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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 6, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, March 6, 2006


At Felicia's, the nurse told Dante she had called him over because Felicia's organs were beginning to fail. Worried, Dante went into Felicia's bedroom and saw her lying in bed. She wanted to talk to Dante about Dominick's future. Felicia begged him one last time to let Nick and Bridget raise Dominick. Dante refused.

Dante told Felicia that Bridget had left Nick because she knew Nick would always love Brooke more than her. Felicia was surprised to hear that because she'd thought Brooke and Ridge were getting married. Dante told her Nick was going to stop the wedding. Dante said it did not matter who Brooke chose -- all that really mattered was that Bridget was determined to be a mother to Dominick.

Felicia showed Dante papers that she'd had drawn up making him and Bridget the legal guardians of Dominick. Dante thanked her and reassured her that he intended to give Dominick a wonderful life. He hoped that one day he and Bridget would be living together, raising Dominick. He promised her he would always love Dominick and care for him. Felicia thanked him and passed out.

Meanwhile, at Brooke's, everyone was anxious to find out what was going on upstairs with Brooke and her men. Massimo attempted to go upstairs to find out, but Jackie stopped him.

Upstairs in one of Brooke's guestrooms, Stephanie told Bridget she had done the right thing, and Eric tried to comfort his daughter. Bridget said she knew she had done the right thing because Nick could never love her the way she deserved to be loved.

Upstairs in Brooke's bedroom, Brooke said she could not believe what was happening. She'd thought everything was settled with Nick and Bridget, and Nick had promised her he would stay with Bridget. Nick reminded Brooke it had been Bridget's decision to end things. Nick told Ridge he should go downstairs and tell everyone the wedding was off. Ridge refused, saying Brooke would never have gone through with the wedding if she had not wanted to marry him.

Downstairs, Sally commented that Forrester weddings never disappointed and asked if anyone wanted to wager on who would be Brooke's next groom. While everyone was discussing that, Bridget walked down and informed them that the wedding was off. Massimo was irate. Bridget told him it was not Nick's fault; she had decided to end her marriage. Bridget said Nick's heart was with Brooke, and that was what he was telling her upstairs. Massimo did not want to believe her and rushed upstairs to stop Nick.

Back in Brooke's bedroom, Brooke told Nick that Ridge was truly sorry for all the pain he had caused her. Ridge told Nick that Brooke was the woman he was meant to spend his life with. Nick demanded to know where all of Ridge's love for Brooke had been when he'd walked out on her. Nick said Brooke and the kids deserved to be in a family with stability, where the rug would not be pulled out from under them on a whim. Ridge asked where all Nick's ideals on commitment had been when he'd been with Bridget.

While Nick and Ridge continued to argue, Massimo barged in, telling Nick to "get the hell out." He did not understand how Nick could do that to his brother. Nick told him to stay out of it. Nick said he'd married Bridget because of a child, and he was not going to let Brooke make the same mistake. Massimo was disgusted by the situation and said it was incest for brothers, fathers, and sons to all be fighting for the same woman. Massimo was determined to not let the Marone name be disgraced like the Forrester name had been.

While Massimo argued with Nick, Stephanie managed to get Brooke alone in another bedroom. She told Brooke they were on the same side. She said Ridge was Brooke's second choice, and everyone knew it. Stephanie said it would never work with Ridge; he would just continue to disappoint her. She told Brooke to get over her obsession with the Forrester men and follow her heart, which would lead her to Nick.

As Stephanie continued trying to convince Brooke to be with Nick, Ridge and Nick walked in. Ridge told Stephanie to leave if she could not support his relationship with Brooke. Ridge did not care if Stephanie or Nick supported the relationship, all he cared about was how Brooke felt. Ridge asked Brooke if she wanted a life with him. When Brooke hesitated, Stephanie told her to put everyone out of their misery by choosing one of them.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke's wedding continued to be on hold. Stephanie was adamant that Brooke should marry Nick because she loved him. Ridge told Stephanie to leave because she was harassing Brooke once again. Downstairs, Massimo could not understand why Bridget would leave Nick. Bridget tried to make him understand that she knew Nick loved Brooke and that she was okay with it.

While Dante was there, Felicia became very ill. Felicia requested that Dante gather her family as soon as possible. When Dante called them, Ridge, Thorne, Nick, Eric, Stephanie, and Bridget all left the wedding to run to Felicia's side. Stephanie cruelly would not allow Brooke to go with them.

Meanwhile, Massimo remained at Brooke's house. Massimo encouraged Brooke to marry Ridge. Massimo told Brooke that he would not allow Stephanie to harass her any longer. Massimo told Brooke that she should not allow Stephanie be the reason she did not marry Ridge. Massimo then turned on Brooke. He warned her that if she married Nick, he would make her life more miserable than Stephanie did.

When everyone arrived to see Felicia, she requested they have a Champagne toast. They all gave their last respects. Stephanie begged Felicia to allow her to call the rescue. Felicia would not allow it. Stephanie begged Felicia to allow Stephanie to arrange for an organ transplant to prolong her life as long as possible for Stephanie and for her baby. Stephanie begged Felicia to try treatments for Dominick's sake.

Bridget took Dominick to Felicia's side. Felicia could only cry. Felicia told Bridget that she was Dominick's new mother. Bridget confirmed that she intended to love Dominick as her own son. Ridge promised that the family would take care of Dominick. Felicia also had some moments with Nick, Thorne, and Eric. Felicia requested that a grieving Stephanie hold her. As Stephanie held Felicia, Felicia died in her mother's arms.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006


At Felicia's, Massimo dropped in to check on Ridge. Ridge said he could not believe his little sister was dead. He told Massimo how Felicia had been the life of the party up until the very end when she had gotten the family to send her off with a Champagne toast. Massimo knew Ridge was grieving, and he felt Ridge needed to be with Brooke and R.J. He wanted to take Ridge over to Brooke's house. Ridge agreed, and they headed over to see her.

Meanwhile, at Chuck's, Hector arrived and found Taylor getting drunk. Hector was surprised that Taylor would want to hang out at such a seedy joint. He thought she was drowning her sorrows because she was upset about Ridge's wedding. Taylor told him that was not why she was drinking. She was drinking because Felicia had died, and she was drinking a toast to Felicia.

Hector was sad to hear Felicia was dead and wanted to take Taylor home. He told her he would stay with her. Taylor refused. She was concerned about Ridge. Hector said Ridge had Brooke to lean on, since they were married. Taylor told him Nick had stopped the wedding. Hector could not understand why Nick would do such a thing.

Taylor thought Brooke was probably having second thoughts about marrying Ridge, since Nick was free. Hector was afraid Taylor was thinking about reconciling with Ridge. He told her she should have too much pride to go after Ridge. Taylor said she did not care about self-respect or pride; she just wanted her husband back.

At Brooke's, Nick called to tell her that Felicia was dead. He told her that Felicia's death had made him realize how short life was. Brooke agreed that tragedy made people realize how precious time was. Nick said he needed to see her. Brooke wanted to see him, too, but told him Bridget needed her more right then. Brooke heard a car in the driveway and thought it was Bridget. Nick told her he loved her, and she told him she loved him.

Brooke was anxious to see Bridget and got off the phone before Nick could ask her a very important question. Brooke was surprised when Ridge walked into her bedroom. She hugged him and told him how sorry she was. She asked him how she could help. Ridge told her just being with her made things a lot better. They kissed, and Ridge went to take a shower.

Downstairs at Brooke's, Nick walked in and found Massimo pacing back and forth. He asked what Massimo was doing there. Massimo said he'd taken Ridge home because Ridge needed to be with Brooke that night. He said Nick had already disrupted their wedding, and he did not want Nick to interfere with their honeymoon.

Nick told Massimo that he and Brooke loved each other, and they were not going to deny it anymore or let anyone keep them apart. Massimo asked Nick why Brooke was upstairs in the bedroom with Ridge if she was so committed to him. Nick got upset. Massimo tried to stop him from going upstairs, but Nick was determined see Brooke.

Back in Brooke's bedroom, Ridge emerged from the shower and started trying to seduce her. Brooke halfheartedly attempted to fight off his advances. She said she knew he had to have questions about Nick. Ridge said he did not want to talk about that. He just wanted to lose himself in her and deal with everything else later. They started kissing passionately.

Ridge told Brooke he loved her, and Brooke told him she loved him. Brooke told him making love wouldn't take away his pain. However, Ridge thought it was worth a try. When Nick got upstairs and pushed Brooke's door open, he was devastated to see Brooke and Ridge kissing and caressing each other in bed.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Nick reeled at seeing Brooke and Ridge in a compromising scene in the bedroom. He managed to tear himself away without being noticed, and, running downstairs, he passed his mother and bolted out the door. He went to Clancy's to drown himself in drink but found someone he knew had beaten him there. It appeared that Taylor was still a fixture there, even after Hector had left cab money for her to be taken home. A less-than-sober Taylor had been there since she and Hector had had a talk earlier, when he'd told her she had done nothing but drink since Ridge had left her.

When Taylor saw Nick, she staggered up to him to celebrate and to acknowledge Felicia's passing. She asked where Brooke was, and Nick replied that she'd made her choice. Taylor questioned that, stating she thought Brooke loved him. He told her that was hard to believe when she was in bed with another man. At a loss for words, both Taylor and Nick continued to drink and small-talk with each other, although Taylor was aware that Nick didn't really like her.

After imbibing for a while, Nick decided it was time for him to head back to his boat. He left, and Taylor stayed behind. Aboard his boat, Nick started throwing things around, but then he got a visitor. It was Taylor once again. She told him that she had no money with her and couldn't find her car keys. She needed his help. Then, all at once, she fell to pieces over what was happening with her life.

Suddenly, Nick and Taylor were caught up in the moment, but even nose to nose, Taylor could not let herself go. She started to back away and suddenly tumbled into Nick's arms, causing the two of them to fall onto the bed.

Back at Brooke's house, Ridge tried to put the moves on his "almost wife." He needed her then because he loved her. Brooke told him to wait, because they'd vowed to be honest with each other that time, and she had to be honest with him. She knew he was grieving over the loss of his sister. He wanted more, but she told him she would go and check on the children first then they could talk.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Massimo were downstairs, and she was flustered because Nick had just run out of the house. She asked Massimo to go after his son and see if he could find him. After he was gone, Brooke went downstairs, and Jackie said that she had stopped over to check on things. She mentioned that Nick had been there, upstairs. Brooke said she hadn't seen him.

Jackie mentioned that Nick had run down the stairs and out the door, so she had presumed that he had to have seen something. Brooke suddenly realized what it had to have been and told Jackie. Jackie told her to go after him, but Brooke was in her robe, so Jackie loaned her the coat she was wearing. Brooke shot out the door to find Nick.

Ridge went downstairs, looking for Brooke, and found Jackie there. He told Jackie it wouldn't do her any good stopping over because he and Brooke were together and would soon be married. Ridge insisted Brooke wasn't interested in anything Jackie or her son might say. Jackie said she thought Brooke was a little more than interested. He told her it was his wedding night, and nothing was going to interfere with that.

Brooke was in her car, and she placed a call to Nick. She left a message telling him that she had to talk with him and to meet her on the Shady Marlin.

Brooke arrived at the Marlin. She rushed to the door and opened it. She saw both Taylor and Nick on the bed. She asked, "What is going on here?"

Friday, March 10, 2006

Brooke was shocked to find Nick and Taylor in a compromising position. Brooke was angry and upset. After Taylor left, Nick begged Brooke to understand that it was all a big misunderstanding.

Stephanie visited with Dominick and found happiness that Felicia's spirit lived in the little boy. Dante told Stephanie that Dominick would have a good life. Jackie told Ridge that Brooke had run off to find Nick, and Ridge was furious.

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