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Monday, March 6, 2006

At Company, Tammy told Cassie if she had to choose between her mother and her future husband, she would choose Jonathan. Cassie asked her how she could do that after all Cassie had put herself through to make Tammy's life better than her own. Tammy said that if Cassie wanted her to be happy, she would let her be happy with Jonathan. She said she had been thinking too much when she had been with Sandy and that letting herself feel with Jonathan was much better.

Marina interrupted Tammy and Cassie and asked Tammy if she thought she was moving too fast. She told Tammy to go on and that if she needed a bridesmaid, to give her a call. Outside Company, a messenger delivered a note to Tammy from Jonathan.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey ran into Sandy in the hallway, saying he'd gotten Sandy's message. Sandy said that since Tammy had moved on with Jonathan, he was going to leave town. He thanked Jeffrey for everything and extended his hand to shake with Jeffrey, but Jeffrey did not take it. Sandy asked Jeffrey to let Tammy know that all he had ever wanted was for her to be happy and to wish her all the best. Jeffrey wished Sandy good luck.

As Jeffrey entered his room, he was on his cell phone, confirming that Sandy was booked on a flight out of town. Cassie entered, saying she had lost her little girl and that Tammy was going to marry Jonathan. Jeffrey said maybe Tammy and Jonathan had a chance, since Sandy was gone. Maybe Jonathan could finally just concentrate on what was good for Tammy.

Cassie said she would never be able to accept Jonathan in Tammy's life. Jeffrey asked her, "Accept what -- that love can't change someone?" When Cassie said she thought they were talking about Tammy, Jeffrey said they were and they weren't. He said the two of them couldn't go on in limbo, and he had to know what Cassie was feeling. She screamed that she wanted to be safe and for Tammy to be safe.

Cassie said romantic love didn't matter because it didn't last. Jeffrey told her he could prove it did and kissed her passionately. They began to make love, but Cassie had flashes of when Jeffrey had made love to her while posing as Richard. Cassie stopped and told Jeffrey she couldn't. She wanted to forget about when he had taken Richard's place, but she couldn't.

Harley arrived at Mallet's room as he was getting dressed. She told him their being partners was a bad idea. After much arguing, Mallet insisted that Harley didn't want him as a partner because she would be admitting she needed someone to lean on. He told her he was not going anywhere, so she needed to get the thought of breaking up their partnership out of her head.

Alan-Michael called Mallet, telling him that someone had called him, claiming they had a letter written by Gus. Alan-Michael said it might be a scam but thought Mallet and Harley might want to check it out. The letter was at the Foxwood Lodge. After Alan-Michael ended his call with Mallet, he turned to a hired man and told him to do what he needed to do.

At Foxwood, Alan-Michael's hired man gave Harley the letter. Mallet offered to read it for Harley, but she read it herself. The letter read: "My Harley, my wife. I'm sorry it doesn't look like I'm going to make it back to you. But I am okay, and I want you to be. Don't stop your life for me. I want you to find love again. Be happy. I love you forever, Gus."

Harley cried, saying it was Gus's final goodbye. She asked Mallet how Gus could expect her to love again. Mallet said, "Later, after time." Harley told him not then and not ever. Mallet told her Gus knew she had a lot of love to give. They embraced.

In Harley/Dinah's office, Alan-Michael leaned on Dinah's desk and mused, "Dinah, Dinah, what would you do if you knew Harley was sleeping with your boyfriend." In the reception area, Vanessa praised Dinah as a woman her grandfather would be proud to know. Dinah said she owed it to Harley, while Vanessa reminded her that she also owed it to the love of a good man.

When Vanessa and Dinah entered the office, they interrupted Alan-Michael listening to the tape of Harley confessing that she'd slept with Mallet, although they didn't hear the tape. Vanessa and Alan-Michael exchanged "pleasantries" until Dinah said to break up the "sucking up." When Alan-Michael left, Vanessa reminded Dinah that Alan-Michael was a wolf in sheep's clothing and that he was "pure Spaulding." She was suspicious of Dinah's encouraging Mallet and Harley to be police partners, but Dinah shrugged it off as Vanessa being an "overprotective mommy."

As Vanessa and DInah hugged goodbye, Alan-Michael burst in and asked Dinah if she'd heard from Mallet, as Alan-Michael had given him and Harley a tip about Gus at the Foxwood Lodge. Alan-Michael left the office, having planted a seed of doubt in Dinah's mind.

In the reception area, Marina paid a surprise visit to Alan-Michael. They kissed. Meanwhile, Dinah gave in to her curiosity and called the Foxwood Lodge, asking for Mallet. Alan-Michael's hired man said Mallet was behind closed doors with his partner. Dinah looked worried.

Ava met Jonathan and found he had one more task for her to make the evening with Tammy complete. He asked her to deliver a letter to Tammy, telling Tammy where to meet him. She accused him of being an "ol' softie" and told him he gave hope to every girl who thought they might have lost out on love.

While Jonathan was in his room, getting dressed to meet Tammy, Tammy had followed the instructions from the letter the messenger had delivered outside Company earlier. She entered a room filled with candles and presents. She turned and saw a beautiful wedding dress with a note pinned to it, "Put me on." She did and admired herself in the mirror. She then found a box with a note, "Open me." Inside the tiny box, she found a gorgeous ring, which she slipped on. She looked ecstatic.

Tammy opened one of the wedding gift boxes and found an envelope that said, "Tear me up." She did, without reading the contents. Once again, she gazed into the mirror. She saw Jonathan's image appearing behind her. She told him that everything he had done -- the flowers, the dress, the ring -- was "perfect." As the image focused in the mirror, it turned out to be Sandy in a tuxedo. He said, "Yes, it is."

Meanwhile, Jonathan arrived to meet Tammy at the location he had disclosed in his real invitation and found that she was not there.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Jonathan realized Tammy had never gotten the note he'd sent her to meet him at the Springfield Inn. But Tammy had gotten a note, thinking it was from Jonathan, which turned out to be from Sandy. Tammy tried to run away from Sandy, but he grabbed her and ripped her dress when Jonathan walked in. Tammy was afraid Jonathan was about to bash Sandy's brains in, but Jonathan wouldn't be baited.

Jonathan and Tammy left, and Jonathan ordered Tammy to lock the door and not let anyone in while he took off for a mysterious mission. Tammy couldn't sit still and headed out into the night.

Alan-Michael sent Dinah after Mallet as Harley read a fake note from Gus -- really Alan-Michael -- where he urged her to get on with her life and find love again. Crushed, Harley attempted to kiss Mallet, but he stopped her. Dinah walked in on them, suspicious, but when she saw how broken up Harley was, she instantly became sympathetic. Moved, Harley left, telling Mallet and Dinah to enjoy the hotel room.

Alan was convinced he could play Beth in order to secure his and Gus's release. However, Beth had a few more aces up her sleeve. She informed Alan that he had been declared legally dead, and Dinah was running Spaulding -- because Harley was too busy making out with Mallet.

Jeffrey demanded Cassie tell him where she expected them to go as long as she couldn't forgive him for impersonating Richard. He offered to move out, but Cassie couldn't let him. He insisted, saying that being apart might be the best method for finding their way back to each other. Later, Sandy stopped by and announced that since Cassie wouldn't stop Tammy from being with Jonathan, Sandy was going to have to do it once and for all.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006


As Juice Newton's "Queen of Hearts" was playing in the background, Beth was looking at herself in the mirror. When Alan called her, she snapped out of her reverie and hurriedly started packing. When Alan demanded to know what she was doing, she told him and Gus that she was leaving. Alan didn't believe she'd led them there to die, but Beth angrily let them know they had both betrayed her, and she was going to make them pay. Alan pleaded with her -- she was not that cold. Beth proclaimed that Alan had finally turned her into a true Spaulding, and she left.

Beth was staying at an inn for the night. She called her mother, telling Lillian that she was returning the next day from her trip to the spa. As Beth went to sleep, she became very conscious of the clock that was ticking. Suddenly, she jolted up -- her cell phone. She feared she had left it at the cabin. She was relieved to discover that she still had the phone and tried again to drift off to sleep. She succeeded, only to be jolted awake from a nightmare where a frozen Alan accused her of killing him. Beth tried to calm herself by stating that she was in charge; she was in control. The clock kept ticking.

The next morning, Beth arrived at Company and ordered some breakfast and a glass of Champagne. She had a meeting with Alan's lawyer and paid him to shred the divorce papers Alan had drawn up months earlier, telling him she had to appear to be the grieving widow, not the hapless woman he was about to cast off. After the lawyer was paid off, Harley entered.

While Beth and Harley engaged in small talk, the candle that was burning for Gus suddenly went out. An upset Harley immediately relit it, prompting Beth to suggest that Harley needed to move on. She told Harley that Gus was not returning. At that moment, Zach walked in and told Beth he knew where Gus was. Beth was unnerved, but Zach stated that Gus was in Heaven.

When Zach walked off, Harley expressed concern for him, but Beth stated that kids were resilient. She went on to say the children were all better off without Alan anyway. Beth told a shocked Harley that Alan had needed to be stopped. Beth's attitude about Alan deserving to die rattled Harley, and she asked what was going on with Beth.

At that point, Rick entered and noticed that Beth was upset. She started rambling about how she wished she could go back to the day that Alan and Gus had disappeared. She stopped herself from saying too much and suddenly fainted. Rick carried her to Cedars, and Harley grabbed Beth's things -- including a key to Homestead Hills that she found on the ground.

A feverish Beth was at Cedars. She had a vision of Alan and Gus covered in ice and asked what she had done. A very upset Beth asked Harley if she had ever done anything she had regretted. She kept ranting about how she wished she could go back to that night.

Suddenly, Beth flashed back to that night -- the night before Alan had been released. Alan had accused her of working with Gus to keep him locked up. Beth had denied it and had flirted with Alan to show her sincerity. She had promised to consummate their marriage the day he was released, but Alan had suggested they do it right there so she could show her loyalty to him and prove she was his wife.

Back in the moment, Beth was getting hysterical but finally settled down when she was given a sedative. Calmer, Beth asked Harley to leave and commented to Lillian that she was the last of the Spaulding wives left standing. She thought back to when she had dragged Alan and Gus to the cabin. She had wanted to teach them a lesson but had also needed to keep them quiet. She'd gotten her chance when later, Rick had prescribed her pain medication for what she had told him was a hurt shoulder. Meanwhile, the clock was still ticking.

Suddenly, Beth hurried up to leave, but Lillian wouldn't let her, saying she was not well enough. At that point, Lizzie arrived, and when Lillian left, Beth asked Lizzie to break her out. Suddenly, Beth imagined Alan's frozen body and almost collapsed. At that point, Rick returned and demanded that she get in bed. An upset Beth told him all she needed was a prescription for her condition, and he revealed that her condition was that she was pregnant.

Shocked, Beth broke down in tears and admitted that Alan was the father. She ranted that one day, the child was going to look at her through Alan's eyes, and she was going to feel very guilty. Rick tried to console her that she had nothing to feel guilty about and promised to help with her and the baby. He said she needed to pull herself together though. When he left, Beth took off with Lizzie.

Beth convinced Lizzie to take her to Spaulding so she could think. When Beth spoke of Alan in the present tense, Lizzie opened up about how much she missed her grandfather. At that point, Mallet arrived. Apparently, he had heard about Beth's flight from the hospital and was returning the purse she had left behind. He then asked to talk to her about Alan. Beth tried to avoid it but finally consented to answering his questions.

After Lizzie went downstairs to visit Alex, Mallet told Beth that he knew Alan had been planning on divorcing her. He claimed his information was from a reliable source, but Beth laughed it off as untrue. Meanwhile, the clock was still ticking. Beth suddenly got highly upset and begged Mallet to help her. A very agitated Beth told him she had never planned it -- he had to help her get back there. Just then, Rick and the paramedics arrived and dragged Beth back to Cedars.

At Cedars, Beth was raving about how it would be too late. Harley asked what it would be too late for. The sight of Harley's badge caused Beth to chicken out, and she covered. Suddenly, Mallet got a call. Beth was unnerved when he told the person on the other end that he thought the wife had done it and should get the max. Beth got highly upset and demanded to make a call, stating that it was a matter of life and death. As she was sedated, Harley looked at the key in her hands and wondered what exactly it went to.

In the background, "Queen of Hearts" continued to play.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

As Gus and Alan struggled to escape, Harley couldn't shake the feeling that the key she'd found in Beth's purse was somehow connected to Gus. Her suspicions were further tweaked when she returned the key to Beth, and Beth's heart monitor went wacky. Mallet agreed with Harley and told her he would check out the key.

After Mallet and Harley asked Beth some probing questions, Beth panicked, grabbed her key, and prepared to leave the hospital. Only Mallet and Harley were onto her, and, thrilled that the setup had worked, Harley was on Beth's trail to Gus.

Cassie couldn't find Tammy and Jonathan, and she blamed Reva, saying the two wouldn't even be together if Reva hadn't encouraged them. Later, while thinking about Jonathan and Tammy, Reva and Josh discussed destiny. Meanwhile, Tammy wondered where Jonathan had been after he returned home, looking ragged. He swore he hadn't been with Sandy. Tammy believed him, and the pair exchanged private vows to always be together, and they finally made love.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Jonathan and Tammy were enjoying their afterglow. Tammy told Jonathan that everything started from there, their first time together. Jonathan wished it was their first time, and Tammy insisted that it was. Jonathan worried when he heard footsteps outside the room. Tammy told him not to worry because they had everything.

At Towers, Alan-Michael was on the phone, confirming that Dinah and Harley were good friends. Harley had appointed Dinah as CEO as proof of that, but he wondered whether their friendship was rock solid. He assured the phone caller that he would report back if he heard anything. After he hung up, Alan-Michael listened again to the taped conversation between Harley and Cassie and smiled. Marina sneaked up on Alan-Michael and covered his eyes as she said, "Guess who?" When Marina asked if she could take a listen, Alan-Michael kissed her instead.

At the cabin, Alan was lying on the bed, huddled in his blankets. Gus was lying on the floor, motionless. Alan weakly called out Beth's name.

At the hospital, Beth looked at the keys in her hand and checked that the coast was clear. Harley and Mallet peeped around the corner and watched Beth go to the elevator. Harley tried to dissuade Mallet from following Beth with her, but he worried that Harley was still hoping Beth would lead her to Gus. Harley assured him she was just looking for answers, and she thought Beth had them. They left to follow Beth, but Dinah sopped them.

Still in afterglow, Tammy told Jonathan that she wanted to memorize everything about the room so she could remember the most amazing moments of her life. Jonathan asked Tammy to promise she would never forget what had happened that night, whatever happened. Tammy promised and told Jonathan she'd known deep down that they would be together at some stage from the moment they'd met.

Alan-Michael asked Marina if she knew how much he had missed her then joined his Aunt Alex. Frank arrived, and Marina thought he was there to spy on her again. Frank told her he was there to make reservations for Olivia and him, but it made him feel sick that she was still seeing Alan-Michael. He told Marina he would cut her a little slack because of what she had gone through with Danny, but perhaps after she'd had some fun, she would find someone who was right for her and who she could get serious about.

While Frank was talking to his daughter about Alan-Michael, Alexandra was talking to her nephew about Marina. She hoped Marina wouldn't be a distraction. Alan-Michael wondered why his aunt was so anxious, and she confessed that she was worried she would be shut out of Spaulding Enterprises. Alan-Michael told her not to worry.

Dinah confronted Mallet and Harley about chasing down Beth. She reminded them that Beth was pregnant and was going home to rest. She worried that Harley was grasping at straws when they had nothing to go on. She reminded Mallet about what he had said about hurting Harley, and that was exactly what he was doing by setting Harley up for a very big fall. Dinah told them she was happy to see them as partners because she thought they would help each other get through losing Gus, but she saw they were both hanging on to hope that he was still alive.

Beth arrived at the cabin and panicked when Alan didn't respond.

Dinah continued to point out to Mallet and Harley that they were holding on to hope that Gus was still alive, and she reminded him that she had once been the queen of holding on to things. She had learned to let go and begged them to do the same, as they were chasing a pregnant woman. She said Harley had helped her to let go, and it was her turn to help Harley let go of Gus. Mallet told Dinah it was not as simple as that.

At the cabin, Beth was trying to rouse Alan. When he responded, Beth tried to get him to talk so he could stay focused. She checked Gus and discovered he was still breathing. When Beth went back to minister to Alan, he grabbed her around the throat and tried to throttle her. Beth gasped out that everything had changed, and he didn't understand. Alan told Beth she would pay for her treachery.

Jonathan told Tammy he wanted them to have a new life together and not have to look over their shoulders. Tammy understood that Jonathan was speaking about Sandy and told him she had realized that Jonathan was right about Sandy. Jonathan assured Tammy she would never have to worry about Sandy ever again.

Frank told Marina she was right about one thing. He didn't want to make the same mistake as Cassie and end up losing her. Marina told her dad there were not too many people in Springfield who were willing to give Alan-Michael a fair shot, but he had been wonderful with her and was helping out Harley at Spaulding. She knew he had a history, but that didn't bother her. He deserved to know how terrific he was.

Frank wondered if Marina was trying to save Alan-Michael and suggested she choose something else to save, dolphins for example. Marina told Frank it was more than that between her and Alan-Michael, and her dad drew the discussion to a grinding halt, as he thought he was getting too much information.

Alexandra told Alan-Michael that even though she was anxious to see him take over Spaulding, she was also looking out for herself. She reminded her nephew that they had a lot in common, as they had both always been in a waiting position. They had never been the leaders, but that was going to change. Spaulding needed to be led by family, and when the time was right, they would oust Harley and Dinah.

Alan-Michael revealed the tape of Harley's confession to Cassie, and Alexandra wasn't surprised that Alan-Michael had been hard at work. She wondered how Marina would fit into his plans, and Alan-Michael assured Alex that Marina knew it was not serious between them, and he could have it all.

Beth was able to gasp out that she was pregnant with Alan's child, and Alan released his hold on her immediately. He was overjoyed at what he considered a miracle. Beth reminded him that the only miracle was that she had returned to the cabin, as she was more than ready to leave them to die. She told Alan that nothing had changed, and she was still in charge. Alan humored her and told her that if she set him free, he would make everything right.

Harley told Dinah she appreciated Dinah's concern, but she couldn't stop. Dinah understood and told the partners she knew where Beth was going. She had just happened to lose her phone in Beth's hospital room, and it had accidentally fallen into Beth's purse. It was a new fancy phone with a GPS signal. Harley and Mallet were amazed and thanked Dinah. They left to follow Beth.

Tammy wondered why Jonathan had mentioned Sandy, and he told her he knew she had been scared of Sandy, and it wouldn't happen again. Tammy told Jonathan she wanted a life with him with no secrets, and they were in it together, but Jonathan interrupted to say he was really hungry. He told Tammy to stay there and left to get food.

Dinah was still at the hospital, and Blake, who had been looking for her, joined her. Blake told Dinah she'd had an inspiring dream about Dinah that had made her think about writing one last book -- a fictionalized account of Dinah's life. She said Dinah was a classic heroine, but Blake would need to find a good name for her. Dinah promised to run it by Mallet, who had some pet names for her, and perhaps Blake could use one of those.

Blake was curious how things were going between Mallet and Dinah, and Dinah said they were fine. Blake wondered about Harley and Mallet, and Dinah assured her that if Blake was looking for a triangle, she needed to look elsewhere, but she did admit there was something going on between Harley and Mallet.

Harley and Mallet were in the car. Harley thanked Mallet for going with her and believing her little hunches. Mallet wondered if Dinah had been right when she'd asked how many times Harley was going to get her hopes up and get her heart broken. He didn't want Harley to hang on to false hope. Harley told him that she was not and that she knew Gus was gone.

Back at the cabin, Alan was putting together a plan to explain how Beth had found Gus and him after the accident. He assured Beth that a divorce was out of the question. Beth panicked about Gus telling everyone the truth once they got back to Springfield. Alan announced that he would take care of Gus. Gus awoke and asked for water, and Beth went to fetch some. Alan told her to let him go instead and that she should rest. Beth unlocked the chains on Alan's legs.

There was a knock on Tammy and Jonathan's door. Tammy thought it was Jonathan returning but was surprised to see Frank. He told her he wanted to speak to Jonathan about Sandy.

Alan-Michael asked Marina if Frank had given his seal of approval. She told him it hadn't been in those exact words, but Frank didn't mind who she was seeing. When Alan-Michael left Marina for a while, she took the earphones and listened to his tape machine.

Dinah told Blake that Harley had been good to her and that Mallet hadn't let her down. She was not going to look for trouble, and she was going to use all her energy to fight her insecurities. Blake was impressed and said that was exactly how she was planning to write her book: with a happy ending. It would be about a powerful, corporate woman, but at the heart of it would be a romance.

Mallet admitted to Harley that he had never realized just what Gus and she had had together until Gus had been gone. He said he had known it when he had first seen them together and had always known that Gus was lucky. Since he had seen how Harley had handled Gus being gone, he'd realized just how lucky she had been too. Harley thanked him and told him he was also lucky because Dinah had changed so much because of him. She promised Mallet that one day, he would have what she and Gus had had. Mallet hoped so. All of a sudden, Harley spotted Beth's car up ahead, and the discussion was cut short.

Alan-Michael rejoined Marina, who teased him about still listening to Milli Vanilli and wondered if he had the hair too. Alan-Michael pretended he didn't, but Marina told him that she could just see him. Alan-Michael laughingly confessed that he had always been willing to do or wear whatever it took to get the job of boring the right people done. Marina asked if she was the right people, and Alan-Michael told her, "Could be." Marina told Alan-Michael that was why she loved him, and after trying to wriggle out of it, she told him that she meant it.

Dinah was daydreaming about Mallet and her dancing and speaking with French accents.

Tammy wanted to know what Frank wanted with Jonathan about Sandy. Frank explained that Sandy had called the station because he was scared that Jonathan was threatening to throw him over a nearby cliff. When the police arrived at the cliff, they found Sandy's cell phone but no Sandy.

Jonathan was driving and calling Springfield University. He pretended to be Sandy and told them he was not returning after Spring Break -- nor would he be returning in the fall.

Mallet and Harley found the cabin and a nameplate that matched the name on Beth's keys. They listened at the door, and Harley heard Beth's voice. She got very excited when she heard a man's voice with Beth and went to open the door.

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