The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on B&B

Taylor and Ridge made plans to renew their wedding vows in St. Thomas. Brooke implored Stephanie to call a truce and bless the wedding to Thorne. Rick and Amber made legal attempts to get Little Eric back.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, January 8, 2001

Amber visited Little Eric at Deacon's place. She talked about how much the baby needed his mother. He told her that was the reason he'd allowed her to see him. Amber tried to impress upon Deacon that his place was not a safe environment for the baby, but he told her that he was sick of the "mother knows best crap" because it really was none of her business.

Amber couldn't believe that Deacon was blowing away a million bucks, but he told her that for the time being, he was keeping the baby. She was also bothered because of his drinking. She told him that a real father would not get drunk in front of his child. She refused to leave the baby with him and told him that she was staying.

Meanwhile, at the Forrester gatehouse, Rick was upset because he hadn't heard from Amber. He was waiting for her to call when Stephanie stopped over with dinner for him. He told her that he was worried because he hadn't heard from Amber since she had gone to visit the baby. He believed that she could take care of herself as long as she knew what she was up against.

Deacon believed that Amber was bluffing and wouldn't dream of staying there. Amber proved her point by calling Rick to tell him she was staying. He told her that was out of the question. She explained that she had to because someone had to watch out for the baby. Rick tried to explain to her that it could be dangerous. They professed their love to one another, and he told her to be careful.

Deacon said that Amber had a lot of nerve, inviting herself to stay, but she told him that she wouldn't have needed to if he had let her take the baby home. Deacon followed them into the bedroom and jumped on the bed. Amber told him it was not a slumber party and that she was only there to take care of her son. She told him that she was going to bed and that he was to leave the room.

Amber put the baby to bed and sang him a lullaby. She tried to lock the door, but the lock was broken. She told the baby that she would soon be taking him home, and they would be a family again. She lay down with the baby as the door opened.

Ridge was sitting outside when Eric joined him. Ridfe told his father that he was scared because he couldn't lose Taylor and his kids. He didn't know what to do because he had begged for her forgiveness, but she'd thrown him out and wouldn't talk to him. Eric explained that they were both under a great deal of stress, but he believed that they would get through it.

Ridge wanted to know how he could get through to Taylor. Eric said that it would take time because she was hurt and angry. Ridge said it made him sad because he was the one who had done it to her and destroyed the family. He said that it had torn his heart out to walk out of the house, and he didn't want to feel that way for the rest of his life. Eric advised Ridge to give Taylor time and to not force a decision before she was ready to make it.

Taylor's father visited to help her sort through her feelings about her marital situation. He tried to comfort her and told her that none of it was her fault. Taylor told him that she was not blaming herself, but she was very confused. She said that a few days before, she had been sure about everything in her life. She said she'd had a marriage and a family.

Jack told Taylor that Ridge still loved her and wanted to know if she believed him. She said that she wanted to, but he had lied to her for months, and it would be very hard to get the trust back. She said that even if she took him back, she would always have her doubts about him. She said that Ridge was the only man who had ever been able to sweep her off her feet, and he had followed her to St. Thomas because he'd said that he could not live without her.

Taylor's father believed that, in time, she could get past it. She said that if Ridge were totally committed to her, then he would not have cheated. Her father said it was something that only she could decide. She said that maybe she had already decided.

Taylor said that Morgan felt that she hadn't done anything wrong. Jack advised that if Morgan had tried to kill Clarke, then she was capable of anything. Jack said that Ridge was not in love with Morgan and had been manipulated as she had been. He said that he would support whatever decision she made, but he wanted her to think about it long and hard.

Taylor walked along the beach, crying. She said that they had been so happy and in love, but she just didn't know anymore. She heard a car door close and called out. It was Ridge. She wanted to know what he was doing there. She told him that she wanted to be alone, but he said that he couldn't oblige. He said that he would follow her to the ends of the earth, and he would be wherever she was because that was where he belonged.

Ridge grabbed Taylor by the shoulders and told her that he loved her. He said that if she had any thoughts about running away or pushing him out of her life, then she just had to forget about it. She tried to run away from him, but he grabbed her and told her that their marriage would not end that way. She looked at him, stunned, with tears still in her eyes.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

A tipsy Deacon sneaked back into the bedroom, unaware that Amber was only pretending to be asleep. Drinking from a bottle of whiskey, Deacon mumbled Amber's name over and over again in a playful way then quietly announced how much he admired her and her desire to raise the baby. He leaned over, and as he rubbed her thigh, he tried to kiss her.

Carmen burst into the room and spotted Deacon in the compromising position. She started to lay into him, but he took her outside, so as not to wake Amber, and faced off against her. Carmen demanded that he get rid of Amber, but Deacon refused and told her to get out if she was unhappy. Realizing that he was serious, Carmen apologized and went to their bedroom to get ready for bed. Amber peaked out and heard Deacon tell her "goodnight."

Ridge confronted Taylor on the beach and promised that he had never strayed in his heart since they had gotten married in St. Thomas. He pleaded with her to have faith in the love they shared and suggested that they go back to the same spot where they had been married in St. Thomas to renew their vows. With tears in her eyes, Taylor agreed.

Clarke visited with a somber Morgan and revealed that Stephanie had been pestering him with questions about the situation. He urged her to leave town while Ridge and Taylor tried to handle their marital troubles.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Ridge and Taylor awakened in each other's arms after a night of lovemaking. Ridge thanked Taylor for forgiving him. She mentioned Morgan and wondered if the mess was really over, citing that Morgan held Taylor responsible for the loss of her baby. Ridge assured Taylor that Morgan could no longer hurt them and said that he didn't even want to hear her name mentioned again. The happy couple got dressed, went downstairs, and found Jack and Catherine with the kids.

Jack was pleasantly surprised to find Ridge home, and both Ridge and Taylor assured him that everything was all right between them again. Jack offered to take Thomas to school and the girls out for breakfast so that Ridge and Taylor could enjoy some more time alone.

Eric tried to persuade Stephanie to support Thorne's marriage to Brooke as he had, but she would hear nothing of it. Then they both noticed that Ridge's car was not in the driveway and realized that he hadn't slept there last night. Eric wondered if he and Taylor had reconciled, but Stephanie was concerned that maybe Ridge had stayed up all night, depressed and distraught. Eric told Stephanie to get her coat, and they would find out for certain where Ridge was. The two headed for Ridge and Taylor's house to get some answers.

Over at Brooke's house, she and Thorne lay kissing in bed and talked about their upcoming wedding. Thorne suggested calling the church, but Brooke said she wanted something more intimate. She mentioned to him that her entire family would be in town for the wedding, and Thorne lamented that most of his family would likely not be there. Brooke encouraged Thorne to think positively, citing that if Rick, Bridget, and Eric could give their blessing, then perhaps the rest of the family would too. She convinced Thorne to go with her to talk to both Ridge and Stephanie in an attempt to persuade them to offer their support.

Ridge was placing a call to his parents to let him know that he was back home, when the doorbell rang, and in walked Eric and Stephanie. They were overjoyed to discover that Ridge and Taylor had reconciled. Stephanie commended Taylor for forgiving Ridge and said she was relieved that Morgan had not been successful in breaking apart the couple. Ridge and Taylor informed Eric and Stephanie of their plans to take the kids and go back to St. Thomas, where Ridge had first proposed, so the two could renew their wedding vows.

Everyone hugged then the doorbell rang again. This time it was Brooke and Thorne, who arrived hand in hand. Stephanie was not pleased to see them together and asked what they wanted. Brooke explained that they were there to announce their upcoming wedding plans and were asking for the Forresters' support. She tried reaching out to Stephanie, suggesting that they put the past behind them and finally put an end to the fighting and animosity.

Stephanie didn't believe in Brooke's sincerity and told her that what she was asking was ridiculous. Brooke refused to give up, saying that she had always admired Stephanie for her principals, her morality, and her high regard for the importance of family unity. She encouraged Stephanie to bury the hatchet, start fresh, and unite the entire Forrester family by agreeing to support the marriage of Brooke and Thorne. All eyes were on Stephanie when Brooke reached out her hand as a peace offering.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

At Ridge and Taylor's house, while Stephanie and Eric were there, Brooke pleaded with Stephanie for her forgiveness and her approval of Brooke's wedding to Thorne. Brooke begged Stephanie to end the war between the two of them that had been going on for years. An unbelieving Stephanie asked Thorne if he'd put Brooke up to that. Ultimately, Stephanie told Brooke that she couldn't forgive her and put the past behind them. Stephanie reminded Brooke that years earlier, Brooke had stolen Eric from her.

Brooke continued to plead with Stephanie. Brooke said that she respected Stephanie a lot, and if Stephanie couldn't approve of her and Thorne's relationship, Brooke still wanted her to be present at their wedding. Stephanie told Brooke that she'd learned after so many years that Brooke was unscrupulous and immoral. Thorne responded to Stephanie by saying that if "you want to live in the past, fine, but the door will always be open."

Thorne made a plea to Ridge to be his best man. Taylor intervened and told Thorne that she and Ridge needed to discuss it in private. Ridge nixed Taylor's idea and coldly refused Thorne. Brooke blamed herself for Ridge's refusal. Ridge told Brooke that he didn't hate her. Thorne and Brooke left without Stephanie and Ridge's approval.

Amber had spent a couple of nights at Deacon's place because she was afraid to leave Eric alone with him. While still there in the morning, she told Rick on the telephone that she had hardly slept because she'd been frightened. Rick asked if Deacon had tried to touch her. Rick said it was the last night that she would have to stay at Deacon's. Rick had requested that Jonathan obtain a million dollars in cash to offer Deacon.

Amber criticized Deacon for smoking a cigarette in front of Eric. Deacon complimented Amber on her parenting skills and assumed she hadn't gotten them from her mother. Amber said she'd learned "what not to do" from her mother. Amber also told Deacon that she was aware of the way he looked at her like a toy. She made it clear to Deacon that there was no chance of a relationship between them because the two of them were as different as heaven and hell.

Rick and Jonathan took the million dollars in cash to Deacon. Again, Deacon refused the money as an exchange for terminating his parental rights to Eric. Profoundly shocked and angered, Rick and Amber left Deacon's apartment, again forced to leave Eric behind alone with Deacon.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Brooke happily recalled the day when she'd asked Thorne to be her husband and he'd accepted. Thorne entered, and he and Brooke talked excitedly about their upcoming nuptials. Brooke asked if Thorne had heard from either Stephanie or Ridge, and Thorne told her that he had not. He said that it was unlikely that either his mother or brother would change their minds about the wedding, but that should not prevent them from having the best day of their lives. A saddened Brooke wished things could be different. Thorne sneaked away and phoned Eric, hoping that he could try once more to get Stephanie to reconsider.

Rick and Bridget returned from their morning run, and the two discussed the wedding plans. Both agreed that they supported the marriage as long as their mother was happy. Shortly thereafter, the Logan family arrived, and Brooke and Thorne happily greeted them. They took a few minutes to catch up with what everyone has been doing. Then, Thorne made a brief speech, thanking everyone for being there, and also admitted that his entire family would likely not be present for the wedding.

Brooke spoke with her parents, and her father asked if she was sure about Thorne being the right man for her. Brooke assured her dad that he possessed all the wonderful qualities that her father did, and she couldn't be happier or more in love.

Brooke went to talk to Bridget. She asked if her daughter would be her maid of honor. Bridget happily accepted and again apologized to her mom for fighting the marriage for so long. Brooke lamented to Bridget that she only wished Stephanie could put the past behind them and give her blessing to the marriage. Bridget told her mom not to give up on Stephanie just yet.

Over at the Forrester mansion, Eric tried in vain to convince Stephanie to attend Brooke and Thorne's wedding. Stephanie said that she would never be able to forgive Brooke for all the pain and destruction she has caused their family over the years. Eric told Stephanie that Brooke was not the same person as she had been back then. Stephanie went on to say that she could never get over the fact that Brooke had torn apart her marriage and stolen her husband. Eric reminded his wife that he'd walked out on their marriage all those years before and that Brooke was not entirely to blame.

Stephanie said that Brooke had never felt any guilt or remorse for what she'd done, and therefore, Stephanie did not believe Brooke was a changed person. Eric tried to appeal to his wife's sense of family, citing that she should be at the wedding for the sake of her son, if for no other reason. Stephanie, however, wouldn't budge. She adamantly told Eric that she had never and would never consider Brooke a member of the Forrester family.

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