One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on OLTL

Ben was kidnapped. Blair accepted Todd's marriage proposal. Lindsay asked Bo to sleep with her in exchange for news on Nora. Bo declined. Kelly and Kevin spent New Year's Eve together. Rae apologized to Skye. Roseanne started her new job.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, January 1, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, One Life to Live did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

Dan Kroll
Founder, Soap Central

Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Ben surprises Viki by taking her to Crossroads where they spent their first New Year's Eve together. They share a romantic celebration together until a group of armed men bust in and drag Ben away.

Bo determines that he and Lindsay are trapped for the time being because of the computer-locking door to his office. Lindsay hints at her knowledge of his intentions to marry her sister. Bo thinks she is trying to upset his plans to marry Lanie when she admits that she already knows he is going to propose to her. Lindsay tries to seduce Bo by offering the truth about what happened to Nora if he will make love to her. Bo is firm with Lindsay that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore. Meanwhile, Colin and Melanie discuss her crime. He taunts her by claiming that once Bo finds out the truth he will have to do the right thing. Colin claims Bo will be torn between protecting her and turning her, which is the same way he feels.

Kevin can't be more pleased that Kelly has set up a romantic surprise for him at Viki's cabin. They agree that New Year's Eve is a very special night for them, as it was that night that they first realized they had strong feelings for each other. They decide that the time is finally right for them to make love.

R.J. goes to Todd's office to rub in the fact that his fresh, young bartender is getting it on with Todd's ex-wife. R.J. brings up Téa, and how hard it seems to be for Todd to hold on to women. Back at Break Bar, Blair and Cris get more turned on after the lights go out. Blair continues to seduce Cris and leads him into storeroom closet. She tells him that she wants him, but he tries to hold back. He knows she only wants to hurt Todd, and thanks her for everything she has done for him. She tells him she knows how he can pay her back, and they continue where they left off. Todd returns to the bar and finds them passionately making out. Fuming, he sets fire to some rags in front of the storeroom door.

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

Lanie's Apartment

It's midnight and Lanie waits in vain for Bo to arrive. As she's waiting she daydreams that he shows up, showering her with gifts and love. Colin appears to tell Bo that she murdered her father, with Lindsay popping up and finally Sykes who suspends Bo and tries to arrest Lanie. She comes to and rushes out.

Police Station-Storeroom

Lindsay is determined to have Bo make love to her one last time while they are locked in due to a power outtage. She insists it'll be a way for them to say goodbye though Bo tells her it wouldn't mean anything. It'll mean forgiveness for all the pain they've caused each other plus, they'll have fun she says. Bo tells her it would be too high a price and that he couldn't break a promise that he's made to someone else. He realizes that she only came to see him to try to start their relationship up again and that she never planned to say anything about Nora and Asa, though he'd be happy to take her confession once the power is back on. He'd never hook up with her again but he now knows that she knows about Nora and Asa and he'll prove it someday, he informs her. Lindsay calls him a bastard and vows to harm his and Lanie's relationship. Just then the power returns and Lanie bursts in. She assures her sister she's not jealous, even when Lindsay tells her that Bo will drop her when he learns she's not perfect. After she storms out, Lanie wants to call it quits for the evening but Bo refuses to let Lindsay ruin things.

Palace Hotel

Half of Llanview is there to celebrate the New Year. Sykes receives a call from Sophia and makes his apologies to Rae while grabbing Antonio for back up on his way to Crossroads. Asa and Renee discuss their midnight kiss and make a toast. Rae decides to visit Skye. Will and Jess acknowledge their Christmas gifts from Asa though Will tells him that Lindsay kept the money meant for him since she needed it. He also mentions that he'll now be running B & B. As they go off to dance, Renee compliments Asa for his behavior. Lindsay arrives and is immediately accosted by Colin who wants his money. Will chases him off.


As Viki frantically tries to dial a dead phone, Sophia walks in looking for a party. Hysterically, Viki tells her that Ben has been kidnapped. Sophia thinks it's a job done by "professionals" and calls Sykes via cell phone. Though he's been suspended, he agrees to help out. He and Antonio arrive, dragging in the real cop on duty who was hit over the head. Harry and Jackie also arrive after Viki calls them for help. Sykes assures Viki that every available cop is looking for Ben. He offers to take her home but she'll wait there in case he returns. The cops all leave. The two mobsters offer her a drink, while they agree this may have to do with Rourke. They imply that Ben could be dead.

R.J.'s Bar

Todd watches the fire that he's set after seeing Cris and Blair together in the stockroom. As he turns to leave he pictures Blair in a previous conversation, telling him that he always destroys everything he loves. He has second thoughts and grabs a fire extinguisher. When Blair and Cris manage to get out, Todd glares at her but covers by stating that it was good he came by. Cris needs to check the bar and once he goes Blair accuses Todd of setting the fire because he saw the pair together inside. He denies it but she doesn't accept it because she knows he saw them and freaked out. Todd accuses Blair of trying to make him jealous. They both refuse to apologize to each other. Cris returns to make sure that Blair is ok and to see if she needs a ride home. She assures him she's ok and has her own car. Blair wonders when Todd will quit his antics. He tells her they will end when she marries him.

Police Station-Jail Cell

Rae shows up to wish Skye a happy new year and to offer an apology for treating her unfairly. She admits that she was obsessed with finding her child and thought that Skye was coming between her and Max when there was a possibility that he was that child. She's also sorry for assuming that Skye was the one who shot Max though she doesn't know what the truth is. Skye accepts her apologies and all is nice until Rae pulls a bottle of champagne out of her bag to give to Skye for the new year. Skye loses it and begins to rant and rave about Rae trying to give her a bottle when she's an alcoholic. She screams for the guard to remove Rae as the older woman tries to tell her that she didn't know. The guard pulls her out.

Back at Lanie's Apartment

Bo takes Lanie home and her daydream becomes reality when she sees all of the gifts from Bo. They are the same ones that appeared in her dream and they represent the five senses, she tells him. When she thinks that something will happen next just like in the same daydream (Colin appearing) Bo presents her with an engagement ring and a marriage proposal.

Thursday, January 4, 2001

John's Apartment..

John arrives home and Rae asks how Viki is doing, and Rae asks if they have any leads and he tells her no. Rae begins to go on how sorry she is for Viki starting the new year off so badly, and then she mentions Skye starting the new year off so horribly as well. Rae informs him on how bad her visit with Skye went over her peace offering. Rae begins to rant on how she wanted to find her daughter for herself, her own selfish ways, and reminisces on how she wishes that she could of gotten to know her daughter, maybe become friends. Rae then tells John she thinks she needs to leave Llanview to get out of Skye's life. John later sits Rae down and hopes that his love for her would make her stay and Rae admits that she would never leave him, and that she loves him very much. Later John asks Rae who Skye's father is and Rae admits that she knows who he is and has seen him in the last year, but he doesn't know (But doesn't give a name, I wonder why) Rae and John later go up to bed.

Melanie's apartment...

Lanie is stunned that Bo wants to marry her, and she goes on that she doesn't believe him. Bo goes on about how much he cares for her and loves her since the first moment he saw her, even though he wanted to arrest her for killing his motorcycle. That rubs Lanie the wrong way and begins to deny Bo's proposal more. Bo offers to help her with her problem and at first she goes to tell him, then backs down. Later she orders Bo to leave, and Bo leaves crushed and shocked that she won't let him help her.

The Store Room. R.J.'s Club

Blair is reaming Todd about wanting to marry her, saying that she shouldn't get married after what she went through with Max. Blair then asks the question if Todd loves her and at first Todd says "I like the fact that your Star's mother", and then when Blair is going at Todd saying that he is looking for someone since he lost Téa and then he mutters "I (pause) L..ove You". Blair is surprised and Todd later plays it off saying no one is really in love, they just look for love as an excuse not to be lonely and that everyone is a moron, and that love is nothing but an imagination. Blair later mentions that it would serve the world right to marry Todd and she agrees to marry him.

Country Club:

Will is ordering Colin to stay away from Lindsay, and Will wants to know what is going on between them. Colin challenges Lindsay to tell him the truth. Lindsay denies anything and Will is able to get Colin to leave temporally as Jessica is watching. Renee comes over and wishes Jessica a happy New Year and Jessica confides in Renee, claiming that she feels Lindsay is hiding something and wasn't honest with Will. Jessica also tells Renee that Lindsay spent the money from Asa that was "suppose" to be for Will. Renee advises her to stay away from the situation and let it go, saying that Will has been dealt a tough hand and needs to play his cards. Meanwhile, Will is asking Lindsay what really is going on and Lindsay says that she's upset about Bo, especially since there is another woman. Will gives her advice to avoid them, but Lindsay tells Will that Bo is planning to ask Lanie to marry him. Will goes outside with Jessica and Colin returns for his money. Lindsay warns him that he can't be blackmailing her anymore, Lanie and Bo are starting to get suspicious. Colin then mentions how they are made for each other (Bo and Lanie) and how he hopes they choke in their self-righteousness. Colin briefly mentions Lanie's secret and Lindsay wants to know what it is, but Colin just leaves.

Friday, January 5, 2001

Lindsay stopped by Melanie's to see what was going on. She was surprised when Melanie told her that she and Bo were not engaged. Lindsay jumps to the conclusion that Bo had decided not to ask Melanie to marry him and starts bad-mouthing Bo, telling Melanie he is like that, jumping from woman to woman and not able to make up his mind. Finally, Melanie stopped her rant and told her the truth, that she had turned down Bo's proposal. Lindsay can't understand why she would do that, unless... it has something to do with Melanie and their father. What do you mean by that, Melanie asks. Lindsay explains that Colin hinted that Melanie is keeping some secret about their father. Melanie denies it and asks Lindsay to leave, which she does.

At the bar, Cristian is cleaning up and finds a backpack with a sketchbook in it. He picks it up and tries to draw, but can't with his hand and throws the pad across the room in frustration. Just then, Jessica walks in and is unhappy to see how upset he is, she knows how much his drawing means to him. Blair comes in to talk to Cris and Jessica leaves, taking the scarf which she had left behind at the bar the night before. Blair at first apologizes to Cris for what happened the night before. But then both decide that they have nothing to apologize for. They discuss love and Cris says that the right person is the one who accepts you the way that you are and doesn't try to change you. Blair thinks about this a moment, and then realizes that's how Todd and she are together, they accept each other as they are. Blair receives a call from Max and heads off to the Buchanan mansion, giving Cris a kiss on the cheek as she leaves.

At Will's new office for B&B United, Asa shows up and offers to buy Will out. He tells Will he's way over his head and can't handle it. Will tells Asa that he knows that despite his act, he still hates Will and his whole family. Jessica, who arrives and listens in the doorway, hears Will tell Asa that he's determined to make this business a success and take care of Jessica. Jessica enters and warns Asa not to do anything that would hurt Will.

R.J. stopped by the Buchanan mansion to give Max a check. Apparently Max had been the one who funded the opening of R.J.'s club and things are going so well that R.J. is able to start paying him back already. R.J. fills him in on Cristian and Blair's behavior the night before. Max is determined not to give Blair any money in the divorce settlement and starts to develop a plan. He calls Blair and asks her to come over to discuss the terms of their divorce. Blair, who is at the bar talking to Cris, agrees to come right away. When she arrives, she informs Max she wants the divorce completed as soon as possible because she intends to marry Todd.

Roseanne's new job at the police station started out well, with a note from Antonio wishing her luck and balloons from Sophia, but it was all downhill from there. Sophia offered Roseanne some 'helpful' hints, then instructed Roseanne to get her some coffee. The phones started ringing faster than Roseanne could deal with them and one person kept calling up and Roseanne kept telling him he had the wrong number. Sophia gave Roseanne filing to do and requested more coffee. Then an officer came in to ask Roseanne if he'd received a phone call from a source. When it turned out the source was the person Roseanne had been saying had the wrong number, the officer was not pleased. Roseanne, totally frustrated, headed for the bathroom. R.J. ran into her in the hall and asked if she was willing to accept his job offer now.

Sam stops by the police station to see Bo and see if there is any news about Ben. Bo is being so calm and professional about the whole thing, Sam is upset and almost blurts out to Bo that Ben is his(Bo's) brother. He stops himself at the last second and changes it to say that Ben is Asa's enemy instead. Sam won't reveal much information to Bo about Ben's mob connections, but does suggest that Bo should look into the Russo family more thoroughly. Bo agrees and doubles the detail investigating the Russos. While they are talking, Roseanne bursts in and hands Bo a file, telling him it's the background check he requested on Melanie. Bo reprimands her for not knocking before entering, and most especially for reading a file marked "confidential". Roseanne apologizes and leaves, but now Sam wants to know why Bo is investigating Melanie. Bo explains that he proposed to Melanie the night before and she turned him down. But it wasn't because she didn't love him, it has somethin! g to do with her past, so Bo wanted to find out what it is and help her. Sam suggests that Bo shouldn't be snooping into Melanie's background, if she wants him to know the truth, she will tell him. Bo says she seems to want to tell him, but something is hold her back, or someone. Bo wonders if Colin or Lindsay might have something to do with it.

Viki paid Mr. Rourke a visit and demanded that he return her husband. Rourke denied all knowledge of Ben and suggested that Viki leave before something unfortunate happened to her. The man that had pretended to be a state trooper and had pulled Viki and Ben over on the motorcycle entered the bar and Viki immediately recognized him. She threatened to call the police and turn him in if Rourke doesn't release Ben. The man grabbed her and Rourke told her that he had no idea where Ben was and threatened that she might have an "accident" if she didn't drop this. Fortunately for Viki, Antonio arrived at that moment and escorted her out of the bar, warning Rourke that Viki is friends with influential people and nothing had better happen to her. Outside, Viki thanks Antonio, but refuses to give up until she finds Ben. She goes with Antonio to the police station to talk to Bo. He is furious when he finds out what she did and tells her to let him handle it. Viki's very scared b! ecause for some reason, she believes Rourke that he doesn't have Ben. But if he didn't do it, then who did? In the meantime, Ben is blindfolded and being led into a room by the men who kidnapped him. He demands to know where he is. The men take off the blindfold and Ben looks around.

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