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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 18, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, July 18, 2011

by Mike

In the park, Daniel ran into Jennifer. Daniel said that he wanted to talk to Jennifer about their relationship. Jennifer insisted that there was nothing else to talk about, but Daniel ignored her objections. Daniel surprised Jennifer by saying that he understood where she was coming from, and he added that he was going to respect her decision. "And...I am going to wait for you, because I think you're worth waiting for. So, if you want to pick up where we left off, you have my number. In the meantime, you do what you need to do for you," Daniel added.

At the hospital, Lexie and Carly started to discuss a surgery that was scheduled for later that day; meanwhile, Vivian and Gus lurked nearby. After Lexie left, Vivian cheerfully greeted Carly; when Carly impatiently asked Vivian what she was doing at the hospital, Vivian claimed that she had been thinking of making a donation. "An organ, perhaps? Preferably one you can't live without?" Carly asked dryly.

Before Vivian could respond, Carly stormed off. Later, Carly received a call from Jennifer. Jennifer wondered how Carly was doing; Carly realized that Jennifer was really wondering if Carly had relapsed. Carly insisted that she was fine. Jennifer said that she had heard about a support group that might be able to help Carly. Carly claimed that she was already in a support group, and she abruptly ended the call so that she could get back to work.

Daniel entered the hospital, and he greeted Carly warmly. Daniel started to mention something about Jennifer, but Carly quickly interrupted him. Carly irritably insisted that she didn't want to be involved in the drama between Jennifer and Daniel. Meanwhile, Vivian lurked nearby, listening to every word.

Daniel reminded Carly that she was the one who had encouraged Daniel to talk to Jennifer. Carly conceded that Daniel was right. As Carly and Daniel continued to talk, Vivian ducked around a corner to call Gus. Vivian excitedly informed Gus that she had figured out the cause of Carly's distress. Meanwhile, Daniel told Carly that he had agreed to give Jennifer all of the space that she needed.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate greeted Stefano; after a brief round of small talk, Stefano noticed that Kate was crying. Kate claimed that her allergies were bothering her, but Stefano wasn't convinced. Stefano realized that Kate was afraid that he might go to prison, and he assured Kate that she wasn't going to lose him. Kate said that Stefano couldn't promise that, but Stefano reminded Kate that she was married to Stefano DiMera.

Stefano told Kate to trust him, and he assured her that everything was going to be all right. Kate admitted that Stefano had a way of making her believe that things really would be all right. Kate excused herself so that she could find out when their lunch would be ready. After Kate left, Harold informed Stefano that he had a visitor -- Bo Brady.

Stefano casually poured himself a drink, and Bo observed that Stefano seemed quite relaxed, for a man whose whole world was crashing down around him. "I know what you were gonna do to your Rafe imposter, to shut him up so he wouldn't talk to us. Notice the tense that I used; that leak has been plugged," Bo announced. Bo mentioned an Officer Davis, and he wondered if the name sounded familiar to Stefano.

Stefano stoically claimed that he had never heard of that name before. "Yeah, well, that kind of thing happens with age. Let me see if I can spark your memory. This Officer Davis pulled some magic -- you know, changed the schedule around down at the jail. He was the only one guarding your Rafe impostor tonight; we're pretty sure it was on your orders," Bo said. Stefano sarcastically applauded Bo's confidence.

"Bottom line...this Davis is being interrogated by Internal Affairs, and the Rafe impostor...he's getting rather antsy, sitting in that cell all by himself, thinking about what he's done. I got this feeling he's gonna find his voice tonight, so...if you have any affairs that you should get in order, I'd get right on that," Bo said. After Bo left, Stefano started to pour himself a drink, but his hand was shaking as he picked up the decanter.

At the police station, fake Rafe was impressed with his new cellmate's feisty personality. Fake Rafe tried to hit on Sofia, but Sofia warned fake Rafe not to mess with her. As fake Rafe stared at Sofia in disbelief, she cracked a smile, and she assured fake Rafe that she was just joking. Sofia added that fake Rafe was hot, and she invited fake Rafe to join her on one of the prison cots.

Fake Rafe took a seat next to Sofia, and he wondered why she was in prison. Sofia claimed that she had gotten into a bit of trouble with the local authorities; she added that she was from Colombia, and she claimed that her father was an influential man. Sofia was confident that she would be released quickly. Fake Rafe wondered if Sofia had a boyfriend. Sofia said that she was single, and she added that she liked American men.

As Sofia continued to flirt with fake Rafe, fake Rafe wondered why Sofia was interested in someone who was in jail. Sofia said that fake Rafe's prison record meant that he was interested in the same things that she was interested in, and she suggested that they could have some fun together -- if he ever managed to get himself released from prison. As Sofia rubbed fake Rafe's leg, a guard entered the holding area, and he asked fake Rafe to follow him.

Fake Rafe was reluctant to leave, and he asked Sofia to wait for him. After fake Rafe left, Hope walked in and greeted Sofia. Hope noted that fake Rafe and Sofia seemed to be getting along nicely. Sofia dropped her accent, and she said that Hope had been right about fake Rafe -- he was easy, stupid, and a total pig. Hope admitted that she was surprised that Rafe had been able to lure Sofia away from the FBI to help them.

Sofia explained that she and Rafe were old friends. Hope noted that Sofia seemed to have fake Rafe wrapped around her finger. "He's just the way you described him; the quickest way to his black soul is through his pants. I will make him think that I will take him back home to Colombia with Papi...if he cuts a deal with the D.A.," Sofia said. Sofia promised that she would be able to get fake Rafe to confess.

Later, the guard returned fake Rafe to his cell. Sofia told fake Rafe that Hope had been asking questions about him. Fake Rafe explained that Hope was eager to get him to flip on someone. Fake Rafe explained that he would be released from prison if he agreed to talk, but he added that he was waiting for the police to guarantee his safety. Sofia said that she dealt with similar situations in Colombia all the time.

Sofia said that there were a lot of places to hide in Colombia -- if you knew the right people. Fake Rafe continued to flirt with Sofia, and he wondered if Sofia would be able to help him. As fake Rafe rubbed Sofia's shoulder, the guard returned to take Sofia to her hearing. Fake Rafe wondered if Sofia would be back; in response, Sofia kissed fake Rafe, before following the officer out of the cell.

Meanwhile, back upstairs, Bo told Hope about his encounter with Stefano earlier. "He's scared, in a 'Stefano' sort of way...which is to say, he didn't say a damn word, but I could tell in his eyes -- he's on the ropes," Bo said. Hope wondered if Sofia would be able to convince fake Rafe to turn on the DiMeras. Bo assured Hope that fake Rafe was ready to talk, and he added that one extra nudge would probably be enough to push fake Rafe over the edge. Hope grinned, as she realized what Bo was planning to do.

Bo and Hope went down to the cells. Bo announced that he and Hope had saved fake Rafe's life; Bo explained that he and Hope had thwarted a DiMera plot to kill fake Rafe earlier that night. Bo and Hope started to leave, but Hope paused. "Oh...there's one more thing. Just because Stefano didn't get you this time...doesn't mean he won't the next," Hope warned fake Rafe, as Bo snickered.

After Hope and Bo left, the guard returned with Sofia. Sofia announced that she was going to be returning to Colombia. Fake Rafe was taken aback by Sofia's announcement, and he begged her to take him back to Colombia with her. Sofia admitted that they would make a great pair, but she apologetically pointed out that the timing was wrong. Sofia started to tell the guard that she was ready to leave, but fake Rafe stopped her.

Fake Rafe asked Sofia to wait for him. Sofia pointed out that fake Rafe was going to be in prison for a long time, but fake Rafe suggested that he might be getting released soon. Fake Rafe begged Sofia not to return to Colombia until she had heard from him. Sofia smiled at him, and then she walked out of the cells.

After Sofia left, fake Rafe shouted for Bo and Hope. When Bo and Hope entered the cells, fake Rafe said that he was ready to talk. Bo told fake Rafe to stop wasting their time. "What if I tell you everything you want to know? Would that be a waste of your time? I'll tell you everything...just promise that I walk," fake Rafe said.

At the Brady Pub, Kinsey, Abigail, and T were gathered around a laptop. Chloe greeted the group, and she asked to talk to Kinsey for a moment. Chloe apologetically informed Kinsey that she was going to have to cancel their singing lesson. Chloe said that she would reschedule as soon as she had cleared her calendar. Chloe abruptly excused herself, as Kinsey tried to hide her disappointment.

After Chloe left, Sonny walked in; Kinsey's spirits were immediately lifted when she saw him. Abigail showed Sonny some photographs from the volleyball game, which T and Kinsey had posted online. Kinsey sighed and said that Sonny looked good in every single photograph. Sonny jokingly agreed that he was perfect. Abigail pulled Sonny aside so that she could talk to him privately.

Abigail wondered how Victor had reacted when he had learned that Sonny was gay. Abigail wondered if Victor had acted like a jerk. "He was trying not to be...well, I'm here, and I'm queer -- he'll get used to it," Sonny stated bluntly. Later, Abigail spotted Jennifer standing outside the pub, so she excused herself so that she could talk to her mother. After Abigail left, T and Kinsey started to talk to Sonny.

T and Kinsey were noticeably impressed by Sonny's worldliness. T started to discuss sports with Sonny; T mentioned that Salem had a minor league baseball team, and he added that the team was so popular that their games were always sold out. "Yeah, the Titans; I have tickets to the game on Thursday. A friend of mine wants to give 'em to me 'cause he can't use 'em. I haven't asked anyone yet; you wanna come with me?" Sonny asked. Kinsey interrupted and claimed that she liked baseball, but T ignored her. T said that he would love to go to the game with Sonny, and he excitedly hugged Sonny as he thanked him for the invitation.

Later, Sonny excused himself so that he could pick up the tickets from his friend. T thanked him again, and Sonny assured "Kins" that he would take her next time. Kinsey's heart fluttered when she heard the nickname, and she breathlessly watched as Sonny exited the pub.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Jennifer told Abigail about her earlier encounter with Daniel. "Mom, listen...I love you. I think that you are one of the smartest people that I know. But you're being a dope for not taking Daniel back right then and there, and dropping this whole 'Carly got there first' thing you're doing," Abigail said, as Vivian quietly slipped into the bar. As Vivian listened, Jennifer insisted that her opinion had not changed.

Jennifer claimed that she needed to stay away from Daniel, for Carly's sake. As Vivian continued to eavesdrop, Abigail wondered how Jennifer planned to forget about Daniel. "It's easy -- if I don't go near him, I won't have to resist him," Jennifer explained, as Vivian grinned devilishly.

At the pier, Chloe met with Quinn. Chloe told Quinn that she needed cash right away. Chloe explained that social services was going to want her to prove that she could provide a stable environment for Parker, so she needed to find her own place to live. Chloe added that she had found the perfect apartment, but she was going to need to pay the security deposit. Chloe assured Quinn that she understood what she was going to have to do to pay him back. Quinn handed Chloe a wad of cash, and Chloe thanked him for the help.

Later, Chloe returned to the pub. Kinsey followed Chloe over to the bar, and she wondered if Chloe was all right. Chloe claimed that she had a lot on her mind, and she apologized for canceling Kinsey's lesson. Chloe told Kinsey about her battle with social services, and she admitted that she didn't really earn enough as a music teacher to prove that she could raise Parker effectively.

Kinsey told Chloe to forget about singing lessons, and she wondered why Chloe wasn't booking gigs for herself. Chloe thanked Kinsey for her vote of confidence, but she admitted that she had not had a lot of luck booking gigs in Salem. "Okay, I heard about this club in Brookville -- they turn away people every night. You should call them, Chloe," Kinsey suggested.

Before Chloe could respond, Kinsey heard T cursing about something from a nearby table. Kinsey excused herself so that she could find out what was wrong, but she reiterated that Chloe needed to call the club in Brookville. When Kinsey asked T what was going on, T reluctantly showed her his computer screen. "My ex-friend Dean just commented on a picture of me and Sonny. 'Check out Salem's latest bro-mance. LOL' What the hell is that supposed to mean?" T wondered.

T started to type furiously on his computer; Kinsey reminded T that Dean was a troublemaker, and she wondered why T was bothering to talk to him. "Because the troublemaker just told me that Sonny Kiriakis is gay," T announced. Kinsey was shocked, and she immediately grabbed the computer so that she could read what Dean was saying. "'No, I'm not lying, dude -- my friend Kevin knows this guy Steve, and Steve knows Sonny K. is gay,'" Kinsey read aloud.

Kinsey wondered if Dean might be lying, but T assured Kinsey that Dean was telling the truth. "Sorry to have popped your balloon, 'Kins,' but Mr. Wonderful...rides the other bus. Why would he let me post a picture of the two of us? Why would he ask me to a baseball game?" T asked incredulously. Kinsey shook her head in disbelief, and she assured T that being gay wasn't contagious. "No, he lied, and he's gonna pay for it," T insisted.

Back at the pier, Kate ran into Quinn. Kate wondered why Quinn had been dodging her calls; Quinn claimed that he was in a hurry, and he started to rush off. Kate started to remind Quinn that she was paying him a lot of money to sabotage Chloe's future with Parker, but Quinn interrupted her, and he told her that their deal was off. Quinn added that he wanted Kate to stay away from Chloe. After Quinn left, Kate sighed, and she muttered that she was just going to have to do the job herself.

Back at the hospital, Carly and Daniel celebrated a successful surgery. Daniel insisted that Carly was the one who deserved all of the praise, but Carly claimed that Daniel was the secret to her success -- she explained that Daniel gave her the confidence to believe in herself. Carly added that she was sorry that she had snapped at Daniel earlier.

Daniel admitted that he had been wrong to put Carly in the middle of his drama with Jennifer, and he said that he wanted to make it up to her. Daniel said that he wanted to take Carly out for dinner later that evening, and he wondered if she was interested. Carly eagerly agreed.

Back at the pub, Chloe took Kinsey's advice, and she called the club in Brookville. The club agreed to let Chloe audition for them, and Chloe eagerly wrote down the details on her notepad. When Chloe left the bar, she forgot to take the notepad with her. After Chloe left, Kate walked up to the bar, and she quickly collected the forgotten item.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. thought about recent events in his life as he paced the living room. With a sigh, E.J. signed a paper on the desk. A frustrated Stefano entered the living room and informed E.J. that his informant at the police station was off the case and could not help them. Worried, Stefano explained that he had a plan.

At the police station, Bo and Hope were excited about the strength of their case against E.J. since the faux Rafe, Arnold, had agreed to testify. While Bo and Hope reviewed the case file, District Attorney Woods walked in and was annoyed to see Hope was in the station. Bo informed D.A. Woods that the governor had pardoned Hope and had officially reinstated her to the police force. With a grin, Bo told the district attorney that Hope had cracked open the Rafe case.

Arnold's attorney presented Bo and Hope with an addendum to the plea deal, which asked for money on top of Arnold's amnesty. Painted in a corner, Bo had an officer escort Arnold from his cell to Bo's desk. Bo warned Arnold that he was a murderer and that Arnold's best option was to take the plea deal "as is." As Arnold smirked, an officer led in a line of prisoners chained together. When the prisoners leered at Hope, she leaned over and informed Arnold that if he did not take the agreement, he would never be closer to a woman than the prisoners were to her.

When the lawyers returned, Arnold's lawyer counseled him to take the deal that the district attorney was offering. With a smirk, Arnold asked to review the papers again. Bo ordered Officer Lopez to escort Arnold to his cell so that he could review the plea deal. Once Arnold was gone, Bo expressed his confidence that Arnold would sign the plea deal.

At the hospital, Abe informed Lexie that Stefano and E.J. were likely going to go to jail. With a sigh, Lexie thanked Abe for telling her the news in person. Abe kissed his wife goodbye and then headed back to work. Once alone, Lexie received a phone call from her father. Stefano asked Lexie if he and E.J. should leave town. Stunned, Lexie said she could not answer the question. Stefano stressed that he would always love Lexie. Devastated, Lexie wiped away a tear and hung up the phone.

Turning on his heel in the DiMera living room, Stefano announced to E.J., "They're coming to arrest us. We have to get out of town. Now." E.J. asked if there was an indictment. With a shrug, Stefano announced that judging by the sound of Lexie's voice, they needed to leave town immediately. Stefano called the airport to get his plane fueled and ready, but he learned the plane was grounded. Refusing to quit, Stefano began to march out of the living room to make plans. When E.J. asked Stefano why they should bother leaving, Stefano reminded E.J. that there was nothing left in Salem.

Shaking his head, E.J. asked whether Stefano could leave Kate and Chad behind. "Don't be ridiculous. Once we are safe, I will send for the family," Stefano said. Rolling his eyes, E.J. noted that the family would be thrilled with Stefano's decision. Defensive, Stefano warned that E.J. needed to let go of Taylor. Before E.J. could answer, there was a bang at the door, and the sounds of Marco yelling in the foyer could be heard. As E.J. and Stefano entered the foyer, they found Marco ordering two police officers to leave the property while he exposed the gun on his hip.

Waving Marco away, E.J. noted that Marco could not send away police officers. The officers informed E.J. that they had orders not to let anyone leave the house. E.J. turned to Marco and whispered to Marco to put his gun away and stand down. Once Marco was gone, E.J. invited the officers into the house. Annoyed, Stefano took E.J. into the living room and shut the door. Stefano chastised E.J. for thinking that if he turned over a new leaf that Taylor would return to E.J.

As Stefano started to work up a head of steam, he noticed the signed piece of paper on the desk. Concerned, Stefano asked what E.J. had done. E.J. noted that he was working on their legal defense. Pleased, Stefano noted that since the police officers had not arrested them, it was possible that Arnold would not confess.

At the loft, Dario reeled over the news about the fake Rafe. As Dario shook his head, there was a knock at the door. Rafe opened the door to reveal Sophia, who had stopped by with good news about her undercover work. As Sophia smiled, Rafe swooped her up in his arms and cried out with joy. Spotting Dario, Sophia hugged him hello. Flummoxed, Sami introduced herself as Rafe's wife and asked Sophia who she was. With a chuckle, Rafe introduced Sami to Sophia as his former FBI partner.

Curious about Rafe's smile, Sami asked Rafe what Sophia had done. Sophia explained that she had visited Arnold in prison and convinced Arnold that she was going to help him out of jail. Sophia announced that Arnold was likely giving a confession to the police at that moment. After telling Sami how she had gained admittance to Arnold's cell and convinced him that she could get him extracted to Colombia, Sophia explained that Arnold had been intent on confessing to his crimes by the time she left.

After some awkward small talk with Sami, Dario excused himself to leave. When Dario asked Sami to say hello to the kids, Sophia shook her head. Sophia explained that she found it hard to believe that Rafe was a father to four kids. Curious, Sami asked Sophia what she meant by her statement. Sophia admitted that though she had always thought Rafe would make a great father, Rafe had always laughed at her when she said it. Defensive, Rafe explained that he had been a lot younger when he was partners with Sophia. Sophia wished Sami and Rafe luck, kissed Rafe goodbye, then left.

After Sophia was gone, a jealous Sami asked Rafe why he had not informed her of his plan with Sophia. Rafe assured Sami that he trusted her but that he had needed to move quickly. When Sami noted that Sophia was flirtatious, Rafe corrected Sami and said that Sophia had been happy to see him. Rafe reiterated that he and Sophia were just friends. Sami asked Rafe why he'd had an intimate conversation about fatherhood with Sophia if they were just friends. Shrugging his shoulders, Rafe noted that he did not remember having that conversation with Sophia when they were partners.

"She obviously had a major thing for you," Sami said. Rafe told Sami that Sophia's feelings were irrelevant because he only felt friendship for Sophia. "Okay, you were just friends. Look I get it; I see why she's interested in you. Look at you, you're you, and obviously I don't blame her. I just can't help but be suspicious that she is going to try and steal you from me. I mean, that's what I would do," Sami admitted. Chuckling, Rafe told Sami that she was the cutest thing in the world and that he loved her.

Thinking about the case, Rafe picked up Arnold's case file. Curious, Sami asked if she could look through the file. With Rafe's blessing, Sami flipped through the pages of Arnold's criminal file. "I can't believe what he did to me and what he did to you and that E.J. was behind it," Sami said brusquely. Shaking her head, Sami apologized for her jealousy. Sami noted that although she wanted Stefano and E.J. to pay for their crimes, she was concerned that Arnold would not be punished. Rafe promised that Arnold would never get near Sami or the kids again.

In the Cheatin' Heart, Taylor met with Brady to inform him that E.J. had realized that Rafe was not the one that had beaten him up on the pier. Taylor warned Brady to be careful, but Brady noted that E.J. would likely be in jail before he got his memory back. As Taylor cautioned Brady to be careful who he spoke to, Abe entered the bar. A protective Nicole rushed across the room to intervene and warn Brady and Nicole of Abe's arrival. A bit breathless from his rush to get over to the bar, Abe informed Nicole and Taylor that their mother's murderer was going to be set free so that they could get Arnold to flip on the DiMeras.

"Stefano and E.J. are gonna go to prison for a very long time. But the man who actually killed your mother with his own hands, isn't," Abe announced. Angry, Abe apologized to Nicole and Taylor for having to let Arnold walk free. "It's the only way we could get to the source," Abe said. Abe assured Nicole and Taylor that Arnold's confession would be able to provide answers about Fay's death. With a sigh, Nicole thanked Abe. Once Abe was gone, Nicole admitted that though she was upset that the imposter was going to go free, she was relieved that E.J. would be punished.

Shaking her head, Taylor stated that she did not believe that E.J. had known that Arnold would hurt Fay. Shocked, Nicole urged Taylor not to buy into E.J.'s argument that he was not responsible for Fay's death. Taylor explained that she was reacting to the news that their mother's murderer was about to be set free. "I'm not saying that E.J. is blameless," Taylor added. Softening her voice, Nicole reminded Taylor that E.J. had set everything in motion leading up to Fay's murder.

Taylor explained that she was going to go to the police station to protest the release of Fay's murderer. "If you try to stop what the cops are doing then E.J. and Stefano will get away with murder," Nicole said. "Devil's bargain, right?" Taylor sighed. As Taylor walked out of the bar, Brady stopped Nicole from following her sister.

Frustrated, Nicole informed Brady that Taylor had visited her at the hotel to inform her that she hated E.J. "Well, Nic, you know about that thin line between love and hate," Brady pointed out. Worried, Nicole explained that Taylor had blamed E.J. for Fay's death but was backing off. Brady assured Nicole that Taylor's protest would not change a thing. Nicole admitted that the only time she was ever happy was with Brady. "I wish I could go back there. To that feeling again," Nicole whispered.

Lexie met up with Abe at the police station and asked him if he was ready to answer questions about her family. With a solemn nod, Abe left to meet the press. As Lexie stood in the police station, D.A. Woods approached her and asked her if Abe's arrest of Stefano and E.J. would hurt the mayor's chances of reelection. With pursed lips, Lexie told the district attorney that she was thinking about how Chad was going to lose his father and his brother. "Chad's already lost his mother, so maybe, just once, you could show him a little decency and be there for him," Lexie said. "Go to hell," the district attorney mumbled.

Arnold's attorney hurried into Bo and Hope's office to show them the signed plea agreement. Elated, Bo called for a stenographer to head to Arnold's cell. Meanwhile, the officers at the DiMera mansion marched into the living room to arrest E.J. and Stefano. As the officers escorted E.J. into the police station, E.J. spotted Taylor approaching the front door. "Am I too late? The man who killed my mother walks and you go to prison?" Taylor asked. "Isn't that what you want?" E.J. asked softly. "No," Taylor admitted.

At the loft, Sami received a call from Abe informing her that E.J. and Stefano had been arrested. Elated, Sami told Rafe the good news. "E.J. and Stefano are on their way to jail, and they are finally getting what they deserve," Sami cheered.

Back in Arnold's cell, the chained prisoners were placed in Arnold's cell. When Arnold made a joke about the prisoners being losers, one took offense to the statement. When Arnold continue to make cracks, the offended prisoner noted that he remembered Arnold and that he was FBI agent Rafe Hernandez, who had previously arrested him for bank robbery. Sensing he was in danger, Arnold explained that he was not Rafe. "I never forget the face of someone that screwed me," the prisoner said as his hands gripped onto Arnold's shoulders.

In the main room of the police station, Abe was looking over some paperwork when he overheard Officer Chan inform Officer Lopez that he had placed the bank robbery suspects in the cell with Arnold. Shocked, Abe spun around and noted, "He is supposed to be in solitary. He is a witness protection candidate" "I vetted them. They had no ties to the DiMeras. What's the big flippin' deal?" Officer Chan said.

Bo and Hope arrived at Arnold's cell and were concerned to find a gaggle of prisoners standing around. As Bo opened the door to the cell, he was shocked to find Arnold's bloody body on the floor. After feeling for a pulse, Bo announced that Arnold was dead.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

At the loft, Rafe read a bedtime story to Johnny, but the boy was reluctant to go to bed at the end of the story. After some prodding from Sami and Rafe, Johnny admitted that he'd been having bad dreams. Rafe and Sami did their best to comfort the boy, and Sami reassured him that the scary times were all over.

At the police station, Bo cursed as he checked the lifeless body of Arnold Feniger -- Rafe's doppelgänger -- for a pulse, and found none. "He's dead," Bo growled. As he stood and glared furiously at the orange-jumpsuited prisoners responsible for Arnold's death, he demanded to know what had happened. The inmates just shrugged and pretended not to know anything. Hope and Bo exited the cell, leaving the four prisoners locked in the cell with the corpse.

As Bo and Hope entered the squad room, Taylor was ranting to Roman and Abe that the man who had killed her mother could not be set free. Bo informed Taylor that the Rafe imposter had signed a full confession that implicated Stefano and E.J. in the scheme. Although each was handcuffed, the DiMera men were unconcerned.

District Attorney Woods then stormed into the room and lit into Bo because the imposter had been killed. E.J. and Stefano chuckled smugly, and pointed out that the police had no cause to hold them any longer. "Woods. In my office -- now," Bo ordered the D.A. Roman accompanied the other two men into Bo's office.

Abe pulled a confused and upset Taylor aside, and tried to reassure her that the man who had killed her mother would never hurt anyone else again. Taylor quietly suggested that someone should let Sami and Rafe know what had happened.

Sami had just gotten Johnny to sleep when Abe called Rafe with the news about the imposter. A furious Sami flipped out because without Arnold's testimony, they couldn't put E.J. and Stefano away. Rafe tried to convince her that it wasn't over yet, and then announced that he was going to the station. Sami declared that she was going, too, and as she and Rafe hurried out, she shouted into the bedroom for Will to keep an eye on the younger kids.

When Sami and Rafe arrived at the police station, Rafe went into Bo's office to find out what he could about what had happened. Sami accused Stefano and E.J. of having had "the creature" killed so he couldn't testify. The DiMeras calmly maintained that Arnold would have had nothing to testify about. An irate Sami began shouting at them, so Abe gently pulled her away.

Just then, the others exited Bo's office, looking grim. Indicating Stefano and E.J., Sami demanded, "Tell me what's going on! You're not just going to let them walk, are you?" Bo promised to make sure that whoever had killed the imposter got the punishment he deserved, and then ordered a uniformed officer to removed the DiMeras' handcuffs. Woods declared that Commissioner Brady had blown it, and stormed off. The officer escorted Stefano and E.J. away to process their release papers. Sami determinedly asserted to her assembled family members that the battle wasn't over yet.

Taylor caught up with E.J. outside, and urged him not to fight Sami for custody of the children. E.J. wanted to know if Taylor had gone to the station to stop the Rafe imposter from making a statement against E.J. Taylor maintained that she just hadn't wanted the look-alike to get away with killing her mother -- but she also thought that E.J. needed to pay for his part in everything. "I am paying -- dearly," E.J. admitted. He asked if Taylor could ever forgive him, but she didn't think she could ever look at E.J. the same way, much less forgive him. E.J. watched as she went back inside, and, with a half-smile, muttered to himself, "We'll see about that."

Sami pulled Rafe aside and quietly vented her anger and frustration that the DiMeras were going to get away with their crimes -- again. She was also terrified because E.J. had yet another chance to take Johnny and Sydney away from her. Rafe promised that he would do everything he could to protect the kids, because he loved them, and he loved their mother. He urged Sami to go home to the children, while he tried to figure out how to deal with the DiMeras. Rafe kissed Sami goodbye and hurried off, but she said to herself that she had something to take care of before she could go home.

A concerned Abe offered to let Taylor stay with his family again, but she declined, explaining that she needed a little time to herself. Just then, the coroner arrived to wheel Arnold's body out on a gurney. Taylor asked him to wait, and lifted the cover from over the imposter's face. "May you rot in hell," she hissed.

Rafe entered the cell where the four men in orange jumpsuits were still being held, and ordered them to tell him what had happened. The men blanched to see Agent Hernandez still alive, and one of the prisoners pronounced Rafe "a walking ghost." Rafe clarified plainly enough for them all to understand, "No ghost. You killed a guy who looked like me." He added that they had no chance of getting out of there unless they told him exactly what had happened. The apparent ringleader of the group declared, "I'm not getting out of here, anyway, thanks to you."

Rafe went back to Bo's office, where he found Hope and Bo going through case files. He told them that none of the inmates had admitted to anything, but added, "One of the prisoners is an old perp of mine from the Bureau days -- and this was his third strike. Blames me for it because I was behind the second collar." With nothing left to lose, Rafe concluded, the guy had killed the double, believing it was Rafe. Bo and Hope concurred that Rafe's theory made sense. Bo apologized that their plan had gone so wrong, and encouraged Rafe to head home to be with his family.

Sami slammed the door behind her as she entered the living room of the DiMera mansion, where E.J. was poring over legal books and papers. Sami noted that there was no precedent that could clear E.J. of all the evil he'd perpetrated against her, her children, and Rafe. Eyes downcast, E.J. explained quietly that what he was working on involved her relationship with Johnny and Sydney. "No, E.J. I will not let you take those kids from me," Sami declared with steely determination.

E.J. urged Sami to discuss things rationally with him, but instead, she began picking up documents from the desk and ripping them to pieces, dumping coffee on them, and throwing the law books on the floor. E.J. tried ineffectually to stop her, but Sami's tantrum continued, so he appeared to give up, at least temporarily. While continuing to destroy things, Sami screamed that E.J. was an "arrogant jerk" who had no idea how to care for his children.

"You think Johnny's going to forgive you? You have broken his heart! He is terrified of you!" she shouted. "That's exactly why I'm doing this," E.J. stated softly. Sami declared, "I am not letting this happen." E.J. replied that she didn't have a choice. He picked up a document from the floor, wiped it off, and handed it to her. E.J. explained quietly, "I'm giving you full custody of the children... I listened to what you said, and you were right; I don't deserve them. And I don't want to hurt them any more than I already have."

Rafe returned to the loft and found a note from Will on the kitchen table. "Mom said to tell you she'd be home soon," Rafe read aloud. He wondered where Sami could have gone, and then, as if realizing exactly where she'd gone, Rafe rushed back out the door.

As they walked on the pier, Vivian confided to Gus that she had overheard a conversation in which she'd learned that Jennifer Deveraux was "hot to trot" for Daniel Jonas. Vivian mused gleefully that the situation could only have a negative effect on Carly's drug problem -- which meant that they needed to devise a way to get Daniel and Jennifer in the same room together posthaste.

At the hospital, Daniel informed Carly that his shift had just ended, and asked if they were still on for dinner. Carly agreed that after she checked on one last patient, she would meet Daniel at the Sapphire Club. A bit later, Gus arrived and eavesdropped as Carly told Lexie about her upcoming dinner date with Daniel.

Gus immediately ducked around the corner to call Vivian with the news. Vivian declared that they simply had to turn what might seem like a problem into an opportunity.

Jennifer was doing some paperwork at the Cheatin' Heart when memories of playing pool and making love with Daniel invaded her thoughts. Irritably wiping away tears, she knocked a file folder and all its contents onto the floor. Abigail arrived as Jennifer was picking everything up, and rushed over to help her mother. Abigail noted that Jennifer had been crying, and urged her mom to deal with what she had to be feeling about Daniel. Jennifer insisted she was fine. Jennifer used Chad's arrival just then as an excuse to leave. Although Abigail protested, Jennifer was out the door before anyone could stop her.

Jennifer's cell phone rang as she stepped outside, and on the other end was Vivian, putting on a ridiculous Southern accent to pose as Lydia, the assistant of an extremely wealthy philanthropist named Warner Buffet. Jennifer was thrilled at "Mr. Buffet's" offer of a seven-figure hospital donation. "Lydia" then informed Jennifer that the offer was contingent on Jennifer meeting the donor at the Sapphire Club right away. Jennifer reluctantly agreed.

Later, D.A. Woods interrupted Chad and Abigail's game of pool. "I'm here to inform you that your gangster father and brother managed to weasel their way out of trouble again," Woods declared snidely, and explained, "The star witness set to testify against them turned up dead, as luck would have it." When Abigail tried politely to introduce herself to the D.A., he merely responded with more sarcasm, so Chad explained who the man was. Woods contemptuously declared that Chad had jumped at the chance for money and power the minute he'd learned that Stefano was his biological father.

Chad stated evenly, "It wasn't about the power or the money, you jerk. It was because my real father actually gave a damn -- which is more than I could ever say about you." Woods unleashed a litany of belittling names and accusations on his former son, who just listened calmly until Woods finished. "And what you truly are, D.A. Woods, is a dirt bag," Chad replied quietly. Woods hauled off to punch Chad, but Chad deftly caught him by the wrist and stopped the blow. With a warning to Abigail to get out while she still could, Woods stormed out, rubbing his wrist.

As Chad and Abigail walked along the pier later, he admitted that it had been satisfying to tell off his former father. Chad continued that even as a kid, he hadn't been able to see similarities between himself and his father, as if he had intuited the two of them weren't even related. Chad guessed that Woods had probably also suspected that Chad wasn't his son. Abigail wondered if Chad had ever mentioned it to his mother, but Chad hadn't wanted to add to the sadness he always sensed in his mom. Chad then expressed his wish that he and Abigail could be alone together somewhere else, and away from their lives for a moment. Pointing out that they already were alone, Abigail asked, "And what's wrong with being right here, right?" Chad agreed, and kissed her.

After changing into a nice dress for her dinner with Daniel, Carly returned to the nurses' station to sign out. Lexie gushed about how beautiful Carly looked, but worried that Carly might be expecting too much from the dinner, since it hadn't been all that long since Carly had confessed to having feelings for Daniel. Carly insisted that she was over Daniel, and the two of them were just friends who happened to have a daughter together.

Carly grabbed her purse and was headed out the door when Maxine asked if Dr. Manning could take a look at a patient, because she was the only doctor on the floor at that moment. Although obviously miffed, Carly agreed. Her annoyance turned to ire when she entered the exam room and found Gus clutching his abdomen and moaning in pain.

Tossing her purse onto a supply cart and grabbing a stethoscope, Carly grudgingly began to do a physical exam of her alleged patient, all while taunting him about his fawning adoration of Vivian. Gus yelped and complained that Carly was hurting him as she forcefully and vigorously palpated his belly. Finally he shoved her hands away and demanded that she do some other kind of test. Carly sarcastically agreed that an M.R.I. was a great idea, and commanded him not to move while she ordered the test.

As soon as Carly was out of the room, Gus rifled through her purse until he found her cell phone. "First phase of mission completed; on to phase two," he declared as he pressed numbers on the keypad.

Carly returned, and presented Gus with a list of tests she deemed necessary to determine what was wrong with him. "Blood tests? Does that involve a needle?" he asked weakly. Insisting he felt much better, Gus rose to leave, but Carly shoved him back down onto the bed, and ordered him to wait for her replacement to take over Gus's care. Carly picked up her purse and immediately noticed that it was open -- and she never left her purse open. Gus swore that he hadn't touched it. The two traded a few more barbs about Vivian, and then Carly left.

When Jennifer arrived at the Sapphire Club, she was pleasantly surprised when a waiter showed her to a private dining room. He explained that "Mr. Buffet" had reserved the entire room just for the two of them. As the waiter left for the kitchen, Jennifer looked around, admiring the décor and the candles burning on every table, and noted that an expensive bottle of champagne was already open and chilling in a bucket. She heard someone enter the room, and turned to introduce herself to the hospital's newest benefactor -- but was stunned to see Daniel instead.

Daniel was just as surprised to see Jennifer as she was to see him. They both explained somewhat awkwardly why they were there, and Jennifer was glad to hear that Carly and Daniel were spending time together. Daniel then blurted that he missed Jennifer, but then a text message from Carly interrupted. Reading the message, Daniel explained that Carly had needed to break their date because of work. Before Daniel could leave, the waiter returned with apologies from "Mr. Buffet," who also couldn't make it.

With a sheepish shrug, Daniel suggested that they shouldn't let the flowers, food, and champagne that Mr. Buffet had paid for go to waste. Jennifer concurred -- especially since the nice bottle of champagne was already open. Daniel poured two glasses for them, and as they sipped it, both were impressed with how great it tasted. "This philanthropist guy, whoever he is -- this guy went all out. Forget the donation; I think this guy's trying to woo you," Daniel remarked lightheartedly.

Jennifer smiled, but then it began to dawn on her that the name Warner Buffet sounded a little too made up and "hokey." She accused Daniel of setting the whole thing up -- probably with Maxine's help -- and declared that he'd made her feel like a complete fool. Daniel interrupted her rant to point out that such a stunt was not his style at all. He added, "You don't really know me. I thought you did, but maybe you really don't." He declared that she had insulted him by thinking he was capable of pulling such a juvenile prank just to get her alone.

Jennifer offered a heartfelt apology, and then confessed that she missed him, too. Feeling uncomfortable, she started to leave, but a frustrated Daniel wanted to straighten things out right then. He reminded her that she had said that she didn't want to be with him. Jennifer clarified that she had said that she couldn't, not that she didn't want to. Baffled, Daniel demanded, "Do you want to be with me or not?" Jennifer finally admitted, "Yes, I want to be with you!" Daniel grabbed her and kissed her before she could say another word to confuse the issue. Carly arrived just in time to witness their passionate embrace.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

by Mike

At the Sapphire Club, Jennifer and Daniel continued to kiss, unaware that Carly was watching them. Meanwhile, Carly didn't realize that she was also being watched -- by Vivian. As Carly tearfully exited the club, Vivian placed a call to Quinn.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chloe happily informed Adrienne and Justin that she had booked a gig at a club in Brookville. As Quinn quietly entered the bar, Justin gently pointed out that one gig was not going to be enough to pay for Chloe's new apartment. Chloe said that she was going to remain optimistic, and she added that booking the gig had given her back her confidence. As Quinn continued to eavesdrop, he received a phone call from Vivian. Vivian asked to meet Quinn and his employee, Phelps, at the pier.

At the pier, Vivian told Quinn and Phelps about the scene that Carly had witnessed at the Sapphire Club. "If I've done my job properly, the doctor will show up here devastated...and desperately looking for something to take away her pain," Vivian added. Vivian told Phelps that she didn't want Carly to leave the pier empty-handed. "What's the deal here with the Diva of Darkness?" Phelps quipped, but Quinn wasn't amused. Quinn warned Phelps to treat Vivian with respect.

Phelps reluctantly apologized, and Quinn said that he wanted to talk to Vivian privately. After Phelps left, Vivian thanked Quinn for defending her honor. "You defended me, and it made me feel...valued and respected, and...for a moment, I looked at you, and I thought, 'That's my son -- wonder of wonders, he really does care about me,'" Vivian said.

Later, Quinn excused himself, and Vivian hid behind some crates; meanwhile, Phelps waited for Carly to show up. When Phelps heard Carly's footsteps approaching, he asked if she had returned to the pier to take him up on his earlier offer. Phelps waved a bag of drugs in front of Carly's face. As Vivian listened, Phelps assured Carly that his drugs would help her forget about all of her problems.

Carly stared at the bag of drugs intently, but she managed to resist the temptation. Phelps shrugged and offered Carly his business card, and he told her to call him if she ever changed her mind. Phelps slipped the card into one of the pockets of Carly's purse. As Phelps left the pier, he purposely dropped the bag on the ground. When Carly turned to leave, she spotted the bag; she picked it up and quickly rushed off, as Vivian silently cheered.

Back at the Sapphire Club, Daniel realized that Jennifer was upset about something. Jennifer admitted that she had not planned on kissing Daniel, and she explained that she was conflicted about their relationship. Daniel immediately started rambling about all of the things that he might have done to upset Jennifer. Jennifer interrupted Daniel, and she insisted that her concerns had nothing to do with him. Jennifer said that she couldn't get into the details, but Daniel refused to accept that answer.

As Daniel tried to convince Jennifer that he deserved an explanation, Jennifer accidentally blurted out Carly's name. Jennifer tried to claim that Carly had suggested that Jennifer and Daniel needed to take things slowly. Daniel was skeptical, and he explained that Carly had offered to talk to Jennifer on his behalf. Daniel theorized that Carly might have given them conflicting advice because she didn't think that Daniel was good enough for Jennifer.

"What? That is so ridiculous; she is crazy about you, and that's the point -- I never would have gotten involved with you in the first place if I knew how much much she cared about you, and how much she wishes you cared about her," Jennifer blurted out. Jennifer immediately regretted her statement, and she started chastising herself for betraying Carly's trust. Daniel tried to assure Jennifer that she was wrong about Carly, but Jennifer interrupted him.

"Whatever you're gonna say, it's wrong, because not only is it likely, it's the truth, okay? And it's because of the truth that Carly is so miserable, and it's making her completely insane, and that's why I feel like I just walked in front of her. I cut in line," Jennifer said. Daniel reiterated that he didn't think that Carly felt that way about him, and he added that he didn't feel that way about Carly. Jennifer said that it didn't matter, because Carly was her friend. Jennifer said that she didn't want to do anything that would hurt Carly.

Daniel said that he cared about Carly, but he added that he wanted a relationship with Jennifer -- not Carly. Daniel reminded Jennifer that Carly was a strong woman. Jennifer said that Carly was going through a difficult time in her life, and she insisted that Carly was not as strong as Daniel believed that she was. Jennifer asked Daniel to understand, and she begged him not to tell Carly about their conversation. Before Daniel could respond, Jennifer quickly walked away.

At the Brady Pub, Stefano and Kate celebrated the fact that Stefano was a free man. As Gabi listened from a nearby table, Stefano and Kate started to make plans to take a vacation. Gabi dropped a cup on the floor, and Kate wondered if she was all right. Gabi snapped that she was not all right, because Stefano and E.J. had tried to ruin Rafe's life. Gabi chastised Kate for not protecting her grandson, Will; before Kate could respond, Gabi stormed off.

Stefano was furious with Gabi for disrespecting Kate, but Kate assured him that everything would be all right. Kate told Stefano that she would meet him back at the mansion, and she explained that she was going to try to smooth things over with Gabi. After Stefano left, Chloe and Kinsey entered the pub. Kinsey was excited to learn that the Brookville club had hired Chloe. Chloe thanked Kinsey for telling her about the club. As Kate listened, Chloe added that the gig might help her regain custody of Parker.

As Kate continued to eavesdrop, Chloe admitted that she was hoping that the Brookville gig would impress her social worker. Kinsey suggested that Chloe should invite her social worker to the club to hear her performance. Meanwhile, Kate slipped out of the pub; outside, Kate grabbed her phone. "I should have handled this by myself from the very beginning. Pimp's going all soft-hearted on the slut," Kate muttered, as she waited for the operator to give her the number for every nightclub in Brookville.

Later, Kate tried to bribe the manager of the Brookville club to cancel Chloe's performance, but the manager refused to do so. Kate sighed and muttered that she was just going to have to find another way to sabotage Chloe. Meanwhile, back inside the pub, Kinsey said that she really respected Chloe. "And not to be too, too shallow -- although God knows I am -- I think you're so incredible-looking. I mean, if I were half as hot as you, my life would be significantly improved -- no joke," Kinsey said.

Chloe insisted that Kinsey was beautiful, but Kinsey claimed that she paled in comparison to Chloe. Kinsey suggested that when she died, she wanted to be reincarnated as Chloe Lane. Chloe said that she was flattered, but she advised Kinsey that it would be a bad idea for her to try to be anyone other than herself. Chloe added that she definitely wasn't the kind of person that Kinsey should have been trying to emulate.

Back at the Sapphire Club, Quinn talked to one of his clients, Randy, who asked for another night with Lola. As Quinn was making the arrangements, he received another call from Vivian, who asked him to meet her at the pier. After Quinn left, Kate approached Randy, and she showed him a picture of Chloe -- the woman that he knew as Lola. Kate told Randy about Lola's gig at the Brookville club.

"I would like you to attend one of the performances. After you arrive, I'm going to arrange to have you seated next to a representative from Child Services, who's going to be very impressed...until you manage to slip into the conversation the fact that you paid our little songbird for sex," Kate explained. Kate said that she was prepared to pay Randy a lot of money if he agreed to help her. Randy refused Kate's offer, and he told Kate to find herself another sucker.

In response to Randy's protests, Kate tossed a stuffed envelope, overflowing with cash, onto the table. As Randy eyed the cash greedily, Kate added that she was a DiMera. Kate wondered if Randy was aware that it was never a good idea to turn down a request from a DiMera. Randy reluctantly picked up the envelope, and he wondered when the big event was going to take place.

At the pier, Vivian excitedly informed Quinn that Carly had taken the bait. Vivian thanked Quinn for his help, and she noted that working together had been good for them. "We've become closer; you seem to have more respect for me, and more trust, and you don't know what that means to me. And because of this said respect and trust, I would like to...set you up -- in a legitimate business," Vivian suggested. Quinn politely refused Vivian's offer. Quinn said that he had never owed anyone anything in his entire life, and he added that he wanted to keep it that way.

Later, back at the pub, Chloe and Kinsey continued their conversation. Quinn entered the pub, and Chloe asked Kinsey to give her a moment alone with Quinn. After Kinsey left, Quinn told Chloe that Randy was interested in another meeting with Lola. Chloe agreed, and she added that she had booked a gig at a club. Chloe optimistically suggested that she might not need to continue to work for Quinn, if things went well at the club. Quinn stoically recommended that Chloe should just take things one day at a time.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Rafe that he had given Sami full custody of Johnny and Sydney. E.J. showed Rafe the documentation, but Rafe wasn't convinced. "Am I supposed to believe that? You're just giving up the rights to your children, with no strings attached? Really?" Rafe asked, as Stefano entered the living room. Stefano was shocked when he heard the news.

"Has it slipped your diseased mind that Samantha was trying to put us behind bars, to rot somewhere in some prison? And that bastard was right next to her," Stefano said, as he glared at Rafe. Rafe smiled and calmly exited the mansion. After Rafe left, Stefano warned that Rafe was going to turn Johnny and Sydney against E.J. Stefano insisted that he was not going to let E.J. throw away everything that they had fought so hard to keep. E.J. said that Stefano didn't have a choice in the matter, but Stefano refused to listen to E.J.

E.J. reminded Stefano that they had been extremely close to going to prison. Stefano pointed out that he and E.J. had walked away from those charges, and he told E.J. that they had won. "When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't like what I see, Father -- unlike you, who doesn't really seem to have any desire or capacity for self-awareness. I don't perceive myself as having won," E.J. claimed.

Stefano noted that E.J. had a remarkable capacity for self-pity. E.J. said that the only thing that he had won was his son's hatred, and he added that he didn't consider that to be a victory. Stefano insisted that Johnny didn't hate E.J., but E.J. wasn't convinced. "Listen to me -- I've heard it from his mouth, and I have seen it in his eyes. Since I have traumatized that little boy -- most likely damaged him irreparably -- I don't see any reason to celebrate my freedom! My only desire is to atone for my sins, and to pay for the misery that I have caused other people," E.J. said.

Stefano wondered how E.J. planned to do that, and he asked if E.J. was thinking about turning himself in to the cops. E.J. sighed and admitted that he should turn himself in, but he added that he would have to take Stefano with him, and he didn't want to deal with Stefano in prison. "Listen, if you hate me so much, why don't you just hit me in the head with our chess table here, huh? And get it over with?" Stefano asked. E.J. assured Stefano that he was not going to turn himself in to the authorities.

E.J. added that he was going to start to live a better life. "You know, you always talk about making things right, but see, I know what is truly going on here, and it is Taylor Walker; you'll do anything to get that ridiculous woman back -- admit it," Stefano said. E.J. insisted that his actions had nothing to do with Taylor, but Stefano wasn't convinced. Stefano suggested that Taylor was only interested in E.J.'s money. E.J. angrily warned Stefano not to talk about Taylor like that.

Stefano warned E.J. that Taylor was never going to forgive him for Fay's death. "Okay, I'm going to say something now, and you are actually going to listen. I would never give up my children just to ingratiate myself with a woman. What I'm doing is, first and foremost, for the children -- and then for me, so that I can become...if not a more worthwhile person, then at least less of a disgrace in their eyes," E.J. claimed.

Stefano said that he was going to put a stop to E.J.'s lunacy. Stefano said that he was going to get his team of lawyers to reverse E.J.'s foolish decision, and he warned that there was nothing that E.J. was going to be able to do to stop him. As Stefano exited the mansion, E.J. shouted after him. "Not without my consent, or my signature, all right? Father, they are my children! You just don't think you can just -- aah!" E.J. shouted indistinctly, as he recoiled in pain. E.J. clutched his head as he started to writhe around on the floor, with no one around to help him.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Rafe met with Justin. Rafe showed Justin the custody papers, and Justin admitted that they looked authentic. Meanwhile, Gabi entered the bar, and she rushed over to give Rafe a hug. After Justin left, Gabi said that she was happy to see the real Rafe. Rafe assured Gabi that he was back, and that he was never going to leave again.

Jennifer walked into the bar and greeted Adrienne. Adrienne noticed that Jennifer was upset, and Jennifer filled Adrienne in on what had happened earlier with Daniel. Jennifer admitted that Daniel was confused, and she added that Daniel didn't understand how serious Carly's situation was. "Adrienne, let me just tell you something -- it is the only thing that is keeping her together. Believing that she has a chance with Daniel -- that is all she's got right now," Jennifer said.

Adrienne wondered what was going to happen if Carly realized that Jennifer had betrayed Carly's confidence. Jennifer assured Adrienne that she wasn't worried about that, because Daniel had promised not to say anything to Carly. Meanwhile, in Carly's hotel room, Carly tearfully retrieved the bag of drugs from her purse. As Carly eyed the drugs, she recalled the kiss that Jennifer and Daniel had shared earlier.

Friday, July 15, 2011

At the Brady Pub, Chad defensively expected Abigail to say, "I told you so," about his family, but instead, she put her arms around him. Chad noted that everything Abigail -- and everyone else -- had tried to tell him about his family had been true, because the whole time he'd been trying to get to know them, they'd been holding Rafe Hernandez captive, and then they'd unleashed the imposter on the world. Chad didn't even know if Fay Walker's death had affected the DiMeras.

Abigail wondered whether Chad had heard from Charles Woods, the man Chad had grown up believing was his father, and Chad admitted that he hadn't. Abigail confessed that she hadn't seen her own dad in almost a year. Chad confided that considering what had happened, he felt really bad for Johnny -- and for what Sydney would experience later on. Abigail pointed out that the children had Sami and Rafe, and Chad had Abigail to lean on.

Taylor arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to talk to Brady, who was reading the newspaper stories about the Rafe imposter in utter disbelief. Taylor admitted that she already knew the whole story -- and she never wanted to see E.J. again. Brady offered a sympathetic ear, but Taylor berated herself for having been such fool a fool about E.J. that she couldn't have prevented her mother's murder. Brady only wanted to know if the DiMeras were going to pay for their crimes, but Taylor didn't think so. She added sarcastically that E.J. had promised never to do anything illegal again.

Brady stated softly that E.J. had probably had good intentions when he'd said that, but Brady noted that he'd snapped when he'd learned that E.J.'s employee had been responsible for Arianna's death. He confessed that he had been the one who'd beaten E.J. within an inch of his life. Taylor worried what would happen to Brady when E.J. remembered what had happened. She admitted that even though she knew intellectually who and what E.J. was, she still loved him.

Sami and Rafe were goofing around with Johnny and Sydney on the pier when E.J. appeared. Obviously stricken and uncomfortable, E.J. started to head off in the opposite direction, but Sami stopped him. Sami pointed out that E.J. couldn't run away every time he saw her or the kids, and urged him to say hello to his kids civilly. E.J. bent to give Sydney a big hug, but Johnny shouted, "I'm not your son anymore!" Sami tried to reassure Johnny that his daddy loved him very much, but Johnny only shouted that he'd seen on TV that his daddy was a liar. E.J. quietly noted that Sami had played him up as the villain beautifully, so she asked Rafe to take the kids to watch the sailboats in the harbor.

As soon as Rafe and the children were gone, Sami argued that she had not done anything to turn the kids against E.J. -- but she hadn't had to. E.J. had been the one who had replaced the children's stepfather with a "freak show." Sami acknowledged that although E.J. loved his children very much, he still did things that hurt them deeply. She continued that Johnny knew what E.J. and Stefano had done, and it had broken his heart; she also pointed out that Sydney would eventually learn that her father had kidnapped her. As she left the pier, Sami urged E.J. to consider what was best for his children.

Just as Sami left, Stefano arrived. He apologized for having declared in anger that Elvis was not his son. E.J. was worried what would happen when the imposter decided to talk. Stefano asked E.J. to trust him about that. E.J. pointed out, "How can I trust you? You come up with this entire plan, and the moment it backfires, you turn around and blame it on me." An exasperated Stefano reminded his son that regardless, they still didn't know who had attacked E.J. E.J. still believed that it had been Rafe, but Stefano did not. Stefano vowed to make whoever it had been regret it, "DiMera style."

Just then, Taylor arrived, and witnessed the exchange between the DiMeras. As Stefano left, E.J. turned and spotted Taylor, the disgust evident in her expression. After expressing her revulsion for having trusted E.J., Taylor turned to leave again, but she wondered who had attacked him if it hadn't been Rafe. E.J. admitted that he'd gone to the pier to see if it might trigger his memory. Taylor noted that E.J. wouldn't even have to seek revenge for the attack, because his father would do it for him. E.J. said that Taylor didn't have to worry about that, because he had no memory of who'd attacked him. As Taylor turned to leave again, E.J. had a vague memory of what had happened that night.

Stefano was on his cell phone as he returned home to the DiMera mansion. "So everything is set? Good. It's time we showed that two-bit punk who he's been dealing with," Stefano growled.

Back at the loft, Sydney and Johnny went to play, while Sami and Rafe tried to explain to Allie what had happened. Allie understood that there had been two Rafes, and Rafe reassured her that he was the original. Allie still seemed a little leery, so Rafe suggested that they start over at the very beginning. He introduced himself formally to her, and shook her hand. Allie laughed and admitted to Sami, "He's funny like before." Sami promised that the bad Rafe would never bother Allie again. Grinning, Allie asked Rafe if the two of them could go ice-skating again. Allie then wondered what would happen to E.J. "I guess he's gonna get what he deserves," Sami admitted.

At the police station, McCarthy showed Bo and Hope the mug shots and long, storied rap sheet of Arnold Feniger, also known as imposter Rafe. As Bo and Hope were discussing how to use the information against the imposter, an irate D.A. Woods entered the squad room, fuming about how Internal Affairs wanted Hope off the case immediately. Hope quickly made herself scarce, while Bo pointed out that Hope had been deputized, so the D.A. couldn't remove her from duty without a written request. D.A. Woods promised to have the paperwork on Bo's desk within the hour. When the two of them were alone, Abe hinted that Bo could count on Victor's help, so Bo reluctantly called his father.

Outside, Hope and Detective McCarthy overheard Woods's ranting. McCarthy asked Hope what she could do to help, and Hope instructed McCarthy to follow her with Feniger's file

Abe soon produced a document that required Bo to relieve Hope of her duties. Hope returned, and Bo filled her in on what had happened in her absence. After Abe left the room, Hope got what seemed like a promising text message about the faux Rafe investigation, but before she could reveal anything, Brady arrived. "I need to talk to Bo about what I did to E.J.," Brady explained.

After Hope left the men alone, Brady admitted that he didn't regret what he had done; he only regretted having put other people, like Bo, in bad positions. Brady worried that Bo would be in hot water if people found out he'd known that Brady had attacked E.J. With a shrug, Bo suggested that Brady should pray E.J. never remembered what had happened, but he hoped that Stefano and E.J. would be behind bars before that occurred.

A uniformed officer threw a loud, angry woman into the cell with Arnold Feniger. She cursed at the officer in Spanish, and swore that her very important father would have the officer's head for what he was doing to her. After the officer left, the woman turned to the imposter. "What do you think you're looking at?" she spat. "Ay, yi yi! One hot piece of property; that's what, babe," Arnold leered.

Abe returned to Bo's office and declared, "Victor came through." The two of them found Hope in the squad room. Abe and Bo informed Hope that the governor had just given her a full pardon, and expunged her record of all of her crimes. Bo added excitedly that there was nothing to keep him from reinstating her on the force. Overcome, a tearful Hope threw her arms around her husband and kissed him. Abe produced a Bible, and immediately swore Hope in as a police officer.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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