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Monday, June 22, 2009

In the courtyard at Wyndemere, Nikolas prepared a romantic, fairy tale setting for Rebecca's pleasure. Flowers and champagne greeted her when she arrived gowned is a splendid white formal, similar to the one Emily wore on the night she was murdered.

When Nikolas asked her to waltz, Rebecca demurred because she did not know how. Nikolas said that he would teach her, and he did. After a few missteps, they began to waltz effortlessly. As they twirled through the turns, the scene was very reminiscent of the way Emily and Nikolas waltzed together.

Suddenly, Rebecca halted the dance and told Nikolas that she could not continue. She fled Wyndemere, leaving a golden, high-heeled sandal behind.

Anger led to passion for Sonny and Claudia. They had sex in their living room. After it was over, Sonny said "Never again." Claudia wanted to know why. Sonny said it was because she was treacherous and besides, he still was not sure that the baby was his. Claudia said that Ric was only claiming paternity to hurt Sonny, and he was succeeding because Sonny was falling for it. She assured Sonny that she would get a paternity test as soon as it was safe to do so.

Johnny saved Jason from a sniper who was waiting in ambush in the woods. They were in deep trouble as they fired numerous rounds of bullets at their assailants, who fired back. They were pinned down and running low on ammunition when they decided to make a run for it. Both Jason and Johnny got to their feet and started running while firing their guns.

Voices were raised at Carly's house as Jax restrained Michael. Michael struggled but Jax held firm as he told him to calm down. Carly held a frightened Morgan and urged Jax to be gentle with Michael. Eventually Michael got control of himself and Jax let him go.

Carly was devastated by Michael's behavior. Jax asked both Michael and Morgan to go upstairs so he could talk to Carly.

After the boys went upstairs, Jax and Carly discussed Michael. Jax told Carly that Michael was not having a good effect on her and perhaps it would be better if he lived someplace else. Jax worried that the stress was too much for Carly and the baby to handle.

Upstairs in Michael's room, Morgan wanted to know what had happened to Michael. Michael said that he was still recovering from the surgery and that he could not always control himself. He told Morgan that was the reason that he wanted to live somewhere else. He feared that he would hurt either Morgan or Carly. Morgan did not want Michael to leave. When Michael packed and said that he was going to Sonny's, Morgan begged to go with him.

Michael told Morgan that he had to stay with Carly and Jax and help Carly because she needed him. Morgan seemed to understand when Michael said that they would still see each other every day. Michael asked Morgan to wait a little while before telling Carly and Jax that he was gone. Once Morgan agreed, Michael left through his bedroom window.

Carly told Jax that she wanted everything with Michael to be like it was before. She worried that he did not love her. Jax said the opposite was true. He assured Carly that it was because Michael loved her and trusted her that he felt able to let his anger out in front of her. That gave Carly some reassurance.

Jax said that the stress of Michael's behavior was too much for Carly and he urged her to consider letting Michael live somewhere else. Carly said it hurt her to think that she could not help her son. She feared that he would think that she did not love him or that she was giving up on him.

Carly said that she did not want Michael living with Sonny, not only because of the mob business, but also because she did not want Michael to fall under Claudia's influence. Carly was finally prepared to call Sonny and ask him to take Michael when Morgan went downstairs to tell her that Michael had gone to Sonny's. Carly was heartbroken.

GH Recap Photo 090622 Rebecca ran into Ethan on the docks as she exited the Wyndemere launch. She told him that she was fleeing the fairy tale scene that had just occurred between her and Nikolas. He told her that she was forgetting the first rule of the con, which was not to get involved with the mark.

Rebecca said it was not that, but that while she was waltzing, she had felt like someone else and that she had enjoyed it. She said that she actually felt that she was flying and for an instant she had forgotten everything.

Back at Wyndemere, Alfred found Nikolas in the courtyard. He told Nikolas that he had seen Rebecca leaving on the launch and wondered if anything had gone wrong. Nikolas smiled. He looked at Rebecca's sandal and told Alfred that everything had gone right.

A phone call interrupted Claudia as she and Sonny bickered about Ric. She hastily said it was a wrong number. Sonny was suspicious, but Claudia diverted him by mentioning Olivia.

Before the argument about Olivia could escalate, Johnny walked in to say that he and Jason had been ambushed. Claudia looked at Johnny hopefully, but Jason followed him in and Claudia's face fell.

Out in the woods, a wounded assassin made a phone call for help. He agreed to meet a car on a nearby road.

Ethan and Rebecca were still talking about the effects of the waltz when Nikolas arrived carrying Rebecca's shoe. Ethan made jokes, puns, and fairy tale references until Nikolas politely asked him to leave so that he could talk to Rebecca.

After Ethan left, both Nikolas and Rebecca agreed that something magical had occurred between them. He asked her to go back to Wyndemere and she acquiesced eagerly. They kissed and, as Nikolas helped Rebecca on with her shoe, Lulu and Lucky happened upon them.

Lucky's first comment was that maybe Liz was right. Lulu said that they were both adults and could do what they wanted. Rebecca thanked Lulu for her understanding.

Johnny went back to his garage and Claudia was right behind him. She wanted to know why Jason was still alive. Johnny said the ambush had been meant for both of them and he did not have a choice. He told Claudia that her plan was half-baked just like all her impulsive ideas, which eventually led to a disaster.

Olivia arrived at the garage to check on Johnny. Johnny was glad to see her, but Claudia called her a "cougar" and reminded Olivia that she was old enough to be Johnny's mother. Olivia offered to leave, but Johnny insisted she stay, and he showed Claudia the door instead.

Jason and Sonny were discussing what went wrong and what they were going to do about it when Michael showed up. He begged Sonny to let him stay. Jason made a phone call and left. Sonny called Carly to let het know that Michael was with him. Carly was resigned to the idea when she agreed to let Michael stay with Sonny.

GH Recap Photo 090622 In his bedroom at Wyndemere, Nikolas asked Rebecca if she was having second thoughts about their relationship. She told him that she was not. The shared a smile, deep eye contact, and a long passionate kiss.

Jason met Jax on the docks. Jax said he was glad that Jason had called. They were both worried about Michael's behavior and its effects on Carly. Jason told Jax that it was a very bad time for Michael to be with Sonny. When Jax started condemning Sonny, Jason said he would do whatever it took to keep Michael safe.

Sonny and Michael had a long father and son talk. Michael told Sonny how out of control he felt. Sonny said that it was not Michael's fault because he was still healing. Sonny said that he was proud of his son for regaining control and not letting his illness cause him to do violence to either Carly or Morgan. Michael had tears in his eyes when Sonny hugged him and held him close.

Carly made cocoa for Morgan, but he was gone when she returned to the living room with the cup. She searched for him but he was nowhere to be found. She feared the worst when she found an open window in Michael's room.

Morgan was navigating the woods with a flashlight. The wounded assassin grabbed him and told him to keep quiet so they would both get out of their situation unharmed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Patrick reviewed the medical files for Brianna Hughes, but he had trouble finding any helpful information for the malpractice suit against his brother. Robin told him that he needed to be obsessive and look at the files over and over again-just like she would do.

Patrick called Maxie to assist and provide any valuable information Spinelli had from his investigation. Maxie thought it was ironic that a few months earlier, Robin wouldn't have anything to do with her daughter. Once Robin had completed treatment, she was so involved with Emma that she didn't have time to help Patrick with the malpractice files. Maxie helped out as much as she could and gave Patrick the basic timeline of the mayor's activities on the evening that Brianna had been injured. She also told Patrick that Spinelli and Sam thought there had been foul play involved in Brianna's death.

GH Recap Photo 090623 After Maxie left, Robin started reviewing the files and it wasn't long before she found a very interesting bit of information in the autopsy report. The coroner had found two bruises in the exact same spot on Brianna's skull, which indicated there had been two injuries. Either Brianna had fallen and hit herself on the exact same spot on her head both times, or someone had inflicted the injury on Brianna.

While she waited in Ric's home, Mrs. Floyd talked on the phone to her husband about his lying and cheating. She was tired of being the pony he trotted out for the press. Mrs. Floyd hung up abruptly when Ric entered the room. He was surprised to see her there, but Mrs. Floyd needed Ric's assistance to get the malpractice suit out of the papers. The only way to do that was to convince Matt Hunter to settle or convince Brianna's family to drop the suit. Ric didn't think Matt or Patrick would settle the lawsuit without a fight, and Mrs. Floyd knew she couldn't approach the Hughes family. She thought Ric would be the perfect person to handle Brianna's family, though.

Outside in the woods, Morgan stumbled upon a gangster with a gun. Morgan told him that he was Sonny Corinthos' son, and the man would be killed if anything happened to any of Sonny's children. The man couldn't believe his lucky day to find a Corinthos child in the woods. Morgan noticed the man was bleeding, and the man said that Morgan's namesake had been the one who had shot him. Morgan realized that the stranger was an enemy if Jason had shot him. The man tried to get Morgan to help him with the navigator on his phone, and, although Morgan was much more tech-savvy than the mobster from Bensonhurst, there was no need for all the bells and whistles. Morgan knew just where he was going, and that the road and Sonny's house were only a half a mile further through the woods.

Meanwhile, Carly searched the house frantically, but Morgan was nowhere to be found. Carly called Michael's cell phone; Michael initially thought his mother was just calling to check on him. Michael and Carly realized Morgan and crawled out of his bedroom window to follow his brother. Michael suspected Morgan was in the woods on the path to Sonny's house, but that was the first time Carly had been made aware of the path between the two houses.

Against Carly's better judgment, she grabbed a flashlight and her cell phone and headed for the woods. Michael was going to start searching for Morgan starting at Sonny's house, and they would meet in the middle. It wasn't long before Carly found Morgan, but the stranger grabbed the child to use as a hostage when he saw Carly. Just when Morgan was released to Carly, Michael stumbled upon the group and tried to wrestle the mobster to the ground.

Carly started to use her flashlight as a weapon, but it was quickly evident that the mobster had the upper hand. The man said he didn't want to hurt any of them, though. He said it was very honorable for Carly to protect her children with something as insignificant as a flashlight. The man wanted them to tell Sonny that he had not hurt them. Although he could have easily killed them, he chose not to. It was a debt Sonny might have to repay one day.

At Sonny's house, Claudia was thrilled that Michael would be living with them. Sonny wanted to set some ground rules with her, though. She was never to talk about business in front of Michael, and he was not to find out about the paternity issues involving Ric, Sonny, and Claudia.

Sonny's priority was finding out who tipped off the Zacchara lieutenants and ambushed Jason and Johnny. Claudia didn't expect Sonny to accuse her of any wrongdoing, because her own brother had also been targeted. That fact didn't fool Sonny, though. He made it very clear that whoever was responsible for the ambush would be eliminated.

GH Recap Photo 090623 Claudia started to panic when she realized Sonny had picked up the phone to call Johnny. Although Sonny had already heard Jason's side of the story, he also wanted to hear what Johnny had to say to see if there were any discrepancies. It was Sonny's turn to be annoyed when Olivia answered Johnny's phone. It was evident through the phone that Olivia and Johnny were in the middle of a very passionate moment, but Sonny didn't care. He told Olivia that Johnny needed to get to his house as soon as possible.

As much as he didn't want to, Johnny finally pulled himself away from Olivia and left for Sonny's house. Even if he returned late, Olivia still made him promise to return. Once Johnny arrived at Sonny's, Claudia greeted him before Sonny could. She warned him that Sonny was trying to see if there were any differences between Johnny and Jason's versions of events. Johnny wasn't dumb, and even without Claudia's warning, he was prepared for Sonny to question him.

It was very late when Johnny was finally able to leave Sonny's house. He had to knock several times before Olivia woke up and answered the door. Johnny wanted to know if there was any truth to Claudia's accusations about Olivia and Sonny. Olivia told Johnny that she had already had her turn with Sonny Corinthos and had a shirt to prove that she had survived. Olivia also said that she never chased after married men, and she would be honest and admit it if she really did want Sonny.

Nikolas and Rebecca passionately stripped each other of their clothing and frantically made love. Afterwards, they fell asleep. Rebecca dreamt that she walked into the garden and saw Emily with Nikolas. In the dream, Emily apologized to Rebecca and said she couldn't let her sister have Nikolas.

When Nikolas woke up, he found Rebecca sitting out in the garden. He entered the courtyard and sat next to her on a bench. Rebecca said she had called the hospital to check her schedule. It had been hard to re-enter reality after the dream-like night Nikolas had prepared for her. It had been like living a dream, but it was someone else's dream-Emily's.

Nikolas and Rebecca left the garden and walked back into the bedroom. Rebecca was going to get dressed and leave. She was afraid that staying too late would ruin the good thing they had going. Nikolas had a different way of looking at it, though. His experience had shown that you never knew how much time you had with the ones you loved.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

At the hospital, Epiphany was surprised to learn that Patrick and Robin had spent their evening poring over Brianna Hughes's autopsy report. Patrick revealed that they suspected Brianna had been murdered. When Epiphany spotted Andrea Floyd near the elevators, she gave Patrick and Robin a heads-up and then walked away. Moments later, Andrea approached the doctors.

GH Recap Photo 090624 Andrea confessed that she had hired a private investigator to follow her husband. Patrick wondered why Andrea had felt compelled to volunteer such personal information to him. Andrea explained that she couldn't afford for the details of Sam McCall's investigation to become public knowledge. Andrea begged Patrick to settle the lawsuit with Brianna's family. Patrick was sympathetic; however, Patrick's priority was saving his own career, not the mayor's.

A few hours later, Patrick and Robin went to see Mayor Floyd. They waited in his office until the mayor had joined them. Patrick explained that they had a few questions about Brianna's injury. Mayor Floyd bristled at the idea of being questioned by doctors about the death of his mistress. However, he changed his mind when Robin suggested having her uncle Mac ask the questions instead.

Patrick told the mayor that Brianna had sustained two injuries, in the same area of her head. Patrick wondered if perhaps the mayor had struck Brianna, in the heat of the moment, after she had threatened to reveal their affair. Mayor Floyd was stunned to learn of the second head injury. He confided to the doctors that he had loved Brianna and had been prepared to divorce his wife. Mayor Floyd desperately wanted to know who had murdered his lover.

Patrick and Robin compared notes after they had returned to the hospital. Patrick believed that the mayor had told the truth, but Robin continued to have doubts. A confrontation between Andrea and Matt distracted them.

Matt was livid when Epiphany blocked his efforts to enter his office. Epiphany explained that Diane Miller had subpoenaed medical records, so no one was permitted into the office until the records had been removed. Matt tried to reason with Epiphany. He pointed out that he had other patient files in his office that he needed access to, but Epiphany wasn't swayed.

GH Recap Photo 090624 Maxie lurked around a corner and eavesdropped on the conversation between Matt and Epiphany. As soon as Matt and Epiphany walked away, Maxie dashed to Matt's office door. She was in the process of picking the lock when Toussaint DuBois approached her. Toussaint asked Maxie what she was doing. Maxie explained that she had been hoping to surprise Matt. Luckily for Maxie, Matt came along and corroborated her story.

Maxie waited until she and Matt were out of Toussaint's eyesight before she pulled away from Matt and made it clear that she was not available. Matt took the opportunity to apologize to Maxie for his behavior the last time that he had seen her. Maxie pointed out that he needed to apologize to Spinelli. Matt agreed with Maxie and then asked her why she had tried to break into his office.

Maxie confided that she had been helping Spinelli to investigate Brianna's death. Matt appreciated hearing that she and Spinelli didn't think he was responsible for his patient's demise. Maxie cautioned Matt not to get too happy because, despite his innocence, she didn't have any intention of dating him. Matt seemed to take the reminder as an invitation to charm her. Eventually Matt managed to cajole Maxie into agreeing to follow him on Twitter.

In Ric's office, Ric advised Andrea to allow the malpractice suit to play out. Andrea refused to consider Ric's suggestion. She was certain that her husband could be a governor one day, barring any scandals.

After Andrea left Ric's office, she tracked Matt down at the hospital. Near the nurse's station, Andrea angrily confronted Matt. She accused Matt of incompetence and blamed him for jeopardizing her husband's career. Andrea was in such a rage that she followed the blistering words with a vicious slap across Matt's face.

At the Davis residence, Sam tried to talk to Kristina about her sister's rebellious behavior. Sam was certain that Kristina was crying out for attention. Kristina realized that her sister had been talking to Jason. She tried to convince Sam that Jason had blown things out of proportion. Sam didn't buy it; she pointed out that stealing their mother's car was a serious matter. Alexis' arrival didn't bode well for Kristina.

Alexis soon launched into a plea for Kristina to keep her distance from Michael. Sam drank everything in as Alexis reminded Kristina of her priorities. Alexis wanted Kristina to keep her "eye on the prize."

At Greystone Manor, Claudia hovered out of sight while she listened as Michael told Jason about the man who had grabbed Morgan. After Claudia slipped away, Michael offered to help Jason find the man. Michael informed Jason that he wanted to be a part of Sonny's business. Jason strongly opposed the idea; he believed that Michael didn't have a full understanding of what Sonny's business was about. Michael felt betrayed by Jason's lack of support and stormed out of the room.

Claudia returned to her bedroom, where her hired gunman rested. Claudia grabbed a nearby pillow and then tried to smother the injured man. Unfortunately for Claudia, the Bensonhurst mobster wasn't as weak as she had anticipated. He managed to pull the pillow away from his face before he angrily demanded to know what Claudia was doing. Claudia didn't apologize for trying to kill him. She wanted him to give her one good reason not to turn him over to her guards. The gunman pointed out that he wouldn't hesitate to take her down with him.

Claudia switched gears, as she demanded to know what had gone wrong with the hit on Jason. The gunman revealed that Johnny had saved Jason's life by aiding Jason during the shoot-out. He wondered whose side Claudia's brother was on.

Shortly afterwards, Claudia showed up at Johnny's garage in a fit of rage. Johnny didn't apologize to his sister for helping Jason. Johnny pointed out that had Jason died, the first thing Sonny would have done was kill Johnny. Johnny asked Claudia if she had even considered the possibility of that outcome. Claudia's silence confirmed to Johnny that she had not. Johnny reminded Claudia that, for better or worse, they were both Sonny's soldiers for the foreseeable future. He advised Claudia to deal with it.

Shortly after Jason arrived at his penthouse, Sam showed up on his doorstep. She told Jason about her talk with Kristina, and Alexis' arrival home. Sam realized that their mother was pressuring Kristina, and Kristina was acting out as a result. Sam warned Jason that they were going to have their hands full with Kristina and Michael.

GH Recap Photo 090624 Jason admitted that he had felt like a hypocrite because he had refused to mentor Michael, yet, years earlier, Jason had made the same request of Sonny. Jason recalled resenting everyone who had warned Jason not to work for Sonny. Sam refused to allow Jason to beat himself up. She assured Jason that providing Michael with a viable alternative trumped being a hypocrite "any day of the week."

Kristina went to Greystone Manor to see her brother. Michael was happy to see his sister, but wondered how she had managed to make it Sonny's house. Kristina bragged that she had stolen her mother's spare car. As the siblings talked, Michael confided that he wanted to join their father's organization. Kristina's jaw dropped at the pronouncement. Before she could recover, they heard Alexis' voice call out.

Kristina had vanished by the time Alexis had entered the room. Alexis sat down with Michael to explain that Kristina was an exemplary student and, therefore, had a bright future ahead of her. Alexis didn't want any opportunities to slip through Kristina's fingers because of poor choices. Michael took offense; he accused Alexis of not wanting Kristina's "brain damaged brother" any where near his sister. Before Alexis could respond, Claudia walked in.

Claudia didn't bother to ask what was going on; she simply ordered Alexis to leave Michael alone and then ordered her out of the house. Alexis refused to be bullied by Claudia. She warned Claudia that she would do whatever was necessary to protect Kristina. Alexis made it clear that Claudia had absolutely no say in Kristina's future. Claudia warned Alexis that Kristina was a poster child for rebellion, because Alexis continued to keep her away from Sonny. Alexis had no intention of allowing her daughter to become the second victim of a bullet meant for Sonny. Alexis also made it clear that she refused to allow Kristina near Claudia.

After his confrontation with Alexis, Michael went to Johnny's garage. Michael wanted Johnny to teach him what he needed to know in order to become a part of Sonny's organization. Johnny told Michael that he would not be the cause of Michael being shot again. Johnny and Michael were startled when Jason walked in and asked Johnny to clarify his comment.

Kristina stumbled across Claudia's hired gunman in Greystone Manor. The gunman immediately grabbed Kristina and warned her to cooperate.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

At the hospital, Ric interceded when Andrea demanded that Matt settle the malpractice case filed by the Hughes family. Ric warned Andrea that she was making a bad situation worse. He also reminded Andrea that Matt and Patrick had the right to defend themselves in court. Andrea insisted that the case would ruin her husband's career if it went to court. When Robin and Patrick approached, Robin suggested that Andrea step away with her. Robin hoped a little distance would help Andrea calm down.

Andrea apologized to Robin for her outburst. Robin sympathized with Andrea's dilemma; however, Robin refused to jeopardize Patrick's career for the sake of the mayor's. Robin warned the mayor's wife that things were likely to get worse.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Matt asked Ric to represent them in the malpractice suit. Before Ric could respond, Diane walked up. She handed Patrick and Matt legal documents, while she explained that all of the paperwork in Brianna Hughes's wrongful death case had been filed. Matt suggested that she discuss the case with their attorney and then gestured to Ric.

Ric explained that he couldn't represent the brothers because he had planned to leave town. According to Ric, he had received an offer that he couldn't refuse. Diane was stunned by the announcement. She gave chase when Ric walked away. Diane was eager to know if Ric had told Alexis the news.

Robin rejoined her husband and brother-in-law. They realized that it was imperative for them to prove that Brianna had been murdered.

Maxie was furious when she walked into Spinelli's office and found him embracing another woman. Maxie's anger turned to disbelief when the woman was revealed to be Mercedes. Spinelli revealed that Mercedes' cousin worked at Metro Court and was a possible witness to Brianna Hughes's death. Mercedes' cousin was reluctant to step forward because of immigration issues, so Spinelli had agreed to help resolve her problems. Mercedes had been thanking Spinelli when Maxie walked in.

After Mercedes left, Maxie apologized to Spinelli for misreading the situation. She told him that she didn't want to be one of those girls who couldn't handle her "boyfriend" being around other women. Spinelli was startled that Maxie had referred to him as a boyfriend. Before he could talk to Maxie about it, Robin and Patrick walked in. Maxie was miffed at the interruption. She told Robin that she and Spinelli had been in the middle of something. Robin and Patrick were unapologetic as they explained that the clock on the Hughes case was ticking.

Spinelli perked up. He had new information to share with Robin and Patrick about the case. It seemed that Brianna had a secret bank account. According to Spinelli, over one hundred thousand dollars had been transferred into Brianna's account from the mayor's private account. Robin speculated that the money could indicate a possible blackmail scheme. Spinelli suggested that blackmail would be a motive for murder.

At Wyndemere, Liz walked in while Nikolas finished up a business call. Liz realized that Nikolas' plan to fly to Zurich the following month was a tactic to persuade a business associate to provide information rather than excuses. Nikolas' ego took a hit because Liz had easily seen through his strategy. Nikolas confessed that he would love to work with Liz. Liz knew that Nikolas wasn't serious about the offer.

Liz confessed that the reason she had stopped by was to ask Nikolas to sponsor Cameron in a walkathon to raise money for his school. Nikolas offered to give one hundred dollars. Liz thought the flat fee was generous. Nikolas clarified that he had meant one hundred dollars per lap, not as a flat fee. Liz insisted that it was too much money. She thought fifty cents to a dollar per lap would be more appropriate. As Nikolas sat down to fill out the form, he asked if she would mind if he added Rebecca's name to the fundraising form.

Nikolas sensed that Liz wasn't thrilled with the idea. Nikolas told Liz that if she loathed the woman he was with then it would make things difficult for him. Liz explained that whenever Nikolas did something to prove how wonderful he was, she was further convinced that Rebecca didn't deserve him. As Liz left, Nikolas asked her to take pictures of Cameron's walkathon for him.

Carly found Jax waiting for her when she arrived home. Jack became worried when Carly began apologizing and explaining that she had wanted to make certain that the baby was okay. He listened quietly while Carly told him about Morgan's disappearance and the encounter, in the woods, that she and Michael had with a gunman. Jax was upset because Carly had not told him about it sooner. Carly claimed that she hadn't had the opportunity.

Jax and Carly sat down to talk about what they would do with Michael. Jax revealed that Jason had warned him that trouble was brewing. Jax suspected that the gunman was a part of the trouble that Jason had expected. When Jax suggested sending Michael to boarding school, Carly refused to consider it. She felt that she had finally connected with Michael for the first time since he had emerged from the coma. Carly didn't want to risk alienating Michael by sending him away.

At Johnny's garage, Jason was curious what Johnny had meant when he said that he didn't want to be the cause of Michael being shot again. Johnny easily covered the slip by suggesting that they had all been somewhat responsible for what had happened to Michael. Michael realized, by Johnny's response, that Johnny didn't have any intention of helping Michael to become a mobster. Jason made it clear to Michael that he would do everything in his power to keep Michael out of Sonny's organization. When Michael tried to play Johnny against Jason, Jason called him on it.

Michael asked Jason what had happened to him. Michael said that he had trusted Jason until Jason began following Michael around. Jason clarified that he was at the garage to see Johnny, not because he had followed Michael. Michael demanded to know why Jason objected to him joining the organization.

It was Johnny who responded on Jason's behalf. Johnny explained that Sonny had taken a brain-damaged kid, not much older than Michael, and had turned him into his enforcer. According to Johnny, Sonny had done it for himself and the organization. However, if anyone had done the same thing to Michael, Sonny would have had that person "taken care of" in a heartbeat.

Michael turned to Jason for confirmation. He asked if Jason would have made a different choice if he had everything to do over again. Jason explained that his situation had been different than Michael's. Michael would eventually recover from his injury. He appreciated that Michael felt as if everyone was trying to control him. However, Jason regretted cutting off the Quartermaines; he considered it one of his worst mistakes. Jason felt compelled to stop Michael from throwing his life away. Jason believed that he had failed to protect Michael once, so he refused to let it happen again.

Kristina found herself alone, in Claudia's bedroom, with Dominic, the gunman Claudia had hired. Dominic asked Kristina why she didn't want Sonny to know that she was in the house. Kristina explained that she had stopped by to visit her brother, but didn't want her mother to find out. Kristina worried that if Alexis learned of the unscheduled visit, she would never allow Kristina near Sonny or Michael again. Dominic considered that more than enough information.

Kristina demanded to know what Dominic wanted from her. Dominic had a long list of things that he desired, but he decided to settle on medical supplies, a car, and food. Kristina admitted that she couldn't help him obtain any of those things. Dominic realized that Kristina was useless to him, so he offered her the opportunity to leave. Kristina had a change of heart. Before she dashed out of the bedroom, she promised to help him.

GH Recap Photo 090625 In the living room, Claudia and Alexis argued about Kristina. Claudia observed that Alexis didn't have any understanding of the relationship between a brother and sister. Alexis informed Claudia that she was mistaken; Alexis once had a brother, Stefan. Claudia was curious why, if Alexis understood the bond between siblings, Alexis was determined to keep Kristina and Michael apart. Alexis explained that she merely wanted Michael and Kristina to have supervised visits, in Alexis' home, until Michael was fully recovered. As a mother, Alexis felt it was her responsibility to set limits for her child. Alexis also objected to Claudia's presence in Kristina's life.

As Sonny walked in, he suggested he was the person that Alexis had a problem with, not Claudia. Alexis told Sonny that Michael had lured Kristina to a bar. Sonny didn't understand why Alexis considered that a problem. Alexis reminded Sonny that Michael and Kristina were minors; it was illegal for them to hang out in bars. Sonny didn't see the harm in his children playing pool in a bar. Alexis was frustrated by Sonny's lack of concern. Sonny, in turn, felt that Alexis was being unreasonable.

Claudia decided to leave while Sonny and Alexis battled it out. Sonny accused Alexis of trying to cut Kristina out of his life. Alexis insisted that she wanted to keep her daughter safe. Sonny asked Alexis if Kristina's safety had been on her mind when Alexis had been bedding Jerry Jacks. Alexis responded with, "touché" and then pointed out that she had eventually realized the error of her ways. Sonny insisted that he was through letting Alexis have her way. Sonny refused to allow Alexis to cut Kristina out of her brother's life when Michael needed her.

Neither parent was aware that Kristina lurked nearby. Kristina listened as Alexis tried to reason with Sonny. Alexis was concerned about Michael's bouts of anger. Sonny promised that Michael would eventually recover. Alexis wasn't swayed; she pointed out that Sonny had raised Michael to be just like him. Alexis refused to put Kristina's life at risk for the sake of Michael. Alexis begged Sonny, if he truly loved Kristina, to do what was best for their daughter.

Kristina returned to Claudia's room with food and medical supplies. Dominic was disappointed to learn that Kristina had not been able to secure a set of car keys for him. Kristina ignored Dominic's complaint; the argument, between her parents, which she had overheard, distracted her. Dominic's concern grew when Kristina let it slip that her mother was the district attorney. As Kristina prattled on about her family problems, she admitted that she believed her mother hated her father. In Kristina's mind, that also meant that Alexis hated a part of Kristina.

GH Recap Photo 090625 Jason took Michael home to Sonny. Sonny was happy to see them both until Jason revealed that Michael had decided that he wanted to be a part of Sonny's organization after he had faced a gunman. Michael bragged that he had been calm under pressure. Sonny was outraged that his son had been in such danger. He ordered Jason to hunt the gunman down. After Jason left, Sonny made it clear to Michael that he didn't have any intention of turning his organization over to any of his children. Sonny did not want Michael involved in mob business.

When Alexis returned to her office, she found Diane waiting for her. Diane warned Alexis that the paperwork for the Hughes malpractice suit had been filed. Diane also dropped the bombshell that Ric intended to leave town. Alexis was shocked. She worried that the news would break Molly's heart. Alexis explained that Molly and Ric were close, unlike Kristina and Sonny. Diane asked Alexis if she considered Ric's move to be good news or bad news. Alexis didn't have a response.

Claudia went to Johnny's garage to enlist his help with spiriting Dominic out of Sonny's home. Johnny was livid that Claudia had hidden her injured hit man under Sonny's roof. He reminded Claudia what the consequences were if Sonny discovered the man in his home. Claudia ignored her brother's ranting. She told him that her plan was for one of them to distract Sonny while the other helped Dominic slip out of the house. Johnny realized that he had little choice but to help his sister.

After Claudia left Johnny's garage, she went to the hospital. She was not happy when she noticed Ric approaching her. She threatened retaliation if he had questioned her doctor. Ric advised Claudia to relax; he had good news for her. Claudia was stunned when Ric informed her that he was moving to Los Angeles.

However, Ric warned her that he intended to follow up on the paternity test. Ric promised to return for his child if it turned out to be his. Ric refused to allow Sonny to raise his child. Claudia suggested that Ric watch is back; she revealed that Anthony Zacchara had friends in L.A.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Claudia pretended not to know Dominic when she walked into her bedroom and found Kristina and the hit man together. Kristina begged Claudia not to tell Sonny. Claudia made a fuss about Sonny having a right to know, but ultimately agreed to keep Kristina's secret. As Claudia led Kristina out of her room, Claudia turned back to Dominic and made it clear that she intended to deal with him when she returned. Once they were outside, Kristina confided that she felt pressured by her mother. Claudia promised not to say anything to Kristina's parents in exchange for Kristina's agreement not to return to Greystone Manor unless Sonny asked to see his daughter.

Johnny tried to help Dominic slip out of Sonny's house, undetected. Dominic had other ideas; he wondered why he should leave the comforts of Sonny's home.

Later, Johnny met Olivia at her apartment. Olivia and Johnny couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Within moments they were making love. Afterwards, while Olivia prepared to return to work, she invited Johnny to make himself at home. Olivia wanted to spend more time with Johnny after work. Johnny seemed a bit uncomfortable with the idea of hanging out in her apartment alone, but didn't follow her out the door.

Patrick, Robin, Spinelli, and Maxie went to the Port Charles police station to share their findings with Mac. Mac and Alexis were stunned to learn that Brianna had received a substantial amount of money from the mayor's bank account and that her injuries were not consistent with the mayor's story. Spinelli agreed that Brianna had been murdered; however, he was not convinced of the mayor's guilt. Alexis asked Spinelli who his prime suspect was. Spinelli was forced to admit that he didn't have one, so Alexis decided to ask a judge to issue an arrest warrant for Mayor Floyd.

A short time later, Alexis returned to the squad room to let everyone know that the judge had agreed to hear her petition. After Alexis left, Mac decided to take everyone's statements. Patrick and Robin were confident that Brianna's murder had been solved. Minutes later, Kristina walked into the station, looking for her mother. Kristina was disappointed when she realized that Alexis had forgotten their appointment to spend the day together, so that Kristina could see Alexis at work.

When Alexis returned to the station, the press corps was gathered in the squad room. According to one of the reporters, they had been told that an arrest was imminent. When the mayor strolled in, the reporters swarmed around him. Everyone froze as Mac reminded the mayor of his Miranda rights. When Mac finished, one of the reporters asked the mayor if he had a comment. Mayor Floyd dropped a bombshell; Alexis couldn't prosecute him because they had once been lovers.

At the mayor's announcement, Kristina's jaw dropped. Kristina stared at her mother with an expression of utter disbelief.

Spinelli and Maxie returned to his office. Spinelli continued to be plagued by doubts. He believed that the case had fit together far too easily. Maxie was more interested in discussing their relationship. She wanted to celebrate their success, so she kissed Spinelli enthusiastically. Surprisingly, Spinelli pulled away from her.

Lulu and Ethan arrived at Kelly's ahead of Liz, Lucky, and their children. Lucky was annoyed when he realized that Lulu had invited Ethan to a family get-together. Lulu took the opportunity to introduce Cameron and Jake to their new uncle. Lucky didn't appreciate Lulu blindsiding him. After the children were settled down to play, Lucky confronted his sister. Liz reminded Lucky that Lulu's heart had been in the right place. Lulu accused Lucky of being prejudiced against Ethan then stormed away with Ethan in tow.

As Liz and Lucky turned back to the children, they noticed that Jason was with them. Jason scooped up Jake and walked towards them. As he handed Jake to Liz, she asked him how Michael was doing. Meanwhile, Jake babbled away while the adults tried to talk. Jason smiled at his son. Before he walked away, Jason asked Lucky to take care of Jake. Lucky nodded that he would. When Jason was gone, Lucky asked if Liz was okay. She seemed a bit unsettled, but she assured Lucky that she was fine.

Inside Kelly's, Liz and Lucky sat down. Lucky admitted that the reason he couldn't tolerate Ethan was because Ethan was a constant reminder that Luke had been unfaithful to Laura. Liz suggested that perhaps Lucky was really angry with Liz for cheating on him with Jason and having his son.

Jason went to see Carly to tell her about Michael's desire to join Sonny's organization. Carly wanted Jason to have another talk with Michael, but Jason didn't think it would be effective. He explained that Michael considered him a hypocrite and therefore would likely do the opposite of what he advised. Carly revealed that she had been toying with the idea of Michael moving in with the Quartermaines. She was more certain than ever that it would be the best solution for everyone.

Carly went to talk to the Quartermaines about Michael moving in with them. Monica and Edward were delighted by Carly's suggestion. Carly explained that she had certain stipulations. Carly expected full access to her son; the Quartermaines could not badmouth Carly, Sonny, or Jason; and everyone would treat Michael with love and respect. Monica and Edward readily agreed to Carly's terms.

Tracy, on the other hand, was less than enthusiastic. She suspected that Carly had an ulterior motive for consenting to let Michael live with them. Edward and Monica quickly hushed Tracy. After Carly left, Tracy reminded Monica and Edward that Michael had been raised as a Corinthos. She warned them not to expect him to act like a Quartermaine. Monica confessed that she didn't think Carly would follow through on the offer.

Monica was surprised when Jason walked in moments later. Monica chased Edward out of the room, so that she could talk privately with Jason. Monica wanted to know what had prompted Carly's offer. Jason explained Michael's situation, specifically the bouts of anger that Michael had experienced. Monica found it all eerily familiar. She vowed that she would not make the same mistakes with Michael that she had made with Jason. When Edward returned to the room, he suggested that Jason set an example for Michael by moving in with them.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Michael argued about Michael's desire to join the organization. Sonny refused to risk his son's life again. Michael insisted that he wanted to be like his father. That was the last thing that Sonny wanted.

Michael tried to suggest that Sonny viewed Michael as flawed because of his brain damage. Sonny resented the accusation. Michael then accused Sonny of rejecting him because he wasn't Sonny's biological child. Sonny admitted that Michael was more like him than his other children. Sonny considered Michael a strong and fiercely loyal person who defended those he loved.

Later, Sonny told Claudia about Michael's desire to follow in his father's footsteps. Sonny admitted that he felt a distance between Michael and himself. Claudia advised Sonny to bridge the gap by giving Michael what he wanted. Sonny opted to call for Max instead.

Outside, Michael ran into Kristina. Michael told his sister about the recent argument that he'd had with their father. Kristina accused Sonny of dumping her off on Alexis. She told Michael that Sonny was known for getting what he wanted. She had no alternative but to believe that their father didn't want her, because he had never fought to be a part of her life. Michael defended Sonny. He explained to Kristina that Sonny's only desire was to keep his children safe and that his distance from Kristina had been for her protection.

Sonny surprised Michael with a brand new sports car. Michael was thrilled with the extravagant gift, despite not having a permit to drive. Sonny urged Michael to sit in the driver's seat, so that he could get a feel for his new car. While Michael climbed into the snazzy sports car, Carly approached. Her smile dropped when she learned that Sonny had given Michael the car.

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