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Dixie and Tad nervously awaited the results of Emma's DNA test. Babe was furious with Josh for telling JR about their one night together. JR was in critical condition after he jumped through the window of Josh's room while intoxicated. Jack confronted Erica about Jeff.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, November 6, 2006

Kendall and Zach were at the new house. Zach was still adamantly against buying the house. Kendall asked why, but Zach did not want to talk about it and left. Zach then took Kendall to ConFusion for a drink. Zach said he would explain his issues with the house once they had a drink. So, they sat down and Zach said the house looked exactly like the one he grew up in. Zach said he remembered waiting for his father by the stairs and could not handle the memories. Zach said he would buy or build Kendall any other house she wanted. Kendall agreed to find another house. Then, Zach drew a sketch of a new house. Kendall stated that by the time they built this house, Spike would no longer need a nursery. Zach explained that the nursery would be for their baby. Kendall was pleased by this and said that with time they would be ready to have a child.

Julia went to ConFusion and saw Tad. She asked about his progress with Emma. Tad explained that Annie agreed to a DNA test. Julia was happy. Then, Jamie came in to meet Tad. Julia and Jamie awkwardly said hello and then Julia went to a table with her girlfriends for a girls' night out. Jamie and Tad then sat down, but Jamie could not stop looking at Julia. Tad encouraged Jamie to pursue Julia. So, Jamie approached Julia at the bar. Jamie asked about her and Josh. Julia said it did not matter because Jamie was such a player. Then, Julia walked away and Jamie returned to Tad. Tad laughed at Jamie's shortcomings with Julia and joked that Jamie was not a Martin.

Krystal and Adam were at home talking about their baby. Adam stated he was going to adjust his will to ensure the baby and Krystal were provided for. Krystal told him not to change his will. Krystal explained that she did not want to think about raising their daughter alone. She said it may be superstitious, but she did not want to tempt fate with a will. Then, Colby came in and they asked her to celebrate with them. However, when Colby heard the baby was a girl, she was not happy. So, Colby stormed away instead of celebrating. Meanwhile, JR and Babe were upstairs. At first, JR did not believe Babe's admission of guilt. He thought Babe was lying to get back at him for all the hurt he caused her in the past. Nevertheless, Babe asserted she had a one nightstand with Josh. JR looked stunned. He was upset that he believed Babe instead of Colby. Then, Colby came in the room with Little Adam because he was crying. Babe went to take Little Adam, but JR grabbed him first. Colby then realized JR found out the truth. Then, Colby left and Winifred took Little Adam. Babe tried to convince JR she loved him and JR recalled their many ups and downs. Babe asked if JR could forgive her. JR then asked if she really told Josh she loved him. Babe admitted she did, but said it was not the same love she felt for JR. JR had tears in his eyes and ran out. Meanwhile, Colby went back downstairs and told Krystal and Adam what happened. They did not believe Colby until they saw JR leave with Babe chasing after him. Adam immediately left to find JR. Then, Babe explained that Josh told JR about the affair and that she could not deny it. Krystal urged Babe to stay home, but she left to find Josh to warn him. Meanwhile, Adam went to Josh's hotel room looking for JR. However, Adam did not see JR was hiding in the bathroom. And, once Adam left, JR came out and imagined Babe and Josh in bed together. Then, JR went to the mini bar and began to drink the liquor!

Josh and Erin were at ConFusion. Josh asked if she was still interested in him. Erin admitted that she hit on Josh many months ago to help JR. Still, they decided to go onto the rooftop together. They began to kiss. However, Josh was hesitant about hurting Erin. Erin said she wanted to be touched and did not expect a relationship. They continued to kiss, but Josh eventually stopped. Erin assumed it was because of Babe and Josh admitted he was still stuck on Babe. So, Erin went back to the bar where she saw Babe come in. Erin told Babe where Josh was. Babe went to the roof. Then, when Babe saw Josh, she slapped him and called him a son of a bitch!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Bianca offered to stay with Erica and Jeff and help clean up, but Erica sent her home. Erica basked in her success and Jeff told her that the evening didn't have to end. As they sat, Erica told Jeff she felt like she had reconnected with herself and he said he felt like he reconnected too. Adam walked in just as they were about to kiss and blamed them for Josh's actions. Adam wanted to know where Josh was and Erica told him that she and Jeff would handle it. Erica told Adam that he was a curse on his children and has doomed them all.

Jack, at Lily's hospital bedside told her that everything would be fine. Jonathan was waiting out in the hall and Jack said if he wanted to see her it needed to be before she awoke. Brooke and Jack sat outside Lily's room and talked about kids and life. Brooke asked about Erica's party and Jack explained that Erica offered to go to the hospital but he told her to stay at her party. Jack told Brooke that Erica and he were fine. He said that he wanted things to be normal and again and Brooke asked if Erica was moving home soon.

Krystal waited to hear any word about J.R.'s whereabouts. In the meantime, Krystal asked Colby why she was hell-bent on getting her out of Adam's life. Krystal told Colby that her dad loved her and she didn't have to be a brat out of hell. Colby then told Krystal that she also knew about her and Tad. Krystal told her she knew nothing.

Babe reamed Josh for telling J.R. that they slept together. Josh realized that J.R. now knew the truth and he told Babe that she was in danger. Josh told Babe that J.R. was out and he was in. Josh said he told J.R. about the affair for her and that J.R. was out there craving revenge and she knew it. Babe said that she and J.R. had an amazing future together and he would not mess it up. Again, she told Josh that she loved J.R. and that he was her life. Babe then regretted telling the truth, but said it was too late. Josh told her that none of this was her fault and that J.R. was an idiot.

J.R. downed an incredible amount of alcohol while waiting for Josh at The Valley Inn and when he opened the door, Bianca was there. She realized that J.R. was drunk, very drunk. Bianca asked J.R. what he wanted with Josh and he told her that Babe had slept with Josh. He became rather vulgar and Bianca picked up the phone to call Adam. After he ripped the phone out of the wall, he told that someone had to pay. Bianca told J.R. that she had to get back to Miranda and J.R. rattled on about no hope, no love and someone had to pay. He asked Bianca if she knew about Babe and Josh and then accused her of wanting revenge. She told him his imagination was working overtime. Bianca picked up her cell phone but J.R. took it away. She told him she would scream and they would put him in jail. Bianca tried to talk him down and he said that he hated what he did to her and Kendall. Bianca told him not to play the innocent victim with her. She told him that life is tough and to deal with it. Bianca told J.R. that Babe loved him but he told her that Babe made him look like a fool. Bianca said that if Babe left him, it was no one's fault but his own. J.R. told Bianca to shut up, but Bianca continued. Just then, Erica came in and told J.R. to stay away from Bianca. She told J.R. that he was drunk and disgusting and that he would never hurt anyone she loved again. J.R. raised a hand to Bianca and Erica pushed him. Bianca blocked the door and told J.R. he was not leaving to hurt someone. J.R. did the reasonable rational thing and jumped through the glass patio doors.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Due to ABC News coverage of an address by President Bush, extended election coverage and reports on the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, today's episode of All My Children was pre-empted.

However, ABC plans to rebroadcast the missed episode tomorrow, Thursday, November 8th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of the preemption, but for a short time the show will be one day "behind" in its broadcasts.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Erica and Bianca block the door, keeping JR from exiting. He makes a hasty decision to make his own escape route by throwing himself through the window. Bianca rushes over to find out if he is okay and panics at what she sees JR, bloody and unconscious on the ground several stories below. As Bianca grabs the phone and makes a call to the emergency medical service, Erica calmly walks over to the window. In doing so, she sees her son approach JR's lifeless body, attempting to ascertain what happened. He leans close to JR's body and discovers that he is still breathing. Up in the room, Bianca continues to give the dispatcher information as Erica runs out of the room. She reaches the alley in record time, and she and her son share an unexplainable look. She then tells him that she and Bianca found JR is Josh's room, drunk, and ready to hurt Josh. She tells him that Bianca wouldn't let him out of the room to do that, so he jumped. Josh tells her that with the rate of bleeding, JR was in need of fast medical attention. Erica tells him that Bianca called 911, but Josh admits he isn't sure JR will last long enough for them to arrive. They exchange another look, and then the doctor in Josh launches into action. Bianca shows up moments later, and joins her mother in watching Josh try to save JR's life. Bianca asks if there is anything they can do to help and Josh quickly asks her to hand him a stick to use. The EMTs arrive then and try to call Josh off so they can work on JR, and Josh loudly declares that they will not take JR anywhere until he is done with him. He informs them that JR is bleeding out and that he will not make it to the hospital if they don't stabilize him where they are. One EMT tells him that they are not authorized to do surgery, but Josh tells them that he is a doctor, and starts to bark out orders that will help him repair some of the damage. Josh finishes his procedure, and notes that JR should be okay long enough to get to the hospital. He gives the EMTs instructions on how to call the situation in and what they should tell them to have ready when they get to the hospital. As they get JR prepped for transport, Erica gives Josh his jacket back and suggests that he go up to his room and get cleaned up. Josh walks off without so much as a word, and Bianca tells Erica that she should just let him go. They watch the EMTs take JR to the ambulance, and Bianca speculates what would happen if JR died. Then, a second set of sirens approach and two officers get out of the car and inform the Kane women that they need to ask questions about the accident.

Babe asks Adam if he had managed to find JR, but Adam admits that after looking everywhere that he could think of, his son was nowhere to be found. He then asks how JR could have found out about her affair, and Babe admits that she told him. He berates her for doing so, saying that she effectively destroyed JR. Babe insists that she had to admit what she had done since Josh had started the ball rolling by saying as much to JR. She goes on to say that when JR asked her directly, she couldn't lie. Adam laughs dryly, mocking her for choosing this one time to believe that she couldn't lie to her husband. He reminds her that she hooked him with a lie, and tells her that she has kept him that way by continually feeding him lies. He runs down her laundry list of untruths that she has used since meeting JR on the pier in San Diego and blasts her for all of the damage that she has done. He tells her that he believes she had a plan to set JR up to do something crazy so that she could take their son and JR's money and live happily ever after with Josh. Babe denies it, and tells him that what he believes doesn't matter since they can't find JR. Adam doesn't want to let it go but Jeff unexpectedly appears on the roof with them and demands that Adam back off. Babe tells Jeff that she can take care of herself but her words don't stop Adam and Jeff from going at each other. Adam is beyond angry that Jeff's son was stupid enough to sleep with JR's wife, and Jeff is worried about JR and his desire to take Josh down for what he did. Their voices escalate and the two men almost come to blows. Babe steps in between then and tells them that there is more than enough trouble without them fighting. Jeff takes a step back and asks if she had seen Josh. She tells him that Josh was here earlier but that she doesn't know where he is now. Adam is set to launch into a whole new tirade when Josh shows up, his shirt still covered in blood. Jeff immediately asks if the blood belongs to his son, but Josh quickly admits that the blood is JR's. Adam launches himself at Josh, demanding to know what happened. Josh informs everyone about JR being drunk, almost attacking Bianca, and throwing himself out the window. He then tells them that JR is still alive but barely, and is probably at PVH. Adam takes off, and Jeff quietly tells him that if he needs anything, to call. He leaves as well, and Josh blocks Babe's way. He tells her that JR's actions should demonstrate clearly why he thought he needed to tell JR about their affair. He wants Babe to see JR for the dangerous person that he is but Babe rejects the notion, tearily running out the door.

Annie wakes Ryan up suddenly, and tells him that it just hit her that Emma could be Tad's child. She is certain that she gave birth to Emma, but since she conceived her daughter through an anonymous sperm donor, anything is possible. Ryan tells her that he can't envision Tad ever walking into a sperm bank and donating, and then admits that he did the very same thing once upon a time for money. Annie finds the tale amusing, and Ryan tells her that there are many things he did to keep the money flowing. Just then, he sees Emma standing along the wall, and when he points it out, Annie snatches her little girl into her arms. She asks why Emma is out of bed and Emma tells her that she got scared when she saw that her Mommy wasn't there, and that she wanted to make sure they never got separated again. They take her back up to bed and read her a story until she falls asleep again. When they come back down, Ryan chats about the story they read but soon notices that Annie is distracted. He asks what is on her mind, and she tells him that knowing the kinds of things that Greg was capable of, and knowing how overwhelming the experience of giving birth was, she had to think about the possibility that Emma is actually Kate. Ryan tells her to leave the monsters in the story book, but Annie tells him that she needs to consider every possible option including the one where her baby didn't make it and Greg pulled a switch, giving her Tad and Dixie's daughter instead. Ryan tries to assure her that Emma is hers simply because she knew details of the birth that she wouldn't know otherwise, and the nurse at the hearing backed her up. Annie tells him that the waiting is making her crazy and is sending her head to all sorts of places. Ryan offers to take her on a ride by reading her a story from the same book that they read to Emma. She takes him up on his offer, and he reads to her until he thinks she is asleep. He tries to prematurely end the story but she wakes up when his voice stops and challenges him on an aspect of the book. They are both certain that they are correct, so they make a bet and go to look it up on the internet. They find out that Annie is correct and Ryan makes good on his bet. They then see that there is another notation under the word they looked up, which is a case where the mother carries two types of DNA and may not initially match the DNA of her children. Annie's face registers her shock as Ryan reads the case listed with the definition.

Tad plays a card game at the casino, citing 100-1 odds that Emma is really Kate. Overhearing the suspicion, Zach notes aloud that those kinds of odds are definitely high-stake. Zach takes over for the dealer, and inadvertently becomes Tad's sounding board. As Zach deals the next round of cards, Tad tells him that in 12.5 hours, they will find out if Emma is really Kate. Zach stays silent on that issue, simply asking if Tad would like another card. Tad looks at his cards and finds that he has 21. He flips over the cards and Zach tells him that perhaps his luck is changing. Tad gets another 21, and blames it not on luck but on Zach dealing from the bottom of the deck. Zach tells him that you can't wait for luck to happen you have to create it yourself. Tad tells him that things didn't work out so well for him the last time he tried to do that. Zach tells him that some time ago, he believed that Tad was only a self-righteous jerk, nothing more. Tad tells him the label doesn't apply anymore, and then agrees to another hand. He goes on to admit that Dixie promised not to sue for custody even if the tests come back positive. Zach points out that Tad doesn't seem happy about the decision and Tad tells him that he didn't get a vote when Kate was born but he does now. Zach commiserates with him briefly, saying that he also had a right to his child but his father saw to it that his choice was taken away. Tad asks if Zach agrees with him about fighting for custody, but Zach denies it saying that he isn't an expert on kids or family. They play additional hands and Tad's winning streak continues, honestly this time. Zach mentions that Tad is beating the odds and Tad tells him all he needs to do is repeat that feat when the test results come in.

In a nightmare, Dixie is awakened by a child's giggling. She calls out, using both Emma and Kate to get the child's attention. The laughter continues for a moment and then begins to fade. She panics, pleading with the child not to leave her. That fear causes her to actually wake with a start, and she looks around frantically trying to determine what's actually real. She calls her sister over, and Di shows up a short time later. Di doesn't know if it would be helpful, but she asks Dixie to tell her about the dream. Dixie does just that, and while doing so, realizes that the specifics of the dream could be used to describe Greg Madden's coffin. Di advises her not to let Greg continue to torture her now that he is dead. Dixie fills her sister in, saying that the entire time that she was searching for Kate, she was shut down to the point that she let everyone think that both she and her daughter were dead. When she arrived in Pine Valley and had to tell Tad that they were both alive, but that she didn't have their daughter because she chose to give her away instead of giving her to Tad, she believes that she broke him. She wonders aloud if her actions were enough to drive Tad to torture Greg. Stunned at the revelation, Di attempts to reject it, saying that the Tad that she loved couldn't have been responsible for Madden's death. Dixie tells her that it is true, and Di asks if Tad admitted it directly. Dixie confirms as much, and then says that she didn't know what to do when he did. She wanted to run away and pretend that she didn't know that a man that good could be pushed so far. She laments that she did nothing, and notes that Greg still tortures her. Di reminds her that Greg is dead, but Dixie tells her that every night she hears his voice in her head, telling her that she will never get her daughter back. Di tells her that everyone makes mistakes and that just because she didn't do something different to keep Tad from killing Madden does not mean that she is in for a lifetime of karmic paybacks. Dixie relents a bit and then admits that at least she did something right by saying that she wouldn't fight Annie for custody if Emma is really Kate. Taken aback once again, Di insists that Dixie work something out with Annie because it isn't fair that Dixie spend all of this time searching and sacrificing to not have her daughter in her life. They talk a little bit longer and then Dixie vents her frustration about the length of time it takes for DNA tests. Di suggests that Dixie try to make her mind stop racing and although she initially resists, Di is eventually able to convince her to try to sleep.

The medical team arrives at the ER with JR on a gurney and gives the crash team his stats quickly before they take him into a cubicle and prep his for surgery.

Back at the Valley Inn, Bianca tells one of the officers that she didn't think JR realized how high up they were, and that before she realized it, he ran for the French doors and threw himself through. He thanks her, and Erica, having finished with the other officer at the same time, comes over to check on her youngest child. Bianca beats up on herself for not simply letting JR go. Erica tells her to stop blaming herself, instead noting that JR mixed with alcohol is never a good thing, and that it is the only reason he did what he did. Bianca recounts part of their conversation that they had before Erica showed up, and notes that his mood swings and irrationality should have been enough to tell her that she should have let him go. Erica reminds her that JR pushing her off the balcony in Florida and toppling the construction materials on to Kendall and Spike were instances where fault was to be had. She tells Bianca that if she hadn't prevented him from leaving the window, he would have gone after Josh and done something as bad, if not worse. She says decidedly that JR will not harm anyone in their family again. In somewhat of a haze, Bianca tells her mother that she has to go to the hospital to see how he is doing. Erica tells her that she should let it go because dealing with JR has to end somewhere. This doesn't really register with Bianca, and she wanders off to make her intentions reality.

Adam arrives at the hospital a short time later and gives his unconscious son a pep talk before he goes into surgery. Julia helps to keep the exchange brief by reminding him that JR needs to get into the operating room as soon as possible. She walks with the medical team out into the hall where she runs into Bianca. Bianca asks if JR will make it but Julia is unable to make that call. She tells Bianca that he will be in surgery for several hours and then takes her leave. Babe arrives just then and when Bianca turns around and sees her, she passes the news of the surgery on. Adam joins them in the hall and blames JR's injury on Bianca then asking what she did to him. Bianca asserts that she didn't push JR through the window and tells him that she believes JR was too drunk to realize what was actually going on. Adam walks off, and Babe asks if Bianca is okay. She admits that she isn't great, and that JR charging at the window and the sounds of the glass breaking and his body hitting the ground was almost too much to take.

Di tells wishes her sister good night, turns off the light and leaves the room. Seconds later, the phone rings and she finds Adam on the other end, telling her that JR had been in an accident.

Babe finds Julia and asks if she can give any more truthful details about JR's prognosis. Julia obliges, saying that while JR was stabilized before he went into the OR, he did lose a lot of blood and she isn't sure if he will make it or not.

Back at the accident site, Jeff finds Erica still there amongst the debris. When she spots him, she tells him that it could have been Josh that went through the window and that they could have lost their son again. Understanding her feelings, Jeff says nothing and simply wraps his arms around her.

Still on top of the roof of Fusion, Josh mentally revisits Babe confessing her love for him, him telling JR the truth about the affair, Babe lashing out at him for not keeping their secret, and Erica recounting JR's intentions.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Jackson comes to the hospital to check on Bianca and Erica, but Erica is not there. Bianca tells Jackson she feels responsible for JR's accident because she got into a fight with him. Jackson tells Bianca she is not responsible for JR's actions. Jackson also reminds Bianca that JR may have pushed her over the balcony in Florida. Bianca says she does not know if JR pushed her, but when JR threatened to hurt Josh, those memories came back and angered her. Jackson tells Bianca to go home, see Miranda and rest while he stays at the hospital and checks on Lily. Bianca refuses to leave the hospital until she knows JR is going to live.

Babe and Adam wait at the hospital as JR is in surgery. Krystal comes to the hospital and tries to comfort Adam and Babe, but Adam immediately blames Babe for JR's injuries. Adam tells Babe that he is going to take custody of Little Adam so she never sees him again. Krystal stands up for Babe and gets Adam away when Tad walks in the hospital. When Dixie and Di come in, Dixie immediately verbally attacks Babe for hurting JR. Jamie comes to the hospital and Julia tells everyone JR is still in surgery.

Once alone, Adam reams on how Babe has torn JR's life apart while David overhears in another room. Krystal tells Adam that JR is an alcoholic, a disease that drove him to be suicidal. Adam tells Krystal he will rot in hell before Babe and Josh raise his grandson. Krystal says she loves Adam, but if he takes Little Adam away from Babe, then she will take their child away from him. Krystal tells Adam she is serious and goes to comfort Babe.

David asks a nurse about JR's condition, then overhears Dixie sobbing to Tad. Tad assures Dixie they will not lose JR or Emma, if she is their daughter. Tad says that if Emma is their daughter, he will make sure they get to be a part of her life.

Erica tells Jeff that she needs to find Josh, so she goes to his room, but it is empty. Jeff tells Erica she is trying to ignore the kiss they almost shared earlier, which indicates she is not happy with Jackson. Jeff tells Erica he is falling back in love with her, but Erica figures Jeff is just looking for another family since Mary died. Jeff says his feelings have nothing to do with Mary's death. Erica gets overwhelmed by Jeff's revelations and leaves. She goes to the hospital and asks Bianca and Jackson about JR.

Josh goes to Kendall's house, still wearing the shirt stained with JR's blood. Kendall assumes that Josh killed JR so she tells him they can fly him out of the country. Josh tells Kendall about JR's accident and that he tried to save him. After Josh gets cleaned up, he tells Kendall what happened with Babe when she found out he told JR about their affair. Kendall says Babe should be thanking Josh for saving her from JR, but Josh warns Kendall not to blast Babe. Kendall asks why he came to see her and Josh admits he didn't want to be alone. Josh tells Kendall he could have let Josh die, but Kendall thinks it was the doctor instinct inside of him. Kendall takes Josh to the hospital to check on JR.

Everyone gathers together in the hospital and when Josh walks in, Adam punches him in the face. Jeff steps in to defend Josh, but Adam punches him. Everyone starts fighting to defend Babe and Josh, but no one sees eye to eye. Babe tells everyone that she is responsible for wrecking her marriage and JR's accident. She walks away and Josh goes after her, even though Jeff tries to stop him. Jamie tells Julia that although Josh is his cousin, he will always choose JR first. Jamie tells Julia that the relationship they shared was not a casual thing and he wants her back. Tad leaves the hospital and Jackson watches as Erica cares for Jeff's wounds. Bianca tells Kendall that although she does like what JR did, she can understand how he felt because Maggie cheated on her. Bianca says she told Maggie to work out her feelings instead of staying in Paris and fighting for their relationship. Jackson tells Erica that she can move back home now that the party is over, but Erica says there are other projects at work she wants to work on. Jackson asks Erica if she is staying at the hotel to be close to Jeff, but Erica walks away. Adam tells his lawyer to gear up for a custody battle, although he isn't sure if it's for his future child or Little Adam. Josh finds Babe crying in a chair, but she tells him to leave her alone.

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