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Nikki was arrested for J.T.'s murder. Mia moaned Arturo's name during sex with Rey. Rey and Sharon professed their love. Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis were arrested after Sharon told Rey everything. Abby and Mia got into a vicious public argument. Lola was attacked while wearing Abby's coat.
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Lola was attacked at the Abbott estate, and she tumbled into the pool
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Nikki defends Victor and ends up in jail

Nikki defends Victor and ends up in jail

Monday, February 11, 2019

As Christine and Rey, accompanied by uniformed police officers, prepared to escort Victor to court, Nikki announced that she had something to say. Victor, Victoria, Nick, and Michael looked panic-stricken as Christine approached and accused Nikki of attempting to stall. Nikki drew a deep breath and said, "Christine, there won't be any trial today. I have something to say." Victor attempted to silence Nikki by telling her that everything would be all right. Rey ordered an officer to place Victor in a waiting squad car. Nikki's voice grew louder, and she said, "You're arresting the wrong person."

Nick, Victoria, and Michael attempted to silence Nikki. Nikki cried that she couldn't stand by another minute and watch her husband being punished. Rey and Michael noted that Nikki's interference could worsen the situation. Nikki looked directly at Christine and said, "My husband did not kill J.T. I did." The color drained from Victoria's face. Michael said, "Nikki, not another word." Victor blamed Christine for upsetting Nikki by invading his home and placing him in handcuffs in front of his family. Nikki refused to be silenced and cried that it was time to put an end to it.

Nikki reminded Rey that he'd suspected her from the very beginning. Nikki recalled the day Rey had spotted her in Chancellor Park, soon after discovering J.T.'s watch. Michael, feeling powerless to control Nikki, blurted out, "This obviously changes everything." Victor replied, "It doesn't change a damn thing." Christine and Rey stepped out into the hallway to discuss Nikki's confession. Rey said that even before the station's tip line had received the recording of Victor confessing, the investigation had concluded that Victor was the murderer. Christine acknowledged that Nikki's confession had created a mess.

While Christine and Rey were in another room, Michael admonished Nikki, Victor, Victoria, and Nick to keep their mouths shut. When Rey and Christine returned, Christine announced that she would postpone Victor's trial. Nikki breathed a sigh of relief and cried, "Oh, thank God." Christine added that Victor would remain on house arrest while Nikki would be taken to the station for questioning. Rey arrested Nikki and placed her in handcuffs. After Nikki was taken away, Nick told Victoria and Victor that Nikki would have to make up a story to tell Rey at the station.

At the police station, Michael served as Nikki's counsel while Rey questioned her about J.T.'s death. Nikki recalled that during the girls' night celebration, she, Victoria, Phyllis, Sharon, and Mariah had gathered at Victoria's to comfort Victoria after her breakup with J.T. Nikki told Rey that after Mariah had passed out, Victoria had gone upstairs. After a while, Nikki explained, she had gone upstairs alone to check on her daughter. Nikki said that as she'd approached, she had heard a commotion and been horrified to find J.T. in the bedroom, choking Victoria. Nikki cried that after she'd attempted to intervene, J.T. had thrown her back toward the fireplace, where she'd picked up the poker. Rey prompted Nikki to continue.

Nikki claimed that J.T. had stopped the attack after she'd yelled at him, but she'd still feared him because he'd had a look of pure evil in his eyes. Rey asked Nikki if she'd followed J.T. after he'd left through a window. Nikki said she'd stayed behind to take care of Victoria. Nikki claimed that she had later slipped out of the house when no one had been looking and had followed J.T. to Chancellor Park. Nikki added that she'd taken the poker to use as protection.

Nikki said that J.T. had laughed when she'd confronted him about what he'd done to Victor and to Victoria. J.T. had been defiant, Nikki recalled, and had claimed that neither the police nor Nikki could stop him. Nikki cried that after J.T. had threatened Victor and Victoria and taunted her, she'd raised the poker and hit J.T. over the head when he'd charged toward her. Rey asked Nikki why she hadn't phoned the police. Nikki said she had feared Rey wouldn't believe she'd acted in self-defense. Nikki seemed exhausted and recalled that she'd rolled J.T.'s body into the hole already dug in the dirt and covered over his body.

In her defense, Nikki asked Rey if he would have done whatever was necessary to protect his own family. Rey told Nikki they should take a break. Michael followed Rey as both men stepped out of the interrogation room. Rey asked Michael if he believed Nikki. Michael replied, "You really expect me to answer that?" Rey smiled and said, "That's what I thought."

After Rey and Michael returned to the interrogation room with Nikki, Rey recounted Nikki's claim that she'd hit J.T. with a fireplace poker. Michael interrupted and said, "As previously stated, so unless you have another question." Nikki explained that reason and logic weren't involved when a parent protected a child. Michael noted that his client's confession was made at a time when she was under tremendous stress. Nikki reiterated that she had been alone when she'd attacked J.T. and had had no help from anyone.

After Nick and Victoria arrived, Rey refused to let them speak to their mother. Michael told Victoria and Nick that he needed to know exactly what was going on, so he could defend Nikki. Victoria asked Michael what Nikki had said. Michael said it was privileged information he couldn't share. Rey approached and demanded to question Victoria to verify Nikki's confession.

Michael sat beside Victoria as Rey officially questioned her. Rey recalled that Victoria had previously stated that she'd given J.T. $700 before he'd left her bedroom through the window. Victoria nodded in agreement and claimed that Nikki had confessed to keep Victor from going through a trial. Victoria added that Victor had been hospitalized at the time and couldn't have murdered J.T. Rey pointed out that no one knew the exact date and time of J.T.'s death. Before Michael ended the session, Rey asked Victoria about the fireplace in her room and the last time she'd used it. Victoria confirmed the presence of the fireplace and said it hadn't been used in ages.

After Nick and Victoria left, Michael told Nikki she had to be honest with him. Nikki said she didn't need Michael's help. Michael noted that the Newman family members made it difficult for him to do his job. After Rey returned, he announced that Victor's trial had been postponed, so Victor would remain out on bail until everything was sorted out. Rey added that Nikki would have to remain in custody. Nikki said there was nothing to sort out because she'd confessed. Rey replied, "Did you really think you'd get away with lying to me?" Michael admonished Nikki not to answer. Rey said that despite Nikki's confession, he intended to prove that she hadn't acted alone.

After Victoria and Nick returned home, Victoria told Victor that she'd stuck to her original statement because she didn't know what Nikki had said. Nick added that police would question Sharon and Phyllis next. Victoria said, "We have to warn them." Nick explained that Phyllis was away and wouldn't return until late, and Sharon was on a field trip with Faith, so calling or texting could be risky. Victoria cried, "This whole thing is starting to unravel."

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle entered the house through the front door and nearly ran into Jack. Wearing a terry robe and carrying a towel, Kyle patted dry his face. Jack noted that the frostbite might negate the benefits of swimming in freezing weather. Kyle replied, "Pool's heated, and I needed to blow off some steam." Kyle sadly noted that his relationship with Lola might be over after she'd stormed out of Crimson Lights in the middle of their date. Jack asked Kyle if he'd spoken to Lola. Kyle replied, "Between her pop-up stand and getting ready for Abby's restaurant, I doubt she has time to talk to me."

Kyle told Jack that Lola's career goals were the reason they'd experienced so much tension. Jack said Kyle had known beforehand that her career was her top priority. Kyle insisted he admired Lola's fearlessness and confidence in pursuing her passion. Jack suggested that Kyle take advantage of Valentine's week to show Lola how much she meant to him. Kyle said that whatever he chose to do would have to come from his heart. Jack gave Kyle the key to the Abbott cabin and said that use of a romantic cabin in a beautiful, isolated setting was all he'd need to win back Lola. Kyle explained that Lola had turned down an earlier invitation to the cabin because she had feared she was expected to be intimate.

Kyle told Jack that Lola had never made love with anyone. Kyle admitted that he and Lola had fought over the issue, but he was willing to prove that he cared about more than just intimacy. Jack suggested Kyle cook a simple dinner at the cabin and take her on a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Kyle embraced his father's ideas and sent an invitation to Lola via text message to meet with him. Lola immediately replied that she'd meet him at Crimson Lights.

At Devon's penthouse, Ana answered the doorbell and found a contrite Fen waiting to issue an apology. Fen pleaded with Ana to give him another chance, but Ana said it wasn't up to her. Ana heatedly reminded Fen that he'd blown off an event that had been set up to feature him. Fen insisted he hadn't purposely blown off the event. Fen explained that he'd been called away to deal with personal issues. Ana replied, "Don't BS me."

Fen, speaking loudly and animatedly, said it wasn't such a big deal because Ana had stepped in and proven how great she was. Ana asked Fen if he realized how many singers would have given anything to have the opportunity he'd been given. Fen admitted that his break had happened so quickly that it had gone to his head. Fen assured Ana that music meant just as much to him as it did to her. Fen said he was willing to work hard to make his career work, and he begged Ana to appeal to Devon on his behalf.

At Crimson Lights, Fen was sitting with his head down when Summer walked in and took a seat across from him. Fen cried that because he'd missed the showcase event, he feared Devon would fire him. Fen admitted that he'd let Devon down in front of a group of powerful music professionals. Fen cried that he'd blown his big shot over a girl who wasn't even interested in him. Summer admitted she'd used him to make Kyle jealous. In turn, Fen said he'd used Summer to make Lola jealous and to screw over Kyle. Fen assumed all blame and noted that he and Kyle were stupid to be in competition with each other.

When Devon and Ana arrived, Summer butted in and claimed that Fen had missed the promotional event because he'd put her ahead of himself to help her through a crisis. Devon asked Fen why he hadn't explained the situation. Before Fen could respond, Summer claimed that Fen wasn't in the habit of just making excuses. Summer added that she couldn't let Devon believe that Fen had failed to show because he didn't care.

Ana and Devon stepped away to have a private discussion. When Ana and Devon returned to the table, Devon told Fen that Ana had reminded him about the money and time they'd already invested in Fen's career. Devon announced that he would give Fen another chance. Devon explained that Fen would start over again by performing as the opening act at small venues for established performers. Ana noted that it would be a learning experience. Fen was overjoyed and assured Devon he wouldn't regret his decision.

After Ana and Devon left, Fen expressed his appreciation to Summer and offered to take her out to dinner. Summer seemed interested until Kyle walked in. After Summer joined Kyle, Fen grabbed his jacket and left. Summer offered to have coffee with Kyle, but he said he was waiting for Lola. Summer invited Kyle to sit with her while he waited. Kyle admitted that Lola would be delayed. Summer mentioned Lola's determination to save herself until the right time. Kyle said there was more to being with someone than having sex. Summer asked Kyle if he believed Lola had invested as much in the relationship as he had.

When Lola arrived, Kyle took her aside and gave her an invitation to join him at the Abbott cabin. Summer watched as Lola explained that it was too close to the launch of the new restaurant for her to take a vacation with him. Kyle replied, "If you want to be with somebody, you've got to make time for them." Lola said she and Kyle were on different tracks and suggested they go their separate ways. After Lola left, Summer tried to comfort Kyle, but he left without explaining. Summer picked up the discarded invitation and read it.

Mia moans Arturo's name during sex with Rey

Mia moans Arturo's name during sex with Rey

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Phyllis was relieved when Nick arrived home, since she'd been trying to reach him on her way back from Chicago. She guessed that he'd spent the prior night at the ranch, and she wondered how bad things were. He grumbled that he'd thought they hadn't been able to get any worse, but they had. She mentioned that she'd attempted to reach Victoria, and he explained that his family had considered it best to stay off their phones. Nick announced that the trial hadn't started because Nikki had confessed to killing J.T., and Phyllis' jaw dropped.

Phyllis insisted on finding out whether Nikki had implicated anyone else. Nick recalled that his mom had blurted out that it had all been on her, but Phyllis was adamant that she had to talk to Sharon and Victoria. Phyllis wondered what had caused Nikki to open her mouth, and Nick replied that his mom had done it for his dad. Phyllis ranted about Nikki not considering the rest of them, but Nick reasoned that they would have heard if Phyllis had been implicated. He advised her to stay put until they knew more, but she was determined to get their stories straight. Nick told her to do what she had to do, and Phyllis left.

At Victoria's house, Victoria informed Billy that the police had arrested Nikki after Nikki had blurted out that she'd murdered J.T. Billy asked if it had been a Hail Mary to stall Victor's trial, and Victoria remarked that it seemed like something her mom would do. Billy pointed out that the police hadn't made a statement, and he imagined they were afraid it would look like they didn't have a handle on the case. Billy suggested that he leave so Victoria could get some rest, but she groaned that she had too much adrenalin. He offered to sit with her in case she needed anything, and she whimpered that she didn't know what she needed. She cuddled up next to him on the couch.

Victoria lamented that it would dredge everything up again when Reed heard his father was dead because of someone he loved. Victoria wished she could do something to fix it, but she couldn't make it go away. Victoria worried that no one except Michael had seen Nikki since the police had taken her away, and Rey had interrogated Victoria but had refused to tell her what Nikki had said. Billy surmised that Rey thought Victoria knew something, and Victoria replied that she couldn't tell Billy anything until she talked to her mother.

Billy asserted that there was a reason Michael was on retainer, so it wasn't Victoria's problem to fix. Victoria bemoaned that none of it would have happened if she hadn't let J.T. back into their lives, but Billy argued that J.T. had been there to spy on Victor and had had revenge on his mind from the beginning. Billy thought it was obvious that J.T. had gone dark, and clearly someone had had enough. Billy wondered if Nikki had killed J.T. in self-defense, and Victoria fibbed that she didn't know. Billy figured that all they could do was wait for more information, since the truth would eventually get out.

At the police station, Rey was distracted by a crowd yelling outside. Sharon arrived and asked what was going on, since the press was swarming even though the trial had been delayed. Rey pulled her into a room for privacy, and she wondered if it was about the audio clip. Rey realized that she hadn't spoken to Nick or anyone else, and he insisted that they talk about the party at Victoria's house. Sharon complained that they'd already gone over it a thousand times, and he explained that he needed to hear it again because Nikki had confessed to killing J.T.

Sharon wondered if the police had new evidence, and Rey noted that they had a credible confession. She anxiously inquired whether Nikki had been the only one arrested, and he questioned whether there was someone else he should arrest. Rey revealed that Nikki had claimed she'd killed J.T. on the night of Victoria's party, and he'd heard several different versions of what had happened that night. A panicked Sharon asked if he'd spoken to Phyllis and Victoria, and she reminded him that Mariah had been asleep. Rey pressed Sharon to tell him her version, since it was just the two of them in there, and he needed to know what she knew before it was too late for him to help her.

Sharon swore that she had no idea how J.T. had died, and she theorized that Nikki had just freaked out at the thought of her husband going to prison. Sharon insinuated that she couldn't help unless Rey gave her more details, and he pointed out that she'd given him the audio recording because she trusted him. Sharon maintained that she'd already told him everything she'd seen that night, and she declared that they were done there because she had to get back to work. Sharon exited the room and briefly paused at her desk before leaving the station. Rey watched her suspiciously.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah presented Lola with a platter of heart cookies that she and Tessa had made for Valentine's Day. Mariah figured that it was acceptable to go over the top for their first Valentine's Day as a couple, and she couldn't imagine what romantic surprise Kyle had planned. Lola revealed that she and Kyle had broken up.

Mariah was sure that Kyle loved Lola, and she relayed that he'd been hoping he and Lola could work things out. Lola recounted that he'd made a big invitation to go on a romantic trip together, making it clear that it wouldn't be about sex but having time alone together. Mariah sarcastically noted that it sounded terrible, and Lola groaned that it was obvious she and Kyle wanted different things, since he always had to make a show. Mariah dryly remarked that enlisting Tessa to sing outside Lola's window had also been terrible, and she admitted that she was confused. Lola explained that she and Kyle had different priorities, since her restaurant was about to open, and Kyle didn't understand why she couldn't run off to the woods with him.

Lola figured that Kyle was accustomed to being chauffeured up to the cabin with Champagne in the back seat, and it was frustrating because it wasn't about the money. Mariah opined that there was no logic to what Lola was saying, since whenever the couple had gotten into arguments, things had worked out after Kyle had done something romantic and big. Mariah suggested trying that again, since Kyle had needed to make grand gestures just to get time with Lola. Lola translated that to mean she was being selfish and demanding, but Mariah suspected that Kyle just wanted to do things for Lola that she wouldn't do for herself. Mariah questioned when Kyle would no longer have to fight to get Lola's attention.

Mariah recalled that Lola had agreed to a first date with Kyle because he'd made her laugh and looked at her like she was the greatest thing ever. Mariah acknowledged that Kyle had worked hard to prove that he wasn't just an obnoxious trust fund kid, including agreeing to no sex. Lola scoffed at the idea that he was a saint for staying with her, but Mariah clarified that she was only saying Kyle cared about Lola, not Lola naked. Lola wondered why her sex life was so fascinating to everyone, including Summer, who looked at her like she was a freak. Mariah thought no one should be made to do something they didn't want to do, but she also didn't think Kyle was wrong for wishing that Lola wanted to have sex.

Mariah insisted that Lola had always been Kyle's choice and that he didn't care about Summer. Lola complained that Kyle had finally confided that he'd been tortured by them not sleeping together, and she equated pretending that everything was okay when it hadn't been to lying. Mariah wondered why it wasn't enough that Kyle had agreed to play by Lola's rules, and Lola griped that he wouldn't be fixated on sex if he had other goals. Mariah clucked that Lola was judging him in a way he'd never judged Lola.

Mariah pointed out that not everyone was lucky enough to have their passion be their career. She considered it great that Lola was driven and ambitious, but she pondered what success would mean if Lola didn't have anyone to share it with. Lola didn't know what to do, and Mariah maintained that Kyle was an amazing guy who loved Lola. Mariah figured that Lola could either miss out on that or step up for once.

At the cottage, Sharon groused to Phyllis and Victoria that she'd found out about Nikki's arrest from Rey. Phyllis understood that Victoria hadn't wanted to call or send a text message, but she imagined that one of the Newman servants could have delivered a note. Victoria testily asked if it would kill them to remember that both of her parents had been arrested, and Phyllis demanded to know why Nikki had confessed. Mariah overheard and worried that Nikki had told the police everything.

Victoria explained that she didn't know what her mom had said, but Rey had interrogated Victoria right after he'd spoken to Nikki, and he'd been trying to trip Victoria up. Victoria continued that she'd kept it simple by not saying anything new, and Sharon confirmed that she hadn't provided any new information, either. Victoria was confident that Nikki was smart enough to leave them out of it, but Phyllis growled that the hole in Nikki's story was the big, fat lie that she'd acted alone. Phyllis thought they were one step closer to the whole thing blowing up in their faces.

Mariah worried that the cops would keep digging until they found the truth, but Sharon cautioned against thinking of the worst-case scenarios when the police might let Nikki go. Phyllis sourly asked if anyone had broken the news about Santa Claus to Sharon yet, but Sharon contended that everyone knew J.T. had been homicidal. Victoria contemplated how they could support Nikki's story without knowing what it was. Phyllis bristled at the thought of simply hoping that Nikki worked around the story they'd already told, and she hissed that she wasn't going down for it. Phyllis stalked out.

Sharon asked if she could get a despondent Victoria anything, and Mariah excused herself from the room. Sharon embraced Victoria, who recognized that they needed to make sure their stories were consistent. Victoria wondered if Christine and the police would take Nikki seriously after she'd lied for months, and she thought that would scream guilt to the jury. Sharon speculated that Christine might assume Nikki was covering for Victor and dismiss the confession, but Victoria feared that Rey would only get closer to the truth. Victoria wailed that her mom might have to serve a life sentence because of her.

Victoria prepared to go up to the house to check on her dad. She recognized that her mom was his weakness, so things could be unpredictable when Nikki was in trouble. Victoria sensed that the police were ready to pounce on any little detail, and Sharon confirmed that she'd experienced the same thing.

Phyllis returned home as Nick left a message for Michael to ask for an update. Nick reported that no bail hearing had been set, so Nikki was in limbo. Nick worried about his mother's fragile medical history, but Phyllis barked that Nikki had done it to herself. Phyllis recounted that the four women had needed to count on one another ever since that horrible night, and they'd all stuck together until Nikki had gone rogue. Nick argued that Nikki had accepted the blame herself, but Phyllis imagined that when the police pushed too hard, Nikki would throw the rest of them under the bus to save her daughter. Phyllis faced the reality that they all stood to go to prison.

Nick refused to lose Phyllis or anyone else, since no one deserved to go down for what had happened to J.T. Phyllis admitted that while she was furious with Nikki, she was also scared for his mom, since protecting their daughters was what mothers did. Phyllis insisted that she would suck it up so that Nick could focus on his mother. Nick intended to focus on his family, and he stressed that it included Phyllis. They hugged.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle descended the stairs, and Jack cheerfully announced that he'd made sure the cabin was stocked for Kyle's visit with Lola. Jack proudly mentioned that he'd added some Valentine's Day trimmings for the atmosphere. Kyle despondently replied that he appreciated it, but things were over with Lola.

Kyle discovered a diamond tennis bracelet on the table, and he guessed that Kerry wouldn't tell Jack that it was an insult to the entire world to spend money on jewelry or a purse. Kyle imagined that the same thing went for the note Jack had written, and Jack quipped that it seemed preferable to letting Kerry think someone else had given her the gift. Jack invited Kyle to go out with them, but Kyle protested that his father was making things much worse. Kyle told Jack to have fun with the other happy couples while Kyle headed to the cabin on his own with video games and a six-pack.

Later, Summer stopped by the Abbott mansion under the pretense of visiting Jack. She spotted the bracelet and guessed that he had Valentine's Day plans with Kerry, and she shared that she had no plans other than having takeout on her couch. Summer assumed that Jack and Kerry weren't making it a double date with Kyle and Lola, and Jack confirmed that they were having dinner alone. Summer prepared to hang out to wait for Kyle to get back, and Jack warned that she'd be waiting a long time.

Summer prepared to send a text message to Kyle, noting that they were still friends. Jack gently advised her to back off and call once Kyle was back in town. Summer wondered if she should be worried, and Jack implored her to give Kyle some time. Summer wished him a great evening and headed out. Outside the mansion, she pulled out the invitation Kyle had given Lola.

Jack was surprised when Lola stopped by the mansion, and she made a lame excuse about being in the area. She mentioned that she'd sent a text message to Kyle, and Jack wondered if she had to talk to Kyle right away. She blurted out that she hadn't been nearby but was afraid Kyle was avoiding her. Jack indicated that Kyle had gone up to the cabin, where there was spotty cell service. Jack stressed that Kyle had gone there by himself.

Kyle arrived at the cabin and glumly looked around at the romantic scene that had been set, complete with flowers and candles. He picked up a chilled bottle of Champagne and swigged directly from it. Later, there was a knock at the cabin door, and Kyle clumsily set down the bottle and stumbled over to answer it. Summer chirped that it was chilly out there, even for a snowflake. She questioned whether he was going to invite her in.

Rey arrived home and found flower petals leading to the couch, where a lingerie-clad Mia greeted him. She purred that Valentine's Day didn't have to wait until sundown, and she urged him to tell her all his troubles. Rey couldn't think of a single one, and he set down a bag with a bottle of wine and some magazines that he'd picked up for her. He suggested that he make a reservation for that night, and she mentioned that there was a fancy event at the Athletic Club. He guessed that she'd already gotten tickets, and he assured her that it was perfect. She warned that he'd have to wear a suit, and he pointed out that to put on a suit, he'd have to take his clothes off. They kissed passionately.

After having sex with Rey, Mia pulled out the magazines and cried out in disgust at a photo of Abby and Arturo on the cover of a lifestyle magazine. Rey snickered at the thought of Arturo's work buddies giving him grief, and Mia condemned Abby for hiring a photographer to promote her engagement when her father had just been arrested for murder. Rey turned the topic to what to wear that night, but Mia examined the photo spread and criticized it as being fake and phony. Rey thought that had been the point, and he gleefully wondered if his brother was wearing eyeliner in the pictures.

Mia grimaced at how people worked themselves into multiple magazines so the readers couldn't get away from them. Mia mocked Abby talking about doing yoga, pressing juice, and getting engaged to someone she barely knew. Rey pointed out that the magazines had been meant to entertain Mia, not get her riled up. He nuzzled her neck and inquired whether she was jealous, since he'd thought they were past "all that crap." She insisted that it wasn't about Arturo, and she compared Abby to a dress-up doll at the mall. Rey asserted that who his brother wanted to marry was Arturo's choice, and Mia glanced away but conceded that Rey was right.

Rey suggested that they start getting ready for their night out, but Mia purred that she still needed him, and they began undressing again. Rey and Mia made love on the couch, and she moaned Arturo's name. Rey jumped to his feet, and she grappled for an explanation. "You want him? You got him!" Rey bellowed as he stormed out.

Rey finds Sharon's incriminating phone bill

Rey finds Sharon's incriminating phone bill

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

by Nel

At the Ashford home, Mattie and Charlie wondered why Cane was at home and not with Lily. Cane explained that it hadn't worked out. Mattie wanted to know why. She couldn't believe that Cane would miss an opportunity to be with Lily on Valentine's Day and their anniversary. Cane explained that scheduling had been a problem, and, as a result, he couldn't visit Lily. He claimed he'd recently been to see Lily a number of times. Mattie was shocked that Cane had put work ahead of being with Lily. She wanted to know what was wrong. Cane said that there was nothing wrong. Mattie said if Cane refused to tell her, she would call Neil for answers.

Cane advised Mattie that it had been Lily's choice. Lily hadn't wanted to cancel her class and disappoint the ladies who attended it. He claimed that it wasn't the end of the world. Mattie and Charlie told Cane that they had put something together for Lily. They were both disappointed that Cane wouldn't be with Lily to show her their surprise. Mattie told Cane that she and Charlie had created something for Lily to remind her of all the good times that she and Cane had shared. They showed Cane the video. Mattie said that they had wanted to capture the love that Cane and Lily had for each other.

Cane was overwhelmed as he watched the video of him and Lily in a fairytale story of their love. Wiping his tears, he told Mattie and Charlie that it was perfect. Mattie said that the project still needed a narration from Cane, but Cane asked them to do it. Mattie refused and gave Cane the script. She insisted that he read the script while Charlie recorded it. When it was done, they would add it to their story to complete their project. As Cane read the script, he choked up and appeared to be filled with regret.

Alone, Cane watched the final version of Mattie and Charlie's fairytale story about him and Lily. When it ended, Cane took out his phone and longingly looked at a photo of him and Lily. He grew tearful.

At Rey's apartment, Mia called Rey and left him another message asking him to stop ignoring her and to return her call. She assured him that there was nothing going on between her and Arturo. Frantic, Mia called Lola and asked if she'd seen Rey. Lola replied that she hadn't seen him. Mia asked Lola to have Rey call her if she saw him. Lola disconnected the call after telling Mia that she had her own problems. Angry, Mia scanned the photos of Abby and Arturo's engagement spread in Life & Style magazine, and they infuriated her.

Mia arrived at the police station and told an officer that she was there to see Rey. The officer informed her that Rey wasn't at the station. Mia asked if the officer could put out an APB for Rey because she had an emergency.

At the Abbotts', Jack told Lola that he hoped she hadn't stopped by with the intention of dumping on Kyle, because if she had, she needed to leave immediately. Lola informed Jack that she was there because she wanted to apologize to Kyle. Jack told Lola that Kyle had gone to the cabin alone. Lola realized she was too late. Jack said maybe she wasn't. At that moment, Lola received the call from Mia looking for Rey. Lola told Mia she had her own problems, disconnected the call, and apologized to Jack for the interruption.

Jack told Lola that Kyle had been extremely hurt when Lola had rejected him. Jack told Lola that Kyle had very strong feelings for her. Lola admitted that she felt the same way about Kyle. Jack said that Lola had affected Kyle in a way that no other woman ever had. Lola said she hoped it was in a good way. Jack admitted it had been and further stated that when a love was true and deep, one had to fight for it.

Lola said she intended to fight for it. Jack reminded her that she had called it quits at the first sign of trouble. Jack wanted to know how he was supposed to believe that Lola wouldn't hurt Kyle again. He said he didn't want to be judgmental, but he wanted Kyle to be happy. Jack told Lola that at that moment, Kyle wasn't happy.

Lola told Jack that she'd been selfish and that she'd only considered her own needs. She admitted that it was her first serious relationship. Hearing Lola's admission, Jack decided to give her the address to the cabin. He advised Lola to tell Kyle everything she'd told him. Lola thanked Jack and left.

Summer arrived at the Abbott cabin. Kyle asked if Summer was there to gloat about his breakup with Lola. Summer said she wasn't. She claimed that love was overrated, but, when she saw the Champagne in the ice bucket, she said that Champagne was great. Kyle didn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day with Summer, but she suggested they celebrate it as friends. Kyle asked for her definition of friends. Summer reminded Kyle that he'd been there for her when Billy had dumped her after their sexual encounter. She wanted to be there for Kyle because of his breakup with Lola.

Summer told Kyle that she felt responsible and a bit guilty because Lola had broken up with him. Summer hated that Kyle had been hurt, and she didn't want to cause him more pain. There was a knock on the door. The man said that since Kyle's girlfriend had arrived, he wanted to know if Kyle was ready for the sleigh ride. Kyle said that Summer wasn't his girlfriend. He told the driver that he was free to go, but Summer took Kyle aside and convinced him to take the sleigh ride, since it was already there. Summer assured him it didn't have to be a romantic outing. Kyle reluctantly agreed.

When Summer and Kyle returned from the sleigh ride, Summer suggested they cuddle up under a blanket to get warm. Kyle went to the cabinet in search of a blanket. While reaching for a blanket, a bottle dropped to the floor, and it made Summer jump. The noise of the bottle hitting the floor had reminded her of how Austin had died at the cabin. Kyle managed to calm Summer. He said that the cabinet had been replaced, and he understood that it had to have been tough to recall something so terrible.

Summer asked what other things Kyle had planned for Lola. Kyle said he had wanted to take Lola skating. Summer convinced Kyle to go skating. When they returned, Kyle admitted that Summer had cheered him up. He poured two glasses of Champagne and wanted to make a toast to "mending broken hearts," but Summer felt a better toast was "to moving on." Summer kissed Kyle, but Kyle pulled away and stated that he loved Lola. Summer asked him how a kiss could have been so wrong when it had felt so right. They kissed again.

Lola had arrived at the Abbott cabin, and, through the window in the door, she saw Summer and Kyle kissing.

Abby was working at Dark Horse when Arturo arrived with a big box for her. He said it was her last Valentine's Day as a single lady because the next Valentine's Day, she'd be a married woman. They kissed. When Abby opened the box, she was a little shocked to find scuba gear. Arturo said she would need it to breathe underwater when they got married. Abby asked if he wanted them to get married underwater. Arturo claimed that Abby had wanted something special, and he was certain that her family would love it. Abby realized that Arturo had been trying to take her mind off her family, and she told Arturo that he made her happy.

At that moment, Lola rushed in and told Arturo she had been trying to fix her truck without success. She begged Arturo to let her borrow his truck because she had to get to the Abbott cabin to make up with Kyle. She explained that she'd broken up with him earlier and that she had no one to blame but herself. Arturo said that the safest thing for Lola was to stay away from Kyle. Abby told Arturo that she wanted Lola to be as happy as she and Arturo were. Abby convinced Arturo to give Lola the keys to his truck. Arturo reluctantly handed the keys to Lola. She thanked him and left.

At home, Sharon was on the phone with Mariah. She seemed agitated while looking at the papers scattered around her. Sharon told Mariah that she was happy there wasn't a man in her life, and she added that she needed to get her affairs in order. After she ended her call with Mariah, there was a knock on her door. Sharon was surprised to see Rey, especially since it was Valentine's Day. Sharon asked if Rey was there about Nikki's confession. Rey assured her he wasn't.

Rey appeared downcast. He began by telling Sharon that his father had been a bad father and a husband who had treated his mother badly. Rey said he had never wanted to be like his father. He had sworn he'd always put his family first. He would never walk away when things hit a rough patch.

Rey told Sharon that on his wedding day, he'd made a vow to make things work. He'd given Mia another chance because he believed that marriage lasted forever. He'd made peace with Arturo and had made his family whole again. He had believed that his vow renewal had been made as a fresh start for all of them, but with Mia, it had been nothing but lies, and those lies had become bigger. He said that he couldn't live with the lies, and he couldn't deny his feelings any longer. Rey told Sharon that he couldn't make things work with Mia because he'd been in love with someone else. Rey told Sharon that he loved her.

Sharon was taken aback by Rey's revelation. Sharon suggested that whatever had upset Rey, he needed to fix things with Mia. Rey replied that he couldn't fix something that had never existed. He said that he and Mia had tried to fix their marriage, but they couldn't because their lives had been based on lies. Sharon stated that Rey's pain wouldn't be relieved by turning to her.

Rey admitted that he'd had feelings for Sharon long before Mia had arrived in Genoa City, but he'd had to shut them down when Mia had arrived. Sharon said that she'd accepted that she and Rey were only colleagues. Sharon said that she'd been sincere when she had wished him and Mia the best at their vow renewal. Rey admitted that he should have been honest with Mia, Sharon, and himself. He was tired of all the lies and always being second best. He admitted that the reason he had shown up at Sharon's was to see if he could find the love he deserved. Rey admitted that he was in love with Sharon.

Rey advised Sharon that his situation with Mia hadn't only been about that evening, but it had grown over the years. He said that renewing his vows had felt like he'd done the right thing. He admitted that living a lie had been safe, and that was what he and Mia had been clinging to. He stated that he couldn't do that anymore.

Rey told Sharon that he and Mia couldn't have anything real. He had believed he could continue living that way -- until he'd met Sharon. Rey told Sharon that it had been more than a physical attraction. He admitted he loved her. He said that he'd lived with lies for too many years. He asked if Sharon felt the same about him. Sharon admitted that she loved Rey. They moved in for a kiss, but Sharon suddenly drew back. She said things were moving too fast. She needed time to think, and they needed to sit down and talk about what was next for them.

When Sharon went into the kitchen to make tea, Rey moved some papers off the couch so he could sit down. He saw a telephone bill that piqued his curiosity. When Sharon returned with the tea, she saw Rey's expression and asked him what was wrong. Rey pointed to an old phone bill. It indicated that on April 13, Sharon had placed a 9-1-1 call -- the night that J.T. had died.

Arturo was at Crimson Lights when Mia arrived and invited him to her apartment for a coffee. Arturo said Sharon made the best coffee in town and that Rey would confirm it. Mia asked if Arturo had seen Rey. Arturo admitted that he hadn't, but he found it weird that Mia didn't know where Rey was. Mia stated that she'd never said she didn't know. When Arturo asked her where Rey was, Mia couldn't answer. Arturo wanted to know what had happened. Mia admitted that she'd screwed up and that Rey might be looking for Arturo because of it.

Arturo wanted to know what Mia had done. Mia claimed that Rey had made a big deal out of nothing. Arturo asked what Mia's idea of "nothing" was. Mia explained that she and Rey had been making love, and she'd called out Arturo's name.

Rey pushes Sharon until she cracks

Rey pushes Sharon until she cracks

Thursday, February 14, 2019

At home, Nick spoke over the phone with Jack, who assured him that everything was under control at Dark Horse. Jack inquired about Nikki, and Nick reported that only Michael had been allowed to see her. Jack grumbled that Christine was only holding Nikki to make Victor sweat, and he urged Nick to get out and take it easy. Nick anticipated a quiet night at home, and they hung up.

Phyllis appeared in a sexy robe, holding two glasses of wine. She purred that Nick was right about staying in, but she cautioned that it wouldn't be a quiet evening in front of the fireplace. She announced that it was game night, and he guessed that she didn't have backgammon in mind. Nick murmured that Phyllis smelled good, and she mentioned that it was one of Kerry's new fragrances. She seductively implied that if he played his cards right, it was all she would be wearing by the end of the night.

Phyllis pulled out a stack of questions written on pink cards, and she dared Nick to answer things about their past. She explained that if he got an answer right, he got to take off one thing she was wearing, and if he was wrong, she'd take off something of his. He called it a win-win and suggested that they speed things up. She inquired about the name of Summer's favorite stuffed animal, and he named Mr. Ears. He caressed her face and carefully assessed what he should take off first, but she playfully smacked him and announced that his time limit was up. He argued that she was changing the rules, and she mused that they were just getting started.

Phyllis was amazed when Nick remembered her first video game avatar, and he removed her camisole. She noted that she hadn't been wearing much to begin with, and he appreciated her making that choice. She pointedly dropped a card and bent over to pick it up, and he groaned that she'd done it on purpose. He answered the next question incorrectly, and she helped him take his shirt off. She pushed him back down into a chair and told him it was double or nothing.

Phyllis grabbed the last question and asked for the name of the bar in New Mexico where they'd had their first wedding. Nick pondered the answer as he stepped over to the bar, and she incredulously asked if he didn't remember the name of their place. He retrieved a sign from Pepe's Roadhouse and disclosed that he'd heard the place was closing down, so he'd snagged the sign before it had ended up in a trash heap. He wished her a happy Valentine's Day, and they kissed and began to make love.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack helped Kerry remove her coat and admired the way she looked. She wished him a happy Valentine's Day, and he smiled adoringly at her.

At Crimson Lights, Arturo demanded to know why Mia had called out his name during sex with Rey, and she swore that it had just slipped out. Arturo ranted that everything had finally been good with him and Rey, but she'd had to ruin it because it was always drama and chaos with her. She snapped that it was all about Arturo's royal wedding; since she'd seen the photo spread, it had been in her head when she and Rey had been making love. Arturo insisted that she find Rey and apologize, but Mia fretted that Rey wouldn't answer her calls. She realized that Rey might never forgive her for it. Later, Mia left another message for Rey, begging him to join her as planned that evening.

At the Athletic Club, Mariah and Tessa sipped drinks and looked forward to spending Valentine's Day together. Mariah noted that Tessa looked deep in thought, and she guessed that Tessa was thinking about Nikki's confession. Mariah assured Tessa that she was safe, and she mentioned that Sharon had seemed calm earlier. Mariah conceded that Sharon had been putting her affairs in order, but she truly believed that Nikki hadn't implicated anyone but herself. Mariah asserted that she knew the Newmans and that they knew how to keep a secret.

Jack and Kerry arrived at the club, and she figured that she otherwise would have spent the night in the lab. She recognized that she'd missed too many moments because of work, and he remarked that it was fine to work hard, but they had to play hard, too. She wondered if they'd see Kyle and Lola there, and Jack explained that they'd hit a rough patch. He hoped the young couple had a Valentine's Day reunion, since Lola was heading to the cabin to surprise Kyle, and he imagined they were probably making up as he spoke.

Jack and Kerry wished Mia a happy Valentine's Day, and Kerry hoped to say hello to Rey. Mia fibbed that he was stuck at the police station, and Jack invited Mia and Rey to join them, Abby, and Arturo later. Mia declined and told them to enjoy themselves. Mia checked her phone and sent Rey a text message, asking him to meet her at the club. She ordered another drink.

Across the room, Abby anticipated that the next Valentine's Day would be different, since the new restaurant would be open, so Tessa might not have the night off. Tessa gushed that she'd found the perfect shoes to go with her server uniform. Arturo spotted Mia sitting alone, and he pulled Abby aside and suggested that they spend some alone time together on their first and last Valentine's before they were an old married couple. Abby protested that they'd just gotten there, and she spied Mia. Abby refused to run away if Mia had an issue, and she was adamant that they were staying put.

As Jack and Kerry danced, Jack enthused about how well 2019 had begun after all the turmoil in the prior year. Jack attributed his happiness to meeting Kerry, but she regretted that she'd been rude to him when they'd first met. She recognized that work had been a way to distance herself from having a personal life, but her life was much better than she'd ever thought it could be. He commended her for being good at doing it all and making the balance seem easy, and he presented her with a gift box. He explained that it wasn't about the bling, and he wanted her to think about how much he adored her whenever she wore it. She was thrilled when she discovered the bracelet, and they embraced.

Kerry was mesmerized by how the bracelet caught the light, and Jack offered her more wine. He suggested that he have it sent to their room, and he revealed that he'd made a reservation upstairs. She told him to lead the way, but he wanted to share another surprise with her first.

Mariah observed Mia sitting sullenly at a table and remarked to Tessa that it was strange seeing Mia not move or talk. Tessa assumed that Rey was busy after Nikki's confession. Tessa shared that she'd never expected Nikki to go to the cops, and if anyone would have cracked, she'd thought it would be Sharon.

Abby noted that Jack hadn't seemed that happy in a long time. She followed Arturo's gaze to Mia and griped that he couldn't watch Mia all night. Arturo explained that it was a reflex because he couldn't relax while Mia was around, and Abby huffed that babysitting Mia was Rey's job. Arturo divulged that there was a reason Rey wasn't there, since Rey and Mia had fought about Arturo.

After Rey filled Abby in about what had happened, she wondered if Mia was trying to get Rey to divorce her by admitting her feelings for Arturo. Abby snarled that Mia planned everything and just pretended that she'd been caught up in the moment because she loved causing trouble. Arturo thought that was why they should ignore Mia and keep their distance, but Abby sauntered over to Mia's table. "You and I are going to have a little chat," Abby haughtily proclaimed.

At the Abbott cabin, Kyle pulled away from Summer's kiss and told her that it wasn't going to happen. He was stunned when Lola burst in. Lola declared that she'd shown up there to tell him that breaking up with him had been a mistake, but she'd seen him and Summer all over one another. Lola concluded that she'd been right all along, and sex was the only thing that mattered to him.

Kyle insisted that nothing had happened and that he'd just told Summer that there was no way it would. He turned to Summer for support, but she figured that Lola wouldn't believe her, and she taunted that Lola had seen what she'd seen. Kyle blasted Summer for not backing him up after everything she'd just said about being a friend. Lola was convinced that there was something going on between Kyle and Summer, and she blasted him for making her feel paranoid and insecure by denying it. Lola thanked God that she'd never had sex with him.

Kyle shoved Summer's coat at her and barked that she was leaving. Lola groused that she never should have bothered, but Kyle pointed out that she had because they never should have been apart. Kyle shut down Summer's snarky comments and asked Lola to let him explain. Lola hesitantly took off her coat and plopped down on the couch, and Kyle acknowledged that it looked like he'd taken Summer up there after Lola had turned him down. Lola shared that she knew he hadn't, since Jack had told her that Kyle had gone to the cabin alone. Kyle explained that he was there to wallow and feel sorry for himself, and Lola guessed that he'd called Summer.

Summer declared that Kyle hadn't needed to, and she pulled out the formal invitation. Kyle swore that he hadn't given it to Summer, and if Lola had arrived two minutes earlier, she would have seen that it had been purely platonic. Summer referred to the sleigh ride, ice-skating, and Champagne, and Kyle revealed that he'd made those plans for him and Lola. He added that Summer had just been keeping him company. "With her tongue," Lola huffed.

Kyle maintained that he hadn't even been thinking about sex, since it would never happen with Summer because Lola was the only one he wanted to be with. Summer hoped Lola wasn't buying the "load of crap." Kyle ordered Summer to get out, but she cooed that she and Lola had something in common, since Summer had wanted Kyle to be her first, too. Summer recalled that they'd been hot for one another back then, and it had never gone away. Kyle protested that Summer had an agenda, but Lola thought Kyle hadn't insisted that Summer leave earlier because he enjoyed the attention.

Lola groused that she didn't have time for the drama in her life and that Kyle wanted something she couldn't give him -- not the sex but the drama. Kyle questioned why Lola had made a big deal about things if she hadn't wanted the drama of telling him it was over then making him beg. Lola recalled that she'd always taken him back before, but that time, she was gone. She stormed out, and Summer applauded Kyle for standing up for himself. Kyle angrily demanded to know why Summer had done that to him.

Kyle accused Summer of having fun blowing up his personal life, but Summer defended that she'd saved him from misery. Kyle spat that Lola had been there to be with him, but Summer hadn't been able to let it happen. Summer accused him of expecting her to vanish when Lola had been the one creepily peering in the window. Kyle pointed out that Summer could have backed him up, and he bellowed that Summer didn't have feelings, only impulses.

Summer insisted that Kyle had kissed her back because he had wanted her -- and not just because he'd been sad and sexless for months. Summer added that Lola could see it, and Kyle was the only one who couldn't. Kyle growled that Summer wasn't capable of being a friend, since her response to him letting her in had been stabbing him in the back. Kyle added that Lola had loved him and had never tried to hurt him, but that was all Summer had ever done. He grabbed his suitcase and stalked out.

At the cottage, Sharon grappled for an explanation about why a call to 9-1-1 was on her phone bill. She grabbed the bill from Rey and argued that the call had only lasted a few seconds, so it had likely been a misdial. Rey countered that no one dialed 9-1-1 by mistake, and she blamed it on a pocket dial. Rey noted that the call had been made on the night of Victoria's party, which had been the same night Nikki had said J.T. had died. Sharon maintained that she didn't remember making the call, and she speculated that he was changing the subject because pledging his love had been a mistake. She insisted that they work out where they went from there.

Sharon accused Rey of interrogating her to focus on work because the personal side of his life was too painful. Rey considered it all to be tied together, since it was his case, and she was the woman he couldn't get out of his head. He wondered if she'd called 9-1-1 because she'd been worried when Mariah had passed out, but Sharon reiterated that it had either been a pocket dial, or a drunken Mariah had found her phone. Rey pounced on the idea that Sharon had set her phone down somewhere.

Rey envisioned Victoria picking up Sharon's phone when J.T. had shown up and J.T. cutting off the call. Rey didn't think Victoria would leave that out of her statement, and he revealed that Nikki hadn't mentioned it in her confession. Sharon voiced surprise that he'd taken anything Nikki had said seriously. Rey conceded that Nikki had holes in her story, but he held up the phone bill and clucked that she wasn't the only one.

Sharon stood by her story that any 9-1-1 call had been an accident. She questioned the urgency of discussing the case when Rey had shown up there to talk about his feelings. Sharon theorized that he was really there to prey upon her emotions because his real obsession was the case, but Rey thought she didn't believe that for one second. She blasted him for telling her what she thought and felt, and she suspected that they didn't know one another as well as they'd thought they had. She contended that he'd used his charms and friendships to get information ever since he'd arrived in town, and that night was no different.

Rey asserted that the case and his feelings were both real, and neither one would go away if they just ignored them. Sharon apologized for not being able to tell him what he wanted to hear. Rey warned that if she didn't open up to him, other officers would continue to press her about the party because he'd become personally involved. He reiterated that he was in love with her, and she admitted that she'd never let herself think in those terms. She recognized that it was a risk, but the moment they'd confessed their feelings had felt right until everything had changed because of a phone bill.

Rey requested to go over the night of the party one more time, and Sharon reluctantly agreed -- as long as they got back to the reason he was there. He promised that it would only be one more time. Sharon maintained that it had been her idea to get Victoria's mind off J.T. on the night of the party, and she'd purposely intended it to be fun, with nothing serious allowed. Rey mentioned that Nikki had gone upstairs to Victoria's room and found J.T. there, but Sharon fibbed that she'd never heard about it. Rey quizzed Sharon about the events that evening, but Sharon wrote it off as being a blur.

Rey continued to push for details about J.T. being in Victoria's home, and he imagined that someone had found J.T. in Victoria's room and called 9-1-1. Rey surmised that Sharon had seen J.T. there, and he pressed Sharon to tell him what had happened, since Nikki couldn't have buried the body alone. Rey recalled that Victor had been in the ICU at the time, and he assumed others had been involved because Sharon had asked him if anyone else had been arrested. Rey guessed that Nick had helped Nikki, and it made sense that Sharon would cover for him because they shared children together. Sharon protested that it hadn't been Nick, but Rey reasoned that Nick couldn't protect her if he went down.

Rey implored Sharon to tell him what she knew so he could mitigate, and he theorized that she'd made the 9-1-1 call because J.T. had shown up at the house right after she'd found out how dangerous he'd become. Rey peppered her with questions about whether J.T. had threatened Nikki or if Nikki had threatened him, and he wondered if Nikki had taken off after J.T. with a weapon. Sharon remained silent, and Rey realized that Nikki had never left -- and neither had J.T. Sharon blurted out that it had been self-defense. "We had no choice," she insisted.

Sharon's confession results in arrests

Sharon's confession results in arrests

Friday, February 15, 2019

At the cottage, Rey reeled from Sharon's revelation that J.T. had been killed in self-defense. "We had no choice," Rey repeated, and he asked who "we" had been. Sharon claimed that she didn't know what she was talking about, but he guessed that she'd been referring to her and Nikki. Sharon said she couldn't tell him anything more, and he couldn't believe that the last person he'd suspected had known the whole time. Sharon wailed that it had been "hell" on her not to tell him, and he had no idea how many times she'd wanted to. Rey said he needed her to tell him everything.

Sharon worried that no matter what Rey felt for her, his loyalty was to his job. He swore that he could protect her, and he pressed her to let him help her. Sharon rambled about finding oneself face to face with a monster and trying to stop it, but sometimes having to kill it. She lamented that she'd become a person she'd never thought she would be, and she'd done things she'd never dreamed she would do. Sharon reiterated that J.T.'s death had been an accident, and every day since then had been a nightmare.

Rey implored Sharon to start at the beginning, and she explained that no one had meant to kill J.T. -- only to protect Victoria from him. Rey asked who had been there, and Sharon balked, citing the promise she'd made to never tell anyone. He gave her his word that he would take care of her, and she spilled that "everyone" had been there. He assumed she meant Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis. "And me," Sharon admitted. Rey was stunned that she'd witnessed a murder and never said a thing.

Rey demanded to know why Sharon had kept the secret from him for that long, and she repeated that she'd wanted to tell him many times. He was dumbfounded that she'd actually been there, and he asked her to walk him through the night J.T. had died. She revealed that during the party, Victoria had confided that she and J.T. had split because he'd been abusing her, and Victoria had gone upstairs because she'd been upset. Sharon continued that the rest of the women had heard a noise, followed by Victoria screaming, and they'd run upstairs and found J.T. attacking Victoria.

Sharon contended that Nikki had done what any mother would have done by grabbing the nearest object and hitting J.T. to stop him. Sharon reiterated that Nikki hadn't meant to kill him, but Rey wondered why they hadn't called the police. Sharon reminded him that she'd called 9-1-1, but she'd hung up because she hadn't been the only one involved, and they'd started to have doubts about whether the police would see it as self-defense or not. "It wasn't self-defense. It was murder," Rey flatly stated.

Rey clarified that technically it hadn't been self-defense, but it didn't mean the circumstances wouldn't be taken into account. Sharon argued that it was the reason she and the other women had wrestled with calling the police, since none of them deserved to go to prison for killing a man who might have killed their friend. Sharon cried that they'd suffered for it every day since then, and they'd all made a promise never to tell anyone. Rey asked about what had happened to the body, and Sharon recounted how they'd wrapped J.T. in a rug and buried him in Chancellor Park, but they didn't know where the body had gone. Sharon rambled that the lies had been killing her ever since that night, and she was so sorry. She threw her arms around Rey, and he hesitantly comforted her.

Rey numbly recapped that Sharon had covered up a crime, buried a body, destroyed evidence, and lied to the police. Sharon maintained that Nikki had only been trying to protect Victoria, and they'd panicked. Sharon insisted that she wasn't a criminal, but he pointed out that she'd aided in the commission of several crimes. He recalled that she'd handed him the tape that made it seem like Victor had killed J.T., and he questioned whether she was okay with an innocent man going to prison. She asked what would happen next.

Billy arrived at Victoria's house with Chinese takeout, since he knew the last thing on Victoria's mind had been feeding the troops. He pulled out all her favorites, and she thanked him for everything he'd done, even after she'd shot him down. He compared himself to a phoenix that rose from the ashes, and he swore that they would always be connected. Victoria stressed that it meant a lot that she could count on him, and she wondered if he'd step up to take over caring for the kids full-time if she needed him to. Billy figured that they didn't have to worry about that because she wasn't going anywhere, and she turned away. He asked if she knew something he didn't.

Victoria returned after setting the kids up with a picnic on a blanket on the floor upstairs. Billy prompted her to tell him what she'd meant by her earlier comment, but she wrote it off as just being hungry. He pushed to know why she'd asked if he'd be cool taking care of the kids, and she figured that anything could happen, so she just wanted to know that he'd keep them safe and raise them in a way that would make her proud. Billy assured her that he'd do anything for Johnny and Katie, but there was nothing that would take Victoria away from them. She turned the topic to having their own picnic, but he could see that she looked worried.

Later, Billy noticed how little Victoria had eaten in between her frequent trips upstairs to check on the kids. She explained that she didn't want to miss the kids growing up, since it was all going by so fast. He suggested that she take time off work, but she was committed to filling in for her father. Billy praised her for being a fantastic daughter, and he insisted that the crisis hadn't been her fault. Victoria continued to blame herself for pulling J.T. back into their lives, but Billy reasoned that they couldn't go back in time to change things. He thought the best thing she could do was let him take care of her. He pulled her into his arms and swore that everything would be brighter in the morning.

Victoria again pleaded with Billy to confirm that he'd be with the kids if she couldn't be. He pledged to take care of them in a heartbeat, and he'd make sure they made her proud by doing well in school, treating one another with love, and eating their vegetables. She begged him to let them know that no matter where she was, her heart would be with them. Billy worried that it didn't sound like a hypothetical anymore, and Victoria murmured that she'd thought she would have more time. "Time for what?" he asked, and there was pounding at the front door. "To say goodbye," Victoria replied.

Nick and Phyllis cuddled in bed after making love. He called her a beautiful distraction, since he couldn't remember what he'd wanted to forget. She offered to suggest some ways he could express his deep appreciation, and she tempted him with chocolate-covered strawberries between kisses. They agreed that it was the best Valentine's Day ever, and he exclaimed that the strip memory lane game had been unforgettable. She wished that things were as simple as they had been for them in New Mexico. Nick insisted that he liked complicated, and he loved that she always was.

Phyllis was dismayed that Pepe's Roadhouse was gone, and she fondly recalled having the best steak she'd ever had there. Nick seemed insulted that she only remembered the steak, but she assured him that she remembered other things. They reflected back on how they'd danced, and he remembered holding her in his arms and never wanting to let her go. "Who says you have to?" she asked as the doorbell began ringing incessantly.

Sharon stared tearfully at Rey as he placed handcuffs on her wrists. Meanwhile, Nick watched as an officer led Phyllis away, while Victoria was arrested as Billy looked on.

At the Athletic Club, Abby confronted Mia about Mia not accepting that Abby was about to become Mrs. Arturo Rosales. Abby spat that Arturo had moved on, and she thought Mia should at least try to look less desperate, since Mia was so focused on appearances. Mia suggested that Abby look in the mirror if she wanted to see someone desperate to hang onto a man, and she told Arturo to get his girl out of her face. Abby lectured that she'd tried to be polite and understanding, and she pitied Mia for her lack of self-control and grace.

Abby added that she'd only put up with Mia because Rey and Arturo's relationship was finally mending. Abby had thought Mia renewing her vows had shown dignity and self-respect, but she'd been wrong because Mia was just a spoiled brat who was starved for attention. Abby demanded that Mia look for it somewhere else with her own husband, since Arturo was Abby's man. Mia taunted that they both knew that if she really wanted Arturo, she could have him anytime she wanted. Abby's jaw dropped.

Mariah and Tessa looked on as Arturo intervened, and Tessa expressed relief that she and Mariah were just everyday people in love with no drama or baggage. They agreed that their relationship had become wonderfully comfortable. Mariah swore that her heart still skipped a beat when she looked at Tessa, and she wanted to be wherever Tessa was. Tessa gushed that she was glad they were on the other side of the madness they'd gone through. Mariah hoped it was their first Valentine's Day of many, but she preferred to spend the following year at home in their pajamas, away from the loud amateurs. Tessa said she'd love that, and Mariah toasted to being the boring ones.

Meanwhile, Abby snapped that Mia had to get over her schoolgirl fantasy, since things had changed, and she suggested that Mia do herself a favor and "grow the hell up." Mia ordered Arturo to put a leash on his lapdog, and Arturo suggested that he and Abby leave. Abby asserted that she could handle herself, and it was between her and Mia. Mia counseled Arturo to take a good, hard look and listen up, since a little rich girl was telling him what to do, where to go, how to dress, and what to say. Mia questioned whether that was what he really wanted.

Mia wondered how long Arturo would put up with a princess who treated him like the help. Abby recommended that Mia go home and sleep it off, and hopefully she'd wake up and realize that she was someone else's wife. Abby crowed that Arturo had chosen her, and she made a show of waving her engagement ring in Mia's face. Abby claimed that she was trying to keep Mia from destroying her marriage and embarrassing herself more than she already had, and she clucked that desperation wasn't a good look for Mia. Mia retorted that neither was her fist in Abby's face.

Mia scoffed at the idea of Abby being classy when her claim to fame had been sitting naked on a horse. Abby countered that Mia had dragged herself like a dog in heat from brother to brother, and Mia pointed out that the men had kept returning for more. Mia bellowed that it would take a lot more than Abby to keep a man like Arturo satisfied, and Mariah and Tessa approached to see if they could do anything to help. Abby barked that Mia hadn't been enough for Arturo, and Rey was only with Mia out of obligation, so Mia had no one because she was no one. Arturo declared that it was enough, and he tried to pull Abby away. Abby huffed that she'd been wasting her breath on trash like Mia, who grabbed her by the hair and dared her to say more.

Arturo, Mariah, and Tessa pried Abby and Mia apart. Abby screeched that Mia was crazy, but Mia snarled that Abby hadn't seen crazy yet. Abby ordered Mia to back off, and Mia questioned what Abby would do if she didn't. Abby snatched Mia's necklace off her neck, and an aghast Mia noted that Rey had given it to her. Abby blasted her for showing affection for her husband by panting over his brother.

Abby recognized that Mia loved attention, but she doubted it was the audience Mia had been looking for. The club manager joined them, and Abby asked her to remind Mia of the club rules and general etiquette. The manager asked Mia to follow her out, but Mia protested that Abby had attacked her. Abby authorized a charge to her account for a car to take Mia home. Mia warned Arturo that he'd regret the day he'd met Abby.

After Mia left, Arturo led Abby to a table to sit down, and Mariah and Tessa headed out to finish celebrating Valentine's Day elsewhere. Abby apologized to Arturo for what had happened, and a glum Lola plopped down next to them. Abby asked what was wrong, and Lola recounted that she'd gone to the cabin to make things right with Kyle and had found him with Summer. Lola lamented that they'd been broken up for five minutes, and Kyle had already been planning to have sex with someone else. Arturo became incensed, and Lola bemoaned that it hurt because Lola loved Kyle.

Kyle burst into the club and explained that he'd followed Lola because they needed to talk, but she maintained that there was no way he could explain things. Kyle begged her to hear him out, and Arturo threateningly asked if Kyle had a problem. Kyle insisted that Summer meant nothing to him, and Arturo growled that Kyle hooked up with women who meant nothing. Abby gently suggested that Kyle leave, and Kyle pledged his love and swore that he would do whatever it took to fix things. Kyle headed out, and Lola apologized for ruining Valentine's Day for Abby and Arturo. Arturo grumbled that it had already happened earlier, and Abby inquired whether Lola thought Kyle had been telling the truth.

Lola stood by what she'd seen, and Arturo thought she had enough on her plate with the restaurant. Abby advised Lola to get some sleep and cool off before listening to the whole story. Lola groaned that she was too wound up to drive home, and she planned to take a walk. Arturo worried about the hour, and Lola promised that she'd stay away from dark alleys. Lola realized that she'd left her coat at the cabin, and Abby offered hers. Arturo made Lola agree to call when she got home and said he loved her. Lola hugged him and called him the best brother ever, and he joked not to tell Rey that.

Mia returned home and uttered a primal cry of fury. She grabbed a bottle of liquor and swigged directly from it, chest heaving. She spotted the magazine with Abby and Arturo on the cover and angrily threw it on the floor.

Mariah and Tessa crept into a dark Crimson Lights, and Tessa worried that they'd be arrested for breaking and entering. Mariah pointed out that she had keys, and she put coins in the jukebox. The ladies slow-danced, and Tessa wished the night would never end. "Who says it has to?" Mariah asked, but she spotted a somber-looking Lola outside. Mariah promised that the night wasn't over, and she went to let Lola in. Lola mentioned that she'd seen the light from the jukebox and thought the coffeehouse was open, but she moved to leave. Mariah and Tessa stopped her and prompted her to talk.

Lola revealed that she'd gone to the cabin to tell Kyle that breaking up had been a mistake, but he'd been kissing Summer. Mariah couldn't believe it, since Kyle loved Lola and would never invite Summer up to the cabin. Mariah theorized that Summer had found out that Lola wouldn't be there and had gone up there to throw herself at Kyle. Tessa added that she'd put money on it, yet Summer was the one fighting for Kyle while Lola was throwing in the towel.

Mariah warned that there were always obstacles in relationships, but overpowering them was what made the good times even sweeter. Mariah reiterated that Kyle loved Lola and that Lola had changed him into a better person. Mariah wondered if there was any chance Lola would hear his side of the story, and Lola hugged them and called them the best friends a girl could have. On her way out, Lola wished them a happy Valentine's Day, and Tessa and Mariah resumed their evening with a kiss.

Lola, shivering in Abby's coat with the hood up, pounded on the Abbott mansion door. When she received no response, she headed along the pool to check at the pool house. Her phone chimed, and she saw that she had an unread message from Arturo. Someone approached her from behind and hit her, sending Lola and her phone sprawling to the ground. The attacker smashed the phone with a high-heeled shoe before hurrying away. Lola woozily attempted to stand and tumbled into the pool.

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