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Tricia found 'Carter's' pills. Christine went to Hong Kong alone. Phyllis and Jack tried to get corporate information from one another. Ashley agreed to let Brad adopt Abby. Malcolm asked Alex out on a date. Diane had a baby son.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, January 1, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

Dan Kroll
Founder, Soap Central

Tuesday, January 2, 2001

The Williams':

Christine is devastated to learn Paul isn't going to Hong Kong with her. He never should have agreed to go with her he states. Chris is adamant that they need this. Paul disagrees. They won't have any time together as she will be too busy working. He isn't going to put his life on hold for that. He doesn't believe she is being realistic. John Silva told him how busy she would be over there, which is what convinced him to change his mind. Christine can't believe he is changing his mind because of John Silva. But he insists that he always had misgivings. He worries that if he's right than they will be worse off. She blasts him for keeping this from her until the last minute but he fires back that she did the same thing with her decision not have a baby. She storms out.

Carter's apt.:

Tricia finds Matt/Carter's stash of Extasy that he plans to use against Nick and Sharon. Carter returns and she asks him about the Extasy. He covers that they are asthma medication. She asks why he had them tucked away but drops it when he gets defensive. They ring in the New Year together hopping for brighter days for themselves and darker days for those who try to bring them down. They begin to have sex when Tricia's phone interrupts. Carter ignores it. Ryan is the caller wondering where his wife is.

Crimson Lights:

Carter learns from his potential drug connection that the planned New Years rave isn't going to happen. When the guy wants to speak to Nick directly Carter stops him. Carter works out a deal with him to supply him with Extasy for the next rave in 2 weeks. Sharon informs Nick that they have New Years to themselves and plan for a romantic night. They ring in the New Year at the coffee shop alone looking forward to a wonderful, peaceful year.

Pool house:

The Glow kids entertain the contest winners. Jack and Jill are pleased with how everything is going. The party is ready to roll as soon as the final touches are finished. Jill reminds them that the party is substance free. The adults wish the kids a Happy New Year. The party kicks off and they all have a great time. Mac and Jack and Jill observe via the webcams from the main house. Each of the contest winners gets a makeover. Everyone is enjoying the evening. They countdown to the New Year and ring it in with kisses and cheer. Raul and Rianna take advantage of their mutual cold and kiss. Britt gives a smitten Phillip a quick kiss and then a passionate one with Billy, which is seen by Mac over the webcam.

Abbott house:

Before the party, Mac confronts Brittany as to why Britt is constantly telling everyone how perfect she and Billy are together whenever she knows Mac can overhear. Is Billy giving her a reason to be insecure Mac wonders. Brittany laughs at the idea that she should be threatened by Mackenzie. Billy has moved on she insists. Brittany believes that Mac still has feelings for Billy and promises her that this time her eyes are wide open to Mackenzie. After the party Mac announces the party was a huge success. They had a tremendous amount of hits. Jack thanks Mackenzie for doing such a great job. She had a good time. While waiting for her ride she runs into Billy. Before leaving she finds Billy's note about 'CleanQueen' (Mac's internet alias she used to chat with Billy on the Glow site). He doesn't know it's her and explains that he doesn't know why he kept it. She hands it back to him telling him to trust his instincts and keep the note. She kisses him on the cheek and they wish each other a happy new year.

Colonnade room:

Neil, Olivia and Nate are having dinner. Nate misses Malcolm and wants to spend more time with him. Malcolm shows up. He joins them for desert before he is supposed to meet Phyllis. Olivia isn't happy he's there but won't upset Nate's evening. Before he goes home Malcolm promises Nate that the New Year will be better for him. Olivia warns him not to use Nate to upset her. Later Phyllis meets up with Malcolm and they lament their difficult relationships with their children but promise to ring in the New Year with some fun.

Victoria's Office:

Victoria and Ryan anxious about their own contest. There is a noticeable tension between them. Phyllis arrives and gets the contest rolling. The response is good but Victoria is distracted. Ryan asks why she's so despondent. Victoria tells him that any conversation they have ends with her frustrated and angry. She promises that her New Year's resolution is to stay clear of his marriage to Tricia.


Neil asks Liv to cut Malcolm some slack but she is furious, believing that he deliberately defied her by showing up at dinner. She feels he's a bad influence and decides that she must limit the time they spend together.

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

Tricia is awake staring out of the window of Carter's apartment. He awakes and recognizes that she is still there. She is worried that Ryan will wonder where she is, but Carter tells her that he didn't worry about her the last time and won't this time. She contemplates leaving him when she remembers this, but Carter convinces her to stay with him despite the fact that they spent the night together. His phone rings, and she looks up as if she wants to catch it, but he grabs it. It's Warton. Carter tells Tricia that he needs to take the phone call, so she leaves. Warton wants to know how the "X" deal went down. Carter tells him that it didn't but that it will go down shortly. Warton reminds him that they need rent money. Carter realizes that he may be able to get it from writing a check on Ryan's laptop again.

Ryan wakes up only to realize that Tricia did not come home. He goes into her room and sees that she isn't there. He wonders where she is when she walks in the door. He tells her that he almost called the hospitals looking for her. He asks her where she's been and she says at a party. When he asks if it was an all night party, she makes a comment about him working with his ex-wife. He then asks her if she was with someone. She says that she was with people, after all, it was a party. He asks her again, and she tells him that she's going to bed.

At the office, Michael is visited by Phyllis. She tells him that she called him on New Year's, but that he must've been out. He tells her that he was there but that he didn't want to talk. Phyllis realizes that Christine is leaving for Hong Kong and tells Michael that he's in mourning. Michael reassures Phyllis that he is happy for Christine and whisks Phyllis away. Chantal comes in with a folder for Christine, but Michael offers to bring it.

Christine is at home packing for Hong Kong, thinking about Paul's devastating revelation that he won't be accompanying her to Hong Kong. The doorbell rings, and she is expecting Chantal. She opens it to find Nina. Nina comes in asking questions about Chris and Paul's upcoming trip. Chris avoids the questions and asks about her and Tomas. Nina shows her the ring and tells her that they are engaged. They will work out his problems together. Nina asks more questions about hers and Paul's trip, but Chris doesn't tell her that Paul won't be joining her. They agree that Chris will be back for Nina's wedding because she has to be her maid of honor. They have an emotional good-bye and Nina leaves. Michael comes by with the folder and asks where Paul is and why Christine has just a few bags of luggage. She doesn't respond, and he asks what's really going on. She tells him that Paul is not going and that he left early before she'd awakened. Michael gives her a hug to console her. He offers to take her to the airport. Just as they are walking out of the door, Christine remembers she forgot her briefcase. She goes back in and takes one last look at the place.

Brad is holding Abby when Ashley comes downstairs. He puts Abby down for a nap and asks Ashley how much longer before they can make love. Ashley tells him that she has a check-up next week. They move to the sofa where Brad tells her that he regrets how little of an involvement he's had in Colleen's life and that he wants to make that up to Abby. Ashley tells Brad that his commitment to Abby touched him and that she will agree to his adopting her.

Malcolm arrives at Gina's, and she agrees to make him breakfast. Meanwhile, Alex Perez is lurking in the shadows. Malcolm sits down but not long before Neil arrives. Malcolm tells him that he has nothing to say to him. Neil insists and tells Malcolm that he is trying with Olivia but she has a mind of her own. Malcolm doesn't want to hear it, and he walks away. Alex Perez comes over to Neil's table and asks him if everything is okay between him and Malcolm. He tells her that is a personal issue. She says that she is concerned. He then asks her about her family situation. She avoids the question once again and tells him that she didn't mean to cross a line, and he says that he didn't mean to cross one either. She tells him that she'll see him at the office and leaves. Malcolm arrives at Olivia's office and she tells him she doesn't have time to talk. He tells her that it's about their son and that she should have time. He tries to make her see that the qualities that she doesn't like in him are qualities that may be good for Nate. He says that he's not the type of person to walk around uptight like his brother Neil. Olivia tells him that while he does have some admirable qualities, she cannot see him as a role model for her son because she feels he needs to grow up. Malcolm tells her that it's not about him and it's not about Nate but that it's all about her. He says that he knows what she wants, a stuffed shirt with a Stanford MBA. She's always been in love with Neil. He says this and storms out

Thursday, January 4, 2001

Nina told Tomas about Chris and Paul, then tried to be kind when she read some new writing that he had done. Nina expressed concern for Ryan, wondering what's going on with Tricia.

At Gina's, Neil wouldn't answer Victoria's questions about Ryan, as he called and bowed out of the Brash & Sassy shoot without an explanation. Neil offered to help and left for the studio with Victoria.

Ryan was thinking about Tricia's explanation when Nina stopped by. Ryan wanted to know if Nina saw Tricia on New Year's Eve, mystifying her with his pushy attitude. After Nina left, Ryan pressed Tricia for specific details on her whereabouts on New Year's Eve, and she had no decent alibi. Her feeble attempts at explanation didn't work, so she vented to him about how he's ignoring her sexually. Ryan walked out and Tricia broke down in tears.

At the photo studio, Phyllis and the contest winner arrived for the Brash & Sassy makeover shoot. Phyllis detected Malcolm's down mood as Victoria and Neil arrived. After a successful shoot, Neil tried to talk to Malcolm but he quickly departed.

At the airport, Chris gave Michael a little hug, having no idea of its impact. While Michael stepped aside to buy a flower for Christine, Paul arrived to say good-bye. Chris was hoping that he had changed his mind and was coming along. Chris and Paul exchange painful farewells while Michael watched in the background.

At the coffeehouse, Alex met Nick and Cassie. Later, Malcolm joined Alex and asked her out on a date. She agreed to meet for drinks later.

Friday, January 5, 2001

Crimson Lights:

Billy bumps into Mackenzie and they make pleasant small talk. Later Brittany arrives looking forward to spending time alone with him later. She loves being able to be with him without having to play games. Rianna meets up with Raul and learns that his doctor's appointment has been pushed back. She worried that he's been sick for so long. She decides to call the doc to see if she can get Raul an appointment later that day. Mac informs Billy that his gift to the shelter is a big hit. Billy asks her if it would be okay if he volunteered at the shelter again. She assures him that's he would be fine with it. he's relieved that she no longer hates him for what happened last summer. She never hated him she reveals. Raul picks up on their conversation. Rianna tells him that the doctor should be able to meet him later on today. She enlists Mackenzie's help in convincing him to go. He asks Mac if anything happened between her and Billy after the party. Before she can answer he's whisked off to the doctor by Rianna.

The Penthouse:

Diane returns from her trip to Kansas, surprising Marissa. She's still keeping mum about her trip but optimistic about her future. Marissa surprises Diane by giving her notice. She feels much more useful at William's Investigations and with Diane hiring a nanny soon she feels she will no longer be needed. Michael brings up the rest of Diane's luggage and asks about her trip. Diane sees that he's in a bit of a mood. Diane decides to fill him in on her trip. She's sick of moping around. She has a new sense of purpose and what she learned on her trip is what's given it to her. He's in no mood for her chipper mood. She reveals that she went to see someone with insight into Victor and his connection to his children. That gets his attention.

Victor's office:

Victor learns that Diane has returned to the penthouse. Paul arrives and informs Victor of his change in plans. He's available to help Vic with his surveillance of Diane. Vic would prefer it if Paul handled it all himself but agrees to let Paul work with the original team as switching over would take too much time, especially now that Diane has returned. Victor is determined to find out what Diane is up to. Paul learns some info about Diane's trip but needs more info from Victor. He fills him in on Diane's claim that her baby is his as well as Leanna Love's involvement. He believes that she's becoming more desperate. The other investigator arrives with more info. He tells them of Michael's visit and he's got it on tape.

Victoria's office:

Victoria and Phyllis look over the success of their campaign. Phyllis fishes for info on the rift between Malcolm and Ryan but gets nowhere. She then wonders why Ryan wasn't there, but Victoria isn't talking. Phyllis is peeved that Ryan bailed on the campaign and realizes that she struck a nerve with Victoria. Victoria is disappointed that they didn't take a bigger piece out of Jabot. Phyllis isn't there to destroy Jabot but Victoria refuses to allow them to be remotely successful. They need to keep coming up with ways to beat Jabot. Victoria has an idea. She wants Phyllis to use her past with Jabot as a way to take them down. Use her connection to Jack and his libido to get info on what Jabot is planning. She tells Phyllis not to act all shocked. It's done all the time she explains. Phyllis is disgusted with her plan. "I don't like you Victoria. You aren't a nice person and I wish I knew that before I came to work for you." Without waiting for a reaction she walks out of Victoria's office.


Brad and Ashley discuss converting an adjacent room to the lab into a nursery for Abby. Brad brings up his wanting to adopt Abby and mentions an upcoming appointment with his attorney. Ashley is thrown by the suddenness of his moving on it. She had set herself to being Abby's only parent and is having difficulty adjusting to sharing her. Jack and Jill interrupt but decide to discuss Glow's campaign. It was a huge hit. Jack suggests keeping the Glow kids as an on-going promotion. Brad suggests Valentine's Day and Ash suggests piggybacking on all the major holidays. Jack suggests using some of the money from the campaign to build a new, more elaborate and production friendly set ting for the kids. Jill also wants to use EXPERIENCED people to run the webcasts, no more amateurs. They want to brainstorm but Ashley and Brad have an appointment they can't break. Jill worries what Brash & Sassy will be up to in retaliation. Jack's pleased that Jill is as eager as he to get the inside track on B&S. He's been laying the groundwork for weeks and soon it will all payoff.


Ryan visits, fuming over his recent fight with Tricia. He believes that Tricia is cheating on him. Nina wonders how he knows for sure. He tells her about Tricia's weak explanation for being out all night. He feels betrayed after all he's done for her. Nina isn't surprised. She can understand why Tricia would turn to another man. She tries to get him to see it from her point of view. She's needy and vulnerable. He has needs too but is more worried about her well being, but Nina counters that she was the one who was rejected not him. Nevertheless, he realizes he needs to take action.

The McNeils:

Carter stops by and Tricia is on edge. She tells Carter that Ryan suspects she's been having an affair. He tries to calm her down. He then asks for details. They wonder what set him off and Tricia speculates that maybe he was talking to someone. He worries that she named him. If she did she may have ruined everything he screams. He then apologizes for blowing up. She wonders why he's so worried. He claims that he's worried about his job. She reassures him that she did not name him to Ryan but he could find out. Just then they hear Ryan arrive home.

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