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Clint drew a gun on Bo. Nora decided to move to the Palace Hotel with Matthew and Danielle. Kim offered to help Clint through his misery, but Renee and Nigel were determined to save Clint from Kim. Mitch assured Stacy that she could be with Rex in exchange for giving her child to Mitch. Nick planned on breaking up Fish and Kyle. Todd wasn't happy that Danielle had her own room at the hotel. Todd invited Téa to spend the holiday with him.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 21, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cabin Fever

Noelle accompanied a confused Gigi to Viki's cabin at Llantano Mountain. When Gigi maintained that she needed time alone to decide what she really wanted, Noelle chimed, "You mean who you want, Rex or Schuyler!" Admitting that she had unresolved issues about Rex abandoning her when she was pregnant, Gigi also revealed that she had been unable to accept the fact that Rex had slept with her sister. Confiding that she was attracted to Schuyler, Gigi was certain that Schuyler would never betray her. Before leaving Gigi alone at the cabin, Noelle insisted that Gigi knew deep down in her heart which man she really wanted.

At Rex's loft, Stacy left Schuyler a voicemail. Stacy advised Schuyler that it would be in his best interest to follow Gigi to the cabin and romance her. Later, an elated Kim returned home and gave Stacy a detailed account of her encounter with Clint. Kim was convinced that the revelation that Nora was having an affair with Bo would cause Clint to file for an immediate divorce. Meanwhile, Stacy hoped that Schuyler would pay Gigi a visit at the cabin, and that Rex would seek comfort from Stacy.

Kim was horrified when she discovered the blood sample that Stacy had carefully hidden inside the refrigerator. Reminding Kim that she had retrieved the blood specimen from an unconscious Mitch Laurence, Stacy believed that the sample might prove valuable if Rex demanded a blood test to determine the paternity of Stacy's baby. However, Stacy hadn't decided how she would make the switch.

Swearing Kim to secrecy, Stacy presented Kim with the extensive research that she had gathered about Mitch. Stacy related that she might need Mitch's help in securing a permanent place in Rex's life. Rubbing her stomach, Stacy declared, "Rex is really a Laurence, I guess it's time you met your grandpa!"

At the Angel Square Hotel, Schuyler encountered Rex, who was searching for Roxy. Unable to locate his mother, an angry Rex lashed out at Schuyler and blamed him for causing Gigi to question her true feelings. While Schuyler chastised Rex for cheating on Gigi with Stacy, Rex maintained that Schuyler's constant interference had left Gigi in a state of confusion. Rex was adamant that Gigi would realize that they were meant to be together, and she would return home to him and Shane. Schuyler questioned whether Gigi would choose to remain with Rex.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Roxy spotted Kyle and an injured Nick entering Kyle's apartment. When Roxy witnessed Oliver carrying Nick's suitcase, Roxy pulled Kyle to the side and demanded to know what was going on. Relating that Nick was still physically weak, Kyle told Roxy that he had offered Nick a place to stay while he recuperated. Roxy stated that Nick would cause problems between Kyle and Oliver, but Kyle maintained that he and Nick were friends. Certain that Nick had an ulterior motive, Roxy warned Kyle to rid himself of Nick as soon as possible, or risk losing the love of his life.

Meanwhile, Nick tried his best to remind Oliver that Nick and Kyle had been romantically involved. Oliver appeared bothered by Nick's comments. When Kyle returned, Oliver pointed out that there was one bed in Kyle's apartment and questioned where Nick would sleep. Nick offered to leave, but Kyle assured Oliver that suitable sleeping arrangements would be made. Noticing that Oliver was slightly irritated, Kyle asked him to step out in the hall so they could talk privately.

Out in the hall, Oliver reminded Kyle that they had missed out on the opportunity to make love, and he worried that Nick's presence would make the wait even longer. Kyle promised Oliver that they would find a way to be together. As the two men shared a passionate kiss, a jealous Nick spied on them.

Roxy intervened when she discovered Rex and Schuyler arguing downstairs. Upon learning that Gigi had left town, Roxy blamed Schuyler for interfering in Rex and Gigi's relationship, and evicted him from the hotel. Stating that she would send Schuyler his belongings, Roxy ordered Schuyler to leave. Once Schuyler had left, Rex explained that he had asked Gigi to leave because she needed time to sort out her feelings. Roxy was convinced that Gigi would realize that she and Rex were meant to be together. When Rex contemplated contacting Gigi, Roxy suggested that he give her time to work things out.

Gigi was surprised when Schuyler arrived at the cabin. Initially, Gigi told Schuyler that she wanted to be alone, but after a brief hesitation, she suggested that they finally discuss their feelings for each other. Schuyler gave her a detailed account of his confrontation with Rex, and wondered if Gigi would reunite with Rex. Admitting that she was conflicted about her feelings for Rex and Schuyler, Gigi informed him that Rex had suggested that they separate. Suddenly, their eyes locked, and Gigi and Schuyler kissed.

Back at the Angel Square Hotel, while Kyle and Oliver shared a tender moment in the hall, Roxy phoned Kyle. Spotting Kyle's phone inside the room, Nick answered the call. Assuming Nick was Kyle, Roxy stated that a room had become available and suggested that Kyle kick Nick out of his room. Roxy hung up before Nick could respond. When Kyle returned, Nick informed his friend that Roxy had phoned but failed to tell him the real reason for her call.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint held Nora and Bo at gunpoint, and berated them for their betrayal. In tears, Nora told Clint that she loved him and that she never cheated on him. Referring to her as a lying whore, Clint withdrew his weapon and reminded Bo of Nora's affair with Sam. Clint stated that they would both get what they deserved. As Bo and Nora attempted to leave, Clint asked for a moment alone with Bo. Watching Nora exit the house, Clint told her that she had destroyed their family.

Alone with Clint, Bo tried to apologize to his brother, but Clint responded by punching him in the face. Recalling the past conversation in which he had admitted that Clint's relationship with Nora made him uncomfortable, Bo chastised Clint for pursuing his ex-wife. Recalling how Asa had married several of Bo's past lovers, Bo insisted that Clint had inherited Asa's old habits. As Bo headed toward the door, Clint declared, You're dead to me, I no longer have a brother!'

Nora waited for Bo outside of the mansion. Nora expressed concern over Clint's state of mind, but Bo told her that the family had faced trials far worse.

Staring at Asa's picture, Clint stated, "It wasn't loaded, Pa!" Moments later, Clint received a call from Kim. When Clint expressed his desire to leave the mansion, Kim suggested that he pay her a visit at the loft.

At Llanview Hospital, Mitch threatened to harm the Cramer women unless Dorian fired Bo as police commissioner. Informing Mitch that she had no basis to fire Bo, Dorian related that she also had no one to replace him. With a sly grin, Mitch insisted that he had someone special in mind. When Dorian refused to accommodate Mitch, he warned her that she would be sorry if she failed to cooperate. Exiting Mitch's room, Dorian instructed the guard outside his room to watch Mitch closely.

Later, Stacy arrived inside Mitch's room and attempted to introduce herself. Mitch interrupted her and exclaimed, "I know who you are. I've been expecting you!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rocking' Around the Crisis Train

As Natalie answered the door at Llanfair, she was surprised to see Jared. "Hi Sparky," he said. Moments later, she refocused and saw Rex standing there, offering to spend time with her to comfort her as the holiday approached. Natalie cried as she recalled the same time the year before, when she and Jared were exhausted from caring for Chloe and Bree. She wished she was pregnant so that she could hold onto Jared, she confided to her brother, but there was no way she could be. Rex reminded her of her huge family who loved her.

Natalie urged Rex to return home to spend time with Gigi, but he confessed that Gigi was not there. A worried Natalie asked if Gigi had left him. She felt responsible for consuming Rex's time when he helped her out when Jared was missing. Rex admitted that Gigi's taking off had been his idea and that he had suggested she take a "breather" because of her feelings about Schuyler. "Have you lost your mind?" Natalie asked her brother. She thought that Schuyler was just a crush and urged her brother to rush up to the cabin to see Gigi.

Turning, Natalie spotted Jared again and assured her brother that she wanted to be alone with her memories.

Stacy arrived to visit Mitch at the hospital, and Mitch informed her that he had been waiting for her, though he assumed that she was terrified of him. He was counting on Stacy to be his ally and he offered to make a deal with her. He promised to make sure that Stacy and Rex would spend the rest of their lives together if he got what he wanted, he purred. He confessed to being familiar with all of Stacy's moves, as he had been watching her.

He made reference to Stacy's endeavor of obtaining additional blood from him, and Stacy recalled the nurse who had visited her and left behind the extra blood from Mitch for future need. Mitch laughed when Stacy advised him that he was creepy. He stated that Jessica had shown disloyalty to him and he had no interest in Rex or Stacy, but Rex's child would be a gift for him. He wanted to take Stacy's baby, his own flesh and blood, to his compound so that he could nurture and mold it from birth. In that way, his work would be continued, Mitch clarified.

Stacy asked about Shane, but Mitch assured her that his grandson was too old and had already been poisoned against him. He would make sure that Stacy shared her life with Rex. Stacy was confused, pointing out that Rex hated Mitch more than he hated her. She would have no hold on Rex if there were no baby, she pointed out. She asked where Mitch's guarantee was.

Out in the hallway, Oliver wondered why Mitch's room was left unguarded and he berated the assigned cop for leaving his post. The officer admitted that he had walked the mayor to the elevator and assured Oliver that no one else was in the room besides Mitch. Oliver thought they couldn't be too sure. He ran into Mitch's room, and Stacy covered quickly, ordering Mitch to stay away from her and her baby. Oliver was confused as he ushered Stacy out of the room.

Oliver wanted to know if Mitch had threatened Stacy and he warned her to be careful. He was concerned because of her condition and didn't think she needed to be stressed in any way. He admitted to feeling connected to her because of the night they spent together and the fact that his life had turned around after that. He thought that if things had been different, it could have been his baby that she was carrying. Looking uncomfortable, Stacy rushed off.

As Schuyler and Gigi shared a kiss at Viki's cabin, Schuyler apologized for distracting Gigi from her mission to figure out what it was she needed and wanted. He admitted that he wanted to be with her very badly, but she was with Rex. He wouldn't help her to cheat on Rex. Gigi professed to still being confused.

Changing the subject quickly, Schuyler grabbed an ax and suggested that they cut down a potential Christmas tree to decorate. They headed outdoors but returned shortly after. Schuyler admitted that he couldn't cut down a living tree, and the couple joked about his love for all things "flora and fauna." Gigi was surprised that Schuyler could not hurt any animal or living thing and was determined to learn more secrets about him. Schuyler admitted that there were "a few whoppers."

Gigi thought it was a good idea to play "Truth or Dare," but Schuyler was unwilling. He thought that Gigi would run screaming to Rex if she heard any of his secrets. She responded that she already knew that he had loved Stacy previously, so she didn't feel that anything else would be as bad. Changing the subject again, Schuyler pointed across the room, sighting the perfect tree.

Clint, speaking to Kim on the telephone, declined her invitation to "hang out" at her place to forget about Nora and Bo. Nigel extended an offer to help out in some way, but Clint assured him that there was "nothing to be done." Renee descended the stairs as Clint headed out the door. She was disappointed to learn from Nigel that Nora and Matthew wouldn't be around. She spied the shotgun and immediately figured out that Bo and Nora were back together. She couldn't believe the couple had cheated on Clint and she was adamant that Clint shouldn't be alone.

Nigel broke the news that Clint was more than likely with Kim, his new assistant, who had maneuvered her way into the Buchanans' lives. She was the one responsible for the news of Bo and Nora leaking out, Nigel assumed. Renee voiced her desire to slap the woman, declaring that she was quite familiar with the kind of woman Kim was. They wondered what they could do about the "slut." Renee stated that "love is a runaway train that waited for no one and nothing." She recalled that Asa always wanted Bo and Nora to be back together, but not at Clint's expense.

Changing his mind, Clint arrived at Kim's place and related the events of the evening after Kim left his house. They shared a bottle of liquor as Clint confessed that after confronting Nora and Bo, he wanted to "blow their heads off." He agreed with his brother's assessment that he never should have married Nora. According to Kim, Nora was the one who had lost.

Having consumed a great quantity of the bottle, Clint admitted that he had Kim checked out and knew that her resume had been fictional. He knew that she had been a stripper in Las Vegas. At Kim's questioning, he divulged that he hadn't fired her because he thought that she might be useful. He enjoyed the time she had been in bed with him. He wanted to know if she had really interviewed with Jared and if Jared had really hired her.

Kim admitted that she had never seen nor spoken to Jared. Clint realized that Natalie had seen right through Kim when they first met, even in the midst of her misery. He wondered what else Kim had done and realized that the notation in Jared's calendar as well as the note left on his desk were both fakes. "Why?" he asked Kim, perplexed. "To meet you," Kim replied. Just then, Stacy burst in, but seeing Clint and Kim, turned to head back out. Clint stopped her and announced that he was leaving.

He thanked Kim for all she had done and surprised her by acknowledging that he expected to see her back at the office. She expressed her sorrow again for what had happened with Bo and Nora but seemed less than ebullient that Clint wanted her to remain as his employee. Once Clint was gone, Stacy told her roommate that Mitch had promised her Rex.

Bo and Nora checked in at the Palace Hotel and discussed the events of the evening in Bo's room. They continued to pour drinks and down them quickly as they wondered how Clint could have already known about the two of them. Nora relived her experience of finding Kim in bed with Clint. She couldn't get over the hurt and anger that she saw in Clint's eyes. Nora admitted that she was scared to death when facing the shotgun that Clint had pointed at her and Bo. She knew that he had really wanted to shoot them when she looked into his eyes.

She had driven Clint to do what he did, Nora continued. She was in agreement with Clint that she had ruined the family. She wondered how they would all get past the hurt, though she and Bo saw eye to eye about not fighting their love for each other. Bo stated that he didn't regret falling in love with Nora.

Despondently, Nora noted that she needed to find somewhere to live. She headed to the door, thinking it was best for her to stay in her own room. She needed to check on Danielle and Matthew, and advise Téa that Danielle was with her in the same hotel and not at the house. She wondered when things would get better.

Clint returned home and received an invitation from Renee to play a couple of hands of gin rummy. She announced that Nigel had silver to polish. The butler looked at her, puzzled, but Clint determined that Nigel and Renee could play. He advised the butler that he was getting the night off. Clint went upstairs.

Kim summarized her evening with Clint to Stacy and noted that he had quite a lot to drink. He had confessed to knowing all about her. She and Stacy wondered what the "catch" was with both Clint and Mitch. Kim warned her girlfriend not to trust Mitch.

A cheerful Mitch whistled as Oliver entered his room to check on him. He advised the police officer that he was being rewarded by God for all of his trouble. Mitch rejoiced that he would never die and would live on. He was sorry that Oliver would never delight in any offspring and know the joy of having any children like he would, he prodded the cop.

As Schuyler and Gigi decorated their "tree," which consisted of the coat rack with hangers as branches, a broken-hearted Rex arrived and looked into the window. Turning and gasping, Gigi ran to the window. She was excited to see that it was snowing.

Natalie took a pregnancy test as Jared "watched" and asked for the results. He thought it was possible that the test would be positive, thinking that possibly they had "slipped." Natalie looked at the test and sighed. "Nope, we didn't slip." He assured her that she would always have her memories. She envisioned laying in his arms, then jumped up and looked outside. He blew a kiss goodbye to her.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas, Mr. Laurence

Brody and Bree sat in the Llanfair solarium reading "The Night Before Christmas" together beneath the Christmas tree. Jessica entered, touched to see her loved ones bonding, and Brody told her he had time enough before work to see his girls. He presented Jessica with an early Christmas gift: a pearl necklace, pearls being Bree's birth stone. Brody mentioned that the necklace left "room for more," but grew flustered when Jessica slyly asked him to clarify his suggestion about her having more children. Heading back to work, Brody kissed Jessica goodnight and said goodbye to Bree.

After Brody left, Jessica sat down beside Bree and asked her if she liked Brody. Bree nodded, and Jessica reflected that he was one of the good guys.

All across Llanview, family and friends exchanged gifts and holiday greetings: Viki's arrival at the mansion surprised a lonely Clint, and his ex gave him a hug, while Nora greeted Bo was at the Palace with a stocking and a kiss, and Greg opened his hotel room door to find Destiny hiding behind her present. Not far away, Elijah's arrival with a gift interrupted Téa's attempts to write a letter to Danielle. Alone in her room, Danielle trashed pages of the Sun featuring Todd's smiling face, but her spirits brightened when she found Matthew on her doorstep, Santa hat and all. And at La Boulaie, the Cramer women decked the halls, while Blair answered the door to find Todd waiting, also bearing gifts.

Even Mitch Laurence got a gift for Christmas. At Llanview Hospital, a shifty-looking male nurse entered Mitch's room with a "special dinner" under a tray. "Merry Christmas, Mr. Laurence," the nurse said. After he left, Mitch lifted the tray to find a cellphone with a bow pinned to it.

Back at La Boulaie, Todd entered the foyer with gifts for Hope and Starr. He was there to take Jack and Sam out for a night in the winter snow, but Blair realized he'd been hoping to find Danielle out as well. She warned him not to push Danielle too hard for acceptance. She headed upstairs to get the boys for Todd.

In the drawing room, Dorian and Addie decorated the tree as Addie rambled on about presents for Jack and Sam. Dorian wasn't paying attention, however; her eyes were drawn to a family photo nestled in the tree's branches, identical to the defaced picture that had arrived at the house. Staring at the photo, Dorian remembered her conversation with Mitch--and his ultimatum.

Dorian broke from her reverie as Addie noted that one of the packages under the tree was ticking. Terrified that it could be a bomb, Dorian seized the package and tore the wrapping off to find a cuckoo clock. At first the clock seemed innocent enough, until Dorian noticed the inscription on the wood: "Time is running out."

Determined to find out who had bought the mysterious clock, Dorian called Blair, Langston, and Starr into the drawing room, but none of the Cramer women had any idea what she was talking about. When her phone rang, Dorian answered it to hear Mitch taunting her on the other end. "I'm just cuckoo for Cramers!" Mitch cackled. Frightened, Dorian hung up.

Hoping to settle her nerves, Dorian sat down with "her girls" to take stock of the family. She reminded them that Kelly, Cassie, and Adriana couldn't be with them for the holidays because Kelly was preoccupied with Kevin and Zane, while Cassie had a stomach ailment, and Adriana had injured her foot in a car accident. Noting the odd "calamities" piling up, Dorian became increasingly anxious. Langston wondered aloud if their streak of bad luck was what Madame Delphina had prophesied, while Dorian hid her fears.

Not wanting to let on the source of her fear, Dorian cautioned her family that she had made many "enemies" in her new role as mayor of Llanview. The girls laughed off Dorian's warnings, as she'd always had enemies. Dorian was insistent that they be wary of impending "danger," but her loved ones weren't buying it.

As the Cramers prepared to dip into a batch of Christmas eggnog, Addie handed Dorian the phone; she had another call. It was Mitch once again, not yet done tormenting his ex-wife. Mitch needled Dorian about Kelly, Cassie, and Adriana's absences, and implied that he could've been involved in Cassie and Adriana's misfortunes. He warned Dorian to be careful about the eggnog: "High cholesterol, it's a real killer." Horrified, Dorian lunged over to the eggnog and flung it to the ground before any of the Cramers could drink it, while Mitch giggled and hung up.

The Cramers were shocked by Dorian's erratic behavior. Dorian covered by claiming that she'd been on the phone with the grocer, who'd warned of a recall of bad eggs; she said she was going to have the eggnog tested for contaminants, and hurried out of the drawing room. The girls were unsettled, and Langston asked Addie if Dorian seemed strange to her. "Dorian's always strange," Addie said as she shrugged.

At Llanview Hospital, an intoxicated Charlie lurked outside Mitch's room, and swigged from the flask in his coat pocket. He attempted to enter while Mitch was on the phone with Dorian, but the guard refused to let him in despite Charlie's growing anger. When he heard Mitch's laughter, Charlie snarled that Mitch was laughing at him. He lunged for the door and wrestled with the guard. Just then, Brody arrived, pulled Charlie off the officer, and calmed him down. Brody instantly realized Charlie was drunk, and Charlie told him Viki didn't know he was drinking, or that he was there for vengeance.

Charlie apologized to Brody for losing control, but Brody told him that the important thing was for him to get back on the wagon. He said he'd take Charlie home, but Charlie didn't want Viki to see him in his drunken state.

At the Buchanan mansion, Viki noted Clint's aloofness, and asked if he and Nora were still attending Christmas at Llanfair. Knocking back liquor by the shot, Clint told Viki that Nora wouldn't be there, because he'd kicked her out for cheating on him with Bo. Viki listened in shock as Clint recounted the sordid details of Bo and Nora's road back to love in the wake of Matthew's accident; he couldn't help but wonder, "What part of Matthew's paralysis got [them] so damn horny?" He told Viki that his brother and his wife had played him for a fool for months, but he would make them pay.

Suggesting that Bo and Nora had to feel guilty for hurting him, Viki attempted to reason with Clint, but he didn't want to hear it; as far as Clint was concerned, they'd betrayed him. "You sound like your father," she told him. Clint took the comparison to Asa as a compliment. Viki asked him to return to Llanfair with her, but Clint refused to depress their children with his cuckolding. He told her he didn't need her pity, and ordered Viki to go home.

Viki told Clint he could shut her out, but neither she nor Bo would let him destroy himself. "I have no brother," Clint seethed. Heading out the door, Viki reminded him that Asa occasionally said that of his sons as well.

At the Palace, Bo and Nora exchanged gifts: a fishing trip package for him, and a ballroom dancing brochure for her, two of the couple's favorite things. They embraced, but the romance cooled as they realized they had to tell Matthew and Danielle the reason for their new accommodations, and face the music with their friends and family about what they'd done to Clint.

Just then, Rachel arrived. "So," she began, "we're homeless!" Bo and Nora apologized for their exile from the mansion, but Rachel said she was happy they could finally be together. The trio was ready to put a positive spin on the situation until a bellboy arrived with a mountain of bags: all of Nora, Matthew, and Rachel's belongings from the mansion, with a note from Clint to Bo that read, "They're your problem now."

After Rachel left, Bo and Nora continued to fear the depth of Clint's wrath. Bo told Nora his brother was channeling Asa, but he was sure Clint would recover if they gave him time and space. In the meantime, all they could do was be together, support each other, and care for Matthew.

Back at Llanfair, Viki returned to the solarium and asked Jessica if Charlie had returned home from his "AA meeting," and was disappointed to learn he was still out. Turning to Bree, she told the little girl that she'd seen "Grandpa" Clint, who hadn't left any cookies or carrots out for Santa and his reindeer. She suggested that Bree and Jessica visit him. "He needs you."

At the mansion, Clint stared at the photographs of his wedding to Nora, and tossed them into the fireplace one by one.

At the Palace, Greg was delighted with the iTunes playlist Destiny had given him for Christmas. He told his little sister that he was going to take Rachel with him to the family dinner, a course of action Destiny did not recommend; she reminded him that their mother still hated Rachel. Greg shrugged off her concerns, but Destiny was convinced it would get ugly. Rachel arrived as Destiny walked out, and wished the teen a merry Christmas. "Yeah, you hold onto that," Destiny quipped.

Greg told Rachel he'd taken time off from the hospital to be with her, and explained that he wanted her to accompany him to the Evans family's Christmas dinner. Rachel was as gun-shy about the idea as Destiny, but Greg insisted his mother could handle him making his own choices. When she mentioned her rootless living situation, Greg suggested she move in with him until she found a permanent place. Rachel was hesitant, but Greg told her he wanted to care for her and make her life easier; he was determined to make her put herself first for once. When he asked her what she needed, Rachel responded by kissing him passionately.

At Téa's suite, Téa was surprised to see Elijah bearing gifts. Elijah told her she'd never been his enemy, and presented her with a framed photo of Danielle and Ross. He suggested she give it to Danielle in order to break the ice between them, but Téa was sure Danielle wouldn't see her. Elijah told Téa he wasn't leaving town; his law firm in Philadelphia could run itself, and he was determined to put his brother's family back together, even if it had changed.

Answering a knock at the door, Téa found Todd outside with a gift of his own. As Elijah left, Todd told Téa the gift was from Jack and Sam, who were waiting for him in the lobby. He asked about Danielle, and if she was still staying at the Buchanan mansion. After some hemming and hawing, Téa revealed that Danielle was staying in the Palace as well. Enraged, Todd accused her of attempting to run away with their daughter once again.

Todd rushed to the elevator to find Danielle, but Téa stopped him, and pleaded with him to hear her out. She explained that Clint had thrown Nora out, which left Bo, Nora, Matthew, and, by extension, Danielle with no other place to go. Todd told her that Danielle did have a place to go, once they told her the truth about her parents. Téa insisted that it wasn't time yet; Ross was the only father she'd ever known, and she needed time and space to heal before she would listen to anything either of them had to say.

Todd relented, accepting the wisdom of Téa's words. Realizing she would be alone for the holidays, he grudgingly suggested she visit with Jack and Sam in the hotel lobby, and join the family for Christmas Eve at his place. "Even you shouldn't be alone on Christmas," Todd said with a grin.

At Danielle's suite, Danielle asked Matthew why they were stuck at the Palace so close in proximity to Téa, and suggested it was a ploy to make her forgive her mother. Matthew wasn't sure of his parents' reasons but said it had nothing to do with Téa, although Danielle did need to learn to forgive. He presented her with a makeshift Christmas gift: a map of Llanview and a bus pass, so she'd know how to get around on her own. Danielle apologized for not having a gift to give him, but Matthew said all he wanted for Christmas was to be able to walk. Wiggling his feet at her, he told her he was making progress.

Danielle was pleased with Matthew's improvement, but teased him and told him she bet he could do better; she wanted him to try to stand up. Matthew was reluctant, fearful of being humiliated and falling in front of her. Danielle told him that if he fell, she'd just help him up. As Danielle helped him rise from his wheelchair, Matthew told her not to let him go, but as the boy tottered on his feet, Danielle told him his own weight was supporting him, not her. "Oh, my God," Matthew breathed. "I'm standing!"

As Matthew teetered back and forth to keep his balance, Danielle encouraged him to walk towards her. After several halting steps, Matthew dove into her arms, overjoyed. Just then, Destiny walked in, stunned by the sight before her eyes. "Look, Des!" Matthew exclaimed. "No wheels!" Walking to his friend, he hugged her as well.

Stunned by his newfound mobility, Matthew couldn't wait to show his parents. Swinging open the hotel door, Destiny suggested they show them immediately. "Let's take a walk!"

At Llanview Hospital, Dorian confronted Mitch in his hospital room. She told him what he already knew: the eggnog at La Boulaie had been laced with strychnine poison. Mitch mocked her with an ersatz show of concern, and told her he was glad he could help keep her family safe. Her face set in stone, Dorian tersely told Mitch she'd do as he asked; Bo would be fired by the new year. "Hallelujah," Mitch murmured.

After Dorian left, Mitch basked in his triumph and hummed "Joy To The World." Grabbing the television remote, he turned it on, and the musical strains of "Joy To The World" echoed across Llanview.

At the Buchanan mansion, a visit from Jessica and Bree lifted Clint from his sorrow by, while at Llanfair, Brody and Charlie watched from the cold winter's night as Viki stood alone in the solarium, then turned out the lights. At La Boulaie, Dorian returned home as Blair, Hope, Starr, and Addie opened presents, including Todd's gift to Hope, a dedicated wing at the hospital. Langston comforted her mother with a hug, but Dorian's face remained frozen with fear.

At the Palace, Greg and Rachel tore each other's clothes off in the throes of lovemaking, while Todd and Téa ran into a furious Danielle in the halls. Danielle tore past them and hurried into her hotel room; she slammed and locked the door behind her.

Bo and Nora opened their door to find Matthew standing there in his new basketball shoes, with Destiny by his side. Stunned, they watched with joy as Matthew staggered over to them and fell into their family embrace. Beaming with pride, Destiny watched the family reunion and placed her gift on the floor, then walked away into the night.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Due to the extended Christmas holiday, ABC opted to broadcast encore presentations of recent memorable episodes in place of an original episode. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 21 where Wednesday, December 23's episode concluded.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episode of One Life to Live was pre-empted. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 28 and pick up where Wednesday, December 23's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Central, I'd like to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and Merry Christmas

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