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Monday, September 5, 2005

Theresa was in the kitchen, remembering Alistair's attack, when Ethan walked up behind her. She jumped but calmed down when she saw who it was. They started talking, and Ethan wanted to know why she wouldn't press charges against Alistair, as it was obvious that he'd hurt her and would most likely hurt others. Theresa said Gwen and Rebecca didn't think he'd really attacked her, and Ethan replied that he believed Theresa and thought that Alistair needed to be held responsible. Theresa reluctantly told Ethan that she couldn't press charges because then she would have no one who could help her win Ethan back.

Ethan was shocked and dismayed that that was the reason Theresa had teamed up with Alistair. Theresa told him she would rather die trying to get him back than grow old without him. Ethan said he'd never thought she'd be so stupid, but she said she was not stupid, and Alistair would help her get what she needed. Ethan tried to convince her that she would be under Alistair's thumb for the rest of her life, but she said she didn't care as long as she had him. She said she would not leave the mansion until she, Ethan, Jane, and Little Ethan walked out as a family.

Ethan said the whole plot was a waste of Theresa's time because he was not going to leave Gwen. He said Alistair would never help Theresa. He said Alistair couldn't change the way Ethan felt; he couldn't make Ethan divorce Gwen. He told her that at that time, Jane was the only thing binding them. Theresa said their love was everlasting, there was hope for them, and she'd prove it -- by kissing him.

Alistair was in the cottage, yelling for Fancy, who was in bed with Noah, begging Noah to leave so Alistair didn't find him there. Finally, Fancy put on a bathrobe and pretended to have just gotten out of the tub. She yelled for Alistair to hold on while she got dried off then snapped at Noah to leave, but Noah refused to be intimidated by Alistair. An irritated Fancy left him in the bedroom to go see Alistair in the other room.

Alistair greeted Fancy and asked why she was there. He said one of the guards had seen her with a young man and had overheard her plans to return to the cottage with the man. Fancy said that she had been mean to some of the help at the mansion, and it was probably just their way of getting back at her. She said that Sheridan had told her she could stay at the cottage, and she liked it because it was more private than the mansion. Alistair said that he hated it at the cottage and asked if there was someone in the bedroom. Fancy lied that there was not, and Alistair told her she was not a very good liar.

Fancy stammered out that she had taken her date back there, but he had left, and she didn't want him to know who the man was for fear of Alistair scaring him off. Alistair accepted that then started discussing his plans to demolish the cottage. Fancy told him not to, and he said he just didn't want her following in Sheridan's footsteps. Fancy assured him that she would never fall in love with a man who wasn't her "equal."

In the bedroom, Noah, who had been listening, took that to mean Fancy hadn't really enjoyed their evening together and had just wanted to get him into bed. Back in the front room, Alistair apologized for doubting Fancy and was about to leave when Noah knocked something over in the bedroom. Alistair heard the noise and thought Fancy had lied to him about her date.

Tabitha watched in her bowl as Fox walked around after his disastrous date with Kay. All of a sudden, he heard Kay screaming for help, and he ran to find her being attacked by two thugs. He rushed to rescue her and fought the two guys. He was eventually successful in getting them to back off, and they crawled away.

Back at the house, Tabitha was surprised to find herself caring about Fox and Kay's well-being, and the boys in the basement were not happy about it. Kay hugged Fox and thanked him, and they both apologized for their date. Kay said she'd never forget that -- Fox was her hero. They kissed until Kay said she knew somewhere private they could go.

Chris sneaked into the bed and breakfast and, thinking everyone was asleep, made a phone call. He told whoever was on the other line that Sheridan had been suspicious of him at first but had eventually bought his story. He said she was na´ve and trusting. As he told the person on the other line that Sheridan was gullible but not stupid, Sheridan was standing on the stairs, listening in. Chris said the last thing they needed was for her to develop suspicions about him, and he hung up.

Sheridan confronted Chris and, thinking he was working for Alistair, slapped him hard across the face. She screamed for him to admit that he was working for her father and he was not really James's father. Chris tried to tell her he didn't work for Alistair, and Sheridan told him she was not weak anymore and wouldn't be taken advantage of. Chris said she didn't understand.

Sheridan asked how he dared to use James and slapped him again. She screamed that he was as evil as Alistair and yelled for him to stay away from her. She ran off, and Chris followed her. Sheridan locked herself in her room, and Chris pleaded to be let in. He said that everything he had told her thus far had been a lie, but he was ready to tell the truth.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

At Sheridan's cottage, after telling Fancy that she'd better not be lying, Alistair angrily burst past her into the bedroom where Noah had been hiding. He hollered as if he'd found someone, but it was just his frustration at not finding anybody that got the better of him. He kept demanding that Fancy tell him were her boyfriend was, and she insisted that he was gone. He warned her that he'd remove any boyfriend from her life permanently if he wasn't good enough and advised her not to lie about it to him. She told him that she'd introduce him if they ever went out again.

Alistair noticed that Fancy wasn't wearing the new bracelet, and she lied that it was already packed. He was shocked that she was leaving and asked where she was going. She excitedly told him that she was bored with home and was going to go to Paris. He forbade her to go and threatened to cut off all of her credit cards if she so much as crossed the county line. He was glad that she'd gotten home and didn't want her to leave, since she was the only family member that he even liked. She begged him to go to Paris with her, and he sullenly said he didn't think he'd ever travel abroad again. He had something -- or someone -- else keeping him in Harmony.

Fancy pouted and said that her friend Josephine was expecting her for the fashion shows, and he pulled the trump card -- better to disappoint a frivolous friend than him. It wouldn't be forever, he said -- maybe six months. She agreed, and he returned to the mansion. She decided that it was a blessing, since she could find Noah and tell him she was staying, after all. She wondered where he had gone after all his big talk about standing up to Alistair.

Noah, who had changed from tuxedo to casual wear, went downstairs in the Bennett house to find Ivy in the living room. She wanted to counsel him about Fancy, and he wanted to talk to his dad instead, though he said that Fancy was very spoiled and wasn't his type. Ivy apologized about Fancy. He told her that his heart was just fine, but his ego was a little bruised. Noah said he guessed he wasn't as good a judge of character as he'd thought. He'd hoped there was a better Fancy on the inside than the one she showed.

Ivy explained that Fancy's grandfather and his money had influenced her all her life. She explained that she had once been like Fancy, and she had never been happier than when she was with Sam. She shared about a time that he had cooked her lobster on the beach and how it had been the most wonderful date. He remembered his date with Fancy that had been like that and told Ivy that he could never give Fancy what she wanted, and she wasn't happy with simple things. He told her that he should have read the signals Fancy had been putting out because they were loud and clear.

When Noah went out to the kitchen to get some iced tea, Ivy told herself that she'd strangle Fancy with her bare hands for hurting Noah. Fancy knocked on the door, and Ivy chewed her out for breaking Noah's heart. Noah returned with his iced tea. She excitedly sipped his tea and told him about all the hullabaloo with Alistair, not noticing that Noah was acting coolly toward her. She wanted to know why he had taken off but thanked him for doing it so that her grandfather didn't have both of their heads. He asked her very seriously if she really wanted to know, and she agreed. Noah said he'd tell her, but it wouldn't make her happy.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa and Ethan argued in the kitchen about whether or not they still loved each other. Theresa told him that she could prove that he still loved her, and he asked how. She grabbed him and planted several kisses on his eager mouth. He pulled her close then finally pushed her away, saying, "No! Stop!" Theresa asked him not to push her away that night, since she needed to be with someone she loved. He told her he'd asked her to leave the mansion earlier and insisted that she needed to be with her mother.

Theresa swore that if she went home and told her mother what had happened, it would kill her. She asked him to be with her, and he refused because he had a wife and couldn't be with Theresa. She told him that he just felt a responsibility to Gwen, but that they were meant to be together. She put her hands all over his bare chest and talked about the electricity between them. She kissed him and tried to seduce him, and eventually he returned her passionate kisses.

In Theresa's bedroom, their kissing got even more passionate as Ethan sat and then lay on her bed, but then Ethan pulled away and told her that he wasn't going to leave his wife. She begged him to make love to her. He told her that he really did love her and wanted her more than anything, but he wanted her to leave the mansion and said they could never be in a room together by themselves. He told Theresa that he was making his marriage and wife his first priority and left her there. She cried after him, and Alistair walked in to tell her to pull herself together and meet him in his bedroom. She looked terrified.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha told Endora, who was in her high chair, that there wasn't to be any love and romance in their house as long as the "boys" were in the basement, because it was supposed to be a haven of heartbreak and havoc. Fox and Kay made their way to the kitchen door, making out as they walked. They were looking for a place to make love, and Fox asked her not to go to the creepy attic again. They broke through the kitchen door, all tangled together, and were shocked to see Endora and Tabitha still up.

Fox and Kay went upstairs to "check on Maria," and Fox kissed Endora goodnight as they passed. She absolutely squealed with delight, and red smoke shot out of Tabitha's ears because she was so steamed up. She talked herself into calming down, and her steam stopped, but she decided that she'd show Fox and Kay that they had picked the wrong "love shack."

Maria was sleeping in Endora's bedroom, so Kay and Fox headed for her bedroom, and when they started getting intimate, Tabitha made water start dripping from the ceiling. That cooled them off. Endora turned off Tabitha's leaky spell, and just as the two lovers realized it was done, Kay's bed started shaking and collapsed. They put it back together, and Fox put his clothes back on to leave. He looked over at Kay, and she'd turned into an old, white-haired hag.

At the bed and breakfast, Sheridan ran to her room, locking the door, and Chris followed. He wanted to plead his case, and she refused, so he picked the lock. She threatened to call the police and grabbed a baseball bat. He told her he just wanted to explain and said she could call the police when he was through. He promised not to hurt her as she wielded the bat. She asked him what his story was, and he asked her to promise not to breathe a word of it to anybody, or he'd be a dead man. He added that if she shared the story, she could also become a target.

Chris confessed that he wasn't really a journalist. He'd been a financial consultant and had found out several of his clients had been involved in illegal ventures. Maureen had left him because of his activities. His real name was Greg Walton, and he'd ended up in Witness Protection after testifying against his clients for the FBI. As he started to leave her room, Sheridan told him that she didn't believe a word of the story and that he could go to the man he really worked for -- her father -- and tell him that she was never going to be a victim again. Chris denied that he had anything to do with her father.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Sheridan held a bat and yelled at Chris to get out. Chris tried to explain to her that he was in the Witness Protection Program. He asked her to let him prove it to her, and eventually Sheridan agreed to give him five minutes to prove his story. They went down to the computer, where Chris -- or Greg, which was really his name -- proved it to her by showing her different articles from cities around the country that backed up his story. He continued to talk and said he had been in over his head with the mob, and the Feds had put him in Witness Protection.

When Sheridan asked, Chris assured her that of course he had loved Maureen, but he had put making money before his family, so Maureen had left him. He said the thing he had been doing to keep his family safe had actually driven them apart. He told Sheridan that he had failed Maureen but refused to fail James, too, and he asked her to keep his secret so he could keep his son. Sheridan told him his secret was safe with her and explained that she knew firsthand how hard it was to start a life over, and she didn't want to add to his pain.

Chris told Sheridan she was incredible, and he asked her to take care of James if anything ever happened to Chris. Sheridan agreed and said she would fight for him if necessary. Chris told her that his in-laws could fight dirty, but Sheridan told him how dirty the Cranes fought and assured him that Maureen's parents would regret taking her on. She promised to do whatever she could to protect him and James, and they hugged. Chris said he didn't know what he would have done had she not believed him.

Noah talked with Fancy. He told her that he'd left the cottage because she'd told Alistair that she wanted to lead a life of elegance and luxury, and she obviously really didn't care about him. He said there was no need to explain because she was a self-centered, spoiled snob and a liar. Fancy said she'd just told Alistair what he'd wanted to hear, but Noah didn't believe her. He said she wasn't the person that he'd thought she was; she was really a spoiled brat. He admitted that she'd even had him going for a while and asked why she'd lied to Alistair about their relationship.

Fancy claimed that she had lied to protect them both. Noah said she hadn't needed to because in the long run, their relationship wouldn't have worked anyway. Fancy said there was another reason she'd lied -- her grandfather loved her, she loved him, and she didn't want to disappoint him. She also told Noah that she'd decided to stay in Harmony because Alistair had threatened to cut her off from her money if she didn't.

Noah said Fancy could leave, anyway, and get a job. He even offered to help her start her own business, but Fancy didn't want to turn her back on Alistair. Noah said he and Fancy had made a good team back in Vegas, and it was a shame they couldn't stay together. He said goodbye and showed her the door, explaining that he thought it was better if they kept their distance as she so obviously wanted. Fancy protested that it wasn't what she wanted at all.

In the kitchen of the Bennett home, Ivy eavesdropped on part of Noah and Fancy's conversation. When Sam walked in, Ivy told him that Fancy had ruined her big date the night before. Sam sighed that all of his children's lives seemed to be heading downhill -- except for Kay, who he had seen with Fox at Tabitha's house. That worried Ivy, but she tried not to show it. Sam asked if she really thought Fancy and Noah would "hook up," and Ivy said over her dead body they would.

Ivy explained that Fancy was not the right girl for Noah; she wasn't grounded enough. She said that she didn't want Noah to go through what Sam had. Jessica suddenly ran in the door and called for Sam. She hugged him and explained that she wasn't ready to go back to Spike. Sam told her not to worry about giving him a hard time, and it looked like Jessica would be staying for a while -- until she noticed Ivy standing behind Sam. Jessica said that if Ivy was staying, she wouldn't.

Sam calmly told Jessica that in therapy, they had learned that Jessica had to live by his rules, and his rule was that Ivy stayed as his guest. Jessica said that the only rules she had to live by were her own and cried that if Sam chose Ivy over his daughter, then Jessica was never returning. Sam protested that he was not "choosing" Ivy, but Jessica said he was. She said he didn't love her, and he just wanted to control her. She ran off, and Ivy was surprised to see that Sam wasn't going after her. Sam explained that the therapist had said to use tough love. Ivy realized how hard that was for him, and she said she was sorry.

Fox was scared, confused, and disgusted when, with Tabitha's help and to Endora's dismay, Kay looked like an old crone in Fox's eyes. Kay told him to kiss her and make love to her, but Fox was creeped out and backed away from a confused Kay. Back down in the kitchen, Endora conjured up some music for them. In the bedroom, Kay and Fox heard the music, and, to Fox's distaste, Kay started dancing on the bed. He was revolted when she jumped off the bed and planted a kiss on him. When she backed away, he saw her not as an old woman but the way she had been before.

Kay wanted to know what was wrong with Fox, but he couldn't explain it. He said he might have been hit too hard in the head by those thugs. Kay silently realized that Tabitha seemed to have had a hand in it. Fox and Kay started kissing and eventually got back into bed together. Downstairs, Tabitha tried to stop them, but Endora swiftly put a stop to that by binding and gagging her mother. Back in the bedroom, Kay told Fox she would never be someone he was proud to be with. Fox countered that she was amazing and then revealed that he had an idea, but it was a surprise. He said she'd love it.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

At the church, Father Lonigan counseled Martin and Pilar in preparation for them to renew their vows. He asked Martin a tricky question. He wanted to know if there was anything or anyone standing in the way of Martin's commitment to Pilar. Martin was shaken by that, since he'd had a commitment ceremony with Katherine before.

Before Martin could reply, Katherine arrived. She said she was there to light a candle for Eve Russell because her trial was starting, but she was also there to pull Pilar aside and tell her that Alistair had raped Theresa, and Theresa was unwilling to leave the mansion. Pilar was overwhelmed by her anger at Alistair and left quickly to be with Theresa, to try to convince her to leave. She asked Katherine to tell Martin that she'd had to go.

Meanwhile, Martin and Father Lonigan continued to talk, and Martin said he would always love Katherine. Father Lonigan said that maybe they should move to the confessional instead. Katherine walked back in to tell Martin about Pilar leaving and overheard him confess that he was reluctant to renew his vows because of the commitment ceremony with Katherine; besides, he'd been with Katherine longer than Pilar. He said he wanted to renew his vows when he was able to be as committed as when they'd first gotten married.

Father Lonigan told Martin that he couldn't absolve him of his sin of living with Katherine unless he rejected her, and he couldn't enter into the sacrament of marriage without being free of sin. Martin said he was ready to spend eternity in hell. Father Lonigan said he couldn't judge him, and God was merciful. But Martin had to renounce Katherine.

At the Crane mansion Julian and Ethan prepared for Eve's first day in court. Alistair interrupted them to say that one thing he knew for sure was that Eve Russell was going to be convicted and go to jail. He kept baiting Julian, Julian kept rising to it, and Ethan kept breaking them up and reminding Julian that Alistair just wanted them to lose their focus.

Rebecca and Gwen sat in the kitchen, feeding baby Jane breakfast. They grumbled about Theresa living in the mansion, and Gwen said that at least Theresa wouldn't find the proof that Gwen and Rebecca had sent the story of Ethan's paternity to the tabloid. Theresa was walking into the kitchen as Gwen was speaking and triumphantly crowed that she would find that proof. Gwen and Rebecca looked as guilty as sin, but Rebecca tried to put her off the scent of the trail by saying that she wouldn't find proof because it hadn't happened. Rebecca said she really sounded crazy, and Theresa said she wouldn't sound crazy when Ethan dumped Gwen for her and the kids.

Ethan and Julian adjourned to the kitchen for breakfast and caught Theresa's plan to find the proof. Ethan asked them to table the discussion until after the kids had eaten, so he could work on his case. Theresa asked him about the case, and he was pretty confident that the prosecution couldn't prove that Eve was the one who had poisoned the punch. Rebecca, the poisoner, asked him how he could say that, since the only people who had been in the basement had been Eve and Liz.

Julian stood up for Eve, and Rebecca was offended that Julian thought she was upset that Eve was taking him away from her. She said she didn't care as long as he remembered that he was still married to her, whereupon he reminded her that it wasn't for long. Alistair cheerily strode in on the assemblage and declared it a "Walton family moment." Then he pointed out that Julian and his bastard son, Little Ethan, were the only ones in his kitchen that were even related to him. Then he turned the knife in Julian by pointing out that Eve wasn't there anymore because she couldn't make up her mind whether to stay with her lowlife husband or her sugar daddy.

Then Alistair pulled the bracelet that he'd given to Theresa out of his pocket. He informed them all that she had to have forgotten it in the kitchen when she and Ethan had been having such an impassioned conversation. That set Gwen off, since Ethan hadn't mentioned his little "milk and nookies" run to the kitchen in the middle of the previous night. He played it off as an innocent encounter at the cookie jar. As they started to bicker, Ethan suggested that he and Gwen go upstairs, but Alistair encouraged them to stay because he and Theresa would leave to handle business. She balked because the children hadn't finished breakfast, so Alistair bellowed for the nanny to get in there and take care of them.

After Theresa left, Rebecca decided to go take a long, hot bath, but Ethan and Julian asked her to stay. When she went to refill her coffee cup, Gwen asked her if the evidence was no longer around for Theresa to find, and she assured Gwen it was gone, but after Gwen left, she wished she remembered where she'd put it. Ethan and Julian went over her testimony, and Rebecca lied for the hundredth time about the poison punch. Alistair warned her that whether or not Eve went to jail, he was going to divorce Rebecca. She just flippantly told her "pookie" not to try intimidating the witness. Ethan threatened her with jail if she lied on the stand. She left the kitchen to find the disk before Theresa found it.

Upstairs, Theresa confronted Alistair about getting Ethan in trouble and realized he'd been spying on them. She told him that she was done paying him for his help, and if he wanted more, he had to deliver the evidence that would prove that Gwen and Rebecca had sent Ethan's story to the tabloid. He told her that she had total access to the mansion to look for herself. He told her they could meet later to work out her next payment, and she told him she didn't owe him a thing. As he kissed her, he told her to wear the red teddy because he was in the mood for trash. She struck out at him ferociously, and he told her to use that kind of power later.

Pilar found Theresa crying in her room. She denied that Alistair had raped her, but when Pilar touched her, Theresa flinched, and Pilar found welts and bruises on Theresa's back and arms. She told her mother that she was following Pilar's advice and paying the price for something she wanted very much. Pilar angrily said that she'd never taught Theresa to be a doormat or to sell herself. Theresa insisted that Ethan would leave Gwen for her when she found the proof, and Pilar told her that Ethan would never leave Gwen. Pilar seethed as she said there was a price to pay for everything, and Alistair was going to pay for hurting Theresa because Pilar was going to kill him.

At the bed and breakfast, Liz knocked on Eve's door and presented an interesting proposition to her half-sister. Liz would tell the truth in court about not seeing Eve put poison in her punch cup if Eve decided to leave Harmony and never see T.C. or her girls again. Eve didn't want to take the offer, since she was innocent and wanted to stay with her family, but it was very tempting to not have to worry about going to jail. Eve would, as Liz put it, "miss the prison prom," and Liz would have the satisfaction of knowing that wherever Eve was, she would be alone.

Eve said she could never live without her family, and Liz got all up in her face and told her to stop thinking of herself. She reminded Eve how humiliated her family would be when she went to prison. Liz offered Eve a one-way airplane ticket to wherever she wanted to go. Eve couldn't believe how crazy Liz was.

At the courthouse, Gwen joined Ethan, Julian, and Eve. As the bailiff announced that the jury and judge were on their way, Liz strutted through the door, fanning herself with the blank one-way airplane ticket.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Fox learned of Chad's secret to success at Crane Industries -- he'd had Valerie do all his work for him. Fox was intrigued by that, and he and his assistant were talking when Kay ran in, messy from the cannery, and asked what the emergency was. Fox said he needed to talk to her about something important. Kay at first thought he was breaking up with her, but Fox had another surprise: he asked her to work at Crane Industries as his executive assistant. Ivy listened to the exchange from outside the door and thought that she had to stop it.

In another room, Chad complimented Valerie's hard work. They talked about Whitney and Miles, and Valerie tried unsuccessfully to get Chad to see that Whitney was doing the right thing by leaving. She told him to think about the two of them becoming a couple before sending Chad and Miles off to the courthouse.

At the courthouse, everyone was shocked to see that the prosecutor was a chatty, obnoxious, and dangerous woman named Grace Nancier. She had a show called Death Watch on Legal TV and had never lost a case. Eve was understandably panicked. Nancier made her opening statement, saying that she would prove to the jury that Eve had deep, dark secrets she would kill to protect.

Judge Eaton said that the prosecution was to present their entire case before the defense presented theirs, and Nancier called Whitney -- who had been subpoenaed and was testifying against her will -- to the stand. Whitney was sworn in, and Nancier questioned her and got her to admit that because of her mother's lies, she'd had sex with her half-brother and had an illegitimate son with him. After she admitted that, Nancier tried to press further, but Whitney cried that she couldn't take it anymore and ran off.

At the mansion, Theresa managed to calm her mother's rage at Alistair and tell her that once she found the proof, which she was certain was in the mansion, that Gwen and Rebecca had sent the information to the tabloid, she would have all she needed to get Ethan back, and once she paid off her debt to Alistair, she would be able to walk out of the mansion with her new family. Pilar called her foolish, but Theresa didn't listen and instead convinced her mother to search the mansion with her. At the courthouse, Gwen called the nanny to find that Theresa was searching Gwen's room. Gwen begged her mother to reassure her she'd destroyed the evidence.

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