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Passions Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on PS
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Monday, November 6, 2006

Grace is angry with Kay and calls her a heartless monster and wishes that she had never given birth to her. She asks Kay why she did all those things, and Kay blames her because she was always favoring Charity over her. Each time there was a disagreement; Grace would take Charity's side over hers. They both tell each other how much they've been hurt, and Grace finally softens. She apologizes to Kay and tells her how much she loves her. Grace takes charge of the situation and gives Kay some advice over Miguel and Fox. She tells Kay not to trust Fox because he is a Crane. Furthermore, she has been going on about Miguel all this time and inquires why Kay is not involved with him. Kay explains to Grace that Fox is not like the other Cranes and that he has been there for her when she really needed him. On top of that, she is confused and doesn't know whom to choose. Grace's advice to Kay is to go find Miguel and tell him that Grace forgives her, and maybe Miguel will find it in his heart to forgive Kay. Kay tells Grace that she will make it up to her by being the best daughter she ever had. Meanwhile, Miguel and Pilar are having a heart to heart. He tells her how much he is disgusted with Kay but still loves her despite what she has done. Pilar tells Miguel that Kay is a wonderful person and knows that Kay is sorry for what she has done to Grace. Pilar tells Miguel to go find Kay and tell her how he feels.

Ethan tells Chad that he doesn't like secrets. In addition, he tells him that Theresa wants him to leave Gwen and be with her since she is convinced that Gwen exposed Ethan's paternity to the tabloids. Ethan does not want to take Theresa's word for it without any proof to back it up. In addition, Ethan does not want to believe that Gwen has been lying to him all these years. If she has been lying, Ethan tells Chad that he will leave her. Inside the Blue Note, Theresa locks herself in the storage room with Gwen and JT because she wants him to confess to Ethan the terrible things that Gwen has done. Theresa is determined to oust Gwen for the liar that she is, but Gwen wants to make sure that her secret remains hidden. She proceeds to strangle Theresa while JT looks on. Theresa fights back and it's an all out brawl. They are both in a tug of war over JT. Theresa wants JT to confess to Ethan, and Gwen wants JT to spill Theresa's secret. Theresa manages to lock JT and Gwen in the storage room and runs off to find Ethan. She yells on top of her lungs telling Ethan that she finally has the proof that will get them back together.

Whitney sees Rebecca and asks her about Theresa, but she turns the conversation on Eve and her involvement with breaking up Sam's marriage. Whitney tells Rebecca that she is in no position to judge because she is a tramp. Rebecca catches Whitney off guard by telling her that Chad is as much a tramp as she is. She tells Whitney that Chad was in one of the motel rooms stark naked. Whitney tells her that Chad was at the motel to protect her and refuses to believe Rebecca. Whitney manages to let Rebecca get to her. She is having doubts about Chad once again. She runs out of the Blue Note quite upset and runs right past Chad without an explanation.

Luis is frustrated because he cannot find Fancy and blames himself. Luis inquires about Chris and finds out from Sheridan that Chris is out looking for Fancy. Luis doesn't like it and wants to go after Chris. Sheridan prevents Luis from going after Chris by drugging his coffee. She tells Paloma afterwards that she puts a sleeping pill in Luis coffee because he is too hard headed. She thinks that he is tired and needs to rest. Luis dreams that Fancy is calling out to him. She tells him that she is in a dark place, and he needs to come and rescue her before it's too late. Down in the cave, Spike is glad that Fancy fell because she may not survive. Chris calls out to Fancy, but she does not respond. Spike is convinced that she did not survive. Chris is scared, but Spike does not care one iota.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

At the cottage, a sleeping Luis is stricken when he hears Fancy calling out for help. Sheridan is upset to witness Luis and Fancy's spiritual connection, while Chris feels guilty about Fancy's predicament. At the cave, an injured Fancy teeters on a ledge in the shaft, coming close to plummeting all the way down.

Kay and Miguel have a heart-to-heart. Kay reveals she spoke to Grace, who forgave her and encouraged her to be with Miguel. In an emotional moment, Kay and Miguel confess their love for one another.

Theresa drags Ethan to the Blue Note storage room so J.T. can divulge the truth about Gwen and Rebecca. When Ethan pulls open the door, he is shocked to find Gwen alone, knocked out and laying unconscious on the floor.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Outside Tabitha's door, Miguel urges Kay to tell Fox that the wedding is off because she is in love with Miguel. Inside, Fox passes by a window and see them together. Julian walks in and they both watch as Kay and Miguel share an embrace. In Gwen's room, she and her mother count a large amount of cash and Gwen berates Rebecca for bashing her on the head so forcefully. Rebecca says she had no choice. She had to distract Ethan away from JT, so knocking her out and blaming it on Theresa was the only way, and it worked. They do not have enough money for JT Gwen says out loud just as Ethan walks in and says "What was that about JT?" Theresa starts taking a lot of money out of the safe. Someone walks in and she thinks it is Whitney. Theresa starts talking about getting Ethan back. Instead of Whitney it is Jared. He asks if this is her way of telling him that their relationship is over. Luis is in Sheridan's cottage having a vision of Fancy in the warehouse district. Luis hears her calling him. Chris knows that Fancy is alive and goes looking for her. Fancy is in a shaft of an old mining tunnel. Unconscious, she lies on an unstable bench that is starting to give way and fall down the shaft

Theresa tells Jared that she had intended to tell him in a kinder way, but, yes, she has a chance with Ethan and she wants to take it. At first she thought that she could move on with Jared, but now she has the opportunity to be with Ethan and she has to take it. Jared tells her that he loves her. She says she does not want to hurt him, but she loves Ethan. Jared is stunned and asks if she will be running Crane industries with Ethan. No, Theresa says. She will be giving up the company entirely. Gwen covers both her JT remark and the money deftly enough. Ethan moves on to inquire about her bump on the head, then goes in the next room and goes to sleep. Gwen and Rebecca scheme to get more money. Gwen suggests Rebecca's divorce settlement. Rebecca is reluctant. Miguel tells Kay that he will make her happy. Kay want to know what Miguel will do if Charity comes back. Miguel says that he only wants Kay now. Kay says that she does not want to make a mistake. She cannot make a decision. She leaves to look in on Maria. Julian encourages Fox to kill Miguel. Fox hesitates to take such serious action. Luis wants to know why there is no word on Fancy, when the whole Harmony police force, FBI and state troopers are looking for her. Paloma notices that Chris is gone also. Sheridan leaves the room. Paloma and Luis comment on how nervous Chris appeared. Luis has a trace on Fancy's cell phone and gets a call. Chris is in the tunnel looking for Fancy. He knows she is alive and wants to save her. He feels guilty for leaving her. The flooring under Fancy gives way and she falls.

Fancy's cell phone has been tracked to the caves under the park. Paloma and Sheridan go to the caves with Luis to search for Fancy. Sheridan wonders where Chris has gone. Chris tears away the flooring where he last saw Fancy. He shines a flashlight down. He sees her shoe, but not Fancy. Miguel calls his Mom. Julian and Fox overhear him leave a message telling her that he thinks that he has convinced Kay to be with him. Julian urges Fox to kill Miguel. Fox does not want to kill. He says there must be another way.

Fox tells Julian that even if he did not land in jail, if Kay ever found out that he killed Miguel, he would certainly lose her anyway. Julian reluctantly agrees, but tell Fox he had better hurry if he wants to stop Kay from leaving him. Outside Kay returns to Miguel and tells him that she knows which man she wants to be with. Gwen begs Rebecca to think like a mother and give her the money so that she can hang on to her husband. Ethan dreams about Gwen, who turns into Theresa in his dream. Both women say they are telling the truth to him. Theresa tells Jared that she wants a normal life and she looks forward to leaving the Crane money behind. She says that she is using the Crane money one last time to make her dreams come true and no one can stop her. Jared says what if he changes her mind, and then he kisses her. Luis, Paloma and Sheridan are in the caves. Luis cautions them to be quiet so that they do not alert Fancy's kidnapper. Chris needs a longer rope to reach Fancy who lies on a narrow board suspended from two ropes.

Miguel interrupts Kay before she can give him an answer. Gwen continues to beg a reluctant Rebecca for money. Gwen tells her that they will survive. Rebecca agrees to call the bank president to get the money. Gwen is very happy and looks in on a sleeping Ethan. While kissing Jared, Theresa imagines that she is kissing Ethan and that they have a future together. Jared recognizes that Theresa is elsewhere. Jared says that he cannot fight that, so he offers to help her. He goes to the vault for more money. He just wants to see Theresa happy. She says that she wishes that they had met under different circumstances.

Gwen makes arrangements to get Rebecca's money from the bank. Jared brings vault money to Theresa who gets a call from JT with directions for a meeting. "Are you just going to give this money to someone and buy your happiness with Ethan?" says Jared. "Yes," sighs Theresa. "My dreams will come true." "I just hope it isn't a nightmare," mumbles Jared after she leaves. Fancy is still unconscious on her precarious perch. Luis and Sheridan run into Chris. Luis accuses him of being involved in Fancy's disappearance.

Fox overhears Miguel and Kay and tells Julian that Kay has chosen him. Julian leaves. Kay tells Miguel that he misunderstood her, that she has chosen Miguel, not Fax, as the man she loves and that she will tell Fox. Inside Fox is devastated. Gwen is ecstatic because she has gathered all the money she needs to pay JT to keep the truth-that she and Rebecca are the ones who told JT about Ethan's true paternity-from Ethan, who is still sleeping. Gwen leaves, telling Rebecca that she has to cover in case Ethan wakes up. Jared offers to go along as protection, but Theresa says that she has to go alone. Theresa tell Jared that she hopes that the truth will set her free and that tomorrow she will wake up with the man of her dreams. Luis threatens Chris while Sheridan begs him to let Chris explain what he is doing in the caves. Where is Fancy?" Luis demands from Chris, who says that he does not know. Luis starts calling loudly for Fancy. She is close and hears him. "Luis, I'm here," she answers weakly. The rope holding her up is frayed and starts to unravel.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Outside the front door of the Crane mansion, Kay and Miguel plan their future together. Fox is spying on them from the bedroom window. Fox knows he must take drastic measures to keep Kay from breaking their engagement.

Luis, Paloma and Sheridan continue their search for Fancy and make their way to the tunnels below the Crane grounds. To their surprise, Chris is already there with ropes and flashlights. Chris tells them that because of the clues Luis received in his vision of Fancy, he was able to figure out where Fancy was. Luis is skeptical of Chris' reasoning and accuses him of knowing that Fancy was there all along.

Theresa and Gwen arrive to JT's hotel room. They realize that JT is playing each against the other. JT invites them into his room and tells them that whoever has brought the most cash, will win Ethan. Meanwhile, Ethan is at the local bed and breakfast sleeping. Rebecca is 'babysitting' Ethan for Gwen while she's out trying to pay off JT. Rebecca wonders how she's going to keep Ethan from waking up and realizing that Gwen is gone.

Kay decides to tell Fox their engagement is off. She and Miguel proceed up the steps of the house to the bedroom where Fox is. Fox starts his plan in motion by opening the door to the bedroom before Kay and Miguel get there. Fox takes the cord out of the phone and begins his phony conversation with a doctor. Kay and Miguel overhear Fox get news that he only has a few months to live. Kay tells Miguel she can't tell Fox that it's over. Miguel thinks the timing of Fox's news is a bit curious.

Luis, Paloma, Sheridan and Chris are able to locate Fancy. Luis passes Chris' rope through the floor opening to Fancy and tells her to tie it around her waist. Fancy has a hard time getting the rope tied properly. Paloma knows time is of the essence and begs Luis to get Fancy to hurry up. Chris in the meantime has a flashback of him and Spike talking about Fancy possibly being able to ID the both of them. Chris steps on a board and it falls down in the hole where Fancy is holding on. She's able to keep the board from hitting her but before Luis is able to pull her to safety, the platform breaks and Fancy falls deeper into the hole.

JT continues counting all the money that Theresa and Gwen has put before him. Gwen tells Theresa that she'll never have Ethan because she's sold all her grandmother's jewelry and took the money that Rebecca got from her divorce settlement from Julian in order to pay JT to divulge his secret. Theresa can't wait to prove Gwen wrong. JT double checks his figures and tells an elated Theresa that she's the winner by $100.00. Gwen is livid that she's short $100. Theresa tells JT it's time to go the bed and breakfast to tell Ethan that Gwen and Rebecca are two lying rich bitches.

Rebecca is fantasizing of a sexcapade with Ethan. She understands, though, that even though mothers would do some things for their daughters, this would not be one of them. Rebecca takes the $100.00 Benjamin Franklin bill out of her brassiere that she took from Gwen's tote bag before Gwen left to meet JT. Rebecca doesn't realize yet she just cost Gwen a future with Ethan.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fox sees Miguel and Kay together and decides to play a trick on Kay so that she can choose to marry him instead of Miguel. He pretends as if he has only six months to live by staging a phone call to give the appearance that he was talking to his doctor, but the phone was off the hook. Kay feels sorry for Fox and tells Miguel that she cannot marry him. Fox is making Miguel & Kay feel guilty by telling Miguel that he regrets all the disagreements that they've had between them because life is too short. He tells them that he had a lot of stuff on his mind. Despite Fox's behavior and Kay's willingness to go ahead with the marriage to Fox, Miguel still wants Kay to tell Fox her true feelings, and he wants Fox to know right away.

Luis is trying to rescue Fancy, but she did not have the rope tied around her waist tight enough for Luis to pull her to safety. Fancy falls further into the mineshaft. Luis jumps to her rescue without securing himself first. Sheridan is afraid that Luis might not survive the fall. Luis manages to survive the fall and Fancy is grateful. Sam tells Luis that help is on the way; however, it may take a few days or a week, maybe. Luis and Fancy fall much further into the mineshaft, and Sam tells Sheridan and Paloma that they could die on impact. Fortunately, Luis is ok, but Fancy is hurt badly. Luis tells Fancy to hold on and tells her that he loves her.

Rebecca is still pretending to be Gwen while Gwen is out paying off JT. Ethan is awake and wants to talk to Gwen, but Rebecca doesn't know what to do. If she leaves, Ethan will see her, In the meantime, Rebecca hopes that Gwen is having better luck with JT. Gwen is disappointed that she lost by $100. Theresa had more money to pay off JT. Theresa tells Gwen to look on the bright side since she gets to keep her money. Gwen tells her to go to hell, and Theresa tells her that she will go to Ethan instead. Theresa gloats and tells Gwen that she has her memories to keep her at nights, but she (Theresa) has Ethan. Gwen calls Rebecca at the B&B and tells that it's over and she has lost Ethan. Rebecca tells her that all she has to do is keep Ethan away from Theresa. Theresa tells JT that it's fate because she will finally have Ethan after chasing him for eight long years. Gwen finds out that Rebecca kept $100 of the money, and she blames her for losing Ethan to Theresa. Gwen is running scared and tries to talk Ethan into taking a trip with her. She calls it an adventure. Theresa finally shows up with JT at the B&B, but Rebecca refuses to let her see Ethan. Ethan tells Gwen that if there is one thing that could keep them apart is Theresa, especially if she has been lying about JT Cornell all this time. Theresa manages to get by Rebecca and heads to Ethan's room and tells JT to meet her there. Theresa gets to Ethan's room and tells him that Gwen has been lying to him all these years. She proceeds to tell Gwen to start packing because her time with Ethan is over.

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