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Fenmore Michael Baldwin
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Actor History
Amiel and Avital Weiss
Matthew and Riley Esham
Aidan and Andrew Gonzales
Robbie Tucker

Born Oct 13, 2006

Became a 15-year-old teenager in June, 2012

Paul remarked in January 2013 that Fen was 16 years old

Paul remarked in May 2013 that Fen was going to college which would make him around 18-years-old

Other Names

"Fen" nickname

"Mouse" prison nickname


Works in a recording studio in Nashville


Former waiter at Genoa City Athletic Club, and some private gigs

Attended Arizona State University began fall 2014, going into law, dropped out

Attended night classes at Genoa City University

Graduate of Walnut Grove Academy


Nashville, TN

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Lauren Fenmore (mother)

Michael Baldwin (father)

Gloria Bardwell (paternal grandmother)

Lowell "River" Baldwin (paternal grandfather)

Joanna Manning (maternal grandmother)

Neil Fenmore (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Florence Baldwin (paternal great grandmother; deceased)

Scott "Scotty" Grainger Jr. (half-brother; son of Lauren with Scott Grainger)

Eden Baldwin (paternal aunt)

Kevin Fisher (paternal uncle)

Jill Foster Abbott (maternal aunt)
Dorothy "Dot" last name unknown (maternal great aunt; deceased)

Phillip Chancellor III (maternal cousin; son of Jill)

"Billy" Foster Abbott (maternal cousin; son of Jill)

Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV (maternal second cousin; son of Phillip)

Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott (maternal second cousin; deceased daughter of Billy)

John "Johnny" Abbott (maternal second cousin; son of Billy)

Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott (maternal second cousin; daughter of Billy)

Bella Mitchell Fisher (cousin, daughter of Kevin and Chloe)

Miles Mitchell (cousin, son of Kevin and Chloe)



Flings & Affairs

Summer Newman (kissed)

Health and Vitals

Born prematurely, and was a colicky baby

Ingested a powerful methamphetamine; caused cardiovascular collapse (July 2013)

Crimes Committed

Charged with assault for pushing Jamie Vernon off a roof; charges dropped when Jamie admitted that he lied [2013]

Arrested for stealing drugs from a cart at the hospital; charges dropped if he went into rehab [2013]

Arrested for possession with intent to sell drugs; served 30 days in Walworth prison [2013]

Arrested for the murder of Carmine Basco; placed under house arrest, charges dropped when Carmine was proven still alive [2013]

Arrested for leaving home while under house arrest [2014]

Selling and using drugs [2019]

Brief Character History

Lauren Fenmore, the beautiful heiress to the Fenmore Department store chain, lost her first husband, Dr. Scott Grainger, to Sheila Carter, the conniving woman who stole Lauren and Scott's newborn child Scotty, and substituted him with a black market baby, Dylan, who died a crib death. Then after Sheila's deeds were finally exposed and Lauren and Scott were reunited, Scott died of a mysterious disease. The obsessed Sheila returned, time and time again to terrorize Lauren over the years, even escaping from a prison for the criminally insane, in both Genoa City, as well as Los Angeles.

By the time Sheila arrived in Genoa City in 2005, having had plastic surgery to look exactly like Phyllis Newman, Lauren was married to attorney, Michael Baldwin, and they had a new baby together named Fenmore, whom they called "Fen". Sheila kidnapped baby Fen and Phyllis' baby, Summer, in her plot to get even with Lauren. But in the end, Lauren was the one who killed Sheila in self defense.

Many years later, Sheila's sister, Sarah Smythe, showed up with Sheila's until then unknown twenty year old twins, Daisy and Ryder Callahan to carry on her tradition. They kidnapped Lauren and held her hostage while Sarah (who had had plastic surgery to look exactly like Lauren) took Lauren's place with Michael. Lauren ended up killing Sarah in self-defense as well, but the twins escaped, promising revenge.

Six months later, Daisy returned pregnant from drugging and raping Daniel Romalotti, and had her baby, Lucy. Lauren became fearful for herself and for Fen after Daisy was only given time-served and put on parole with psychological counseling, claiming that her actions were controlled by Sarah. So Lauren made plans for Fen to stay with her son Scotty in Toronto for his protection. Daisy boldly entered Fenmore's intending to spend a gift certificate on clothes for Lucy and taunted Lauren. Lauren freaked out and pulled a gun on Daisy, and was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Michael came to her aid and Lauren got off with probation. Daniel ended up marrying Daisy to safeguard his daughter, Lucy.

At their celebration of Michael's new job as interim D.A., Lauren surprised him with the return of their son Fen, who had become a teenager.

Fen became friends with Summer Newman who was having a hard time accepting being the daughter of Phyllis. After an altercation with Phyllis, Summer disappeared with Fen, and they hid out in the skating rink and kissed. After they were convinced to return home, Fen was chastised by his parents and urged to not see Summer anymore.

Noah found out that Summer had been bullying Jamie Vernon the boy that Ronan had been mentoring using FacePlace name of "Brittni", and he cautioned Summer about her irresponsible actions. Summer went to Jamie and assured him that she was not "Brittni" or like the rest of the kids who picked on him. Fen accused her of faking it, but she claimed she actually liked Jamie. Summer came on to Fen again to try to get him not to rat her out to their parents, and Fen reacted by pulling away and telling her he didn’t really like her very much. But Fen jealously took over taunting Jamie using a burner-phone due to Summer and his father Michael's sudden interest in the boy. Jamie's father was arrested for a hit and run DUI, and causing an injury. Once his father went to jail, Jamie would have no one to live with, and would be headed for foster care. Hearing about this, Fen became jealous, sure that his parents would take the kid in. Later, while talking with Summer, Jamie kissed her, and Fen found out about it.

Fen's burner-phone fell out of his backpack, but Fen claimed to Michael that he had it to cover his relationship with Summer. Jamie was put in a group home, and Michael discovered Jamie had been beaten up by his roommates, but was unable to persuade a judge to intercede. Fen saw Summer hugging Jamie again over his injuries and went off on them, telling Jamie that Summer was his FacePlace stalker Brittni, causing Jamie to pack his things and disappear. Michael confided in Paul how concerned he was that Fen was heading toward becoming another Ricky or young Michael or Kevin, being so full of rage. Paul tried to reason with Fen and convince him that Michael loved and wanted to help him.

Jamie Vernon returned, having nowhere else to go. Fen agreed to back off, and Jamie agreed he wouldn't tell Michael about Fen's texts. Fen put a valuable glass box into Jamie's backpack and stole $200 out of Lauren's purse, intent on getting Jamie in trouble. When asked if he took them, Jamie felt affronted and left. Fen followed Jamie, and they fought on the roof where Jamie had been hiding out. Jamie was later found by Paul where he had fallen to a roof below. While Jamie laid in the hospital unconscious, Michael accused Fenmore of setting Jamie up, but Lauren refused to believe it. Jamie regained consciousness and was released, but he refused to tell anyone what had happened.

Jamie told Summer that she and Fen were both responsible for everything that had happened to him. Summer apologized, explaining that by bullying him as Britni she had only been trying to get back at Ronan, but now realized it was pretty dumb. Michael confronted Fen, and Fen accused Michael of choosing Jamie over Fen, saying he would never forgive him. Then after a verbal fight between Fen and Jamie, Jamie decided to press charges against Fen. Fen was arrested in his home for assault. Lauren followed him to jail and got him out on bail after he spent the night in "juvie". Both Lauren and Fen were resentful of Michael for not supporting his son. Lauren began hanging out at the Athletic Club bar with Carmine coming onto her. He took her home one night when she had too much to drink, and another night he kissed her. Fen found out about Michael's past on the Internet and threw it in his face. Michael failed to convince Fen that it was because of his own past that he didn't want Fen going down the same road. After Paul found Jamie attempting to jump from the same roof, he convinced Jamie that he could help him make things better. Jamie admitted that he had lied and had been attempting suicide that night with Fen, and the changes were dropped against Fen. Much to Fen's relief, Ronan was granted guardianship of Jamie and he moved to Washington, D.C. to live with Ronan after apologizing to the Baldwins for all the trouble he had caused them. But Fen still refused to forgive Michael, and Lauren still resented Michael for not believing in their son as she had, and moved out.

Fen went to Kevin asking to live with them, but Kevin refused and told him to go home. Fen questioned how Christine and others could forgive Michael for the things he had done to them. Kevin told Fen that people change and prove themselves worthy of forgiveness. Christine confirmed her forgiveness, telling Fen that Michael had become one of finest men she knew. Feeling remorseful, Fen confessed to Michael everything he had done to Jamie, apologized, and said he wanted to make it up to Jamie who had nearly died because of him. Michael asked Christine to become D.A., and he stepped down.

After Lauren returned home, Michael decided their reconciliation was not working and that he would move out. Fen accused him of giving up. At On The Boulevard, Fen apologized to Summer for everything he did to her and to Jamie, then came on to her, but Summer told him she only wanted to be friends. Carmine overheard and told him to go after her; that a guy like Fen had a lot to offer.

Fen admitted to Kevin that he hated to go home, afraid that he gets so angry, and has no one. Fen told Lauren that he felt that he had broken up his parent's marriage, that he loved Summer, but she couldn't stand him, and all he does is screw up. Carmine convinced Fen to apologize to Summer and ask her to the prom, which Fen did. Summer accepted, but ditched the prom, dragging Fen to a party she had set up at her mother's penthouse instead. Everyone was drinking, and they played truth or dare. As a tipsy Fen completed his dare to kiss Summer, Kyle burst in to rescue Summer after receiving a text. Phyllis, who had just moved out of Jack's, arrived at the penthouse to find Kyle punching Fen in the mouth. She sent the other kids home and called Nick, Michael, and Lauren. When some other kids found out about it, they beat Fen up. While being consoled by his new friend, Carmine, Fen disclosed Michael's attempted rape and prison past to Carmine.

After Lauren and Michael decided to give their marriage a 30-day trial, Fen went to Carmine and wondered what had happened to split them so far apart. Carmine spilled the truth, saying that Lauren just needed to come back to him instead. Unfortunately, viewers were not shown his response. Next, Fenmore graduated from high school and was given a new car by his parents. His grandmother Joanna and half-brother Scott attended, but were unseen by viewers.

With kids still bullying Fen, he ended up at a graduation party held by the kids that don't fit in, where he met a punked-out girl named Raven, and got high. The next morning, Michael found Fen passed out on their living room floor. Michael brought him around, and he lied that he had gone to a party with Summer. Fen told Michael that he got high because he saw no future for himself, and that he was always angry. Michael told him that he spent a good deal of his life like that himself, but that finally someone had loved him enough to pull him out of it, and he had changed because of Lauren.

Later Fen caught Carmine kissing Lauren, as Lauren tried to push him away. Fen pulled him off, and Lauren told Carmine to get out. Fen asked Lauren if they were having an affair, and she replied no, not anymore. But when Michael got home, Fen told him what he had seen, and Lauren explained to Michael that Carmine had just showed up and kissed her. Fen attacked Lauren for disrespecting his father by screwing around with some bartender, and wondered how Michael could even look at her since. Michael said he defended Lauren because she was his wife, he loved her, and that she deserved a chance to make things right. Fen asked, "Why bother?" and left. Fen went to Carmine and accused him of getting off by messing with people's families. Fen told him he saw through his friendship, in that he just wanted to get close to his mother. Fen left Carmine, saying he felt betrayed by everyone.

Weeks later, Fen showed up at On the Boulevard and asked Carmine if he could hook him up with some drugs. Carmine asked why Fen would come to him, and said he thought Fen was too smart to do drugs. Fen got mad and left, but Carmine later found Fen unconscious in the alley, and accompanied him in the ambulance to the hospital. Carmine called Michael and Lauren, who kicked him out of the room on their arrival. The doctor told them that Fen had ingested a powerful methamphetamine which had caused cardiovascular collapse. When Fen woke up, he told them Carmine was responsible. But from the smile on Fen's face after Michael went ballistic, it became obvious that Fen had lied so that Carmine would go to jail and be out of his parent's lives. But Carmine's lawyer, Leslie Michaelson, got him off, explaining what really had happened, and pointed out that if Carmine wanted to hurt Fen he never would have called 911. Carmine smugly walked out, and went to Crimson Lights where he sat drooling over his laptop, watching the video of him and Lauren making love. Carmine then sent the video to the GCBuzz website, and forwarded the link to Fen's phone. Fen was repulsed and showed it to Michael and Lauren. Fen met Raven and left Crimson Lights to get high, leaving Fen's cell phone behind. Then Lauren received a text from Fen asking her for help at a remote cabin. But when she arrived, she found only Carmine. Carmine got Lauren to agree to stay an hour, if he would drop the charges. But when Lauren resisted Carmine's advances and tried to leave, he took away her purse and locked the door. Carmine got rough with Lauren and tied her to a chair, so Lauren tried playing along that she really cared about him. Lauren tried to seduce him, claiming to have only returned to Michael for her son's sake. Lauren persuaded Carmine to let her loose, and stabbed him in the arm with a fork. Meanwhile at the GCPD, Kevin tracked Lauren's phone to the landfill. Fen turned up, explaining that he had lost his phone, so everyone realized that Carmine had used it to lure Lauren, but they were unable to track it because Fen had disabled the GPS. Kevin figured out that they were probably at the same remote cabin where Angelina had taken him. Kevin caused a distraction which allowed Michael to escape. Michael broke in the door of the cabin, finding Lauren gagged and tied to the bed with Carmine ready to rape her. Michael slugged Carmine who ran into wall and hit his head, knocking him out. Paul kicked in the door to find that Carmine had escaped while Michael was untying Lauren. The charges were dropped against Michael, and Fen promised to go straight, admitting to Michael and Lauren that Carmine did not buy him drugs. But he was later arrested when he was caught on camera stealing drugs from a cart when he went to the hospital to be with Summer, whose mother Phyllis was in a coma. Thanks to Paul and Christine, Fen was given no jail time if he went to rehab. A month or so later, Fen returned home on a day pass. The family enjoyed a picnic in Chancellor Park, and Fen spoke about how difficult therapy was. His doctor felt that Fen could be released in a week.

Fen got out of rehab on a pass to see his mother accept the businesswoman of the year award at a ceremony which was held at the athletic club. Carmine, who had escaped from jail, skulked around the sidelines, dressed as a cop. Gloria was the M.C. and announced a video of the highlights of Lauren's career, but the one of Lauren and Carmine in bed played instead. Fen ran out humiliated, and began kicking trash cans around in the back alley. Carmine went out to the alley and texted Lauren that he had Fen, so she snuck away to the alley. Carmine called Michael next, but Michael heard Carmine say, "No. Don’t", then heard a gunshot. Michael found a distraught Lauren standing over Carmine's dead body, Fenmore's sobriety chip and a gun on ground. Michael asked Lauren if she did it. She responded that she wished that she had. Michael, assuming that it had been Fen, shot the gun into a wall to take the rap for Fen. Detective Chavez showed up and arrested Michael, but he was suspicious of Michael and Lauren's answers and Michael's willingness to confess. Meanwhile Fen had been seen leaving the coffee house with Raven. Lauren hired Avery to represent Michael, but he was uncooperative, even after Paul confronted him about the bullet he had dug out of the wall. When Fen admitted to Lauren that he had been high and did not remember what had happened that night, she would not let him confess to free Michael. Michael was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but Fen broke into the sentencing hearing, and confessed to killing Carmine. No one believed him, and Michael was taken to Walworth prison. It was not long before someone recognized Michael as the D.A. who sent him to prison and Michael was beaten, suffering a black eye and broken ribs. Christine then arranged for him to be put in a more secure section of the prison.

Meanwhile, Fen met with Raven and bought a lot of drugs from her, then made sure that he was caught and arrested for possession with intent to sell. Fen confessed and was sentenced to 30 days in Walworth as well, somehow expecting that if he was in prison Michael would be able to admit that he was covering for Fen and be released. Running into his beaten father, they were both shocked to see each other. Michael told Fen how to stay out of harm's way, and not to admit that they even knew each other. A con named Womack began trying to befriend Fen in a threatening way, offering him drugs once he found out what Fen's crime was. When Michael tried to intervene with the Warden for Fen, he was thrown in solitary confinement. Michael then offered a deal to be put back into the general population and become an informant. Summer visited Fen in prison, and Fen shocked her with the knowledge that his dealer Raven had told him that Summer's best friend Courtney was her biggest customer. Christine and Paul worked behind the scenes getting Michael's conviction overturned. Michael protested being released and no longer there for Fen, but he was freed in time to show up at the Chancellor estate and surprise Lauren on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile with only one week left on his sentence, Fen was being ganged up on in prison by the inmates who had been imprisoned thanks to his father, the D.A. – until Womack came to his rescue. Fen was released the following week after threats from Womack that he would not be out of his reach on the outside.

Studying the Basco murder evidence day and night, Paul pondered Fen's sobriety chip which had been found on Michael. Michael told Paul that Fen had given it to him when Fen was in rehab, but Fen said he had given it to Michael the night of Carmine's murder. After Paul got the test results from the suit that Fen had worn that night showing gun residue and Carmine's blood, a warrant was issued for Fen's arrest. Fen fled, but Summer helped Michael trick Fen into returning to the GCPD, where Michael claimed that Fen was turning himself in. Fen was put under house arrest with an ankle monitor. A cake iced to say "Forget Me Not" was left at the Baldwin's door. Lauren was sure it was from Carmine, but Fenmore admitted it was likely a reminder from Womack.

Worn out at a photo shoot, Summer took some "energy pills" from fellow model Esmeralda, had a reaction, and called Fen for help. Fen came to the shoot but was tracked by his ankle monitor and arrested. Sharon discovered Summer, who had fallen down some stairs. Summer was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and Esmeralda had to give Dr. Rayburn the drug to help save her.

Fen accepted a plea bargain, so was to be sentenced for Carmine's murder by a judge in his chambers. Lauren made a heartfelt plea in Fen's defense blaming herself for bringing Carmine into their lives and Fen's escaping to drugs. But Michael burst in at the last minute with a video of Carmine holding that day's paper and admitting that he was still alive. Christine dropped the charges and Fen was released. It turned out that Carmine had turned state's evidence against Womack, so the government had been protecting him, which was how he was able to escape and get away with everything. Once Womack was released from prison, the Baldwins were confident they would never hear from Carmine again or Womack would have him killed. Refusing to be forgotten, Lauren received a postcard from Carmine, addressed from Puerto Rico.

Outside the Delia Project Valentine's Day benefit, Fen ran into Richard Womack, who warned Fen not to tell anyone he had seen him, and to get out of there if he wanted to live. Fen left, but went to the police station and told Paul. Womack ended up pulling a gun, and holding everyone at the benefit hostage. Paul and the rest of the police arrived outside the locked ballroom. In the end, Womack was killed as he and Colin Atkinson struggled over the gun.

Fenmore began taking night classes at GCU in hopes of getting into a high profile college in the fall, aspiring to become a lawyer like his father. Fen was accepted at Arizona State University, and left Genoa City for college.

Fen returned home on a break in October 2014, looking good with a cool beard and haircut. He met Mariah Copeland, visited Summer, and met her new husband, Austin. In November, attempting to reunite the family, Kevin arranged for Fen to visit and got 4 tickets to his favorite band. But only the two of them attended.

Fen arrived home for Christmas and overheard his parents saying they would "do whatever they had to do to beat this". They brushed him off, so Fen went to Kevin and tricked him into telling him that Michael had prostate cancer. Fen told them he had decided to forego his ski trip with Summer and Austin, and stay home to support his father. Christmas started out awkwardly, but ended up joyous as the family sang and danced together.

Noah, Kevin, Mariah, Summer, Austin, and Fenmore each received unsigned invitations to a Valentine Day party at Abbott cabin. After they arrived, they deduced that Abby was the hostess since she was the only Abbott there. Abby admitted that she had not wanted to be alone, and that they would never have come had they known. The group played a drinking game, "Never have I Ever", but when someone said "committed murder", Austin left the room upset. He told Summer it had reminded him of his mother. Courtney arrived, telling them that a snowstorm had closed the road behind her. Fen put a party drug in the punch which knocked everyone out, and they woke up to find Austin missing. They opened an armoire, and Austin's body fell out with blood on his head. Courtney tried to revive him, but declared him dead. Noah hugged a distraught Summer who suddenly remembered that she had hidden a brass bookend behind a sofa cushion, pulled it out, and screamed when she saw blood on it. Summer feared that she had killed Austin, but they reminded her that she could not have picked him up and stuffed him in the armoire.

Noah, Mariah, and Kevin suggested a cover-up to protect Summer. Courtney refused to be a part of it, as it would make her a dirty cop, but they talked her into it. The guys put Austin's body outside in the snow as if he had fallen, and his blood on a nearby rock. Mariah suddenly remembered seeing Austin and Abby kissing earlier. She confronted Abby who admitted the kiss, but swore that nothing had been going on between them. Mariah pointed out that if Summer had seen them, it would have been a perfect motive. Courtney called the police but lost the cell signal before she could tell them why. Fen went out to get a ladder to support their story, and discovered Austin's body was gone. When the police arrived, they were told that Kevin had fallen from the roof trying to shovel off the deep snow, Austin had gone for help, but had never come back. As the group left for town, they wondered if Austin was really dead, or if someone else had killed him and taken the body. Later that night, police broke the news to Summer that they had found Austin dead behind the wheel of a wrecked car, and Summer identified the body in the morgue. Fen had to return to college, leaving Noah, Abby, Kyle, Mariah and Kevin to comfort Summer.

Fen returned from college unexpectedly and confronted his parents when he discovered they were living apart. Michael refused to change his stance and handed Lauren divorce papers. Lauren would not sign. Michael told her to end the pain and accept that he doesn't love her anymore. Lauren left, saying she wouldn't give up on them.

Fen suddenly returned from college in 2015 and gathered his friends who were involved in the murder at the cabin. He admitted that prior to Austin's murder, he had been about to flunk a class, hacked into the college computers, and gave himself a passing grade so he could still get into law school. Fen had received an anonymous text blackmailing him into picking up a package containing the drug to spike the punch. Paul traced the DNA from the package to a wanted criminal named Marco Annicelli who used to head a South American drug cartel. The FBI got involved, and Fen was allowed to return to Arizona State.

Fen returned to Genoa City in December 2018 telling his parents he had quit law school to become a musician. Good news that Jamie Vernon had become a lawyer. He mentioned a girlfriend musician, that they had worked together, but broke up. Fen got a job as a waiter at the athletic club. Devon was irritated when Fen slipped him a demo of his music and refused to listen to it. Devon’s half sister Ana, his assistant, liked it and arranged to produce a song for Fen, insisting he do a song she provided rather than his own music. She tricked Devon away from the studio, Devon caught them, but he had to admit that Fen was good, and the song was even better. Hoping to sign the songwriter as well as Fen, Ana gave Devon the run-around about “the guy”. Devon finally found out that the songwriter was Ana herself. But she refused to sign a contract. Michael and Lauren were suddenly very proud of their son once his song became a hit. Devon set up a showcase for Fen, but when Fen failed to show up, Ana performed instead and wowed the crowd. Fen begged for another chance, but Devon refused until Summer came to him and explained that Fen had been comforting her, and it was her fault that he missed the show. Devon relented and sent Fen on the road as an opening act to get some life lessons.

Later that year, Adam showed Michael a photo of Fen, insinuating that he was on drugs and selling them while on tour. To keep Fen out of trouble, Adam expected Michael to cooperate in the future as District Attorney. Michael had Lauren locate Fen and get him into treatment immediately. Fen in rehab, was said to be mad at himself for screwing up. Devon told him he could rejoin the tour when he sobered up.

Fen was released from rehab, and was living in a half way house. He surprised Michael and Lauren for Christmas 2019, apologizing for letting them down. After spending the holidays with them, Fen disclosed that he wasn’t going back to touring, being afraid to get back into “the scene”. He was moving to Nashville, already had a job in a recording studio, and was going to be living with a group of sober friends. His parents were disappointed, but respected his decision.

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