One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 27, 2010 on OLTL

Marty stopped John and Natalie's wedding. Clint asked Viki for help in trying to prevent Joey and Aubrey from getting married. Aubrey met up with her lover. Nora was devastated after Bo confessed his one-night stand with Inez. Nora asked Bo to leave. Dani spent New Year's Eve with Nate at the jail.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 27, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Jessica, Brody, and Natalie anxiously awaited the start of their first Lamaze class at the hospital. John was late, as he continued to make some last minute phone calls. He was unable to reach Kelly, but he left her a message. He was annoyed at the photos of Nate and Eddie on the front page of the Sun and the headline that read, "Bastard Kills Bastard?"

John finally made his way to the door of the class, but he continued to talk on the phone. Dr. Wright gently urged him to turn off his phone and join the class. John noted that he was the chief of detectives, but the doctor wondered if he intended to leave his phone on in the delivery room.

The pair joked about the phone situation, and John reluctantly entered the classroom. The doctor pulled Natalie aside and whispered that she was worried about Natalie's stress level, especially with Brody and Jessica in the same class. Natalie assured the doctor that she was fine, and she was certain that everyone would end up happy.

Dr. Wright engaged the class members in some ice-breaking activities, though John was pre-occupied. As the individuals all spoke about themselves, Natalie offered the opinion that John was mostly consumed with work. Dr. Wright asked everyone to visualize themselves in a peaceful spot.

Brody confessed how excited he was, and Jessica did her best to calm him down. John whispered to Natalie about her own calm spot, and she was confused when his description was that of a jail cell. Natalie daydreamed about her delivery, and she was horrified to see that Brody was with her baby. It took all that the doctor and the others had to get John to participate in the breathing exercise.

The class was finally over. The girls admitted that they were more concerned with having their babies than with their wedding plans. Natalie confessed that she hadn't had time to even think about a wedding, but John announced that he had. He preferred to get married before the baby's arrival. Natalie suggested the spring, but John had other ideas. He wanted to get married right away.

Kelly helped Rex to lift weights at the gym, and she reminded him that she had hired him to check for dirt on Aubrey. Rex wanted Kelly to take a break for the holidays, and Kelly understood. She had admired the job Rex had done on locating David, and she was looking forward to what he might learn about Aubrey. Suddenly, Rex blurted out that he couldn't take the case. Kelly dropped the weights on Rex, and he struggled to get out from underneath. Kelly walked around and continued to talk non-stop about Rex's refusal. She didn't understand.

Rex noted that Eddie had ended up dead after Rex had investigated him, and he didn't think that Kelly wanted the same thing to happen to Aubrey. He wondered what Kelly was afraid of. Kelly insisted that she merely wanted to protect a friend, but Rex disagreed. He thought that Kelly loved Joey, and she was meddling in Joey's relationship, which was a mistake. From what he observed, Rex felt that Joey and Aubrey were in love, and he didn't think that Kelly should get in the way.

Kelly maintained that she had liked Aubrey until she had a strange feeling about her. Rex suggested that it was right after Joey had proposed to Aubrey. Kelly wondered how Rex would feel if he found something suspicious in Aubrey's hotel room, but Rex wondered how Kelly would feel if he found nothing. Finally, the two made a pact. If Rex didn't find any evidence, then Kelly would let go of both her vendetta and Joey. Rex agreed that if he found something, he would take Kelly's side.

At the Palace, Joey and Aubrey spent the morning in bed. Aubrey remarked that they had been "holed up" since Christmas, and she was eager to get outside. She suggested they head to the gym. Joey thought that was a great idea, and he thought they might stop at Llanfair afterwards. Aubrey mentioned that Joey's family didn't like her, and she was certain that Viki would get rid of Aubrey if Viki were given the chance.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was Viki, and she wanted to know why she hadn't heard from her scantily clad son and his fiancée. Viki announced that she wanted to give the couple a dinner at Llanfair, and they could invite others to attend. "I know. We can invite Kelly," Joey exclaimed. Viki wanted to have the dinner that evening, but Joey reminded her that it was New Year's Eve, and he had planned to take Aubrey out. Aubrey ran off to get dressed, and she encouraged Viki to stay to chat with Joey.

Joey approved of his mother's effort, but she suggested that he might want to reconsider his invitation to Kelly. As Aubrey listened from the next room, Viki advised her son that Kelly adored him. Joey was surprised to hear that, and he thought that Viki was imagining it. He assured Viki that he and Kelly were "way over," and Aubrey didn't feel threatened with Kelly's presence. He belonged to Aubrey, he added. Aubrey heaved a sigh of relief.

Aubrey received a phone call, and she angrily told the person on the other end that they weren't supposed to call. "I'll take care of it," she stated firmly. Joey walked in, and Aubrey claimed that she was on the phone with the florist. She would handle the flowers, and Joey could head to the gym, she suggested. Joey asked if Aubrey liked Kelly. "What's not to like?" she replied.

Destiny found Clint sitting on a bench and reading the Sun as she strolled through Angel Square Park. She stopped to chat, and she asked him to help clear Nate of his charges. Clint explained that it was beyond his control, even though Destiny assured him that Nate hadn't committed Eddie's murder. It had to have been "one cold-hearted snake," Destiny added, and Nate wasn't like that. Clint agreed, but he argued that one could never be certain of what another person was really like.

Destiny advised him that she was also worried about Matthew. He appeared to be under a lot of pressure from various activities at school. Privately, she recalled her conversation with Matthew and his condemnation of Bo and Inez. Clint was happy to hear that Destiny was there for Matthew. They were surprised when Inez appeared and walked towards them. She assured Destiny that Nate was okay and was with his attorney, Téa. Just then, Darren also showed up and announced that he had a surprise from his heart for Destiny.

Destiny walked over to Darren, but she was taken aback when Mr. Evans appeared. Darren called it a "mini-family reunion," and Destiny was angry. Mr. Evans pleaded with her to return home. He and his wife missed her, and they belonged together. He wanted Destiny to give them a chance.

Destiny rudely insisted that her home wasn't with Mr. Evans, but he offered to give her more time to think about it. After he left, Destiny turned to Darren. Her boyfriend couldn't believe that she'd spoken to Mr. Evans the way she had. His mother would have slapped him if he had spoken like that. He was caught off-guard when Destiny slapped him instead. Darren believed that he'd had to step in to help. Destiny reminded him that her parents were really her grandparents.

Darren sadly stated that Destiny always went to Matthew when she was upset, and he thought that maybe Matthew should be Destiny's boyfriend. She wasn't the same girl that he'd known. Darren realized that she was upset and angry, but she'd forgotten all that the Evanses had done for her over the years, and she wasn't being forgiving. He walked away as Destiny called out to him. She asked if Darren were breaking up with her, but he didn't reply.

Inez spoke to Clint and asked if he were stalking her. She didn't have time to play games, as she was too involved with her son's affairs. Inez claimed to know her son, and she knew that Nate hadn't killed Eddie. Clint felt that she was not a good judge of character, and Inez glared at him and agreed. He pointed out that she didn't think she'd be able to sleep with Bo, but she had. Inez quickly corrected him. She hadn't really slept with Bo at all. Clint didn't care, except for the fact that he wanted Bo and Nora to believe that Inez had indeed slept with Bo.

Inez couldn't wait until Bo learned that Clint had coerced Inez to do what she'd done. Actually, she had no reason to hide the truth from Bo any longer, since Eddie was dead, Inez continued. Clint suggested that either Nate or Inez would regret it. Inez wondered what the catch was, and Clint described how he would foot the bill for Nate's college. If things didn't work out, then Nate would be in jail. One could never tell when evidence might show up or disappear, Clint continued. He didn't want his plans ruined.

Inez couldn't believe that Clint would "sink so low." Clint offered to pay for Nate's defense, and Inez had a choice to make. She had to decide between her son and Bo, and she had to make up her mind quickly, Clint ordered.

Matthew and Bo accompanied Nora as she returned home from the hospital. Matthew continued to make rude comments towards Bo, but Nora ignored him. She was looking forward to getting back to work so that she could locate the driver who had run Rex's car off the road. She even had some leads, she pronounced. Matthew perked up as he recalled driving the car that his mother would be searching for. Nora explained that she had seen a glow in the other car as it had headed towards her and Rex. She believed that the glow was from a cell phone.

Nora was quite enthused as she described how they could check out the cell towers for calls in the area and then compare those people to the cars they drove. They'd be able to check the tire tracks in the area. Matthew was visibly disturbed and suggested that perhaps the driver hadn't even known that an accident had occurred. Both he and Bo felt that Nora's memory was fuzzy, and she hadn't really seen what she thought she had.

Bo replied that he'd do his best, but Matthew was quick to criticize his father. He noted that Bo didn't always do his best, and Bo hadn't even been aware that Nora had been kidnapped. Matthew asked what Bo had been doing during that time. Nora defended Bo. She contended that Eddie had most likely had help to carry out his plan. Matthew imagined that it might have been Nate, but Bo disagreed. Nora wanted to take a bath, and Matthew continued to get his digs in at his father when Bo offered to help Nora out.

After Nora left the room, Bo turned to his son. He wanted to know what Matthew's problem was, because he was sick of Matthew's attitude. Matthew sneered and said that maybe Bo could replace him with another son in the same way that his mother had been replaced. He knew about Bo and Inez, because he had seen them together. His father was all over the woman when Matthew had gone up to Inez's apartment. He called Bo a hypocrite and a liar, and he stated that Bo didn't deserve the Buchanan name.

Nora walked into the room when she heard Matthew's raised voice. She demanded that Matthew apologize to Bo, but Matthew said he'd apologize after Bo did the same. Matthew glowered at his father and accused him of playing Nora "like a fool." Nora demanded answers from her son, and he finally spoke up. "Dad cheated on you with his assistant," Matthew announced. He grabbed his coat and stormed out the door.

Nora couldn't understand why Matthew had said what he did. She was shocked, and she noted that "Mr. Hyde" had returned. She was tired of Matthew's teenage attitude, and as she continued to rant, Bo remained silent. Nora observed that they had to do something with their son. "Nora, it wasn't a lie. Matthew didn't make it up. It's true," Bo finally said quietly.

Kelly worked out at the gym and took her frustrations out on the punching bag. Joey arrived and asked why she was so "hot and bothered."

Aubrey was annoyed with the party on the phone, but she finally ended the call. As soon as she left, Rex made his move and broke into her room.

Matthew found Destiny sitting alone at the park. She told him everything was wrong, and he comforted her. "Yeah, me too," he said.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

As Brody, Jessica, Natalie, and John left their Lamaze class at the hospital, John stopped and asked Natalie to marry him that evening. Natalie was astonished and at a loss for words. John promised that they would have a big reception later. Natalie didn't think it would be possible, since they didn't have a marriage license, but Brody suggested that they might be able to obtain a license and a three-day waiver from a judge. John knew of a judge who might be able to help.

Natalie pulled John aside for a talk. She didn't want him to feel pressured into marrying her in a "shotgun wedding," but John assured her that he didn't feel that way. He believed that they'd have no other time to have a ceremony, in between all of the other family weddings, holidays, and work. He just wanted to have something "small and easy." "We'd better hurry," Natalie replied enthusiastically, and she pulled him into a kiss. Marty was out of sight and overheard the conversation.

John asked Brody to be his best man, and Natalie requested that Jessica be her maid of honor. The guys went off to track down a license, though John stopped when he saw Marty near the elevator. He told her he had some news, and Marty responded that she had news for him as well. She disclosed that Cole had received the books that John had sent him, and that her son was doing well. John stated that he and Natalie were going to be married, but Marty answered that she'd already known that. John was confused.

Marty clarified that she assumed the couple would be married. She looked up and saw Natalie observing from a window on the other side of the hallway. Marty congratulated John and gave him a hug. Once John was gone, Natalie made her way over to Marty. She questioned what Marty had said to John, but Marty assured her that she'd kept her promise. She hadn't said anything to John about the baby's paternity.

Jessica saw Natalie and Marty talking and wanted to make sure that things were okay. Marty declared that she had just been congratulating Natalie, and Natalie agreed and left. Jessica was aware that there had been tension between Marty and Natalie, and she was impressed that Marty had been so gracious towards Natalie. Jessica revealed that the wedding was planned for that night. "Then there's not much time," Marty responded. Jessica added that she and Brody would be present at the ceremony.

Jessica wondered how Marty was doing, and Marty replied that she had been finding ways to cope with all that had been going on in her life. Jessica extended an offer to help at any time, and Marty agreed that she planned to take Jessica up on it.

Alone later, Marty looked forward to seeing everyone together in one room at the wedding ceremony. She had kept her promise not to say anything to John, but she had been saving her announcement for Jessica.

Clint paid a visit to Viki at Llanfair to talk to her about Joey's relationship. He wanted to know how they could get rid of Aubrey, the gold digger, because Clint hadn't changed his opinion of her. He didn't want Joey's pockets to be emptied, and it was Clint's job to protect his family. Viki thought it was more like the family fortune that Clint wanted to protect, but Clint asked Viki to talk to Joey and try to convince Joey to break things off with Aubrey.

Viki advised her ex-husband that she wouldn't participate, and it was Joey's mistake to make. Clint explained that he was also concerned because Joey really didn't know Aubrey very well, but Viki thought that Clint would alienate Joey even more if he decided to pursue his plan to break the couple up. Viki noted that if two people were really in love, then a third person couldn't break them up, no matter how hard she tried.

Clint noticed Viki's tone and word usage, and he wondered if there were something he should be aware of. Viki grew agitated and complained about Echo, who had been in Viki's life ever since the paternity test showed that Charlie was Rex's father. She and Nora shared similar situations, Viki added. Clint wanted more information, but Viki explained that she couldn't betray Nora. Clint revealed that Bo had confided in him, and that set Viki off.

She couldn't believe the text messages that Bo had received, nor could she understand why Eddie had kidnapped Nora in the first place. Viki thought that Inez had been perfectly capable of originating the plan, just as Nora did, but Viki couldn't believe someone would go to so much trouble to break a couple up. Viki only hoped that Inez wouldn't get between Bo and Nora. Clint agreed, but Viki was under the impression that Clint still held a grudge against his brother. Clint maintained that time shouldn't be wasted with resentment.

Clint offered to get rid of Echo for Viki, but Viki didn't like what Clint had implied. Clint assured her it was just a figure of speech. Viki thanked him and explained that she had someone else looking into things for her. She refused to elaborate on it further. Clint apologized for the predicament that Viki found herself in, but Viki clarified that it wasn't Clint's fault that Charlie had turned out to be Rex's father.

Viki urged Clint not to worry about Joey. Natalie interrupted their conversation when she ran into the house. She announced that she was getting married that evening, and she hoped her parents understood. She would have some family there, as Brody and Jessica would be witnesses. Clint was able to understand John's position on a big wedding, but he was concerned that Natalie wasn't thrilled with the idea. Natalie promised that she was fine and happy, so Clint was happy too.

Later, Viki presented Natalie with a pair of earrings that had belonged to Natalie's grandmother. Viki wanted Natalie to wear them at her wedding. Viki thought that Natalie had been distracted, and she was worried that Natalie was rushing into a wedding ceremony. Natalie denied it and assured her mother that she was okay. Viki ordered Natalie to take lots of photos. Jessica rushed in and urged her sister to get dressed. Brody arrived with the license, and John noted that the judge would perform the ceremony. "There is nothing standing in our way of getting married tonight," John said to Natalie.

Downstairs in the Palace lobby, Aubrey purchased a French magazine at the newsstand. She flipped through the pages as she strolled away and looked at one page in horror. There was something that she couldn't allow Joey to see. She returned to the newsstand and asked to purchase every copy of the magazine. The vendor gave her the magazines, but he told her that he had sold an additional copy to someone else.

Rex let himself into Aubrey's room at the Palace in order to search for something that Kelly could use against Aubrey. He found some photos of Aubrey in an envelope and managed to get into her laptop, but he didn't find anything of value. Suddenly, he heard Aubrey's key in the lock, and he managed to hide himself under the bed before she made it to the bedroom. He listened as she spoke to someone on the phone and mentioned that she had gotten rid of all of the copies of the magazine except for one.

Aubrey ended her call and headed to the shower. Rex had his chance to run from the room before she returned.

Joey found Kelly at the gym when he arrived, and he saw that she appeared to be frustrated. He knew exactly why and told her it was because she missed Kevin. Kelly half-heartedly agreed. Joey mentioned that Aubrey was "caught up in wedding plans," so he wondered if he might be able to work out with Kelly. They reminisced about how they used to find other things to do instead of exercising.

Just then, Cristian stomped in, obviously angry and in a bad mood. He had a copy of a French magazine, and he explained that his fiancée's photo was inside. She was plastered all over another guy who happened to be her boss. Kelly offered to interpret the French description, but she stopped short mid-stream, claiming that her French was a bit "rusty."

Cristian wondered what else his fiancée was hiding from him. Kelly made sure to look over at Joey. She suggested that perhaps the photo had been posed, but Cristian grumbled that Layla's hands were in the man's pants. Joey clarified that Layla's hands were in the man's pockets. He thought it might be a publicity stunt. Kelly thought otherwise. Cristian confided that he'd tried to call Layla numerous times, but he hadn't been able to reach her. Kelly made a point of referring to the fact that a fiancée was hiding something.

Cristian finally managed to talk to Layla on the phone, though he shouted at her during the entire conversation. Kelly saw an opportunity to again mention the fiancée who hid things, but Joey stressed that his relationship with Aubrey was entirely different. Kelly found it amazing that Joey and Aubrey knew so much about each other in so short a time.

As Cristian continued to yell on the phone, Joey helped Kelly to exercise. He got close to her and had his hands on her, but he pulled away abruptly. He stated that he had to leave, but he invited Kelly to join him and Aubrey at Capricorn later in the evening. "Rex, please find something," Kelly muttered after Joey had gone.

Bo confessed to Nora that he had slept with Inez, and that Mathew hadn't made it up. Shocked, Nora's jaw dropped, but she remained silent. "Say something Red," Bo urged her. "I don't feel so good," Nora replied as she ran to the bathroom. Shortly after, she returned. She asked how long it had been going on, and Bo assured her that it hadn't been an affair. It had only happened once, and it had been the evening of Eddie Ford's murder.

Nora couldn't believe that Bo had conducted himself in such a manner, while she had been bound and gagged and had suffered through Eddie touching her. She wanted details, and she wondered how Bo could have done such a thing. Bo emphasized that he hadn't known that Nora was in trouble, and he had believed that she was angry at him, especially after he'd received the text messages. He hadn't thought they'd made any sense. Nora couldn't understand how one argument and some text messages would force Bo into bed with Inez.

Suddenly, Nora had a thought. She presumed that it was all payback for her going to bed with Sam. Bo denied it, but Nora believed that Bo had wanted to hurt her. "Congratulations, you did," she said. Nora began to cry, and she reminded Bo that she had requested that he fire Inez previously. She had felt like a fool thinking there was something between Inez and Bo, but it turned out that she had been right, she added. Inez had learned of private details, and she'd used those details to entice Bo to her bed.

Bo still refused to believe that Inez had been involved in the texts and kidnapping, even though Nora pointed out that it had involved Inez's ex-husband. Bo hung his head in shame. He had betrayed Nora and his marriage, and he wished that he could turn back the clock. He promised that it would never happen again. He loved Nora, and he would make it up to her. "Can you forgive me?" he asked.

Nora wasn't certain that she believed Bo, and she felt that he'd only confessed because he had been caught. Bo admitted that he should have told her sooner, but he hadn't wanted to hurt her. He knew that it wouldn't happen again, and he thought they could get past it. He swore that he had forgiven her about Sam, and he had gotten past that. Nora commented that it had taken Bo ten years to forgive her, and she wondered how long she should take to forgive him. She had a huge hole in her heart.

Nora asked Bo to leave. He expressed his sorrow again and told her he loved her. "I'm not giving up on us," Bo said sadly. Nora began to cry harder after Bo was gone. Then she moped about the apartment, and dropped their wedding photo into the trash.

Rex arrived at the gym, and he advised Kelly that he hadn't been able to find anything that Kelly could use against Aubrey. He mentioned the quality photographs that Joey had taken of his girlfriend, and he updated Kelly on what had happened after Aubrey had returned to her room. Kelly thought that Rex should "stay on it," especially after the phone call he'd overheard. Cristian walked by yelling into the phone sarcastically, "Happy New Year to you too." Kelly left, but not before taking Cristian's magazine with her.

Clint found Bo sitting in the Palace. Bo explained that Nora had learned about Bo sleeping with Inez, and Nora had kicked him out. Clint reminded Bo that he'd given him specific instructions not to say anything to Nora. Bo revealed that Matthew had seen him with Inez. Clint claimed to be sorry, and he invited Bo to stay at his house instead of at the Palace. Bo was reluctant, but Clint insisted. "What are brothers for?" Clint asked.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At the Palace Hotel, New Year's Eve was drawing near, but Aubrey was once again on her phone, exchanging furtive words with her mystery caller. She told the person on the other end that she hadn't been able to snatch up all the copies of Maintenant in town, and said someone in Llanview had to have it, but she was sure it was no one Joey knew. She told the caller she was convinced Joey would never see it.

"See what?" Joey asked, emerging from the bathroom in a towel. Aubrey quickly hung up and told him she had been on the phone with her designer, and didn't want him to see her wedding dress before they got married. Putting the moves on her fiancé, she suggested they spend New Year's Eve in bed, but was deflated when Joey told her he had plans for them to meet Kelly at Capricorn. Joey insisted that he wanted to show his beautiful bride-to-be off to all of Llanview.

Brody and John arrived at the courthouse to prepare for John and Natalie's shotgun wedding, undeterred despite their detour to stop a bank heist. As always, John's mind was on his work and the Ford case, and he admitted that he wasn't sure what to think or do as his date at the altar approached. Brody comforted the uncharacteristically nervous McBain, and told his lieutenant that everything would turn out great. John was sure Brody was right, but said he couldn't help but think something would happen to take it all away.

John reflected on how far Brody had traveled from being a rookie cop to his best man, standing up for him at his wedding. Brody said they had gone a long way together, and soon would be in-laws and fathers. Brody had always seen being a dad on the horizon, but John begged to differ. "I didn't know until I was one," he murmured. "But I couldn't want it more."

Over at Llanfair, Natalie was putting the finishing touches on her wedding attire in the drawing room as Jessica entered, confirming that Brody and John were at the courthouse. The sisters embraced as Marty spied on them from the patio doors. Jessica told Natalie not to be nervous -- after all, "what could possibly go wrong?"

Gigi and Rex arrived in their New Year's party dress, demanding to know if the wedding news they had heard from Viki and Charlie was true. Natalie confirmed that she and John were tying the knot in a simple ceremony, and Gigi and Rex gave her their best wishes. As Jessica headed upstairs, Natalie and the Balsoms spoke in hushed tones about the Marty situation. Marty eavesdropped as Natalie told them she had to trust in Marty's promise not to tell John the truth about her baby's father. Smirking, Marty muttered to herself that she hadn't said anything about not telling Jessica.

As Gigi moved to close the patio doors, Marty hid in the bushes. Meanwhile, Rex congratulated Natalie on her wedding, and told her not to let her secret stop her from being happy and making a family with John. The honorary siblings embraced, and Natalie ushered Gigi and Rex out of the house, promising them plenty of pictures.

As Gigi and Rex left, Jessica returned with a present for Natalie, a beautiful sapphire necklace, which Asa had given to Jessica for her sixteenth birthday. Natalie was touched as Jessica explained that the necklace covered all Natalie's bridal bases -- it was old because it was from Asa, it was new to Natalie, it might someday be borrowed by Natalie's daughter if she were to have one, and it was blue. Jess said that she had many gifts from Asa, but Natalie had not been able to grow up in the Buchanan fold, and Jessica had wanted to let Natalie know how grateful Jessica was to have such a wonderful sister.

At La Boulaie, a giddy Langston snapped multiple pictures of herself and Starr in "2011" party glasses, but nothing seemed to rouse Starr from her depression. Starr urged Langston to spend the night out with Ford instead of babysitting her, but Langston was determined to be a good friend. Starr said she had thought of calling James in order to give Langston and Ford time together, but admitted that she didn't trust herself to be alone with James.

Before Langston could question Starr about her feelings for James, Starr shifted the topic back to Ford. Langston said that she was almost grateful to be away from him -- she feared the New Year's atmosphere would create irresistible sexual tension for her and Ford, and she refused to give in to the heat between them until she could be sure he wouldn't hurt her again. Starr suggested Langston and Ford go for it, and reminded her friend that they had no idea when their happiness could be taken away. She added that she hoped Danielle and Nate wouldn't have to suffer the way she and Cole had.

Over at Capricorn, James was urging Bobby Ford to spend New Year's Eve with Langston instead of him, but Ford refused to abandon his little brother any more than Langston would abandon Starr. He told James to cheer up and celebrate the idea of a 2011 sans Eddie Ford. The brothers drank to the thought, but James remained morose, thinking of Nate locked away behind bars. He wanted to see their kid brother, and thank Nate for ridding the world of Eddie. "God, you are one drag of a date," Ford muttered.

At the police station, Nate languished in his jail cell, staring at the Sun headline about his arrest. His reverie was interrupted by the surprise arrival of Danielle. Nate was upset, as he had told Dani he didn't want her to visit him, and said she should be spending her New Year's Eve at the party in Angel Square. Dani said Téa had pulled some strings to get her in to see him, and told Nate that as long as he was in custody, she wanted to spend her holiday with him.

Nate warned Dani that he didn't want to discuss his arrest or the charges against him. As he reminded her of the mountain of evidence that had been gathered to incriminate him in Eddie's murder, Dani noted that Nate had yet to admit his guilt. "Look me in the eyes and tell me what you did," she challenged him. "What we have here is a failure to communicate," Nate murmured, quoting Cool Hand Luke, and repeated his wish that Dani go and leave him to his lonely New Year's Eve.

Just then, Starr and Langston arrived, bearing noisemakers and good cheer, having gained access to the cellblock courtesy of Dorian's handy mayoral intervention. The girls told Nate and Dani that they were there to cheer them up, and Starr added that she knew what the young lovers were going through. Suddenly, James and Ford arrived, and the six youngsters exchanged season's greetings as Starr and James shared a private glance.

Taking Dani aside, Starr and Langston asked her about Nate's chances in court, but Dani had no clue what was in store for her beau. Meanwhile, the Ford brothers commiserated by the prison bars. James asked Nate how the lost gun had gotten back to the Salinger house, but Nate told the guys that Téa had ordered him not to discuss the case with anyone. Bobby and James were eager to help Nate, but Nate said there was only one thing they could do for him -- take Dani to Angel Square.

Calling to Starr, Nate reiterated his wish for Dani to make herself scarce, and asked Starr and the others to help the junior Ms. Manning have a fun New Year's Eve. Dani was reluctant, and asked how Starr had handled losing Cole in a similar situation. Starr said she had the support of family, friends, and sisters like Dani and Langston -- she understood why Nate didn't want Dani locked away with him for the night, just as Cole hadn't wanted her to stop her life when he had gone to Statesville. "He wants me to go on without him," Starr said softly, and said she knew Dani didn't want to, but said that her little sister had to do it for Nate, just as Starr had to do it for Cole.

At Capricorn, Blair was busy playing hostess, having dragged Kelly to the club in the hopes of giving her lovelorn cousin a rocking New Year's Eve. She urged Kelly to make a New Year's resolution to stop moping over Joey. "If you got lemon in your eye," Blair counseled, "then you better make some lemonade!" Just then, Cristian stormed over to the bar and snatched Blair's copy of Maintenant Magazine out of her hands, eager to show her the paparazzi picture of Layla and Steffen in Paris. Cristian was crushed by what he believed was Layla's betrayal of their love, and didn't agree when Blair suggested there might be another explanation for the photo.

As Cristian stalked off across the club with Blair on his tail, Kelly took a look at the magazine. Just then, Joey and Aubrey arrived. Joey cracked a joke about Kelly wasting her New Year's Eve reading in the dark, while Aubrey went white at the sight of the infamous fashion magazine.

Marty arrived at the other end of the bar and ordered a glass of Capricorn's most expensive champagne. She told the bartender there was no need to run a tab, as she wouldn't be there long.

Gigi and Rex entered the club, taking judicious notice of Marty at the bar. Gigi admitted that Marty had grown frightening since beginning of her campaign of terror against Natalie, while Rex kept one eye trained on his sister's nemesis.

Back at the bar, Joey grabbed the fashion magazine, looking for the picture Cristian had shown him, but Aubrey quickly said she had no interest in the local gossip, and Joey relented, tossing the magazine onto the bar. As Joey ordered drinks, Aubrey saw an opening and promptly faked a fainting spell, falling into his arms and snatching the magazine. As Kelly and Joey worried over her, Aubrey played off her sudden faint, claiming she had caught a bug from the florist. She insisted on going back to the Palace and sleeping it off, but urged the duo to stay and enjoy their New Year's Eve, while she crawled into bed with Maintenant. Kelly asked to keep the magazine, but relented under Joey's request to let Aubrey have it.

As Joey escorted Aubrey out of the club, Rex walked over to Kelly and asked her what was up. Kelly admitted that she was suspicious of Aubrey's sudden illness, and Rex asked her if she knew what Aubrey didn't want Joey to see. Stumped, Kelly had no answer.

Joey returned to Kelly's side, and made a confession -- Aubrey was indeed jealous of Kelly. Kelly couldn't imagine why, and Joey agreed, noting that Kelly was with Kevin again. Gazing at his ex-wife, Joey asked Kelly what Aubrey could possibly have to worry about.

At the other end of the club, Cristian told Blair his troubles. He had wanted to head to Paris and talk things out with Layla, but she had informed him that she and Steffen were staying at a royal vineyard in the South of France, supposedly on business. He didn't know if Layla and Steffen were having an affair, but he knew his lady love was being sucked into a whole new world that had nothing to do with him, or what he could give her. He and Blair began to banter about their own employer/employee relationship, and how they kept things professional despite their romantic history -- while Layla might be with Steffen because of her ambition, Cristian and Blair had only been together out of desire. Curbing Cristian's amorous thoughts, Blair warned him not to "go kissin' on anybody" until he figured things out with Layla.

Back at the courthouse, Brody and John waited in an empty courtroom for the other half of the wedding party. Brody got a call from Jessica confirming her and Natalie's arrival, but warned John not to see the bride before the wedding. John laughed off the superstition, and told Brody that Natalie was probably arguing the point with Jessica as he spoke. She was tempestuous and impulsive -- "I wouldn't have her any other way."

Sure enough, Natalie and Jessica were arguing about the very same superstition nearby. Natalie agreed to wait for the ceremony to see John, as Jessica headed into the courtroom and took a picture of Brody pinning a corsage to John's coat. She told them Natalie would be there at any moment.

Judge Runyeon arrived outside the courtroom and met Natalie, mistaking her for the maid of honor. When he learned she was the bride, he hid his surprise at her delicate condition and said he hadn't known how beautiful John McBain's betrothed was. He escorted Natalie into the courtroom on his arm, urging her to forget the silly wedding day superstitions. Natalie and Judge Runyeon entered the courtroom just as Jessica took a photo of Brody and John. As Natalie beamed at John, Jessica whispered to Brody that she wished Natalie hadn't tempted fate.

John and Natalie took Judge Runyeon into the hall and thanked him for officiating at their ceremony. The judge joked that John had always been a worthy opponent, and said he was relieved to get a call from a happy Lieutenant McBain. He asked Natalie to see that John thought twice before calling him in the middle of the night to once again bend the rules, and Natalie said that soon John would be too busy with their baby.

As they returned to the courtroom, Natalie and John were stunned to see candles adorning the chamber, and Jessica told them that she and Brody had whipped up the best wedding possible on short notice. Judge Runyeon warned the wedding party that they needed to hurry before one of the sisters' new children decided to be the first baby of 2011. Taking the cue, John and Natalie joined hands as Judge Runyeon began the ceremony.

Back at Capricorn, Cristian took the stage and welcomed the crowd to their New Year's Eve bash, then introduced Blair, who began to sing a romantic ballad. As she sang, Cristian gazed mournfully at his phone. Meanwhile, the teens frolicked in Angel Square as Danielle sat alone, thinking of Nate, who lay in his jail cell with a leftover noisemaker. As Langston, Ford, James, and Starr continued to party, Danielle left Angel Square. Aubrey returned to her hotel suite and opened up the fashion magazine, staring at the picture of herself in the arms of an attractive man, while at Capricorn, Joey handed Kelly a drink, and shared a smile with her as their fingers touched

As Blair finished her song, Marty downed the last of her champagne and stalked out of Capricorn. Rex noticed the empty spot at the bar as Gigi told him that Natalie and John would be wed at any moment. Just then, Kelly rushed over to the couple. "It was the magazine!" she told Rex, realizing what Aubrey had been so eager to hide from Joey. Before they could speak further, Gigi dragged Rex away to the stage to prepare for the countdown to the new year.

At the Palace, Aubrey tore the incriminating page out of Maintenant Magazine and hid it under a couch cushion. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Aubrey opened it to find the mystery man from the photo smiling at her.

In Angel Square, Ford took Langston in his arms. He warned her that if they weren't going to have sex for months yet, he intended to make their New Year's kiss last.

Nearby, Starr and James bemoaned Dani's exit, but understood her need to be with Nate. James told Starr he was glad she hadn't left, as well, and Starr smiled at him.

Nate was surprised when Dani returned to the cellblock to be by his side. She told him she didn't care if he wanted her to leave, because she wanted to be there, with him. Nate was struck by her devotion.

At the courthouse, John and Natalie exchanged vows as Brody and Jessica looked on. John slipped a wedding band onto Natalie's finger as the countdown to 2011 began.

In Angel Square, Ford, Langston, James, and Starr rang in the New Year amidst the crowd as "Auld Lang Syne" began to play. Ford and Langston kissed passionately, and across town, Nate and Danielle did the same, despite the prison bars that separated them. At the Palace, Aubrey and her mystery man exchanged conspiratorial grins and dove onto the couch to make love. At Capricorn, Kelly and Joey watched Gigi and Rex kiss and shared a tense hug instead, while Blair and Cris surprised each other with a wild smooch. Back at Angel Square, Starr and James watched the fireworks cascade across the sky, and finally, tentatively kissed.

Back at the courthouse, Natalie slipped a wedding band onto John's finger as the fireworks flashed in the sky. As Judge Runyeon prepared to pronounce John and Natalie husband and wife, Marty raced into the courtroom. "Stop!" she cried. "Stop this wedding!"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its entire daytime lineup -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 3, 2011 and pick up where the Wednesday, December 29, 2010 episode concluded.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its entire daytime lineup -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 3, 2011 and pick up where the Wednesday, December 29, 2010 episode concluded.

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