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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 27, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ryan and Greenlee arrived home to find Emma and Spike anxious for Santa Claus to arrive. Ryan promised to read the children a story, so he asked the nanny to get them ready for bed. As Greenlee watched Ryan with the children, she had a vision of Madison and Ryan cooing over their baby. Greenlee quickly shook away the unsettling thought. Later, Ryan and Greenlee returned to the living room after the children were tucked into their beds.

Greenlee was impressed by what a wonderful father Ryan was. Ryan appreciated the compliment, but he sensed that something was troubling Greenlee. He suspected that it was about Madison. Greenlee explained that she wanted Ryan all to herself. He assured her that she already had that, so he was curious what was really going on.

At the hotel, JR explained that he couldn't spend the evening with Annie. Annie decided to give JR an early Christmas present; a set of handcuffs. After she handcuffed one of JR's wrists, Annie informed him that he would be spending Christmas Eve with her. JR remained calm as he explained that he wasn't interested in Marissa. He only wanted his son back.

JR pulled a beautiful diamond bracelet out of his pocket to give to Annie. JR thought that the exquisite gift should convey how much Annie meant to him. Annie's jealousy melted away as she looked at the bracelet. After Annie removed the handcuff, JR promised to spend time with her on Christmas Day. Her good mood quickly evaporated when Marissa called to let JR know that she was on her way to meet him.

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad and Krystal celebrated Christmas Eve with their children, Opal, Jake, and Amanda. Krystal was curious if Marissa intended to go to JR's later that evening. "Yes," Marissa confirmed seconds before Damon and Colby walked in. Tad was thrilled that the entire gang was together for the holiday celebration. Amanda announced that she had invited two non-gang members: Cara and Griffin.

Tad pulled Jake aside to find out why Amanda had invited Jake's ex-wife and brother to their gathering. Jake didn't have any answers for his brother. Meanwhile, Opal asked Amanda a similar question with the same results. After Tad walked away, Damon approached his father to share some good news. Damon revealed that he had decided to go to law school.

Tad and Colby were stunned. Tad was proud of his son's aspirations. After Tad walked away, Colby confessed that it seemed like Damon was turning into Liza's clone. Damon assured Colby that it had been his decision to pursue a law degree, but Colby didn't appear to believe him. However, she carefully hid her reservations behind a saccharine smile.

Damon was surprised when Colby suddenly decided to head home. Damon was worried that Colby was upset about his decision to go to law school, but Colby assured him that everything was fine.

At the hospital, Griffin found Cara hard at work. Cara explained that she had offered to take a shift, so that other doctors could spend time with their families. Griffin suspected that Cara was trying to avoid going to the party, so that she wouldn't have to see Jake. Cara was adamant that she couldn't wait to get back to her real life, which didn't include Jake. Griffin thought that the words sounded good, but weren't true.

Cara decided to prove to Griffin that she was over Jake by going to the party. A short time later, Cara and Griffin arrived at Krystal's restaurant with a bag of goodies. Griffin presented a fine bottle of tequila to Tad as Cara announced that she intended to make tamales for everyone. Cara promised that she made the best tamales. Amanda turned to Jake for confirmation, but Jake simply smiled uncomfortably.

Griffin quickly put everyone to work gathering what they would need to make the tamales. Tad quietly confessed to Jake that it was the strangest Christmas ever. Later, Cara kissed her brother on the cheek and then admitted that she loved him. Griffin was touched; he reminded his sister that he had promised her that he would always be there for her whenever she needed him.

At a nearby table, Jake decided to give Amanda an early Christmas present. Amanda was delighted when she opened a small jewelry box to find stunning brooch nestled inside. Jake explained that the brooch was a reminder of their amazing pirate night. He promised Amanda that there were more presents to follow, but he wanted her to have the brooch first. Amanda kissed her husband and then promised to make more memories with him.

Angie and Frankie stopped by the police station to see Jesse. Jesse explained that he had to work on Christmas Eve because he had given most of the police officers the evening off. Angie smiled as she announced to her conspirators that it was their cue to enter. Seconds later, Natalia, Brot, Randi, and Madison entered the squad room with party supplies. Angie explained that they had decided to spend Christmas Eve at the police station with Jesse, since he couldn't be with them.

As the party got underway, Madison confided to Frankie that she realized that it was time for her to make a decision about the baby. Their talk was cut short when Angie decided to make a toast to family and togetherness. Jesse also offered a toast, but his was to Angie. Jesse credited Angie for being the heart and strength of their family. Randi spoke next; she was honored to be part of a family with such wonderful people.

Angie invited Madison to make a toast, but Madison couldn't find the words. Madison announced that she had to leave. Frankie stopped Madison before she could walk out. He was curious where she was going. Madison claimed that she had promised to stop by Kendall's house.

Later, the Hubbards hugged and kissed each other goodbye as the party wound down. After Frankie and Randi left, Angie wondered when Brot and Natalia would admit the truth about their relationship. Natalia pretended that she had no idea what Angie was talking about, but Angie insisted that her lack of vision hadn't made her blind to what was going on between Brot and Natalia. Angie knew that Brot and Natalia were romantically involved. Jesse confirmed that he was also aware of the relationship, so Angie hadn't said anything that he hadn't already known.

Natalia reminded Jesse about what he had told her when he had first learned that Brot and Natalia had gone out. Jesse explained that the relationship would simply mean that Brot and Natalia couldn't work on the same cases. Natalia relaxed as she admitted that she and Brot were in a relationship. Angie and Jesse smiled with approval and then exchanged hugs with Natalia and Brot before the young couple left. Angie immediately sensed that something was troubling Jesse.

Jesse admitted that he feared that he would have to let his little girl go if things became serious between Brot and Natalia. Angie reminded Jesse that he might have another little girl to hold onto after the birth of their child.

Ryan opened a bottle of champagne for Greenlee and himself. After a sip of champagne, Ryan tried to revisit the topic of Madison, but someone knocked on the door. It was Annie; she had stopped by to see Emma. Emma rushed into the living room when she heard her mother's voice. As Annie greeted her daughter, Greenlee had another vision of Ryan and Madison bonding over their child.

Greenlee explained that she had some last-minute gifts to pick up and then dashed out of the door before Ryan could stop her. Meanwhile, Madison was walking through the park when she slipped in the snow and then fell. "My baby," Madison cried after she hit the ground. A short time later, Greenlee spotted Madison lying unconscious in the snow.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby arrived home to find AJ opening a Christmas present. Marissa explained that JR had invited them to stop by. Colby was delighted to have some family around for Christmas, so she offered to help AJ put his present together. After AJ and Colby left the room, JR announced that he had a gift for Marissa. Marissa admitted that she had one for JR too, so she handed him an envelope.

JR opened to envelope to find that Marissa had papers drawn up for joint custody. Marissa explained that it had been a difficult six months, but she believed that they were in a better place. JR apologized for all the mistakes that he had made and then handed Marissa her gift. Marissa was touched by the brooch, which was a replica of the Christmas ornament that she had helped AJ make the previous year. JR pinned the brooch to Marissa's sweater.

"It's beautiful," Marissa confessed as she admired the special brooch. "So are you," JR revealed as he looked at Marissa. Annie entered the mansion moments later. Annie spotted JR and Marissa in the parlor, so she quickly ducked out of sight before Marissa saw her. Annie eavesdropped as JR and Marissa sipped on champagne and JR invited Marissa to have dinner with him.

Marissa explained that she was meeting someone, so she couldn't stay. JR was curious if she had a date, but Marissa reminded him that her private life was off limits. After Marissa gathered her things, JR called out her name. Annie peeked into the room in time to see JR softly kiss Marissa on the cheek. After Marissa left, Annie strolled into the parlor.

Annie quickly assured JR that no one had seen her and that she would use Chandler business as an excuse for visiting him if anyone asked. Annie questioned JR about how things had gone with Marissa. JR revealed that Marissa had given him joint custody of AJ. Annie was thrilled because it meant that she could finally have JR to herself.

Marissa went to visit Scott in prison to give him a present. Scott wondered if it were a "get out of jail free" card because he hated being incarcerated.

At Kendall's house, Kendall rested on the sofa with Zach's present clutched tightly in her arms. Kendall had a dream of waking up to a darkened living room. In the dream, Kendall went to the front door. As soon as Kendall opened the door, she was bathed in a warm light as a soft breeze drifted through her hair. Kendall woke up with a smile on her face. Seconds later, Erica and Jackson arrived.

Erica made it clear that she and Jack refused to allow Kendall to spend the evening alone. Kendall surprised Erica by hugging her mother and then admitting that she was glad that Erica and Jack were there. Kendall told them about her incredible dream, which had filled her with hope. Erica wondered if it meant that Kendall was ready to celebrate Christmas. "Yes," Kendall answered.

However, Kendall was disappointed because she didn't have a tree. Jack recalled seeing a tree lot on his way to Kendall's house, so he offered to go to the lot to fetch a Christmas tree. Erica decided to call Bianca to invite Bianca and the girls over to help decorate. A short time later, Bianca and the girls arrived. Erica took the Miranda and Gabby to the bedroom while stayed behind with Kendall.

Bianca immediately sensed a change in her sister. Kendall told Bianca about the dream and then admitted that the night seemed magical. Bianca recalled feeling the same way when she had a talk with Father Clarence on Christmas Eve during her pregnancy with Miranda. A short time later, Jack arrived with the Christmas tree. After the tree was decorated, Erica suggested putting the presents under it.

Erica was shocked to learn that some of the presents on a nearby table had been from Zach. Kendall assured her mother that it was okay to place Zach's presents under the tree. Meanwhile, Jack lifted Miranda up to place the angel on the top of the tree. Miranda then announced that it was time for everyone to make a wish. Bianca explained that Reese had started a tradition.

Everyone closed their eyes to make a wish. Kendall prayed for guidance to help her find her way in life without Zach. Later, Erica took a moment to have a private talk with Bianca about Reese. Erica was curious if Reese would be around for Christmas. Bianca explained that Reese couldn't leave Paris because of work.

Erica couldn't believe that Reese would miss Christmas, but Bianca reminded her mother that Reese had not shown up for Thanksgiving either. Before Erica could respond, Bianca asked her mother to drop it because Bianca wasn't in the mood to discuss her marital woes. Kendall entered the living moments later with Ian in her arms. Kendall decided to let Ian open the present from Zach. It was a stuffed tiger.

Kendall explained that Ian began to suffer nightmares a couple of months earlier. After Ian woke up from the bad dreams, Kendall and Zach would allow him to sleep in their bed. Zach tried to comfort their son by telling Ian that a magical tiger watched over Ian. Moments later, Ryan, Emma, and Spike arrived. Ryan explained that Spike had been missing Daddy Zach, so Ryan had packed up the kids to visit Kendall.

Kendall suggested that Spike open his present from Daddy Zach. Spike was thrilled to discover Zach's Redwings cap in the box. Kendall told everyone that Spike had his own Redwings cap, but he had loved Daddy Zach's cap more. Kendall placed the cap on Spike's head and then everyone went to get a snack. Erica stayed behind with Kendall.

Kendall decided to open Zach's present, so Erica went to retrieve it from beneath the tree. Kendall was moved when she discovered a small journal inside the box. The journal had been written during Kendall and Zach's time on the yacht. It detailed all of Zach's thoughts and feelings. After everyone left, Kendall received another visitor. It was Father Clarence.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Erica arrived at Wildwind, where she was surprised to find Caleb alone and working on Christmas Eve. Caleb explained that he had left a message for Asher, but hadn't heard back. Erica urged him to stop fighting the Christmas spirit. Caleb figured that he and Asher just didn't click, though Erica thought that Asher knew Caleb was trying. Caleb doubted he'd ever win Asher's forgiveness, but Erica implored Caleb to fight for Asher.

Erica explained to Caleb that she had been only 14 when Kendall had been born and that Kendall had been conceived when Erica had been raped. Erica recalled that like Asher, Kendall had arrived in Pine Valley to seek revenge against the parent who had abandoned her. Caleb mused that the truth was always complicated. Erica agreed that it seemed that way, but thought that it was simple at heart.

Caleb claimed not to know anything about Asher and didn't feel that his relationship with his son was simple. Erica pointed out that Asher didn't know much about Caleb either, so they were equally in the dark. Erica remembered that it had taken a long time for her to embrace Kendall, and she wished that someone had given her a reality check at the time. Caleb called Erica amazing and implored her to go home to her family.

At the Chandler mansion, Asher turned off holiday music and sat in silence. Colby entered and declared that she had never been able to sleep on Christmas Eve. Asher invited her to stay up with him. Colby presented Asher with a gift. He was hesitant to accept, but she insisted. He opened it to find a new pair of gray sneakers, which she explained would match most of his wardrobe. Colby showed him a credit card from her dad. She confessed that she'd rather have her dad, but Asher said he'd rather have the cash and playfully reached for the card.

Colby awkwardly changed the subject to Asher's father and asked whether Asher had called Caleb back. Asher claimed not to care about Caleb, but Colby knew better. Opal called, and Colby agreed to help volunteer at the hospital that evening. Colby suggested that Asher return Caleb's call, and she left. Asher looked at his cell phone, but put it away instead of dialing.

Colby checked in at the hospital and spotted Caleb as he watched babies in the nursery. She called Asher and ordered Asher to get to the hospital immediately. When Asher arrived, Colby led him to where Caleb was standing. Asher protested as she left, but Caleb asked Asher to join him. Caleb looked at a crying baby and asked Asher if he'd ever seen anything like it. Asher said he hadn't. Caleb claimed that the baby reminded him of what Asher had looked like when he had been born -- premature and small, but perfect.

A surprised Asher remarked that he had believed that Caleb had simply taken off after Sonia had died. Caleb recalled that he had wanted to see Asher. When Caleb had spied Asher's hands curled in tiny fists, Caleb had thought that Asher had been tough. Caleb apologized for thinking that Asher had been better off without him. An overwhelmed Asher walked away, but Colby stopped him. She informed him that Caleb had made a large donation to the hospital's neonatal unit and showed him a sign bearing Sonia's name.

Asher told Colby that Caleb had visited him when he had been a baby and admitted that perhaps he had been wrong to think that Caleb hadn't cared about him. Later, Caleb talked to Palmer's portrait and promised that he was going to fight for his son, no matter how long it took.

Father Clarence told Kendall that his car had stalled at the end of her driveway. Kendall recalled how she and Zach had been stuck in a snowstorm the prior year, when they had found Father Clarence's chapel. At the time, Father Clarence had reminded them how important they had been to one another. She realized that he was there to help and declared that it was a night for miracles.

Kendall asked Father Clarence if he could stop the nightmare she felt that she was living. He called Zach's death a tragedy. Kendall promised she'd never take Zach for granted again if Zach returned home. She begged Father Clarence to help her the way he had in the past. She cried that she was lost without Zach. Father Clarence stated that priests could only do so much and that it was his job to counsel people. He advised Kendall to listen to her own heart. She said her heart was screaming for Zach and that she'd always love him.

Kendall started to blame herself for pushing Zach to help Ryan and Greenlee, and Father Clarence asked how Greenlee was doing. Kendall refused to talk about Greenlee. She said that she couldn't let Zach go. Father Clarence urged her to seek solace in her memories and her children. He told her to listen to Zach's message, and Kendall became confused. Father Clarence looked knowingly at Zach's journal.

Kendall crossed the room to pick up the journal and asked whether it was the message, but when she turned around, Father Clarence was gone. She sat and began to read the journal, in which Zach had written about how much Kendall and Greenlee had put into Fusion and how he had realized that it was more than just a business for them. He had labeled Fusion a safe haven where Kendall and Greenlee had always found their way.

Later, Erica arrived to see Kendall and was surprised to discover Father Clarence in Kendall's house. Erica wondered who he was, and he introduced himself. She recalled how Bianca and Kendall had said that he was very special. She watched in amazement as he touched the Christmas tree, and it lit up. He mentioned that he had read her tweets, but he considered her more than just a celebrity -- she was a caring, strong woman who would do anything to protect her loved ones. Erica wondered what he meant.

Erica apologized for being stressed, though Father Clarence acknowledged that stress was part of planning a wedding. He said that her heart was taking her to a place she had never planned to go. Erica wasn't sure what he meant, but Father Clarence assured her that her family would be all right because someone was watching over them. As he left, the lights on the tree went out, and Erica admired the brightly illuminated angel at the top of the tree.

At his penthouse, Ryan invited Jackson in and informed him that Greenlee would be home soon. Jackson and Ryan spoke about one another's wedding plans. Ryan wondered if Jackson was worried that Erica's legal woes would get in the way, but Jackson assured Ryan that Liza didn't have a case. Ryan said that they'd lost a lot in the past two years, but he was certain that they wouldn't lose any more.

A pajama-clad Emma emerged from the bedroom and asked Ryan when Santa would be there. Ryan told her that Santa wouldn't arrive until she was asleep. Jackson asked the girl what she wanted for Christmas. Emma named off a few things on her Christmas list as Ryan nodded in approval, but Ryan was shocked when Emma declared that she wanted a baby sister.

Ryan told Emma that he thought that their family was perfect as it was. He implored her to be grateful for what she had and said he loved her and Spike. She hugged him and went off to bed. After she left, Jackson complimented Ryan on how he had handled the delicate situation. Jackson inquired whether Ryan had accepted that Greenlee was unable to bear children. Ryan assured him that Greenlee was all he needed.

Meanwhile, Greenlee begged an unconscious Madison to wake up. Greenlee reached for her phone as a groggy Madison awakened. Greenlee explained that they were in the park and that Madison had probably slipped. Madison called out for someone to help her baby, but she refused Greenlee's assistance. A determined Greenlee slowly helped Madison to her feet. Greenlee assured Madison she'd be all right.

At the hospital, a doctor informed Greenlee that Madison had sustained a mild concussion, but that Madison and the baby were fine. Greenlee entered to visit Madison, who asked how she could thank Greenlee. Greenlee asserted that she had only done what anyone would have, but Madison clarified that Greenlee wasn't just anyone.

Greenlee asked Madison why had been in the park alone at night, and Madison explained that she had needed time to think, as she had been scared and confused. Greenlee thought that Madison had already made a decision because Madison had expressed concern for her baby. Madison admitted that for the first time, she felt love for her child. Madison realized how she would have felt had she lost the baby and decided that she wanted to keep it.

Madison confessed that while she loved her baby, she was nervous about raising the child on her own. Greenlee wondered why Madison hadn't told Ryan about her pregnancy. Madison explained that it was the first time in her life that she had something that was only hers. Greenlee reminded her that her pregnancy wouldn't be a secret forever. Madison didn't want anything from Ryan and contemplated starting over someplace else.

Greenlee suggested that Madison move to New York and offered to provide enough severance from Fusion to help Madison find an apartment and a job. Madison was stunned. Greenlee told her to sleep on the offer and started to leave, but Madison blurted her acceptance. Greenlee thought Madison's decision was abrupt, but Madison was determined that Ryan not find out about her pregnancy. Greenlee stipulated that her one condition to their deal was that Ryan could never find out. Madison thought she owed Greenlee for saving her and her baby in the park. Greenlee assured Madison that she'd take care of everything, and she left.

Frankie and Randi arrived to see Madison, who declared that her fall had made her realize that she wanted to keep her baby. Later, Madison listened to her baby's heartbeat.

At Fusion, Greenlee called Ryan to inform him that she was at the office but would be leaving shortly. On her way out, Greenlee got stuck in the elevator and frantically called for help. Kendall heard the cries, but hesitated when she realized it was Greenlee trapped inside. Greenlee desperately reminded Kendall that Greenlee was claustrophobic and pleaded with Kendall to look past her anger and to act like her friend.

Kendall declared that she was leaving, but Greenlee begged her to wait. Kendall mused that she didn't know what Zach had meant, because Fusion wasn't her safe haven anymore. Greenlee freaked out about having no air, and Kendall erupted that she herself was the one being suffocated by Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee tearfully expressed her apologies and guilt, but Kendall coldly said that Greenlee's words meant nothing. Greenlee sank to the floor in exasperation.

Kendall speculated that Greenlee would have a happy future with Ryan, while Kendall would be alone, hoping that one day she'd have a body to bury. Greenlee whimpered that she'd loved Zach, and she wished that she could take away Kendall's pain. Greenlee said that she loved Kendall and sobbed that Kendall was her best friend. Greenlee lamented that it was her own fault that she'd lost Kendall.

Greenlee wished that she had been the one who had died so that Zach would still be with Kendall. Kendall was visibly affected as Greenlee broke down in tears. Kendall admitted that she didn't want Greenlee to die. Placing her hand on the elevator door, Kendall softly said that she loved Greenlee, too.

Kendall watched as a maintenance worker opened the elevator doors. Kendall led a distraught Greenlee out of the elevator. Kendall calmed Greenlee, who felt horrible that Kendall had been forced to save her. Greenlee said again that Greenlee should have been the one who had died. Kendall urged her not to think that way and suddenly seemed to have an epiphany.

Kendall tearfully said that Greenlee hadn't caused Zach's plane to go down, and she apologized for blaming Greenlee. The women both cried as they admitted that they had missed each other, and they hugged. Kendall proclaimed that Zach had sent her there to find Greenlee, and she believed it was a Christmas miracle.

Erica arrived at Ryan's penthouse, where she ran into Jackson's arms and said that she had missed him. She professed her undying love and hugged him tight. He was surprised but pleased by her outburst. Greenlee entered and cheerfully greeted Jackson and Ryan, and even hugged Erica.

Ryan commented that Greenlee seemed very happy, and Greenlee said she had a surprise. She opened the door to reveal Kendall. Greenlee and Kendall announced that they were friends again. Kendall said that an angel had led her to reconcile with Greenlee. Erica asked if the angel had been Father Clarence, but Kendall was convinced that it had been Zach.

Jackson took Erica to the roof, and he said that he didn't want her to feel haunted because it was where she had shot David. Jackson held Erica close as they looked out at the town. She asked if he believed in angels. "Hell, I've got no choice ... I'm about to marry one," he declared. They kissed.

At home, Kendall read aloud from Zach's journal. "Our time at sea is almost over, but our time together will go on. No beginning, no end. Always," she read. She gazed knowingly at the angel on the tree.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jake and Amanda ate at Krystal's restaurant and made plans for the day. The hospital called Jake into work, where he discovered that he was on a skeleton shift with Cara. She acknowledged the awkwardness of their situation, but promised to leave town once her government red tape cleared up. Jake claimed that it wasn't awkward, and everything was fine.

While in surgery, Jake and Cara worked flawlessly together. She recalled that Jake had screamed to see a spider springing out of a patient's coat in Africa. He remembered that she'd once taken laxatives instead of aspirin because she couldn't understand the language on a bottle.

After the procedure had ended, Cara stared at a cell phone picture of Jake. She hid the phone when he approached to relieve her for the day. He commended her on her performance, but said that working the same shifts shouldn't become a habit for them.

After an uneventful all night stakeout, the exhausted Natalia and Tad had coffee at ConFusion. Brot joined them to say that their mark had been jailed on a DUI in Philadelphia. Tad agreed to do another stakeout, but he said nothing beat spending time with loved ones.

At Krystal's restaurant later, Tad entered to find a sad Cara at a table alone. He prodded her to talk to him, and she said she needed to get out of town for Jake's sake. Cara admitted that working with Jake had conjured up memories. She felt there was a reason that people maintained their distance after divorce. Tad revealed that he and his ex-wife happily cohabited. As Krystal served them, Cara called Tad and Krystal freaks of nature.

Tad discussed his drab dating life and asked if Cara had dated anyone since Jake. She claimed she'd been busy saving lives, but said it'd be cool to have lunch with Tad sometime.

Back at ConFusion, Brot had taken Tad's words to heart. Though Brot and Natalia had a lot of work to do that day, he believed there was enough time for them to squeeze in a breakfast date together. After the meal, Natalia tried to rush off, but he stopped her. Brot admitted that he'd been following the "dating rules," which outlined when to call and when to ask for another date. Doing that had prevented him from getting what he really wanted. Brot said he really just wanted to spend more time with her. "And to be able to do this," he whispered and kissed her.

The couple made out, and Brot said they should have been doing that on Christmas Eve. He felt that their priorities weren't straight, but he hoped that Natalia was seriously ready to give their relationship a shot. Revealing that men usually bailed on her, Natalia said she needed to weigh the risk versus the reward. Brot asked for her conclusion on it, and she decided the reward far outweighed the risk. "I'm ready," she uttered, and Brot kissed her again.

At the prison, Scott joked and flirted during a visit from Marissa. She informed him that Cortlandt Electronics was back in Caleb's hands, and Chandler had been hit with huge fines. Scott congratulated her and said that she could use the turn of events to get him out prison.

Marissa discussed her efforts to get Scott released on parole, and he was grateful that she'd help him after he'd ruined her marriage. She corrected that JR had ruined the marriage, not Scott. Scott claimed that stealing from Palmer had been the catalyst, but Marissa said Scott had owned up to it and had paid his debt. She asked him to leave the details of his release to her.

Scott asked about the custody case, and Marissa said she'd settled on joint custody because JR had been proving himself as a good father. Scott doubted JR's sincerity, and she guessed Scott thought she was naïve. He said he was glad she'd remained a hopeful person. Marissa figured it'd be tough for Scott to find a job due to his conviction, but he said he was up for the challenge. He couldn't wait to get out of there, and she vowed to get him home.

At the mansion, Annie gasped at some breath-taking roses she'd found in a gift box in the foyer. Annie read the card only to discover that JR had bought Marissa's favorite pink roses as a gift to Marissa. "We can make this work, [from] JR," Annie read from the card. JR decided to let Annie have the flowers, and he'd pick up more for Marissa later. Annie raged that he should have just bought her flowers while he'd been busily buying his ex-wife some.

JR assured Annie that he'd never buy her flowers as an afterthought, and he'd certainly buy more than a mere dozen. He claimed the flowers for Marissa were just to solidify the custody deal. Annie's mind flashed the kiss on the cheek that JR had given Marissa. Shoving the flowers at him, Annie demanded that he hurry up and seal the deal.

JR took the flowers to Krystal's restaurant and asked Krystal to give them to Marissa. Krystal worried that Marissa couldn't trust him in the custody deal, but he assured Krystal that AJ's happiness was a priority. JR spotted some pink roses behind the bar, and when Krystal went to put his flowers in water, he searched the other roses to find a card from Scott.

When Krystal returned, JR tried to pump her for information about Marissa and Scott, but Krystal wouldn't divulge anything. She hoped JR wouldn't let his grudge against Scott interfere in the custody arrangement. Krystal claimed to know how JR was when he had a grudge, but JR said she didn't know him at all. Facing death the prior year had changed him, and he had no grudge against Scott.

Later, Marissa arrived and delighted at the sight of her two bouquets. Krystal warned of the dangers of receiving flowers from two Chandler men at once. Marissa claimed that she wouldn't fall into any traps, but she would help Scott, because he deserved a second chance.

Back at the prison, Scott was surprised that he had another guest. JR entered, pretending to be innocently visiting his cousin, but Scott didn't buy it. JR suspected that Scott was happy that his misdeeds had cost the family Cortlandt Electronics; however, Scott expressed no interest in trading barbs about that. JR asked what was happening between Scott and Marissa. Ignoring the question, Scott claimed he hadn't thought about JR for months, but JR seemed to still feel threatened. JR replied that Scott wasn't a threat. "I said, ‘you feel threatened,' " Scott corrected.

JR stated that Scott was priming Marissa to be some legal savior just to get back at JR, but Scott asked where Annie fit in. "I still got her perfume on my clothes," JR replied, delightfully sniffing his jacket.

JR guessed that Scott would try to go after the family company, but Scott replied that he cared even less about Chandler than he did about JR. Scott claimed to be working on something more productive than JR, and that was himself. Scott felt good about what he saw when he looked into the mirror, but he wondered if JR would say the same. Before leaving, JR winked and asked if Scott had big New Year's Eve plans with his inmate pals.

At ConFusion, Annie complained to Amanda about the roses that JR had bought for Marissa. Annie was convinced that Marissa was working an angle to get JR back, but Amanda didn't think that made sense after the way that JR had hurt Marissa. Annie then revealed that JR and Marissa had shared a "lingering" kiss on the cheek, but Amanda wondered if Annie were just overreacting. Annie insisted that Marissa was a sneaky rat who had her sights set on JR.

Jake arrived to pick up Amanda, and she asked how his shift had gone. He explained that he and Cara had been the only doctors on staff. Amanda looked concerned, but he claimed that it wasn't a big deal. Amanda wished Annie luck, and the couple left.

Later, Annie returned to her hotel room to find a garden of flowers inside. JR entered, and she gratefully kissed him. She asked how things had gone with Marissa. He said he hadn't seen Marissa, but he had seen Scott, who might be released soon. Annie doubted they had to concern themselves with Scott. She was excited that the custody deal had wrapped up, and she and JR were free to resume their relationship in public.

JR warned her that they had to take it slow, so Marissa wouldn't change her mind. He said they had to pretend that their relationship was just starting — at least until the custody papers were signed. JR tried to kiss Annie, but she shoved him away and insisted that she couldn't continue sneaking around.

JR promised that it wouldn't be for much longer, and he tried to appease her by telling her that they'd spend a special New Year's Eve together. JR left to prep for a conference call, and Annie sniffed each of her bouquets. She spotted a dozen pink roses on a table. "Pink roses," she murmured and ripped the bouquet apart.

At home later, Jake sensed that Amanda was upset about him working with Cara. Amanda admitted that after talking with Annie, Amanda had begun to ponder old relationships popping up in people's lives. Jake assured his wife that no old relationships were "popping up," and Cara would be gone once her paperwork was fixed. He volunteered to have Angie schedule him and Cara on different shifts. At first, Amanda agreed, but then said to forget it because she was letting Annie's paranoia get to her.

Jake suggested they work on making a fourth family member after he got out of the shower. He went into the bedroom, and Amanda made a phone call. Pretending to be Cara, Amanda asked for the status of her travel paperwork.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its entire daytime lineup -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 3, 2011 and pick up where the Wednesday, December 29, 2010 episode concluded.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its entire daytime lineup -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 3, 2011 and pick up where the Wednesday, December 29, 2010 episode concluded.



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