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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 6, 2002 on GL
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Monday, May 6, 2002

Ross barges in on Harley and Gus, begging for help with Blake's disappearance. Harley agrees to show Clarissa's drawing to Felicia to appease Ross. Felicia concedes that it is possible that Clarissa did in fact see Tory, but she would need to talk to Clarissa. Gus doesn't agree with Harley, but goes along with her investigation. He takes off and returns with the fisherman who was on the docks the night of Tory's suicide. He changes his story to say that he was paid to say he saw a suicide. Meanwhile, Blake promises to make Tory suffer the way she suffered and departs to reunite with Ross, leaving Tory alone. Blake doesn't tell Ross where she has been, but the happy couple decides to go away to New York together. Marah wakes up, realizes what she did last night and tries to sneak out without waking Romeo. She runs into Carmen, who later reprimands Romeo that Tony is not going to be happy with him. At the police station, Tony agrees to speak with Romeo about the night of the murder. When Romeo visits him in jail, he hints that he has seen Marah, which infuriates Tony and he demands that Romeo stay away from her. Carmen goes to see Tony and warns him that Romeo wants what Tony had. Later, Marah breaks down. Romeo comes by for a repeat performance and Marah notices that he is wearing the St. Anthony medal.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Blake is happily at home with her family. She recommits herself to her children and husband. The family gets ready for a trip to New York, but not so fast, as Harley stops by for some police business. Once alone with Blake, Harley explains that Mr. Trask, the dock worker claims a woman that looks like Blake paid him to lie about Tory jumping into the lake. Blake is infuriated stating it wasn't her. Still Harley needs Blake to come down to the station for a line up. At the station Trask identifies Blake as the woman who paid him off. Harley claims to believe Blake but Gus advised Blake not to leave town. A defiant Blake says she is leaving town to go to New York with her family.

While Blake was away at the station, Ross and Holly debate where Blake has been. Both notice and find it odd that she has made a 180-degree turn in her attitude towards Ross's infidelity. They can't help but wonder what happened to here while she was gone.

Gus believes that Blake killed Tory while Harley remains objective to her close friend. Neither Gus or Harley can keep their flirtatious passion out of the work place and a fellow officer's catches them kissing. They both agree they need to be more discreet and decide to tell each other the opposite of what they are really thinking while at work.

Romeo makes the moves on Marah at the dorm. She admires the Anthony pendant that Romeo is wearing and remembers tearing from Catalina's neck the night Cat was killed. Marah questions Romeo about why Maria would call her that night. Romeo is no help with her line of questioning. Romeo continues to pressure Marah to lie down with him. Reva shows up and Romeo exits. Reva expresses her concern about Marah being out all night and confronts her about the missing bottle of vodka. She confesses to taking the vodka but not to being with Romeo all night. Reva warns Marah about Romeo. Marah brushes off her mother and calls Ray to come by. She questions Ray about Tony's situation. Ray explains the Santo's honor code and inquires to Marah's suspicions about that night.

Mel and Rick flirt at work. Rick's coughing is getting worse yet his heart is fluttering profoundly for Mel. Rick proclaims that he found a miracle in Mel. He stays beyond his shift so that he can spend more time with here. Reva shows up to inquire about Maria Santos who still cannot speak; only react dramatically to pictures of Tony. Reva tries to speak with Maria.

Reva has words with Tony explaining Marah is in trouble and if she turns out being missing she be back to get answers from Tony. Cass is getting ready for Tony's bail hearing. Tony requests Cass work with Carmen to get a sympathetic judge, as he wants to get out of jail. Ray visits with Tony and tells him that Marah is suspicious that a 5th person was in the house on the night of Cat's murder. Tony demands that Ray make Marah stop investigating.

Marina comes to visit Romeo at the club looking for cash to lay low so her mother cannot take her to California. Romeo denies her request and insists that she leaves.

Tory, still behind bars in her cage, gets a visit from Blake. Blake brings enough food for a week. Tory advises Blake that she has thought this plan through even to the point of her own imprisonment. Blake is not interested. As she leaves Tory to go to New York, Tory screams, "You can't do this to me Blake. Not even you are capable of this." But a vicious Blake says, "I am now, you should of never threatened my children."

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel

Olivia and Cassie discuss how amazing the Hotel is. Olivia reminds Cassie that she doesn't know what she is doing when she hired the contractors. Josh and Billy enter and Olivia realized they are the contractors. Olivia looks at sketches, but said it wouldn't work. She reminds them they have to look at the big picture. Olivia wants the project done by end of next month. Cassie tells her that it makes sense since the Light Gala is at end of month, so Olivia wants something of her own. But Olivia said her social calendar doesn't revolve around Cassie. Cassie asked Josh to go upstairs with her to show him something. Billy tells Olivia to put on her best dress. Billy reminds her that the way she is acting isn't going to fill the hole in her heart. Edmund enters. He tells them he is doing some business for Carmen. She informs him she and Cassie are going to build a hotel/children's museum. Olivia excuses herself to talk to Edmund. He tells her he has the connections she needs to get the project done in a hurry. She agrees no matter what the price. She wants a construction crew fast. She said they have a deal. She and Edmund enter Hotel. Edmund exits after telling Olivia he would be in touch. Cassie wants to talk to Olivia, so Josh and Billy exit. Cassie tells her that lying and cheating will not work. Olivia reminds her that she will do everything she has to do to get the job done. Cassie tells her to bring it on, because she will be ready.

At Cedars Hospital

Danny tells Michelle that she didn't have to come to see Maria. Michelle is worried that he will slip back into things so she decided to be there for him. Danny suggests that she wait outside of hospital room. Michelle talks to Rick and Mel. He tells her to try to relax. Mel tells Michelle she has something to cheer her up. Mel informs her that she is enrolled in the PA program. Danny talks to Maria and tells her he will not forget the things she has done for him. Danny knows she is the one that called cops and the family meeting that night. He wants her to tell him what happened. Danny smiles at Maria and tells her she looks innocent, but he knows she can hear him. Danny tells her to concentrate on getting better. She tries to talk, but Danny has left the room. Michelle tells him she has to make a decision and that she is accepted into the physicians assistant program. She then realized that someone needs to take care of Robbie, but Danny said they would make it work. She hugs Rick and thanks him and also thanks Mel. Michelle exits. Danny answers cell phone to talk to Father Ray. Father Ray wants he and Michelle to come to courthouse for bail hearing. Danny said he would be there, but he couldn't ask anymore of Michelle. Danny exits.

Michelle enters. She tells Mel that she is excited. Mel tells her she got her bonus when she met Rick. Michelle said that love takes you by surprise and takes you places that you thought you would never go. Rick enters. He said that Maria might have been trying to say something. Michelle exits to get ready for her orientation. Rick takes Mel to hospital room where he wants to take a nap with her. Rick wants to know if she wants to live together. She said no, she wants to marry him. But Rick said they should run more blood tests on Mrs. Santos. Rick reminds her what her dad said about the race issue. But Rick said he pictured them married with children and taking on the world. Rick said he realized he wanted her to be his wife. He gets on bended knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Mel said yes, of course.

At the courthouse

Cass Winthrop tells Tony and Father Ray they need people in the courtroom on Tony's behalf. Father Ray said he would get in touch with Danny. Tony wants him to get in touch with Marah Lewis no matter what it takes. On the phone, Cass tells Marah that Tony wants her there so she said she would be there. She isn't willing to tell Romeo. Romeo wants her to forget the school and worry about them. Danny enters and hugs Father Ray. Tony thanked Danny for coming. He admits he was too stubborn to listen when Tony told him Catalina wasn't good for him. Marah enters. Tony wants to know if she is ok. Marah mentioned to Tony that she thought he never wanted to see her again. He understands that she has been asking questions. She turns the tables after seeing Romeo enter the courtroom and tells Tony she doesn't understand why she was there. She goes to Romeo and is glad he is there. Father Ray testifies that Tony is a good man, not a murderer. Cass said they are ready to rest the case. But Miss Wolfe calls Marah Lewis. Miss Wolfe wants to know if she saw Tony with a weapon in his hand. Judge tells her to be careful with this line of questioning. Miss Wolfe said no more questions. Judge tells Tony to rise and said that bail is denied. Cass exits. Danny tells Tony to hang in there. Tony wants to know what is wrong because he thought Carmen had the Judge in her pocket. Tony holds his heart and starts to gasp for air. Carmen yells for someone to call an ambulance.

At Inferno

Romeo gets Marah a drink and tells her that she couldn't stay away. He tells her that he is in charge. Romeo wants to know if she is over Tony. She cannot believe she wasted so much time with him, and said she could never love someone who did something like that to Catalina. Romeo said that they cannot go back and thinks that Tony will come after him. But Marah said he doesn't have her as she focuses on the necklace. Marah answered her phone and Cass tells her to appear at the courtroom to help Tony.

Carmen and Edmund are discussing Tony's bail hearing. Edmund reminds her that with his confession there is no guarantee. Carmen tells Marah to watch out for Romeo. Marah reminds her that she can take care of herself. Carmen said they would talk later. Marah exits. She tells Romeo that Marah isn't worth it. Carmen reminds him to watch his step and his mouth. Edmund offered to go down and check out the yacht slip himself. Carmen exits to go to courthouse and tells Romeo he is driving.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

Outside of courtroom

Father Ray said the ambulance is on the way. Marah wants to stay but Romeo keeps pulling her away and says that it is not her concern anymore. She said they needed to ask if they can help. The paramedics enter. They check his blood pressure and find that it is falling fast. Marah said get him to a hospital because they cannot let him die.

Cedars Hospital

Mel tells the officer to leave. Tony tells Mel the pain is about a five on scale of ten. Father Ray explained to Mel what happened. She tells Tony that she is going to run some tests. Danny and Robbie enter. Crying, Carmen leans on Father Ray. Carmen tells Danny that Tony may not make it, but Danny said everything would be fine. Father Ray tells Danny it is different when it is a family member. Father Ray exits. Danny apologizes to Tony because he thought he was faking it. Outside of emergency room, Carmen asked Danny what they are going to do. Danny assures her he is taking care of things. Carmen kisses Robbie. Danny takes Robbie. Carmen wants a ride home. Danny exits to get the car. Carmen enters emergency room. She tells Tony she is sorry. She clutches his hand and tells him they will be waiting for him. In Tony's hand is a vial. Tony looks around. He pulls all of the monitors out of his hands and chest. He quietly got up from the bed and sticks the guard in the back with the vial. Tony exits dressed as a guard.

Michelle enters and talks to Rick. Mel enters. He tells Michelle that he and Mel are getting married. Michelle said she is happy for them. Michelle got an assignment to do a physical on a family member. She told Rick that he is it. Rick agrees to do it.

At the office at Inferno

Michelle is talking to Robbie. Danny enters. Danny wants to know what is going on since he thought Robbie was with a sitter. She said the sitter had problem with her family so she had to leave. Danny told Michelle about the hearing and that the Judge denied bail. He tells Michelle that he is going to have to run the place for awhile. Danny decides to keep Robbie while Michelle goes to orientation for the Physician's Assistant program. Michelle exits. Danny talked to Robbie about how pretty Michelle is and what a great smile she has. He reminds Robbie how lucky they are. Danny and Robbie are looking at Cubbie and Danny explains how he wishes his dad and grandpa could meet Robbie. He puts the Cubs hat on Robbie and tells him they need to go to a game. Danny answers his cell phone and finds out from Carmen that Tony had a heart attack. To himself, Danny said that is convenient. Carmen wants Danny to meet him at the hospital. Carmen exits. Romeo and Marah exit.

Marah enters and goes to see Romeo. Romeo said he would fix them a coupe of drinks. She starts to unbutton his shirt but becomes concerned when does not see the necklace.

Beacon Hotel

Cassie wants to now what she and Olivia are going to do. She reminds Olivia she is the one who brought Edmund in this. But Cassie tells her that the problem is not the contractors, but that Olivia has a problem with Cassie. Cassie tells Olivia she has real love in her life, which Olivia does not have. Olivia said she is glad it is over with Josh, and it is his loss. Olivia said she could do more for the Light Gala than Cassie can. But Cassie tells her she wants position and power to make up for the love she doesn't have in her life. Olivia tells Cassie she has connected with a man who is Alan Spaulding. But Cassie said all Alan has to offer is money to make this project happen. Cassie said to decide what she wants.

Olivia reminds Cassie that she doesn't live in a fairy tale anymore. Cassie tells Olivia that she worked as a stripper to get her daughter out of foster care. Cassie tells Olivia that she doesn't care who she stepped on to get what she wants. Olivia pushes Cassie in the mud. Olivia laughs and said it was an accident. Olivia said she would help her out. She reaches to help and Cassie pulls her in the mud. Olivia keeps trying to get up, but Cassie pulled her down. They begin to throw mud on each other. Richard enters and is appalled at what he sees.

Car dealership

Pete Nevell introduced himself to Richard. Pete wants to know what Richard is looking for. He said he is looking for a job. Pete said any friend of Reva's is a friend of his. Richard tells him he is good at negotiation and has a strong understanding of a business situation. He tells Pete he has never sold cars but is familiar with luxury cars. But without any experience, Pete cannot help Richard. Pete exits to attend to some business. Richard talks to a customer and explains to him the braking system and the engine of one of the cars. The customer is interested and wants to know the top price he would accept. Richard tells the customer that he is not an employee, but Pete interrupts and informs customer that Richard is a part of the team.

At the college

Michelle is remembering when she went to see her dad at the hospital when her doll didn't feel well. Her dad helped her to bandage her doll's arm and told her when she grows up she will be the best doctor in the family. Rick enters and wishes her good luck. He wants to know if she's having second thoughts. But he tells her this is a good thing. The bell rings and she exits to go to orientation. Rick begins to cough heavily. Michelle runs into Marah and she tells her about the Physician's Assistant program. Marah tells Michelle that Tony had a heart attack and they took him to the hospital. Michelle told Marah that she is still in love with him because she could see it in her eyes. Michelle exits. Ben approached Marah and wants to know why she hasn't called. She tells him she has moved on and cannot give him another chance. He wants to team up as a couple and start doing this right. She said it is too late. Marah exits.

Marah tells Romeo she needs to get to class. Romeo wanted to know if she is trying to get rid of him. But she said no. Romeo said he might hang around for awhile. Romeo wants to know about tonight for the two of them. He kisses her passionately on the neck. He tells her he wants to be with her. The bells rings and Marah exits.

Parking garage at Cedars Hospital

Carmen tells Danny to hurry up. She tells him to wait because she forgot something inside. Carmen exits. Suddenly, Tony gets in car with Danny and tells him to drive.

Friday, May 10, 2002

Olivia and Cassie are a mess as they mud wrestle and it is a battle against put-downs. Richard arrives and tries to break it up between the two but nothing doing. When Alan gets to the scene he finds the event invigorating and cheers Olivia on for a victory. They not only sling mud but many a ruthless words as Olivia calls Cassie an "ex-stripper" and Cassie belts out, "Reva wannabe"! Alan and Richard begin to make side bets on who will win this event but Cassie and Olivia had already given up. A tired Olivia asks for Alan's hand to get her out of the mud pit but uses the opportunity to pull Alan in too. After Richard helps Cassie out of the pit, she pushes him in also and they are all left a muddy mess.

Beth and Phillip confess to Lizzie that they are officially back together. Lizzie is very happy to see her parents so frisky with each other. However, Lizzie is seeking guy advice as she is trying to get noticed by a hottie at school. Phillip disagrees over Beth's advice but in the end Phillip agrees to let Beth take the lead on girl advice from now on. They both feel very lucky to have each other.

Rick and Frankie chitchat over coffee. Rick announces his news that he is getting married. Frank is proud of Rick. Frank tells Rick that Eleni went back to California and Marina will be staying until the end of the school year. Rick's cough continues.

At the hospital, Michelle exams Rick as her first assignment given in her physicians' assistant class. A ballistic Gus arrives to ask where Tony is. Neither Michelle nor Rick can give him any answers. Gus questions where Danny is? Michelle can only say that he is with Robbie. Sgt Lafferdy lies sedated as Gus calls in Tony's escape to the station and puts out an APD.

In the parking garage Danny and Tony jet away and head back to the Santos mansion. Danny was obviously upset that Tony included him in this get away plan. At the house, Danny tries to convince Tony not to leave and that he is only making things worse. Carmen shows up and Danny is very upset with her telling her to get away from Robbie. Carmen advises Danny that the Santos family comes first. Danny expresses that Robbie and Michelle are his family now. But Carmen doesn't hesitate to point out that he was driving the get away car and proved to her his loyalty to his family. Tony leaves the mansion in a car the Carmen has waiting for Tony.

Harley shows up at the hospital where Gus, Rick, and Michelle are still going round and round regarding where Tony is. Harley exclaims that she just saw Danny leave the parking garage with Tony. Michelle starts to freak out and wants to leave with Gus and Harley to go to the mansion but they order her to stay. Of course she doesn't and goes to the house on her own.

As Danny takes Robbie in his arms to leave the Santos residence, Gus and Harley show up. Harley takes the baby and Gus arrests Danny for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Michelle shows up just in time to see Danny being put in hand cuffs. She carries a look of absolute amazement at the activities she is witnessing.

Marah continues to lead Romeo on and tries digging into his recent past asking him what bad things he has done. Romeo replies, "I stole my best friend's girl." They are in Tony's office again and Romeo is trying diligently to score with Marah again. Marah tells Romeo that he treats her like a piece of meat and that he should show her more respect. Romeo then apologizes. Marah asks Romeo to make her a drink. When Romeo leaves the office Marah begins to look through Tony's desk for the St. Anthony pendant. Romeo catches her and wants to know what she is doing. She replies that she is looking for condoms. This breaks Romeo's defenses and he gives her something that she knows she likes attempting to show her the respect she is seeking - the St. Anthony pendant. Marah reads the inscription on the back and now knows that this is the same pendant that she ripped from Catalina's neck the night of Cat's murder. Romeo expects Marah to show her gratitude with her body. She tries to delay his advances. However, Romeo pins her down and infiltrates her with kisses to her neck. Unknowingly to both of them, Tony enters the office.

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