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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 7, 2003 on GH
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Monday, July 7, 2003

Lydia was admiring her new engagement ring at Wyndemere when Emily, forlorn after seeing Zander and Gia kissing, arrived looking for Nikolas. Lydia told Emily that Nikolas had finally asked her to marry him. Emily informed Lydia that she would not congratulate her on a marriage of convenience and left. Stefan entered, and Lydia proudly waved her ring at him proclaiming her victory. Stefan reminded her that he was still in charge. Lydia went to the park and ran into Lucky. Lucky was shocked to learn that Nikolas and Emily were no longer engaged, and that Nikolas was now to marry Lydia. Lucky saw through Lydia's bravado and accused her of settling for money over love. Lydia insisted that money was worth it, but Lucky suddenly grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Meanwhile back at Wyndemere, Stefan express his joy over Nikolas's decision. Nikolas promptly reminded Stefan that although he agreed to marry Lydia to save the family fortune, that his life was his own and he would make his own decisions.

Carly awoke to find Luis Alcazar taking a picture of her. Alcazar ordered Carly not to tell Ric what he was doing, that he had decided he'd rather have Sonny in his debt than Ric. Ric arrived home and told Alcazar that he didn't want him breaking in whenever he felt like it. Ric and Alcazar argued while Jason listened through the bug. After Alcazar left, Carly saw Ric crush some birth control pills and put them in a drink for Liz. Liz called and asked Ric to meet her in the park, where she had a surprise picnic waiting. Ric brought the pills with him and slipped them in her drink at the park. Liz surprised Ric with tickets to Hawaii, but Ric informed her that he was working on a deal with Alcazar and could not leave town. Liz was crushed but remained supportive. After their picnic, Liz went alone to see Dr. Meadows, who was stunned to hear that Liz had been told she could not bear children. Dr. Meadows examined Liz and told her that the other doctor was mistaken, that she saw no reason why Liz could not conceive. Delighted at what she perceived as a medical error, Liz rushed home to tell Ric.

Backing up the phony evidence he had planted, Alcazar told Sonny that his associates in Venezuela had spotted Carly getting off a plane. Sonny told Alcazar that if he found Carly and returned her safely, that he would allow Alcazar to run drugs through his territory. Alcazar left, and Sonny told Jason that he would promise anything to get Carly back, even a promise he wouldn't keep. Sonny and Jason agreed that they believed Alcazar had access to Carly. Jason maintained however that Ric was still involved, and that Alcazar didn't know about it until later.

Faith arrived at the penthouse with her bags, informing Sonny that she was moving in. Irritated but compliant, he directed her to the guest room. A few minutes later Faith came down the stairs wearing Carly's red dress. Sonny became enraged and ordered Faith to take off Carly's dress. When she did not, Sonny grabbed Faith and tore the dress off of her.

Emily went to Kelley's and told Gia that she was ready to tell Zander the truth. Gia was frustrated that she had opened her heart to Zander only to have this happen, but she supported Emily in her decision. Gia told Emily that a broken heart was easier to cope with than cancer. Gia went inside and watched through the window as Emily told Zander that she had breast cancer. Zander embraced Emily.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Gia could not keep watching Zander and Emily hug outside. Emily and Zander apologized to each other for the way she had lied and he badgered her. Zander guessed that Nikolas knew all along and Emily admitted that everyone had told her to tell Zander the truth, but she couldn't let him watch her die. He held her face and said he would not let her die. They kissed. Emily told Zander how Nikolas was the one who'd convinced her to fight the cancer. Zander was grateful to him and refused to be upset about all the deception. He was just glad he knew the truth now and promised to be by her side every step of the way. They kissed again. Looking at Gia inside, she asked for his help in repairing the damage. Zander went inside and told Gia he knows everything now. Gia reminded him that they belong together. Zander felt bad for leading her on. Gia did not want to hear a pity speech and she had known all along Zander would support Emily through her illness. They agreed to call it even and stay friends.

Lydia came in to talk, but he was glum over the Cassadine finances not showing signs of recovery. She reminded him everything would be better after the wedding. She wanted to talk wedding plans but Lucky interrupted to tell Nikolas that Lydia can't keep her hands off him. She corrected him to say he's the one who keeps hitting on her. They continued to quibble in front of Nikolas, who didn't care. Lucky asked why he was such a hurry to throw his life away with Lydia. Nikolas was cynical about love and romance and said there is no place for love in his life.
Later, Emily rushed in to thank Nikolas for giving her the strength to tell Zander the truth. He expressed his optimism for her recovery and tearfully thanked him for saving her life. She wondered if he would be happy with Lydia. Nikolas said they understand each other and would carry on the family traditions. Emily thought is sounded like prison and Nikolas countered it works for him. All he would have to do is think of her, her health and happiness, and he'd know everything had worked out for the best. Emily told him she loves him and he said he loves her too and they hugged.
Later, at Kelly's, Lucky was surprised when Lydia stormed in, tapped him on the shoulder and slapped him. She was furious that he'd told Nikolas she'd come on to him because the opposite was true. Lucky said that for the record, he doesn't enjoy being slapped and suggested she take her tantrum someplace else. She warned him to stay the hell out of her life. She accused him of not being able to keep his hands off her. Lucky accused her of making excuses to see him. She spelled it out for him, that she wanted him to leave her alone. Lucky wondered if she'd stomp her foot and slap him before jumping into his arms if he didn't. She warned him to treat her with more respect once she's married to Nikolas. Lucky opined that Nikolas would wise up before the wedding. She insisted they have a business relationship, and a marriage of convenience that can work. Passion is one thing, matrimony is another, she said, and neither of them still stop each other from pursuing their desires. Lucky cautioned her not to look at him. She spit out that she wouldn't have him on a silver plate.
Back at Wyndemere, Gia came over to yell at Nikolas for keeping up the fake engagement just long enough for her to get interested in Zander. Gia said Nikolas had been right before when he'd guessed about their attraction. Gia was incredulous that Nikolas hadn't realized someone could get hurt. Gia guessed that Emily had been play acting, but Nikolas had really been in love.
Lydia came back and started to bargain with Nikolas about post-marital flings and being discreet. Nikolas was firm. No liaisons and he expected them both to honor their marriage vows, whether they like it or not. He promised to divorce her immediately if she was ever unfaithful.

Alcazar and Ric were fighting at Ric's, with Jason listening in, wondering who the "her" was they were talking about. Ric reminded Alcazar he didn't ask for help. Carly talked to the monitor, urging Alcazar to tell Sonny where she is.
Sonny and Faith continued to argue at Sonny's about her wearing Carly's dress. He ordered her to the guest bedroom. She tried to convince him that he really wanted her, more than he ever wanted Carly. He got physical and put a hand on her throat when she touched his hair and warned her to never do that again. Faith continued to insist that Carly was dead. Sonny wouldn't hear it and called her a whore.
In the listening van, Jason had recorded the conversation between Ric and Alcazar and wondered what the noise was after Alcazar left. It was the door to Carly's room opening. Later, he replayed the tapes for Sonny, who refused to believe Ric and Alcazar had been discussing Carly. They listened to the door opening sound, but couldn't identify it. Sonny took the tape to pass to the FBI for analysis.
When Alcazar got home, he took out the picture of Carly to look at and called Sonny. Faith answered the phone. She invited him to come over and wait for Sonny to come home. They toasted to close alliances and he accused her of working for the Feds. She played dumb and would only said she was happier there than in jail. When Sonny came home, he ordered Faith upstairs.
Alcazar said he had a shipment coming in and with access to Sonny's piers, he'd bring Carly back. Sonny said Carly needed to come home first. They argued and Sonny said he couldn't be sure Alcazar had Carly. Alcazar was suspicious that Sonny didn't want Carly back and assured Sonny he could lead him to her. While he was there, Jason broke into Alcazar's place and found one of the pictures of Carly.
When Alcazar left, Faith whined and Sonny ordered her to go to Alcazar's house and work her way in. Jason returned to Sonny's with the photo of Carly. Sonny was very worried about Carly, but seemed to be losing it and refused to listen to Jason about his suspicions about Ric. Sonny was sure that Alcazar was the one to help them get Carly back.

RIC & Liz.
At the hospital, Dr Meadows assured Liz she was fine and would be able to conceive normally and carry a baby to term. They discussed the conflicting opinion from Dr Gordon and Dr Meadows had not heard of him and thought he may have been a visiting physician to General Hospital. Dr Meadows was curious about who had recommended him to her. Liz told her Ric had recommended him. Dr Meadows suggested they contact the State Board about the incompetence of Dr Gordon. Liz only wanted to know how to get pregnant right away. Dr Meadows suggested an ovulation test kit.
Ric went in to see Carly and she begged him to not let Alcazar hurt her.
Liz rushed home to share the good news with Ric. He was subdued and reminded her that Dr Gordon was a fertility specialist. Liz thought he mixed up test results. Ric continued to confound Liz by his lack of excitement. She grew suspicious and wondered if he'd changed his mind about wanting a baby. He said he only doesn't want her to get her hopes up. She said she wants to start trying next month and they kissed.
Carly listened to all with interest and knew he'd laced Liz's food with contraceptives. She also knew Alcazar was trying to make a deal with Sonny and she'd soon be free.
Alone, Liz read the instructions on the ovulation test she bought and was thrilled to see would soon be ovulating, ready to conceive.

Meanwhile, Emily came back to Kelly's to talk to Zander and see if he'd talked to Gia was was relieved to hear Gia was okay. They continued to look towards the future and were optimistic about her recovery.
Later, Faith showed up at Alcazar's apartment, blaming him for putting Sonny in a bad mood and told him he owes her a night of undivided male attention. He agreed, but only if she gave him some information about Sonny. Ric listened outside the door.

Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Pretending to be early for an appointment with Cameron, Skye slips in to Cameron's office to search, but gets caught in the act when Cameron suddenly arrives. Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Edward is shocked that Alice is quitting and Alice confesses to Edward that Dobson is the reason! Alexis covers by claiming that Dobson made improper advances to Alice, which Alice did NOT return! Edward orders "Dobson" and Alice to "kiss and make up", and do it before lunch! Meanwhile, at Cameron's office, Cameron hands Skye a copy of Alexis's file and urges Skye to enjoy herself. When Cameron asks Skye what it was that Cameron was going to get in return for turning Skye's file over to Skye, Skye begins to play up to Cameron. However, just as Skye is ready to kiss Cameron, Ned bursts through the door. Cameron and Ned admit that they set Skye up. Ned blasts Skye for meddling after Ned had expressly told Skye that he did NOT want to pursue any of her suspicions about Alexis. Skye retaliates by threatening to go to Judge Farmer with all that Skye knows already. Cameron informs Skye that a confidential file, such as the file that Skye is holding, can NOT be entered as evidence in any court in the land. Cameron goes on to assert that Skye's ambush of Alexis only proves that Cameron's therapy has been a success and Alexis can now deal with stress without any alternate personalities emerging! Cameron also strongly suggests that Skye has helped prove that Alexis is ready to resume her place in society ~ including custody of Kristina! After Cameron leaves, Skye again tries to explain to Ned that he OUGHT to be seriously bothered that the mother of his child committed murder AND then created an alternate personality to get away with murder! But Ned once again orders Skye to back off, and Skye once again gives her promise to listen to Ned ~ this time! Meanwhile, Cameron visits the Quartermaine Mansion and brings Alexis up to speed on Skye's latest attempt to expose Alexis. Alice spots Alexis giving Cameron a hug and beats a hasty retreat. However, Cameron insists that Alexis MUST resign as Dobson as soon as possible, before her masquerade is discovered and the Judge learns that Alexis defied a court order to stay near her daughter. As Alexis and Cameron discuss the fact that Alexis faked her DID to beat the murder rap and Cameron was aware of the charade all along, Skye returns home and overhears what Alexis told Cameron!

Kyle arrives at Kelly's and blasts Georgie for lying about Mac being on the way home the other night. Dillon suddenly arrives and orders Kyle to leave Georgie alone. Kyle and Dillon soon get into a fight and Kyle shoves Dillon in to a tray from the diner, then leaves. As Georgie helps Dillon get up, Mac suddenly arrives and orders Dillon to stay away from his daughter! Georgie tries to explain to Mac that it was Kyle who attacked Dillon, but Mac grabs Dillon and hauls the young man away any way. Mac deposits Dillon at the Quartermaine Mansion and orders Edward to get Dillon under control. Later, Edward tells Dillon that his mother gave him away like a stray puppy and Edward is determined NOT to make the same mistake of being too indulgent with Dillon that Edward made when Tracy was growing up! Edward orders Dillon to stay away from Georgie Jones ~ or Edward will send Dillon away to a military school! Later, Dillon packs his bag and slips out of the house. In the meantime, Georgie blasts Mac for being unfair to Dillon, but Mac warns Georgie that Dillon is encouraging her to self-destruct and THAT is the reason why Mac does NOT want Georgie keeping company with Dillon! After Mac leaves, Dillon shows up and asks Georgie to run away with him!

Liz meets Emily at the Hospital and Emily confides that she finally told Zander the truth about her cancer. Emily also admits that she came to truly care for Nikolas while they were 'engaged." Then Emily brings Liz up to speed about the status of the Cassadine fortune and the reasons why Nikolas has no other choice but to marry Lydia to keep the fortune intact. Liz observes that Emily almost sounds jealous of Lydia. Then Liz happily confides that she and Ric are once again planning a family! Emily advises Liz to enjoy being happy with the man she loves just as long as she possibly can do it!

Scott arrives at Sonny's Penthouse and informs Jason that the District Attorney does NOT appreciate being 'summoned' to the home of a mob boss! However, Jason delivers the photo of Carly that he found in Alcazar's apartment and demands that Scott run the photo through forensics to see if it was snapped in Venezuela. After Scott leaves, Jason again demands that Faith tell him WHERE Ric is holding Carly. But Faith insists that Ric has NOTHING to do with Carly's disappearance. At the same time, at the Lansing home, Ric enters the Panic Room. Ric takes the opportunity to remind Carly that Sonny is in bed with Faith ~ but Carly retorts that Ric is probably harming Liz by feeding her so many birth control pills. Carly warns Ric that Sonny will eventually discover Ric and Carly reminds Ric that Ric is destroying everything and everyone that Ric loves just to get even with Sonny! When Ric leaves the Panic Room, the hidden bug again picks up the sound of the opening and closing of the door, but the surveillance expert still does NOT recognize the reason for the sounds. At the same time, Sonny shows up to see Loerenzo and demands to know WHERE the gun runner is hiding Sonny's wife! Meanwhile, at Sonny's Penthouse, Faith tries to convince Jason that, IF Faith knew that Ric had Carly, Ric would NEVER had taken the chance of allowing Faith to be arrested for trying to murder Liz ~ since Faith would have traded the information to the District Attorney in exchange for her freedom! Jason warns Faith that, IF Jason finds that Faith IS lying, Jason will make sure that Faith disappears forever. At the same time, at Lorenzo's apartment, Lorenzo denies knowing where Carly was when the picture was taken but suggests it COULD have been snapped in Venezuela. Lorenzo then renews his demands that Sonny let Lorenzo run drugs in Sonny's territory in exchange for Lorenzo's help in finding Carly. As Sonny and Lorenzo argue, Ric suddenly walks in and demands to know what is going on. When Sonny questions Ric showing up just then, Ric covers by complaining that Lorenzo still has NOT delivered the money promised for the apartment. When Sonny tells Alcazar that Sonny believed that Lorenzo paid Ric in cash for the apartment, Lorenzo covers by telling Sonny that Lorenzo is still waiting for the money to be transferred from one of his off-shore accounts. After Sonny storms away, Ric demands to know why Alcazar was entertaining Faith the previous evening. Alcazar claims that he was just trying to pump Faith for information about Sonny. Lorenzo again warns Ric that Ric is in over his head. Then Lorenzo orders Ric to leave. After Ric leaves, Lorenzo places a call to an operative, telling him: "It is time! Let's get Carly out of there!" At the same time, Jason's surveillance expert reports to Jason that he is still picking up an unidentified Frequency whenever Ric is alone. When Ric returns home, Carly is surprised to see that Ric has something in a suitcase. Using sophisticated electronic equipment, Ric changes the combination to unlock the Panic Room, but Jason and his surveillance expert continue to listen in as Ric makes the change in the emergency system locks. When Sonny returns to the Penthouse, Faith announces that she has arranged for the two of them to be seen, dining out together at the No Name, where they will engage in a lover's spat that can be reported back to Alcazar. But Sonny announces that he is going out of town to look for Carly! Faith threatens to tell BOTH Ric AND Lorenzo the truth if Sonny goes off to search for his missing wife on his own! While Faith and Sonny argue, Jason arrives and Sonny reports that he is going to Venezuela. But Scott suddenly arrives and reports that his forensics experts have determined that the picture of Carly was taken recently ~ and that it was taken somewhere in Port Charles! At the same time, Ric spots the surveillance van across from his home and, realizing that the van has been left unguarded, Ric investigates with gun drawn. As Ric listens in on the surveillance equipment, Alcazar and his operative arrive at Ric's front door to move Carly. As Carly watches hopefully on the monitor, Alcazar tries his remote control and realizes that his remote no longer opens the Panic Room door!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Dillon shows up at Kelly's to find Georgie hard at work. He tells her that he is leaving Port Charles and wants her to go with him. She tells him that she can't get in trouble anymore and that Mac will get mad at her. He asks her to stop doing what others want her to do and go on an adventure for a change and do what she wants to do. Kyle shows up on his new motorcycle and starts to harass Dillon about his mother taking off on him. Dillon eyes the motorcycle and comes up with a plan. He convinces Georgie to go with him. Georgie writes a short letter to Mac and tells Maxie she plans to leave Port Charles and doesn't know if she will ever return. Maxie tries to talk her out of it but Georgie asks her to cover for her for once since she does it all the time for her. Maxie agrees to give Mac the letter the next day so Georgie and Dillon have enough time to take off. Kyle comes into Kelly's and sees Maxie taking a break from waitressing. He asks her what she is so down about. Maxie doesn't tell him. Mac shows up and isn't happy to see Kyle sitting with her. He tells him to stay away from Maxie or else he'll haul him in. Kyle tells him that they just ran into each other and their meeting wasn't planned. Mac sits down. He asks her where Georgie is. She tells him she hasn't seen Georgie for a few minutes and is probably out back in the kitchen. Kyle runs back into Kelly's to tell Mac that his motorcycle was stolen by Dillon. Mac asks him if he saw Dillon steal the motorcycle. Kyle tells him he didn't but that Dillon was eyeing it a little while ago and must have taken it. Mac tells him he can't do anything about it since he has no proof that Dillon took it. Maxie starts to act nervous. Mac asks Maxie if she has seen Dillon with Georgie today. She lies and tells him she hasn't seen them together. Kyle sits there and tries to make a case for why Dillon is the thief. Mac is more concerned about where Georgie is. Maxie decides to come clean when Mac starts to suspect that Dillon is with her. She hands him the note Georgie left for him. Mac reads it and worries about Dillon crossing state lines with Georgie, who is still a minor. Maxie asks him to let her go with Dillon and have some fun since he grounded her when she didn't really do anything wrong but cover for her. Mac leaves to go find Georgie. Kyle starts to go off about Dillon. Maxie defends Dillon about stealing his motorcycle since Kyle has been beating up on him lately. Meanwhile, Georgie and Dillon check into a motel. Georgie is excited at first about running away with him but then starts to worry after awhile since she is new at breaking the rules and being rebellious. She tells him she plans to be with him until they have to return to Port Charles before school starts in the fall. Dillon tells her that Port Charles isn't home to him and that he isn't thinking of going back there but will take her back when she wants to. Georgie decides to kiss Dillon to get rid of some of her nervousness being with him in the motel room. She pulls away and he asks her if he is making her feel uncomfortable. She tells him that she is just a little scared about leaving town with him. Dillon sits on the bed and asks her to sit down with him. He cuddles her in his arms and tells her it will be o.k.

Skye overhears Alexis tell Cameron that it is important that no one ever finds out she faked the DID and got away with killing Alcazar. Cameron tells her that he won't let that happen but tells her to stop pretending to be Dobson and hand in her resignation before her disguise blows up in her face. He tells her that she needs to be patient and that soon she will get her daughter back as soon as he can provide enough evidence that she has recovered from DID and that he has to come off as being convincing if Judge Farmer is going to believe it. Alexis insists on continuing the Dobson persona so she can stay close by and keep an eye on Skye. Skye overhears every word and can't wait to expose Alexis as a killer. Ned comes downstairs and catches her eavesdropping. He can't believe what lengths she is going to expose Alexis and keep the baby from her. He warns her again that if she goes to far and he finds out she will never see the baby again. Skye accuses him of taking Alexis side now. Ned tells her that she needs to watch her step and remember that he is the baby's father and not to forget about his feelings. Skye calls Scott. Scott comes over and asks her what she wants. She tells him what she overheard and Scott tells her he needs more proof than her word that Alexis is faking her condition to get away with murder. She tells him that the butler is really Alexis in disguise so she can be closer to Kristina. Scott isn't surprised by this new revelation and that he needs proof to nail Alexis. Skye tells him that if she brings him solid proof against Alexis he needs to do something in return for her. He asks her what she wants in return. She tells him she wants Ned to be granted permanent full custody of Kristina in return. Scott tells her if she brings him what he needs he will help her. Scott leaves the mansion. Ned sees him go and doesn't like what Skye is up to. He asks her what she told Scott. She tells Ned that what she is doing is for him and that Scott has agreed to get him full custody of the baby if she can provide evidence of Alexis' deceit. Ned doesn't like what she is doing and wonders if she is really doing it for Kristina or herself. She tells him she is doing it for Kristina and that Alexis needs to be behind bars for killing someone in cold blood. Ned doesn't know whether to believe her or not.

Scott shows up at Sonny's penthouse with the picture of Carly they gave him to have analyzed by the feds. He tells him that the film proves that the picture was recently taken right here in Port Charles. Jason and Sonny play devil's advocate with him about that not proving anything. Scott is quite convinced that the feds are right about Carly being in Port Charles still. Jason tells Scott to get a search warrant on Ric's place or at least interrogate him into telling them where he has Carly. Scott resents Jason's orders and tells him that there is no proof that Ric took Carly but that Alcazar is most likely the kidnapper. Sonny agrees with Scott that Alcazar is their main target not Ric. Scott takes off. Jason reminds Sonny that they had made a deal that they wouldn't rule Ric out as a suspect or a co-conspirator with Alcazar. Sonny doesn't think Ric has her but agrees to keep an open mind. Jason tells him that everything that is going on with Carly comes right back to Ric. Sonny tells him that if Ric kidnapped his wife, he will let him kill him. Meanwhile, Ric finds the van that Jason is using with his technician and overhears Alcazar and one of his men inside his home. Carly watches from the monitor and sees Alcazar enter the house with one of his men and try to open the panic room. Alcazar aims his remote gadget at the door but there is no response and the door remains closed. He keeps trying but realizes that Ric did something to stop him from getting to Carly. Carly is deeply disappointed when Alcazar and his goon leave the house. Sonny shows up at Alcazar's place. He accuses him of lying to him about where the picture came from. He tells him that he didn't lie to him and that as far as his contacts told him, Carly is in South America. Sonny tells him that contact is conveniently dead and can't verify his story. Alcazar tells him that he doesn't know where she is and that he would have told him if he knew since he wants to do business with him and wouldn't jeopardize that now. Sonny warns him and leaves. Ric also shows up at Alcazar's and points a gun at him and asks him if he was planning to take Carly and deliver her to Sonny in exchange for Sonny's business. Alcazar tells him that he is in too deep and needs his help. He agrees to continue being partners with Ric. Ric leaves after Alcazar tells him to get rid of the bugs Jason planted at his home. Ric tells him he has a better idea and leaves. Jason returns to the van. He hears some paper shuffling and nothing else. Liz comes home early. He is surprised to see her and tells her he was just finishing some paperwork on a case he is settling right now. He tells her that he has something to tell her that is important. Carly wonders what he is up to while she watches and listens to the monitor. Jason listens as Ric confesses to Liz that he hasn't totally given up his hate for Sonny but that he has been secretly trying to find Carly for Sonny even if he hates him. Jason lets Sonny hear the conversation on the headphones when he arrives at the van. Ric tells her that his feelings for Sonny are complicated. Liz is very supportive and believes he is deep down a good man. Carly can't believe Liz is falling for his lies again. Sonny finds what Ric said somewhat logical for Ric in his twisted mind. Jason tells him that Ric could also be lying to Liz.

Friday, July 11, 2003

Dillon and Georgie talk about their lives. Georgie tells him about how Maxie had a rare disease when she was little and that because of that Mac and her mother have always given her special attention and starts to feel that she is coming off jealous to him. Dillon is interested to hear how she feels. Georgie tells him that she doesn't feel comfortable going on the run with him and asks him to take her back. They kiss and Mac barges into their motel room and tells him to stop. Mac arrests him for grand theft auto and statutory rape. Georgie pipes in and defends Dillon and tells Mac that they have never had sex but just kissed. Mac believes her but brings Dillon in for grand theft auto still. Georgie goes with them back to the police station. Mac handcuffs him to a chair and tells him to stay away from Georgie. Dillon asks her if she will still consider sneaking out and seeing him after he predicts that Mac will probably call his grandfather and that Edward will bring his lawyers in to plead him down to a misdemeanor charge and he will be released. Georgie agrees to sneak away to see him.

Lucky goes to the hospital to find out about the results of Summer's autopsy. He tells the nurse he was Summer's boyfriend but the nurse tells him she can't let him see anything. Nikolas and the new Lydia show up at G.H. to get blood tests for their marriage license. Lydia makes a sarcastic remark about not wishing to see him there. Lucky is still pretty upset about not being able to see the autopsy report and asks Nikolas how he could have talked down to Summer all those months about being a hooker when he is basically marrying Lydia for money and doing basically the same thing as prostituting himself to help his family. While Nikolas is going to have his blood test, Lydia starts to harass Lucky about his manners. Lucky refuses to be happy about her upcoming marriage to Nikolas. Nikolas comes back and tells her it is her turn to have her blood test. Meanwhile, Emily gets a visit from Zander, who gives her the locket he had given her that she had given back to him when she got engaged to Nikolas. He puts the necklace back on her and tells her he is going with her to her chemotherapy session. They arrive and find Nikolas and Lucky there. Lucky wonders what she is doing at G.H. with Zander and thinks something is wrong. Emily is surprised Lucky doesn't know about her condition and she tells him that she has breast cancer. Lucky holds her and tells her he is sorry and offers his support. Emily and Zander go to the session and come back. Emily is feeling very weak and Zander walks with her to support her. Nikolas and Lucky ask about her health and are very concerned which annoys Lydia, who doesn't know about Emily's cancer. After Emily and Zander leave, Lucky makes a comment about how he saw how he looked at Emily just now and realizes Nikolas fell in love with her for real. Nikolas tells him he has to marry Lydia to help keep his family from losing a fortune. Lydia makes a remark about how Emily is working Nikolas by playing the weak damsel in distress. Nikolas goes off and doesn't hear their conversation. Lucky tells her to stop talking about Emily that way without knowing the facts first. He tells her that she shouldn't pretend this marriage to Nikolas is going to be anything but business to Nikolas and that it won't be a marriage of love and tells her that she will probably cheat on Nikolas when she gets the chance. Lydia follows Lucky into the elevator and tells him that she plans to be faithful to Nikolas in the marriage and that she will only cheat on him if Nikolas does first. She tells him that once she marries Nikolas, he will forget all about Emily. Lucky grabs her and kisses her to prove that she can't be faithful to Nikolas right now. She lets him kiss her and returns the kiss with her own. Nikolas shows up at the Quartermaine mansion and goes to see Emily to give it to her for Zander to read to her since it helps her to sleep after he has read it to her before. Zander is polite and thanks him for bringing by for her but Emily overhears them and asks if it is Nikolas that came. Nikolas sticks his head into her bedroom to say hi and plans to leave but Emily invites him in her room to read the book to her since it helps her sleep. Zander isn't too comfortable about Nikolas reading to her and her holding his hand for comfort but doesn't say anything and watches from the sidelines.

Faith returns to the penthouse with her hands full of shopping bags. He asks her what she bought and who paid for it all but she tells him it wasn't her who paid and he knows she charged it to his account. She tells him she had to buy clothes that she could wear that would be believable enough that people would know that she is his mistress. He tells her that she is already a tramp anyway so who cares what she wears. He tells her she needs to seduce Alcazar into thinking she is spying for him and that he has turned her away because he has hope now that Carly is still alive. Edward shows up and Faith acts cozy with Sonny and kisses him goodbye. He asks Edward what he wants. Edward tells him he wants his great-grandson back. Sonny tells him that isn't going to happen and that Michael is his son now and that won't change. Edward gets to Sonny a little bit by scolding him for taking up with Faith so soon after his wife was kidnapped and that his behavior shows that he isn't fit to raise Michael for that reason alone. Jason comes in and isn't happy to see Edward. He asks him if he ever plans to give up and leave them alone. Edward tells him he doesn't plan to. Sonny throws Edward out. However, Sonny takes what Edward said to heart and worries about how things must look to everyone else when he is seen with Faith and worries that they won't ever find her again. Jason insists they continue to listen in on the tapes in the van. Sonny tells him to go and get rid of the van and stop listening to the tapes and concentrate on Alcazar now. Jason leaves. Meanwhile, Ric puts crushes up some birth control into Liz's orange juice and gets her to drink it before she leaves for the day. Carly watches from the panic room and comments about how he wants to prevent her from conceiving a baby since he wants her baby instead. After Liz leaves, Ric checks on her in the panic room. She is crying and pleads with him to let her go and reminds him they were once good friends. Ric tells her that he thinks of her as a good friend and tells her that Sonny isn't good enough for her and she should give up on him now that he is sleeping with Faith. Carly gets upset and tells him that she doesn't understand why things had to change when they were so good. Ric acts sympathetic and leaves her. Carly throws something at the monitor and tells him that if he wants to play mind games he picked the wrong person to play them with since she invented them herself. Ric goes to see Sonny. He has a folder in his hand and tells Sonny that he hired his own private investigator to find Carly and that despite how he feels about him he wants to make peace and that is why he is handing over the P.I.'s file. Sonny thanks him for his help and suggests that he could use the fact that he works for Alcazar as an advantage to finding out where Carly is. Before Ric leaves, he turns around and tells Sonny that he didn't tell him the whole truth and that he has something to confess to him about. Jason is back in the surveillance van and tells his technician to shut everything down on Sonny's orders. Liz returns home early and calls Ric and leaves a message for him on his cell-phone to pick her up some extra-strength aspirin because she has a really bad headache. Carly watches her from the monitor in the panic room. Liz goes to get a blanket to lie down on the couch with and notices the cabinet to the bookshelf is open and goes to shut it. She notices a white button attached to the inside of the bookcase. She looks at it and wonders what is for. Carly watches her and urges her to push the button when she realizes what Liz found. Jason's technician tells Jason that Liz is home and called Ric for some aspirin and that she is making noise near where they heard that strange sound coming from. However, before they can listen in on the tape, the doors to the van are opened and Scott and a cop are there to tell him he is under arrest for violating the restraining order to stay away from the house. Scott tells him that Ric called him to report seeing a van there. Liz pushes the button and is shocked speechless when the panic room door opens and she sees Carly near the doorway thanking her for finally finding her and that Ric kept her there. Liz is immobile and is stunned at the sight of Carly. Meanwhile, Faith goes to see Alcazar and tells him that she needs him to support her and that she will spy on Sonny for him in return now that Sonny has spurned her and wants her out of his life now that he believes his wife is still alive. Alcazar asks her who she is working for, the government or Sonny. Faith doesn't have an answer.

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