General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 5, 2005 on GH

John arrested Jason to force Sonny to produce Carly. Manny Ruiz opened fire on Sonny's home. Courtney and Nikolas made love. Maxie was determined to find the person who had been drugging young women and photographing them nude.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 5, 2005 on GH
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Monday, September 5, 2005

Due to the Labor Day holiday, this episode of General Hospital was replaced by a professional golf tournament.

Regular programming resumed Tuesday where Friday's show concluded. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Jax ran into Lucky on the docks and warned him to stay away from Courtney. Lucky said he didn't believe that Jax had forgiven Courtney and thought it was all a scam to get full custody of the baby. Liz walked down to the docks and witnessed their argument. She told Lucky to go home then confronted Jax. She told him she was going to choose to believe he really wanted to work things out with Courtney and that Lucky was wrong.

Liz warned Jax that if he left Courtney, she would fight him to keep their baby, and the courts generally favored the mother. She would make him out to be a heartless playboy who attempted to buy babies. Jax assured her that he and Courtney had reconciled and would not be divorcing. When Liz got home and explained what had happened to Lucky, he was stunned she'd actually told him about taking him to court over the baby. Liz refused to believe Jax could be doing that just to gain custody of the baby. Lucky hoped that maybe love had prevailed after all.

Nikolas carried Courtney into the bedroom, and they made love. In between love sessions, Courtney sorrowfully removed her wedding rings. She told Nikolas she didn't want any more secrets and planned on telling Jax exactly where she'd been. She was upset that her marriage was all a sham.

Meanwhile, Jax met Justus at the apartment and told him to get as much dirt as possible on Courtney to make the divorce easier. Justus mentioned it might be possible to find a social worker who was upset with Courtney's prior work and take the foundation away from her. Jax didn't want to hurt Courtney by taking away the foundation, though. She had worked very hard for that foundation. Justus took that as a sign that Jax shouldn't be divorcing Courtney, but Jax told him to stop being a marriage counselor and process the divorce.

Monica told Sam there was an obstruction in Jason's brain, which was causing the headaches and seizures. Jason overheard the seriousness of the situation, but Sam and Monica moved out of hearing distance before too much was revealed. Emily arrived to check on Jason and got him back in bed. She told him how she needed him and how he'd been her rock in the past. Jason asked her to be honest with him and tell him how bad his illness was.

Back in the waiting room, Tony was giving Sam and Monica the treatment options available to Jason. He could try a new drug and see if that helped to reduce the seizures. If not, the only option was brain surgery, and that was extremely risky. Monica said Jason would never go for brain surgery, so that was not an option. Sam told her it wouldn't be needed because the medicine would work. She was determined to remain optimistic.

Sam went back to Jason's room, and he asked her why she was upset. She told him he was sick, but everything would be all right. Tony entered and gave Jason the medication. Jason was hesitant to take the medication, because he was not sure if he actually wanted to remember his old life. He asked Sam what she would do if he never regained his memory. She told him she would start over and make a new life with him if she had to.

Emily went to Liz and Lucky's apartment to vent. She told Liz about Jason's condition and how she needed him more than ever. She was starting to realize what her wedding vows were all about, for better or for worse. Lila had loved Edward through all the horrible things he had done, so she needed to stick it out with Nikolas. Divorcing him would be taking the easy way out. Liz told her she needed to go tell Nikolas that immediately, before it was too late.

Emily left and happened to find Nikoas alone on the docks. Courtney had just left to see Jax. Nikolas was waiting around in case Courtney was upset after confronting Jax. Emily, of course, didn't know Nikolas had just been with Courtney and confessed her love to him. She asked if it was too late. When Courtney arrived home, she told Jax she'd been at Wyndemere, making love to Nikolas.

Reese fought off Carly, who was wielding a knife. Carly, in her insanity, thought Reese was dangerous. She believed Reese was still an FBI agent and was trying to take Sonny and the kids away from Carly. When Reese lunged for the knife, Carly dodged her and knocked her out with a frying pan.

Meanwhile, Ric filled Sonny in on finding Carly in Reese's old house, balled up on the bed. They received a phone call with information about Reese and Carly's location. When they found Carly, she warned them about Reese trying to take away her family. She'd managed to cut herself with the knife, but Reese had not been stabbed. Sonny and Ric helped Reese regain consciousness.

The police arrived and checked on Sonny, Ric, Carly, and Reese. When they saw blood on Carly, they asked if she was all right. After hearing her shaky answer, they told Ric and Sonny the two women needed medical attention. The men assured the police officers they would take the girls to a hospital and get out of the flood zone soon. When the officers left, Sonny tried to get Carly to go with Ric, but she was hesitant. She didn't trust Reese alone with Sonny, and she didn't like Ric. Sonny told her he could handle Reese and threatened Ric not to harm Carly.

Carly reluctantly allowed Ric to take her to the car. Reese told Sonny that Carly needed help. Sonny still didn't want to take Carly to a mental institution. He was thankful Reese hadn't turn Carly in to the police when she'd had the chance, though. He told her once Carly was better, they could start their lives together again.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Sam was giving Jason his medication at the hospital. She wanted him to know that he was the love of her life, and if he didn't ever remember their love, she would start all over with him. Lucky and Liz, sharing ice cream together, discussed Emily and Nikolas. Liz believed that they would reconcile.

Courtney showed up at Jax's apartment. He was still pretending everything was okay when she dropped the bomb that she had been at Wyndemere and had made love with Nikolas. Emily told Nikolas that she had been wrong. She wanted another chance. Nikolas told her that it was too late.

Ric and Reese took Carly back to Sonny's. Carly wanted Sonny. Ric explained that Sonny was not there, but he had asked Ric to take care of her until he got back. Apparently, Sonny had very important business in Miami that could not wait. Durant showed up at Sonny's, looking for Carly. Jason and Sam were making a hasty exit from General Hospital when Monica caught them. Monica warned that leaving the hospital was a bad idea.

Monica asked Jason to give them a chance at the hospital. He was taking new medication and needed to be observed. Jason and Sam convinced Monica that he would be okay at home, and Sam would take good care of him. At Kelly's, Alexis questioned Mike about Sonny and Ric's whereabouts. She asked Mike for some shredded lettuce and chocolate. Alexis spilled the beans to Mike that Carly was not at Shadybrook; she was actually at Sonny's. She felt that Sonny was up to something dangerous, and Ric might be involved.

Durant was in the entranceway at Sonny's, giving Reese the third degree about Carly. Reese wouldn't tell him where Carly was. He left but was determined to find his daughter and get her away from Sonny. Liz continued to be convinced that Nikolas and Emily would reconcile because they were soul mates. She compared the situation to her and Lucky finding their way back to each other. Lucky called Liz a hopeless romantic.

On the docks, Emily told Nikolas all the things she wished had never happened to tear them apart. In the process, she guessed the truth about Nikolas and Courtney and ended by saying she wished Nikolas had never made love to Courtney, but he had. Nikolas told her about Courtney finding out Jax had planned to dump her after he got custody of the baby. Emily filled in the blanks. She guessed that Courtney had gone to Nikolas for comfort, and that was when they'd made love. Courtney told Jax she was done and started to leave. Jax asked her if sleeping with Nikolas had been worth it.

Courtney told Jax that Nikolas was "so worth it." She told Jax that he needed the challenge of the chase, and once he got what he was after, he moved on to the next conquest. She continued by telling him that Liz would never give her baby to him, insisting, "There are some things that money can't buy." Jax said, "Perhaps, but you're not one of them." He outlined all of her marriages and how she had gone from one millionaire to another. He called her a cheap tramp, and she countered with the fact that he had slept with Brenda while on his honeymoon to Skye, but that was okay because he was Jasper Jacks. She told him to enjoy his money because that was all he had left. Courtney left.

Back on the docks, Nikolas told Emily that he wanted to be there for her when she needed him. He admitted that he had just broken her heart, and he wanted to comfort her. He had always been able to do that for her, ever since she had been a kid. But the rape was the one thing he hadn't been able to make all right for her. She thought he had done wonderfully and had done everything right. She understood what had happened between Nikolas and Courtney, and she felt that she'd deserved it because she'd slept with Nikolas when she had still been with Zander. She wished Nikolas happiness in his life with Courtney. She kissed his cheek and made her exit.

Durant was at the police station, and he was upset that the cops hadn't found Carly yet. He ordered them to take Jason in for questioning. At Sonny's, Reese was worried that Carly was cooking up a plan to slit their throats or strangle them with wire. Ric reassured Reese that that was not going to happen. Alexis was at Kelly's, eating her lettuce with chocolate on it, when Sam walked in. Alexis realized that Jason had to be close and went outside, where Jason was waiting for Sam. Alexis demanded to know where Ric was. When Jason said he didn't know, Alexis didn't believe him.

Emily went to Liz and Lucky's for comfort. She explained that Nikolas was probably with Courtney at that moment. She told Lucky that he had been right about Jax's plan, just as Jax showed up. Courtney went to the docks to see Nikolas. Nikolas told her that Emily wished them well. Courtney said that Jax didn't. She told him that Jax had told her she was a gold-digging slut. She said she was better off without him. She thought Nikolas needed time alone, but he stopped her, saying that he needed her.

In front of Kelly's, Sam explained Jason's health situation to Alexis. Alexis wasn't buying it; she figured he was pulling the lost memory act so he could keep Sonny's secrets. Reese approached and told Alexis that Ric was at Sonny's. Alexis headed off to confront her husband. Reese asked Sam about Jason's health, and she tried to introduce herself to Jason. Jason did not shake Reese's hand. As Reese left, Jason asked Sam if he'd liked Reese before or not. Sam said that he hadn't really trusted Reese and that she lied a lot. As they were talking, two cops showed up to arrest Jason. Jason pushed them off, grabbed Sam, and ran away.

Jason and Sam were on the docks. Sam was worried that Jason was going to be in a lot of trouble for assaulting those two cops. She told him that since he had a medical condition, he could explain his behavior. At Sonny's, Alexis found Ric. Ric explained that he was watching Carly for Sonny. Alexis felt like Ric was shutting her out in favor of bonding with his brother, Sonny.

At Liz and Lucky's, Emily made a quick exit. Jax just stated his proposition. He wanted to offer Liz five million dollars for sole custody of the baby. At Wyndemere, Courtney asked if Nikolas felt strange having her there. He admitted that it was strange. Courtney wanted to know before they got any closer if he was really letting go of his marriage or if he wanted to try again with Emily.

Nikolas let Courtney know that his marriage was over, and it had been for months. It was just too late for them. He felt their marriage had been over the moment that Connor Bishop raped Emily. Liz told Jax that she wanted her baby to grow up in a loving home with honest people who could forgive and with two parents. Jax did his best to convince Liz that he was committed to the baby. Liz felt the deal she'd made had been with two loving parents, and that was not the way it had turned out.

Alexis warned Ric that working for Sonny was harder than he thought. He would have to live on call, and he would end up doing things he'd never thought he would do. Ric said he was going to be there for her and Kristina first, but he would be there for Sonny at that time because Sonny needed him with Jason being out of the picture. Jason turned himself in to the Port Charles Police Department. Durant didn't buy Sam's story about Jason being ill. He had Jason placed in an interrogation room.

Lucky was upset he'd thought Nikolas had chosen Courtney over Emily. Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas and Courtney decided to find comfort in each other's arms. Emily was on the docks, crying, when Jax showed up. He had a plan for revenge. Emily slapped him then proceeded to tell him that it was entirely his fault that things had gone so badly for both of their marriages. She broke down crying, and Jax comforted her.

Reese returned to Sonny's to relieve Ric for a while so Ric could go spend time with Alexis. Carly ran down the stairs, thinking she'd heard Sonny's car. Ric explained it had just been Max. Carly was upset and told Ric and Reese both that she didn't trust either of them. Jason wanted to find a way out of the interrogation room. Monica showed up to explain Jason's medical situation to Durant. Durant didn't believe her and decided to charge Jason with a felony for his assault on the cops, unless Sonny handed Carly over to him.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Diego showed up at Alcazar's, complaining about how boring college was compared to working for him. Alcazar said he wanted Diego to finish school and get an education and that he wasn't so sure he wanted Diego involved in his business.

Meanwhile, Dillon worried about Georgie's test results after she nearly passed out at Kelly's. He suggested that she could be pregnant because she had dizzy spells. Georgie started to wonder if she could be pregnant then thought Mac was going to kill her if that were the case. Dillon told her that Mac would kill him first. Bobbie approached them and told them that the lab had found traces of the date-rape drug in her system. Bobbie was confused when Georgie and Dillon were elated with the news that it was a drug in her system. They told her that the results could have been worse and were relieved Georgie wasn't pregnant.

Meanwhile, Maxie got a call on her cell phone from the mystery man. She told the man to meet her at the Pizza Shack later that evening and that she planned to show him that not all women were bad like he might think. The caller agreed to meet her there later. Jesse showed up at her room and noticed she was acting nervous about something. He suggested they make love in her room, since Brook Lynn wasn't there right then. Maxie told him she couldn't make love to him in her dorm because it wasn't really home to her. Jesse noticed she was even more nervous, but she didn't tell him what her plans were. She did admit that the mystery man had called her.

Dillon showed up to talk to Maxie. Jesse left them alone to talk. Dillon told her about how Georgie was being targeted and said that they needed to find the guy right away. Georgie admitted to Dillon that she planned to meet him but wouldn't tell him any more. Dillon told her that he wouldn't let her make herself a target and insisted on going with her, or she wouldn't go at all. Georgie agreed to let him go but made him promise to hide in the bushes. Dillon decided to take his camera gear with him and videotape the meeting at the Pizza Shack.

Dillon took his gear to Kelly's. Jesse found him there and noticed Dillon was very nervous around him. Dillon told Jesse about Maxie's plans to meet the mystery guy that night at the Pizza Shack. Jesse warned Dillon that if he showed up at the Pizza Shack, Jesse would arrest him on obstruction charges. Jesse went to the place to protect Maxie.

Georgie showed up in a panic outside Kelly's because her parents wanted to send her to an all-girl private school in Texas after hearing about the test results. Dillon told her that he planned to help capture the mystery guy, hopefully that night. She told him she wanted to be there at the Pizza Shack with him to see what happened. Jesse showed up at the Pizza Shack with his gun drawn. He heard a noise and followed the sound. The mystery man knocked Jesse out.

Maxie showed up for the meeting and heard a sound emanating from the bushes. She called out for the guy to show his face. Diego showed up with a camera around his neck. While that was going on, Brook Lynn studied at Kelly's, and a cute guy approached her table, showing interest in her. She let him join her at her table. They sat and talked and shared dinner. He offered to walk her back to her dorm, and she let him. When they got there, he told her he had some things to do and left.

The police showed up at Alcazar's to find out if he was hiding Carly somewhere at his home. Alcazar told them that he had nothing to do with Carly anymore, and they were divorcing. The cops left without really searching for her. Meanwhile, Sonny showed up at the police station after Sam called him. She told him that Durant wanted him to return Carly so he could have her treated, or he would keep Jason under arrest until he did. Sonny told her that he couldn't have Carly sent to Shadybrook because she would get worse if she were there, since she had been drugged and treated badly the last time she had been there.

Sam told Sonny that Jason needed treatment, as well, or he could die because of what was going on with his brain right then. Sonny still refused to give Carly up. Sam proposed to Durant that if she could convince Sonny to let Carly go, he would promise to make sure Jason got his medicine. Durant seemed okay with that idea. Sam warned him that if he played games with her and didn't do what he promised, she would make him pay.

Meanwhile, Alcazar met with some unsavory characters from Miami but told them to go slowly with the plan against Sonny. After they left, one of the Miami mobsters told his bodyguard that he planned to strike against Sonny right away and not wait for Alcazar's approval.

Meanwhile, Reese and Ric whispered about Carly while she was on the other side of the room. Reese thought Carly needed some serious help and that Sonny wasn't doing her any favors by keeping her there at the mansion. Ric thought she should let Sonny take care of things. Carly accused them both of holding her hostage and said that they wanted the cops to go there and take her away. They told her that they were waiting for Sonny to return and weren't going to let the cops take her away.

The cops showed up with a search warrant to find Carly. Lucky entered the room with the warrant and uniformed officers to help him look for Carly. Carly watched them from out in the bushes, and Lucky found her. He became concerned for her when Carly told him that he needed to save her from Reese and Ric. Lucky didn't give her hideout away to the cops and told Ric and Reese that Sonny had better get her help, or he would do it himself. Reese and Ric learned about Durant blackmailing Sam and Sonny and using Jason against them to do it.

Alcazar showed up at Sonny's, looking for Sonny. Ric and Reese told him Sonny was not home right then. Alcazar guessed that Sonny was out taking care of things while Ric and Reese were babysitting Carly. They told him that Carly wasn't there at the mansion, and they didn't know anything more about it. Alcazar didn't believe them and warned Reese that she was becoming just like Carly, protecting Sonny and being his flavor of the month. Ric slugged Alcazar across the mouth when Alcazar insulted Reese.

Sonny returned home and asked Alcazar what he wanted. Alcazar said that he had met with some men from Miami and was there to warn Sonny that they were in town. Sonny blamed Alcazar for what had happened to Carly. Alcazar refused to accept any responsibility and left. Sonny, Reese, and Ric talked. Ric and Reese told Sonny that Carly was getting worse and needed treatment. They suggested taking her somewhere else for treatment. Lucky returned to warn Sonny about getting Carly help, or he would feel obligated to tell the police where she was hiding.

Sonny understood Lucky was in a difficult spot because he was Carly's cousin. Sonny said he was doing everything he could to help Carly. Lucky left. Ric and Reese suggested he send Carly to some other mental hospital to get her treatment. Sonny said no to taking her anyplace. Carly saw Sonny and started begging him to help her and accused Ric and Reese of trying to get her arrested and sent away. Sonny calmed her down and got her to go upstairs to rest. He asked Reese to go upstairs and keep an eye on her. Reese reluctantly went upstairs. Ric worried about Alcazar's plans and wondered if Alcazar would strike against Sonny with Carly in the house. Sonny felt something would probably go down soon.

Meanwhile, Reese talked to Carly, who still accused Reese of trying to get rid of Carly so Reese could take Sonny and her kids away from her forever because Carly had slept with Reese's father when she had been a teen. Reese tried to assure her that she didn't hold that against Carly anymore, but Carly thought she was just pretending she cared so she could trick Carly. Sonny showed up in the room and tried to calm Carly down and get her to rest. Carly got paranoid again and thought Sonny was trying to get rid of her by sending her away. Sonny tried to assure her he wasn't sending her anyplace and that he owed her for taking care of him when he'd had his own breakdown years before.

Later, Sam showed up and tried to convince Sonny to take Carly in so Durant would let Jason go. Sonny refused to do what Durant wanted and suggested that jail was probably the best place for Jason right then so he couldn't get into any more trouble. Sam told Sonny off for being willing to sacrifice Jason for Carly, who needed medical treatment. Sonny told her that he couldn't give Carly up and that he knew he could help her get better.

Carly ran into the room suddenly and told everyone that there were men outside with guns, and they were out to get her. Sonny thought she was hallucinating and tried to calm her down and assure her that he had guards all over the mansion, and they couldn't get in. Suddenly, there was gunfire, and shots were fired through the windows of the living room where everyone was right then. Sonny grabbed Reese and Carly, threw them to the floor, and covered them with his own body.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Nikolas and Courtney, making their first public appearance as a couple, shared a kiss in front of Kelly's. As they kissed, Emily walked up with Michael. Maxie was at the Pizza Shack, waiting for the stalker to show up. Jessie was knocked out in the bushes. As Maxie called out for the stalker to show his face, Diego appeared, and he was holding a camera.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Durant filled Jason in on his police record in a condescending tone. Jason pushed Durant's head down on the table and held him there. Carly had seen men in black with guns through her window; she told Sonny about them, thinking they were there to take her to Shadybrook. Sonny did not believe her. Just then, Max fell through the entryway doors with a gunshot wound, and gunfire broke out through all the windows. Sam found Ric on the floor; he had been shot.

Michael was upset with Courtney after witnessing her kiss Nikolas. He felt protective of Emily. Courtney reminded him that she was still his aunt, and Emily told him that his Aunt Courtney was not to blame for the problems she and Nikolas had. Diego thought Maxie was afraid. Maxie claimed she was not afraid and explained she was there to meet a guy she had hooked up with in a chat room.

Jesse had recovered and nailed Diego to the table, believing him to be the stalker. At Sonny's, Reese tried to comfort Ric, but Ric wanted her to get out of there for her own safety. Sonny asked Sam to take Carly upstairs, and he told Reese he was going to get Ric and Max to the hospital then get Jason out of jail so he could help get things back under control. Two cops rushed into the interrogation room. Durant told them it was okay, and Jason had suffered a momentary lapse in judgment.

Jason let Durant go. Durant was beginning to believe that Jason really had lost his memory. He then told Jason that Sonny had chosen not to take him up on the deal to trade Carly for Jason. Durant wanted Jason to know that Sonny was not there for him at that time when Jason needed him.

While Jesse was giving Diego the third degree, he took Diego's camera and found that there were three pictures of Maxie already on the camera. Diego explained that he had taken them during orientation, and Maxie admitted that she knew he had taken the pictures. Georgie didn't believe that Diego was the stalker.

In Brook Lynn's dorm room, she was asleep when someone opened the door and entered without knocking. Brook Lynn was frightened and sat up in bed. She calmed down when she realized that it was Seth.

Carly told Sam that they were trying to put her away. She knew that Charlotte hated her, and even though she called herself Reese, Carly knew that Reese was really Charlotte. She asked Sam where Jason was, and she said that he'd abandoned her. Sam said that Jason was sick, and at that moment, Sonny was at the hospital with Ric and Max, who had both been shot. Sam told Carly to pull herself together because Jason needed her.

Sonny met Justus at the hospital and told him to do whatever it took to get Jason out of jail. Sonny believed that Jason would pull through for him when he found out what was happening to Sonny's family. As Max was taken in for surgery, Sonny joked with Max that if he'd wanted time off, he didn't have to get shot. Ric, on his way to surgery as well, asked Sonny to promise that he would take care of Ric's child, as Alexis stood in the hall, listening.

As Jesse was about to take Diego to the station for questioning, Lorenzo showed up and stopped him. Georgie had called him. Lorenzo believed that Jesse was misusing his badge out of jealousy over Diego giving Maxie a ride in his Porsche. Diego told his father to stop, and he didn't think Jesse was out of line for suspecting him.

In the dorm room, Seth explained that the door had been open, and that was why he hadn't knocked. He wanted to apologize for running out earlier. Brook understood. Seth told Brook that he liked her, and she took note of that statement. He told her that it wouldn't be right for them to get any closer because he was a student advisor. He tried to make an exit, but Brook asked him to have some coffee with her.

Sam told Carly all she had ever heard about Carly was that she was strong and a fighter. She talked about the bond that Carly and Jason had. Carly wanted to help Jason. Sam wanted Carly to go to her dad so he would set Jason free. Carly agreed to turn herself over for Jason's sake.

At the station, Justus showed up and told Durant that Jason was suffering from documented memory loss, and the two cops he'd assaulted had not identified themselves, so Jason could not be held accountable for attacking them. Durant left to check out the facts Justus had given him. Justus sat down and introduced himself to Jason as his cousin. Justus said it might seem strange to him, and Jason said, "We passed strange a long time ago." Justus went on to tell Jason that Sonny's house had been shot up, and Sonny was convinced that Jason would help. Jason asked Justus what Sonny wanted him to do.

After Ric was taken away for his surgery, Sonny and Alexis ran into each other in the hallway. She said, "What the hell have you done this time?" Sonny just wanted her to calm down for the sake of the baby. Alexis wanted Sonny to disappear to protect Ric and everyone else around him. Sonny convinced Alexis to stop being angry with him and be in there with Ric, giving him a reason to live, just like Carly had done for Sonny after he had been shot.

Carly and Sam walked down the stairs into the living room at Sonny's house. They were about to head to the police station. Carly wanted to help Jason, but she was "just so tired." She wanted to rest. Sam realized how far gone Carly really was, and she stopped pushing her to rescue Jason. Carly asked what Jason would want, and Sam said, "Jason would want you to rest and get better." She took Carly back upstairs to rest.

Back at the Pizza Shack, Diego said there was no way that he had drugged Maxie or his ex, Brook, but he wanted Jesse to find out who the real stalker was, and that was why he was cooperating. Diego warned Jesse to catch the stalker before Diego did. Alexis was not happy to see Reese in the waiting room. She wanted Reese to leave, but Reese said she and Ric had been through a lot together, and she had the right to be there.

When Reese claimed that she was more than Ric's law partner, Alexis said she was becoming aware of that. Alexis resented Reese for getting Ric involved in the whole mess with Carly in Florida. Sam put Carly to bed as Carly continued to say she wanted to help Jason. Downstairs, Lorenzo was waiting for Sonny. He informed Sonny that it had not been his doing; it had been Ruiz. Sonny believed him, but he knew that Lorenzo's hands were not clean.

Lucky gave Emily support. He knew that seeing Courtney and Nikolas together had to be painful. After Emily left the table, Michael sat down and told Lucky that Emily was pretending to be okay and that he heard her crying. Mike told Emily about the shooting and said she and Michael needed to head back to the hotel, where it was safe. Outside, Lucky grabbed Nikolas's cell phone and threw it.

Nikolas didn't want to fight with Lucky. Lucky wanted Nikolas to stop acting like a fool. Lucky couldn't believe Nikolas would give up on his marriage so easily. As he was going off on Nikolas, Courtney showed up and told him what he was saying wasn't true. Even Emily knew it was nobody's fault. Lucky turned his focus to Courtney and told her that her reputation had to be true. She met guys and slept with them then dumped them when something better happened along. Nikolas kept warning Lucky to shut up, and when he didn't, Nikolas punched him, knocking him to the ground.

Maxie was trying to get some sleep in her and Brook's dorm room. Someone tried to open the door. Reese told Alexis to stop pushing Ric away. Reese wondered if she didn't how long it would be before he -- Reese stopped speaking. Alexis wants to know, "Before he what?" Reese refused to continue as the doctors took Ric back from surgery. Alexis, forgetting the conversation with Reese, went to his side.

Justus got the charges dropped against Jason and took him to Sonny. Sonny told Jason that his family was in danger, and he needed Jason's help. Even when Sonny said that Michael and Morgan could have been shot, Jason was non-responsive. Sonny became angry but continued explaining that Lorenzo had met with Manny Ruiz and gotten the whole thing started. Sonny wanted Jason to kill Ruiz. Jason told Sonny, "I'm not killing anyone for you."

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