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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on GH
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Monday, November 6, 2006

Jason, Sam, and Detective Rodriguez are talking about Ric and how Jason and Sam think he set them up. Just then Ric walks in and Det. Rodriguez pulls his gun on Sam and Jason. Ric grabs the gun and shoots at Jason, but he misses and Jason and Sam escape. Ric is furious with Rodriguez for letting them get away and he demands to know which side Rodriguez is on.

Several of Port Charles' couples are out enjoying their evening at the Haunted Star, including Nikolas and Emily, Carly and Jax (and Sonny), Skye and Lorenzo and Patrick and Robin. Sonny and Jax are playing cards while Carly looks on. Sonny bets all of his chips and then ups the ante by betting the Maserati. Jax counters Sonny and writes a big check and talks about betting the Metro Court. Carly is disgusted with both of them and she tells them they need to grow up and she gets up to leave. As she is walking away her cell phone rings and Michael is on the other end upset because he has a stomachache. Carly thinks Michael is faking it because he knows she is out with Jax so she tells him to have Leticia give him ginger ale and she will be home in a little while. Sonny gets mad at Carly for not taking Michael seriously and he leaves to check on Michael. After Sonny leaves, Carly lets Jax know that she is upset that he is playing into Sonny's games. Jax reassures Carly that she is the only important thing in his life which makes Carly happy. They decide to go home and check on Michael.

Patrick and Robin are having a good time gambling and flirting with each other. As they are making a playful bet, their pagers go off simultaneously and they are called into the hospital.

Luke and Laura are at the inn at Beechers Corners and Laura asks Luke to marry her again. Luke cautions her to slow down and take things a little more slowly. Laura interprets this as Luke not wanting to marry her. She points out to Luke that 4 years ago for him is yesterday for her and that nothing has changed regarding her feelings for him. Luke tells Laura that the past 4 years has felt more like 400 years for him. Laura asks Luke how he dealt with everything that happened. Luke told Laura that he took her to every doctor hoping that they could cure her and when he lost hope he continued to visit her all the time because he had to be near her. Laura tells Luke that he is the life that she was meant to have and Luke agrees and tells Laura that he wants to marry her. Laura is so happy that she is crying tears of joy. Luke apologizes for not having a ring for Laura. Laura asks what happened to the ring that she had 4 years ago. When Luke makes a feeble excuse about the hospital not letting her wear it, Laura guesses that Luke threw the ring out. Luke admits that he was angry and he threw it out into the harbor. Laura tells him it is ok and that they can pick out a new ring. Luke tells Laura he bought her a new ring for her birthday 2 years ago to replace the ring he threw away. HE tells her it is at the house in the music box she loves. Laura is so happy and excited that she wants to get the ring now.

Luke and Laura go back to the house and Luke brings the music box with the ring to Laura. Laura admires the stunning ring and Luke decides to do things the right way. He tries (unsuccessfully) to get down on one knee. Luke pledges his love for Laura and asks her to be his wife. Laura says yes and they share a kiss. Lulu walks in and apologizes for interrupting. Laura announces to Lulu that they are getting married. Lulu is surprised and she shoots Luke a questioning look as she congratulates Laura. Luke excuses himself to take care of business at the Haunted Star and Lulu and Laura spend some mother- daughter bonding time together. Laura asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. They discuss lulu's relationship with Luke and Lulu tells Laura that it has been a bumpy road but it is getting better. Laura tells Laura that Luke loves her mote than anything else. Laura vows that they are going to be a family again.

Sam and Jason sneak into Lorenzo's house and are trying to find something about the flash drive on Lorenzo's laptop when they hear Skye and Lorenzo coming in. They hide behind the couch as Lorenzo realizes that his computer has been touched. He picks up the phone and advises the person on the other end to tell the guards to keep an eye on things and keep him informed about what is going on with Jason and Sam. Skye brings baby Lila Rae downstairs and Lorenzo holds her and vows to be a good father the second time around. Lorenzo and Skye go into the kitchen to make a snack leaving the baby in the living room but taking the baby monitor with them. As soon as they leave Jason and Sam come out of hiding and Jason tries to find something on the laptop. Baby Lila Rae starts to cry Jason tells Sam to pick the baby up. Sam picks up the baby and rocks her and coos at her.

Luke walks into the Haunted Star and announces to everyone that the place is closing for the night for a private party and he kicks everyone out. As Nikolas and Emily are leaving Luke stops them and tells Nikolas that he needs to stay because he is calling a family meeting to discuss Laura.

Carly and Jax walk into Sonny's house and find a sick Michael lying in Sonny's lap. Carly and Jax take Michael upstairs to give him some medicine and when they come back downstairs Sonny refuses to leave them alone. Sonny advises Jax that no man will ever take my place with my family.

Bobby, Liz, Emily, Nikolas, and Lulu have all gathered at the Haunted Star at Luke's request. As they are talking trying to figure out what was going on, Luke walks in and tells them that they are there to get their stories straight. While they are talking, Lucky walks in to join them. He reassures a worried Liz that he got special permission from his counselor to be there. Luke tells everyone that he has told Laura that she was in a car accident the night before the wedding. Laura believes that she was driving and Rick Webber was the passenger when her brakes failed and her car crashed killing Rick. Nikolas doesn't feel that it is a good idea to lie to Laura, but Bobby, Emily, Liz, and Lucky agree that Laura is too fragile to handle the truth right now. Nikolas and Lulu reluctantly agree to go along with the accident story. Luke then announces that he and Laura are getting married as Tracy walks in and reminds Luke that he is still married to her.

Laura is at the house napping on the couch when Lesley comes in from the store. Laura shares the news of her engagement to a surprised Lesley. They start talking about the music box and Laura comments on how much she loves it. Lesley tells her that when she was a little girl she would listen to it for hours and that Lesley got so sick of it that she took it and put it in the attic. Lesley pauses as she realizes what she has just said, but Laura does not seem to remember anything. Lesley begins to talk to Laura about how much Rick loved her. Lesley tells Laura that she thinks it is best to leave everything that happened in the past. Later as Laura is looking through a photo album, she comes across photos of Rick and she starts to have memories of being in the attic with Rick.

Robin and Patrick are at General Hospital and Patrick asks Robin to consult on surgery that he is going to perform on a patient who is HIV positive and who was assaulted. Robin agrees to the consult if Patrick lets someone else operate. Robin is concerned that this surgery is very delicate and that Patrick is unnecessarily risking another exposure to HIV. Patrick is furious with Robin and he storms off after telling her that she can scrub in or not but he is going to do the surgery.

Later, after the surgery, Patrick grabs Robin and pulls her aside to talk to her. He angrily advises her that she was out of line for trying to undermine him in the OR. Robin defends herself and tells him that she was only making a suggestion to help the patient. Patrick lets Robin know that he is the surgeon and that when he is operating he is in charge of everything. Robin sarcastically apologizes for caring about him. Patrick tells Robin that they need to keep their personal lives out of the OR. He tells her that she shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that she can tell him what to do just because he is in love with her. Robin is stunned and demands to know what he just said. Patrick tells her that she heard him, and then he repeats that he loves her.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

At the hospital as Patrick declared his love to Robin, she felt that it was just a ploy to get out of the argument that they were having. She stormed out saying that they needed to act like they never had this discussion. She went back to the apartment and shared her frustration with Lainey and Kelly. She let them know that she was afraid because of the risks that Patrick takes with his surgeries but that she loved him.

At Lorenzo's as Jason was trying to send documents to Stan, Sam froze while holding Lila Rae. She asked for help and Jason took the baby from her. As he was holding the baby, Skye came in, and she let them go without letting Lorenzo know that they were there.

While kissing Jax in the living room, Carly wanted to stop because she was afraid that Michael would walk in. Jax let her know that Michael had been spying on them earlier and that he looked fine. He shared with her that he believed that Sonny and Michael would do anything to make sure the two of them did not get married. She let him know that she would not let the two of them stop their wedding. During their conversation, Carly got a call from security at the Metro Court, letting her know that someone had used her pass key to get in one of the rooms. She made up an excuse that one of her friends from high school had come in for a visit, and left Jax so that she could make sure she was settled in alright.

During the family meeting where Luke was convincing everyone that they had to sugar coat their lives, Tracy interrupted them, and asked Luke how he expected to marry Laura if they were still married. She also tried to convince everyone that lying to Laura was not the right thing to do, to which the children agreed that it was not the best route. However, Bobbie and Luke were worried what the possible effects of the truth would have on Laura's mental state, and said that they should do what the doctors said. Tracy said that she wasn't part of the family and would do whatever she wanted. Luke asked to speak to Tracy in private, and when they were alone, Tracy shared how much she cared for Luke. Luke let her know that he appreciated how she treated him and his daughter. She let him know that she wanted to stay his wife, and Luke let her know that money was not the reason why he stayed with her. She also let him know how she felt that Laura had not been the right person for him, and that he needed someone who would let him be the man he was. He let her know that sometimes the magic of love does not make sense, and that he needed to do whatever possible to make Laura's transition to real life as easy as possible. Tracy let him know that getting miracles are not necessarily free, and that he should be prepared.

At Metro Court, Jason and Sam were the ones who had used the key to get into the room. They discussed their next steps, and Sam wondered if they got enough information from Lorenzo's computer. She apologized for freezing up while holding the baby, and Jason was understanding that the death of her baby's 2 year anniversary was coming up. Carly came by to give her support with a first aid kit and money. She offered to help anyway she could, and Jason sent her home letting her know that she needed to stay out of the situation. When they were alone, they reminisced about the night that Sam's baby died. Jason shared his admiration of Sam, and her unwillingness to give up on life. Sam let him know that she still missed her baby, and that she often dreamed about her, but that she was happy that they were together.

Back at Sonny's Jax let Carly know that he figured out that she had gone to help Jason. Carly let him no in no uncertain terms that Jason was her best friend, and that she would always help him, no questions asked. Jax let her know that while their friendship was admirable, all he asked was that she tell him when she was helping Jason and not lie to him. Carly said that was fine, as long as he didn't try to change her mind or call the police.

Robin was letting Lainey and Kelly know her frustrations about her fear of taking chances, and that her fears most likely prevented any chance of her and Patrick truly loving each other. While they were talking, they heard a song wafting through the air, and when Kelly went to the window to investigate, she let Robin know that she should come to the window. Outside, Patrick was waiting for Robin with a huge bouquet of flowers. When she went outside, Patrick shared with her that he loved her, and that he was no longer afraid of it. While she could be argumentative and difficult at times, he was ready to give himself to her. Robin let him know that he had been right when he said that she was afraid. She let him know that when she felt herself getting too close, she would pick an argument to cause distance between them, but now, she didn't want to do that, and she was ready to give herself wholeheartedly to the relationship.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Jax visited Alexis in her hospital room, where she conceded that considering her collapse in the police station, maybe it was a little too soon to try to go back to work. Jax advised his pal to take it easy.

In the cemetery, Ric waited for Sam at the site of her baby's grave, as it was the two-year anniversary of the girl's death. He was convinced that Sam would make an appearance and was determined to capture her. Ric had cops stake out the site and he headed to the hospital, where he met up with Liz. Ric feigned interest in Lucky's condition but was actually fishing for info about Jason. He came up empty, then brought coffee to Alexis. She refused it and they argued over the D.A. position. She vowed to recover in order to take the job away from Ric. He said her illness will not stop him in bringing Sam in.

Lulu ran into Professor Pete at Kelly's, where she mentioned her fear that she might have mental problems in the future like her mother. Lulu opened up about Laura's past and her condition. Pete listened intently and, if she was determined to believe she was going to lose it one day, he advised her to live life to the fullest. He told Lulu that he didn't feel sorry for her because she was too busy doing that for herself. He told her she needs to see the campus production of Streetcar Named Desire to see a great depiction of madness. "Are you asking me out?" Lulu asked. "Consider it extra credit," Pete replied. Across the restaurant, Dillon and Georgie watched the exchange and when Pete left, they quizzed Lulu and were shocked to hear about the "date."

At Metro Court, Sam woke up from a nightmare about her baby dying and Jason comforted her. Across town, Sonny continued to give Carly guff about her relationship with Jax. She got tired of hearing it and left. Carly headed to Metro Court, where she brought Sam some clothes and money. Jason warned her to stay away from them. He vowed he'd protect Sam and himself. Jason ordered Carly to stay out of this mess and she begged him to leave town. Sonny showed up after following Carly, while Mac appeared in the lobby and told Jax that he wants to search the room that's in Carly's name.

After a night of making love, Patrick made Robin breakfast. They were both pleased that Kelly and Lainey had cleared out of the apartment. Robin recounted Patrick's grand romantic gesture from the day before and was tickled when her lover made her favorite breakfast, French Toast. It was delicious. Robin cleaned up and they exchanged, "I love you"s again and kissed. Patrick went to work and Robin filled in her roomies about her Dr. McDreamboat. At the hospital, Epiphany tried to sass Patrick but he smiled and said he knows she's happy for he and Robin. Dr. Scorpio arrived at the hospital and Patrick pulled her into the supply closet for a smooch (and more!)

Jason got Sam out of the hotel before Mac came up, and they made it to a safe house that Bernie and Stan set up. He vowed they'd stay there until they could get evidence on Ric's manipulations.

Back at Metro Court, Jax stalled Mac for as long as possible. When they entered the room, the men found Carly and Sonny making out on the couch. "Do you mind?" Sonny asked. "Some things are too good to give up, even when you're divorced." Jax told Carly they're through. Jax and Carly argued and Jax stormed out. In the lobby, Carly was relieved that Jax understood what was going on and that their fight was just an act. Sonny then pointed out that Carly will have to postpone the wedding, now that Jason's on the run. Carly told Jax she's determined to go through with the wedding as planned, Jason or no Jason. But when the wedding coordinator showed Carly the centerpieces, she pitched a fit and said they wouldn't do.

Jason showed up at the hospital disguised as a doctor and asked Liz for help in getting Ric's cell phone. Liz was able to lift it and get it to Jason. He cloned the phone and handed it back to her. Epiphany witnessed the exchange and chastised Liz for helping a fugitive while she's pregnant.

Sam heard a baby cry and met a neighbor in the building who was carrying her child. Sam assisted the women in getting into her apartment. She then went back into theirs, wrote a note and headed out. Later, Jason returned from his errand, found the note and got upset. Ric's cloned phone rang. Jason listened in as the cops reported that Sam's at the grave site. They moved in and Jason winced as he heard a shot fired.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Luke shows up at Laura's house. She is very happy to see him and they kiss. Laura tells him she wants them to get married on November 16th, the 25th anniversary of their first wedding. Luke wonders if they will be able to plan a wedding within a week's time. Laura tells him she really wants to have it then and at the same place, at the old mayor's mansion. Luke tells her they can't have it there because it is now gone and the property was sold to build some sports complex. Laura mentions having it at the Quartermaine mansion outside near Lila's rose garden. Luke tells her that Lila passed away a couple of years ago. Laura is saddened by her death but is glad that Lila died peacefully in her sleep. Lulu comes home and is happy to catch her parents kissing and seeming so happy. Laura asks Lulu if she is angry at her for not being around for her when she was growing up. Lulu tells her she doesn't blame her for what happened and she is o.k. Laura asks Lulu to help her with planning the wedding. Lulu finds out that they are planning to get married next Friday, on the 16th. She calls her professor to tell him she can't go to the play with him because her parents are getting married. Luke walks outside and overhears her arguing on the phone and telling him that she is cancelling their date and to get over it. Luke assumes she is talking to a date or classmate. Lulu tells him she was talking to her English professor. Luke becomes concerned and thinks she is dating her professor. Lulu explains that it isn't exactly a date and that he wants her to see some play called "A Streetcar Named Desire" because it is similar in subject to what she wrote her term paper on. Luke tells her it was a great play and she would like it. Lulu tells him she can't go because it is on the same day as when he is marrying Laura. Lulu doesn't want to talk about her paper to Luke but he gets her to tell him anyway. Lulu tells him that her paper is about madness. She tells him she is afraid she will get sick like Laura did because there is a genetic link to mental illness. Luke asks her where she got such an idea. Lulu tells him she read it on the internet. Luke talks to her and tries to assure her that what happened to Laura isn't going to happen to her. Laura overhears Lulu tell Luke she is afraid she will go crazy like Laura did. Laura keeps listening and gets a sickening feeling about what really happened four years ago. Later, Luke goes to see Edward at the mansion. He informs him that he got a divorce from Tracy and that he is remarrying Laura next week. Edward is pleased Luke is out of the family and out of his life. Luke asks Edward if they could get married outside in Lila's rose garden. Edward agrees to let them because he and Lila have always been fond of Laura. Meanwhile, Laura starts having flashbacks of talking to her stepfather, Rick Webber about the attic and sees him coming toward her with a syringe of some kind. Laura goes to the old attic and starts to remember what happened when Rick found her in the attic and tried to sedate her. She starts crying when she realizes she killed him by hitting him over the head with a heavy object. Luke comes over to see Laura and the phone rings. Luke talks to someone about the wedding and calls to Laura, thinking she is upstairs. Laura doesn't answer and Luke notices the window is open. Lesley comes home and Luke realizes that Laura must of overheard him talking to Lulu and thinks she went to the attic to try to remember something.

Carly isn't happy with the flower arrangements for the wedding and complains to Jax how she can't have those flowers at her wedding. Jax tells her that they probably shouldn't get married on November 16th now. Carly thinks he is having second thoughts about marrying her. Jax tells her he wants to get married but thinks they should wait since she really wants Jason to be there and he couldn't if they had their wedding next week. Carly tells him that Jason gave them his blessing and that she is fine with him not being there. Meanwhile, Alexis and Sonny discuss Ric. Sonny gets a call on his cell phone from Jason, who frantically tells him that Sam fell into Ric's trap at the graveyard and that one of the cop's shot her. Sonny tells Alexis that Ric set a trap for Sam because he knew that she would probably visit her daughter's grave on the anniversary of her death and that he laid a trap for her to catch her and that a cop shot her. Meanwhile, Jason wants to go and see how Sam is doing at the hospital. Sonny leaves to help Jason and Sam. Alexis calls Jax and asks him to come to the hospital and tells him about Sam being shot. Meanwhile, Sam is only grazed by a bullet and is only bleeding a little bit. Ric calls for an ambulance and insists to the cops that she needs to go to the hospital to get checked out so everything is by the book. Sam yells at Ric for setting her up and accuses him of trying to lay a trap for Jason by making him think she has been hurt badly enough to be admitted at the hospital. Ric orders the EMTs to sedate her when she tries to take a swing at him and calls him a pig. Sam is sedated enough to make her pass out. Sam is brought through the emergency room and Robin and Patrick are paged to the E.R. Robin sees Sam being wheeled in and is concerned about her. She asks the nurse, Epiphany about her but Ric steps in and tells Robin that Sam was sedated because she got a little excited when she was caught. Liz is on duty and becomes concerned about Sam as well. Ric tells Liz that he doesn't want to get her involved and suggests that she get assigned to a different floor. Robin voices her concerns with Patrick that something isn't right about the whole Sam situation. Patrick agrees and suggests she call Mac to find out what is going on. Robin doesn't want to interfere and thinks Mac will call her if he becomes concerned and needs information from her. Ric leaks phony information to the press and they announce on the TV news that Sam was captured and is in critical condition. Sonny shows up at the half-way house that Jason is hiding in and the two of them see the news clip. Jason really gets scared for Sam and wants to go see her at the hospital. Sonny warns him not to play Ric's game and fall into the trap he is setting for him. Meanwhile, Ric makes Epiphany follow his orders and pretend that she is treating Sam when he is actually putting a female undercover cop who looks like Sam to pose as her to set a trap for Jason. Sam is put in some other hospital room. Liz finds her lying in some hospital bed under an assumed name and notices she is heavily sedated and strapped in restraints. Jax and Carly show up at Alexis' hospital room to find out how she is doing and what happened to Sam. Alexis fills them in and needs Jax's emotional support. Carly tells Alexis she needs to stay away from Sam right now when Alexis wants to go downstairs and see if she is o.k. Alexis wants to see about Sam. Carly tells her off for trying to be a mother to Sam after she rejected her because she feels guilty and blames Alexis for putting Sam in this position. Alexis can't argue with Carly and thinks she was right when Jax apologizes for Carly's behavior toward her. Alexis' hair starts falling out while she discusses how she wanted Sam to make the same choices she would have made and wasn't fair to her. Carly goes downstairs and notices how there are cops swarming the E.R. wing posing as hospital personnel. She asks Epiphany if she has seen Sonny around. Epiphany tells her she has seen more cops and mobsters here than she sees in a Joe Pesci movie. Sonny shows up downstairs and tries to get Ric to back off of Sam and Jason. Ric refuses to listen to him and that he will use necessary force to get Jason if he has to. Sonny tries to get Jason on his cell phone but Jason leaves his cell phone on the table at the half-way house because he knows it is probably Sonny calling to try to stop him from going to the hospital. Liz tries to talk to a sedated Sam. Sam tells her that she needs her to warn Jason not to come to the hospital because Ric is trying to trap him. Liz leaves her room and Ric grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth. He tells Liz she wasn't supposed to see Sam and knows too much. Carly hides a gun in her purse and walks around the E.R. Jax shows up also and asks her what she is doing there. Carly isn't pleased that Jax is there and tells him she is fine and to go back and check on Alexis. Sonny comes over to her and tells her to go home. Jason shows up dressed like a doctor. Carly sees him and lets him know she saw him. She pulls out her gun and points it at Sonny and tells him he is going to pay for what he did.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Liz assured Ric she wouldn't blow his trap for Jason. He then got a call that Carly had flipped out in the E.R. "I'll make you pay!" Carly yelled as she trained her gun on Sonny. Jason slipped by during the ruckus and entered what he assumed was Sam's room but was confronted by an armed policewoman. Before she could call for backup, Jason overpowered her. Meanwhile, Ric realized Carly was intentionally causing a diversion and discovered Jason had escaped. Ric then quarantined Carly, Jax and Sonny for questioning, where the guys admonished her for her stunt. Charges against Carly were dropped and she left with Jax.

Liz found Jason and he said he needed her help to get Sam out of the hospital. Jason then took Epiphany hostage and dragged her onto the elevator. Turns out she was part of the charade as Liz disguised Sam and wheeled her out of her room. Ric was infuriated to find Sam was missing while Jason was able to bolt from the hospital. Liz took Sam to a safe place where she was reunited with Jason. Meanwhile, we learned Ric had placed a tracking device on Liz and discovered where they were located.

Since Helena was committed to the same mental hospital as Laura was, the Cassadine fiend charmed an orderly into finding out everything he could about Mrs. Spencer's case history.

Laura recalled her violent confrontation with Rick. Luke burst in and was crushed to find her in such emotional distress. "I killed my stepfather," she sobbed and was terrified of going mad again. Luke begged her to leave with him but she demanded to know the entire truth. "I forced you to confront things you weren't ready to handle," Luke lamented. "I thought I could take care of you." He said they needed professional guidance but Laura said all she ever needed was him. He agreed to help her remember and explained how Rick had been drugging her to forget that she accidentally killed his lover years ago. Laura then recalled on her own how four years ago, Rick tried to drug her again and she killed him with a blow to the head. "It wasn't murder," Luke explained. "It was an accident." Laura begged Luke to forgive himself and they tenderly embraced.

Lulu informed her brothers that their mother was marrying Luke next week. Nikolas reminded his siblings that Luke is still married to Tracy and had serious doubts about how Luke was handling Laura's recovery. The siblings decided to trust Luke and rejoiced about the upcoming wedding. Oops. Helena overheard their conversation and vowed to escape in order to attend the nups.

Alcazar was poised to confiscate Sonny's shipments and ordered his goon to implement a raid. Later, he shared a tender moment with Skye and their daughter. Sonny and his thugs showed up with their guns drawn and started searching the house but Alcazar was able to point a gun at Sonny.

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