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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 22, 2009 on GL
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Frank roamed over to Company for a beer, and Daisy pressured him for information in Jeffrey and Reva's police cases. Frank said that the O'Neills were both still suspects, and the police believed that Jeffrey had left the country. Frank changed the subject to Rafe, who'd been having a bad birthday. Daisy decided to call Rafe.

At the farmhouse, Natalia stared at the cake she'd made for Rafe, hoping that the day might be a day of healing. Olivia thought that Natalia had done all she could do. Natalia decided that Rafe wouldn't mind Emma blowing out his candles and eating his cake. Emma made a wish, and blew out the candles. Olivia said that Natalia and she had made wishes, too.

Natalia served the cake, saying that Rafe didn't even want to be in the same house with her, if she were with Olivia. Olivia realized that their relationship wouldn't survive if Natalia lost Rafe, so Olivia vowed that they'd find a way to get Rafe back. Olivia said she needed to take Emma to camp, and Natalia remembered that she had a job interview. Natalia wished she could go to camp day, and Olivia said Emma understood why Natalia couldn't make it.

Before her appointment, Natalia went to Company. She told Frank that Rafe had briefly stopped by her house. She started to ask Frank something, but Frank cut in, stating that it had already been done. He showed her a card he'd bought for Rafe. Marina said that she'd invited Rafe for dinner the next week, and Daisy added that she'd invited Rafe to the movies. Frank concluded that Rafe had had a good birthday, and Natalia thanked them.

After her interview, Natalia ordered a shot at the Towers bar. Blake thought that sounded yummy. Blake joined Natalia, who explained that she'd quit her job at the Beacon. Blake assumed that Olivia was probably hard to work for. Natalia said Olivia was wonderful; Natalia had just wanted something different. Natalia complained that Towers had told her that she was overqualified to work for them. "I'm hiring," Blake said. Blake announced that she was getting back into publishing, and she'd be willing to give Natalia a job as her assistant.

Olivia and Emma planted flowers in the park. Emma worked hard, but worried that the bigger families would out-plant them. "I bet they won't," Natalia said, surprising them. Emma raced off to get Natalia some gloves. Natalia explained to Olivia that Blake was interested in hiring Natalia. Olivia and Natalia joked around as they planted, and Natalia said it was the first time she'd laughed that day. Olivia said it wouldn't be the last.

Natalia left Rafe a message, and wondered what more she could do to make things okay for him. Olivia said Rafe was a man, and he had to figure out how to make himself okay. "But I'm his mom," Natalia said. She noted that it was the first time that making things okay for herself didn't also make things okay for him. She wondered if she'd ever make it okay.

Natalia left Rafe another message, and then apologetically told Olivia that after she fixed everything with him, it would be better for Olivia and her. Olivia said that she didn't mind waiting. "I do. I mind waiting. I'm so done with waiting," Natalia suddenly said.

Natalia recounted that they'd had to wait for Frank to be okay and then for Rafe. She said they'd have to wait to break the news to Emma, and then wait for their neighbors' reactions. As Natalia rambled, they both excitedly said, "I don't want to wait!" Just then, Emma strode up, and asked them to follow her. She asked what they were waiting for. "Nothing," Olivia said. "We're not waiting for anything." Natalia and Olivia tenderly touched each other's faces.

Standing beside Lara's grave, Dinah explained the reasons behind Jeffrey's plan. Dinah detailed the turmoil between Shayne and Edmund, despite Shayne's gregarious efforts, and the events that led to Henry's adoption. She said that she'd given Shayne a music box to replace the one that Edmund had destroyed, because Shayne desperately needed to hold onto something.

Jeffrey and his crew pulled up the cross that marked Lara's grave, and Dinah promised they'd return it one day. Dinah continued to explain that Edmund had faked his death, and they needed to make Edmund think that Lara had also faked her death, so they could lure him out of hiding. Dinah wished Lara could say whether she approved of their plan.

After they'd staked the cross in the ground at another location, Dinah asked Jeffrey what happened next. Jeffrey replied that they'd use Dinah to draw Edmund into the open. Dinah said goodbye to Lara, and turned to see Jeffrey texting Reva on a disposable phone. Dinah said they'd agreed not to call home. Jeffrey replied that Grieci had procured a bunch of disposable phones for them. He tossed Dinah the phone, saying she could only make one call.

Back in Springfield, Shayne stared at the music box as it lulled him to sleep. He dreamed that Lara appeared in his bed to announce that they were having a baby. He touched her pregnant stomach, and felt the baby move. Lara said it was a boy, and Shayne replied that Henry was a great kid. As Shayne described Henry, Lara asked, "Henry? Who's Henry?" Shayne woke up.

Josh staked out Reva's house to make sure that she was okay. Reva threw twigs at his car, demanding that he leave. "I need my husband!" she cried as Josh drove away. Josh went to Company, and, as Daisy served him, he said that Reva could probably use a visit from Daisy. He warned Daisy to give Reva time to cool off first.

Josh brooded in a booth when Shayne slid in beside him, and started eating his food. "Between your mom's anger and my anger, I'm surprised that you and your sister aren't a hell of a lot more screwed up than you already are," Josh said. Shayne bit back a laugh, and assumed that Reva was mad at Josh for the plan he'd concocted with Jeffrey. Shayne thought it was better to be upset with someone than to be sitting around in jail.

Josh suggested that Shayne wear a cup when he visited Reva. Josh thanked Shayne for looking out for her, but he didn't want Shayne halting his life to do it. Shayne said he was bored without Dinah. Shayne mentioned that he'd dreamed about Lara and the baby. Just then, Marina approached with Henry. Josh joked that Henry was too young to wait tables, but Marina said she had to teach Henry the family business while he was still young.

Shayne went outside to take a call from Dinah. Shayne explained that Jeffrey was on the run, and Reva was a complete mess. He mentioned that he'd conjured Lara up in his dreams. He offered to meet Dinah in Wisconsin, but she said she needed to concentrate on work. Shayne asked her to hurry home, because he'd rather be dreaming with her.

Inside, Josh played with Henry, and offered to help Henry with his pitching skills. Shayne returned, abruptly saying that Henry already had a father. Josh didn't mean to overstep, and Marina replied that it wasn't a problem. As Shayne and Josh left, Shayne expressed his worry about Dinah. Josh said that Dinah loved Shayne, and would return to him.

Meanwhile, Dinah was anxious to get home to Shayne. Jeffrey said she should have given Shayne a better excuse for her absence. Jeffrey realized that the job was harder than those in the past, because they hadn't had family ties before. Jeffrey said he was doing the job for his family, and he couldn't wait to get back to them, either. Dinah stared at the cross headstone.

Blake visited Cross Creek to find Reva in a biting mood. Blake said she understood that Reva was doing the best she could under the circumstances. Reva ranted that her best would be proving her and her husband's innocence in Edmund's murder, and then tracking her husband down. A flustered Reva ordered Blake to go, but Blake started folding Reva's laundry instead.

Afterward, Blake stubbornly made Reva some tea, even though Reva said she didn't want it. "My husband's gone," Reva pitifully said. Blake understood the helplessness of losing one's mate. Blake said their situations were different because Ross couldn't return to Blake; however, Jeffrey wasn't dead. Blake assured Reva that Jeffrey wouldn't walk away from his family.

After Blake left, Daisy arrived, and Reva huffed, upset that Josh had sent Daisy there. Reva called Lillian to ask her to watch Colin longer. Daisy volunteered to help with Colin, and Reva realized that she must have been in bad shape for Daisy to offer to babysit. Just then, Reva received a text message on her cell phone. Daisy helped her retrieve it, and Reva joyously read aloud Jeffrey's request that she leave a light on because he'd be home soon.

Reva and Daisy pulled out of storage an old, rusty lantern belonging to Sarah's mother. Reva panicked upon seeing Jeffrey's wedding ring dangling from it. Daisy quickly decided that Jeffrey had wanted to leave a part of himself with Reva. "Why would you know something like that?" Reva asked. Daisy said that she just knew that Jeffrey loved Reva. Reva decided that she'd leave the lantern burning, so that Jeffrey would know she was waiting for him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At the mansion, Alan congratulated Phillip on his brilliant maneuver to save James. "That's exactly what I would have done," Alan said. He invited Phillip to breakfast downstairs, where the three generations of Spaulding men would discuss the future.

In the parlor, Alan solicited Phillip's support in Alan becoming CEO of the company. Phillip concluded that Alan was one vote shy of winning the title, but Phillip said he wouldn't be at the meeting to vote. Alan said that because James was 18, he could take a board seat. Alan discussed bringing James into the company, and then left, asking James to meet him at the office.

Phillip said James didn't have to go along with Alan. Phillip warned James that Alan would pretend to be on his side, but would crucify James without hesitation. James said that it sounded a lot like what Phillip had done during James's arrest and trial.

Phillip said that James had done something illegal. James retorted that bribing judges was illegal. James thought that at least Alan could admit when he was being a "hard ass." James left in a huff. Jeremy entered to tell Phillip that his bags were packed, and the jet was waiting.

Later, Phillip arrived at a clinic for his appointment with Dr. Bauer. Ed Bauer entered the waiting room, and asked, "Phillip, what on earth brings you out here?"

At Company, James encountered an ornery Billy Lewis, who warned James not to hurt Bill or Lizzie again. Billy said he'd be watching James from then until forever. When James mentioned Billy's threat to Alan at the office later, Alan said he'd take care of Billy. James said he'd only mentioned it as a joke, but Alan believed that James had done it because James knew that the Spauldings always rallied. Alan stated that was why James's vote was so important.

At Cedars, Lillian worried about Lizzie's wedding planning progress. Beth assumed that Lizzie had it under control, but Lillian insisted that they needed to help Lizzie. At the same time, Vanessa met Alex at Towers to discuss their concerns about the wedding. Vanessa and Alex agreed that they couldn't let the couple ruin the most important day of their lives.

The four women happened to encounter each other at the mini-mart, and after come discussion, concluded that Bill and Lizzie needed their help with the wedding planning. Vanessa didn't want to be seen as an interfering mother-in-law. Beth said she'd never let that happen. "Good. Then let's take charge!" Vanessa said, leading the other women out of the store.

Bill and Lizzie lounged in bed without a care, until Lizzie realized that she only had 21 days to plan her wedding. As Lizzie overwhelmed herself with wedding planning, Bill decided to focus on the event after the wedding-the honeymoon. Bill and Lizzie began making love.

Suddenly, Beth, Lillian, Vanessa, and Alex burst into the room, hollering, "Wedding intervention!" Tailors and caterers strode in behind them, setting up dresses and dishes of cake. Alex and Lillian force-fed the couple cake samples, and the tailor said he needed an inseam measurement. From beneath the bed covers, Bill replied that he had no pants on. The tailor said that if he'd seen one, he'd seen them all. Lillian, being a nurse, begged to differ. Bill chose to leave the women to it, and he sneaked out of the room wrapped in a sheet.

The four women dressed Lizzie up in gowns, and gabbed about the different types of weddings they could throw. Billy entered, and suggested that the ladies leave Lizzie to plan her own ceremony. The women said there wasn't time for that, and continued to prattle about their ideas. Lizzie stood on the bed in an oversized dress, appearing alienated.

Bill went to Spaulding-Lewis to collect his things, and overheard Alan grooming James for a board seat. Bill advised James to run like hell. When Bill returned to the Beacon, he found a frazzled Lizzie sitting on the bed alone, dressed like a wedding doll, shoving cake in her mouth.

Lizzie told him to get Ashlee or anyone else, because she couldn't let those four women plan her wedding. "Your mom is..." Lizzie said, grimacing. Bill replied, "Yeah, I know." Bill said they'd plan their own wedding. Lizzie asked him to call Vanessa, and tell her that. Bill replied that it was safer to have Billy tell her.

At Company, Vanessa discussed the wedding with Billy, who wondered if she really liked the idea of marrying at the beach. Billy thought that Vanessa would look beautiful, strolling down the beach barefooted. Vanessa blushed, and told him to eat his pie.

At Towers, Alex, Lillian, and Beth toasted to their wedding accomplishments. Alan approached, asking how their day had gone. Lillian said it had been fabulous. Alan touted that he'd had a fabulous day, too. He'd breakfasted with James and Phillip, and settled James into his rightful place at the company. Beth noted that it was just in time for James to vote for Alan.

As Rick and James played basketball, Rick said that sons often felt as if their fathers sought to control their lives. Rick tossed James the ball, and left to catch a plane. Alan arrived on the court, and dunked the ball. James challenged Alan to show off his skills. Alan made another dunk, and said there was a lot that James didn't know about his grandfather.

Josh staked out Cross Creek until Mallet called him for a meeting at Company. Once Josh arrived, he pretended to be irate with Jeffrey and Reva for possibly making him an accessory to their crimes. Mallet said they'd dropped the charges against Reva, and the D.A. had bought into the story of Jeffrey being the prime suspect. Josh feigned rage at Jeffrey for letting Reva take the blame for his crime. Mallet said if he had his way, he'd arrest all three of them, Josh, Jeffrey, and Reva, because they'd been lying from the start.

Just then, Jeffrey called Josh. Josh pretended that Wanda was on the line, and Jeffrey guessed that Mallet was nearby. Josh said the charges against Reva had been dropped. Jeffrey reminded Josh to keep his hands off Reva. "You got it, darling..." Josh said. Josh ended the call as Billy walked up. Mallet told them that the case would remain open until Mallet got the truth.

At Cross Creek, Reva told Colin that it was absurd to keep a lantern in the window. She wasn't the type to just sit and wait. Reva went to Marina's house, and asked Marina to babysit Colin for a few days. Reva fought back tears as she lied that something was wrong with Hawk, who'd suddenly cancelled his Father's Day trip to see them. Reva was sure that Hawk was covering up an illness. Marina didn't appear to buy the story, but agreed to keep the baby.

Mallet arrived home to find Colin and Henry playing together. Marina said Reva needed to run some errands-for a couple days. "That's a lot of errands," Mallet noted. Marina told Reva's story to Mallet, and Mallet started to call the FBI, because he didn't like being lied to. Marina said that people lied for many reasons, and reminded him that their adoption hadn't been on the level. Mallet retorted that the O'Neills and Josh were attempting to cover up a murder. Mallet closed his phone, and left for work.

At Cedars, Reva picked up an extra month's supply of her medications. Josh approached, and overheard her tell Rick that she could be gone for a few weeks. After Rick walked off, Josh said that Reva wasn't going anywhere.

Josh warned Reva against jeopardizing Jeffrey's plan, but Reva belligerently yelled that she wanted her husband. Josh replied that the police did, too. Reva responded that she'd just tell the police that Jeffrey had planted the clues. Josh told her that would make her the prime suspect again. While Reva went to jail for murder, and Jeffrey for obstruction of justice, Colin would be alone. Josh said Jeffrey needed to find Edmund, and make things right. "For once in your life, do what your husband wants," Josh told her.

Later, Josh arrived in Mallet's office, as Mallet had requested, and Mallet grilled him about Reva and Jeffrey. Josh said he didn't know where Jeffrey was, or what Reva's intentions were. Mallet accused everyone of lying to him. Josh asked if he were under arrest. When Mallet said he wasn't, Josh left the station.

Reva returned to Marina's house, and said she'd decided against her trip. Reva realized that for Colin's sake, she couldn't risk her life looking for Jeffrey, a wanted man. Reva thanked Marina, and then returned to Cross Creek. There, she sobbed, wishing that Jeffrey had talked to her before he'd gone. She put the lantern back in the window, saying that she'd be really pissed if Jeffrey didn't return home in a few days.

Josh called Reva from outside her house to find out if she'd changed her mind about her trip. Reva retorted that he was parked outside watching her, so he could see that she wasn't going anywhere. "Good choice, Reva," Josh said, and began eating a sandwich.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

James and two other teens served their community service sentences, cleaning trash off the roadside. Alan pulled up in an SUV, and announced that he was there to take James to court-the basketball court. Alan introduced James to Sean, a teenager that Alan had paid to complete James's community service. Alan handed out cash to the teens working with James, gestured to Sean, and said, "As far as you're concerned, both of you, this is James Spaulding."

In the car, Alan announced that James was free from his sentence. James wondered what Phillip would think of Alan bailing James out. Alan shrugged, saying that he'd bailed Phillip out of his youthful jams, and Brandon had bailed Alan out of his. "So congratulations. You have just joined the ranks of the Spaulding men," Alan said. Alan decided to take James to the store to buy new basketball gear, and then to Company to eat before Alan "whipped [his] butt" on the court.

In the mansion parlor, Beth searched for James, but encountered a giddily drinking Alex, who said that Alan had gone to pay James's way out of trash duty. An outraged Beth asked where Phillip was. Alex had heard from Seth that Phillip had taken the jet to parts unknown.

Beth joined Alex in a glass of gin. Beth said she'd dreamed that Phillip's return would fix everything. Alex replied that all hell had broken loose instead. Beth had thought Lizzie, not James, would have had a hard time adjusting to Phillip. Alex said the father-son struggle was a Spaulding legacy, and she offered to listen whenever Beth needed her to.

In California, Phillip sat down with Ed. Phillip nervously chatted about Michelle, Hope, and Robby. He told Ed that Rick would love it if the Bauers attended the annual barbeque. Ed couldn't fathom that Phillip had traveled there to invite him to the cookout. He noted that Phillip had made an appointment with a clinic specializing in infectious diseases. Phillip admitted that something might be seriously wrong with him.

As Ed drew a blood sample, Phillip explained that, while he'd been living in seclusion, he'd developed dizziness, fatigue, and shortness of breath. A doctor had treated Phillip for a lung infection that he'd possibly contracted from the woods. The symptoms had gone away for a while, but then returned. Ed wondered where Phillip had been living when the problem had first occurred. Phillip said he'd traveled a lot, but he specified that he'd been in the Appgar Woods.

As Ed wrapped up the appointment, he suggested that Phillip visit Danny and Michelle. Ed shared some pictures of the Bauers, and they talked about their families. Ed put a rush on Phillip's tests, and Phillip decided to hang around the office for the results.

After a while, Ed told Phillip that the test results were taking longer than he'd anticipated. Phillip went to his car, and encountered Rick. They both were surprised to see each other in California. Phillip lied that he was in town on business, and had dropped by the clinic to convince Ed to go home for the barbecue. Rick decided that they'd harass Ed into it together.

As Rick tried to convince his father to visit Springfield, Phillip stepped out to take a call from Beth. She wished Phillip had told her that he was going to California. Beth complained about Alan bribing James's way out of community service. She said it was the same destructive road that Phillip and Alan had traveled together. "One minute it's tough love, then the next, it's brandy at the club," she huffed. Phillip said he'd fix it, but Beth replied that she'd just wanted to apprise him of the situation. She intended to fix it herself.

Phillip returned to the office, and smiled, listening to Ed and Rick joke about the past. Rick continued to nag Ed about the barbecue, and Ed said he'd agree to almost anything just to get Rick out of his office. "Happy Father's Day, Dad," Rick said with feigned sarcasm.

Later, Phillip and Rick strolled outside, talking about the barbecue. When the topic turned to Rick and Beth, Phillip shut down. Rick said that he'd forgiven Phillip for taking Jude; it was time that Phillip forgave others. Rick said Phillip hadn't even been in town at the time, but Phillip retorted that Rick shouldn't have married Phillip's ex-wife. Phillip touted that he'd never married any of Rick's girlfriends-though he had dated some of them.

Rick asked Phillip what he was really doing in California. Phillip walked off in a huff, and Rick called him a jerk. Rick trailed Phillip to a basketball court, where some younger men were challenging Phillip to a game. Rick said they didn't want to play with a decrepit old man like Phillip. Phillip countered that Rick and he were the same age. After some trash-talk between Phillip and Rick, the four guys announced that the game was on.

Rick and Phillip exchanged barbs as they missed shots and passes. Phillip soon grew winded. Rick called Phillip a wimp as Phillip strode off to catch his breath. "Are these guys married?" a challenger asked his teammate.

Phillip wheezed, wondering what Rick was thinking to rope them into a challenge with kids who didn't even sweat. Watching the younger guys, Rick and Phillip remembered feeling that anything was possible at that age. Phillip said that one thing hadn't changed over the years. Rick guessed incorrectly at the answer, and Phillip retorted, "Our friendship-idiot."

One of the challengers called them geriatric, and Rick stated that those boys didn't know who they were dealing with. Rick said Phillip had risen from the dead, and Phillip replied that Rick had had a heart transplant. "Let's teach these little weasels a lesson," Phillip decided.

Phillip and Rick returned to the game, and owned the court with the younger guys. Afterward, Rick wondered how they'd pulled that off. "I'm pretty sure I cheated," Phillip confessed. As they basked in their victory, Phillip's phone rang. He saw that it was Ed calling. Phillip and Rick limped as they parted ways.

Phillip returned to Ed's office. Ed gravely informed Phillip that he'd contracted an untreatable condition. "And I'm's terminal," Ed said. Ed began to discuss it further, but Phillip rose from his seat, uttering, "Thanks," and ran from the building.

Beth marched into Company, and located James and Alan in a booth. Beth said that no one had told Alan to buy James's way out of serving his sentence. Alan retorted that he didn't wait for anyone to tell him anything. Beth dismissed James from the table, and accused Alan of driving a deeper wedge between Phillip and James.

Alan said he'd assumed that Beth would have been pleased with the events, but apparently Beth didn't mind if James picked up someone else's garbage. Beth replied that James had to learn that there were consequences for his actions. She didn't appreciate Phillip and Alan making drastic choices for James.

Alan decided that Beth's problem was that Phillip hadn't paid her enough attention upon his return to town. Alan said that when Beth couldn't have Phillip, she'd clung to Henry Bradshaw. "And we both know what that was about," Alan chuckled. A livid Beth warned him not to talk about Coop. Alan asked what Beth could possibly threaten him with. Beth rose from the table, seething, "You don't want to know." She stormed off, and Alan lit a cigar.

Beth sat on a bench outside, and a concerned Lillian approached. Beth said that Lizzie had separated from the family, but James was being sucked in. Beth felt powerless to stop it. Beth said that she couldn't tell James to turn his back on Phillip.

Lillian figured that the conversation was really about Beth and Phillip. Beth said that there had always been something between Phillip and her, and there probably always would be. "There's no probably about it," Lillian said, and advised Beth to take things slowly. She said Beth and Phillip had all the time in the world.

James sneaked behind the bar for a beer, but Buzz grabbed it from him. James said that nothing he did mattered to his father. James claimed that Phillip had jetted off to some exotic location to plan Lizzie's honeymoon, and wouldn't even notice if James were rearrested. Buzz replied that James didn't know his own father.

Buzz gave James a root beer, and James complained that kids had to obey rules, while the grownups did what they wanted. Buzz said that James would see how free grownups were once he entered the world of careers, taxes, and children. Buzz implored him to hold onto his carefree youth. A condescending Alan thanked Buzz for the wisdom, and left with James.

In the mansion parlor later, Alan and James sat at the chess table on the overlook. Alan offered to sneak James some brandy if he didn't tell Phillip about it. James said that Phillip didn't care. Alan replied that Phillip loved James very much, and Alan loved Phillip very much. James hadn't realized that shooting someone was a sign of love.

Alan said he'd done that to protect Phillip from himself. James assumed that Phillip had protected James by having him arrested. "We're Spauldings. We battle. It's a part of our heritage," Alan said. "It brings us closer together, makes us stronger. Makes us men." James decided that if he were a man, then he could have a full glass of brandy. Alan replied that he couldn't argue with that, and poured more into James's glass.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

That In the morning, Phillip waited outside Ed's unopened clinic. When Ed approached, Phillip said he'd needed time to digest what Ed had told him. Inside, Ed explained that the initial lung infection had infiltrated Phillip's blood stream. He estimated that Phillip's lungs would cease to function within three months. Ed pledged to call specialists, and do all that he could for Phillip.

Ed suggested that Phillip get support from his family, but Phillip refused to tell them. Phillip grew upset, and left the clinic. He retreated to the basketball court, and screamed, "Why!"

Rick approached, complaining of back pain from the game the other day. Ed strode up, and invited them to dinner at Michelle's house. Rick decided to stay in town another day, but Phillip wanted to go home. Ed asked Phillip to call to let Ed know that he'd made it okay. After Phillip left, Rick said that Ed never asked Rick to do that. "Well, I should," Ed pensively replied.

Alone on the basketball court, Rick called Beth to say that Michelle had agreed to be the barbecue hostesses, so Beth didn't have to worry about it. "Uhm, I wasn't..." Beth replied. He said that because they'd gotten married at a barbecue, he hadn't wanted her to feel obligated. "That's good to know," Beth stated. When the call ended, she stared at the phone, puzzled.

Rick called Mel to relieve her of the barbecue hostess duties, too. When Rick said that he hadn't wanted to disappoint Mel, Mel candidly replied they'd been divorced for years, and she only attended the barbecue for Leah. "Moron," Mel said after the call. Mel saw Beth standing behind her, laughing. Rick's two ex-wives in unison shouted, "What were we thinking?"

Later, Phillip's driver announced that they were two miles from the Spaulding mansion. Phillip exited the car, opting to walk home. He asked the driver to take his bags to the house.

At Company, Buzz threatened his oven with a hammer. Cyrus entered, and fixed it within seconds. Cyrus stepped out to take a call from Natasha. He said he didn't have the diamonds, but he knew who did. Cyrus glanced at a photo of Remy, and agreed to meet Natasha later.

Beth entered Company with a package that a courier had just dropped off for Coop. Buzz sadly pondered the package, and Frank assumed that it was probably something Coop had ordered. Buzz wondered why the package seemed significant.

Buzz and Lillian went to Coop's gravesite with the package. "I love you...present tense," Buzz told Coop. Buzz said that Coop's package had reminded Buzz that Coop had loved the simplicity of life. Buzz told Lillian that life passed too quickly. He wished for more time.

When Buzz and Lillian returned to Company, Frank asked why they hadn't opened the package. "Frank, if I open it, it's over. I'm just not ready," Buzz said, placing the package in the window behind the bar.

At Remy's place, Remy wondered how he'd solve his case after flushing away the diamonds. Christina said that the case would go unsolved, like many other police cases. Christina's phone beeped, and she took off. Remy was making a sandwich when Cyrus arrived, flashing a picture of Remy at the bank. "I need those diamonds," Cyrus said.

Remy feigned innocence, but Cyrus told him that there were people after the diamonds who would kill for them. Remy said that he didn't have the stones. Cyrus asked where they were. Remy took Cyrus to the bathroom, and motioned to the toilet.

"Who takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and flushes them down the toilet?" an irate Cyrus asked as the two men took turns jamming in a wire down the toilet. Remy concluded that the diamonds were gone, but Cyrus insisted that they had to be somewhere.

Later, Remy and Cyrus stood outside the sewage treatment facility. Cyrus raged at Remy for being dumb enough to flush diamonds down the toilet, and Remy retorted that Cyrus was stupid enough to possibly get killed for them. Cyrus stripped down to his underwear, but Remy refused to get in the sewage. Cyrus insisted he could die if he didn't get the diamonds. "If you go in there, you could die," Remy reasoned.

Cyrus said it was Remy's fault that the diamonds were in the sewage. Remy stripped, saying Cyrus was lucky that Remy was a stand-up guy. The men climbed a ladder, and braced themselves before jumping into a huge green vat.

At Cedars, Christina thanked Mel for helping her study. Mel was surprised that Christina hadn't told Remy that Christina was considering medical school again. Christina said that she and Remy worked better with distance. As Mel quizzed Christina on the definition of infectious diseases, she sneaked in questions about Remy.

Meanwhile, after diving in sewage, Remy and Cyrus hosed each other down. Cyrus complained that Remy had just flapped around in the tank, hardly searching for anything. Remy spotted Mel, and attempted to hide behind a tree. Mel observed them in their wet underwear, and asked what they were doing. "We're working a case," Remy nonchalantly said.

Mel wondered if she even wanted to know why they were hosing each other down. Mel invited Remy to ride with her to the Bauer barbecue. She said she had a mini-van, so Cyrus could go, as well. Cyrus didn't know if he'd be around for the holiday. Mel dipped her sunglasses down her nose, and as she turned to leave, she told Cyrus, "Nice to see you."

Cyrus said that Remy's sister was beautiful. Remy sarcastically replied that Cyrus had made a long, lasting impression on her. Cyrus figured he'd be dead before he could act on it. "Think these will help?" Remy asked, holding up a wet velvet pouch.

Cyrus and Remy redressed, and Remy said he was taking the diamonds to the police. Cyrus asked for them, but Remy said, "I'm a cop. I can't give jewels to a criminal." Cyrus claimed that he needed the jewels to stay alive. Remy asked for proof that Cyrus wasn't scamming him. "I just jumped into a sewer," Cyrus said, but Remy wasn't convinced.

When Christina went to Company later, Frank asked her about Remy and Cyrus's diamond case. Christina said they worked well together, and she was sure they were working on the case at that very moment. Natasha listened in from the next table.

At the mini-mart, Mel saw Christina buying study aids. Christina had decided to tell Remy that she was studying again, and hoped he'd help her pull an all-nighter. Mel said that Christina didn't want to do that, because Mel had just seen Remy and Cyrus at the sewage plant, hosing each other down. "And the stench..." Mel said, offering Christina a can of air freshener. Christina didn't take it, and rushed out of the store.

Meanwhile, Bill and Lizzie made a deal that each one would fire the other's mother from the wedding planning. After visiting Vanessa, Bill complimented Lizzie on how gently she'd let his mother down. He tried to convince her to do the same with Beth, but Lizzie reminded him that he'd agreed to talk to Beth, if Lizzie talked to Vanessa.

The couple entered Company, and spotted Lillian and Beth, planning the wedding. Bill said the women were putty in his hands. When he sat down with Lillian and Beth, they immediately sensed that he wanted something. Lillian warned him to make it good.

Later, Bill and Lizzie sat alone in a booth. Bill said Beth had taken the news well, but Lillian hated him. Lizzie said Nana would get over it. The couple divided tasks on the wedding to do list, and Lizzie felt confident that they had it under control.

Bill and Lizzie split up to perform their tasks. When they met later in the park, Lizzie touted that she'd chosen the flowers and booked the music. Bill said he'd called Josh, who'd agreed to officiate. Lizzie seemed miffed that all Bill had done was call his uncle.

Beth approached, and Lizzie ticked off her wedding planning accomplishments. Bill interjected that he'd procured the minister. Lizzie told Beth that Bill and she had it all covered.

Phillip walked to the park, and observed Beth, Bill, and Lizzie talking about the wedding. Lizzie held her bouquet and pretended to walk down the aisle to Bill. She noticed Phillip, and strode to him. He hugged her tightly, and she said he must have missed her. Lizzie asked Phillip to walk her down the aisle at the ceremony. She said she was Phillip's girl, but she was becoming Bill's girl. "You'll always be my little girl," Phillip said, and kissed her hand.

Bill and Lizzie left to tour the Beacon ballroom. Beth said that Phillip and she would get to watch Bill and Lizzie get married, and live happily ever after. Beth believed that they had a lot to look forward to. Phillip nodded, and grunted in agreement.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cyrus warned Remy that, eventually, someone would trace the diamonds back to Remy, and those people would not be as nice as Cyrus. When Remy said that he was going to the cops, Cyrus replied that the people who were after the diamonds would kill them. Cyrus asked how Remy would explain having the diamonds. Remy did not have an answer to that, but insisted that going to the cops was better than turning in the diamonds to the people who were after Cyrus. Remy said that they'd be dead as soon as they turned in the diamonds.

Remy got an idea-he would hand the diamonds over to Natasha and turn her over to the cops. Remy said that he would wear a wire and get Natasha to admit that she would kill for the diamonds. They would then tell the police that they did not turn the diamonds in because they were using them as part of the sting to catch Natasha. Cyrus admitted that it was an excellent idea.

At Company, Christina told Marina and Blake how worried she was about Remy. When Blake asked for the reason, Christina and Marina told her about Remy working on the stolen diamond case with Cyrus. As a writer, Blake was fascinated by the story and asked Christina if she thought Remy would be willing to discuss it with Blake when it was all over.

After Blake left, Christina called Remy's phone and got voicemail. Christina left a message saying that if Remy did not call her within ten minutes, she was going to start looking for him. Christina muttered that she had a bad feeling. Later, Christina tracked Remy down and saw Cyrus punch him-for the sting's effect, cuff him, and place him in a truck. Christina followed.

Cyrus brought a "cuffed" Remy to Natasha. After Natasha ordered Cyrus to kill Remy, Cyrus and Remy pulled guns on Natasha and told her that she was under arrest. At that point, Christina rushed in to "save" Remy. Natasha suddenly grabbed Remy's gun and took Christina hostage. Remy lied and told Natasha that Cyrus had been working with the cops all along to nail her. Cyrus pretended to get angry and held the gun on Remy. As he ranted to Natasha about them both escaping, since they each had a hostage, Cyrus rushed at Natasha and grabbed her gun away.

When Frank arrived to arrest Natasha, he casually asked Remy how he got the diamonds to begin with. Cyrus covered by saying that, if Remy told, Frank would have to arrest Cyrus. Frank withdrew the question.

Olivia helped Natalia get ready for her first day on the job. Olivia and Natalia agreed that Natalia having a new job would be good for them. Olivia told Natalia that she was going to tell Emma about them. Natalia wondered if Emma was ready for that, because she was young. Olivia said that Emma was a bright kid-if they could not explain their situation to her, they couldn't expect to be able to explain it to anyone else. Natalia asked if Olivia rehearsed something. Olivia said that she was going to speak from the heart and stated that it would be best if she spoke to Emma alone.

Later, the camp counselor dropped Emma off at home. The woman informed Olivia that Emma had a rough day because she forgot the pink T-shirt that she and her friends planned on wearing. The counselor said that wearing a different T-shirt made Emma feel different, like an outsider. Later, Olivia told Emma that there was nothing wrong with being different. Emma said that she did not want to be different-when someone was different, kids treated them like they were weird. Olivia refrained from having her discussion with Emma.

Blake and Natalia had a working lunch at Towers. Blake was impressed with Natalia, and asked Natalia how Olivia let her go. Natalia stated that they needed some time apart. The choice of words got Blake's attention and she mentioned that there were rumors about Natalia and Olivia when they were at the spa. Blake correctly guessed that those rumors were true.

A supportive Blake told Natalia that she was happy that both Olivia and Natalia found someone to love. Blake suggested that she throw a luncheon for Olivia and Natalia so that they could "come out" to everyone at once. Blake stated that would be best, otherwise people would be whispering about the couple for years. Natalia was uncomfortable with the idea and declined. Blake assured Natalia that she could trust her.

Olivia and Natalia saw each other at Company. Natalia told Olivia about Blake figuring out that they were a couple. Olivia noted that, despite Blake's promise to keep their secret, news would spread quickly. Natalia asked how Olivia's talk with Emma went, and Olivia admitted that she did not tell her.

Olivia said that she would have to tell Emma, though, because she did not want Emma to find out the same way Rafe did. Olivia noted that they had to find a way to be together without having to justify things. Olivia suggested that they simply go to the Bauer barbecue together. Olivia said that she would explain things to Emma before the barbecue.

Afterwards, Natalia got sick.

Shayne went to the television station looking for Dinah. Ashlee said that she was in Wisconsin at a television conference. Shayne said that she was not. She hadn't checked in to the hotel and was not answering her phone. Ashlee did not seem concerned, but Shayne was very worried that something had happened.

Ashlee went to the Beacon with Shayne, but was hesitant to let him into Dinah's suite. Ashlee asked if there was a possibility that Dinah was seeing some other guy. Shayne doubted it, but Ashlee was still worried that Dinah was in the room with someone else. Shayne let himself in and the room was, indeed, empty. Ashlee said that Dinah might have simply changed hotel rooms without telling anyone. Shayne said that Dinah had not called him for a few days and that was not like her, because they talked every night.

Marina visited Mallet at the police station. Marina asked if there was anything new on Jeffrey's whereabouts. Mallet told her that the FBI had gotten a lead on Jeffrey in Bosnia. Mallet told Frank that he wanted to take Reva and the entire Lewis family in for questioning, because he believed that someone knew something about Jeffrey. Frank started talking about all of the random connections to Bosnia-it was where Shayne volunteered in the Peace Corps, where Mallet adopted Henry, and where Jeffrey apparently ran off.

At that point, Ashlee arrived and reported that Dinah might be missing, since there was no record of her arriving at the hotel she was staying at and she never called Shayne. When Mallet asked when she last saw Dinah, Ashlee stated it was when Dinah was on her way to the heliport. Mallet seemed to think it was odd that Dinah took a helicopter and not a plane. After the pair left, a concerned Mallet insisted to Frank that they had to find Dinah. Suddenly, a fax came in showing Dinah in Bosnia with Jeffrey.

Later, Mallet vented to Marina about Dinah running off with "a murderer." Mallet said that he had to notify the FBI about Dinah being in Bosnia with Jeffrey because he was worried about Dinah getting caught in the crossfire. Mallet told Marina that the investigation would have gone much more smoothly had everyone been honest with him. Mallet ended his rant by saying that he hated liars.

Shayne went to Company looking for Dinah. Buzz was babysitting Henry, but had an issue with the stove. Buzz asked Shayne to watch Henry. Shayne tried to decline, but Buzz persisted and suggested that he take the baby for a walk to the park.

When Marina returned to Company, Buzz told her that Shayne was watching Henry and took him to the park. Marina got upset and rushed out to find them. When Marina found the pair, she snatched Henry away from Shayne. Marina accused Shayne of using Henry to lure Edmund out and brought up Dinah being in Bosnia. That was news to Shayne, who thought Dinah was supposed to be in Wisconsin at a conference.

Marina began freaking out about the possibility that Edmund could find out about Henry. Worried that Edmund would come after his grandson, Marina talked about having to disappear. Shayne told Marina that she was not going to disappear. Shayne stated that he would not let Edmund take their baby away from them.

Mallet went to Cedars to talk to Ashlee since she was covering a story for WSPR. When Mallet told Ashlee that Dinah had gone to Bosnia, Ashlee speculated that Dinah might have gone there for the same reason Mallet did-to get a baby. Ashlee talked to Mallet about the blood drive story that Dinah had initiated and guessed that Dinah got the idea from Henry's health scare.

Ashlee brought up Henry's rare blood type and gave Mallet a list of people in the area with rare blood types. When Ashlee left, Mallet looked at the list and noted that Shayne had the same rare blood type as Henry.

A little later, Shayne kept trying to call Dinah. Marina assured him that Dinah could take care of herself, but Shayne was not so sure. Shayne decided that he was going to go to Bosnia himself. Marina begged him not to because she was afraid that Edmund could return. Marina begged him to help protect their son. Marina started to say that he could not fly halfway around the world when...before she could finish her thought, Mallet arrived.

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