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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 22, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, June 22, 2009

In the hospital's elevator, Henry kissed Randi and then admitted that he had never stopped loving her. Randi explained that she was happily married. Henry reminded Randi that he had been more than just a client to her. Randi didn't deny it, but she insisted that their lives had been different back then. Henry refused to give up; he asked Randi to join him in his room at the Yacht Club. Randi didn't respond. Moments later the elevator doors opened. Jesse approached them when he spotted Randi.

Jesse introduced Henry to his daughter-in-law. Randi and Henry pretended to be strangers as they greeted each other. After Randi excused herself and walked away, Henry confessed that Jesse's son was a lucky man. Henry seemed to catch himself and quickly steered the conversation to safer waters. He asked Jesse if he had made any progress with the Kendall Hart investigation. Henry was displeased when Jesse revealed that the case had stalled.

Frankie's spirits were up when Randi walked into his hospital room. While Randi filled out paperwork, Frankie told Randi that she meant everything to him. Randi flashed back to a similar confession from Henry. In the memory, Randi and Henry were in bed as Henry declared his desire to spend the rest of his life with Randi. Randi was hesitant to agree to anything because she was a prostitute. Henry didn't appear to care about her profession.

Frankie realized that Randi was distracted, so he snagged her attention by suggesting that they go on a honeymoon trip after he had surgery on his hands. Randi thought it was a wonderful idea. Unfortunately for Randi, her thoughts kept drifting back to Henry and the plans that they had made.

Jesse's arrival didn't help matters. As soon as Jesse walked into the room, he complained about Henry. Jesse believed that there was something off with Henry. According to Jesse, Henry behaved like a man who had never gotten over his puppy being kicked.

A short time later, Randi went to Henry's room at the Yacht Club. Henry wanted to know why she had stood him up on the day that they were to start their new lives together. Randi explained that she had realized that she would have ruined his life. Henry revealed that he had waited all day for her and then had spent months searching for her, to no avail. Randi insisted that her past would have destroyed his career. Henry confessed that the only reason he was a success was because he had focused entirely on his career and had married a woman, whom he had never loved, because of her connections.

Randi reminded Henry that she loved her husband. She believed that it would be better for everyone if Henry and Randi never acknowledged their past. Henry's eyes filled with tears as he agreed to honor Randi's request.

Taylor went to the hospital to talk to Brot about their relationship. Brot tried to avoid the conversation, but Taylor refused to let him. Eventually, Brot agreed to finish up his shift, clock out, and meet Taylor at ConFusion.

Later, at ConFusion, Brot revealed that he had seen Taylor and Tad drinking at the nightclub. Watching them, Brot had realized that Taylor had appeared happy, relaxed, and worry-free for the first time in a very long time. Taylor explained that she had merely been drinking with a friend. Taylor wanted to know why Brot continued to carry around an engagement ring for her, but never seemed to find the right moment to propose. Brot admitted that he wasn't certain of Taylor's answer.

Taylor's eyes welled up with tears as Brot told her that they couldn't seem to come together, no matter how hard they had tried. Taylor seemed to realize that Brot was breaking off their relationship. She stood up and walked away without saying another word.

A short time later, Frankie joined Brot at ConFusion. Frankie revealed that he had decided to see a surgeon to repair the damage to his hands. Frankie sensed that Brot was troubled. Brot told Frankie about his breakup with Taylor. Frankie was stunned by the news. Frankie confessed that he had thought Taylor and Brot had the real thing. Brot confided that what he had with Taylor in Iraq had not translated to life in Pine Valley.

Meanwhile, Taylor took a moment to reflect on happier times with Brot in Iraq.

At the Yacht Club, Erica was stunned when JR revealed that Adam had decided to move Annie into the mansion. JR admitted that he was tempted to knock some sense into his father. Marissa and Little A's arrival interrupted JR and Erica's chat. After Erica excused herself, Little A asked if Marissa could read him a bedtime story. When JR extended the invitation to Marissa, she accepted.

Little A remained awake after Marissa's story, so he asked his father to tell him a story about Babe. JR told Little A about how he had met Babe and fallen in love with her. Little A soon fell asleep. Marissa was moved by how JR had talked about Babe. She admitted that she had never known anyone to speak that way about another person. JR admitted that Babe had been special. A short time later, JR walked Marissa to the door and bade her goodnight.

At the Yacht Club, Erica joined Ryan at a table. Erica told Ryan about Adam's new living arrangements with Annie. Ryan cautioned Erica not to run over to Adam's house. Erica assured Ryan that she didn't have any intention of trying to talk sense into Adam. She added that she had plenty of work to keep her occupied. Ryan took Erica at her word. He leaned down, kissed her cheek, thanked her for their dance, and then left. As soon as Ryan was out of sight, Erica jumped up and dashed out of the club.

Outside of the Chandler mansion, Aidan kissed Annie. Annie pushed Aidan away. She told him that she was thankful for everything he had done for her, but she no longer needed him. Annie pointed out that Adam had accomplished quite a bit on her behalf and that she was hopeful that she would soon be a free woman. Aidan asked if Annie honestly believed that she could trust Adam. Annie responded that she didn't have to explain herself to Aidan, and then walked away.

In the Chandler mansion, Colby confronted her parents about their bargain. Colby realized that Adam had agreed to help Liza win Colby over. Colby was crushed that she continued to be a pawn between them. Liza and Adam stressed that they loved Colby. Adam had agreed to help Liza for Colby's sake; he wanted Colby and her mother to find a measure of peace. Liza didn't make any apologies for trying to be a part of her daughter's life.

Colby was livid. She vowed to be a part of Liza's baby's life, so that she could be on hand to warn him, or her, that their mother was a liar and not to be trusted. When Adam scolded Colby for going too far, Colby stormed out. Liza left shortly afterwards.

Annie found Adam sitting in the living room, staring at a picture of him and Stuart during happier times. Adam confessed that he missed his brother deeply. He reminisced about a time when Stuart had dragged Adam out to watch a butterfly emerge from its cocoon.

Erica's arrival brought the warm moment to an abrupt end. Annie quickly made herself scarce while Erica confronted Adam about his decision to throw JR and Little A out. Adam pointed out that the Yacht Club was hardly like tossing his son and grandson out onto the street. Erica wasn't amused; she warned Adam that Annie could not be trusted. Erica was certain that Annie's only interest in Adam was to secure her freedom. Adam shot back that Erica sounded jealous.

As Erica marched out, Annie stopped her in the foyer. Erica didn't waste time playing games with Annie; she warned Annie that she would not let Annie take advantage of Adam. After Erica left, Adam stepped into the foyer and apologized for Erica's outburst. Annie turned and asked Adam if he thought Erica was in love with him.

Adam joked that Erica liked being the center of the universe. However, Adam explained that Erica had been there for him recently and for that he was grateful. Annie decided to let the matter drop. She announced that she intended to take a bubble bath then flounced upstairs.

After Annie's bath, she returned to the living room where Adam was waiting for her with a gourmet meal and champagne. Annie was delighted by the fare spread before her, and dove in with relish.

Liza found Colby at the Yacht Club. Liza made a genuine attempt to reconcile and have an honest exchange with Colby. Colby didn't say anything, but she had been moved to tears as her mother walked away.

At Ryan's apartment, Liza tried to persuade Ryan to help Annie. Ryan refused to consider the request. Ryan insisted that Annie was capable of great deceit and that he didn't have any reason to believe that Annie had recovered. Liza made the mistake of trying to blame Ryan for Annie's breakdown. She told Ryan that it had broken Annie when Ryan had chosen Greenlee over Annie. Ryan fired back that, as terrible as he felt about hurting Annie, it had not justified Annie going on a killing spree. Ryan made it clear that he would do everything in his power to make certain that Annie stayed far away from Emma.

After Liza left, Emma went downstairs. She was upset because she knew her mother was living with Adam. Emma wondered if her mother even loved her. Erica walked in at that moment. Erica and Ryan assured the little girl about Annie and calmed her fears. After Emma went back to bed, Erica told Ryan about her encounter with Adam. Erica and Ryan resolved to work together in order to take Annie down.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Opal, Tad, Kathy, and Jenny had a tea party. Everyone was dressed in big, silly hats and feather boas. They laughed as they drank tea and ate cookies. Meanwhile, Amanda watched their happy gathering and looked depressed. Tad asked Amanda if she wanted to join, but she turned down the offer.

Jake arrived at home and sensed that Amanda was upset. She admitted that she could not take it anymore; she missed her son too much. She dreamed about her son at night. She could recall what he looked and smelled like. She knew that she did the right thing by giving him away, because it would protect him from David; however, she was very sad.

Jake assured her that everything would work out. She noted that Kathy and Jenny also reminded her of her son. He offered to talk to Tad about the girls playing around Amanda. Amanda thought that was ridiculous and noted that Tad could not lock his daughters in the attic because she was upset. Jake suggested that they get fresh air and take a walk on the pier. She agreed, but commented that she would not be good company. He stated that she was the only person he wished to spend time with.

Tad noticed Amanda's gloomy disposition and urged Jake to tell her the truth. Tad thought that if Jake revealed Liza was adopting the baby, Amanda would be pleased to know she could see the baby still. Jake said that was a bad idea and wished that Liza never told Tad about their plan. Amanda entered the room and could tell that the Martin brothers were having a heated discussion. Tad and Jake acted like nothing was wrong. As Jake and Amanda left the house, Tad called out to Jake, "Take care of her!"

Amanda and Jake walked along the pier. He kissed her and professed his love for her, but she still seemed distraught. He then revealed a surprise; he rented Greenlee's penthouse for them. He said that they no longer needed to share the couch or the remote at Tad's house because he got them their own place. She appeared somewhat pleased, so he hugged her and told her that everything was fine. She snapped, "Stop lying to me!" She refused to believe that her life would be the same, since she gave up her son. She stated that there was a void in her life and she did not know how to get her life back to normal.

Liza went to Tad's house looking for Jake. Tad informed her that Jake was not home. She told Tad that Jake was avoiding her. She was annoyed because she wanted to know when she would get her son. She thought it was wrong that strangers were raising her baby, instead of her. Tad reminded her that it was Amanda's baby. She noted that the plan was Amanda's idea. Tad corrected her and stated that Amanda did not plan to give her baby to Liza; instead, Amanda planned to give her baby to strangers that lived far away from David.

Tad pleaded with Liza to tell Amanda the truth. Tad revealed that Amanda cried herself to sleep every night. Liza did not want to hear about Amanda's depression. He felt that Liza could make Amanda whole again if she did not adopt the baby, but Liza refused. He asked her to at lease raise the baby somewhere far from Pine Valley, but Liza did not want to leave Colby.

Tad warned Liza that Jake might change his mind and tell Amanda the truth to make her happy again. Liza did not think Jake would do that, but Tad stated that Jake could put the baby back into Amanda's arms. Liza realized that Amanda held her baby and was horrified. Liza feared that Amanda would recognize her baby and want him back.

Kendall and Zach took their sons to the pier for a stroll. As they all watched the boats on the water, Kendall and Zach noted that it was the perfect day. Kendall stated that she forgot all about her problems for a moment. She forgot that she was facing murder charges. She worried that she would never get to spend quality time with her sons again. Zach assured her that she would not be imprisoned. Just then, he got a phone call and had to leave.

Henry and his wife, Madison, were at Zach's casino. Madison gambled and Henry grew restless. Jack was also at the casino and approached the couple. Jack asked Henry if he liked to gamble. Henry replied that he liked sure bets, like the case he had built against Kendall. Jack stated that the D.A.'s case was based on circumstantial evidence, but Henry was confident he would get a conviction. Henry urged Jack to have Kendall agree to a plea bargain.

Zach arrived at his casino to find Henry and Madison sitting at one of his blackjack tables. Henry coldly told his wife that it was time to go, but she refused to leave. Zach had a bottle of champagne sent to them. Henry snidely informed Zach that champagne would not make him drop the charges against Kendall. Then, Henry got a call from Kendall. Kendall said that Zach did not know she called the D.A. She asked for a private meeting with Henry, and he agreed.

Zach noticed that Madison counted cards. The casino manager told Zach that Madison was bad at it because she was losing. Zach sat at Madison's table and played her one-on-one. She began to win and he noted that her luck changed for the better after her husband left. She said that she felt lucky and went all in. She lost the hand and all of her money. She feared Henry would be mad at her. Zach handed her back her chips and told her she was a winner.

Madison told Zach that he could not buy Kendall's freedom. Zach affirmed that his wife was innocent. Madison stated that Henry would not prosecute an innocent woman. Madison then revealed that Henry left to visit Kendall. J Madison told Zach that Kendall should cut a deal. Zach asked Madison what deal Henry had to cut to marry her. She looked shocked.

As Henry arrived at Kendall's home, Jack was about to leave. Jack begged Kendall not to have a private talk with Henry, but she was insistent. After Jack left, Kendall said she wanted to help Henry. He quipped that she could help him by pleading guilty.

Kendall then offered to help Henry with his political career. She said that her family would support his future campaign for governor, if he dropped the charges against her. He was not surprised by the offer because he expected a bribe from Kendall. She stated that it was not a bribe. She said they could be "friends with political benefits."

Henry turned down Kendall's offer. He was eager to convict her because he believed her to be a typical wealthy woman from a big-time family. He declared that she was not special and would not be treated differently due to her celebrity. She stated that he did not know her. He claimed that he did know her type and exclaimed, "I married one of you!" Kendall realized that Henry had issues with his wife.

Erica met Ryan to discuss Annie. Erica swore that she would make sure Emma was safe from Annie. Erica then announced that she would distract Adam, so Ryan could talk to Annie.

Liza and Adam waited for Annie to finish her session with a court-appointed therapist. Liza suggested that she and Adam call a truce, for Colby's sake. Liza did not want Colby to be torn between her parents. Liza wanted Colby to have both parents in her life. Adam was skeptical, but agreed. Liza and Adam shook hands and vowed to work together, not against each other.

Annie told the therapist that she had made many mistakes. She stated that everything she did was for her daughter; however, she admitted that her actions actually hurt Emma. Annie sounded remorseful for her crimes.

After her session, Annie thanked Adam for all of his help. She told him, "You're the best!" He smiled and said he was leaving to run an errand. After he left, she poured herself a glass of wine and danced around the living room.

Ryan entered the mansion and saw Annie. He told her that Emma knew she was at the mansion. Annie stated that she could not see Emma, which surprised Ryan. Annie rationally stated that she had hurt Emma too much and did not want to do any more damage. Ryan asked what Annie wanted from him. She said that she knew she could never get full custody, but she wanted visitation rights, if the court deemed it appropriate.

Ryan called Annie dangerous because she was speaking calmly and rationally, but he was convinced she was still crazy. She did not understand why he was upset, because she said all of the right things. She swore that she would not see Emma without his permission. He was still skeptical. She looked frustrated and stared at the poker next to the fireplace.

Adam went to a boutique to buy a dress for Annie. He saw a woman trying on a sexy, black dress and imagined Annie wearing it. Erica then entered the store. She overheard Adam telling a salesperson that he wanted to purchase the dress. Erica assumed the dress was for Annie and began picking out more items for her. Adam asked why Erica was helping him. She claimed that she could not resist a makeover. He assumed she was attempting to sabotage his relationship with Annie.

Erica wondered why Adam bought Annie such a sexy dress when Annie could not leave the mansion. Adam revealed that he was throwing a celebratory dinner for Annie. He invited Erica to the dinner and she accepted. She noted that she planned to bring a date.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adam ran into Erica as she shopped in a boutique. He invited her to dinner, and she asked if she could bring a date. Adam assumed that Erica would bring Jackson, but was amused when she revealed her dinner guest would be Ryan. Erica inquired into Adam's amusement, and Adam told her that it would be interesting to watch mother and daughter spar for the same man. Erica made it clear that if she wanted Ryan romantically, she would have him without a battle.

Ryan confronted Annie and told her that no matter what power she gained with Adam on her side, she would never regain custody of Emma. Annie turned away to try to maintain control, but Ryan interrupted that attempt when he saw her look at a fireplace poker. She assured Ryan that she had no intention of using the poker on him, but given that she'd done something similar to Richie, Ryan was not convinced.

Annie told him that she was not the same person she used to be. Ryan insisted that the only thing that had changed was the object of Annie's obsession. She replied that although she hadn't thought it possible, she finally got back the control that Ryan seemed to have lost.

Randi was in Frankie's hospital room when he awoke after surgery. She asked how he felt, and he told her that he still didn't have sensation in his hands. His parents walked in at that point, and Angie told Frankie that he just needed to give his hands time to heal.

Kendall spoke with the district attorney and told him that her mother would offer public support when he next ran for office if he dropped the investigation against her. Henry wasn't tempted, and said that all rich girls needed to be held accountable for their actions.

Erica paid Ryan a visit and asked him to accompany her to the Chandler estate for dinner. When Erica pointed out that the dinner would be a good opportunity to try to push Annie over an emotional edge, Ryan readily agreed. A short time later, the duo arrived at the Chandler mansion and Adam went to work attending to Erica's needs while pointedly ignoring Ryan. Once seated with drink in hand, Erica asked how Annie reacted when she found out that Erica and Ryan would be at dinner.

Adam relayed that Annie had been delighted at the idea that the duo would join them. Neither Erica nor Ryan believed him, but Annie confirmed Adam's words when she appeared in the doorway to the living room draped in the frock Adam had purchased for her. Erica immediately attempted to damper Annie's good mood when she commented that the ankle bracelet was the perfect complement to her dress.

As they nursed their cocktails, barbs continued to fly around the Chandler living room. Annie stood up to Erica quite well for a while as she deftly compared Erica's many jail stints to the fact that she herself was innocent until proven guilty. Erica, an old pro at finding the jugular and launching a direct attack, noted that Annie should prepare herself in case she was taken away from her daughter for twenty years.

That very idea caused Annie to grasp her glass so tightly that she snapped the stem in two and cut her hand. Adam rushed to her aid and was able to calm her down. As Annie thanked Adam for taking such good care of her, Ryan received a phone call. He noted out loud that it was from Corrina, which distracted Annie.

Adam tried to pull Annie back into the conversation, but Erica took advantage of Annie's emotional state. Erica told Annie that she didn't need to be worried about Emma, as she and Ryan had been taking excellent care of the little girl. Erica continued to chip away at Annie's poised demeanor when she insinuated that she would do things with Emma that would effectively replace Annie in Emma's heart. That was the last straw, and Annie hotly insisted that no one else could be a mother to that little girl but her. Ryan walked back into the room and, for his benefit, Erica pretended to be scared of Annie's outburst.

At the casino, Zach had a chance to speak with the Madison, District Attorney North's wife. Not long into their conversation, Zach got the feeling that all was not well with the North marriage. He told her that if she needed to, she could stay at the casino to get away from her husband. Irate that Zach dared to tread so close to the truth, Madison blasted Zach for his remarriage to Kendall, which he did to avoid having to testify.

Henry shows up at the casino, and when he spotted his wife with a pile of chips, he deduced that she had a gambling problem. He quickly escorted her out of the place, and unknowingly damaged his composed appearance with his erratic behavior. Zach called Kendall and told her that he had uncovered Henry's weakness.

The Slaters headed over to the hospital after they found out that Jesse was there. They asked the police chief to look into the district attorney's past to see if there was a history of violence or abuse. After Jesse processed the fact that Kendall had spent time alone with the DA, he told her that everything she had said to him was admissible. He went on to tell the Slaters that they needed to stop digging in the DA's past because it would make Henry angry and, thus, dangerous. Zach noted that Henry couldn't do anything worse than railroad Kendall for a crime she didn't commit.

The orthopedic surgeon stopped by Frankie's room to see if any movement had returned to Frankie's hands. When no significant progress was evident, the doctor confirmed that his hands needed a bit more time. Angie asked about physical therapy, but Frankie silenced her, since it was possible that therapy wouldn't be necessary. The doctor excused himself, and Frankie continued to lash out at his mother for the way she had acted. Randi suggested that Angie leave for a while so that Randi and Frankie could talk.

Once alone with her husband, Randi told Frankie that he needed to be nicer to his mother, as Angie had just done what she felt was best for her son. Frankie caustically apologized that he had ignored everyone else's needs. Randi tried to smooth things over, but Frankie told her that he was tired, and ordered her to leave his room.

Down the hall, Jesse ran into Henry, and the DA asked why Zach hadn't been arrested for the shot he'd taken at an officer the night of Stuart's murder. Jesse was more interested in why Henry had decided to bring up that incident. Henry ignored the inquiry and tried to bully Jesse into doing his bidding, but Jesse quickly refused. Henry tried to convince Jesse that he needed to take action, lest the officers in his squad start to believe that their chief had no interest in protecting them. Jesse called Henry out on the fact that his vendetta against the Slaters had nothing to do with Stuart's murder, and everything to do with them digging around in Henry's personal business.

Jesse advised the DA to back off, as one wrong move could have his private matters aired all over Erica's talk show. Randi came into the hall at that moment, and she briefly locked eyes with Henry. Unwilling to involve her in his discussion with Jesse, Henry turned heel and walked away. Randi approached her father-in-law and was relieved to find that their discussion hadn't involved her.

Back at home, Zach and Kendall revisited their individual experiences with Henry and Madison North. Zach noted that he didn't believe Madison's attempts to sound like she truly loved her husband, and Kendall said that Henry sounded like he couldn't stand his wife. Zach contemplated his next move, and Kendall reminded him of Jesse's warning not to push Henry too far. Zach noted that Jesse and Henry should be worried about not pushing Zach too far, and then said that he would take care of the DA himself.

Zach's phone rang, but when he answered it, no one spoke. He guessed that it was Madison and called her by name as Madison stayed quiet on the other end. He finally hung up and, although he didn't have proof, he told Kendall he was sure it was Madison. Kendall suggested that they get Jesse involved, but Zach said that Jesse didn't have the experience needed to deal with the situation. Zach said that Madison should have gotten out of her marriage a long time before, but probably believed it was easier to stay.

Randi found Henry in an empty hospital room and she asked what happened with Jesse. Henry told her that Jesse had begun to believe that Henry was a horrible person. Randi said that she remembered Henry as a kind and decent man. Henry said that Randi was the only person that ever saw the good in him, and asked her why she left. Down the hall, Frankie woke up when his fingertips started to move involuntarily.

Erica and Ryan went back to his penthouse, and Erica revealed that her talk of Emma was what caused Annie to melt down. Ryan told her that Annie had reacted the same way with him. They agreed that they would need to get Annie to show that anger to the right people, and thereby ensure that Annie would never regain custody.

Back at the Chandler estate, Annie verbally flogged herself for giving in to Erica and Ryan's provocation. Adam reminded her that the infamous Erica Kane had attacked her and she had lived to tell about it. Annie was very grateful that Adam still believed in her, and in thanks, kissed him deeply.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

At the hospital, a nurse delivered flowers from Henry to Randi. Randi put the flowers in a trash can. Frankie approached and showed Randi that he was able to move some of his fingers. Randi was excited and hugged Frankie.

Taylor ran into Brot at the hospital as she looked for Frankie. Taylor asked Brot why he did not return home. Brot said he had picked up a few extra shifts at the hospital. Taylor and Brot apologized to each other for fighting. Taylor was surprised when Brot pulled out an engagement ring. In front of the hospital employees, Brot got on one knee and asked Taylor to marry him. Taylor said yes. Brot slipped the ring on her finger as Frankie and Randi walked up. The four friends celebrated the engagement with some champagne. Brot agreed to catch up with Taylor at ConFusion. Randi and Frankie also left. Taylor looked at the ring on her finger again.

Colby left Marissa, JR, and Little Adam at the restaurant. Scott delivered some papers by for JR to sign. Scott said Adam was too busy with Annie's problems to do the work himself. Marissa and Little Adam went to play songs on the jukebox while Adam and JR discussed business. Scott said JR seemed happier when he was with Marissa. JR said Marissa made him laugh. JR said that he needed to move out of Adam's house, even if Annie was not living there. He said it has been great having Marissa so close to him and Little Adam, and while he was not looking to replace Babe, he definitely wanted to explore his relationship with Marissa further.

Scott did not seem thrilled about JR's interest in Marissa. JR asked Scott if he wanted to date Marissa. Scott said he and Marissa became fast friends simply because they had both lost parents. Scott did admit that Marissa was doing well in town, partly because of JR's friendship. Scott talked about a new mission he created for the company that would honor Stuart. JR, Marissa, and Little Adam went to the beach. While Little Adam played, Marissa and JR shared a kiss. JR pulled away, apologized, and went to get Little Adam.

Krystal saw Tad looking at the ashes of Amanda's supposedly dead baby sitting on an entertainment center in his living room. Krystal said her heart broke for Amanda. Tad said he was not upset. He wanted to take Kathy to the beach for a picnic lunch. Krystal was appalled at Tad's odd behavior. Tad said he felt like the baby was not even gone.

Amanda dreamed of the moment she held her baby. She woke up and called out to Jake. Instead, David was looming over her. Amanda asked David to leave, but David wanted to stay. Amanda said Jake was helping her get through the pain. David said it was easy for Jake to help Amanda because the baby did not belong to him.

David said that no one else would know the pain he and Amanda were going through. David apologized to Amanda for treating her so badly during the pregnancy. Amanda told David that she did not want his apology after he had done so many horrible things to her. David said he might have let Amanda and Jake raise the child if he had lived. Amanda called David a liar. She said he was only being nice because the baby was gone.

Krystal took the baby's ashes to Amanda's apartment. She did not expect to see David, too. Amanda told Krystal that she did not want the ashes. David took the ashes while Krystal comforted Amanda. Amanda rushed to her bedroom sobbing. David said he wanted to do something special so everyone could say goodbye to the baby.

Jake met Liza to discuss Amanda's baby. Liza was upset that Amanda got to hold her baby. She was worried that Amanda would recognize the baby, and even worse, David would find out the baby was not dead. Jake said Amanda would eventually forget about her baby. Liza told Jake it was not that easy for him to forget about Colby. Jake said Liza would have to find another baby to use in her plan.

Liza told Jake the plan was always for her to take Amanda's baby. Jake said the plan was to give Amanda's baby to adoptive parents, not to Liza. Jake told Liza to settle down somewhere outside of Pine Valley and she would get the baby in a month. Liza said her life was in Pine Valley. She refused to ask Colby to leave town again. Also, Liza said her business was picking up. Jake said Liza had one month to get out of town and get the baby.

Colby met Liza at the pier after Jake was gone. Liza told Colby she wanted to move before the baby was born, and hoped Colby would go with her. Colby said she was not ready to move away from her friends, family, and school. Liza said they could move to another town close to Pine Valley. Colby said it did not make sense that her mother wanted to move so close to giving birth. Colby said it was obvious she was not as important to her mother as she thought.

Jake went to see Tad. Tad said he was not happy about Liza getting Amanda's baby without Amanda's consent. Tad said Amanda would recognize the baby once Liza paraded it around town. Jake said everything would work out. He went home to see Amanda. She greeted him by throwing the fake ashes on his shirt. Jake said he just wanted the baby's death to seem as real as possible.

Amanda said she almost blew it in front of David and Krystal because she did not know about the ashes. Amanda said David had planned a memorial for the baby. Amanda said it was a mistake to give the baby up for adoption. After David's apologies, Amanda thought he would not be a threat to her. Jake said David would try to take the baby from Amanda.

Krystal and Tad got ready for the memorial. Tad continued to make jokes as Krystal tried to talk about the baby's death.

Jake and Amanda went to the memorial. Others, including Liza, poured into the chapel. Liza whispered to Jake that the plan for her to move was not going to work out. Jake took his place beside Amanda and David as the service started. David was the first one to speak at the memorial. He apologized to Amanda publicly for the pain he caused her. Amanda stood up and told David the memorial was a sham.

Taylor saw Tad at ConFusion. They were both in a sour mood. Taylor showed Tad the ring and said she did not know if she still loved Brot romantically. Taylor said they were two different people trying to create a love that was no longer there. Tad said he wanted to give Taylor advice, but was not sure what to say.

Colby went by Chandler Enterprises to sign papers about the family trust for Scott. Colby said Liza wanted them to leave town. Scott suggested that Colby not push her mother out of her life.

Henry showed up at the hospital looking for Randi. Randi told Henry she threw away his flowers. Henry wanted Randi to go with him out of town, but Randi refused. Randi explained that she was married, but Henry replied that he would change her mind. Frankie walked up and asked Henry if they knew each other. Henry said he worked for the district attorney's office and knew Jesse.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Erica called Colby and asked her to meet her at ConFusion. Colby did not know that Erica also called Adam to meet her at the same time. Colby was annoyed to see her father. Erica stated that Colby and Adam were not allowed to leave until they talked to each other.

Colby immediately scolded her father for hiding letters that her mother sent her. Adam apologized and claimed that he hid the letters because he loved his daughter. Colby was also upset because Adam chose to live with Annie over his family. Colby could not understand why Adam was obsessed with Annie.

Adam reminded Colby that Annie saved his life and that he owed her. Colby did not buy it. Colby thought it was weird that Adam went to extremes in the past to keep his family together, but suddenly ditched his family for Annie. Erica agreed with Colby, which bothered Adam. He assumed that Erica was using Colby as a way to hurt Annie. Adam assured Colby that he loved her. He then told her to contact him when she was ready to forgive him.

After Adam left, Erica apologized for Adam's behavior. Erica stated that she wanted to help. Colby replied, "I don't need your help! You're not my mother!" Colby stormed out of ConFusion and Erica called Ryan. Erica warned Ryan that Adam was on his way home. Erica revealed that the real reason she called the meeting was to get Adam out of his house, so Ryan could spy on Annie.

Ryan spied on Annie through a window as she talked to her therapist. The therapist wanted to discuss Greenlee. Annie explained that she was jealous of Greenlee because she feared Greenlee would steal Ryan and Emma away from her. Annie even admitted to almost killing Greenlee. The therapist wondered why Annie killed Richie, but not Greenlee. Annie stated that killing Richie was an act of self-defense.

After the therapist left, Aidan entered the room. Aidan said that he wished to help Annie, but she was skeptical. He handed her a jamming device, so she could remove her ankle bracelet. He told her that she could remove the bracelet and go see Emma. Annie thought that Aidan was testing her. He swore that he wanted to see her happy. He handed her the device and left.

Aidan met Ryan and they both watched to see what Annie would do with the device. Aidan revealed that there was a bug in the device. He planned to listen to Annie's conversations from a truck. Ryan decided to stay, so he could keep an eye on Annie.

Erica met Ryan and he explained the trap that Aidan set for Annie. Erica hoped that Annie would take the bait.

Annie intently stared at the device. She then stood up and opened a desk drawer that contained a gun. She picked up the gun as she recalled Stuart getting shot and falling to the floor. Just then, Adam entered the room and startled Annie. She pointed the gun right at him.

Taylor admitted to Tad that she was no longer in love with Brot, even though she said yes to his proposal. Taylor asked for advice, but Tad was at a loss for words. Then, Brot arrived at ConFusion to meet Taylor. Tad congratulated Brot and left.

Brot and Taylor agreed that they needed to talk. At the same time they both asked, "Are you happy?" They each confessed that things did not feel the same since they returned from Iraq. They wondered why they were out of sync since they came home. Then, he inquired why she said yes to his proposal. He wondered if she said yes because she was madly in love with him or because she thought it would help fix their relationship.

She said nothing, but looked sad. He asked if she loved him. She stated that she loved him, but she was not in love with him. He felt the same way about her. Then, a slow song came on. They got up and danced. Taylor glanced at her engagement ring and began to cry.

David stood in front of the chapel and apologized profusely to Amanda. He stated that he was partly to blame for the death of their child. He wished that he would have let Amanda and Jake raise the baby in peace. Amanda stood up and yelled, "Stop! This is a sham!" David looked surprised and asked what Amanda meant by the statement. Jake claimed that she meant David's apologies were a sham. David asked Amanda if that was true. Just as Amanda was about to speak, Liza announced that she was in labor.

Liza moaned and groaned as though she were in pain. David tried to examine her, but she screamed for him to get away. Amanda and Krystal wanted to call an ambulance, but Jake told them not to. Then, Tad arrived at the chapel. Jake stated that he and Tad would take Liza to the hospital.

Amanda, Krystal, and David stayed at the memorial service. Amanda took her turn to speak. She said that she was glad her baby did not know the pain of being David's son. She stated that if death did not take her baby, David would have. David looked devastated.

David asked Amanda and Krystal if he could bury his son's ashes next to Babe, and they agreed. Krystal felt that might give everyone closure. At the gravesite, Amanda broke down and Krystal hugged her. Amanda apologized for being overly emotional and left.

Krystal asked David if the death of two babies would change him. He was not sure if he would become a better man due to the tragedies. She wondered if he really would have bought Amanda's baby. He claimed that he never would have been able to buy the baby. He did feel that he was being punished for his misdeeds, though. She noted that God did not punish fathers by taking the lives of babies. David replied, "Then, why am I forever burying my children?" Krystal embraced David to console him.

Liza, Tad, and Jake were in the car. Jake had a plan. Jake told Tad to drive Liza to his house. Then, Jake told Tad to pick up the baby from a secret address and take the baby to Liza. Tad did not want to get involved, but Jake insisted. Liza was excited because she was going to get her baby.

Liza and Jake entered Tad's house and no one was home. Jake scolded her for going into labor at the chapel, because it was not part of their plan. She felt it was the only way to prevent Amanda from telling David the truth.

Colby and Pete entered Tad's house, so Liza pretended to be in labor. Jake moved Liza into the basement to try to get her away from the teenagers. Colby was very concerned for Liza, and refused to leave her mother's side. Liza was pleased with Colby's affectionate behavior. She told Colby to stay close, which annoyed Jake. Colby wondered why the paramedics were not there. Jake claimed that he called them already.

Jake needed Colby to leave, so she would not figure out that her mother was not pregnant. Jake pretended that there were complications with Liza's labor and told Colby she needed to leave immediately. Colby went upstairs and called 9-1-1 to ask why the paramedics were taking so long.

Amanda entered Tad's home and Colby informed her that Liza was in the basement. Colby said there were complications with the labor. Amanda went to the basement. Jake and Liza looked nervous when they saw Amanda.

Tad picked up the baby and started to drive home. During the ride, he told the baby that his mother loved him very much. He also swore to watch over the baby. Then, Tad saw flashing lights and realized that a cop was pulling him over.

PHOTO: Melissa Claire Egan is pregnant, and it's a [SPOILER]


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