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Monday, June 29, 2009

Brooke made Ridge a cup of tea and apologized that the babysitter had interrupted them earlier. Ridge expressed that he was just happy that Hope was okay. Brooke explained that although she was willing to hear Ridge out, the only thing that mattered to her was hearing Ridge say he would return home.

Ridge said he wanted that more than anything, too. He wanted to go home to Brooke and the kids and know they had been able to forgive one another, but he wasn't sure they could. Brooke implored Ridge to open up and tell her whatever he had been holding back. She assured him there was nothing the two of them could not overcome. She said the only way the two of them could have their life back was to be honest with one another.

Ridge began to explain to Brooke what happened between him and Taylor. Ridge explained the night he left Brooke's house: he went to Phoebe's grave and was in an emotional free fall. He thanked God that he ran into Taylor, because he didn't know how he could have handled that night without her. Ridge confessed to Brooke that he took some of Taylor's anti-anxiety medication.

Brooke said she understood that Taylor was able to get Ridge to calm down when Brooke couldn't. Brooke said she was sorry she hadn't been able to be that calming influence for Ridge the night he left. She pointed out that it was a new day, and they could try to regain the loving relationship they lost. She asked Ridge if they could get that back again. Ridge said that was totally up to Brooke.

Ridge slowly and gently explained how lost he had been and how helpful Taylor had been to him in his time of need. Brooke reminded Ridge that she knew that and had even gone to thank Taylor for helping Ridge through a dark moment. Brooke acknowledged appreciation for Taylor, because she didn't take advantage of Ridge in a weak moment. Ridge couldn't bear to listen to Brooke any longer and put his hand up to stop her. He confessed that he and Taylor had sex, and Brooke was stunned.

Stephanie asked Taylor why Ridge wasn't with her. Taylor assumed it was because Brooke and Ridge had reconciled, she didn't see any other explanation. Stephanie suggested that perhaps Ridge hadn't told Brooke that he slept with Taylor. Taylor seemed certain that Ridge would have confessed to Brooke. Taylor told Stephanie that Ridge was adamant about being honest with Brooke to save his marriage.

Stephanie felt that if Ridge had confessed, Brooke would have made a beeline to Taylor for a confrontation. Since that didn't happen, Stephanie assumed that Brooke didn't know.

Taylor said it would be better for everyone if Brooke never found out what happened between her and Ridge. Taylor realized Stephanie didn't want to hear it, but the truth was that Ridge still loved Brooke and always would. Stephanie was annoyed and said Ridge only thought he loved Brooke. Taylor pointed out to Stephanie that regardless of the problems Ridge and Brooke had over the years, they always ended up back together again. Taylor said good or bad, the truth was that Ridge loved Brooke and they had to accept it.

Nick woke up and found the spot on the bed beside him empty and called out to Bridget "What's wrong with this picture?" Bridget was all dolled up to hit the beach, complete with giant straw hat. She and Nick kissed and her straw hat hit Nick in the eye. Nick reminded Bridget that they had decided to spend the first day of their honeymoon in bed.

Before she could answer, there was a knock at the door of their suite. The voice on the other side of the door said there had been complaints from the room next door. Bridget looked completely embarrassed and asked Nick if they had really been that loud. Nick hopped up and put his robe on to answer the door. When the door opened, there was a man with a gift basket welcoming the two lovebirds to Hawaii. He explained the phony complaint line was just a little honeymoon humor.

Nick and Bridget went to the beach and Bridget asked him if he wanted to swim. Nick said no. She asked him if he wanted to go parasailing. He said no again. She started offering more options, but Nick cut her off and said he was finished with the outdoors and wanted to do an activity with her in the bed area of the island. Bridget asked if that was all he could think about while looking at one of the world's most beautiful spots. Nick gazed at Bridget and kissed her neck and said he was looking at one of the world's most beautiful spots.

Winging their way to Hawaii on a private jet, Owen and Jackie made love. Owen asked Jackie if he had surprised her with the Hawaii trip. She said he had, and hoped he didn't mind that she traded in their commercial airline tickets to fly on a private jet. As he lounged in the cushy bed aboard the jet, he assured her that he didn't mind the change at all.

Jackie and Owen landed in Hawaii and ended up booked in the same hotel with Bridget and Nick and in the room directly next to them. The same bellman who brought the gift to Nick and Bridget's suite was serving Owen and Jackie's room, too. Shaka told Owen that he was the envy of every man on the island to be with a woman as beautiful as Jackie.

On the beach, Owen was wowed by the giant waves and was anxious to ride one. Owen decided he wanted to teach Jackie to surf, and promised that, by the end of the week, she would be up on a board and "riding a big one." Jackie said there was only one big one she was interested in riding. But as Owen pressed on, Jackie relented and agreed to let Owen give her surfing lessons.

Clarke called Nick and explained that he was unable to keep an eye on Jackie because she had vanished from Jackie M. Nick was not pleased. Nick looked down at the sand and watched a couple kissing. He and Bridget commented on their passion without realizing the couple they were watching was Jackie and Owen.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

by Pam

Brooke was in disbelief at Ridge's admission that he and Taylor spent the night together. She cried that he had broken their vows, and she realized that Ridge needed comfort, and he received it from another woman. Not just any woman, but the woman to whom he had already been married. Brooke was shaken and crying. Ridge said he didn't mean for it to happen. He didn't want to make excuses, but he wasn't himself when he had sex with Taylor. Brooke asked what he meant. Ridge stammered about the anti-anxiety medication.

Brooke said she understood that Taylor gave him pills to calm him down, but she wanted an explanation. She wanted to know what kind of drugs Taylor had given him. Brooke suggested that Taylor had drugged him to get him into bed. Ridge disagreed. He said that Taylor had given him one pill. Later, he explained, he had taken an entire handful of pills, and Taylor never knew it until the next day.

Brooke wondered how Ridge could have taken so many pills and not just passed out. She conjectured that he might have been incapable of having sex and it was all a lie that Taylor had concocted. Ridge admitted that he remembered having sex with Taylor. He said he knew what he was doing. He apologized and said it was one night and only one time. Brooke was heartbroken, and she told Ridge that she didn't know what to say.

Ridge said he wanted to get past it and work through their problems. He admitted that he and Taylor shared the same grief over Phoebe's death and they shared the same fear that Rick's relationship with Steffy would take Steffy away from them, as well. Ridge said he couldn't deal with Rick. Brooke angrily asked Ridge if he was going to blame Rick for Ridge's night of sex with Taylor. Ridge stammered that wasn't what he meant. Brooke walked out of the house.

At Taylor's, Stephanie hovered as Taylor did some paperwork. Stephanie wondered why Ridge hadn't been over to see Taylor yet. Stephanie figured that Ridge didn't tell Brooke. Taylor said that Brooke and Ridge were probably already back together. Stephanie couldn't believe it, and she called Ridge's cell phone, but Taylor insisted that she stop. Suddenly, Brooke was pounding on the front door at Taylor's and yelling at Taylor to let her in. Stephanie guessed that Brooke knew all about the night Taylor and Ridge had spent together.

Taylor opened the door and Brooke laid into her for drugging Ridge and then taking advantage of him. Brooke recalled how Taylor had warned Brooke that she was going to take her husband. Brooke said she never thought that Taylor would stoop so low as to drug Ridge in order to get him into bed. Brooke remembered that she had thanked Taylor for helping Ridge. Brooke told Taylor she was disgusted that Taylor could be so conniving. Brooke assumed that Stephanie was in on it with Taylor so that Stephanie could get Ridge and Taylor back together again.

Stephanie piped up that Taylor didn't have to listen to Brooke. Taylor agreed. She told Brooke that she had no right to barge in and start making accusations. Taylor told Brooke that Brooke drove Ridge away all on her own. It was obvious to everyone that Ridge was grieving for Phoebe, and that he needed time to heal. He couldn't handle that Brooke constantly supported Rick and his relationship with Steffy.

Taylor insisted that it was clear to everyone but Brooke that Ridge needed help to get over Phoebe's death. Ridge needed Brooke to stop worrying about Rick's relationship with Steffy and start supporting her husband. Stephanie piped up again that Brooke chose her son -- right or wrong -- over her husband repeatedly. Taylor asked Stephanie to leave the room so that she could speak to Brooke alone.

Taylor told Brooke that she was wrong to accuse Taylor of stealing Ridge. In walked Ridge and he agreed with Taylor. He apologized to Taylor for Brooke's accusations. Ridge admitted to Brooke that it was his fault and his mistake. Brooke tearfully acknowledged that it was a mistake for him to run to another woman for whom he clearly still had feelings. She told him that she didn't think she could get past his feelings for Taylor. She said, "I think this is goodbye."

In Hawaii, after Nick talked to Clarke again, Nick was upset that no one could find Owen and Jackie. Bridget distracted him by taking off her clothes. Later, they disagreed on how to spend the rest of the day. Nick wanted to play golf and teach Bridget how to play golf. Bridget countered that while he played golf, she would sit on the patio and read a book. They decided to try golf. Nick showed her how to hit a golf ball, and she smacked one right out onto the beach nearly hitting Owen and Jackie, but they never saw their faces. Owen and Jackie, similarly, never noticed Nick and Bridget. Nick was pleased with Bridget's distance and told Bridget she was a natural.

As Bridget and Nick walked outside on the grounds, they came across a beautiful grotto that a hotel attendant said he had just prepared for a wedding -- a surprise wedding that the groom had planned for his unsuspecting fiancée. Nick and Bridget commented on how romantic the idea was without realizing it was Owen who had planned the wedding for Jackie.

After Owen and Jackie finished surfing, they returned to their suite. Owen placed their wet swimsuits outside on the patio to dry. When Nick and Bridget returned, they noticed the swimsuits strewn about the patio next door to them, and Nick called it tacky, but Bridget pointed out that their neighbors had good taste because the swimsuits were Jackie M designs.

While Jackie was in the shower, Owen called the concierge to make sure that all the plans had been made for the wedding. When Jackie was finished, Owen told her that he had a wonderful surprise planned for her. He told Jackie that he knew Nick had already warned him that he wouldn't have a job when he returned from his honeymoon. Owen also acknowledged that Nick would make life miserable for both of them when they returned from Hawaii. Owen explained that Nick would probably do everything in his power to prevent them from get married. Owen caressed Jackie, and said that he wanted to get married immediately in Hawaii.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ridge was unwilling to accept that his infidelity would ruin a chance for a future with Brooke. Brooke disagreed; she said Ridge violated her trust when he slept with Taylor and broke the vows he made to her. Brooke said she could not pretend it hadn't happened. Ridge said of course she couldn't, but assured her they had survived a lot of heartache and could weather that storm, too. Brooke informed Ridge that his unfaithfulness was the one thing their marriage could not survive.

Taylor interjected and tried to explain how it happened. Brooke got even angrier and asked Taylor not to try to justify Ridge's infidelity. Ridge asked Taylor to please let him work things out with Brooke alone. Taylor excused herself and went upstairs to give Ridge and Brooke some privacy.

Ridge expressed his regret for sleeping with Taylor, but pointed out that he had confessed instead of lying about it. Brooke appreciated his candor, but said telling her about it afterwards didn't lessen the betrayal. Ridge assured Brooke that she was the woman he was in love with, not Taylor. Brooke said that even so, Ridge hated Rick.

She pointed out that Ridge would always connect her son to Phoebe's death. Brooke reminded Ridge that she would be Rick's mom for the rest of her life, so part of Ridge would forever hate Brooke due to her connection to the man he blamed for killing his daughter. Ridge tried to deny it, but had a hard time disagreeing with the case that Brooke laid out.

Ridge said he refused to let things end between them. Through tears, Brooke said she knew that Ridge loved her, and that she loved him. But in spite of all that love, they kept hurting one another. Brooke added that life had really taken the two of them on a cruel ride, and they had endured more than their share of heartaches. She didn't see a way the two of them could carry on into the future together.

Ridge apologized again for his dalliance with Taylor and said he realized he messed up. Brooke didn't argue with him, and said even if Ridge was sorry, she was afraid that their "wonderful, beautiful, spectacular romance" had finally reached the end.

Brooke told Ridge that he and Taylor needed to be together at that point in time. She reminded him that Taylor and Ridge lost Phoebe together. Brooke believed Phoebe's parents needed one another to heal over the loss of their daughter. Brooke stated that Taylor had been able to bring Ridge peace, when Brooke was unable to accomplish that.

Taylor went downstairs and apologized for interrupting. She explained that she thought Ridge and Brooke had finished talking. When Taylor tried to leave, Brooke caught her arm and asked her to stay. Brooke said Ridge needed Taylor, and she asked Taylor to love Ridge and to give him all the things Brooke had been unable to give him. Brooke asked Taylor to help Ridge heal.

Brooke turned to Ridge and said what she most wanted was for Ridge to get past his grief and to find peace in his life again. Brooke believed that Taylor was the person who could give him that. Brooke took Ridge's hand and Taylor's hand and joined their hands together.

Brooke walked out of Taylor's house, slumped down against the door onto the ground, and wept.

Stephanie gleefully told Felicia and Thorne that Ridge and Brooke were on the verge of a breakup because Ridge had slept with Taylor. Felicia asked how Brooke found out, and Stephanie explained that Ridge confessed and thought he and Brooke could get past it. Thorne sighed and rolled his eyes, unable to believe his brother's naïve decision. Felicia said with Rick in the picture, it was bound to happen.

Nick and Bridget lounged at the hotel cabana and soaked in the rays. While Nick had ear buds in, Bridget mentioned how dull she thought the sport of golf was. When Nick removed the ear buds and mentioned it was time for them to golf, Bridget declined. She told Nick she would rather stay and sun or that she might even go jogging. As Bridget sat up, she thought she saw Owen out of the corner of her eye, but shook it off as absurd.

Sitting in the same cabana, but separated by a curtain, Owen and Jackie were inches from Nick and Bridget but didn't realize it. Owen pressed Jackie to marry him while they were in Hawaii. Jackie was hesitant and asked Owen why he was in such a rush. Owen explained it was because they only had a few days to spend in Hawaii and he wanted to marry Jackie in paradise.

Owen took Jackie for her first surfing lesson. While she was out on the waves, Owen stood on the beach with binoculars and watched her. Bridget was jogging on the beach and spotted Owen. She was unhappily surprised to see him there. She asked point-blank if he followed them on their honeymoon on purpose.

Owen said of course not, he didn't want Jackie anywhere near Nick. The two agreed that they had to keep Nick from finding out Owen and Jackie were in Hawaii, or the results would be disastrous.

When Bridget reached the hotel room, Nick had already returned from golfing. He suggested they go to the beach to swim. Bridget got panicky and tried to dissuade him. She suggested that they spend a quiet night in their room, and handed him the room service menu.

She said they could order a movie. Nick pointed out that they could stay in and watch a movie in L.A. Bridget suggested that was just a cover story and she hoped the night would lead to "other things" with a wink and a smile. Bridget went to take a shower and Nick walked out on the patio with the room service menu. As he looked at the beach, he saw something and said, "You've got to be kidding me!"

Bridget assumed he had seen Owen and Jackie, but instead, Nick saw a boat that looked like an exact duplicate of the Shady Marlin. Bridget dragged him back into the room. Nick said he wanted to go next door to tell the couple in the next room that he didn't appreciate the mess they left on their balcony, but Bridget stopped him. There were moans and giggling coming from the room and Bridget convinced Nick it wouldn't be a good time to interrupt them. He relented and headed back to the bedroom.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

by Pam

Ridge hugged Steffy as he entered Taylor's home. Taylor walked into the room with Thomas, and she told Ridge that she had told the kids about Brooke and Ridge breaking up to spare Ridge the trouble.

Ridge said that the kids had called him because they had something they wanted to show him. Thomas was carrying a box, and said that it was the last of his grandmother's belongings. He announced that she was moving to Pam's place so the guest room was available, and they wanted to show it to Ridge. Thomas pointedly asked Ridge to return home and move into the guest room.

Ridge said that he didn't want to make a big decision too soon. He thanked Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor. Taylor said that Phoebe would be very happy to see them all together. Thomas teased Steffy about cooking, and said they would make breakfast, and they went off to the kitchen.

Taylor told Ridge that his family was there to support him. Ridge said that he had made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he never thought he would make the mistake of cheating on Brooke. Taylor said that Brooke finally understood the real issue-that Ridge needed to get over Phoebe's death. Taylor said that she realized that she had been wrong for saying that Brooke was shallow and selfish. It was obvious that Brooke really loved Ridge to give him up. Ridge admitted that he would always love Brooke.

Taylor said that she shared Ridge's pain with him. She hugged him and said that she wished she could take all the pain away. She didn't want to put any pressure on him. She wanted him to take care of himself. If he wanted to be alone at the guesthouse, she didn't want to interfere, but she wanted him to know that he could always return home. Ridge said that he needed to be alone for a while.

At Brooke's house, Stephanie stood on Brooke's doorstep. Brooke encouraged Stephanie to "gloat away," because she knew she wouldn't get rid of Stephanie until she had said what she wanted to say. Stephanie said that she was wrong about Brooke. Stephanie added that she wanted to thank Brooke for loving Ridge enough to let him go. Stephanie said that Brooke and Ridge had an impossible situation. Ridge would never forgive or forget about Phoebe, or Rick's involvement with her.

Stephanie thanked Brooke for being unselfish. Brooke told Stephanie she didn't need Stephanie's pity. She had been dealing with Stephanie's insults most of her life. Brooke said she had been in love with Ridge most of her life. Stephanie wondered where Rick had gone. Brooke looked confused, and Stephanie said that Brooke needed someone to be with her.

She reminded Brooke that she, like Brooke, was a mother who loved her son and had also lost the love of her life. Brooke said that she wasn't angry. She felt she had to hold herself together for her children. She couldn't think about the past, and she didn't want to think about the future, because there was nothing there. She said everything in her past was gone. There would never be another man for her. That part of her life was over.

Stephanie told her that wasn't true. Brooke became philosophical. She said that when she was 20, she wasn't in a hurry to do anything and didn't know what she wanted. At 30, she felt strong and happy. At 40, she felt that she had found something wonderful right in her own hands, but it was gone. It was someone else's turn, and her chance at happiness with Ridge was gone.

Stephanie agreed and said that Brooke would be all right. Brooke smiled a sad smile. Stephanie suggested Brooke take a long shower, then put on some makeup and a beautiful dress to start the day. Brooke agreed, and she went upstairs. Stephanie watched, and told herself that Brooke really loved her son and she felt sad for Brooke. After all the years that she had tried to get Brooke out of her life, she felt sorry for Brooke.

In Hawaii, Nick was sitting down to breakfast in the hotel restaurant just a few tables away from Jackie, who was hidden from view by some tall potted plants. Owen entered and noticed Nick, but Owen remained hidden. Owen distracted Jackie and told her they needed to go to the beach. He encouraged Jackie to leave with him.

Bridget met Nick in the restaurant and saw Owen and Jackie leaving. Bridget had just finished her yoga class, and told Nick to go up to the room. She suggested that she would have breakfast delivered. Nick complained that the "yahoos" in the room next door had made too much noise.

While Jackie headed for the beach, Owen checked with the concierge about wedding plans. Bridget saw him, and told him that she didn't like keeping secrets from her husband. She told Owen that he had promised to get out of Hawaii. Owen said he was working on it, and he started walking away. Bridget asked him to keep his bed away from the wall. He smirked and left, never telling Bridget that he was planning to marry Jackie before leaving Hawaii.

At the beach, Owen pressured Jackie to marry him. She said that weddings were a headache to plan, but he insisted that all the planning was done, and all she had to do was show up. Jackie asked when, and Owen said that he was ready as soon as she finished her drink. Jackie didn't want to rush, but Owen kept up the pressure. He said that he was insulted that she was brushing him off.

He said that Nick would never treat him fairly unless he was her husband. Owen said that Nick treated him as if he provided a service like a personal trainer. He told Jackie that he wanted to be more, and he begged Jackie to give him a place in her life, so that Nick couldn't touch them.

Nick went back to his room to call the office and check in with Clarke about Jackie's whereabouts. Clarke announced that he had hacked into Owen's email, and he discovered that Owen purchased airline tickets, but he couldn't find out where. Clarke asked if he was in charge at Jackie M, but Nick said that Stephanie was in charge.

When Bridget returned to the room, Nick said that he was going for a swim. Bridget worried that Nick would run into Owen, so she started taking Nick's clothes off, and asked him to reconsider the swim.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Stephanie stopped by Ridge's office to find Ridge thinking about Brooke. Ridge told his mother that Brooke blamed herself for all the misery that he had been feeling since Phoebe's death. Stephanie said that Brooke had finally realized that Taylor could give Ridge things that Brooke couldn't -- peace of mind and stability. Stephanie said that deep down, Ridge knew that as well.

Stephanie told Ridge that she knew that he had loved Brooke -- but that things were different with Taylor and Taylor's children because they were Ridge's first family. Ridge said that he had tried to be there for Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas after Phoebe's death. Stephanie said she knew that Ridge had been there for them -- but then he would have to leave them to deal with the aftermath of Phoebe's death themselves.

Stephanie suggested that Ridge go back and live with Taylor and the kids, in order to help them deal with their grief. She said that the relationship between Steffy and Rick was a result of anger and grief over Phoebe's death -- and that Steffy had never resolved her grief. Stephanie suggested that Ridge talk with Taylor and see what happened. Ridge left his office.

At Taylor's, Steffy and Thomas noticed that Taylor had been daydreaming. Taylor told her children that she was thinking about Brooke's desire that Taylor and Ridge should reconcile. Taylor wasn't sure if a reconciliation was what Ridge wanted. Thomas said that Ridge wanted to reunite with him, Taylor, and Steffy. Taylor wasn't sure that Ridge was ready to jump right back into another commitment, but Steffy said that he was.

Just when Taylor finished telling Thomas and Steffy not to get their hopes up about Ridge returning, Ridge stopped by and told them that he wanted to move back home -- if they would have him. Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy were thrilled that Ridge was returning. Taylor said that the person who would have been happiest about Ridge's decision was Phoebe, who had wanted them all to be a family again.

At Brooke's, Rick blamed himself for Ridge and Brooke's breakup. Brooke assured her son that it wasn't his fault -- that the problems went back to the night that Phoebe had died. Brooke said that Phoebe's death was a tragic accident, but that her, Rick, and Ridge's pain would heal. The doorbell rang, and Rick retreated to the back. Brooke opened the door to find Stephanie standing there. She told Brooke that Ridge was going back to Taylor.

Stephanie told Brooke that all of Brooke's antics throughout the years had taken their toll on Rick. She added that although Rick acted out his anger towards Ridge, he was really angry at Brooke for the "revolving door" of men in Brooke's life. Stephanie lectured Brooke, telling her that life had consequences, and that Brooke had pushed Rick aside in favor of other men -- most of all, in favor of Ridge. She said that Brooke could not live her life like that and fail to accept the consequences. Stephanie told Brooke that she could empathize with her to an extent -- Stephanie didn't have her company or the man that she truly loved. Stephanie said, however, that Ridge was finally where he belonged, with Taylor, and that Brooke's era with Ridge was over.

In Hawaii, Owen told Jackie that he wanted to be married immediately -- he had arranged everything. Owen was thrilled when Jackie accepted his proposal. Owen and Jackie walked along the beach and met up with the minister who Owen had hired. Owen protested when Jackie gave him a mere peck on the cheek, but Jackie said that she was saving the "real thing" for after the ceremony.

The minister performed a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony on the beach. Jackie and Owen exchanged wedding vows. The minister picked up a container of blue sand, saying that it represented Owen. He then picked up a container of pink sand, saying that it represented Jackie. The minister poured the two containers into a glass, thus mixing together the grains of sand. He then said, "The two shall become one." The minister pronounced Owen and Jackie husband and wife. The newlyweds kissed passionately, as a ukulele player serenaded them.

In Bridget and Nick's hotel room, Bridget was reading a book about Hawaiian culture. She was impressed that Nick knew that Hawaii had once been a monarchy. After the newlyweds made love, Nick asked Bridget if she wanted to join him on the golf course. She declined his invitation, telling him that she wanted to stay in the room and finish reading her book.

While browsing through the book, Bridget saw a picture of a lei called the Wedding Circle of Flowers. She started to say it looked just like the lei that Owen had purchased, but she stopped herself before she said Owen's name. Nick pressed Bridget to find out where she had seen the Wedding Circle of Flowers before. Bridget blurted out that Jackie and Owen were in Hawaii. She said that she had seen Owen earlier, and he was purchasing a Wedding Circle of Flowers. Nick sprinted out of the room, followed by Bridget.

Owen told Jackie that he had another surprise for her. Two men pulled away some palm fronds, revealing a car. Owen said that he was going to whisk them off to their own private cove, where they would spend their honeymoon night. Jackie and Owen hopped into the car, which was decorated with "Just Married" signs and tin cans, and drove off just as Nick and Bridget showed up. Nick screamed for his mother, but the car was already too far off for Jackie to hear him.

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