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Monday, December 21, 2009

In Ridge's office, Brooke said that, as requested, she'd praised Eric's whack design to Katie. Brooke had called it "the bomb," because she was sure it'd blow apart her relationship with her sister. Ridge said he hated being underhanded, but it was the only way to reclaim the company. Thomas and Steffy entered to retrieve Brooke and Ridge for Eric's press conference.

In Katie's office, Eric told Donna that he couldn't pull off his plan without her. A hesitant Donna said that he could count on her. Bill and Katie entered, and Bill assumed that Donna was consoling Eric. Bill scoffed, saying that he didn't want any sad faces at the press conference. Eric promised to give Bill the most jaw-dropping collection that Eric had ever done.

As Ridge's family arrived, Bill stated that people didn't usually give him things unless they wanted something in return. Eric replied that the collection wasn't a gift, but rather something that he owed to Bill. Thorne entered, telling the press corps behind him that there was no way Eric would return to Forrester. Thorne cut himself off, stunned to see Eric.

In front of the press, Katie welcomed Eric back to Forrester. Thorne cynically looked on as Eric said that he intended to take Forrester to "the cutting edge." After the conference, Thorne attempted to ask what Eric was thinking, but Bill interrupted to show Eric to his new office.

Everyone dispersed, leaving Brooke and Donna alone in the office. Donna said she knew that Bill was trouble for Katie. Brooke felt the same way, but she said that they had to pretend to be on Bill and Katie's side. Donna asked what Brooke had said to Katie about the new design. Brooke frowned, recalling that she'd said the design would turn Forrester upside down.

Bill and Katie led the Forresters to the basement office. "This is my office!" Thorne balked. Bill said that Thorne and Eric would share it. Thomas and Steffy grumbled about stuffing Eric in the basement, but Eric said that it was fine. When Eric called Bill "Boss," Thorne's jaw dropped. Katie prodded Bill to welcome Eric back to the company, and the newlyweds left.

Katie returned to her office to see Brooke and Donna talking. When Katie stated that Eric's new office was in the basement with Thorne, Donna rushed out of the room. Brooke wondered how Eric had reacted, and Katie said that he'd taken it better than she'd expected.

Brooke left, and Bill strode in. "Thorne's office? Really?" Katie asked. Bill replied that he'd just wanted to test Eric. Katie wondered if Eric had passed the test. Bill questioned Eric's sincerity and wondered if Eric could be up to something.

Back in the basement, Thorne asked how Eric could "suck up" to Bill. Eric bid Thorne to look at the concept designs. "What in the...?" Thorne said, flipping through them. Eric touted that the designs were the cutting edge in fashion. "Yeah, for the 80s!" Thorne exclaimed. Eric instructed Thorne to praise the designs to Bill. Eric said that Thorne would also praise Bill for making such a bold fashion statement. Thorne called it professional suicide. Eric replied that it was a risk that he was willing to take to reclaim the company.

Donna and Brooke entered, and Eric explained that Thorne was on board with the plan. Ridge contemplated names for the collection, saying that they needed something daring. Steffy suggested that they call it "Dare." Thorne retorted, "As in 'I dare you to wear this.'"

Donna wondered if they had a backup plan in case the Spencers didn't fall for it. Ridge theorized that once the collection failed, Bill's stockholders would pressure him to drop Forrester. Ridge said that the Forrester name would be so devalued that Bill would happily resell the business to the Forresters. Eric admitted that the plan was risky, especially for Brooke and Donna. The Logan sisters agreed to do what it took to get the company back.

As Ridge rallied everyone into believing that they could do it, Katie happened by the office window. She looked worried when she saw everyone inside, hugging.

At Jackie M, Bridget wondered to Nick why Eric hadn't mentioned his desire to return to the Forrester fold. Nick handed out bonuses, and the staff graciously accepted, because they hadn't expected to get anything. After the workers left, Bridget commented that the economy had been rough. Nick proposed that they do something more for the staff. He imagined that they'd throw a Christmas celebration at the office, complete with dinner and presents.

In Stephanie's office, Sandy seemed nervous about working at Jackie M. Stephanie assured Sandy that everything would be fine as long as Sandy didn't mess up. Stephanie said that Sandy couldn't be a shrinking violet. Stephanie expected her assistant to be ready for anything, including hopping a plane to Paris at a moment's notice. Sandy looked bewildered, and Stephanie questioned Sandy's desire for the position.

Sandy conveyed that she was only supposed to be a surrogate, not Stephanie's assistant. Stephanie said that Sandy wasn't required to take the job, if she didn't want it. Sandy replied that she'd never allowed herself to even dream of having a job like that. Stephanie suggested that Sandy "go with the flow," because the job could enrich her life.

Bridget and Nick entered, and Bridget asked Stephanie why Eric hadn't discussed his return to Forrester. Stephanie assumed that Eric hadn't talked about it because he didn't really want to do it. Bridget still seemed puzzled by her father, and Stephanie chuckled that she didn't understand Eric any better than Bridget did.

Nick changed the subject, inviting Sandy and Stephanie to the Christmas celebration at the office. Sandy thanked them for the invitation, but she insisted that she couldn't make it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke discussed that it was difficult for Brooke to deceive her sister, Katie, about the quality of the new Forrester designs. Ridge reminded Brooke that it was about getting the company back into Forrester ownership. Brooke worried that they were playing Bill's game of deception, but Ridge claimed that it was all about justice because Bill had stolen the company from them.

When Katie and Bill met in her office, Bill was getting a manicure as they discussed that Eric was sharing a basement office with Thorne. Katie wondered if Bill was punishing Eric, but Bill noted that Eric didn't complain. Katie chatted about celebrating the holidays with her family, but Bill doubted that he was going to be welcome among her family members. Katie disagreed and said that the holidays were all about mending fences, and with Eric back at work, she was confident that they could all get along.

Bill and Katie kissed but Bill looked thoughtful as Katie raced off to meet with her sisters. Bill called Ridge and Eric and asked to see the designs they had so far. Eric replied that it was a hip and daring campaign guaranteed to blow Bill out of his seat. Bill demanded that Eric deliver the designs to Katie's office.

Eric met with Rick and Steffy to preview a high-energy video that would promote the "Dare" campaign for Forrester's new designs. Employees entered the office that Eric shared with Thorne, and they welcomed Eric back to Forrester. Eric said that he didn't mind sharing an office with Thorne because it was a temporary arrangement.

Later, Eric, Ridge, Steffy, and Rick agreed that the new campaign was the ultimate dare to return the company to the Forresters. Eric told everyone to do a sales job to convince Bill that the gaudy new designs would put Forrester on top in the fashion world. Eric handed a garment bag with a dress in it to Steffy for her to wear, and she looked at it wide-eyed and disapproving, but she agreed.

Brooke and Donna met privately to discuss that the family Christmas was not going to include Bill. Donna said that she could not ask Eric to set aside his animosity for Bill for the holidays. Katie showed up and said that she was excited about the holidays, and happy that the family would all be together.

Brooke and Donna told Katie that supporting Bill would pull the family apart. Katie said that she thought her sisters would be loyal to her, but Donna and Brooke said that they had to be loyal to their own husbands. Donna worried that if Bill showed up, it would be very upsetting to Eric. Katie thought that when Eric returned to work, there had been a change in attitude, but Brooke told Katie that she was not being realistic. Donna and Brooke explained that Katie was invited to Christmas, but Bill was not involved.

Katie looked at her sisters in disbelief as she wiped away tears. Her phone rang and she realized that Bill was calling. She told her sisters that she had to inform her husband that he was not going to be part of the family celebration. Bill asked Katie and her sisters to return to her office to view the new designs.

Meanwhile, in Katie's office, Eric, Ridge, and Rick asked Bill to preview the "Dare" video, which included all the Forresters proclaiming the new line as "different, explosive, and on the edge." It dared viewers to be extraordinary and beautiful. At the end of the video, Eric opened the door to Steffy wearing a bright, lime-green, sparkling gown with shoulder pads and dark green accents at the neck and waist.

Bill walked around Steffy and wondered if they were joking. Eric said that it was the 80s revisited and every fashion trend started with a dream. Bill called it a bad fashion nightmare, and he added that the only thing missing was the disco ball over Steffy's head. Eric insisted it was a futuristic twist, but Bill told them they should call the line "Scare," not "Dare."

Eric said that the collection was designed for a younger audience, and Bill wondered if the Logan sisters were expected to wear the designs. Ridge said the Logans would not be appearing in the campaign. Bill said that he didn't know what to think of it. Eric feigned that he was offended and insisted that Bill "wouldn't know innovation if he stepped in it."

Katie entered with her sisters and wondered what was going on. Eric said that the line was cutting-edge, and wondered why Bill was getting squeamish the minute designs got out of his comfort zone. Eric explained that he knew what Forrester buyers wanted. They wanted something fashion-forward, and he realized that when Jackie M beat them in the fashion challenge with something new and different. He added that Forrester could either set a fashion trend or follow one.

Katie noted that Eric and the Forresters were passionate about the line. Bill agreed and told Eric and Ridge that their reputations were on the line, and that the "Dare" line had better make him a lot of money. Eric responded, "Yes, sir." After the Forresters left, Bill and Katie discussed that the line was far from the traditional, simple, and elegant designs Forrester traditionally sold. Bill said that he didn't get the Forrester brand designs, and all he cared about was the bottom line. Katie admitted that she had her doubts about the campaign, and Bill promised to keep a close eye on Eric and Ridge.

Eric, Ridge, Brooke, Donna, Rick, and Steffy met privately and agreed to work fast and quietly to get the "Dare" line going before anyone could find out what they were up to. Eric promised that Forrester would be a family company again, and he kissed Donna.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On Christmas Eve, Brooke entered her house to find Ridge and Eric busily sketching their "God-awful" designs. Brooke mentioned the family Christmas gathering to be held at Eric's house. Eric hoped that they'd keep Bill away from it. Brooke said she'd taken care of that. She just wished that Katie wouldn't stay away, too.

Ridge went upstairs to email the designs to Bill. Brooke wondered if their plan would really work. Eric said that it had to work. Ridge returned. Eric said that it was Ridge's turn to lead the company. Eric planned to make sure it happened.

At the office, Bill intended to work through the holiday. Katie told him to say hello to "Christmas Present," because he wouldn't work through the holidays anymore. Bill asked if she wanted jewelry for Christmas. Katie got upset. She said that she'd appreciate the jewelry, but she didn't need those kinds of gifts. Her Christmas wish was for Bill to return Forrester Creations to the Forrester family.

Katie explained that her family hated Bill so much that they'd barred him from the family Christmas. Katie said that running Forrester wasn't worth it if she couldn't be with her family. She wished that Bill would give them everything back. "Let's fix this, please," she begged. Katie imagined that returning the company would be the perfect Christmas gift for her family.

Bill hugged her. He said the Forresters had already gotten their Christmas present when he'd bailed out the failing company. He called the Forresters' behavior petty. Bill reminded her that they had a meeting. He hoped she was ready to act like a CEO, because he didn't want to make excuses for her. Katie said that she was ready. She remarked that it was hard to make the tough decisions. Bill said that was why he was there.

Later, George arrived. He said that the Spencer board hadn't been happy about the acquisition of Forrester Creations. George stated that Bill had proved them wrong. George cited that the numbers were good, and he couldn't be more pleased. Bill promised that the next line would knock George's socks off.

George left, and Bill and Katie reviewed Eric and Ridge's newly emailed designs. "Wow, different," Katie awkwardly remarked. Bill decided that he'd trust that the Forresters knew what they were doing. He said that whatever they had in mind, it had better be profitable. Bill called Ridge to say that the designs had intrigued Bill. He requested three more of them after the holiday. Ridge said that Eric and he were inspired enough to meet the short deadline.

After the call, Katie studied the designs. She wondered why Eric and Ridge had made such a huge departure from their normal style. Bill said that their normal style had produced failure. Bill still doubted Eric's turnaround, but Bill decided to be more open, as Katie had requested. He hoped that they'd win big with "Dare." Katie looked unconvinced.

Whip went to Sandy's house. He said that he'd told his mother that Sandy would visit for Christmas. Sandy wished he hadn't done that. Whip urged her to attend the Jackie M party. She crossed her arms and said she didn't want to celebrate Christmas.

At the Jackie M celebration, Pam got snippy with Bridget for baking brownies. Pam indicated that Pam was supposed to do all the baking. Bridget said to relax, because she had appetizers in the car. Owen and Jackie turned on the holiday lights, and Whip entered. He told Bridget and Nick that Sandy had passed up the celebration. Bridget led Nick to the exit. She said that Sandy didn't need to be alone on the holiday.

Bridget and Nick arrived at Sandy's trailer. Bridget said Sandy hadn't returned Bridget's calls. Sandy pretended that her cell phone had died. Bridget said it would mean a lot to them if Sandy attended the party. Sandy expressed that celebrating the holidays got her down. Nick explained the plights of other employees who felt that they'd be lonely at Christmas. Nick said he wanted to create a new tradition at Jackie M that embodied family and friends. He hoped that Sandy would help them create it by joining them.

Nick retrieved his guitar from the car. Sandy laughed as he played the "Jingle Bells" tune with his own custom lyrics. He sang, "Sandy, Sandy, come with us, why don't you? Sandy, Sandy, our party won't be any fun if you are not there, too." Sandy said she'd never been serenaded before. Nick threatened to sing "Oh, What Surrogate Is This" if Sandy didn't agree to accompany them.

Back at Jackie M, the antler-clad Jackie and Owen greeted employees to the party. The couple noted that Nick and Bridget had been gone a while and figured that Sandy at least had let them into her house. Whip said it didn't mean that they'd get through to Sandy. Whip pointed out that Dennis in accounting wore the same snowflake sweater as Whip wore.

Bridget and Nick entered. They were disappointed that Sandy had turned them down. Bridget seemed apprehensive about pushing a friendship with Sandy any further. Bridget reasoned that some people just didn't like celebrating Christmas.

Sandy arrived. She said she'd changed her mind about attending. Nick joked that his third song had convinced her. Sandy laughed. She said she was starting to realize that they weren't pitying her. She felt they actually cared about her. She thanked them for opening their hearts to her. She felt it might be the first good Christmas she'd had in a long time. Whip winked at her.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

by Pam

Alone at home, Ridge and Brooke enjoyed some quiet time in front of the fire. They shared hot cocoa and kisses under the mistletoe as Ridge said that was his favorite holiday tradition. They reminisced about their beach wedding as Ridge gave Brooke an ornament. It included a photo of the heart Ridge created for her in the sand at Point Dume. Brooke remembered that she had given up on being together with Ridge when he was living with Taylor. At the time, Brooke was flying off to Paris and was convinced that her life would change and she would forever live without Ridge. She thanked her husband for believing in their love.

They relished their private moments alone but knew that the kids would be returning any minute. The door opened, and Thorne showed up claiming to be worried. He explained that Stephanie had declined to spend Christmas Eve with any of the family members. Instead, she was spending the evening at Jackie M. Thorne was worried because in the past year, Stephanie had lost her husband, her home, and her job. Brooke seemed understanding and said that Stephanie was welcome to share Christmas Eve and Christmas with Ridge and their family. Ridge mentioned that he had already invited Stephanie, but she didn't want to join them. Thorne said that he was going to visit his mother at Jackie M.

A party was in full swing at Jackie M. Owen and Jackie were mingling with employees, guests, and children. Nick pulled out his guitar and got everyone singing "Jingle Bells." Owen sneaked Jackie away to an office to give her a gift of a beautiful palm tree pendant to remind them both of their wedding in Hawaii. They kissed and recalled that they had already endured many hurdles in their marriage.

Jackie later thanked Stephanie for sharing the holiday with the team from Jackie M, and Stephanie said that she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Jackie gave a speech and welcomed everyone to the party. She thanked Nick and Bridget for all their hard work. Nick said that they had all become one big family at Jackie M, and that it wasn't a traditional family, but they were all glad to be sharing the holiday with their employees.

Jackie publicly thanked Stephanie for helping the fashion house rise to fame. Stephanie said that she was right where she wanted to be with the Jackie M family. She thanked Nick for hiring her and giving her the opportunity to share her knowledge and start another career in fashion with people who appreciated her.

Later, Stephanie and Pam shared memories of their mother. Pam said that she missed her mother, and Stephanie teased her sister about wearing her mother's jewelry. They laughed at memories of Ann as Pam remembered her mother always telling her to sit up straight, even when Ann was on her deathbed.

Stephanie paused as she saw the large photo of Sally Spectra adorning the wall. Stephanie told Pam that she and Sally were good friends and that she missed her old friend. Stephanie said that she usually received a card from Sally every year, but had not received her usual holiday greeting. Stephanie toasted Sally and said that she hoped Sally was having a great time wherever she was.

Bridget and Nick gathered everyone together and told them how happy they were to share Christmas Eve dinner with everyone. Bridget privately told Sandy how much she and Nick appreciated Sandy joining them for the party and for all Sandy's help in carrying their baby. Whip and Sandy shared a few memories as cousins and wished each other happy holidays. Sandy looked very happy.

While all the guests were lining up for dinner, Thorne entered and saw his mother playing with one of the little girls who was asking Stephanie to tie a scarf on her doll. Thorne smiled as he watched his mother enjoying herself. Stephanie saw Thorne and walked across the room to give him a hug and wish him happy holidays. Thorne admitted that he had been worried about her. Stephanie told him that she was very happy because she'd found a place where she fit in. She called her son "baby boy," and told him that her own children always were first with her. She reminded her son that it was more important in life to count your blessings rather than regrets. Thorne said that he was happy to see her enjoying herself.

Later, Nick and Bridget, dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Santa. Nick read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to all the children while Owen held Jack. Afterwards, the entire Jackie M gang sang Christmas carols.

The cast of The Bold and the Beautiful closed out the show with wishes for a happy holiday.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Due to the Christmas holiday, CBS aired an encore edition of a classic episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 28 and pick up where Thursday, December 24's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Central, I'd like to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and Merry Christmas

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