The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on Y&R

Victor and Nikki couldn't agree on the best solution for Victoria. Phyllis learned that she had won her appeal, and she could return home immediately. Kevin announced that he intended to propose to Jana. Amber and Daniel spent Thanksgiving together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, November 19, 2007

At the prison, Phyllis distracted herself by crafting an elaborate wooden dollhouse. Jana noticed that Phyllis seemed upset as she nervously arranged wooden shingles. Phyllis admitted that she was wracked with worry about having judges argue her case. Jana told Phyllis that her appeal was a sure bet, but Phyllis shushed her, saying that Jana would jinx her chances. Phyllis explained that Victoria had been superstitious about her pregnancy, and she'd ended up in an accident and was fighting for her life. Jana shook her head in disbelief in reaction to Phyllis' ranting and raving.

Phyllis was puzzled when a guard told her that the warden needed to speak with her after contraband had been discovered in Phyllis' cell. Phyllis questioned Jana about what she had hidden in their shared cell, but Jana declared that she had nothing. The warden claimed that a wooden picture frame had been found on Phyllis' bed. Jana spoke up, professing ownership of the frame, but the warden knew that Jana was lying, so he suspended visitation privileges after Thanksgiving.

At the hospital, Dr. Webb pressured Victoria's family to consent to a C-section immediately, fearing that Victoria's life was very much in danger from ever-rising blood pressure. Victor and J.T. agreed with the doctor's assessment, but Nikki protested, asserting that Victoria would never choose to end her baby's life. Since Victor and Nikki were Victoria's joint guardians, the doctor pressed them to make a decision quickly, since the surgery had already been scheduled.

Nikki told Victor that she knew that Victoria would choose to end her life to save her baby, but Victor barked that he could not stand the idea of living without his daughter. The doctor again stressed the urgency for the Newmans to consent to the operation. Victor insisted that Nikki change her mind, but Nikki remained indecisive. Nick seemed to support his mother, but Victor yelled squarely in Nikki's face that there was no other choice.

With Nikki maintaining her decision to save Victoria's baby, she tried, through her tears and anguish, to explain that Victoria might never emerge from the coma. Victor, however, harshly interrupted Nikki, yelling as he waved his finger at her to drive home his point, that Nikki's position was totally indefensible. Nick tried in vain to make his father consider his mother's position, but Victor remained staunchly convinced that Victoria should undergo surgery immediately.

Colleen and Adrian arrived at the hospital. After J.T. told them about Victoria's grave condition, Colleen phoned her dad. J.T. explained that Victoria's fate rested in her mother's hands. Nick offered comfort to his distraught mother, who explained that she knew what Victoria would want -- and that was to save her baby. Nick said that he, however, understood why Victor was pushing to save Victoria. Nikki said that if the doctor could hold out for a couple more weeks, then perhaps the baby could have a chance. Nikki explained that Victor was wrong about pushing for the surgery. Nick was torn, however, not wanting to lose his sister.

Brad visited with the comatose Victoria and begged her to awaken. While J.T. stayed with Victoria, Brad took Victor in the hallway to speak privately. Brad also believed that the baby should be given more time. Victor left Brad speechless when he asked rhetorically, "What would you do if that were your daughter in there?" Brad also spoke with Colleen and told her about Victor and Nikki's inability to reach an agreement about Victoria's course of care. Brad, however, admitted that he also believed that Victoria would choose for her baby to live.

Nick, trying desperately to grapple with a tough decision, told J.T. that he couldn't imagine his life without Victoria. J.T. said that he and Victoria could later try for another baby, but Nick reminded him that Victoria might never wake up. Nick explained that nobody truly knew what Victoria would choose. Brad later spoke privately with Nikki and told her that he agreed with her. Nikki told Brad that she didn't believe that Victoria could go on without her son. Alone with his sister, Nick spent time talking to Victoria, trying desperately to somehow determine what she would choose to do. However, Victor later told Nick that they would have to choose to save Victoria.

Nikki, in the meantime, lay by Victoria's side, reminisced, and even sang a lullaby to her sleeping daughter. Adrian stepped in and saw Nikki, in agony, willing her daughter to fight. Nikki and J.T. took Adrian aside and questioned him about the time he and Victoria had been trapped. Adrian explained that Victoria had had her baby's future all mapped out and that she had been determined not to lose the baby. J.T. balked, explaining that Victoria could have another baby. Victor also spoke with Adrian, who explained that Victoria had talked about her baby's future and the fact that she just wanted to be a mom more than anything else.

At that, Victor said it was time to make a decision. Nick waved him off, saying that he just couldn't decide. Sensing Nick intuited Victoria's wishes, Nikki asked him how he truly felt. Nick finally admitted that he knew that Victoria would choose for her baby to live. Victor refused to budge, and so did Nikki. With time ticking away, the Newmans were unable to reach a decision, so Dr. Webb announced that he'd be forced to call in a mediator to make a decision. Nikki vowed that she'd fight all the way to save Victoria's baby.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Neil admitted to Karen that he wished she wasn't going home for Thanksgiving and could eat with him. Karen later called a restaurant to order a Thanksgiving dinner for one. Karen confessed to Lily that she had backed out of her Thanksgiving because she'd overheard what Lily had said to Devon. Lily was embarrassed and apologized. Lily explained to Devon what had happened. Devon reminded Lily that no one could ever take Dru's place, but Karen made Neil happy.

Amber asked Kevin to find out what Cane was doing for Thanksgiving. Kevin asked Cane if he'd like to volunteer to help out at the coffeehouse's free Thanksgiving dinner, but Cane said that he'd be working all day. Amber ordered a Thanksgiving dinner from the Athletic Club. Amber planned to take the dinner to Cane while he worked at Jabot. Lily saw Cane and invited him to go to Thanksgiving at her place. He happily agreed. Cane went to the coffeehouse and asked Amber what he should take to a Thanksgiving dinner, since he was going to Lily's the following day.

Lily apologized to Karen again and said that she'd really like her to go to their house for Thanksgiving so she could get to know Karen better. Karen agreed. Neil entered, and they informed him that Karen and Cane were joining the family for dinner. Neil wasn't pleased that Lily had invited Cane. The warden visited Phyllis' cell and told her that she'd won her appeal. Phyllis was free to go. Michael and Lauren called Nick, ecstatically revealing that Phyllis had won her appeal and was being released from jail.

Phyllis called Daniel to let him know that she was being released. Phyllis hugged Jana goodbye. After Phyllis left, Jana realized that she'd forgotten her photo frame and dollhouse that she'd made for Summer. Phyllis rushed into Nick's arms at the hospital. Phyllis and Daniel went in to visit Victoria. Victor and Nikki argued with the mediator about what Victoria would want for her baby. Brad and J.T. got into an argument while trying to convince each other of their wishes for Victoria.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nikki took some of the crafts Victoria had made when she'd been a kid to Victoria's hospital room. Victor, Nikki, Nick, J.T., Brad, Phyllis, and Summer all gathered in the hospital waiting room. Victor was too upset to talk to anyone. At the waiting room, Phyllis and Nikki sparred back and forth with each other. Daniel took a pie to Phyllis. Summer knocked it onto the floor, and Nikki started to uncontrollably sob. Brad got a corsage for Victoria and stated that he gave thanks that day for all the time they'd shared together. Later on, in Victoria's hospital room, everyone was there praying for Victoria. Victor entered and wished Summer a happy Thanksgiving.

Devon sampled the food that Lily had made for Thanksgiving, but it all tasted awful. Lily was frustrated and embarrassed. She stormed out of the apartment. Devon called Neil to tell him what had happened and thought it had really just hit Lily hard that Dru wasn't going to be there for dinner that year. Lily called Cane to inform him that she was not going to be at Thanksgiving dinner. Cane hung up the phone and updated Amber. He was not going to go to the Winterses' for dinner. Amber invited him to eat with her at the coffeehouse after they finished serving their free meal.

Neil found Lily at the gym. Lily explained that it was still too hard for her to do Thanksgiving without Dru. Neil understood and excused her from eating with their guests. Karen saw Lily and sat down with her. They talked about how important traditions were in a family, and Karen tried to convince Lily that it was her chance to start a new family tradition. Later, Lily called Cane to explain to him that she was going to her dinner, after all, and hoped he'd go.

Sharon, Jack, Noah, and Cane arrived at the Winterses' home with various Thanksgiving dishes. Daniel went to the coffeehouse to have dinner with a lonely Amber. He let her know that Cane had felt bad that she'd be eating all alone. Michael and Lauren stealthily picked up their Thanksgiving dinner from Gina at the Athletic Club. They then went home and put it in normal serving dishes to pretend they had made it. Kevin entered and announced that he was going to propose to Jana that day.

In jail, Jana was ecstatic to see Kevin when he visited her. He proposed to her, but Jana replied that she couldn't answer him right then.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS Daytime opted to air episodes of The Price is Right in place of its regular daytime dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS opted to air college football in place of its regular daytime dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

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