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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 6, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, March 6, 2006

Sami and Austin returned to the apartment as Austin realized he had forgotten it was Carrie's birthday. Sami tried to take his mind off his mistake, but he couldn't stop blaming himself. Across the hall, Lucas had remembered, and Carrie was thrilled by his surprise for her. Feeling blue later, Carrie told Lucas how much she wanted to start a family. He made a confession of love for her. While Carrie said she liked him, she also insisted they take their new friendship slowly. Back across the hall, Austin tried to cheer a depressed Sami and ended up kissing her.

John was stunned when Marlena asked him not to leave her bedroom. She started undressing him, admitting that she wanted to make love to him. He asked about Alex, but she didn't want to talk about him. Meanwhile, Alex was writing on his computer, telling himself how happy he was with the way his plan to hurt Marlena was going. He then decided to take a peek into her bedroom.

Philip startled Belle on the roof when she assumed it would be Shawn surprising her there. He sensed something was wrong with her, but she covered. Downstairs, Shawn found the note Mimi had written, and when Mimi spotted him, she stated her fear that he would leave her because she was a liar like her mother. Shawn tried to calm her, but she urged him to read the rest of the letter. Instead, Belle and Philip interrupted. When they found her upset, she told them to read the letter.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Though he kissed Sami to stop her relentless putdowns, Austin stopped and announced that he couldn't do it. Across the hall, Carrie told Lucas the same thing after they kissed. Lucas talked about his hopes for his future and ended up kissing her again until they both heard Will out in the hall. Will admitted he had fallen and hurt his ankle, which explained his early return. Sami rushed to the hall and wanted to take him to the hospital but instead walked him into Lucas' place.

Lexie was summoned, and Carrie and Austin offered to get a prescription filled for Will. John called Sami to let her know the latest news about Marlena. After Austin and Carrie left, they get stuck in the elevator while Sami and Lucas accused each other of pursuing Austin and Carrie. Lucas ended up holding Sami as she cried about losing the people she loved. In the elevator, Austin held Carrie, who struggled with her claustrophobia.

As Shawn started to read Mimi's letter aloud, Philip interrupted, guessing what she wanted to tell the man she intended to marry. When the babysitter called, Belle and Philip returned to their loft. Mimi again asked Shawn to read her letter, but he insisted he knew she loved him and wanted her to make love to him. As they had sex, Belle and Philip could hear them moaning.

As John and Marlena kissed, Alex knocked on her door, but she sent him away. John called Lexie to let him know what was happening with Marlena, who seemed drugged. Lexie warned him to get out of there because he could be arrested if he were caught.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Though Lucas assured Sami they would always be a family with Will, he also admitted it was better they were not together. She ran to the hallway in tears and heard Austin and Carrie stuck in the elevator. She yelled down to them and got Austin to hit the right buttons to free them. Austin headed to the store for the prescription while Carrie returned to Lucas' place.

Max found Chelsea kissing a stranger at a club in hopes the guy would buy her a beer. Shocked to find her out, Max asked her why she was there, and she complained about being bored at home. Ignoring his warning about how a judge might react, Chelsea returned to the stranger and managed to get a beer. As she took a sip, the man snapped a photo of her, vowing to make sure it was on page one of the Intruder. Max chased after the guy, and Chelsea grabbed the film, but both were unaware that the photographer had the photos on a memory stick.

On Morgan Island, Hope admitted to Patrick that she knew she was eventually going to have to talk with Bo. As she tried to get some sleep, Patrick told her the island story of the flower and the pairing of a special man and woman after death.

Meanwhile, Bo woke up shivering and realized the fire had gone out. Billie woke as Bo worked to get the fire going again. He started complaining about their daughter, and when Billie stood up for her, Bo suggested that prison might be good for her. Saying there were repercussions to her actions, Bo also vowed not to lose his wife over it. Billie told herself that she had to get Bo to change his mind to keep Chelsea out of prison.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Billie and Bo woke from their fretful sleep in his sleeping bag, and Bo was pleased to hear Patrick had left town but became suspicious when he realized he'd left the same time Hope had. Billie claimed Patrick had left because he hadn't wanted to get between Bo and Hope. Though Bo claimed he had nothing left in Salem, Billie convinced him to go home, where he found a text message from Hope ordering him not to look for her. Hope wrote that she would be back for Chelsea's trial, and she'd make sure Chelsea ended up behind bars. Meanwhile, on Morgan Island, Patrick and Hope had a naked moment, thanks to cold water in the shower.

Thanking Austin for his efforts at getting Will's medication, Sami talked to him about finding him in the elevator with Carrie, but he didn't want to talk about it. She then talked about their kiss. He apologized and insisted they remain friends so they could work together. Carrie thanked Lucas for remembering her birthday but then said she needed to get to a meeting, evading Lucas as he tried to kiss her. Running into Austin again, she reluctantly took the elevator with him, which Sami happened to see.

When Philip stopped by to check on Will, he chatted with Lucas, who assured him he was done with Sami, a claim Will overheard. Lucas confessed he'd told Carrie he was in love with her, but Philip warned him to deal with his lingering feelings for Sami first. Will leaked to Sami details of Lucas' talk with Philip, and she warned her son that she and his father wouldn't be getting back together.

The elder Shawn stopped by to check on Will and offered Sami advice about matters of the heart. Carrie and Austin arrived at the pub, and while Austin met with Victor, Caroline wished Carrie a happy birthday and asked her about Lucas and Austin. While Caroline talked about being in love with two men at the same time, Victor pushed Austin to let Lucas be with Carrie.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Abby found Chelsea at the pub and showed her the cover of the Intruder, which depicted her as a teen on a rampage. Chelsea freaked out and worried about her father seeing it.

Bo elaborated his position about Chelsea to Billie, who told him that if he was going to stand by Hope, he could still stand by their daughter. Billie promised that Chelsea was sorry for killing Zack and had shown remorse. Bo saw the tabloid cover and went berserk. Chelsea arrived home, and Bo let her have it. Bo left, and Billie railed on Chelsea. Chelsea got the upper hand again and played on her mother's emotions and feelings for Bo.

Hope couldn't stay with Patrick any longer. Patrick wanted her to stay, but she was a mess. Hoping to help her, he took her to a park near the school where he volunteered. Hope met a child who morphed into Zack. The boy took a dangerous fall, and Hope tried to help. Unfortunately, she seemed to be; in danger, too.

Mimi and Shawn's wedding rehearsal with Bonnie, Calliope, Belle, and Philip was underway. Mimi desperately wanted to tell Shawn that Claire was his baby. Bonnie spun her wheels and managed to stall Mimi again. Calliope oversaw the rehearsal, and the participants learned they would have to pay a visit to the confessional before they could take communion.

Belle and Mimi went to the confessional, where they individually confided in Father Jansen. Belle admitted she still loved Shawn, and Mimi admitted that she was keeping a secret from Shawn about Claire's paternity. Mimi was rocked when she learned that Father Jansen wouldn't marry her until she told the truth.

Bo showed up, and Shawn took his father to task. He saw the headline about Chelsea and told Bo he was glad his mom was out of town. Shawn shocked Bo by saying his mother should never give Bo another chance.

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