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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 6, 2006 on GH
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Monday, March 6, 2006

Sonny and Emily started to make love in the guesthouse. Michael and Morgan decided to go in after finding where the spare key was kept. Just as they unlocked the door, Max found the kids and told them they shouldn't use the spare key for anything except an emergency. He shut the door and took the kids back to the house. Sonny and Emily realized they had to be even more careful about seeing each other.

After Emily left, Carly returned home and told Sonny that Michael had told her about what had happened. Sonny thought she was talking about the kids almost finding him and Emily making love, but instead, she was talking about Sonny telling Michael that his mother would pick him up.

Carly had been so preoccupied with little John that she had forgotten her other commitments. She took Jax to dinner at Kelly's while they were waiting for John's test results. She was trying to convince Jax to move into the house next to her.

At the hospital, Monica invited Emily on a vacation to a spa. Emily accepted, but then Sonny called and wanted Emily to go to the island with him. Carly walked in to hear the tail end of Emily's conversation and asked where she was going and who she was going with. Monica interrupted and said that she and Emily were going away to a spa.

Sam and Alexis ran into each other at the cemetery. They started to fight, but Jason and Ric broke the pair up. Jason warned Ric to keep Alexis away from Sam. When Sam and Jason got back to the penthouse, Sam told Jason that she wanted to try to find her birth mother. Jason agreed to have one of his associates help her.

Back at Ric and Alexis' place, they also went searching for her long-lost daughter. They searched for the birth certificate but couldn't find one for May 11, 1980, the day Alexis had given birth. She started to grow discouraged but then decided to look at different clinics in that area to see if they had reported any births on that date.

Nikolas found Mike at the hospital and apologized to him for his behavior at Courtney's memorial service. He said he would like to scatter Courtney's ashes at sea, and Mike thought that was a great idea. He wanted Jax to agree, though, before he would allow it. After Mike left, Liz ran into Nikolas. She saw how distraught he was, but he wouldn't allow her to help him. Liz tried to get Emily to help, but Emily said that Nikolas no longer listened to her or needed her.

When Nikolas finally found Jax, he asked for approval to scatter Courtney's ashes at sea. Jax said he wanted to bury her in a burial plot with a tombstone. He wanted to be able to take his son somewhere to talk to his mother when he was older. Nikolas was furious and decided to lie to Mike to get his approval for the scattering of the ashes at sea. Mike commented on how nice it was that he and Jax had been able to reach agreement after Courtney's death.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Liz walked into the NICU and told Jax that she'd just found out Courtney's ashes had been sent to Nikolas. Jax decided to confront Nikolas about stealing Courtney's ashes and met him down at the pier. They both started yelling at each other until Carly intervened. Carly had been at the hospital to take the boys to see baby John. When she'd gotten there, Liz had told her what was going on, so Carly had decided to find the two men. She told them that if Courtney were alive, she would kick both of their butts. Carly ended up convincing Jax to allow Nikolas to scatter the ashes in the ocean.

Back at the hospital, Jax vowed to baby John that he would be a good father. He said he'd made the best decision he could because he didn't want the Cassadines to ruin him, too.

Emily made up a story about a friend of hers wanting her to go to the spa with her in order to let Monica down gently. Monica knew what was going on and said it was common for long-lost friends to show up when a woman was trying to sneak away with a man. Emily decided to go away with Sonny anyway. She went home and packed her things then went back to Sonny's. She watched through the window as Sonny fought with Janine, Courtney's mother.

Janine had gone to Sonny for money because Courtney's entire estate had gone to her foundation. Sonny refused until Janine told him she would ruin Mike by getting him back into gambling. Sonny threw money at Janine and got her to leave. When he looked up, he saw that Emily was there. He started to cancel their plans to go away because he thought she was scared of him. She assured him that she lost her temper, too, and got him to tell her what had happened. They boarded the plane, and Emily asked how long it took to get to the island.

Sonny told Emily that he wanted to take Emily somewhere where they could make their own memories. The island had too many bad memories, and he didn't want to take her there. She decided to let him surprise her with their destination. Sonny told her that only Max knew where they were going, and he had promised to keep it a secret.

Meanwhile, Carly went into Sonny's house to try to get him to stop his plans to go away. Max told her Sonny had already left. When she left, Max leaned his head against the door in frustration for lying to Carly.

Ric and Alexis headed to the clinic where Alexis had given birth in hopes of obtaining some information about her child. Although sympathetic, the clinic's director refused to release any information about the adoption to Alexis. Ric managed to escape, saying he needed to make an important call, and returned in time to thank the director and leave with Alexis. When they got outside, Ric revealed that he had sneaked into the records office and found out the name of the law firm that had handled the adoption.

At Kelly's, Alcazar tried to convince Skye that she needed to go to the doctor. She was already getting attached to the baby and didn't want to hear a doctor tell her she might not be able to have a successful pregnancy. She was also scared about how fast their relationship was moving. Alcazar assured her that he cared for her and was not just doing all that because it was the right thing to do. Alcazar handed her the phone, and she called the doctor to make an appointment, telling the receptionist that the father would be accompanying her.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Jason's associate, Stan, returned with not very promising news about his search for Sam's birth mother. He'd found three girls born on May 10, 1980, and none of them had been adopted. Jason told him to start searching for private adoptions. Stan said it would be harder, but he would give it a shot.

Sam noticed that Jason had gone shopping and wondered what he'd bought. He told her to go upstairs while he got candles and wine set up for them downstairs. He proposed to her again and asked her to go off to Hawaii with him. She told him that she couldn't do it at that moment.

Alexis and Ric hit a dead end with Mikkos' attorney, who'd handled the adoption. Ric stepped away and made a phone call. He ended up calling a former classmate at Harvard who worked at a law firm. When they met up, Ric introduced Alexis as his cousin Francine. Ric flirted with Claire and asked her out for a drink, which she accepted. Although Alexis was jealous, she was relieved when Claire gave a file folder to Ric, containing all the information about the baby Mikkos had arranged the adoption for.

At the hospital, Robin warned Jax not to trust Carly. Carly interrupted the two of them and asked Jax to go back to her place with her for a surprise. She was trying to get him to buy the house next door to hers and told him that she'd even had the kids make a ruckus outside when other people had gone to look at the house to try to discourage the potential buyers.

Jax pulled out some papers and asked Carly to sign to be baby John's emergency contact. Carly also had papers for Jax to sign, but when he realized it was for the hotel, he mistakenly accused Carly of trying to con him. She was hurt and told him the paperwork was just for the updated plumbing system that she knew he wanted. The next day was the deadline for getting it signed, so she'd taken care of getting it together for his signature. He apologized to her and asked her out to dinner.

When Michael realized that Carly was going to dinner with Jax, he was upset. He told her that she knew Sonny didn't like Jax. Carly told her son that she and his father didn't have to be friends with the same people. Michael seemed relieved that they were just friends, but when his mother left, he made a phone call.

Patrick overheard Robin's conversation with Jax about Carly and told her that he thought she was jealous of Carly. Patrick thought Robin should be more decisive like Carly was. Robin decided to take his advice and pulled Patrick into a kiss. She asked him out to dinner, and he accepted. She was less than thrilled when the two of them sat down, and Carly and Jax were across the room.

At Kelly's, Dillon, Lucas, and Lulu covered for Mike's hangover and attempted to keep the diner running. Georgie showed up a little later after having run into her friend, Guy. She'd told him that she wanted to set him up with her cousin, Lucas, but he was against blind dates and had to go to his new job at the Metro Court anyway. She told Lucas about Guy, but he didn't sound too interested. Meanwhile, Frank, the guy who had beaten up Lucas, talked to Guy at the Metro Court.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Lucas, Lulu, and Dillon continued to help out at Kelly's. Lulu talked to Lucas about how it was scary to want to be in a relationship and that neither of them had seen good relationships work much. They suddenly heard a loud crashing noise outside. They found Guy fighting with the gay-basher, who was beating up on him. Lucas confronted his former attacker face-to-face. Dillon went outside with a baseball bat and threatened to use it on the man if he didn't leave.

Lucas, Lulu, and Dilon took Guy to the hospital. Lucas didn't think Guy should say anything about the guy who had attacked him. However, Guy felt the guy should be charged with assault or for a hate crime. Liz saw Guy and took him to another room to get stitches put in his forehead. Guy planned to go to the police station and press charges. Lucas admitted that the same guy had attacked him for being gay, and he hadn't pressed charges. Guy didn't want to let the guy get away with it and headed to the elevator. Lucas stopped Guy and said he would go with Guy to back him up. Guy thanked Lucas, and they headed to the police station together.

Sonny and Emily arrived in Spain. They enjoyed the warm weather and had a nice dinner. Sonny told her about his mother teaching him how to speak Spanish after she'd heard him say something in Spanish to someone on the phone to make plans. He also told her about his abusive stepfather, Deke. The two of them danced on the balcony and kissed.

Later, Sonny had a dream about dancing on the balcony with Emily, and in the dream, she got shot and killed. He woke up screaming out. Emily asked him what his nightmare had been about. He didn't tell her but did admit he had nightmares a lot, and that was why he couldn't sleep at night for very long. She distracted him by kissing him and getting his mind off the dream. Later, Emily woke up and found Sonny awake and drinking on the balcony. She worried about what was on his mind and what dream he'd had that had disturbed him that much.

Meanwhile, Carly and Jax had dinner at Metro Court at the same time Robin had her date with Patrick across the room. Carly had a bottle of Champagne sent over to Robin and Patrick's table. Robin didn't like Carly's token and walked over to her table and told her off. Carly made a snide comment about Robin being afraid to drink and get loose and be a real woman. The two women almost got into a physical altercation, but Jax and Patrick kept them apart.

Robin went back to her table with Patrick and fumed about how Carly was just using Jax. Carly went to sit at Robin's table later. Robin told her off and asked why she didn't spend more time with her own children instead of on Jax and his son. Carly got upset when Robin's words finally hit home.

Meanwhile, Max went to see Jason to ask him to go take care of Carly, who was on a date with Jax, before she did something crazy. Jason refused to deal with Carly and told Max to take care of Carly himself while Sonny was away. Max went to the hotel and saw Carly with Jax and worried about what she was going to do with him. He sat at the bar and held a menu to his face, covering it so Carly wouldn't know he was there. He saw her dance with Jax on the dance floor. It seemed to bother Robin when she saw Jax and Carly together.

Max cut in and wanted to dance with Carly. Jax let him and went to sit down. Max really knew how to dance and swirled her around the dance floor. Carly was impressed and pretended she thought Max was really interested in her romantically. She called him "twinkle toes" and thought she would make it his new nickname. Max didn't like the idea that the other men would hear that name and tease him about it. Carly threatened to tell them if Max didn't tell her what he was really doing there at the hotel.

Robin couldn't believe it when she saw Carly walk over to Jax and kiss him passionately. She complained to Patrick, who was more amused then angry with her for ignoring him on their date. Carly took Jax into the elevator and made Max think she was going up to Jax's room to sleep with him, just to make Max panic.

Patrick took Robin's hand and told her they were leaving so she would pay more attention to him. They ended up outside Kelly's. Robin looked inside Kelly's but told Patrick she'd lost her appetite, watching Carly at the hotel. Patrick told her he liked seeing some fire come out of her instead of just ice. He kissed her when she mentioned how much she disliked Carly.

Jason and Sam talked about marriage, and Sam wasn't sure she should marry him until after she learned about her parents. Jason still wanted to marry her, regardless of her background. Sam wondered if she was a result of a rape, and that was why her birth mother had given her up and never tried to find her. Later, Stan showed up to tell them he'd found a small clinic in Chatham, Maine, that might be the place where Sam had been born. Jason decided to go with Sam to Maine to check out the clinic.

Meanwhile, Alexis read what was in the Cassadine records about the birth of her child. She read it in disbelief and was instantly upset. Ric comforted her but took the folder and read what was inside. Alexis couldn't believe the daughter she had given up had died in a car accident at the age of three. Alexis wished she had never given up her baby and had been able to protect her from the accident.

Alexis took Ric to the little house her father had taken her to so she could recover from the birth and giving up her baby. They talked there. Alexis told Ric that the same evening she had given up her baby, she had planned to go to the clinic, take the baby back, and run away to take care of it, but she had seen her father, Mikkos, sitting by the fireplace at the bottom of the stairs, and she'd lost her nerve and hadn't done it. She started crying and wished she'd had the courage to do it then. Ric comforted her and reminded her that she had been very young and hadn't had the money or resources to take care of a baby on her own then.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jason reached the clinic. At first, the director told them he couldn't reveal the contents of the adoption to them, and the records were sealed from the birth mothers who arrived every day to find out about their children. Sam said she was not a birth mother but was someone who had been adopted herself and wanted to know her birth mother. The guy smiled and told her that was different. He wrote down the last known address of the woman who was her birth mother, but he didn't have a name for her. Sam was pleased to just get a lead on her birth mother.

Later, Sam and Jason arrived at the address of her birth mother. Sam was nervous but decided she wanted to meet her birth mother. Meanwhile, Alexis and Ric were talking when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Alexis looked in the file and saw that her daughter had been killed in a car accident when she had been three years old. She was haunted by the fact that she had never gone back for her daughter. Ric said she wouldn't have been able to protect her daughter very much at that age. The child would have been better off with adopted parents, but Alexis went to sleep and continued to have nightmares about her daughter.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jason found the home of the woman who had given birth to Sam. The woman who answered the door could not give them much help, though. She'd had a son, not a daughter. She did tell them that Sam's mother had worn a uniform, like that of a private school student. Sam and Jason went off to a private school and met with the headmistress. The headmistress thought she knew who the mother could be due to a particular sophomore that had been absent the entire second semester, but she wouldn't reveal that information to Sam.

When the lady went home, Sam and Jason sneaked back into her office and started to look through yearbooks. They found a sophomore that didn't have a picture, which made them think it could be Sam's mother. Jason instantly recognized the name and told Sam that her mother could be Alexis.

Sonny took Emily to Spain, where they had a wonderful time until Sonny's nightmares destroyed everything. Emily tried to get Sonny to talk to her, but he clammed up. He told her he trusted her, but he couldn't open up to her completely. Emily was furious and told him he was pushing her away. She went back to her room and packed her bags.

Back in Port Charles, Lucas decided to make a statement against Frank. Frank threatened Lucas, but he went through with the statement anyway. Afterwards, Lucas asked Guy if he would like to go get some coffee, but Guy said he needed to discover who he was first.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy told Dillon and Georgie that they were no longer welcome to stay there. Georgie told Dillon they would be just fine on their own, while Dillon was a little unsure. When they left, Luke and Tracy talked about what might have been if they had met when they had been kids. Tracy imagined herself telling Luke to get out after he tried to get her to date him, while Luke envisioned a very different scenario.

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