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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on GH
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Monday, May 6, 2002

Alan couldn't believe that Monica was serious about the divorce but she was. She told him she was going to support AJ even if he wouldn't. He's still mad about AJ lying to him. Monica told Rae she could have Alan. Rae and Alan talked about Skye and hugged. Edward talked to Courtney about what she wanted out of life. He wasn't too pleased that she didn't have children in her plans. She said she wanted to go back to college and travel. She took her puppy and left after awhile. Later Edward told AJ that Courtney didn't seem too interested in children. AJ told him not to worry, he would get Michael back in the house.

Skye's hotel room:
Skye thought things with Jax were too good to be true. She said he didn't really know her. He asked why she couldn't be happy. Rae came by and Skye introduced Rae and Jax. Jax told Rae that he liked her work. He was forced to read one of her books when he was in a dark place in his life and he found it to really help. He thanked her. He left and Skye asked Rae what she thought. She was impressed. They talked and Jax came back to ask them to dinner. Rae was going to say no but Skye gave her a look and she agreed. After Jax left again, Rae said if she was twenty years younger and not her mother, she might have something to worry about.

AJ wanted to see Michael but Bobbie wouldn't let him. Scott came by and talked to AJ, telling him not to do anything till Carly's body was found. Bobbie overheard and asked Scott to leave too. She didn't want anyone around that didn't believe Carly was alive. AJ did see Michael briefly but Michael didn't recognize him.

Sonny's penthouse:
Sonny and Alexis talked. She said she was there for him. Not to think about what was going on between them but focus on finding Carly. Sonny was about to go look for Carly again when Alexis spied something on the floor. It was the card that Michael had made for Sonny's birthday. They wondered how it had gotten there. They realized that Carly was there the night she disappeared.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

by QT

Alexis and Sonny were putting things together after finding the birthday card from Michael. You could tell that Alexis was becoming distraught as the truth had come to light. Sonny was in denial and insisted that no one was in the penthouse while they were intimate. Sonny silently walked away and out the door. Alexis sat on the edge of the sofa in disbelieve at the revelation which had just occurred. Finally she gathered her things and returned to her side. Alexis could not shake the feeling. Her doorbell rang. It was Ned to see her. She tried to make him go away but he insisted on entering. Alexis tried to make herself busy as Ned apologized for his reaction to Alexis telling Sonny where Courtney was - but Alexis was on overload. In a bad moment she knocked over a flower vase and lost it. Ned asked what was wrong. Alexis explained that she felt guilty for getting involved with Sonny and not considering Carly or anything else. Ned was focused and tried to comfort her with the truth that this was not her fault. Sonny and Carly have been apart for about 1 year now. Kristina entered and Ned tried to bring her up to the conversation. Alexis said that she could not take anymore conversation and ran up to her room. Ned told Kristina that Alexis was not all right.

Sonny headed over to Zander's place at Jake's to get some answers. Sonny found Kristina there trying to comfort Zander and clean a wound in his hand. Sonny asked Kristina for time alone with Zander. After she left, Sonny told Zander that his story had holes in it and it was time for the complete truth. Zander resisted at first but became annoyed as Sonny's temperature erupted at him. Zander blurted out hastily that Carly was upset because he through her out of his bed. Sonny was stunned by this revelation. Zander continued even though he was so angry. He confessed to Sonny that he had been the one to kiss Carly and that she demanded that Zander keep it a secret so that he could stay alive. Zander started to rant about how beautiful Carly was and how Sonny had thrown them together daily and that he was only human. Zander mentioned that, " he cared for Carly but he did not want to mess up her chances to get back together with you, Sonny. Zander was happy to see Carly and that she was finally going to be with him. But something was not quite right. This night was all about you Sonny and not about me, so I threw Carly out." Sonny arranged the pieces of that night together. "So Carly was here at 3:00 am as a pay back to me for sleeping with Alexis. She must have been at the penthouse but what happened Zander? Did she hear something? What?" Zander told him that "Carly was at the penthouse and she saw him and Alexis in bed together."

Bobbie received a call from Luke and Laura. She was explaining to them that Michael had seen Carly and she was fine. Bobbie was determined that Carly is still alive. Luke could not hold in his honest opinion, so he was doubtful and Bobbie hung up on him. Meanwhile Lucky was at the Brownstone and was doing his best to be supportive of his aunt. Maxie and Felicia came over to lend support too. Maxie had overheard Bobbie talking about Michael seeing his Mom and Maxie elaborated that she also had a vision of BJ. "I was not out of the hospital, but BJ came to visit me and told me everything will be alright and not to cry. We will all be together one day." Bobbie immediately jumped in and told Maxie that "BJ's spirit had visited her and that was fine. In this instance Carly is not dead, it is not the same." Felicia explained to Bobbie that Maxie was trying to help but Bobbie was becoming more inconsolable as each moment passed. Lucky took Maxie outside to talk. Nikolas arrived at the Brownstone with news. Bobbie invited him inside. Nikolas said he private investigators had found Carly's purse and wallet at the bottom of the lake. Bobbie was jolted for a moment and said, " I guess you will be discontinuing your search for my daughter." Nikolas said, "No I am expanding the search and will be using canines to help pick up any leads." Bobbie was so thrilled to have another person on her side. She thanked Nikolas for all his efforts.

After speaking to Bobbie, Luke and Laura did some re-evaluating of their own. The two decided to build on their new future leaving the past and all their ancient screw-ups behind. Luke and Laura apologize for the hurtful things that had done to each other in the past. Luke confirmed that they would have a rough road ahead, but he promised to be smarter about his actions. Laura promised to be completely honest with him from this day forward. She also mentioned that they need to leave the quick fixes behind them. The two hugged and said I love you to each other.

Lucky came across Sarah and Liz arguing at the gym. Lucky overheard Liz blasting Sarah for not ever losing anything in her life and then blasted Sarah again. After Sarah left for the locker room, Lucky approached Liz and told her about Sarah's husband and how she lost him.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Luke arrives at Bobbie's and invites her on a walk. After much badgering from Luke and a promise from Felicia that she and Maxie will watch Michael, she finally agrees. When Bobbie leaves the room to tell Michael where she is going, Luke confides to Felicia that he doesn't think they will ever find Carly. Bobbie returns and she and Luke take their walk, leaving Felicia and Maxie alone in the brownstone. Maxie immediately grumbles to her mother about having to babysit Michael. "I have to find Lucky," she whines. Upon receiving her mother's questioning eye, she covers and says she needs to work with Lucky on her school project. Felicia reminds Maxie that she is grounded, but does offer to let her get out of the house to pick up dinner and a movie for the two of them. Maxie quickly agrees. As she leaves the brownstone, Roy arrives. He says he was at the morgue checking on the identity of a drowning victim. It wasn't Carly he says to an obviously relieved Felicia.

At the gym, Lucky tells all about Sara's secret marriage and her husband's death. Liz doesn't believe him at first, but then decides to look for Sara and get the truth. She finds Sara in another part of the gym and confronts her about her late husband. Immediately, Sara jumps on the defensive and blasts Lucky for revealing her secret. Sara turns to leave, but Liz stops her and asks if the two can talk. Reluctantly, Sara shares with her sister the happiness her husband gave her and the pain his death has brought. She tells Liz that Lucky is the first man she has been around that has reproduced some of those feelings, but, she hastily insists, she will never act on her feeling for Lucky because her relationship with Liz is more important. "That's good," Liz replies, "because I couldn't bear the thought of you two being together." A tentative truce is reached between the sisters. Liz leaves her sister and finds Lucky. She tells him that she talked to Sara and that relations between the two are improving. After Liz leaves, a girl sneaks out from behind one of the machines and approaches Lucky. It turns out to be Maxie, who has been spying on Lucky and Liz. She approaches Lucky and tries to arrange for a time that the two could work on her project, but he blows her off.

Sonny discovers that the reason Carly could have run her car off the bridge was because she witnessed him and Alexis making love. Speechless, he leaves Zander's apartment and returns to his penthouse where he pictures in his mind what Carly must have seen when she spied the two in bed. He also relives the happy times he spent with her and Michael. When Benny enters the penthouse, Sonny's thoughts are interrupted. Benny requests that Sonny remove the men from the search for Carly because he needs help with a shipment that is coming in that night. Angrily, Sonny blasts Benny for having the nerve to make such a request. "Carly is alive!" he declares. However, Sonny quickly rethinks his position and tells Benny that he can have the help he needs, but that the men must go back on the search for Carly right after the shipment is unloaded. Benny confides in Sonny that the men are becoming disgruntled with Sonny and do not want to continue to search for a woman who turned him over to the FBI. Sonny defends his ex-wife and reiterates that the men will continue with the search. Johnny then enters the penthouse and Sonny orders him to find out who informed the PCPD about the hit on AJ Later, he dismisses both men and leaves the penthouse.

At the Q mansion, AJ questions why Courtney would accuse him of instigating a fight with Sonny just because he went to Bobbie's to visit his son. Courtney replies that she's trying to determine why AJ would go against Sonny's direct orders to see a son who not only doesn't recognize him, but also wants nothing to do with him. The doorbell interrupts their escalating argument. It's Scott and he wastes no time in expressing the same sentiments to AJ that Courtney did just a few moments earlier. AJ tries to defend his actions, but Scott won't listen. He tells AJ that he will no longer represent him and storms out of the mansion. AJ turns to Courtney and asks if she thinks he should abandon all thoughts of getting his son back. Softly, Courtney says she will support her husband's efforts to get his son back, but he needs to find a different way of going about it.

After Sonny leaves, Zander, in a fit of rage, tears his room apart. Alexis witnesses the scene. Zander angrily tells her that she and Sonny caused Carly's death. Gasping, Alexis realizes that Carly must have seen her and Sonny making love. Zander confirms her suspicions and throws her out. Later, when Jax enters Carly's office at Club 101, he finds Alexis frantically searching through Carly's papers. "I'm looking for something that will tell me where Carly has gone," she states. When Jax replies that Carly is at the bottom of the river, Alexis breaks down sobbing in his arms saying that Carly's death is her fault. Not understanding why Alexis would feel this way, Jax tries to calm her. Her cell phone rings, and after speaking with the caller, she races out of the office, leaving a confused Jax behind.

Maxie returns to the brownstone with dinner and a movie. Felicia thanks her daughter for accepting the rules of her grounding and curfew without complaining. However, when Felicia opens the video case and sees that the movie is Mac's, she realizes that her daughter made stops to places other than to pick up take-out and the video store. She stomps off into the kitchen after Maxie.

As Lucky is leaving the gym, he spies Sara. She rails at him for spilling all to Liz about her late husband. The argument between the two quickly turns passionate when Lucky pulls Sara into a kiss. She responds enthusiastically.

Luke and Bobbie return from their walk. Luke admits to Bobbie that he thinks she's believing a lie by thinking that Carly is still alive, but Bobbie protests that she doesn't feel the absence of Carly's presence like she did when B.J. died. Luke tells her to follow her heart.

Sonny stands alone on the bridge Carly's car went over. He hears a noise behind him and turns...Alexis walks towards him.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

At the gym, Sarah and Lucky were hot and heavy in a kiss, and Lucky was about to get the "take down" over mat-maid Sarah, when she suddenly pulled away and told Lucky she could not risk losing Liz by being with him. Lucky confessed to Sarah that she made him feel alive again, after such a long period of pain and confusion inflicted by Helena. He tried to convince Sarah that they could somehow make it work, but Sarah insisted that they resist temptation and be strong for each other. Lucky left after agreeing to respect her wishes, but admitted that he would be unable to be in her presence, considering their feelings toward each other. Later, Sarah and Lucky separately yearned for what might have been.

Jax, Skye and Rae arrived at the Port Charles Grill for Jax's "get-to-know-the-parent" dinner. Jax completely charmed Rae by having all the right answers to her candid questions concerning his intentions with Skye. Things were going splendidly, but "guess who's coming to dinner?" - Edward! Skye was trying to get some much-needed motherly advice about how NOT to screw up her relationship with Jax, when Edward barged in and began attacking Skye and Rae. He was furious and blamed Rae for Monica's divorce threat to Alan, and he also berated Skye about "turning on" AJ As usual, the White Knight Jax stepped in and came to the ladies' defense, pulling Edward aside and pressuring him to take Skye's offer and kick AJ to the curb. As Jax got rid of Edward, Skye told Rae she was shocked about Monica's threat to Alan and said she felt somewhat responsible; then, with a sly expression, Skye told Rae she was going to try to "fix it." Rae warned Skye to listen to her third or fourth instinct this time, rather than her first, based on Skye's past mistakes. In a private moment later that evening, Skye begged Jax to use the secret he had on Edward to stop AJ's master plan regarding Courtney, but Jax refused. Eventually influenced into submission, Skye chose to make love and not war, and the passionate couple hit the sheets.

Speaking of hitting the sheets, AJ and Courtney checked out their own west wing thread-count, as AJ presented an envelope full of "practical matters" to Courtney. The envelope contained a checkbook and credit card for the new Quartermaine bride. Courtney assured AJ that she didn't marry him for the money, but AJ told her he wanted her to feel secure and convinced her to cash in. A touched and clueless Courtney took the bait, and the newlyweds made love.

Kristina and Ned spent a quiet evening together, having dinner and discussing their relationship. Kristina was, of course, concerned about Alexis, but Ned convinced her that she couldn't fix it and to leave it alone; Kristina told Ned that she would no longer interfere in others' business and they toasted to her new declaration. After hearing a familiar song on the radio about a love gone wrong, Kristina surprised Ned by asking him if she and Ned were wrong for each other. Understanding her sudden need for reassurance, Ned told Kristina that he didn't see Alexis when he looked at Kristina. Satisfied, she agreed to a dance, and Ned advised that they just "go with the flow" rather than overanalyze everything. The challenge was not initially so easy for the redhead, but she finally agreed to give it a go.

At the site of the search for Carly, Alexis and Sonny talked about how Carly had seen the two of them in bed on the night of the accident. Alexis asked about Michael, and Sonny told her about AJ's recent attempt to get Michael back. Alexis assured Sonny that she would never let that happen. A tortured Sonny described how Carly must have felt that night, and he told Alexis that he was beginning to accept the fact that Carly was dead and that he had "killed her." As a guilt-ridden Alexis tried to console Sonny, the police presented to Sonny a shoe they had found at the bottom of the lake. Sonny recognized the show as Carly's. Upset, Sonny and Alexis headed for home; upon arriving, they were silent at Alexis's door and unsure of making a move. Finally, a distraught Alexis entered her apartment, looked in Sonny's eyes, and closed the door, leaving Sonny outside.

Friday, May 10, 2002

Rae drops in on her daughter unexpectedly and blushes to find that Jax spent the night in Skye's bed. Reginald and Alice get caught in the middle of the latest squabble between the Drs. Quartermaine. Alexis warns AJ to keep his distance from Michael. Sonny asks Michael to tell him again about his encounter with Carly in the back yard of the brownstone. Skye confides to Jax how her feelings for her birth mother have changed drastically since the first time she met Rae. After making love with Ned, Kristina shyly admits that she would like to be in a committed relationship. Out of Michael's earshot, a mournful Sonny cautions Bobbie that things look bad for Carly. Certain her daughter is alive, Bobbie snaps at Sonny for giving up hope. Alexis fills Courtney in on another piece of AJ's felonious past and is exasperated when the girl again elects to forgive her husband's "indiscretions." Later, Alexis walks into the gatehouse and is embarrassed to discover her kid sister under the sheets with Ned. Before leaving Port Charles, Rae gives Monica some unsolicited words to the wise about foolishly dumping a keeper like Alan. Jax regretfully delivers a piece of devastating news to Bobbie and Sonny.

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