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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 6, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, March 6, 2006

Carly and her friend Chardonnay from the Galaxy Club cooked up a plan to "get Nick in the sack," thinking he was with Carly. Then they planned to film Nick to get him fired from the police force. Chardonnay dressed like Carly, and Carly typed an unsigned note to Nick, sprayed with Carly's perfume. Nick made Jack angry by kicking him off the Anatoly case at the Galaxy Club then Nick went home and asked a lonely Katie out to dinner. While Nick was getting ready, Katie picked up the note to Nick from her doorstep. She recognized Carly's perfume.

Casey and Maddie drove Will and Gwen to the next town, where they met with Judge Steve Colby. After Will and Gwen told Judge Steve about their plight, the judge agreed to marry them right away. In fifteen minutes, Maddie put together a lovely outfit for Gwen, and Gwen walked down the aisle toward Will.

In the main room of the police station, Paul told Jennifer, Barbara, and Hal that he had killed Dusty. Paul saw that Meg was just outside the door, listening. When Barbara and Jennifer told Paul they thought he was covering for someone else, Paul told a convincing story. He said he and Dusty had scuffled, and Dusty had left the Wagon Wheel motel room and gone to the parking lot. Paul had followed Dusty, killed him with his cane, and buried his body in the nearby woods.

Paul told everyone that he couldn't remember where he'd buried Dusty. Jessica arrived and desperately tried to get Paul to stop talking. Outside the door, Jack watched Meg suspiciously. When Paul was led out on the way to his cell, Meg asked him, "Why did you do it?'' Paul gave Meg a very direct look and said calmly, "I just did what I had to do."

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


At the Lakeview, Carly prepped Chardonnay on the plan. After Chardonnay went upstairs in a blonde wig, Carly turned to leave and ran into Lily. Meanwhile, at Katie's house, Nick read Carly's note, and when Katie asked him who it was from, he said it was related to the case, and he couldn't discuss it. Katie pressed him, and he denied that he was going to meet Carly. After he left the house, Katie went after him.

Back at the Lakeview, Carly tried to make an escape, but Lily was suspicious. When Carly asked Lily to go back to the house with her, Lily wondered what was going on. As Carly explained that she was trying to help Jack, Nick walked in, and she hid her face. She admitted to Lily that Nick was a part of her plan but insisted that everything would work out fine. She asked Lily not to tell Jack or Holden and to be her alibi if she needed one. She reminded Lily of the help she had given Lily in cleaning up the crime scene when Julia had been murdered. Lily warned Carly the plan would blow up in her face and advised her to stop before it was too late.

Katie entered the lobby and demanded to know what was going on. Lily covered for Carly, and they told Katie they were meeting each other. Carly left for home. As everything was taking place, Nick waited for Carly in Room 417 and drank several glasses of Champagne. Seemingly drugged, his vision grew blurry, and he became very sluggish.

Just then, Chardonnay walked in wearing the blonde wig. Nick attempted to make conversation as she undressed. After a few minutes, he sensed something was wrong and mumbled that she'd put something in his Champagne as he passed out on the couch. Chardonnay made a quick call to Carly to tell her Nick was taken care of, and there was a knock on the door. Anatoly entered with two of his thugs. They destroyed the camera Carly had hidden and joked about her scheme.

Meanwhile, as Carly arrived at home, Katie was there. She accused Carly of wearing the perfume that had been used on Nick's note. She again demanded to know what was going on. Carly warned Katie to leave her alone before she threw Katie off her property.

Jade sneaked into Lily and Holden's bedroom and took a charm bracelet out of Lily's jewelry box. She heard Holden approaching and hid. When he went into the shower, she went back to the box to return the bracelet, but he returned to the room. She lied and told him she was looking for a sweater of Lily's that needed fixing. She told him she had learned how to knit at the orphanage.

Jade took the bracelet into the stables and was looking at it when Emma walked in. Jade tried to cover, but when she dropped the bracelet, Emma recognized it. Jade told Emma she'd found it in the hay while she had been looking for her sunglasses. Emma asked her to tell the truth and asked directly if Jade had been trying to hide the bracelet.

At that moment, Luke, having overheard part of the conversation, walked in and told Emma that he'd asked Jade to smuggle the bracelet out of the house so they could surprise Lily with a new charm. When Emma questioned why Jade had lied to her, Jade said she hadn't thought Emma would believe her if she'd told her the truth. When Emma left, Luke confronted Jade and said he knew the bracelet had been in his mother's jewelry box. He asked Jade who she really was.

Back at the Snyder house, Lily returned home, and Holden told her about Jade and the sweater. Lily seemed surprised that Jade had learned to knit from the nuns.

Gwen and Will were about to get married when Judge Steve revealed he'd found out about Billy's kidnapping and their most recent run from the law. He expressed concern over getting into political trouble for performing the marriage, but after they pleaded their case, he agreed to continue with the ceremony. The two exchanged heartfelt vows, and using plastic rings Casey had gotten from a gumball machine, they wed. After the wedding, Maddie told Casey there was one more thing she needed him to do. The four went back to the Lakeview, where Casey got Lisa to comp Will and Gwen the bridal suite for the night.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Will and Gwen signed in at the Lakeview as husband and wife. They went to get their bag from Casey's car. While they were at the car, Casey and Maddie decorated their suite. Casey and Maddie left the room as Gwen and Will arrived. Will carried Gwen over the threshold, and both were amazed at the room. Candles were lit, and flower petals were on the bed.

The newlyweds were just starting to toast when room service arrived. Gwen started to cry because she realized nothing had changed. She said when they left the next day, none of their problems would have gone away. Will reassured her that everything had changed. He promised her nobody would get between them. They lay on the bed and started kissing.

In another room, Nick was lying on the bed. Anatoly injected something into him. Nick woke up but was clearly not alert. Anatoly's two goons took Nick from the room. While they were leaving, they passed Maddie and Casey on the elevator.

Jade and Luke argued in the Snyder barn. He asked her if she was using his family. She told him she just wanted to fit in. She said she had been trying on the bracelet when Holden had arrived, and she'd hidden it because she had been afraid of what Holden would think. Luke told her he didn't like lying to his grandma, Emma. Jade wanted to make things up to Luke, so she called Kevin and asked him to meet her at the farm. Luke wasn't sure that was a good idea. Jade left.

Lily told Holden she was beginning to doubt Jade. She told him Jade had said she'd left the orphanage at a young age, and if she had, it seemed unlikely she could have learned to knit there. Emma arrived and told Holden and Lily she had seen Jade and Luke with Lily's bracelet. Lily went to check her jewelry box. She returned and told them her bracelet was gone. Emma said Luke and Jade had said they were going to buy a charm for the bracelet, but she didn't believe them.

Lily was very suspicious. Holden told them to give Jade the benefit of the doubt. Emma decided to leave. Lily was doubtful of Jade and Luke's story. Holden said to wait and see if Jade and Luke got a charm for the bracelet. Lily went to bed, and Holden left. Lily returned to her living room and found Jade. Lily indicated there was a hole in Jade's story about learning to knit.

Kevin arrived at the barn. He was upset when he saw Luke. Luke said it had been Jade's idea. When Kevin tried to leave, Luke grabbed him and asked him to stay. Holden entered the barn.

Carly and Katie were arguing when Jack arrived at home. Carly said they were fighting because Carly and Jack didn't like Nick. Jack gave a list of reasons they didn't like Nick, and Carly agreed with each of them. Jack received a call from Margo stating she couldn't reach Nick, and there was a problem at the Galaxy Club. Jack left. Katie and Carly began to argue again. Carly reassured Katie that she would never do anything to jeopardize her family. Katie told her to be careful because things would probably go wrong. Katie left.

Margo walked into the Lakeview and saw Casey and Maddie as they were about to kiss. Casey said he was there to see his grandmother. Margo said she was working, and she left. Casey was worried because he'd lied to his parents. Maddie said it was her fault. Casey told her he had helped Gwen and Will to make up for what he had done to Gwen. Margo returned and told them goodnight. She got on the elevator, and the doors closed. Casey and Maddie started kissing. The elevator doors opened, and Margo, seeing them, looked speechless.

Jack arrived at the Galaxy Club. Two guys were hassling another guy. Jack yelled at them to "freeze," but two of the guys opened fire instead. Jack fired back then started chasing them. He went over the third guy, who was on the on the ground. It was Nick, and Jack found drugs in his jacket pocket.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Before Luke and Kevin could really talk, Kevin saw Holden watching and took off. Luke lied that he had been telling Kevin to stay away from Jade. But if Holden didn't believe him, Luke challenged, maybe he wanted to ask some more questions. Holden was too scared to express what he was really thinking.

At the same time, Lily was asking Jade about her bracelet and about Jade's adoption. Jade said she had been five when she'd left the orphanage. Twigged, Lily called a priest and asked if nuns would ever baptize a child with a non-Christian name. The priest didn't believe so.

Later, Jade and Luke bonded and agreed they had each other's back -- then they saw a priest exiting Lily's. Jade panicked. Also panicking was Holden, who imagined that, whether Luke was gay or not, Holden had already ruined their relationship.

Carly called Chardonnay to ask her about the photos of her and Nick in bed, but Chardonnay said she'd had a better idea. Meanwhile, Jack found Nick strung out, with a pocketful of heroin and a wad of cash. He flung him on his back and hightailed it to the station. Hal questioned him, but Nick insisted he hadn't been working that night -- he had been with a woman. He refused to say who and accused Jack of setting him up.

Just then, Maddie and Casey identified Nick as the guy they had seen partying with thugs at the Lakeview. Hal suspended Nick. Nick called Carly, but she was not picking up. At home, Jack told Carly about Nick and the heroin, leaving her stunned that her plan had gotten so out of hand.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Jade and Holden talked about Luke and Kevin, with Jade asserting that no one had ever said Kevin was interested in Luke. That was something Holden had imagined on his own. Meg arrived to talk to Holden, so Jade went back inside the house to chat with Luke.

Lily took Lucinda's private jet and went to New Jersey to visit Sister Elizabeth in the Catholic orphanage where Jade had been born. There, she was told that Rose's daughter was actually named Theresa, after the founder of their religious order, and that she had been adopted by a family who had truly loved her but that she had wanted to find out more about her birth mother and had returned to the orphanage, looking for information. When she'd found out that Rose had died, Theresa had spent several weeks at the orphanage, looking through their mementos of Rose and talking to the nuns about her, before returning to her adoptive family.

Sister Elizabeth told Lily that, because Theresa's adoptive family had been of modest means, she had considered pursuing contact with Lily and her family but had ultimately had decided against it. She also told Lily that Jade had been born at the orphanage about the same time Rose had arrived to have her baby, had been adopted as an infant, but had been reuturned to the orphanage when the adoption hadn't worked out.

The nun shared that Jade had later met Theresa and become friends with her, earning Theresa's trust, but she had ultimately betrayed her by taking some of Theresa's documents about her birth. According to Sister Elizabeth, Jade had also stolen from the nuns and was a good con artist and a brilliant liar. She warned Lily that if Jade was trying to get close to her family, Lily should be very careful.

Meanwhile, Luke and Jade discussed the fact that Lily had told Luke she had to "get the truth" about something as soon as possible, and after Luke left the room, Jade saw the phone number for the orphanage and realized that was where Lily had to have gone.

Meg told Holden that she couldn't believe Paul had confessed to killing Dusty, because she knew he hadn't done it. Holden wondered how she could know such a thing and told her she shouldn't try to help Paul. Holden told Meg how much he and the kids missed seeing her around, and she said she missed them, too.

Susan showed Emily the newspaper headline stating that Paul had confessed to murdering Dusty, but Emily said Paul was innocent and wondered why he was lying about it. After Susan left for the hospital, Emily called Henry and told him to go over right away. Once he was there, she asked him why he thought Paul was lying, and he said because after Emily had told Paul about finding the bloody wallet in Meg's room, Paul had realized that if the police had found out about that, they'd go after Meg. Henry thought that meant Paul had taken a preemptive strike by confessing to the murder in order to keep the cops from going after Meg.

Emily didn't understand why Paul would do such a thing, but she said she intended to find out, and she called and left a message for Hal, saying she and Henry needed to talk to him. Hal went to Susan's house to talk to them, and Emily had Henry tell him a lie about having been in Meg's room to check out the view for a client of his and then having found the bloody wallet. Emily verified that she had seen the wallet, too, and told Hal that meant Meg had killed Dusty.

At the police station, Carly went to talk to Nick, telling him she didn't believe he was involved with drugs in any way. He told her he knew she had set him up, but Carly had an answer for everything he accused her of doing. She said she had been with Lily all evening, and lots of people knew what kind of perfume Carly wore, so someone else could have been made up to look like Carly in order to trap Nick. Carly told Nick that someone from the Galaxy Club could have "made" him as a cop and decided to try to get him out of the picture.

Nick remained convinced that Carly had orchestrated the whole thing, but Carly insisted she would never have anything to do with drugs or do anything that would put his life or Jack's life in jeopardy. Jack arrived and wanted to know why Carly was there; Nick said Carly believed him, not Jack, about what had happened the night before. Jack told Carly to leave immediately, and she did. Jack then told Nick that one of the conditions of his bail would be that he not go near the police station.

Carly went to the Galaxy Club and asked Butch where Chardonnay was, but Butch told her he didn't know anyone by that name and told her to leave. Katie, having borrowed money from Nancy Hughes to bail Nick out of jail, arrived at the jail and took Nick back to her place. She was astounded to hear that Nick hadn't told Jack about the note from Carly and the room key that had been with it, but Nick said he hadn't been able to tell Jack. Katie picked up the phone and said she'd do it.

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