriend; he's sure there has to be an explanation. Carlotta wonders when he'll be informed of it.

Troy wants to make love to Nora and she agrees; they head upstairs. They begin to kiss and in the moment, Nora suddenly says stop...she can't do it. She's not ready, she says, insisting it has nothing to do with Sam or Lindsay. Troy accepts it but he thinks it's about Colin and Nora doesn't deny it. She admits she doesn't know if she can get past it. Troy hates his brother but they were identical twins. He'd die before hurting her, he pleads. Nora says he can't help so Troy says goodbye, he has no choice. He loves her but is not obsessed-he also can't wait around forever. He wants to end it and though Nora is upset and doesn't want to hurt him, he acknowledges that he can't just date or be friends. She needs some time; he leaves.

Over at Llanview U., Cris tries to get Keri to excuse both him and Jen from class while they go to Las Vegas. She advises him that while class attendance is not necessary, she expects their work to be made up. She also advises him not to blow all of his money the way she did. She spots R.J. and goes over to chat. She mentions that she thinks she offended Carlotta by not taking the table for her office; Antonio's mother has been awfully cold to her. R.J. tells her not to worry and they both agree that there's too many good things going on. Keri mentions that she hasn't heard from the credit card company yet regarding the false charges on her bill. Nearby, Nat looks at a picture of Rex and begins to cry. Cris sees her and comforts her when she tells him the story of how she wasn't wanted by her aunt, only her brother was. Jess and Seth went to track him down, she tells him. As he reassures her with a hug, Al walks in and spies on them, out of earshot. He was right about them, he gloats. He's got to save Jen from Cris' clutches. When he's about to make his move, he's intercepted by his parents who want to talk to him. He tries to get away from them and they assume it's because he's embarrassed that his parents are at school. He's busy, he tells them, and has a class to go to. They just want to inform him that Max has purchased Kevin's old mill house and they'd like it if Al would move in with Max. He doesn't want to at first, but in order to get rid of them he hastily agrees as he sees that Jen and Cris get ready to leave. Max stops him again and asks why Al wants to get rid of them. He makes excuses as Jen leaves and Nat returns to thank Cris for his help and to let him know she feels better. She gives him money to place a bet for her on his trip. They give each other a quick kiss goodbye. Al finally gets to Nat and spits out that he knows about her and Cris going behind Jen's back. He'll protect Jen, he knows what he saw. He dashes off when informed of her vacation plans with Cris.

Alex gets off of the plane bound for Alaska. She's gotten the voucher for her seat and she'll be able to stay and find the man of her dreams. She makes a phone call but is not successful.

At the hospital, Todd tells Nigel over the phone, that he'll happily destroy all of the photos and negatives he's held over Nigel's head. He's in a great mood and everything is going well. Sam is close by and going over all of his new found information about the Mannings. He realizes that Blair is Jack's birth mother and when he sees her, he tells her he must speak with her. He begins to say that he found Nellie but he's interrupted by Todd who glares at him and sends Blair off on a wild goose chase to see the social worker. Sam informs Todd that it's his last lie and it's become his business since he was forced to lie to the court. He knows that Blair is Jack's birth mother. Todd attempts to bluff his way out of it but Sam has checked his facts. He knows that Todd is the only one who saw the baby die in Mexico and that it was pretty convenient that it was accidentally cremated. He's spoken to Paloma as well. He knows Jack is that baby, especially since Alex was the blood marrow donor for both of Todd's children; they would have to be biological siblings. As Todd continues to deny, Sam calls him a monster like his father. Todd denies being a monster, he merely did what he had to do, he says. Sam demands to know why but suddenly it dawns on him. Todd thought the baby was Max's and then he got him back when he learned otherwise. As Blair returns from trying to find the non-existent social worker, she hears the men fighting. Todd threatens to kill Sam if he talks and she wants to know what's going on. Todd claims they were talking about old times but Sam orders Todd to speak up with the truth or he will.

Carlotta continues to go on, wondering if maybe Antonio will find out about the debt after he's married and it's too late. Keri arrives and insists on springing for an expensive dinner for her and Antonio. He tries to talk her out of it but she's insistent that she can afford it. Carlotta manages to get her little digs into the conversation but Keri appears oblivious to them, though Antonio is aware and doesn't like it. He's worried about all of Keri's expenses but she announces that she's never been in financial trouble.

Jen and Cris are at the airport, packed and ready to go when Al dashes in and begs Jen not to go. Jen doesn't want to hear him and tells him to go home. When they go to board their plane, Al runs off to buy a ticket.

At school Max runs into Nat as he's trying to locate Al's class. She informs him that the class is not meeting today. She refutes Max's allegations that she's seeing Cris and tells him that Al probably followed the Jen and Cris to Las Vegas.

Alex arrives at Bo's place and announces she's there for him. She's met at the door by Gabrielle.

Thursday, May 9

Natalie arrives at Roxy's house and looks around. She knocks a couple times and calls out to see if anyone is home. She gets no answer and grabs a spare key hidden above the shutters. She lets herself in and looks around. She goes behind the couch and finds a picture of "Rex" as a child. She looks around further and finds an address book. She calls Jessie's cell. Meanwhile, Jessie and Seth are at a diner trying to locate her aunt in a phone book. When Natalie calls, she relays the last know address of her aunt, and possibly Rex. Seth recognizes the street name and announces that it is practically across the street.

Sam pressures Todd to tell Blair the truth about Jack. Sam starts to reveal information about Nellie. Todd realizes how close Sam is to telling Blair and finally claims that he will tell her the truth. He tells Sam that he wants to tell Blair in private and Sam can get his "kicks" from telling it to her again later. Sam agrees to stay outside the waiting room until he is finished. Once Sam is safe outside, Todd begins to tell Blair about Nellie.

At the Palace, Niki grabs a table and calls Ben on his cell. He explains that he is running late but he will be at the Palace soon. Niki makes up a lie that she is stuck at the Banner doing some extra work and they will have to meet at the Palace later. She tries to arrange for him to meet her at home but he hangs up. Bo walks into the dining room and Renee shows him to Niki's table. Niki's phone is turned off but within earshot of Bo, she continues a fake conversation with Ben. "Well, don't be angry. Let's talk about this. No, don't hang up like this." Niki acts very distressed over the "conversation" when Bo reaches the table.

Jessie thanks Natalie and they head out of the diner to find Rex. Back on the other end, Natalie hangs up the phone just as Roxy walks in. Roxy notices the address book in Natalie's hands and blows up. "Stupid girl, what did you do?" Natalie tells her that she gave Jessica her aunt's address; she has the right to know her brother. Roxy announces that she is leaving for Vegas and just came to get some stuff before she left. While she packs, she remains nervous and upset. "You just make messes." Natalie notices Roxy's reaction and demands to know why it is such a big deal that she gave an address. Roxy doesn't answer but says that she's leaving town and she'll never see her again. When Roxy walks out, she still looks concerned.

Todd tells Blair that Nellie is not a druggie, but in fact a manipulative and lying woman. (It's obvious at this point that he is creating another diversion) According to Todd, when Sam went over to Nellie's, he told her about how bright and special he is. Nellie soaks all this information in and decides to use Jack to make money for herself. She wants to use him for television commercials. "Blair, Nellie wants the baby back."

Bo offers to help Niki and be a friend. Niki holds his hand and says, "I need more than a friend." But she regrets she ever told him about the trouble with Ben. She feels threatened by this immense anger that Ben has. It strikes at anytime and he is not the same man that she married. Bo asks, "Has he ever hurt you Viki?" At this time, Asa pops up near the table and asks about Gabrielle. He wants to know if Bo has finally seen her for who she really is and kicked her out. Bo excuses himself and escorts Asa to his table. Asa accuses Gabrielle of putting the wool over Bo's eyes and trying to drive Asa crazy. He tells Bo about Gabrielle spraying Alex's perfume on his front door and wearing it when he went over to Bo's apartment. Bo arrives to the conclusion that Gabrielle is not doing this, but that Alex might really be back in Llanview.

Blair wails "NO TODD!" Sam outside overhears the commotion and assumes that Todd has told Blair the truth. Blair frantically asks Todd what they should do. Todd tells her that it is worse because Nellie has a well know lawyer and the law on her side. "I can't loose my baby Todd. What are we going to do?" He tells her that he has a plan. They can just run away, tonight. He can make up some false itinerary about a trip to Disney World but really go somewhere far away. Blair says, "I'll do anything Todd, I've already lost one baby, I can't loose another." Todd tells her to check out Jack through the back way and go home. Once your home, get Starr and go to the airport to wait for him. Blair trusts him completely and runs off to Jack. Meanwhile, Sam runs into to check on them. He finds Todd alone and asks where Blair is.

Jessica and Seth arrive at the address that Natalie gave them. They ring the doorbell and a woman answers. They introduce themselves and find out that it is her aunt. She says that she knows everything about the kidnapping/switch because it was in the papers. She tells them that she's been expecting them and lets them inside. However, once inside, she reveals that Rex did live here, but not now. She sent him to college overseas. Jessica offers to go visit him but Ms. Balsom won't release any other information. She believes that Roxy sent Jessica over to find Rex and she doesn't want anything to do with Roxy. Jessica tries to explain that Roxy isn't involved but Ms. Balsom refuses. Jessica realizes that she won't get anything and politely leaves. While they are outside, Seth and Jessica talk about what just happened. Seth realizes that Jessica needs sometime to herself and agrees to meet at the diner later. After he leaves, she finds a post card in the mailbox addressed to Rex. This post card proves that he still lives at this house rather than overseas.

Bo offers to check around and see if he can find any information about Alex's whereabouts. Asa seems genuinely concerned about Alex being back in Llanview and agrees to the investigation. Bo returns to Niki's table and tells her that he has some work to do. However, tomorrow he'll come by Llanfair and talk to Ben and "Viki." He'll have some bonding time with his brother to see what is going on. Once he leaves, she decides to make sure that Ben isn't there when Bo comes.

Todd tells Sam that he told Blair the truth and now she hates him. She ran off and she is pretty upset. Sam tells him that he should of told her the truth in the first place and that he will call her later.

Alex shows up at Bo's apartment to fulfill her destiny. She explains to Gabrielle that she is meant to spend the rest of her life with Bo. When she was on the plane ready to take off, she heard a voice that said she must return to Bo. Gabrielle finds the voucher and asks her if the voice said something about a $400 payback if she takes a later flight. Gabrielle warns her that Todd will be very angry when he finds out that she is back in Llanview. Alex says, "I don't have to worry about Todd, Bo will protect me." At this time Bo walks into the apartment.

While she waits for Ben, Niki mixes some alcohol with her coke. Finally Ben arrives and brings her a surprise. He bought tickets for a Mediterranean cruise for several days. She thanks him but says that she just can't do that right now. She has to worry about Natalie and Jessica finding her brother. "I have to straighten stuff out at home first." Ben agrees and leaves to cancel the tickets. While he is gone, she reveals her plan to use Bo to make Ben leave her.

Alex tells Bo that she is in Llanview for him. She wants to start where they left off. Bo asks if this involves "courts, jails...." No, she wants to continue the great relationship that they had sometime ago. Bo tells Alex that she has a bad habit of forgetting the bad incidents in the past. Alex realizes that she's not going to win him over and admits that she must have heard the voice say something else. Perhaps she heard it say that she needs to find someone like Bo. Alex leaves and Bo asks Gabrielle if this was another one of her secrets. Gabrielle admits that she hasn't been completely honest with him and she values the friendship that they have developed. She is now willing to tell him everything.

Jessica decides to sit on a bench nearby and wait for Rex to arrive home. A bit later, a college age boy walks up and picks up the mail. He seems excited about a certain postcard. She walks up to him and asks, "Are you Rex?"

Blair calls Todd's cell from the airport to report that she and the kids are all waiting for him.

FRIday, May 10

Blair was waiting in the airport for Todd when she happened upon Alex, whom Starr referred to as the "bone marrow lady." Alex thought better of telling Blair the truth about being Jack's bone marrow donor, for fear of what Todd might do to her. Trying to make a clean break toward her flight, Alex doubled over in pain and told a concerned Blair that it was from the bone marrow test. Knowing better, Blair grew suspicious, made a phone call and returned home.

Gabrielle spilled the entire truth to Bo, beginning with that she was the one doing the blackmailing not Todd. Revealing that with help from David Vickers, Todd gave Blair's newborn up for adoption and retrieved the infant when he learned that he was the father, not Max. Bo left his apartment in disgust, leaving behind a distraught Gabrielle.

Sam overheard Todd on the phone with the airline. Realizing that he still hadn't told Blair that she was Jack's real Mother, he tried phoning her at home, but no one answered.

Seth called Natalie, who was about to leave for Michigan and told her that Corrine said that Rex was abroad attending school.

Jessica met Rex in passing. While trying to reason with her Aunt that Rex should know the truth, he overheard them arguing outside of the house, where he stole into a locked drawer and discovered the newspaper article's about Natalie being a Buchanan. Against Corrine's wishes he packs up his greedy intentions and heads to Pennsylvania.

Max discovered that Al lied to him about having a doctor's appointment. Flashing back on something Natalie had told him, he called the credit card company prentending to be Al and found out that the last purchase was for a ticket to Vegas.

On her way out of the airport Natalie notices Al and asks him why he's there. Naturally he lies and says he's waiting for a friend. Nat doesn't buy the story until an ever obsesed Al convinces a stranger to lie for him, saying she is his friend Amy. Natalie, knowing a con when she hears one, notices that the monogram on the girl's luggage reads S L and is on the same flight as Al to Vegas.

Todd is frantic when he can't find Blair and the children at the airport as planned.

The doorbell rings at Blair and Todd's house. She opens the door and finds Sam on the other side.

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