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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 29, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, June 29, 2009

At the Oakdale police station, Casey paced and worried about his mother. Luke and Noah tried to reassure him that Riley was not a violent person and that he would not hurt Margo when she confronted him with the information that Casey had given her. They discussed the fact that Riley Morgan was not who he said he was, and Noah figured out that the permission Riley had gotten for him to film at Fort Leonard Wood was probably bogus, too. Casey accused Riley of conning everyone.

Damian called Luke and asked him to sign some foundation papers that he needed to send to Malta. Luke told his father that he was in the middle of something, but Damian said that time was of the essence. Luke agreed to meet him at the Worldwide offices right away, and Noah decided to try to reclaim his shift at Java, since he needed the money. Casey couldn't stand waiting for Margo alone, so he left to go home.

At the Hughes home, Riley cradled Margo in his arms and called her "Mom." She opened her eyes, and Riley switched to calling her "Margo." He explained that Colonel Winston Mayer had shot her, and then he thanked her for saving his life. Unfortunately, the colonel had escaped, but he had suffered a gunshot to his abdomen. Riley called 9-1-1 and helped Margo deal with the wound and the shock. She wanted to know what Colonel Mayer had wanted in her house, and just then, Casey ran up. He immediately wanted to know what Riley had done to his mother.

After Riley explained that Colonel Mayer had shot Margo, Casey accused RIley of using a dead man's name to con his family. Margo stopped their bickering by telling Casey that Riley was his brother, Adam. Casey did not believe her, but Riley agreed that he was Adam. The EMTs arrived and began working on Margo. The police came to interview Riley, who told them that the colonel had shot Margo. The EMTs loaded her into an ambulance, and Casey swore at Riley and left to call his dad.

At Java, Colonel Mayer grabbed Noah just as the boy was going in. Noah was stunned to see his father alive, and he was full of questions. Colonel Mayer told his son that he had no choice but to put Noah through believing that he was dead. Noah asked the colonel why he had returned, and Mayer said that it was for Noah's sake. The only important thing, he stressed, was that they were together. Noah noticed the colonel's wound, and Mayer admitted that he had been shot. He asked Noah to take him somewhere where it would be quiet and safe for them to talk.

Noah wanted to take his father to a doctor first, but the colonel refused. Noah hustled his father away, and Colonel Mayer led him to the office he had been using on an abandoned military base in the area. Noah shouted at this father that he wished that he had never returned. Mayer admitted that he had stolen the disc of Noah's film project so that he could know what his son was doing. He asked for a chance to rectify the last impression that Noah had of him diving overboard to escape capture by the authorities.

The colonel said that ultimately he wanted Noah to flee with him, and he professed great love for his son. Noah said that his dad needed professional medical help and then psychological aid. He needed to pay for killing Noah's mother, and the best thing to do would be to turn himself in. Colonel Mayer refused and asked for a fresh start with his son. He wanted to be assured that Noah did not hate him, and when Noah said he didn't, the colonel asked for help in escaping.

At Worldwide, Luke explained all about Riley Morgan to Damian. He was especially sorry that Riley had also conned Noah about shooting film at the Army base. Luke signed the papers for Damian, and he left to meet Noah at Java. Noah was not there, however, but Luke spotted Noah's backpack, which had been stashed behind a bench. Luke picked it up and took it back to Worldwide and told Damian that something bad had happened to Noah. Luke called Casey to find out if he had seen Noah, and learned that Colonel Mayer was in town and had shot Margo.

Damian assured Luke that they would find Noah, and he offered to make a few calls. He cautioned Luke that Colonel Mayer was a clever enemy, and they had to be equally so. Damian wanted to know everything that Luke knew about the colonel. Luke said that Mayer was a murderer and that Noah was in deep trouble if his father had him. Damian asked if Noah might have gone to the army base to ask permission to film there, so Luke mentioned their previous contact with Lieutenant Hasbro.

Damian asked if it was possible that Hasbro was in league with Colonel Mayer, and Luke thought it could be true. Damian called Hasbro and inquired about Colonel Mayer. He pretended that Mayer was going to leave the country on one of the Grimaldi ships and that he needed the correct paperwork to show to the port authorities. Hasbro agreed to meet Damian on the docks to give him the papers, and then he let slip that the paperwork was for two people, not just one. Damian and Luke left immediately for the docks.

At Memorial Hospital, Casey and Riley comforted Margo until a nurse chased them out to prepare Margo for surgery to remove the bullet. Tom walked up and asked Riley how Margo was, so Casey took his dad to see his mother. Casey asked Margo if she was going to tell Tom what she had said to him about Riley, but Tom suggested that Margo rest and not talk.

Casey spoke up and said he would tell his dad, but Margo intervened and said she would tell Tom herself. Then she described to Tom how Riley had saved her life after Colonel Mayer had shot her. The nurse reappeared and wheeled Margo out, and Casey stopped Riley and said they needed to talk. The boys went to Java, and Casey made it clear that he was not prepared to believe anything that Riley had to say. Then he asked Riley why, if he was Adam, he had returned the way he had.

Riley explained that after he had left Oakdale in shame, he had held some menial jobs and finally was ready to face what he had done. He joined a service organization and went to Afghanistan. When a bomb destroyed a home he was rebuilding, it killed the real Riley Morgan and destroyed Adam's face. He said that he realized at that moment that he had a new lease on life, and he switched identities with Riley. The State Department unwittingly continued the mistaken identity of the two Americans and listed Adam Hughes as the dead one. Adam had searched for Riley's family, but he found no one left. He felt that he was as good as dead to his own family, so he decided to shut the door for them and give them closure. Casey was disgusted and got up and walked out.

Damian and Luke walked on the docks and discussed their plan. Damian instructed his son to hide behind a container, as Damian waited at the meeting place. Hasbro arrived and produced the paperwork. A dockworker surprised Luke and flushed him out into the open by shouting at him. Hasbro took off at a run, and Damian and Luke took up the chase. They caught the lieutenant, and Damian told Luke to take hold of one of Hasbro's legs, and he took the other. They dangled him head first over the water until Hasbro agreed to talk.

With Hasbro's directions, Luke and Damian found the abandoned military base, and they agreed to split up to search for the colonel and Noah. Luke spotted them first, arguing, and he ran up and embraced Noah. Luke began to call the police, but Noah begged him not to. Noah said he did not think he could send his father away to life in prison. Damian stumbled onto Colonel Mayer, while Luke and Noah argued. Luke pointed out that if the colonel got away again, Noah would always have to be looking over his shoulder, and there was no telling how many other people Mayer would hurt. Finally, Noah took out his phone and called the police.

Tom waited for Margo to awaken from her surgery. He told her that she would make a full recovery. Casey returned, and Tom went looking for Riley. Margo ordered Casey not to tell Tom that Riley was Adam, because she did not want to have to arrest her own son. Casey reminded her that she had arrested Casey fast enough when he had transgressed, and that he did not forgive as quickly as she did. He did not think it was fair to lie to Tom, and he said he would not do it.

Tom found Riley in the hall and spoke with him. He said that Margo had credited him with saving her life, and Tom owed the young man a debt he could not repay. Tom hugged Riley and took him in to see Margo. The two of them interrupted an obviously serious discussion between mother and son.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paul arrived at the Snyder Farm to take Eliza for a home visit. He mentioned to Meg that he had heard a rumor that Dusty and Damian were battling for control of Worldwide. He assumed that the conflict was not just about business, and that Meg would be flattered. That statement irritated Meg, who sent Paul and the baby on their way.

In the hospital, Tom, Casey and Riley visited with Margo. The doctor arrived and cleared the room, so Casey asked to speak to his father, just as Tom took a call from Dallas at the Oakdale Police Department. Tom learned that the police had caught Colonel Mayer, so Tom went back into Margo's room to give her the news. Riley asked Casey when he was going to tell Tom that Riley was really Adam, and Casey answered that he would tell him as soon as he could.

Margo was relieved that Mayer was in custody, and then she asked Tom what Casey had wanted. Tom said that he didn't know yet, so Margo was reluctant to let him leave her side. Tom had promised to talk to Casey, so he went into the hall and asked his son if they could delay their chat until Margo fell asleep. Casey agreed, so Tom gave the boys some money and told them to get something to eat. The boys honored their father's wishes and went to Yo's.

Casey was not about to let Riley's true identify stay hidden, so he brought up how Adam had attempted to rape Gwen Munson, Will's wife, and also the obvious theft of Riley Morgan's identity. Casey maintained that Tom had a right to know, but Riley argued that by telling Tom who Riley was, they hurt Margo the most. He theorized that Casey was ticked that Adam had gotten away with something while Casey had gotten caught for his transgressions and served jail time. Casey argued strongly against that, but Riley said that being in Afghanistan had helped him appreciate his family more. Casey said that all Riley had done since he got home, however, was to lie, and in true Casey style, he got up and left.

Tom and Margo continued to talk, and Tom asked what Colonel Mayer had on Riley Morgan in order to threaten him. Margo feigned ignorance and made up a story about Casey's involvement with Noah's film project. Tom couldn't make sense of it, so Margo suggested that he just let it go.

Bonnie ran into Dusty in the Lakeview, and he admitted that she had been right all along; he had been trying to control Meg. He said he was headed to the farm to apologize, and, hopefully, he and Meg would have a brand new start. Bonnie wished him good luck with that, as Dusty left. Paul wheeled Eliza through the lobby, and Bonnie went off on him about how dumb men were not to leave a woman alone who wanted that. Bonnie asked Paul when he was going to jump into the fray of competition for Meg, but he only said that Bonnie was hoping that Dusty would screw up again with Meg and go to her for comfort.

Damian knocked on the door at the farm, and Meg noticed that he looked odd. She let him in, and he told her about Colonel Mayer's shooting Margo and the colonel's subsequent capture. He was very discouraged that Luke did not hold him in high regard, so Meg gave Damian a hug. She spotted Dusty through the screen door and went outside to ask if he was spying on her. Meg and Dusty traded sharp words, and Dusty quickly accused her of having something going on with Damian, the man who had tried to steal his company. Meg did not enjoy being caught in the middle, and Dusty said he was sorry he had even bothered to go there to apologize to her. He asked Meg to choose: Dusty or Damian.

The demand to make a choice angered Meg, and she yelled at Dusty that they were completely over. Dusty turned and left, and Meg went inside and slammed the door. She shouted at Damian and asked for nothing more than peace and quiet in her life. When Damian called Dusty a bully, however, Meg defended Dusty and she pleaded with Damian to allow her to fight her own battles. He honored her wishes and walked out.

Riley went back to Memorial and sat with Margo, and he enjoyed hearing her call him, "Adam." He asked his mother when she knew he was Adam, and Margo said she probably knew right from the beginning when Riley walked into Adam's memorial service. Margo was worried that Casey and Tom were alone at the house, and she was concerned about Tom's reaction if Casey told him that Riley was really Adam. She said she could never send another of her sons to prison.

Casey found Tom at home packing an overnight bag for Margo. He stopped for his talk with Casey, but opened the conversation by telling the boy not to feel responsible for Colonel Mayer's showing up at the house. Tom said he was proud of how Casey had handled their adding Riley to the household because it pleased Margo. He hugged his son and then asked Casey to take the bag to Margo because he was going to be tied up in a meeting for several hours. Casey was disappointed that he had not gotten time to really talk to his dad.

Dusty went back to the Lakeview and saw Bonnie finishing up her notes on a client meeting she had just concluded. Dusty asked her to join him for a drink, but first Bonnie correctly surmised that Dusty's apology to Meg had not gone well. He said that he had found Meg and Damian with their arms around one another, and then Meg had told Dusty that the two of them were done. Dusty made several scurrilous remarks about Damian, who happened to walk by and overhear them. He warned Dusty to leave Meg alone, as Paul lurked in the doorway and listened. Bonnie separated the two contenders and told each one to back off.

Paul went to the Snyder farm after leaving Eliza with Barbara for a visit. He told Meg that he thought something was up with her, and Meg confided that both Dusty and Damian were driving her nuts. Paul gave her a bag of toys for the baby and suggested that she leave them at Barbara's so that the baby would have something to play with when she visited her grandmother. Meg agreed, and she also said that she would be glad to chat with Barbara herself when she picked up the baby.

Casey went back to the hospital and delivered the suitcase to Margo. She was very relieved that Casey had not told Tom that Riley was Adam. The boys argued again, and Riley left. Margo begged Casey not to tell Tom the truth and to let her be a mother to both her sons.

Paul went to the docks posing as an employee of Mr. Donovan. He told a dockworker that he had a delivery for Mr. Grimaldi, so the worker directed him to Damian's ships. Paul crossed over into a restricted area and cut a fuel hose, which spewed lime green fuel into the water. He returned to the Lakeview in time to see Damian receive a disturbing phone call from the docks. He also saw Meg wheel Eliza out of the elevator on her way down from Barbara's room.

Paul and Meg heard Damian accuse Dusty of doing some horrible damage, and he told Dusty not to think that a cut fuel line could stop him. He warned that what Dusty had done was a criminal act, and that he had hurt his neighbors and friends in the city. Meg asked what was going on, so Damian explained that Dusty had damaged the harbor by dumping fuel from one of the Grimaldi ships. Dusty denied that he had been involved, and Bonnie asked when the fuel had spilled. When Damian gave her the time frame, Bonnie said that she had been with Dusty then.

Damian said that the dockworker had said that a man had identified himself as working for Dusty Donovan and that he had a delivery for Mr. Grimaldi. Meg agreed that it didn't sound like something Dusty would do. Paul pulled Meg aside and asked her if she needed to get involved in the donnybrook, and Meg thought Paul had a good point. Paul, Meg, and Eliza left the Lakeview.

Casey went home and told Riley that he was keeping his mouth shut for the time being. Riley thanked him and said that he wanted to make amends, but Casey was not interested.

Meg put the baby to bed at the farm, and she and Paul discussed their apparently successful parenting together. Paul left under pleasant circumstances.

Damian viewed the fuel spill and spoke to the cleanup crew. He verified the dockworker's statement and swore that Dusty Donovan would pay. Back in the hotel, Dusty was amused by Damian's accusation about the fuel spill, but Bonnie warned him to protect himself. Dusty agreed that Damian was right; this was war.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alison saw Hunter through the window of the diner and went inside to join him. He apologized for kissing her, and she offered to continue assisting him in finding his real father. Hunter said that his mother had died the night before from another stroke, and Alison tried to comfort him. She urged him to remember his mother as the strong woman who had raised him. Casey walked in and asked to speak with Alison, but she put him off. Casey badmouthed Hunter, so Alison told Casey to "go to hell." Casey further insulted Hunter and Alison, so Hunter stood up to defend his friend.

Casey and Hunter stood nose to nose until Casey grabbed Hunter around the neck and threw him on top of a table. Alison stopped Casey by yelling at him, and Casey ran outside. Alison offered to get someone to cover her shift at the hospital so she could spend the rest of the day with Hunter, and he was grateful.

Emily approached Susan at Memorial and defended Larry McDermott to her. Emily said that Larry had been nothing but helpful to her ever since he had returned to Oakdale. Susan handed her daughter a report she had ordered on the DNA of Emily's frozen eggs. The test determined that the eggs that Larry had "found" were not Emily's. Emily was angry that her mother had gone behind her back to order tests, but Susan explained that Larry had obviously put Emily's name on someone else's eggs. Emily called Larry and left him a message to meet her.

Damian spoke to someone at the harbor about moving his ship as soon as the port authorities had cleared it. Meg approached him and asked Damian if he really thought that Dusty had cut the fuel line. Damian said that he had no reason to doubt it. Meg urged him again to end the feud with Dusty before someone got hurt. Damian explained that cutting the line amounted to industrial sabotage and that the cleanup would cost millions of dollars. He said that he just couldn't let it go; his insurance company would not allow it.

At Worldwide, Paul let himself in and browsed through papers on Dusty's desk. The custodian surprised him, so Paul began speaking in Italian-accented broken English. The man checked with security, and Paul identified himself as, "Grimaldi...Damian Grimaldi." The custodian left, and Paul noticed Dusty's laptop. He opened it and found a presentation file, and when Paul realized how important it was, he picked up the laptop and left the office. He took the computer to Damian's room in the Lakeview and stashed it behind a drape.

Dusty and Lily met at Java on Worldwide business. Since Lucinda was on a cruise, Lily was filling in on a business project that could be very profitable to the company. Dusty was distracted, however, and Lily said that she knew about the cut fuel line on Damian's ship. Dusty denied that he was involved with that, and Lily believed him. They discussed the pending deal with JKR Communications, which would contribute to the "green" economy. Dusty griped about the Grimaldi involvement with Luke's foundation and called their contribution "dirty money." Lily and Dusty left to meet with the JKR representatives at the Worldwide offices.

The business meeting got underway, and Dusty went to get his computer to begin his presentation. He could not find his laptop, however, and his assistant scoured the office but could not locate it. Lily apologized for the delay and their inability to show the slides they had designed. The visitors became leery of Worldwide's ability to protect their own data, so they abruptly cancelled the meeting without rescheduling. Dusty questioned the security guard and learned that the man in his office had an Italian accent and had given his name as Damian Grimaldi.

Dusty and Lily walked through the lobby of the Lakeview and ran into Meg and Damian. Dusty told Damian that he had had cost Worldwide a multi-million dollar account, but Damian denied it. Lily asked if Damian had seen Dusty's laptop in the office, but again Damian said that he had not been to the Worldwide offices for days. Dusty said the janitor had said it was Damian, and Meg did not know what to believe. Damian grabbed Meg to go get coffee, leaving Lily and Dusty confused. Lily wanted to involve the police, but Dusty said he had a better idea.

Larry McDermott met Emily in the diner and spoke casually with Hunter, who was still sitting at a table alone. Emily told Larry that her mother had tested the DNA of the eggs, and that there was no match with Emily. Larry appeared surprised and blamed Susan for accusing him of something. Emily defended her mother, while Larry blamed it all on "hospital error." He said that he was only there to make up for any hurts that he had caused years before. Emily asked him to prove it, but Larry blew her off and wished her good luck with her pregnancy. Emily approached Hunter and gave him a hard time about the flowery box he had with him. He said it had been his mother's, and Emily suddenly realized that his mother must have died.

Emily told Hunter how sorry she was, and he said that he thought his mother had been close to him, but he realized that her life had turned into a mystery. He explained how his mother had told him just days before that the man he thought was his father was, in fact, not. He said that his real father was named "Tristan Wagner" on Hunter's birth certificate. Emily asked what his mother's name was, but Hunter grabbed his box and made a fast getaway.

Emily found an old opera program for "Tristan and Isolde" on the table, and she remembered her conversation with Larry at the opera. He had mentioned that particular opera as being his favorite because of its connection with a woman he had loved. Alison ran in and noticed that her sister was upset.

Larry found Susan at the hospital and followed her into a private room. Susan accused him of planting the eggs at Memorial and labeling them as Emily's. Larry claimed that he had no idea to whom the eggs belonged, so Susan asked what he was up to. She warned him away from Emily, and Larry called Susan jealous. Susan yelled that Larry was mixed up in some sort of a scam.

Alison found out at the hospital that Margo had been shot, and she realized what Casey had been trying to tell her in the diner. She went to his house and saw him sitting on the couch inside. She knocked and Casey saw her, but he walked out of the room.

Dusty and Lily entered Damian's room, but Lily was uncomfortable. Dusty was sure his computer was there somewhere, and he began searching. He found the laptop behind a drape and verified that it was his. Dusty said he knew that Damian had been lying. They went down to the lobby and found Meg and Damian having coffee. Damian denied any knowledge of the computer in his room, while Meg yelled at the two men to grow up. Paul, standing in a doorway, grinned as he watched the drama unfold. Damian pled with Meg to believe him, and, after she got disgusted and walked away, he asked Lily to help him try to make peace one more time with Dusty.

Dusty went back to his room, but Lily and Damian knocked on the door. Damian asked for another chance at resolving their differences, but Dusty was stubborn. Dusty said it wasn't over by any means, and he shut the door. Damian said there was only one way to deal with someone with that kind of mindset.

Paul caught up with Meg in Old Town and asked if she was all right. She said that Damian and Dusty were being juvenile again, and she refused his offer of coffee.

Hunter found Alison at his door. She told him that she had gone to see Casey, but he had refused to talk with her. Hunter said he was angry with his mother for dying without telling him who he really was. He could not understand how she could have lied about something as important as his father's identity. Alison comforted him, and they kissed.

Emily spotted Larry in the Lakeview lobby and asked him if he had ever known a woman named Aurora Hunter.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Larry met with Emily, and she asked him if he had ever known a woman named Aurora Hunter. His answer was, "No, not really," and he claimed that he knew her only by reputation at the University of Chicago. Emily reminded him that would have occurred around the time that Alison was born and that Emily's fertilized eggs had been transported to the same facility. Then she asked Larry point-blank if he and Aurora Hunter had produced a child using Emily's eggs. Larry said that they could not discuss that in a public place, and he hustled her upstairs to his hotel room.

Larry still maintained that he had no personal knowledge of Dr. Aurora Hunter, and he suggested that Emily face the fact that her eggs were gone. They both relaxed a bit, and Larry poured them each a scotch. Emily casually mentioned that Dr. Hunter had died recently, and Larry reacted visibly. Emily noticed his shock and commented on it, but Larry next asked how Emily had heard of Dr. Hunter's death. Emily explained that Alison's friend Hunter was Aurora's son. That further stunned Larry, so Emily told him the whole story about the mysterious Tristan Wagner.

Larry said he did not give the Tristan story much credence, and he blamed it on the delusional ramblings of a stroke victim. Emily put in a call to Hunter and asked him to call her back when he received the message. Larry encouraged Emily to sit on the bed and relax, but she asked for ice in her drink. Larry offered to call room service, but Emily said that took too long. Larry left to get ice at the bar in the lobby, and the minute he departed, Emily began going through the drawer in his desk. She found a money clip engraved with the words "To Tristan from Isolde."

Hunter and Alison kissed in his room, and he told her how beautiful she was. They continued to kiss until Alison stopped him. She said that they were both upset at that moment, but Hunter wanted to continue. He told Alison that she was the only girl who had ever understood him. When his phone rang, he let it go to messages. Alison reiterated that sleeping with Hunter at that point would be a huge mistake, and he knew that she was not over Casey yet. Hunter advised her to just go, but Alison did not want to leave him. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Hunter answered the door and found Casey there. Casey spotted Alison sitting on Hunter's bed and made an insulting comment. Alison cried out that nothing had happened, and then Hunter stepped up, and he and Casey argued. Finally Hunter said that he would never have treated Alison the way Casey had because he loved her. Alison was stunned by Hunter's admission, but Casey wished her a nice life and took off. Alison ran out after him.

Riley invited Casey to visit their mother in the hospital, but that precipitated another argument between the two. Casey told his brother that he had ruined Casey's life by scaring away Alison, but Riley claimed that he was not Adam anymore and at least he was moving on. They argued loudly, and Riley said that Casey could not blame all his problems on Riley, particularly his breaking up with Alison. He urged Casey to go find Alison and make things right.

Craig visited Margo at Memorial, and he told her that he and Carly were getting married. Margo asked if she had to be his best man again, but Craig said that all he wanted was her best wishes for a wonderful future -- and her house as the site for the ceremony. Margo rolled her eyes and took a pain pill. Craig asked to borrow Margo's house for his wedding in two days, but Margo reminded him that she had just taken a bullet in the line of duty and that Carly had a lovely nightclub, which would do nicely as a wedding venue. Craig said he did not like the idea of getting married in a bar and begged his sister to help him. He reflected on how much he loved Carly, and Margo finally gave in and agreed.

At home, Carly worked on her wedding dress, but she pricked her finger and got blood on the fabric. She ran to the refrigerator for some seltzer water and applied some to the material, but the stain would not come out. Carly was distraught and sought solace in her stash of vodka, which she had concealed among her spices. Rosanna surprised her sister by using her key and letting herself in, so Carly quickly put the vodka away. Rosanna had been unsuccessful in finding employment, and she again thanked Carly for providing her with free room and board.

Carly resumed work on her dress, and Parker found her. He seemed unimpressed by her design and continued about his own business. Rosanna invited Carly to lunch to celebrate her upcoming nuptials, and after first declining the invitation, Carly reconsidered and accepted. The two of them went to the Lakeview, and Rosanna mentioned that her sister seemed especially wound up, but Carly blamed it on wedding jitters. Rosanna ordered a bottle of champagne, and just as the waiter was about to open and pour it, Craig walked up and asked if they were "throwing caution to the wind."

Rosanna picked up on the tension between Carly and Craig, especially after Craig asked Carly to step away from the table for a short conference with him. Carly did so reluctantly, and the two of them argued, as Craig reminded Carly that she was not supposed to drink anything alcoholic. Rosanna interrupted them to ask what was going on. Carly apologized, and Rosanna graciously offered to host the lunch at a more convenient time. Carly agreed, and Craig volunteered to take Carly home, leaving a very perplexed Rosanna.

Upstairs in the Lakeview, Larry returned to his room with Emily's ice. As he was putting some in her glass, Emily "accidentally" dropped it, making a mess on the carpet. Larry attended to the cleanup, while Emily made a dash to the dresser and grabbed Larry's comb. She slipped it into an envelope and secreted it in her purse. She decided to pass on another drink and made a hasty exit. Back at her office, Emily searched Hunter's desk until she found his coffee mug. She slipped it into a plastic bag in her office and put it in her briefcase. As she passed through Hunter's office on her way out, she was surprised to see him putting all his personal items into a box.

Hunter announced that he was quitting, but Emily could not believe it. He looked for his coffee mug, but finally abandoned the search. Emily asked him to please call her before he went anywhere. Hunter walked out, so Emily called a friend who worked in a local lab and made arrangements to drop off the cup and comb for speedy DNA testing.

The hospital released Margo, and Riley took her home. She was encouraged that her two feuding sons had not destroyed their house. Casey returned and told Riley that he had found Alison with another guy. Casey saw Alison arrive at the front door, so he told Riley to tell her that he wasn't home, and he left the room. Riley answered the door and made an excuse, but Alison saw right through it. Riley told Alison that Casey's problem was not with her but with him. Casey walked back in and cautioned Alison not to believe a word that Riley said.

Margo joined them, and Casey was surprised to see his mother home. He questioned whether she was well enough, but Margo assured him that she was. She invited Alison to stay for dinner, but Casey interjected that the girl was just leaving. Alison asked Casey to walk her out, but he declined. After Alison left, Margo reminded her son that he had promised to keep Riley's true identity a secret, and she went to rest. The boys picked up their futile argument again.

Carly admitted to Craig that she did not want Rosanna to know about her drinking problem. She sarcastically said that she wanted to hide her "dirty little secret." In the kitchen at Carly's, Rosanna prepared dinner and talked with Parker. Parker was cool with the idea of Johnny's moving in with their family when Craig joined them. Rosanna commented that Carly seemed anxious and asked if anything was going on that she should know about. When Parker did not answer, Rosanna confided that she thought that her sister had changed a great deal since she had been gone, and it frightened her. She said that Carly appeared much more passive, but Parker took the blame for putting his mother through some rough times.

Craig and Carly returned to the house, and Carly went upstairs. Craig asked Parker to be his best man in the wedding, and they shook hands on it. In the kitchen, Rosanna looked for seasoning for her chicken dish, and she prowled through Carly's cupboards. She found the bottle of vodka, just as Carly entered the room. Rosanna asked why the vodka was behind all the spices, and Carly answered that she had stashed it there to remove temptation from Parker, who had experimented with some of Craig's flavored vodkas. Carly took the vodka and put it in the refrigerator.

Rosanna served dinner and, to everyone's surprise, produced the bottle of champagne that she and Carly had not opened at lunch. She passed out glasses and declared that she wanted to toast the engaged couple and drink to new beginnings. Carly attempted to beg off because of a headache, but Rosanna urged her to at least drink to the toast. Carly faked taking a sip, as Craig stared her down.

Riley found a dejected Alison sitting on a bench in Old Town. He apologized for Casey's behavior and said that he hoped that she and Casey could work out their problems. Alison mused that she had passed on a chance to move on, but perhaps she should have taken it.

Larry drained his scotch and was stunned to find his engraved money clip on the floor beneath his desk.

Hunter finished packing his boxes when Emily surprised him at the door. She said that he could not leave because she had something very important to tell him.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Emily pleaded with Hunter not to leave town until she'd had a chance to talk to him. Hunter insisted there was nothing to keep him in Oakdale, but Emily blurted out, "Hunter, I am your mother!" Hunter was stunned that Emily would say something so outrageous to try to get him to stay in Oakdale. Emily protested that she was telling the truth. Hunter stated that his mother had just died. Emily said she knew that Aurora Hunter had died, and that Aurora had raised Hunter, but Emily insisted that she was actually Hunter's mother.

Emily explained to Hunter that several of her eggs had been fertilized when she had made it possible for Susan to have Alison, and that she had recently learned that the rest of the fertilized eggs had been transferred to the University of Chicago. Emily told Hunter that his mother, Aurora, must have been implanted with one of Emily's fertilized eggs. Hunter still didn't believe Emily, but Emily pointed out that there was no reason for her to lie about the matter.

Emily told Hunter that since his mother had been older when she had him, Aurora might have needed to use an artificial means of conceiving a child, and that since Aurora had known Larry, she could have had access to Emily's eggs. Hunter asked what made Emily think his mother had known Larry, and Emily said Larry had admitted it to her after she had found a money clip that Aurora had given to Larry, engraved, "To Tristan from Isolde." Hunter said that was his mother's favorite opera, and Emily replied that it was Larry's, as well. Hunter remarked that his mother had called him Tristan when he had visited her after her stroke, and that she had told him she would keep his secret forever. Hunter said that putting "Tristan Wagner" on his birth certificate had apparently been his mother and Larry's idea of a joke.

Hunter asked Emily if she had any proof of her story. Emily showed him the preliminary DNA report she had ordered, and he glanced at it and acknowledged that it revealed that Emily was his mother. Emily said that meant that Hunter did have family in Oakdale, because it meant that Susan was his grandmother, and Emily's son, Daniel, was Hunter's half-brother. Hunter asked if that meant that Alison was his half-sister, but Emily said that Alison was his full sister, because they had the same mother and father. Hunter looked ill and said, "I've got to get out of here!"

Alison went to Worldwide to look for Hunter but ran into her father instead. Larry said he was trying to find Emily, to clear up a "misunderstanding" they'd had previously, but he assured Alison that it had nothing to do with her. Alison told Larry that she was looking for Hunter, because he wasn't answering his cell phone. Alison explained that she had been with Hunter in his room, and something upsetting had happened. Larry grew concerned and asked, "Exactly what happened between you and Hunter?"

Alison summarized for Larry what had happened after her fight with Casey, and she ended by saying that Hunter had kissed her. Larry asked if kissing was all they had done; Alison replied that it might have gone further if she hadn't stopped it. Larry breathed a sigh of relief, and Alison asked if it would have been so terrible if she hadn't stopped it. Larry replied, "Yes, Alison, it would."

Alison told her father that things had gotten weird between her and Hunter, and she wanted to find Hunter to fix it. Larry said he had a better idea, and he proposed that Alison take a break from Casey and Hunter-and Oakdale-by moving to Chicago to live with him for a while. Larry said that if Alison moved to Chicago, it would give them more time to really get to know one another. Alison pointed out that she had a job in Oakdale, but Larry said there were plenty of jobs for nurses in Chicago. He asked Alison to at least think about his offer, and Alison said she would.

Emily walked in and asked what Larry and Alison were doing there. Alison explained that she had been looking for Hunter and that Larry had been looking for Emily. Emily asked whether Alison had found Hunter, but Alison said she hadn't. Emily said that she wanted to finish her conversation with Hunter, and she asked Alison to let Hunter know that if she found him. Alison said she would, and then she left. Emily asked Larry, "Did you tell her?" Larry said, "Tell her what?" but Emily responded, "Don't you dare play innocent with me, Larry."

Emily told Larry that she'd had a DNA test run that had determined who Hunter's biological parents were. Larry replied that Emily couldn't have done that without samples from everyone involved, but Emily assured him that she'd gotten the samples she needed, and the test was accurate. Emily pointed out that the only way that could have happened was if Larry had given Aurora the eggs, and then Emily realized that Larry would have still been married to Susan at that time.

Larry said that he had simply been trying to help a woman who desperately wanted to have a child, and Emily asked if Larry was referring to Aurora or Susan. Larry said that since Aurora was dead, none of it mattered anymore, and he wanted to let it remain a secret, but Emily said it was too late for that. Larry tried to justify what he had done by telling Emily that he'd fallen in love with a beautiful woman and had done things he never would have done otherwise. He said that afterward, he hadn't been able to face what he'd done, because he'd been ashamed. Emily told Larry that some things never changed, because he was not only a cheat, he was also a coward.

Hunter went to Java to get a latte to take with him on the bus ride out of town. Alison walked in and touched Hunter on the shoulder. He turned and saw her and cringed, saying, "Don't touch me. Don't ever touch me!" Alison asked what Hunter was doing, and he told her he was leaving town. She asked if he was leaving because of her, and he replied, "Sort of, now that I know we can never be together, ever." Alison said that wasn't necessarily true, but Hunter insisted that it was. Hunter told Alison that he should never have let himself think of the things he had thought about her, because those were things you couldn't do with your sister. Alison asked him what he was talking about.

After Hunter explained the situation to Alison, Alison was stunned, but she told Hunter that he should stay in Oakdale. Alison thought perhaps their situation explained the "connection" that Hunter had felt to her, but Hunter said that what he felt for her had nothing to do with genetics. He told Alison that he loved her and that a fluke of biology couldn't change that. Alison said they should just be grateful that nothing had happened between them and leave it at that, but Hunter said he couldn't, and he walked out of Java.

Alison went to Worldwide to talk to Emily. She told Emily that Hunter had told her everything, and Emily told Alison how sorry she was that Alison had to find out like that. Alison said that she was glad that things hadn't gone any further with Hunter, because Hunter thought he was in love with her. Emily was horrified to hear that and asked where Hunter was. Alison informed her that Hunter had left town. Emily was upset that Alison hadn't stopped him; Alison said that she had tried, but Hunter had been determined to leave. Emily said sadly, "I was so desperate to have another child, and it turns out I already had one, and now he's gone."

At Carly's, Carly gazed longingly at the bottle of champagne in the kitchen, but Craig walked in and offered to get it out of her way. He began to pour the champagne down the sink. Rosanna walked in and asked why Craig was throwing away perfectly good champagne. She wondered whether it was because she hadn't been able to afford really good champagne, but Craig told her that wasn't the case. Rosanna wasn't convinced, but Carly changed the subject to her wedding, saying she still had lots to do.

Carly said that she still needed to finish her own dress and design something for both Rosanna and Sage to wear. Craig asked Rosanna if she would mind if Carly didn't design her dress, to alleviate some of the pressure on Carly. Rosanna said that whatever Carly wanted to do was fine with her. Craig suggested that Carly concentrate on finishing her own dress. Rosanna looked at the couple quizzically and asked what was going on with them. Carly wondered what Rosanna meant, and Rosanna asked, "Since when do you let Craig tell you what to do?"

Craig joked that he had replaced Carly with a more subservient model, but Rosanna didn't find that to be funny. Carly tried to reassure Rosanna that she was fine, but Rosanna appeared unconvinced. Parker entered the room and announced that he had nothing to wear to the wedding. Rosanna said that if someone would give her some money, she would take Parker out shopping, and they would both buy something for the wedding. Craig gave Rosanna some cash, and Rosanna and Parker left.

Craig asked Carly if things were really okay between them. Carly said that everything had been moving very fast, and Craig pointed out that was because Carly had wanted to move up the wedding. Carly said that maybe they should rethink it, but Craig said he had decided that Carly was right, because the less time there was to plan, the less time there was to worry about it.

Craig told Carly that his only goal, besides putting a ring on her finger, was to make sure that she didn't put too much pressure on herself. He informed Carly that he meant to take care of her and pamper her and love her until she was old and gray and still beautiful, and he wanted her wedding day to be one of the happiest days of her life. Carly wasn't sure she could do that, but Craig said Carly could do anything she put her mind to.

At the farm, Sage told Jack and Janet that she had decided she wanted to go to summer camp, after all, and she had spoken with a camp counselor who had told her that there was one spot still available in the "Blueberry Brigade." The bus for camp was scheduled to depart the next day, and Sage wanted to know if she could go. Jack pointed out that if Sage left the next day, she would miss her mother's wedding. Sage said she knew that. Jack told Sage that he would have to talk to Carly before he could agree to Sage's request. Sage became upset, saying that her mom would say "no," which meant that Sage wouldn't get what she wanted.

Sage left the room, and Jack asked Janet what that was all about. Janet said it was about Sage not wanting to go to her mother's wedding. Jack said that Carly would flip out when she heard that, but Janet suggested Jack pay more attention to his daughter's feelings than to his ex-wife's feelings.

Jack and Janet took Sage and went to Carly's house to explain the situation to her. When Carly answered the door, Jack told her about Sage's desire to go to Camp Idlewild the following day. Carly said Sage couldn't do that because she would miss the wedding. Carly then asked Jack if it had been his idea, but Sage told Carly that she did want to go to the camp and that it had all been her own idea.

Carly still didn't believe that her own daughter would choose to not attend her wedding, and she angrily yelled that Jack had put Sage up to it because he'd been against the wedding from the start. Janet said that wasn't true, that Jack would never use his children as weapons and that he had tried to convince Sage to stay and be in the wedding. Craig moved to stand by Carly and said Jack apparently hadn't tried hard enough. Janet said if Carly really wanted to know why Sage didn't want to go to the wedding, she should look in the mirror. Carly shouted at Janet to shut up, saying, "This is my child. You don't tell me what she wants!"

Craig interceded, saying none of that was helping and that maybe they could work something out. He suggested that he and Carly could have a big reception at the end of summer after Sage returned from camp, but Carly shouted that she'd be damned if she would get married without her daughter present. Jack said he didn't see the sense in forcing Sage to go to the wedding if she really didn't want to go, and Carly then yelled at Sage, "Fine, don't come! Go off to Camp Whoopdeedoo, I don't give a damn!"

Sage ran from the room, and Jack asked Carly how she could treat Sage that way. Carly asked about how Sage was treating her, but Jack pointed out that Carly was an adult and should have acted more like a parent and less like a child. Craig told Jack that maybe planning for the wedding had put Carly under more pressure that she'd realized, and Jack suggested that in that case, perhaps Carly should not be getting married.

Rosanna and Parker walked in, and Rosanna asked what was going on. Carly told Rosanna that Jack was trying to turn her own kids against her. Rosanna said she was sure that wasn't true, but Carly asked if Rosanna was against her, too, because she hadn't wanted Carly to marry Craig, either. Rosanna told Carly that wasn't true, that she had given Carly her blessing. Janet piped up and said that no one wanted Carly to get married more than Janet did.

Carly snapped at Janet, and Craig told Carly that perhaps she was blowing things out of proportion and should take a step back. Carly asked if Craig was turning on her, too, but Craig said he would never do that. Carly then said, "Okay, fine, the wedding's off then." She said she hoped they were all happy, but she couldn't stand to look at any of them, so she was leaving. She grabbed her purse and keys and walked out. Craig turned to Jack and said he thought it would probably be best if Jack and Janet left, while he went after Carly to make sure she was okay.

Craig found Carly, and they walked before returning to her house. Craig assured Carly that Sage loved her and would forgive her, but Carly said she didn't deserve to be forgiven. Craig said that if Carly truly felt that way, perhaps she should talk to someone. Carly asked if Craig meant a therapist, and he said therapy could be a good thing, but Carly said she didn't need it.

Sage opened the door and walked out, and Carly told Sage how sorry she was for having yelled at her. Craig quietly slipped back inside, while Sage also apologized to her mom. Carly told Sage that she'd been upset because Sage hadn't wanted to go to the wedding. Sage replied that if it meant that much to her mom, she would go. Carly suggested that they call the camp to explain the situation and make arrangements to drive Sage to the camp after the wedding. Sage agreed to that, and they hugged.

Sage went back inside, and Carly walked over to her rose bush and retrieved a bottle of vodka she had hidden there. She took a swallow before going back inside. Carly told Rosanna that she had been stressed more than she had realized by pushing up the date of the wedding, but she was feeling better. She then said she needed to call Jack to apologize, which she proceeded to do. Carly explained to Jack that she and Sage had agreed that Sage would stay for the wedding, and Craig and Carly would drive Sage to camp the day after. Carly then asked if Jack and Janet would attend the wedding, because she thought Sage would feel more comfortable if Jack were there. Jack reluctantly agreed.

Carly told Rosanna and Craig that she had to go upstairs to work on her dress. Rosanna couldn't believe that Carly was suddenly fine, when she had freaked out and yelled at her daughter just moments before. Carly said that she had apologized for that. Rosanna replied that she didn't want Carly to apologize; she wanted Carly to start acting like herself again. Carly said she would, after the wedding. Carly then said she'd left her jacket outside, so she went back out again.

Rosanna looked at Craig and asked him why he was buying Carly's sudden change of attitude and emotion. Craig said he loved Carly and believed her, but Rosanna was still suspicious. Carly walked back in, with her bottle of vodka hidden under her jacket, and told them she was going upstairs to work and didn't want to be disturbed. Craig announced that he was going back to the Lakeview for the night, and Carly blew him a kiss and went upstairs. Rosanna turned to Craig and said, "You've got to tell me what's going on." Craig looked at Rosanna and replied, "Let it go, Rosanna. All's well that ends well."

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