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Monday, June 22, 2009

Taylor woke Ridge up and told him how much she enjoyed making love to him. Taylor gushed about the experience and said she had really missed Ridge. She was delighted they had found their way back to one another. It was clear from the puzzled look on Ridge's face that he did not fully remember their encounter.

Ridge told Taylor the night was a little fuzzy. It went right over her head, and she said it had been unexpected for her, too. She happily trotted off to the kitchen to make breakfast for the two of them while Ridge sat holding his aching head in his hands. Across the room he noticed his clothes piled up in the corner and Taylor's pill bottle sticking out of his pocket.

Taylor returned with a breakfast tray and, after a few minutes, noted that Ridge hadn't touched his food. Ridge repeated that the night they shared was still a little fuzzy. Taylor said she saw that Ridge had a few glasses of wine, but she didn't think that should have made him that out of it. Ridge said he thought he might have a little bit of a hangover.

Taylor asked Ridge to please tell her that he remembered that the two of them had made love. Ridge said he did remember, and that he also remembered how supportive Taylor was. Ridge told Taylor he needed to take a shower and see if he could clear the cobwebs from his head. She chuckled and left the room as Ridge headed to the shower.

On her way out, Taylor tripped on Ridge's pants, and saw the bottle of pills in his pocket. She took out the bottle and was shocked to see the pill bottle was totally empty. Taylor put two and two together and realized why Ridge was so groggy.

When Ridge got out of the shower, Taylor showed him the empty pill bottle and confronted Ridge. She asked him if he had taken all the pills. Ridge said he knew he had taken some, but didn't recall how many.

Taylor was very troubled when she realized Ridge didn't recall all the details of their night together and had acted out of a pill-induced fog. She remembered he had also been drinking and became even more upset. She chastised Ridge and reminded him that she asked him to tell her if he needed more anxiety medication. Ridge replied he didn't think it was a big deal.

Taylor explained to Ridge that he said and did things that made her believe they connected on a real level. She realized after discovering the empty pill bottle that what happened between them wasn't real at all, and never should have happened. Ridge said nothing in his own defense.

Ridge said he and Brooke had promised to be honest with one another, and he felt he had to tell Brooke what had happened between them. Taylor begged Ridge not to tell Brooke. She predicted the Brooke would get the wrong idea and think Taylor took advantage of Ridge in his compromised state.

Ridge said the two of them would know that wasn't the case. Taylor asked Ridge if he remembered any of the wonderful things he said to her the night before. Ridge stared blankly at Taylor as he grasped for a memory, but came up empty. Taylor was angry at herself for being fooled. She realized their lovemaking meant nothing to Ridge.

Ridge tried to comfort Taylor and said he cared for her deeply, and their lovemaking came out of all the good things they had shared over the years. Taylor said it wasn't the same. She was hoping for a fairy tale ending and didn't get it.

Nick woke Bridget up and asked if she remembered what the next day would be. Still half asleep, Bridget mumbled something about a dentist appointment and that she had to pick up her dry cleaning. Nick asked if she could possibly fit in a wedding somewhere in between her errands. Bridget chuckled groggily and said she would try to squeeze him in.

Nick added the he had asked Rick to be his best man. Bridget was touched and said she had someone in mind to stand up for her as well.

Owen and Jackie kissed and cuddled. Jackie accused Owen of being insatiable, and he replied that it was her fault for being irresistible. They giggled and kissed some more. Jackie said she wished Nick could see how happy Owen made her. Jackie believed that if only he could see the two of them together, Nick would accept their relationship.

Jackie decided that despite Nick's wishes, she intended to walk into Nick and Bridget's wedding with Owen on her arm. Owen asked if she realized that would make their relationship public. Jackie insisted she wanted the world to know Owen was her fiancÚ.

Nick walked in and found Jackie and Owen making out. He asked if the two of them ever stopped, and Owen admitted they didn't. Nick said Owen should enjoy it while he could because Owen's days of pawing Jackie were numbered.

Nick reaffirmed that Owen was not invited to his wedding. Nick continued that if Owen did show up at Nick's wedding, Owen would be leaving on a stretcher. Nick added to Jackie that if she showed up with a kid on her arm, she would be a laughing stock.

Donna and Pam regaled the rest of the Forrester clan with the story of their big adventure on The Price is Right. Pam explained her idea of giving Forrester gowns as prizes on the show, and the family reminded Pam it was not her job to make executive choices. Eric asked if anyone had seen Ridge. Brooke admitted that Ridge had spent the night at the guesthouse. She explained that she had been on her way to visit him the night before, but Stephanie stopped her.

Felicia and Thorne expressed concern for Brooke and asked how she was handling the fact that Ridge moved out. Brooke insisted it was only temporary. Pam asked if her little boo-boo on the marriage license was the problem. Brooke admitted while Pam's clerical error certainly didn't help matters, that it didn't matter in the long run. The license was just a piece of paper, Brooke explained, and she still considered herself married to Ridge. Pam noted that the State of California would beg to differ with her.

Donna suggested that Ridge just needed a little time alone to sort things out. Brooke said she hoped that was the case. But Brooke was puzzled about why Ridge hadn't shown up at work, and wondered what on Earth he could be doing.

Brooke got a text message from Bridget requesting that Eric and Brooke meet Bridget at Nick's house. The two of them left to see their daughter.

When Eric and Brooke arrived at Bridget's, she said she needed two things from Eric, his blessing and to have her dad walk her down the aisle. Although Eric had reservations about Bridget taking yet another trip down the aisle with Nick, he agreed to her requests and said he could not say no to her.

Bridget asked Brooke to be her maid of honor, and said Brooke was the most important woman in her life. Brooke was thrilled to accept. Bridget showed her parents her wedding gown. They loved the design and asked Bridget who the designer was. When Bridget admitted she had designed it herself, the three of them beamed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

by Pam

Bridget and Nick chatted about their wedding plans, and Bridget desperately wanted Nick to tell her about the honeymoon, but Nick said it was a surprise. Bridget said she didn't know what to pack, but Nick said that she didn't need to worry. He told her that all she had to worry about were the vows. They discussed that Eric would walk Bridget down the aisle; Brooke would be the matron of honor; and Rick was the best man. Bridget asked about Jackie and Owen, and Nick said Jackie would be there but Owen was not invited. Nick insisted that Owen was out to get his mother's money, and would break her heart.

In Jackie's office, Owen worried to Jackie that Nick didn't want him at the wedding, and Jackie asked Owen to trust her. She told Owen that she would handle Nick. She said that it was ridiculous that Nick forbade Owen to attend, but Owen needed to let Jackie talk to Nick. She left to find Nick.

Bridget met with Owen. He told Bridget that he felt sorry for her marrying Nick for the third time. Owen whined that Nick was threatening him about showing up at the wedding. Bridget agreed it was not a good idea for him to attend. Owen warned that Nick had threatened him one too many times. Owen said Nick needed to back off, or else. Bridget asked what he meant. Owen said he could only be pushed so far, and Nick had pushed too hard. Owen warned that he would push back. Bridget said she didn't want a scene at her wedding.

Jackie visited Nick and begged him to accept that Owen made her happy. She reiterated that Owen was her fiancÚ, and she wanted him to attend the wedding with her. She reminded Nick that she felt alive ever since she met Owen. Nick said they knew nothing about Owen. Nick was convinced that Owen was another Deacon Sharpe with a hot body and a lot of charm.

Jackie disagreed. She said she trusted Owen, and she believed in him. Even if he broke her heart, she said, he had made her happy and alive after she had spent years without anyone. She was happy to have a man in her life. Nick brought up Massimo, and Jackie said Massimo always had other interests and she spent a lot of time alone. She said Owen made her feel wanted and interesting. Nick didn't say anything.

Later, Jackie saw Bridget and told her she needed to go home because Jackie had ordered a massage for her. Bridget thanked her, and Jackie dished that Nick was not willing to accept Owen as her fiancÚ. Jackie was hurt that Nick refused to allow Owen to attend the wedding. Bridget quietly told Jackie that it was best if Owen didn't attend. Bridget worried that the two of them would cause a scene. Jackie whined that it was unfair of Nick to forbid her to bring her fiancÚ to the wedding.

Owen was walking down a hallway when Nick popped out from behind a rack of clothes. He pushed Owen and then dragged him into an office. Owen sneered and told Nick to get his hands off him. Nick warned Owen to stay away from his mother. Nick told Owen that his engagement to Jackie would be over after Nick returned from his honeymoon. He added that if Owen showed up at the wedding, Nick would not be responsible for what happened. Owen said that Nick could not tell him or his mother what to do. Nick snarled that Owen would be gone from his mother's life. He told Owen to leave. As Owen left, he stared menacingly at Nick.

At Taylor's, Stephanie quizzed Taylor about her night at Ridge's place. Taylor was quiet and withdrawn, but Stephanie bubbled with excitement that Taylor and Ridge were finally going to get back together. Stephanie nosed around and asked Taylor if the night that she spent with Ridge was everything she dreamed it would be. Taylor unhappily answered that it was, but it wasn't all she wanted. Taylor said that she and Ridge wanted to keep what happened between them. She told Stephanie that it was private.

At Eric's, Eric was looking at family pictures, and Donna assured him that Bridget and Nick would stay together after they were married. The third time would be a charm. Donna was dressed in a tuxedo style teddy and teased Eric with a bottle of honey, but Eric was preoccupied. Later, he sorted through papers in his briefcase and found a magazine with Stephanie on the front cover. He tossed it aside as Donna returned. Donna asked what was wrong, and Eric said that his business had been failing ever since he fired Stephanie. Donna hugged him and purred that she was there for him, but Eric was distracted and uninterested.

When Eric said he wasn't interested in the honey, Donna looked worried and hugged him. She recalled that he wasn't interested at the office earlier. She added that he wasn't interested at home, and she wondered if there was something wrong. Eric dismissed the idea, but he was clearly lost in thought as Donna embraced him.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nick and Bridget dressed for their wedding.

As Donna and Eric got ready for Bridget and Nick's wedding, Donna reminisced about the vows Eric made to her on their wedding day.

Stephanie flipped through a scrapbook of photos of her and Eric. Ridge asked if she was thinking about his dad. Stephanie said she was actually thinking about weddings in general. Stephanie informed Ridge that Eric had asked her to return to work at Forrester, and that she had declined.

Ridge expressed that the company really needed Stephanie back. He asked why she declined. She said nothing, but Ridge guessed it was because of Donna, and Stephanie did not contradict his guess.

Stephanie mentioned to Ridge that she heard he and Taylor spent the night together. Ridge hurriedly changed the subject and said it was time to leave for the chapel. Stephanie noted that Taylor hadn't wanted to discuss their night with her, either.

Taylor was lost in her head remembering the beautiful night she spent with Ridge, and how quickly it turned ugly when she found the empty bottle of pills in Ridge's pocket. The doorbell rang, and it was Brooke. Brooke asked if she could speak to Taylor privately before the wedding.

Brooke explained that she knew Taylor had spent time with Ridge. Brooke thanked Taylor for the way she was helping Ridge move past his grief. Brooke added that she was thankful that Taylor had not taken advantage of Ridge. Taylor asked Brooke if she assumed Ridge would go back to Brooke after he healed. Brooke said she was certain Ridge would return to her.

Jackie walked in to find Owen putting on a suit. She asked him why he was dressed for the wedding. Owen said that he was Jackie's fiancÚ, and if she wanted him by her side at Nick's wedding, he would be there. Owen was concerned that Jackie let Nick bully her all the time. Owen suggested they go to the wedding together, if that was Jackie's wish, and ignore Nick.

Jackie helped Owen tie his tie and agreed that he should be on her arm at the wedding. Jackie noted that Owen was going to be her husband, so Nick had to get used to the idea. Jackie refused to allow Nick to change her mind about her engagement to Owen.

Nick stopped by Rick's office to meet up with his best man. Rick pointed out that Nick was running late and that he had been worried. Nick said there was nothing to worry about.

Nick asked Rick to handle one small favor for him; he wanted to make certain Owen did not attend his wedding. Nick announced that he already contacted security, but wanted Rick to personally oversee it, so Owen would be denied entry should he show up. Rick happily agreed.

Nick ran into Owen at the halls of Jackie M and noticed Owen was in a formal suit. Nick again reminded Owen that if he tried to crash Nick's wedding, Owen would regret it.

Katie arrived and asked Bridget if she needed a hand getting ready. Katie noticed Brooke wasn't on the scene and Bridget explained Brooke had something to take care of. Katie pointed out that Brooke should take care of Bridget on her special day, but added that Bridget didn't look like she needed much help. Katie proclaimed that Bridget was radiant and looked exactly the way a woman should look when she was about to marry the man she was supposed to be with. Bridget smiled and hugged her.

Marcus arrived at the wedding with a date named Kim and greeted his Grandma Beth and Grandpa Stephen. Beth accidentally called Marcus' date "Karen" and Stephen did his best to explain the error away.

Bill Spencer arrived at the wedding full of spit and vinegar and systematically annoyed all his enemies in the room merely by attending the wedding. Bill spotted Katie and asked how she was doing. She said she was fine and added that she was happy for Nick and Bridget. Bill laughingly said that was a good thing, as he was afraid he would have to make the caterers lock up the gin. Katie didn't laugh.

Jackie arrived with Owen on her arm, and Nick bolted from the front of the church down the center aisle and demanded that Owen leave. Jackie begged her son not to make a scene and accept that Owen was part of her life. Jackie didn't want to choose between sharing her son's special day and being with Owen. She implored Nick to just let Owen be, and to marry Bridget without further hesitation.

Rick tried to intervene and asked Owen to leave, but Nick said he would deal with Owen later. Nick and Rick headed back to the altar as the music began. Brooke walked down the aisle first as Ridge watched. The opening notes of "Here Comes the Bride" rang out, and Bridget entered the church and took Eric's arm for her own trip down the aisle.

Bridget kissed Eric and joined hands with Nick. The minister began the ceremony and Ridge and Taylor caught each other's eyes and smiled.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

by Pam

At the wedding chapel, the minister told everyone that marriage was a sacred institution and should not be entered into lightly. He then asked Nick if he was ready to marry Bridget and Nick said he was. When the minister asked Bridget if she was prepared to marry Nick, Bridget blubbered on about how the two of them had made mistakes before and that she realized marriage was about working things out together. Then, she said she was ready to marry Nick.

Brooke looked over at Ridge a few times during the ceremony, where Taylor was also watching Ridge. As Nick and Bridget exchanged rings, Nick said that he felt he had finally grown up and wanted to take care of Bridget. He didn't know what he did to deserve her, but he was very glad that she had decided to marry him again. Through teary eyes, Bridget said that Nick was "home" to her. He was the person she always wanted to return to, no matter what happened. He was her friend and her lover. In all the places she had been and all the people she had met, Nick made her feel the most comfortable.

After the ceremony, Katie congratulated Nick, and told him that she was happy for him. Nick said that he was sorry if he had hurt her. Katie forgave Nick, and reminded him that he saved her life. She could easily forgive him.

Later, Nick told Jackie that he was unhappy with her for announcing her engagement to Owen at his wedding ceremony, especially because he had asked her not to have Owen accompany her to the wedding. Nick told his mother that Owen would hurt her. Jackie refused to believe him. Pam called to Nick and told him that the bride was waiting for him. Nick left, and Pam told Jackie that she was sure there was a psychiatric explanation for why a woman like Jackie would announce an engagement to someone like Owen. Jackie suggested that Pam should have stayed locked up. Pam insisted she wasn't the crazy one.

At the reception, Eric and Donna danced. Thorne asked his mother to dance so they could show everyone how to dance. Bridget and Nick promised to be true to each other. They shared cake with everyone. Brooke talked to Ridge a few times, but she was called away each time. She asked Ridge if there was something he wanted to tell her, and he said there was. Stephanie quizzed Taylor about what happened at the guesthouse, but Taylor refused to divulge details. Katie looked sad, but she teased Bill Spencer about "lusting" after Forrester Creations. Bill told Katie he enjoyed watching the crowd.

Stephen told Bill he was sorry about Bill's father's death, but Bill said he knew that Stephen hated his dad. Stephen admitted that Bill's dad wasn't one of his favorite people. Stephen asked Katie if she had seen Beth. He was worried that he couldn't find her. Beth showed up, and seemed forgetful that Brooke was the mother of the bride. She said that she didn't feel well. She asked Stephen to take her home, and he asked Katie to explain to everyone. Katie was worried about her mother's forgetfulness.

Owen congratulated Bridget, and insisted he was happy for her. He wanted them to get along because they were going to be family soon. Bridget smiled and begged Owen to stay away from her husband. Owen promised he would avoid Nick for the day.

Rick gave the toast as best man, and he bubbled over with jokes asking for raised hands from anyone in the room who hadn't been married to Nick. He praised his sister and wished happiness to the bride and groom in celebrating their third marriage to each other.

Bridget tossed her bouquet to a waiting crowd of single females, and Jackie caught it, much to Owen's delight and Nick's disgust. Nick and Bridget snuck away from the crowd and promised to love each other forever.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The festivities continued at Bridget and Nick's wedding. Felicia and Thorne told Eric that they were leaving Forrester Creations. Eric objected by saying that they couldn't leave the Forrester family business. Thorne said that Forrester had become a Logan family business. Felicia said they reached their breaking point when Eric fired Stephanie. Jackie and Owen watched the confrontation between the Forresters from across the room, and Owen commented that if the Forresters were having problems, it was good for Jackie M Designs.

Steffy told Taylor that she and Rick wanted to talk to her and Ridge. Taylor left to get Ridge, who was talking with Brooke. Ridge stared at Rick dancing with Bridget, and Brooke told Ridge not to hold the fact that Rick was dancing with Rick's own sister against him. Brooke asked Ridge what he was going to tell her earlier. Ridge was about to tell Brooke about what had happened with Taylor the previous evening, but Taylor interrupted their conversation. She told Ridge and Brooke that Steffy and Rick wanted to talk to them about something.

Steffy told Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke that she and Rick were going to "take it slow." Ridge asked what that meant, and Steffy said that she and Rick would remain abstinent. Brooke and Taylor thought that was a good idea. Steffy said that she was going to spend her summer learning about Rick in order to feel more confident about their relationship. Ridge said that he didn't trust Rick at all, and wouldn't be able to give their relationship his blessing. Steffy asked Ridge why he couldn't just support her and Rick like Brooke did.

Telling Eric that he looked like he could use a drink, Stephanie handed Eric a martini. Eric told Stephanie that Felicia and Thorne had told him that they were leaving Forrester. Stephanie said that the problems with the business and with the children began when Eric married Donna. Eric insisted that his children's decision didn't have anything to do with Donna, but rather with Stephanie's leaving.

Eric told Thorne and Felicia that he wasn't going to cause a scene at a wedding celebration -- but told them they weren't leaving Forrester Creations. Eric told them to meet him in the office first thing the following morning.

Jackie watched Eric and Stephanie talking. She told Owen that she was worried that Stephanie might warm up to Eric again, and that Stephanie might return to Forrester. When Jackie said that would be a disaster for Jackie M Designs, Owen told her not to worry about anything for the rest of the day, as he had a surprise for her.

Nick asked Clarke for a favor -- to keep an eye on Owen while Nick was on his honeymoon. He asked Clarke to call him if anything weird or shifty happened. Clarke agreed to be Nick's eyes and ears.

Clarke approached Jackie and told her that Owen was a lucky guy. Jackie said that she was lucky, as well. Clarke countered by saying that Jackie wasn't lucky -- she was talented. Jackie said that Owen was very talented -- in his own way. Clarke said that Owen was very smooth.

Stephanie approached Taylor and tried to find out what had happened between Taylor and Ridge the other night. Taylor said that she didn't want to discuss it. Bridget and Nick interrupted when they stopped by to tell them that they were leaving.

Aware that Taylor had been watching her and Ridge, Brooke asked Ridge to tell her what he needed to tell her before Taylor interrupted them again. Ridge said that Taylor had been a godsend for him. Brooke said that she understood, and asked Ridge to tell her what he was trying to say. Once again, Ridge began to tell Brooke about what had happened the previous night. This time it was Bridget and Nick, there to tell the Forresters that they were leaving on their honeymoon, who interrupted Ridge's confession.

Nick approached Owen. Owen wished Nick a good honeymoon. Nick told Owen to make sure that he was gone when Nick returned. When Owen said that he would still be there, Nick said that he would show Owen the way out. Bridget interrupted before Nick and Owen began arguing. As Nick and Bridget left, Jackie told Nick to stay away as long as he liked -- that the most important thing was for him to take care of his wife.

Bill Spencer danced with Katie Logan. Katie said that Bill was awfully charming for a Spencer, and mentioned that she saw Bill eyeing Donna. She told Bill it would be a shame for him to waste his time pursuing Donna, since Donna was happily married to Eric. Bill snidely said that he wouldn't want to mess with that.

Ridge told Taylor that he and Brooke were going to try to salvage their marriage -- and that he was going to tell Brooke the truth about making love to Taylor the previous evening. Taylor asked why he was going to bother to tell Brooke that they had made love, since Ridge had been under the influence of medication and alcohol at the time. He said he didn't want to keep secrets from Brooke.

Stephanie noticed that Taylor was crying. She asked Taylor to tell her what was going on. Taylor admitted that she and Ridge had made love the previous evening, but that in the morning, she had learned that Ridge had taken a massive dose of anti-anxiety medication. Taylor said that she was devastated -- and then told Stephanie that Ridge wanted to work things out with Brooke.

Ridge was disgusted when he saw Rick and Steffy dancing. Brooke said that she wanted Ridge to return home, but he said that Rick was always going to be an issue for him -- and that he couldn't put it behind him. Ridge told Brooke that there were still things that he needed to tell her.

At Brooke's, Ridge talked about the love that he had always shared with Brooke. He said that she was the one person who knew him almost as well as he knew himself, and that honesty was the most important aspect of their marriage. Brooke asked Ridge what he was trying to say. Ridge said that there weren't going to be any secrets between them -- and that there was something that she needed to know immediately.

Nick had hired a private jet to whisk him and Bridget away on their honeymoon. Bridget was thrilled to learn that Nick had arranged for them to go to Hawaii.

Jackie begged Owen to tell her what his surprise was. He excitedly presented her with two tickets to Hawaii -- and they were leaving that night!

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