One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on OLTL

Mel left the hospital and walked into a Hayes versus Cramer women melee. Dorian avoided answering Cassie's questions. Both Carlotta and Jacara showed up at Hank's cabin. Téa advised Todd to consider joint custody of Starr.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, September 29, 1997

At Dorian's Mansion, Blair, Cassie, Kelly, Dorothy (Mel's daughter), Mary/Maude (Mel's Mom) and Dorian meet for dinner. Cassie asks her mother why David was taken away from the hospital in Vienna and why David took Cassie away from Dorian as a baby. Dorian avoids the issue and talks about the salmon they are having for dinner instead. Cassie is astounded. Mary asks if children should be protected from family history? At this point, Mel calls from the hospital, only to discover about the members of the gathering. Needless to say, he is not very comfortable with all these strong-minded women together in one place.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Viki visits Mel and they talk about his recent lifestyle and his current situation. Mel is pleased to see her and thanks her for saving his life. He tells her she's one of the reasons he's alive. Joining the Banner was good for him since Muriel, his wife, died. She tells him about receiving some things from Marty and how she's coping with the loss of Patrick. Mel, ever the soul of discretion avoids making too many comments. Viki notices this and knows that he knows more about the Marty/Patrick situation than he's telling, but she does not press him for details. He tells Viki about his recent visit to his father's grave and the things he has realized. He hasn't had a drink since. Then when he took the bullet, it made him realize even more things and how badly he has handled the different situations in his life. As he was clinging to life, he begged for a second chance to correct things. He said if he had died, he would have left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth, not the kindness and generosity legacy his wife left behind. He tells Viki he respects her and will jump through any hoops to earn her respect. Viki tells him he has her respect now.

At Bo's, Nora notices something is different about the house. She says it's too quiet. Then she realizes that the dog's gone. She's ecstatic. Bo tells her that the dog's at Asa's. She protests that she didn't hate the dog that much for the dog to be sent to the "mean ol' Asa." Bo tells her the dog's fine. Asa has always had dogs when they were kids and he actually treated the dogs better than he treated his wives. They then talk about Nora delegating some of her attorney work. Nora agrees and Bo makes her make the call to her assistant to start the ball rolling.

Meanwhile, Asa discovered the dog has chewed up his furniture and bitten huge holes into his cowboy hat. Needless to say, he's furious and demands Nigel find the mongrel. Nigel can't find the dog. Asa tells him not to call Bo until the next morning.

At Bo's, as Nora and Bo are relaxing and getting ready for a peaceful quiet night with no dog, they hear loud barking. Yep, it's got to be none other than Penny the dog.

At the Rectory, Maggie and Ian go to see Andrew so Maggie can say her goodbyes before leaving for Paris. She regrets her relationship with Max, but is glad she found out before marriage. They all hug.

At the same time, Renee goes to see Max at Rodi's and tries to lift his spirits. It didn't work and she leaves after a while. Max then looks around Rodi's and plays his and Maggie's favorite song while reminiscing about all the good times he had with Maggie. At this time, Maggie walks in behind him.

Meanwhile, Dorian continues to be in denial over the issue of the past family history and blames Mel for the history upheaval and Cassie's state of mind. Mary tries to push Dorian in the right direction, but, it backfires. All the women start arguing about Mel. Dorothy chidingly talks about her father's recent behavior with alcohol etc. and Kelly flairs up defending him and accusing Dorothy of being cruel and not very understanding of Mel's state of mind. Dorothy gets very upset (rightfully so) that a total stranger has the audacity to try to tell her about her own father. Eventually, it becomes a Cramer versus Hayes fight with all the Cramer women ganging up against the Hayes women. As they continue to bite each other's heads off, Mel walks in just in time to stop the fight before they all come to blows. Everyone is shocked at seeing him out of the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Mel is resting again with the IVs back in place. His Mom and Dorothy are there with him as well as Viki. Viki recognizes Maude (Mary) as a renowned author and comments that she didn't know Mel knew such a famous person. Mel then introduces his Mom to Viki.

After Viki leaves, Mel asks Mary's opinion on the Cramers. Mary analyzes them all and tells him that Dorian has a palpable need to control the girls and is hugely frustrated when she can't, which is most of the time since the girls are strong themselves. She gets scared when this happens. Mary warns her son that Dorian, a control freak, has the same need to control Mel, but, Mel is fanatically independent and cannot be controlled. She explains this is a dangerous combo and an explosion waiting to happen. How accurate.

Tuesday, September 30th, 1997

by ABC Daytime

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Bo tried to convince Carlotta to take Penny, but she wasn't interested because all Carlotta wanted to know was if Bo had heard from Hank. Carlotta was upset that Hank left before they had a chance to settle their argument. Bo tried to convince Carlotta to go to Hank's cabin, but she decided to wait until Hank returned. Jacara was also interested in Hank's whereabouts and asked Rachel if she'd heard from him. Rachel said that Hank was up at his cabin fishing and probably wouldn't call. Rachel explained where the cabin was and Jacara asked Rachel if she thought that Hank and Carlotta's fight might mean a permanent break-up. Jacara sensed that Rachel didn't approve of her chasing after Hank, but Rachel was worried that Jacara's interest in Hank would cause problems with R.J. Jacara assured Rachel that she could handle the Gannon brothers. R.J. asked Jacara out to dinner, but she declined because she had someplace to go. R.J. questioned Rachel about her conversation with Jacara and Rachel tried to evade the question saying that Jacara was only interested in their family history. R.J. rewarded Rachel the Jazz festival's success by giving her a raise. As Mel waited to be discharged, Mary said that she noticed Dorian wasn't obsessive about motherhood and Mel said she only gets that way about Starr. Mel thought that Dorian's fear of Starr being with Todd had something to do with Dorian's past. Mary agreed and thought Mel might be on to something. Mel introduced Viki to Mary and later, Viki and Dorian exchanged a cool greeting. Dorian and Mary disagreed as to where Mel should recuperate. Cassie told Viki about her trip to Austria and Viki was upset to learn about David and Jenny's accident. Cassie went by to see Mel to discuss what they should do next about Dorian and David. Cassie fully believed that Dorian was behind David's disappearance, but Mel wanted more proof. Cassie said she would try to find proof and enlisted Kelly's help. As Dorian, Mary and Dorothy argued about who should take care of Mel, he slipped out of his room without them noticing.

Wednesday, October 1st, 1997

Carlotta's Diner-Carlotta and Rene

Renee drops by to ask a favor. She is organizing an auction to benefit the East Llanview Women's Clinic and she hasn't gotten many biddable items. Two complimentary dinners at Carlotta's should raise some dough. Carlotta says to put her down. The clinic had saved a friend of hers through early detection of breast cancer. Renee says thanks and suggests that maybe Carlotta and Hank would like to attend. Carlotta says she'll have to see. The subject gets changed to Maggie leaving town and her selling the warehouse property to Asa. This upsets Carlotta because of Asa's intention to build a mega mall on the waterfront. Renee tells her that Maggie put a condition on the sale that there must be community involvement. Carlotta doubts Asa would honor his promise to Maggie. Rene reminds her of a promise Carlotta made to Antonio to be his right arm in the community. Carlotta says she will try to work with Asa to see he does the right thing. She just doesn't feel like another fight after the one she had with Hank. She and Renee talk about the argument she had with Mr. Gannon about Eli. Carlotta seems a little hurt that he went to the cabin without telling her. Bo told her where it was. Renee suggests a visit. Carlotta admits she is not good at making up. Even with Diego, her late husband, arguments lead to days of the silent treatment from her. Renee says she has memories of making up with Asa and they are some of her best memories of their marriage. She suggested that Carlotta fill a suitcase with lingerie and tell her what happened when she gets back. Renee leaves and Carlotta is puzzled, since she never even said she would go to the cabin. Why would Renee assume she would?

Hank's Cabin- Hank, Jacara and Carlotta

Hank is looking forward to a little p and q (peace and quiet)and is happy with his catch when Jacara shows up uninvited and says that he and the fish look like they can use company. She has brought steak, foil wrapped potatoes, salad greens and two wine glasses for the two bottles of wine. Hank cracks those aren't provisions. It is more like she is loaded for bear. He does not seem that happy to see her. He wonders who is minding R.J.'s club. Jacara replies that his daughter is doing such a fine job with the festival that she decided to take a day off for the quiet. He reminds her that is why HE is at the lake. She asks if he wants her to leave. Hank says he will take a break, start a fire and then she can go back to town later. Jacara remarks on the beautiful Indian summer evening and how warm the water must still be. She wants to take a dip and she is prepared for it as she reveals a bathing suit under her coat. Hank says he is satisfied with the view from the shore. But there is still a fish to clean and that requires removing the scales with a knife. Jacara loves a challenge and remembers her grandfather performing this task. He used to sing Three Little Fishes. She sings it for Hank. The mood lightens and Hank comments that now they can have surf and turf for dinner. Jacara laughs at his silly fishing hat. He tells her she looks just as silly with fish scales in her hair. She goes off for a dip to wash them out of her hair. He tells her cool off and he will prepare dinner. He is inside the cabin, humming three little fishes when there is a knock on the door. He thinks it is Jacara. SURPRISE! It is Carlotta. She knows he is mad at her but she wants to apologize and that's not easy for her. She misses him and hopes he misses her. The door open and Jacara comes in with her bathing suit and her hair wet. Carlotta gives her a look that says just what she thinks of her.

Attorney's office- Blair and Attorney

Blair has the medical records to prove she is fully recovered. She is now working full time, spending time with old friends and going out with new ones. She is recovered and thinks that the judge will agree that she is ready to take care of Starr. Todd can't escape his past. Two men were killed in his Penthouse because of his rage toward Patrick. The attorney does not think they should bring this up. Blair becomes like a replica of Dorian, throwing a hissy fit about how dangerous Todd is to Starr. She worries that this is not just a random act of violence. Todd's life attracts danger. The attorney says that Blair must stay in control or Todd will win. The Attorney tells her that if Blair opens the subject of the shootings at the Penthouse, she will also open the subject of Téa blocking the terrorist from harming Starr. She will just prove Todd's point that he has a stable and loving home for his daughter.

The Sun-Todd, Starr, Téa, Briggs and Blair

Todd takes Starr to the office. Briggs has happy news. Circulation is up by 4,000 and the Banner only half as much. Téa arrives to help babysit. Todd tells her how much the baby loved Wonder World. They did the water slide about 300 times. Téa gives Starr a welcome home present-a little rubber duck for the bath. She tells Todd she missed them. It was too quiet around the house. But she does have to inform him that Blair served them with court papers. Téa is a little worried about the night of violence at the penthouse. Their home is not exactly Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood. Rather than risk losing Starr, who she really loves, as an attorney she must advise him to consider a compromise. He must consider joint custody with Blair. Todd blows up. This is easy for her to say. What does she care? Starr is not her kid. Téa stands up to him. She says where does it state in their prenupt that she is not to love his daughter. At first, it was pretending, but Starr got to her and her feelings toward her are genuine. She loves the child and does not want them to lose her. Unseen to them, Starr toddles out of the room as Todd agrees to joint custody.

Meanwhile, Blair arrives and finds her daughter in the hallway. She hands her off to Briggs and goes to confront Todd. Téa has realized Starr is gone at the same moment Blair appears and shoots them with both barrels about their negligence. Starr might have fell down the stairs or a messenger or some other stranger could have kidnapped her. Téa says she would never let anything happen to Starr. Blair tells her she is not a stepmother to her daughter, just a wife Todd bought. Téa gives back as good as she gets. She needles Blair by saying she is the one who holds Starr, reads to her, tucks her in at night. Why not ask Starr who is her mommy. Blair screams that Starr is her life and warns Téa not to come between them. She takes a swing at Téa, but Téa manages to grab her arm. Todd quickly gets in between the two women. Blair departs in a tizzy. Todd sarcastically asks his wife to explain how this joint custody thing is going to work.

Dorian's house- Cassie, Kelly, Dorian and Blair

Cassie wants Kelly to find the telephone bill for proof that Dorian spoke to David and engineered his disappearance. She is suspicious because the doctor at the sanitarium said David was so happy about her visit, then he got a personal call and just disappeared leaving a letter to Cassie, saying he was protecting like he had the day he took her as an infant from her mother. Cassie wants to know what happened at the beginning of her life. She also feels sorry for Dorian because the secret is hurting her. Kelly knows from experience what that is like. Cassie says that Dorian's childhood and Cassie's are linked with the panic attacks her mother has. She needs Kelly to be her ally in this. Kelly agrees to help. She searches through the bills, but the telephone bill is not among them. Cassie begs her to intercept it when it comes in the mail.

Dorian arrives with the mail in hand and asks if they have seen Mel. He escaped when she, Mary and Dorothy were planning his recovery for him. She wonders if Cassie is there to apologize for her unseemly behavior in front of the Hayes women. Cassie smiles and says she is just catching up with Kelly. Her mother says she must make phone calls and look over her bills, including this rather thick telephone bill. Cassie tells Kelly she must have that bill. She wants Kelly to call her later when she can intercept it from Dorian.

Later, Kelly mentions the phone bill and asks if she made too many calls. Dorian says that's no problem. She just wants her to enjoy herself. Dorian changes the subject to Cassie. She is wrong about her having secrets. What can she do to convince her. Kelly suggests being open with her. Dorian begs Kelly not to talk about Cassie's obsession with anyone, especially Mel's family.

Blair arrives in a huff. She bites off Kelly's head when she says that Téa would not hurt Starr. They come close to blows before Blair walks away. Kelly says she is not on Téa's side. Dorian will find out what happened between Todd, Blair and Téa and document it for the lawyer. She will bring Blair a snack. She leaves the bill behind and then after Kelly gets on the phone with Cassie, Dorian returns looking for her pocket book. Kelly lies and says she is trying to track Ian down at the Palace Hotel. When Doriane leaves she goes over the bill with Cassie and finds a 25 minute call to the sanitarium. Dorian has been lying about not contacting David!

The Sun- Todd and Téa

Blair's behavior has given Téa an idea of how they should proceed with the custody case. It is obvious that joint custody will not work. Téa, as Todd's attorney, must push Blair's buttons just as she did right now and with Blair showing emotional instability, it should not be too hard to win the case.

Thursday, October 2nd, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Carlotta and Jacara were very cool towards each other at Hank's cabin. Jacara stepped out for a moment and Hank explained to Carlotta that he hadn't invited Jacara, she had just shown up. When Jacara returned, Hank politely asked her to leave. Hank apologized to Carlotta for leaving Llanview before resolving things between them. Carlotta suggested they not waste any more time arguing and they made love. Cassie told Kevin that Kelly found proof that Dorian called David and Dorian's lie only made Cassie more determined to find out what Dorian was hiding. Kevin suggested that Cassie go talk to Mel for guidance. Mel and Dorothy had a heart to heart talk about the day Muriel died and the real reason she had gone to see Dorothy. Dorothy told Mel that she needed her mother that day because she had experienced a miscarriage that morning. Dorothy asked Muriel to lie because she was afraid to tell Mel the truth. Mel admitted that he had been angry and blamed Dorothy for Muriel's death, but now that he knew the truth, they could forgive each other. Mel said that he was now able to accept Muriel's death and he wouldn't do anything to destroy the new bond between him and Dorothy. When Dorothy left, Cassie showed up and told Mel about Dorian's lie. Mel convinced Cassie not to confront Dorian with this information. Cassie realized for the first time that Dorian's childhood must have been a living hell. Blair told Dorian about what her lawyer said and about finding Starr wandering in the hall at The Sun alone. Dorian tried to get Blair to calm down and relax, but Blair had another idea. Blair wanted to insure her daughter's future and she left to go find Ian. Blair and Max commiserated over their recent troubles and Max agreed to help Blair land Ian. Max and Ian shared a chilly greeting and Blair suggested that attending Renee's charity auction with her would cheer Ian up. Alone, an unsettled Dorian remembered a time when she and her sisters were children and the fear their mother's harsh voice created in them.

Friday, October 3rd, 1997

Viki, Todd, and Téa

At Todd's apartment, Viki has brought a gift for Starr, a music box. She has another package in her hand, Todd holds out his hand for it. It's not for him, Viki says, it's birdseed for Bird. They dicuss the terrorists breaking into Todd's apartment and Patrick's death. Viki comments that Patrick and Todd were more alike than Todd would like to admit. Patrick died trying to protect Todd's family. Viki also stopped by to ask them to make a donation for the fundraiser to benefit the women's clinic. She doesn't expect them to actually go, Melador is co-sponsoring the event and Blair will be there. "That seals it, wild horses on crack couldn't drag me there", Todd says. Téa doesn't agree, she things they should go.

Viki tries to talk them out of going, but Téa says they can't spend the rest of their lives avoiding Blair. "I don't know, I could", is Todd's response. Viki has to admire Téa, she doesn't back down from a challenge. Viki also heard how Téa risked her life to protect Starr, she must love Starr very much. Todd breaks the news to Viki that the custody battle for Starr is begining again. Viki is upset, but Todd protests that he didn't start it this time. Viki tells them to stop by the Banner for their tickets and then leaves. Todd asks Téa what the real reason is they are going to this "stupid" charity auction.

Todd, with his usual lack of good manners, is ripping the plastic off the birdseed log with his teeth while Téa is explaining why they should go to the auction. She thinks they need to make an appearance as the charming, attractive, strong teethed(Téa watches him in disgust as he rips the package open), Mr. and Mrs. Manning. Todd did that the last custody fight, he donated so much money he thought they were going to rename the town "Todd Hollow" or "Manningview." As Todd talks he's taking pieces of birdseed off the log and eating them. How is it, Téa finally has to ask, unable to ignore his eating the birdseed anymore. Not bad, he says. But Blair's going to be there working the room them same way we are, Todd reminds her. Téa has a plan, but she can't tell Todd what it is so he can deny any knowledge of it later. Téa's off to do some "power shopping."

Todd comes down the stairs, dressed in a black jacket and pants with a white T-shirt-like shirt underneath. Bird give him a wolf whistle and Todd tells him to cut it out, people will talk. Todd knows that Téa is up to something, he just doesn't know what it is. Téa appears on the stairs in a slinky black pantsuit. Todd is practically speachless. "You, this is what you mean by dressed to kill, I guess." Téa told him he'd need deniability. She heads for the door.

Viki, Todd, Kevin and Clint

In her office at the Banner, Viki is giving Kevin his tickets for the charity auction when Todd arrives to collect his own. Kevin is not very happy that Todd is coming. Maybe Todd will get lucky and they'll auction off a "get out of jail free card" tonight, Kevin comments on his way out the door. "What did I ever do to him?", Todd asks. Viki's not about to get into that. She tries again to convince Todd to agree to joint custody, but he won't go for it. "Blair is sick and twisted", he insists, and he won't have much trouble proving that to a judge. Why can't Todd understand that in fighting Blair, he's hurting someone that Starr loves very much, Viki asks. Todd has no reply and leaves, almost bumping into Clint on his way out the door. Clint offers to take Viki to the charity auction, but Viki's already got a date with Dr. Dougherty. Clint just assumed Viki would be going with him. Viki accuses him of taking her for granted.

Kelly and Ian

At the community center, Kelly sits down on a bench and remembers her recent confrontation with Blair about Ian, that Blair is only interested in his money. Ian joins her, he's a little sad because Maggie has left. Kelly has just the thing to cheer him up, spending obscene amounts of money with her at the charity auction that night. Ian thinks it sounds like a great idea, but he's already promised to go with Blair. Ian's worried that he upset her feelings. Kelly assures him it's fine, she and Ian were never an item and she knows from the fact that he went home with Blair after Chris Botti's performance that he and Blair are getting "heavy." All he did was drop Blair off, he tells Kelly. Kelly thinks that's great, she thinks that she(Kelly) and Ian should keep getting to know each other better. The best thing about this past year for her has been meeting Ian. Ian, to his surprise, finds that he like Kelly very much. He feels almost protective of her, although he thinks that he's the one he should probably be protecting her from.

Kelly doesn't think she needs protection, she's tougher than she looks, she can take care of herself. Blair can take care of herself, too, Ian says, that's why this whole thing could get pretty ugly. In his "less enlightened days" he might not have minded it, it would have made it easier for him to divide and conquer, he might have ended up sleeping with both of them. Kelly laughs, but says she finds it obnoxious. Blair might be that easy, but she's certainly not. Ian knows Blair's type, she's driven, ambitious, self-involved. Kelly, on the other hand is an unknown quantity, a "nice girl." He's not sure if he's ever met one of those before. Ian's been through so much in the last year, he looks in the mirror and he's not even sure who he is. They like each other, Kelly says, she thinks that they should just go on the way they have been and not close any doors. OK, Ian agrees, and holds her hands. They seem just about to kiss when Andrew comes in and interrupts them. Ian leaves to take a shower. Kelly tells Andrew that he's going to be her date to the charity auction. Andrew's not really thrilled to be a puppet in this little drama. Kelly truly likes Ian, it's not just to get back at Blair, and Ian just said that he likes Kelly, too. Andrew makes Kelly pinkie-swear that she will behave before he agrees to go with her.

Blair, Cassie and Addie

Blair and Cassie go to visit Blair's mother, Addie. Addie's been on her mind lately, with the custody hearing coming up. She knows Addie is confused, but she can't help but think it must have hurt her alot when Blair was taken away from her when she was born. How can I live my life without Starr, she asks. Addie arrives with Sister Theresa and gives Blair a big hug. Addie sees Cassie, but doesn't recognize her. "Dorrie", she says.

Blair explains that it's not Dorian, it's Cassie, her daughter. Addie seems convinced and asks where Dorrie is. She's at home, Blair says. "You left her there, by herself, it gets dark", Addie exclaims, worried. Blair changes the subject and gives Addie a CD of Chopin. Blair leaves for a little while to speak to Sister Theresa in her office, leaving Addie and Cassie alone. Cassie tries to get Addie to play for her, but Addie says she's scared, she doesn't like to play in front of other people. You used to tease me about that Dorrie, Addie stops recognizing Cassie. Cassie tries to correct her, but Addie says it's OK, Dorrie doesn't have to hide. Addie's not going to hurt her, no one will hurt her.

Addie tells Cassie that she only hurt her(Dorian) because she had to. Cassie then decides to play along with Addie and tells her, "it's OK. I'm your sister, I won't hurt you." For a long time Addie didn't remember, but now it's come back into her head how she hurt Dorian. "But I didn't do the other thing", Addie insists. "I didn't hurt Melinda, you did that", Addie says. Addie gets very upset, she starts screaming at Cassie that she saw her(Dorian) hurt Melinda and she never said she was sorry. Addie is extremely upset by the time Blair gets back and Blair blames Cassie. Blair accuses Cassie of provoking this response from Addie because she wanted to get answers about Dorian's past. Cassie tries to defend herself by saying that Addie was convinced that she was Dorian from the moment she came in the room. That may be true, but Blair still thinks that Cassie pushed Addie over the edge. Whatever Cassie found out, Blair hopes it was worth it, she says before storming out.

Blair, Ian and Kelly

Back at Dorian's house, Blair calls her lawyer, who tells Blair to calm down and reassures her everything is OK. Blair hangs up the phone. Kelly has come down the stairs, dressed up for the charity auction. Blair yells at her to go away, but Kelly refuses to get upset. Nothing you do will ruin my night she tells Blair before going out on the porch to wait for Andrew.

Blair is sitting on the couch, looking at a picture of herself, Starr and Addie when Ian arrives to take her to the auction. Ian says she seems a little bit under the weather and offers to take her out another night. Blair assures him that she is fine, she'll just go upstairs and change.

Cassie and Kevin

At the carriage house, Cassie tells Kevin about her conversation with Addie. Addie said that Dorian hurt Melinda, but she didn't say how. Cassie wants to run over and tell Mel what she found out while Kevin is getting changed for the auction. Kevin says that's not OK, he wants her to stop this, now. Cassie doesn't understand, up until now he was all for this. Kevin feels that she's starting to obssess too much about the whole thing, she's alienated one cousin and has the other one going through Dorian's mail. Cassie can't give this up, she explains, she's worried about her mother. Mel's worried too, her mother's behaving erratically and they are sure it has something to do with her past. Kevin reminds her of how horrible it was when Viki finally remembered what happened in her past. But look at Viki now, Cassie says, Viki's finally free of her past and stronger than ever. Kevin agrees that she is right and he'll do whatever he can to support her.

The Charity Auction

Clint is standing in the lobby with Renee when Viki arrives with her date, Dr. Dougherty. Renee "borrows" Viki to discuss some seating arrangements, leaving Clint alone with Dr. Dougherty. Clint asks him for a favor, would Dr. Dougherty please make himself occupied "working the room" and leave Viki by herself. Dr. Dougherty understands what Clint's trying to do and agrees.

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