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Joey and Aubrey were officially divorced, and Joey headed to England with Kelly to visit Zane. Brody suggested that Natalie and Liam move in with him. John saved Dorian and arrested Echo with Sam's help. Agent Baker shot the man with the scar and dumped his body in the river, however the man was wearing a bulletproof vest. A homeless man put the man in contact with John.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 18, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, July 18, 2011

At the Manning residence, the candles on Sam's birthday cake were lit. As the family marched into the living room singing "Happy Birthday," they quickly realized that both Sam and Spider-Man were gone. Everyone quickly headed to a different room to search for the young boy and his party entertainer. When Blair let out a scream, all family members headed out to the backyard.

Blair was standing with the real hired Spider-Man, sans costume. The young man revealed that he'd been jumped from behind. Blair quickly placed a call to John. Starr checked with the entertainment company and learned that the barely dressed man was indeed their employee.

The man with Todd's original face led Sam to the room at the Minute Man Motel. The man removed his Spider-Man mask, and a surprised Sam cried out, "It's you." "Happy Birthday, kid," the man proclaimed. "You're Spider-Man?" Sam asked. "Sometimes," the man replied. "Wow! Why did you bring me here?" Sam inquired. The man informed the boy that it was Spider-Man's hideout, and the man had to hide there from his archenemy.

"Green Goblin?" Sam asked. "Are you lying to me?" The man advised the boy that he would never lie, and someone was after him. Sam was certain that his mother would worry, but the man explained that he knew Sam's mother, and he was certain that Blair would want the man to protect her son. The man added that he was after the Green Goblin who had actually been at Sam's party and wearing a disguise to change his face.

The man put the Spider-Man mask on Sam's face and apologized for involving the boy in the middle of things. The man noted that the Green Goblin was a master of disguises. Sam was full of questions, and the man answered as only Spider-Man would. Soon, Sam was jumping on the bed, and the pair played Spider-Man and Green Goblin to while away the time.

Finally, the man announced that he had to grab their enemy, and he wouldn't be able to take Sam along. The man was adamant that it was wrong for someone to live another person's life.

Deanna and Nate began the filming of Rick's x-rated film, but they were interrupted when there was a knock at the door. Rick quickly stepped outside and found Dani, who wanted to know if Nate might be inside the room. Nate was her boyfriend, and she'd been searching for him, Dani added. Rick thought that it wasn't a very good sign if Dani were looking for her boyfriend at a motel, and he assured her that Nate wasn't there.

Rick stated that he was having his own party, and he invited Dani inside. Dani quickly declined. "Ewwww," she groaned as she hurriedly walked away. She thought that she should try another room.

Deanna and Nate again discussed the logic of their shooting the porno film, and they both agreed that it was necessary for each of them to continue with it. Deanna wanted the file on her mother that the "sleaze" had in his possession. Rick returned to the room. "Hot chick, wrong room," he announced to his film stars. Rick thought that they should get back to filming.

"Okay, we're gonna shoot the bed scene first. Make it hot," Rick ordered Nate and Deanna. The scantily clad couple began to kiss, and they fell to the bed. When the scene was finished, Rick and his cameraman viewed the film. The young couple sat back to back with their feet on the floor on opposite sides of the bed. Rick muttered how it was always the quiet ones, and while the scene had started out "lame," it had eventually "sizzled." Rick began to taunt Deanna about being turned on, and Nate jumped up and grabbed Rick's collar tightly.

Nate wanted Rick to shut up and hold up his end of the bargain. Rick ordered Nate to let go and offered to retrieve the file on Deanna's mother. Rick handed over the information and advised Deanna that the file contained everything she wanted to know. He also promised not to tell anyone anything about Nate injuring Matthew. Rick praised the couple for "going the distance."

John and Natalie sat in John's office and tried to figure out the connection between Todd, Tomas, and the unknown dead man found at La Boulaie. They also contemplated how Sam was involved with his new friend, and the encrypted files that John had on Tomas, the man with Todd's original face, and the dead man.

Conversation was suspended when another cop walked in with a piece of evidence found at the landing strip where Marty had last been seen. John looked at the uniform jacket with a logo, and he noted that the files he had on his desk contained the same logo on them. Just then, he received a phone call. It was Blair, calling to tell him about Sam's disappearance. He and Natalie headed to the Manning residence.

Vimal walked into Todd's office at the Sun and laid a file on his boss's desk. He picked up the framed photograph of Todd's family and turned when he heard the office door open. He was surprised to see Rama, who wanted to congratulate her husband on his new job. Vimal assumed that she'd either heard about his new paycheck or had other questionable motives behind her best wishes. Rama insisted that she was really happy for Vimal, and Todd had done himself a favor when he'd hired Vimal.

Vimal assured Rama that Todd had had no choice when he'd placed Vimal in the new position. Rama continued to sing Vimal's praises, but Vimal reminded her that he had a criminal record, and no one would ever hire him. This piqued Rama's interest, and she wondered why Todd would have hired Vimal if that were the case.

Vimal ordered Rama to depart instead, and he added that he would never confide in her again. The last time he'd done so, he'd gotten into trouble, Vimal stated. He had a good job, and his parents would be impressed. He would wait for them to see that everything was okay before he told them that Rama wasn't pregnant. He added that he couldn't even tell the truth to the person who deserved it.

Rama wanted him to provide more details, and she promised not to betray Vimal again. Vimal ordered her to leave again, because Todd didn't like strangers in his office. Rama insisted they weren't strangers, but Vimal believed otherwise. Rama could tell that something was bothering Vimal. "Fix what's wrong," she urged him. Vimal agreed that she was correct, and he would take care of it. After Rama had gone, Vimal declared, "She's right. I must fix it. Todd Manning be damned!"

Destiny ran into Nora in front of the Buenos Dias Café, and Nora promptly noticed that Destiny seemed out of sorts. Destiny assured her that she had only been thinking about Matthew, but Nora declared that she'd visited Matthew in the hospital, and he was doing well. Nora was certain that Matthew had been aware of what Nora had said, and he had even laughed at one of her jokes.

Nora explained that Matthew appeared to be in a good place, but it would take time for him to get better. Destiny wondered how long that would be, but Nora was unable to supply an answer. The women headed inside the diner, and Nora announced that she thought she had a lead on the person who had injured her son. Nora had retraced Matthew's steps from the day he'd been hurt, and she'd found possible evidence. She pulled the bagged gum wrapper out of her purse.

Destiny wasn't familiar with the brand, and she told Nora that she didn't chew it. Destiny promised she would be on the lookout for someone who might favor the gum. Nora shared the fact that the new lead would keep her going, because her mind was always dwelling on Matthew. She only wanted her son to have a great life, and Destiny would understand a mother's love one day. Destiny made it known that she had something to tell Nora.

John and Natalie arrived at Todd's house, and John proceeded to interview all of the family members. John revealed that he would put out an Amber Alert. Baz confessed that he'd heard the Spider-Man speak, but it was only after Todd had requested the man shoot a family photo. "My pleasure," the man dressed as Spider-Man had said.

While Spider-Man and Sam played in the motel room, the man mentioned that he'd grabbed all of Sam's birthday presents on the way out of the house. He suggested that Sam open one of them. Sam picked one up and announced that it was probably a book from Dani. Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. It was Dani, still looking for Nate, and she put her ear to the door.

The man with Todd's original face advised Sam to be quiet, and the man picked up his gun. By the time the man managed to open the door and peer out, Dani was gone. The man returned to the room and handed Sam another gift to open. It was a "web shooter" from Sam's dad. "My dad's the best," Sam declared. The man thought it was time to call Todd and say that he had Sam.

John declared that it wasn't a coincidence; he was certain that Sam's disappearance was related to the murder at La Boulaie. Everyone pressed Blair for information, and Todd walked away from the group. His phone began to ring. "Who is this?" Todd inquired. "Spider-Man. I have your son," the man with Todd's original face stated.

Blair told everyone about the homeless man at La Boulaie who had shot someone. The man on the phone advised Todd that they would meet somewhere alone. The man didn't want to see any guns, police, or other people with Todd.

John explained that Sam had revealed that the unknown man at La Boulaie had shot someone to protect Sam, and Blair assured her family members that Sam had seemed fine about it. John and Blair mentioned the old photo of Todd and the fact that Sam had maintained that it was the same face as his friend. John realized that Todd was no longer with the group, and Téa went to search for her husband.

Téa found Todd on the phone, and she asked if the call might be about Sam. Todd claimed that he didn't trust John and the Llanview police, and he'd made arrangements with his own investigators to search for Sam. Todd was going to look for his son on his own, and he wanted Téa to remain behind with Blair and the others in case they received a phone call.

The family gathered once again and tried to piece together what they'd heard about Sam and his friend who might look like the old Todd. Tomas remained quiet and lost in thought, and Baz watched his father closely. When Blair lost her composure, Tomas was the first one to comfort her. Téa confirmed that Todd had gone on his own search for Sam, and he had promised to return with the little boy. Baz reassured a distressed Starr.

John and Natalie headed outside, and Natalie confirmed that she had a partial footprint. John hoped that the kidnapping suspect had taken Spider-Man's uniform, but had forgotten to change his shoes. John thought that the man who had taken Sam resembled Todd, but Natalie shook her head. She was certain that it couldn't be Todd, and there couldn't be two Todd Mannings.

Destiny explained to Nora how she and Matthew had grown close, but before Destiny could utter another word, Dani rushed inside and over to the table. Breathlessly, Dani politely asked Nora about Matthew's condition and offered to help in any way that she could. Nora wanted to show Dani the gum wrapper, but Nora looked at her watch and shrieked. She was late for a meeting, and it would have to wait.

Nora inquired what Destiny had wanted to tell her, but Destiny only promised that Matthew would have his full life and family one day. Nora left in a hurry. Dani announced that she hadn't been able to locate Nate at the motel. She had only run into a "skeevy" guy there. "That's a relief," Destiny sighed.

Dani noted that she'd also heard a little kid in one of the rooms who had sounded just like Sam, but of course, it couldn't have been her brother. Dani was still angry. Even if Nate hadn't been "hooking up," he had still lied about his whereabouts. She wondered where he could be and why he had been so secretive.

The man with Todd's original face was dressed in his own clothes. He advised Sam they were his disguise. He wanted Sam to remain in the motel room to guard their hideout, and he wanted Sam's promise that he wouldn't go out. He also didn't want Sam to use the phone, because it would be dangerous for Sam's family.

The man handed the little boy the Spider-Man mask to wear for protection. The man vowed that he was the good guy, and he would win. "Hurry back Spider-Man," Sam called out as the man left the room. Sam played with his toys after the man had gone.

Later, Rick viewed his film and declared it to be "smokin' hot." Deanna went through the file and was happy to find an address and telephone number for her mother in California. She thought it had been worth it. Nate agreed that he was okay as long as Dani didn't find out.

Vimal arrived at the police station and walked into John's office. He called out for John, but the detective wasn't there. Vimal spied a tablet of paper and decided to leave John a note. The message stated, " You are Liam's father, not Brody Lovett. Marty Saybrooke altered the test results. Believe me. I know." He recalled Todd's threat and signed it "Anonymous." He left the note on John's desk and scurried away.

Todd reached the newspaper and walked into his office. He was face-to-face with the man with Todd's original face, who sat behind the desk. They stared at each other silently.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the Manning residence, the family consoled each other as they waited for word on Sam. Blair lost her composure. She worried about what might have happened to her son, especially with the fact that his new friend was apparently a "dead-ringer" for Todd pre-plastic surgery. Baz confided to Starr that he thought it might be possible that Tomas was involved in some way. Starr thought that was ludicrous, but Baz asked if she'd seen Tomas' face when Todd's old face had been mentioned. Starr noted that she had.

As Blair lamented the fact that her son was missing, Jack commented that Sam really wasn't her son. Tomas quickly apologized for the teenager, explaining that Jack was awkward and had expressed his concern the best way that he could. Blair informed Tomas that she'd raised Sam since he was a baby, and he would always be her son.

Outside, John and Natalie continued looking for possible evidence. Natalie couldn't help but get back to the possibility that there might be two Todd Mannings walking around. She thought it was ridiculous, but John didn't seem to agree. Natalie felt that John was being secretive. John reminded Natalie that a boy was missing, and they needed to concentrate on searching for evidence.

John returned to the house and updated the family on the progress of the search. He wanted to ask Tomas some questions, and Tomas declared that he had nothing to hide. John divulged that he'd had some prints run on the shooter at Dorian's house, and while there was no name, he had possession of another encrypted file. The file was similar to Todd's and Tomas' files, and they all contained the same symbol. John asked Tomas what it meant.

Tomas insisted that he wasn't familiar with it, and John reminded him that a boy was missing. Tomas suggested that John ask Todd about it and pointed out that strangely, Todd was missing from the house. Jack spoke up suddenly and informed everyone that he, not Todd, had information that might help.

Jack proceeded to reveal that he'd been attacked in Todd's office. A man had spoken to him quietly, but he had assumed that it had been his father. Todd had believed that it had been a representative from Origami Cogs, a company that had undermined Todd. Natalie walked in and announced that she'd been able to secure some hairs from the bushes outside, and she would have them sent to forensics.

Todd walked into his office at the Sun and saw a man sitting at his desk. "What the?" Todd began. "I know. It sucks," the man with Todd's original face replied. "Who the hell are you?" Todd inquired. "That's funny, because I could ask you the same question," the man replied. Todd accused the man of taking his son, but the man responded that Todd had stolen the man's family, money, newspaper, name, and life.

"You want to know who I am? I'm Todd Manning," the man snapped. "The hell you are," Todd replied. The man accused Todd of acting as Todd for so long that he actually believed that he was. "No, I've always been Todd Manning," Todd replied. He was Todd even when he didn't really want to be him, Todd added. "How come I have his face?" the man inquired, as he held up an old photo. Todd remarked that it was him, not the man.

The man stated that Todd had convinced everyone that Todd was the real Todd. "Except me," the man said. He accused Todd of being an imposter, and Todd called the man a freak. The man thought that Todd was the one who was a freak, because he'd told everyone that he was Todd. He wondered if Todd had claimed he'd had plastic surgery. Todd asked the man if he'd had plastic surgery in order to resemble Todd's old face.

Todd made a move toward the man, and the man pulled out a gun. He pointed it at Todd and ordered him not to move. The man had many questions, and he wanted answers. He wondered who Todd was and why he'd taken the man's life. He asked how Todd had convinced everyone that he was Todd. He refused to allow Todd to see Sam until the questions were answered.

Todd called the man a lunatic who had Todd's old face. Todd insisted that he hadn't stolen the man's life, because it was his own life. The man revealed that he'd been held as a prisoner for the past eight years, while Todd had been living the man's life. The man wondered if Todd knew Agents Baker and Kent, who had made a mess of the man's brain. Todd's reaction convinced the man that Todd recognized the men's names, but Todd maintained that the man was a pathetic and crazy freak.

The man advised Todd that he deserved to die, because he'd taken everything from the man. He could go home and get his life back if Todd were dead, but he still wouldn't have any answers, the man rationalized. The man decided that they would go to Todd's house and see if everyone recognized the man. The family would decide who was real.

David ran into John's office at the police station, with Viki following closely behind him. David was in a tizzy, because he was certain that Dorian had been harmed. They had to rescue her, he advised Viki. John was not in the office, and David was frantic. He believed that Echo had kidnapped or harmed Dorian, and he wouldn't be happy until Echo was confined like Hannibal Lecter. He even wanted the same mask over Echo's face. Viki had to admit that the sight sounded appealing.

Viki tried to calm David down, and she reminded him that they weren't even certain that Dorian was in trouble. David was sure that he was right, and he continued to ramble on, his panic escalating. Finally, Viki slapped him. David was entirely out of control. David slowed down momentarily, but grew frenzied again. Viki threatened to slap him again.

Viki pointed out that Echo wasn't a stupid person, and therefore, she would not have caused Dorian any physical harm. Kidnapping was a crime, and Echo could get life in prison. Viki was certain that Echo would have never risked it, and Viki thought that Dorian might be at Sam's birthday party. She was able to cast away all of David's doubts logically, and she offered to call the house to check for David.

Viki was surprised when a policeman answered the phone at Todd's house, and she learned that Sam had been kidnapped. She felt sorry for Todd. David expressed his sympathy for Sam's plight, because he thought of Sam as a really cute kid. Viki encouraged David to return to La Boulaie to wait for Dorian if she weren't already there. David wanted to leave a note for John, and he picked up the note that Vimal had left. David was going to use the back of the same piece of paper.

At the Minute Man Motel, Echo ranted about the trouble she'd gotten herself into. Dorian sat duct-taped to a chair, with several strips of the tape across her mouth and nose. Echo swore that her intentions had been innocent, and she'd only shown up at La Boulaie to see how well her plan had been going. She'd had a few drinks first and hadn't meant to hit Dorian over the head. Echo also hadn't planned on dragging Dorian's body to the car and stashing her in the trunk.

Echo had only wanted Dorian to suffer and lose someone, just the way that Echo had. Echo blamed Dorian for all that had happened. Echo was upset that she would be accused of committing a felony. Dorian began to have trouble breathing, and she began to gasp.

Echo taunted Dorian and asked if she were claustrophobic. Dorian nodded, and Echo agreed to remove the tape across Dorian's face as long as Dorian didn't shout out. Dorian agreed. As soon as Echo ripped the tape off, Dorian began to scream for help.

In another room at the motel, Sam continued to play with his Spider-man toys while he guarded the room against evil. Suddenly, Sam heard a cry for help, and he realized that someone was in trouble. "What would Spider-Man do?" Sam asked himself.

Echo was angered, and she taped Dorian's mouth up again. Echo didn't know what to do. She thought about dropping Dorian off somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but she assumed that Dorian would find her way back. Everyone would believe Dorian's story. Echo considered the possibility of getting rid of Dorian for good, but there was no gun.

Echo had a new plan, and she would make it look like Dorian had overdosed. Echo ran to the medicine cabinet and searched through its contents. There was nothing that would work. She ran to the closet and found a large plastic bag, the type that one would get at the cleaners. She began to open it up in order to place it over Dorian's head.

All of a sudden, the door burst open. It was a pint-sized Spider-Man, and he began to shoot at Echo with his web shooter. By the time Sam had emptied his weapon, Echo was securely attached to the wall. Sam quickly undid the tape that bound Dorian, and he removed his mask. Dorian praised the little boy for saving the day.

Shaun showed up at Capricorn and explained that he needed a drink after shopping for Destiny's school books the entire day. He thought that a Delhi Belly might be a good drink to try, but Cristian refused to serve it any longer. He wondered if Shaun had been talking to Rama, because that had been her favorite drink. Cristian explained that he'd been friends with Rama, but she'd lied about her pregnancy to her husband. She'd even convinced her husband to go to jail in an elaborate scheme to get money from Aubrey and Cutter.

Cristian didn't want anything to do with Rama. After hearing all that Rama had done, Shaun had to admit that he still sided with Rama. Her heart had been in the right place, she was in an arranged marriage, and she had thought that money would solve her problems. Shaun suspected that there was more to Cristian's obvious bitterness, and he accused Cristian of being angry at himself for getting involved with a married woman.

Reluctantly, Cristian fixed a Delhi Belly for Shaun after the security guard downed his first drink. Shaun was surprised, given that Cristian had rules. Cristian proclaimed that sometimes one had to break the rules. Shaun added that was so, especially when you hadn't meant to break them. Cristian agreed, and Shaun enjoyed the drink.

Dani asked Nate why he'd lied to her, when she ran into him and Deanna in front of the Buenos Dias Café. Nate had told her that he'd had to work a double shift at the restaurant, but he hadn't been there. Nate assured her that he had been working, but he'd left. Dani informed him that Destiny had mentioned that Nate and Deanna had gone to the Minute Man Motel. Nate wanted to explain. Before he was able to say anything, Deanna jumped in and blamed herself for what had happened.

Dani confessed that she'd gone to the motel, but had only seen a "creepy" guy who answered the door. By the looks on Nate's and Deanna's faces, Dani realized that the couple had been there as well. Dani was horrified that Nate had had sex with Deanna, and an upset Dani started to run away. Nate stopped her. He informed Dani that he and Deanna had met with a lawyer, and they'd obtained information on Deanna's mother.

Deanna boasted that she had the file. Dani couldn't believe that the awful man who'd opened the door was a lawyer, and Nate was surprised to learn that it had been Dani who had been outside. Nate had gone with Deanna in order to protect her, and he showed Dani the file. Nate told Dani that he loved her, and he would never have cheated on her. He and Deanna were only friends, Nate continued.

Dani grew upset and chided herself for being paranoid and ridiculous. She was aware that Nate would never cheat on her, and she was upset at herself most of all. She wanted to get home, because she'd probably missed Sam's birthday party. Nate still had to work, so he kissed Dani before she left. "God, I feel like crap," Nate said after Dani had gone. He'd made a porn film, and Dani was the one apologizing. "We did what we had to do," Deanna consoled him.

Nate wondered what Deanna's next move would be, and she advised him that she would travel to California to find her mother. It had turned out that she and Nate were really good friends, after all, Deanna said. She and Nate kissed goodbye. Deanna hoped that Dani would never find out what they'd done.

Dani returned home. She was confused about the police surrounding her house, and Téa updated her on the missing Sam. Dani confessed that she had been at the motel, and she'd been positive she'd heard Sam's voice from one of the rooms. John noted the information, and the police headed for the motel.

Téa wondered what Dani had been doing at the motel, but Dani assured her that it was a long story. Everything was fine though, Dani quickly added. She was remorseful about not following her instincts and checking up on the voice, but the family was hopeful, and everyone thanked Dani for her help. Baz asked Tomas about the logo that John had mentioned, but Tomas insisted that he had no knowledge of it.

John, along with some additional cops, forced their way into the empty room at the motel. They looked around at the array of Spider-Man paraphernalia.

Téa was positive that the next thing through the front door would be good news. Todd and the man arrived at the house.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There was a knock on Kelly's door, and Kelly answered it to Joey. He told her that he'd been kicked out of Clint's hospital room so that Clint could have some tests done. He questioned if all the work to help Clint recover would be worth it, since Clint would probably go to Statesville anyway. Kelly reassured Joey, who appreciated the gesture. Joey wondered what he would do without Kelly, but she told him that he wouldn't have to find out.

Joey had a gift for Kelly that he'd found at the hospital gift shop's Christmas in July sale. She was delighted to unwrap an identical copy of the clown ornament Aubrey had broken. Joey asked how long he'd been with Kelly, because he wanted to get back to see Clint before visiting hours were over. He realized that he wouldn't make it, so Kelly suggested that he stay. He agreed, and kissed her passionately.

John examined Sam's toys in the motel room. He noticed a trail of Sam's web shooter string that led out the door. Along with another officer, he followed the trail to another room. He stood and listened outside the door.

Sam helped Dorian get the tape off of her. Echo began to badmouth Dorian, so Sam shot webs at Echo's mouth, muffling her words. Dorian thanked Sam, but wondered why he was at the motel. Sam explained to his confused aunt that Spider-Man had hidden Sam there. As Echo struggled in her bindings, Dorian said that she was going to call the police. Before dialing, Dorian made Sam pose with Echo, and took pictures with her camera phone.

John entered the room, and asked what had happened. Dorian informed him that Sam had rescued her from Echo, who had kidnapped her, and conspired to kill her. John wondered where Spider-Man was, and Sam answered that Spider-Man was out "fighting the Green Goblin." John wanted to know who Spider-Man was, because he had to make sure that the Spider-Man that was Sam's friend wasn't an imposter.

As Dorian and Echo started arguing heavily, John wanted to take Sam home. He instructed the officer to read Echo her rights, and to get statements. John would meet him back at the police station. John asked Sam again who was wearing the mask. "The man with the line on his face," Sam answered matter-of-factly.

Jack apologized to Blair for saying that Sam wasn't her son, and assured her that Sam would be all right. Dani reminded Blair that she'd heard Sam's voice at the motel. Blair wondered why she hadn't gotten a call yet, but Téa assured her that Sam was fine.

Baz pondered with Starr what Tomas was worried about -- Sam being safe, or John figuring out Tomas' secret. Baz glared at Tomas, who wondered what he'd done to deserve the stare. Baz was surprised that Tomas wasn't out looking for Sam. Tomas related that he wanted to stay with Blair and Téa. Baz mentioned all of Tomas' "training," but Tomas thought his musical skills wouldn't be needed. Baz clarified that he meant the training that had made him a person of interest with the CIA. Tomas maintained that he had no idea why there was an encrypted file on him.

Téa walked outside with Dani, and applauded her for making Blair feel better. However, she wondered why Dani had been at the motel. Dani admitted that she'd heard that Nate had been there with Deanna. However, she didn't want to talk about it.

Blair walked toward the door, explaining to Starr that she needed some air. Blair was worried because it was getting late. Jack suggested that John had messed something up. Blair related that John was at least doing something to help. She wondered if it had ever occurred to Jack that the man who'd knocked him out was the same person who'd kidnapped Sam. She suggested that Sam might not have gotten kidnapped if Jack and Todd hadn't have kept the incident a secret.

David looked for a pen and paper to write John a note about Dorian. He grabbed Vimal's note off the desk to write his note on. David started to read the note out loud, but Viki snatched it out of his hands and told him that the note was private. Natalie entered the office, and Viki asked her about Sam. David yelled that the police force was focusing on the Amber Alert rather than finding the missing mayor. He wanted John on the case. Natalie explained that John had a lead on the kidnapping, so he could soon turn his attention to other cases.

Natalie explained about the kidnapping to Viki. She added that John had a theory that the kidnapping was connected to the body that had been found at La Boulaie. A horrified Viki sputtered out many questions, but Natalie couldn't give details. However, she assured Viki that she and John believed that the kidnapper had no intention to hurt Sam.

Viki offered to print a picture of the kidnapper in the Banner, but Natalie tried to explain the impossibility of who the clues seemed to lead them to. A confused David ranted about how his wife was missing, but no one was lifting a finger to help. He wanted to go find her, so he opened the door. Standing in the doorway was Dorian. He fell to his knees and hugged her, much to Echo's disgust. David made sure that Dorian was all right, and kissed her, as Viki smirked at Echo.

Dorian explained Echo's plot to break her and David up, and Viki was horrified. David was glad that "that witch with a 'B'" had confessed. Dorian continued that her savior had appeared. When everyone present guessed wrong, Dorian revealed that Sam had saved her. Viki was glad that both Dorian and Sam were safe.

Dorian apologized for doubting David. She begged for him to take her back, as Echo rolled her eyes in the background. "Does this answer your question?" he asked, and kissed her passionately. She suggested that they go home, so the two turned to leave. Echo yelled that she wasn't yet done with Dorian or Viki. The officer led Echo away.

A short while later, Natalie got off the phone with John. The kidnapper hadn't been found, but Sam was all right. Viki wondered who the kidnapper was. Natalie pulled out an old photo of Todd, and showed it to her confused mother. She explained that Sam had identified his kidnapper as someone who looked like the old Todd. Viki thought it made no sense, and was shocked that someone with Todd's old face seemed to be stalking Todd's children.

David and Dorian arrived at La Boulaie, and decided to take things into the bedroom.

In front of Todd's house, the man with Todd's original face demanded that Todd open the door. Todd wondered if the man was going to hurt Todd's family. The man pointed his gun at Todd, and threatened to shoot if Todd didn't open the door. "Freeze!" someone yelled behind the men. The man turned around to see Agent Baker. He told the man to put the gun down, because the chase was finally over. If the man didn't cooperate, Baker threatened that the people inside Todd's house that the man had claimed to care for would "suffer the consequences."

Todd said that if anyone hurt his family, he would kill both Agent Baker and the man. The man informed Todd that one of Baker's agents had tried to kill Sam, but the man had taken care of the situation. Baker promised to "order the immediate execution" of everyone inside Todd's house if the man didn't willingly go with Baker. Todd begged the man to listen so Todd's family wouldn't suffer. The man grabbed Todd at gunpoint. He accused Todd of stealing his life, and vowed to take it back. Baker told the man that he couldn't take what hadn't been his in the first place.

Agent Baker told the man that he was confused because of posttraumatic stress he had suffered. The agent knew that the man had questions. "How many Todd Mannings does it take to screw in a light bulb?" the man shot back. He continued that there only needed to be one Todd, and jabbed the gun into Todd's stomach. Suddenly, someone knocked the man out. "You're welcome," Agent Baker offered to Todd.

Agent Baker's men disarmed the unconscious man. The agent promised to "take care of the situation." Todd demanded to know what was going on. The agent replied that nothing had happened, the man had never said anything to Todd, the man had never been there, Todd had never seen the man, and he never would. He ordered Todd to keep quiet about what had happened, especially to Tomas. If Todd wanted to pursue the agent, the agent promised that Todd's life would have the same outcome as the man's was going to.

Agent Baker instructed his men to tie the man up, and put him in the car. Todd reminded the agent that the man had Sam stashed away somewhere. "That's not my problem," Agent Baker replied, and walked away. Dumbfounded, Todd stood on his doorstep.

Téa and Dani expressed their worry about Todd. Dani related that, if Téa didn't try to call him, Dani would. Téa dialed Todd's number, and was confused to hear the phone ringing on the other side of the front door. She opened the door and found Todd. She asked him what was going on.

Blair announced that she'd heard from John -- Sam had been found. Téa believed that Dani had saved the day. Suddenly, John appeared in the doorway, holding Sam. Sam ran to Blair, and Blair promised never to let Sam out of her sight again. Todd picked his son up, and made sure that he was all right. Sam apologized for scaring everyone. John promised to explain what had happened after Sam finished his party. Everyone went into the living room except for John, Todd, and Tomas, who shared a suspicious look. Todd left, and Tomas wondered if John had caught the kidnapper.

Starr cut the cake for the kids as the adults discussed the night's events. Téa clarified that Sam had been led away by his friend who had Todd's old face. Todd thought that Sam had imagined it, or had inherited the "crazy gene" from his mother. "Or maybe he's right," Téa suggested.

Todd left the room, and Blair ran after him. She wanted to talk about the night, so that what had happened would never happen again. Todd just wanted to enjoy his son's birthday party. Blair reminded Todd that the kidnapper was still out there. Todd made it clear that he knew that.

Jack and Sam argued over a piece of cake, so Sam threatened Jack with his new web shooters. They ran away, and Dani followed. Starr was glad that everything was back to normal, but Baz related that they still didn't know what Todd and Tomas were hiding.

Back at the motel, John examined the evidence, which included the Spider-Man costume in a bag. An officer asked if John had any theories on Spider-Man's "secret identity."

Agent Baker's men sat the man down on the docks. Agent Baker expressed his disappointment in the man, as the man woke up. The agent informed the man that he would have had a future, if no one in Llanview had seen him. Agent Baker continued that he only had one option, and took out his gun. "I guess I don't have to tell you what it is," he added.

Agent Baker said that there couldn't be two Todd Mannings. He fired his gun twice, and then made a call. He told the person on the other end that the man would no longer be a problem for anyone. Agent Baker told the seemingly dying man that he'd only been following orders. The agent's men pushed the man's limp body into the water, and walked away.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Natalie told Brody that she didn't want to rub their relationship in Jessica's face. Jessica walked down the stairs and suggested that Natalie move in with Brody. After arguing, Brody decided that, in order to make Jessica comfortable, Natalie should move in with him. Jessica was livid, and Natalie wanted to talk about it in private. Jessica snidely offered to help Natalie pack. On her way outside, Jessica reminded Brody that Natalie would still be with John if Liam had been John's.

Brody urged Natalie not to let Jessica get to her. He told her that they would figure things out later, and left for work. Natalie went outside, but Jessica didn't want her there. Natalie was tired of Jessica acting like the victim, because she wasn't the only victim. She didn't believe how Jessica couldn't understand two people turning to each other in a hard time. She thought that Jessica was lucky, because she could hurt as many people as she wanted without having to take responsibility for it.

Natalie continued that Jessica had thrown Brody away, and had hidden behind Tess for months. Natalie wanted Jessica to leave her and Brody alone, and to stop blaming everyone else for her problems. They continued to argue until Ford entered, wondering why the women were yelling so loudly with children in the house. He made sure that Jessica was all right, and Natalie left in frustration. Jessica yelled after Natalie to leave her alone, and collapsed crying into Ford's arms.

Jessica didn't know what to do, because the situation she was in with Natalie and Brody was "making me crazy." Ford knew how she felt, because he'd lost someone as well. She apologized for not having Ryder ready, and promised Ford extra visitation with Ryder. She told Ryder to have fun, and promised to be in a better mood when he returned. Ford asked her to join them at the park. She wanted to spend time with Bree, but Ford invited Bree along as well. She finally agreed. She smiled as Ford pushed Ryder's stroller toward the car.

Dorian happily entered Kelly's room, but quickly exited when she found Joey with Kelly in bed. Joey and Kelly quickly covered up, and invited Dorian back into the room. Dorian was thrilled that Joey and Kelly were back together. She informed them that she and David were back together, and told them about Echo's plot to break them up. She showed them the headline on the Sun: "Spider-Man Saves Mayor." She opened up the paper and showed them a picture of Sam with Echo, who was trapped in the webs.

Kelly told Dorian that Dorian should have trusted David. Dorian related that Joey should have trusted Kelly about Aubrey. Joey informed Dorian that he was officially divorced. She was pleased that Joey was free to marry Kelly. Kelly refused to talk about the subject. Dorian had visited Kelly in order to give her two tickets to the premiere of David's movie the next night.

Kelly and Joey regretfully informed Dorian that they were going to visit Zane that night, but promised to see the movie when they returned. Dorian was thrilled that Zane was going to follow David's footsteps into show business, and offered for David to give him tips. She left, and Joey said he needed to get back to Llanfair. Kelly had to go to work, but the two began to kiss instead. A short while later, they ate breakfast in bed. Joey couldn't wait to make new memories with Kelly.

Rex entered John's office and asked about Echo. He couldn't believe that Echo could kidnap someone, and wondered when he could get her out of jail. He wanted to make the charges go away, so John suggested that Rex get a good lawyer. Rex sarcastically told John to find the real kidnapper, just like Todd had found Gigi's real killer. John assured Rex that the case wasn't over, and instructed him to focus on taking care of his family instead of revenge.

John told Rex about Jack's attack at the Sun office. He suspected that it had been about business competition with a company called Origami Cogs. He added that it had taken no time at all for him to figure out that Origami Cogs was an anagram for Gigi Morasco. John warned Rex that, if Rex went too far over the line, trying to get back at Todd, John would have to step in. Rex wanted to see Echo, so John led him out of the office as Brody entered.

Brody noticed Vimal's note on John's desk, and picked it up. He was horrified as he read the note aloud. He tried to figure out who had written the "Anonymous"-signed note, and eventually settled on Vimal. When Natalie entered, Brody stuffed the note in his pocket. She tried to tell him about the argument she'd had with Jessica, but Brody had to go work on a "big case," and left.

John returned to his office and found Natalie, who had a file from the lab. John noticed that there was something missing from the top of his desk. He wondered if she'd moved something on his desk. She hadn't, so John assumed that Brody had moved the note.

David was eating breakfast at the diner when Bo sat down with him. David asked about Matthew, who David believed would get a miracle. He related that his miracle had appeared in the form of Spider-Man. Bo was glad that Dorian was safe. He added that the only potential clue he and Nora had as to who had hurt Matthew was a gum wrapper. David wondered if Bo needed help, because David had been "the brainy one on the Supermodel Crime Club." Bo thanked his son, but advised him to "stick to acting."

David handed Bo a ticket to his movie premiere, and invited Nora as well. Bo regretfully declined the invitation, because he and Nora wanted to spend as much time with Matthew as possible. David understood, because Bo was a "real-life hero." Bo was amazed to learn that Harrison Ford had played him, and wondered who'd played Rex.

David admitted that Rex's character hadn't made the cut. Bo said he couldn't have rescued David without Rex, but David said that if not for Rex's secret-keeping, David could have been home from Morocco six months sooner. "He never paid for that," David grumbled. However, Bo thought that Rex was suffering enough. David regretted that Rex had lost Gigi.

Dorian entered, and hoped that Bo and Nora would send Echo to Statesville. She wondered what would happen to Clint, since he had confessed to murder and kidnapping. Bo offered to set up a meeting to talk about it, and she agreed. "Justice can wait, but not for long," she added.

Rex entered and told Bo that Bo had made a mistake in arresting Echo for kidnapping. He thought it had only been a fight between Echo and Dorian. David disagreed with Rex, but Bo refused to choose sides. Bo trusted John to follow the law, but promised to check on the case. Bo had to get to work, so he left. David remembered that he had an interview with Access Llanview, so he left as well.

Dorian stayed to invite Carlotta to the movie premiere. She noticed Rex leaning against the counter, and regretted that Echo had made his life a little worse. However, Dorian said that Echo would pay for what she'd done. Rex disagreed. "You're going to drop the charges," he told her.

Vimal sat at Todd's desk, and wrote a note to his boss. He read aloud as he wrote that he was resigning, because he thought John deserved to know that he had a son. Suddenly, he heard someone call his name. He looked up and saw his parents. Clearly distressed, he wondered why they had arrived sooner than expected.

Mr. and Mrs. Patel were happy that Vimal seemed to be doing well for himself. "You looked so unhappy at Statesville Industries," his mother added, much to Vimal's chagrin. Mrs. Patel mentioned Rama, so Vimal unsuccessfully tried to tell his parents about Rama's lies. They couldn't wait to see Rama, but Vimal had "business to take care of first." He ran out of the room, leaving his parents.

Cutter handed Aubrey an envelope, which she opened immediately. She announced that she was officially divorced. Rama related that she'd probably be in the same boat soon. She told Cutter and Aubrey that she'd gone to congratulate Vimal on his new job, but he hadn't wanted anything to do with her. Cutter assured her that couples split up sometimes. "Not in the Patel family," she answered. She explained how Vimal's parents had arranged the marriage, and had expected Rama to be a "dutiful wife."

Rama knew she needed to start looking for a job, since she, Aubrey, and Cutter were all running low on money. She left to get a newspaper. Cutter told a disappointed Aubrey that she was a free woman. He continued that she'd been really good at her job, until she fell for Joey. She related that Joey was probably all ready to marry Kelly.

Rama returned with a newspaper, complaining about how few jobs were listed. She whined that the only job she was qualified for was a bartending position at Capricorn. She refused to work with Cristian, because he hated her more than Vimal. She opened the door to leave the room, and was shocked to find Vimal standing in the doorway. He couldn't believe what he was about to say, but he needed her help.

Rama left the room with Vimal, and he begged her to pretend that they were still happily married. He thought that lying would be easy for her. She reminded him that his parents would notice when they saw that Rama wasn't pregnant. She thought it was a bad idea. He finally realized that he couldn't lie, and decided to tell his parents the truth. He apologized for bothering her, and left.

Rama returned to the room, and chided herself for putting Vimal in such a terrible position. She went into the bathroom to take a hot shower. Aubrey noticed that Cutter's "wheels are turning," and wondered what he was thinking. Reading the paper, he said he had a solution to their problems, and asked if she wanted to go to a movie premiere.

As Mr. and Mrs. Patel wondered what was keeping Vimal, Brody entered Todd's office, looking for Vimal. They assured themselves that Vimal would never get in trouble with the law, and told Brody that Vimal would return soon. They invited him to sit, and told him about the baby their daughter-in-law was expecting. Mrs. Patel said that children were miracles, and asked Brody if he had any children. He proudly told them that he had a son named Liam.

Vimal entered and asked if there was a problem. He gave his wallet and his apartment key to his parents, and shoved them out the door to take a cab back to his place. He told them that Rama would be out with friends, but that he'd return soon. They left, and Brody closed the office doors. Vimal asked if things were serious, and Brody said that they were. Brody wanted to talk to Vimal about the note Vimal had left for John.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Outside of the Buenos Dias Café, after David asked for Viki's help, he pulled out a long list, which reached to the ground, of the names of all the people who had ever held a grudge against him. David announced that Viki's name was at the top of the list. When Viki expressed shock, David reminded her of when he had pretended to be her brother in 1994.

David continued reading the names off of the list. When David said Todd, Viki declared that David was not on Todd's radar. After David mentioned Viki's sister, Tina, Viki insisted that Tina had no radar. David quickly erased those names off of the list. David then reflected that although Clint had been busy dying, he did have a cell phone and a very scary contact list. David circled Clint's name. Once David read off Langston's name, Viki asked why. David explained that he might have changed a few lines in "Vickerman" -- or all of them.

As David continued to read the names on the list that included the Hell's Angels and the Writer's Guild, Viki regretted that it was an afternoon that she would never get back. Viki then speculated that the person might have been a scorned woman, who had wanted to get back at him. David claimed that the suspicion then fell back onto Viki.

Viki insisted that David had not jilted her, and that she truly only wanted David and Dorian back together. When David wondered if it had been Addie, Viki knew that Addie had always wanted Dorian to be happy. Then Viki pondered if Dorian had been the target. Once David explained about Ionia and the photos, Viki realized who had been the culprit.

When David asked for the identity of the home wrecker, Viki declared that the person was an old pro at it. Viki exclaimed, "Now this all makes sense, especially the pictures, and she's awfully good at crawling around in the dirt. And she blames Dorian even more than she blames me, because Dorian is the one who got the proof." David agreed that it had been "Echo DiSavoy, professional home wrecker."

Viki realized that Echo had been plotting when Viki had called her on the phone. Viki then stated that she needed to leave for Sam's party, but David refused to allow it. David cried, "Look, Dorian's got all of my clothing at her house -- near open flame and scissors. Please, Viki, can't you go with me?" When Viki questioned if it was for the sake of David's wardrobe, David insisted that it was for the sake of true love. David explained that he would also need backup to get past the front door of La Boulaie.

At La Boulaie, Dorian discovered Echo at the pool, and Echo announced that she was there to see David. Echo revealed that she had found a DVD of David's audition reel at Buchanan mansion, and that she wanted to hand it to David. Dorian demanded that Echo leave her property and screamed that David would not be returning there.

When Dorian declared that she had kicked David out, Echo said that she had read about it in the paper. Echo related that she knew what it was like "to have your heart broken," and Dorian discovered that a Bloody Mary had given Echo the courage to be there. When Echo yelled that she was sure that Dorian's good friend, Viki, had been a big help, Dorian recognized that Viki had been busy. Echo indicated that Viki was not Dorian's friend, and that Dorian should have turned to a true friend.

Echo understood what Dorian had been through, since Echo had once been there herself, thanks to Dorian. However, Dorian yelled that if Echo had kept her big mouth shut about the tape, Dorian would not have had a reason to hurt her. Echo began to leave and told Dorian to enjoy her party, when Dorian realized that Echo had known that David was not at La Boulaie, and that Echo knew that Dorian had lost both her husband and her best friend.

Once she remembered that Echo was a photographer, Dorian exclaimed that it all made sense and declared, "It was you all along." After Dorian discovered that Echo had taken the pictures of Ionia and David, Echo mentioned that she had not forced Dorian's boy toy to grope the other woman. When Echo blared that Dorian should not have destroyed Echo's relationship with Charlie, Dorian howled that Echo would not destroy Dorian's relationship with David. Echo claimed that she already had.

Dorian slapped Echo, and as Echo laughed and ran off, Dorian grabbed a hose. Echo found another hose, and they sprayed each other with the hoses. Later, David and Viki ran over to the empty pool area, and David called out for Dorian. David cried out that Viki had figured it out, and that it had been Echo. Viki saw the hoses, and David noted that it did not look good.

At the police station, Natalie informed John that she had placed a rush on the results of the prints, as John looked through a file. John indicated that he had found the file in Todd's office at the Sun. Natalie asked if the file had anything to do with the dead body found at Dorian's. John stated that Sam had been a witness to the shooting. John explained that Sam had said that his friend had shot the man. Sam had then identified the man, and John showed Natalie a picture of Todd with his original face. When John claimed that Sam had not seemed confused, Natalie reminded him that Sam was Jack's brother and was, therefore, a Manning.

John commented that all they had was the photo and the file, and Natalie wondered why her uncle would have a document that was so totally encrypted. A cop opened the office door and announced that they had a hit on John Doe's prints. John noted to Natalie that the Central Intelligence Agency used that type of encryption code. John then pointed out that it was Tomas Delgado's file.

John stressed that Todd, Tomas, and John Doe all had encrypted files. When Natalie did not see the connection, John insisted that it was all in her hands. John pointed out that the files of Todd and Tomas contained photos of how Todd had looked in the past. John then noted that Sam had claimed that the man with Todd's original face had shot John Doe, and that was the connection.

Outside of the door at the Manning estate, the man with the scar knocked out Spider-Man and said, "So much for your spidey sense." Inside the kitchen, Blair was preparing for Sam's party, and Jack stated that Dorian would not miss it for the world. In the living room, Starr told Baz that her mom really liked his dad.

From the Buenos Dias Café, Nate called Dani, who was waiting for the party to start. Nate informed Dani that he would be unable to make it to the party, because he had to work a double shift. Dani offered to slip out a piece of cake for Nate, but he refused and hurried off of the phone. Deanna claimed that Nate had done the right thing, as Destiny listened unseen. Deanna remarked that what happened at the Minute Man stayed at the Minute Man.

Sitting in her booth, Destiny believed that Nate was cheating on Dani. Destiny called Dani and declared that something was wrong. When Destiny realized that the party was starting, she decided not to tell Dani. However, Dani wanted to know what was wrong, so she left the party. Later, Dani joined Destiny at the café. Dani insisted that Destiny had sounded upset, and Dani wanted to know what was wrong. Destiny indicated that she had just been thinking of Matthew and pleaded with Dani to return to the party.

After Dani asked where Nate was, Destiny revealed that Nate was not working, and that he was with Deanna. Dani believed that Nate had wanted to blow off the party, so she wanted to call Nate, but Destiny tried to stop her. Dani tried to call Nate, but he would not answer. Destiny informed Dani that Nate and Deanna had wanted a hotel room at the Minute Man. Dani ran out of the café to find the room.

At the Minute Man, Rick welcomed Nate and Deanna into the room and said that they would be taking off their clothes and having sex. When Nate's phone rang, Rick insisted that Nate put it on vibrate and demanded that they do the scene in one take. After Nate wanted to know what his motivation was for the scene, Rick offered Nate's and Deanna's own scenarios as their motivation.

Deanna told Nate that she was glad that her mom did not know her as the porn star. Nate decided that they should have porn star names and declared that Deanna was "China Lake," and that he was "Buster Ridge." Nate insisted that it would be China and Buster doing the scenes, not Deanna and Nate. As Deanna sat on the bed, Rick asked her to wet her lips, and to give him a little kitten. Deanna declared that she only wanted to scratch his eyes out. When Nate walked out of the bathroom in skimpy shorts, Rick exclaimed that Nate and Deanna were smoking hot, and that they would not be in their wardrobe for long. Dani knocked on the door.

Back at Todd's mansion, Todd asked about the entertainment, and Téa responded that Spider-Man would arrive at any second. Blair greeted Tomas, as she walked into the living room. Sam looked at all of his birthday gifts and exclaimed that his dad had said that a big surprise was on its way. When the man with the scar, who was dressed as Spider-Man, knocked on the door, Todd answered. Todd told the man to do a good job entertaining Sam, or he would replace him like that and snapped his fingers.

Blair squealed that Spider-Man was perfect and asked where Todd had found him. Sam showed off his knowledge of Spider-Man and revealed that spidey sense was what Spider-Man used when he knew there was danger, and that Spider-Man was using it. After Blair asked Spider-Man a question, Starr explained that Spider-Man did not talk. Sam asked Spider-Man to show him the web shooter.

Todd insisted to Tomas that he would do anything for his family. Baz watched from the other side of the room and called Todd and Tomas hypocrites. Starr believed that Baz was just looking for a reason to hate Tomas. As Spider-Man watched and listened, Todd revealed to Jack that he knew who had knocked Jack out at the Sun and then announced that it had been someone from Origami Cogs.

In the lobby, Blair informed Téa that she had taken Sam to the police station, because they had discovered a dead body at the La Boulaie pool. Blair then announced that the man had been shot and indicated that she had not yet told Todd. When Blair claimed that Sam had witnessed the shooting, Téa wondered if the victim had been Sam's imaginary friend. Blair said no, as Starr ran into the lobby to grab a camera for pictures.

In the living room, Blair cheered Sam and Spider-Man on to smile for the camera and took the picture. Starr indicated to Baz that she was better with reptiles than with spiders. Blair took numerous pictures of Tomas and Baz, and Spider-Man, Starr, and Sam. Todd shot a picture of Spider-Man posed between Téa and Blair. When Tomas asked if he should be jealous, Blair laughed and said, "I don't know. He is a bona fide superhero. Todd, I think I would watch it if I were you." Téa walked up to Todd and insisted that her heart belonged to Todd Manning, as Spider-Man looked on.

Todd announced that since he had paid for the party, he would be allowed to give a speech for Sam. Todd declared to his family that he did not want take anything for granted, and that he did not want to lose them all. When Téa insisted that Todd would not lose them, Todd claimed that he knew that he was lucky. Blair wanted a group photo and begged everyone to pose. Todd handed Spider-Man the camera and told him to make himself useful.

When Téa asked where Dani was, Blair revealed that Dani had left to visit Destiny. Todd demanded that Spider-Man take the picture, and the man with the scar said that he would with pleasure. Blair then asked Spider-Man to watch Sam, as the rest of them ran out of the room to do one more thing. Blair lit the candle on the birthday cake, and they all walked back into an empty room.

The man with the scar took Sam into his hotel room and removed his mask. Sam cried out, "It's you," and the man nodded and said, "Happy Birthday, kid." Sam asked, "You're Spider-Man?" After the man answered, "Sometimes," Sam responded, "Wow! Why did you bring me here?"

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