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David informed Nikki that his first two wives had died. Nikki asked Paul to stop his investigation. Devon worried that Chloe was trying to steal Cane from Lily. Newman won the lawsuit against Jabot. Sabrina revealed that she was pregnant.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, June 9, 2008

At the Chancellor Estate, Jeffrey insisted that he had no idea why he'd claimed "it wasn't the first time Gloria had done this kind of thing." Jill pressed Jeffrey to elaborate. Jill added that she always believed that Gloria was hiding something. Jeffrey changed the subject and discussed dinner plans. Jill gave up and agreed to meet Jeffrey if she didn't work too late. After Jeffrey left, Esther entered and asked Jill how long Mr. Bardwell would stay. After Jill replied, "I don't know," Esther complained that messy Jeffrey left clothes lying everywhere. Jill left to locate her briefcase. While Esther was picking up after Jeffrey, she discovered the love note to Gloria that Jeffrey penned while he was in the emergency room. When Gloria showed up to see Jeffrey, she encountered Esther at the door. Before anything was said, Jill bellowed, "You can get down on your bony little knees and grovel, it won't do you any good." Gloria reminded Jill that she was playing second fiddle to her over a man. As Gloria was leaving, she requested that Esther let Jeffrey know that she stopped by. After Gloria was gone, Jill demanded to know what Esther was doing. Esther claimed that she was just trying to shoo that awful woman away.

Kay emerged and asked Esther where "Freddie the freeloader" was. Esther replied that Jeffrey was upstairs. Esther gave Kay the note she had found in Jeffrey's pocket. Kay read aloud, "To my darling Gloria." "It gets better," Esther added as Kay continued reading the note to herself. When Jeffrey came downstairs, Kay showed him the note and demanded an explanation. Jeffrey said that he had thought he was dying when he wrote it. Kay accused Jeffrey of scamming Jill. Jeffrey explained that he was like a smoker trying to quit. Kay asked if Jill was his nicotine patch. Kay demanded to know why Jeffrey was there when he was obviously obsessed with Gloria. After Jill returned, Kay asked about Jeffrey. Frustrated, Jill mocked her mother and said, "Let me save you the energy, okay? Jeffrey Bardwell-he's not a good man. He doesn't give a damn about you. He bled Gloria dry and he's gonna do the same thing to you." Jill added that she was keeping Jeffrey around while she dug for dirt on Gloria, and that Jeffrey was just a "slap and a tickle." Kay noted that Jill had invited Jeffrey to live in her home, and that she knew exactly what that meant.

At the Abbott pool house, Gloria insisted that she offer her confession at the police station. Michael reminded Gloria that she would not confess to anything even if she were arrested because an admission of guilt on Gloria's part would implicate Kevin, Lauren, and Michael as conspirators. Gloria demanded that Michael, once again, find her a way out of trouble. Gloria assured Michael that she would never mention him or Lauren to the police. Michael said he believed that Jill evidently had not yet contacted the authorities. "If Jill were certain about you and the cream, she would've had the police waiting at the mansion for you because that scandal almost destroyed her company," Michael insisted. After Gloria realized that Jeffrey hadn't betrayed her after all, she said, "I've been a fool. I have to go to him." Gloria returned from the Chancellor estate after not being granted a visit with Jeffrey, and she invited Alistair over to share a drink. Alistair held out hopes for romance. Gloria made it clear that Jeffrey was the only man for her, although he never wanted to see her again. When Alistair gave Gloria a supportive hug, Jeffrey grimaced as he watched through a window.

At the magazine headquarters, Sharon brought Noah to see Nick before Noah headed off to summer camp. While Noah occupied himself on a computer, Sharon told Nick that Victor wanted Noah to attend Victor and Sabrina's wedding on June 20, during Noah's time at summer camp. Nick noted that his father's wedding would be stressful, and that Victor had not asked him to be part of the wedding party. Nick added that Victoria had refused Sabrina's offer to be her matron of honor. Noah returned, excited about fun summer-camp activities. Sabrina walked by and wished Noah well, and Sharon and Noah left to meet the bus. Sabrina asked Nick if their relationship could be mended. Nick responded that it was a nice sentiment but would probably never happen. Nick added, "With my dad, it's all about give and take. He gives and you take it, whether you want to or not." Nick seemed hurt but not surprised that Adam had already been chosen to be Victor's best man. After Sharon returned, she and Nick discussed Noah's childhood and how quickly he was growing up.

In Nikki's office, David attempted to head off trouble by telling Nikki that Paul was about to report that David had killed his first two wives. Nikki assured David that she did not know of Paul's investigation. David explained that he had met his first wife in college, and that she suffered mental health problems, which ultimately led to suicide. As for David's second wife, he claimed, "Angela was an adrenaline junkie, and my addiction was out of control at that time. We starting having terrible fights, and our last one she stormed off in a rage and wrapped her Porsche Spyder around a telephone pole." David also claimed that Angela's daughter, Mina, a former drug addict, still blamed him for her mother's death. David described his third wife, Elizabeth, as a pitiful woman who suffered paranoia. David added that Elizabeth had accused the government of implanting probes into her brain. Nikki listened patiently, and then told David that she wished he had told her earlier about his troubled marriages. When Paul stopped by Nikki's office, she asked him not to investigate David, since she already knew all about his past.

Michael, Victor, Adam, Nikki, Heather, and Jill gathered at Jabot to hear the judge's ruling. Jill, Nikki, and Heather were stunned when the judge ruled in favor of Newman Enterprises, after the judge announced that there was no patent infringement. Adam was relieved. When Nikki later suggested an appeal, Jill snapped back that Jabot would not waste another dime on the lawsuit. In the hallway, Adam ran into Heather and told her that he hoped there were no hard feelings. Heather said that she disagreed with the judge's ruling. After Heather and Adam were alone in the elevator, however, they abruptly forgot about business and shared a passionate kiss.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sharon and Jack discussed plans for the remodel of the Abbott estate. They happily kissed to their new endeavors. Gloria interrupted their happiness when she ran back and forth through the dining room.

Michael told Lauren about Gloria's plan to turn herself in. He said that he'd stopped her for the time being, but wasn't sure he could stop her for long. Michael also confided in Lauren that he'd been thinking about further investigating his past. Lauren told Michael that more restoration had been done to his grandmother's diary so that it could be read in English. When Michael began reading, he was unsure that he wanted to read anymore.

Gloria confided in Alistair and he tried to seduce her by constantly refilling her champagne. Gloria suggested that they go skinny-dipping in the pool. When Sharon saw them, she screamed for Jack's assistance. Jack told Alistair to get out and get dressed immediately. Jack called Michael and asked him to get Gloria immediately. When Michael and Lauren took Gloria home, Jack and Sharon happily enjoyed being alone again.

Michael told Gloria that he and Lauren were concerned with Gloria drinking too much. Gloria said that Michael and Lauren were fuddy-duddies. Lauren said that it was not good to offend her boss and her boss's husband. Gloria stopped in her tracks when she realized that Lauren had offered her a job at the Boutique. Gloria told Michael that she knew that he really loved her.

Michael told Lauren that he'd decided not to let the past get in the way of his future. He said that he would read the diary only as long as Lauren was with him while he read it.

Lily worried that Chloe would be upset that she turned down the New York agency's offer. When Devon came home, Lily told him that she couldn't make dinner because Chloe needed her to go to a fitting. Chloe suggested that they all go to dinner after the fitting. Chloe attempted to get Lily to change her mind about New York, but Lily insisted that she had made up her mind. When Lily and Devon left for the fitting, Chloe called Cane. She asked if he could pick her up to work on some things on the magazine. As she was prepping her makeup, Devon came by. Chloe was disappointed that Cane had sent Devon to pick her up. Devon observed that Chloe wanted Cane for herself. Devon told Chloe to stop hitting on Cane. She said that he didn't have a clue. She said that she wasn't into Cane; she was into Devon.

Lily and Cane enjoyed dinner alone at the club. Lily told Cane that she was happy with her decision to focus on school. When Lily wondered where Devon and Chloe were, Cane said that he'd set it up so they wouldn't be coming by. They went back to Cane's and enjoyed a bubble bath.

Jeffrey began to wonder if Jill was taking care of him in order to find out information about Gloria. Jeffrey said that he felt well enough to move back to the club. Jill told Jeffrey that she would stop talking about Gloria for the night. At dinner, Jill and Jeffrey had a good time. When Jill left for home, Alistair approached Jeffrey. He told Jeffrey that Gloria was a tigress in the bedroom. Jeffrey threw a punch at him and knocked him out. When Jill came home, Katherine told her that she should read Jeffrey's letter to Gloria. Jill angrily said that Jeffrey was drugged out when he'd written the letter. Katherine told Jill to face the truth: that Jeffrey loved Gloria.

Adrian told Amber he would take her to dinner since he got the writing assignment at Restless Style. Lily saw Adrian and asked how things were with Colleen. Adrian said that everything was fine with them. When Adrian took Amber to dinner, she showed him some of her latest designs. Adrian was impressed with Amber's work. Amber asked Adrian how things were going in his relationship with Colleen. Adrian said that you never knew what brought people together, and you never knew what broke them up.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On her way to Fenmore's Boutique for her first day at work, Gloria stopped by the Abbott mansion to drop off some flowers for Jack and Sharon. Sharon was horrified to see that the flowers were her prized irises. Before Gloria left, Sharon warned her to stay out of the garden. Alone, the Abbotts thought happily about the day when Gloria would move out of the pool house.

Jack thought that in order to avoid another "Gloria and Alistair skinny-dipping incident," he and Sharon should send Alistair on a long vacation-perhaps a cruise to Alaska. When Sharon joked that perhaps Alistair could find some acting work in Alaska, Jack told his wife that she was brilliant.

A while later, Alistair showed up at the Abbott mansion. He told the Abbotts that he had been offered, and had accepted, a summer stock acting job playing Don Quixote in a production of "Man of La Mancha." Sharon was shocked when Alistair told them that the production was in Fairbanks, Alaska. Alistair wanted to say goodbye to Gloria, but the Abbotts told him that Gloria was working at the boutique. After Jack and Sharon wished Alistair good luck, Alistair left to bid "adieu" to his "lovely Gloria." As soon as the Abbotts were alone, Sharon asked Jack how he had managed to get Alistair the acting job. Jack told her that he had donated $50,000 to the production company-and that it was worth every penny. When Sharon expressed concern that Alistair might return in the fall, Jack allayed her fear-Alistair would be playing Felix in the company's autumn production of "The Odd Couple."

At Fenmore's Boutique, Lauren waited on Victor and Sabrina. Victoria stopped by, and told her father and his fiancée that she didn't expect to see them there. After buying something for Reed, Victoria begrudgingly congratulated Victor and Sabrina on their upcoming wedding. When Victor asked his daughter if she planned to attend the wedding, Victoria said she hadn't yet decided. Before Victoria left, Victor told her that he'd like for her to be there.

Gloria showed up at the boutique to begin work. When she ran into Victor, Gloria pretended that she was shopping. Gloria was embarrassed when Lindsey, one of the boutique's managers, made it clear that Gloria worked there. Gloria told Victor that her "talents" weren't appreciated at Jabot, and that she had been fired. When Victor asked Gloria if Nikki had fired her, Gloria told him that she wanted to forget about it. Victor introduced Gloria and Sabrina.

Seeing that Gloria was floundering in the women's clothing department, Lindsey suggested that she try working in the shoe department. Gloria told Lindsey that she didn't like the idea of touching feet. When Lindsay walked away, Gloria tried to convince herself that she had been poor before-and that she could get through it. When Lauren saw that Gloria was becoming frustrated with a hard-to-please customer in the shoe department, Lauren pulled Gloria aside. Gloria told Lauren that the customer was "impossible," so Lauren told Gloria that the customer reminded her of "the old Gloria." Gloria promised she would calm down, and Lauren moved her mother-in-law over to the jewelry department.

Brad showed up at the boutique, shopping for a gift for Colleen. He was amused to see that Gloria worked there. He compared Gloria to a "bad penny"-he said that she seemed to turn up everywhere. Lauren saw that Brad was trying to humiliate Gloria, and came to Gloria's rescue by lying. She told Brad that Gloria had turned down an executive position at Fenmore's because she preferred working on the sales floor. Brad told Gloria that "being on the floor" suited her. Lauren continued lying-she told Brad that Gloria had been breaking sales records.

Alistair stopped by the boutique to say goodbye to Gloria. Gloria was upset at the thought of losing her friend. Alistair said that neither one of them would ever forget the other. When Gloria and Alistair overheard a customer speaking loudly on her phone, saying, "I'm going to be late-this granny of a salesclerk is taking her time," Alistair told the customer that she would be lucky if she turned out to be half the goddess that Gloria was. Alistair kissed Gloria's hand and told her how much he would miss her.

In her office at Jabot, Nikki remembered when David told her that Paul might approach her and accuse David of being a murderer. David arrived and told Nikki he was surprised that she went to the office so early. Nikki assured David that she wasn't trying to avoid him. She hugged David, and thanked him for telling her "the truth."

In the Jabot boardroom, Brad showed Nikki and David some paperwork-Jabot had taken a financial beating because of the Natural Glow lawsuit. Brad told Nikki and David that he had fast-tracked Jabot Retro. When Brad said that the new formulas would be ready at the end of the week, David asked why the lab was reformulating, since Jabot Retro was about selling old fragrances. Brad said that the line would benefit from some fine-tuning. When Brad mentioned that he had a meeting with the lab technician, Nikki asked him to include Victoria in the meeting. After Nikki left, Brad matter-of-factly told David that he was betting $10,000 on a racehorse named Candelabra. Brad said that he had an inside tip from Candelabra's trainer. David told Brad it sounded like a good bet, and wished Brad luck.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told J.T. that, despite the fact that Nikki had asked him to stop investigating David, Paul was planning to continue. He felt that his investigation could save Nikki's life.

Paul showed up at Jabot to take Heather to lunch. He ran into David, who didn't seem particularly happy to see Paul. Paul told David that Nikki had asked him to stop his investigation-Paul said that he would respect Nikki's decision. Heather showed up and she and Paul left for lunch at the club. Alone in her office, Nikki typed "David Chow" and "murder" into an Internet search engine. She stared intently at the screen.

Sabrina found Victoria in the Jabot hallway. Sabrina told her former friend that she was meeting Victor at the Club. Victoria warned Sabrina that she had better get going-Victor did not like waiting. Sabrina said, "This feels so wrong." Victoria snidely replied, "My feelings exactly." Victoria told Sabrina that she would think about attending the wedding, but couldn't make any guarantees.

As Nikki was reading her laptop computer's screen, Victoria stopped by. Victoria cried on Nikki's shoulder-she didn't understand why she was happy about Nikki and David's relationship, but unhappy about Sabrina and Victor's relationship. As Nikki surreptitiously closed her computer, Victoria told her mother that Sabrina wanted to be friends again. When Victoria asked Nikki if she was being unreasonable by not renewing her friendship with Sabrina, Nikki told her daughter that she didn't have the answer to that question.

David couldn't stop thinking about Brad's "sure bet" at the racetrack. Someone called David and David asked him if he was "still interested in the watch." Obviously receiving a positive response, David said to meet him in Jabot's parking garage. David added that he was going to buy the watch back in a few days. Andy the bookie called Brad to inform him that David had placed the bet. Brad seemed very pleased.

Victoria met with J.T. at Jabot. She told her husband how much she liked David, and how happy he made Nikki. After Victoria left, J.T. called Paul and left a message. J.T. said that he didn't know if he could continue investigating David Chow.

J.T. and Victor had a business lunch at the club. When Victor left to speak with Adam, Sabrina joined J.T. She told J.T. that she wanted to smooth things over with Victoria-and that she wanted the Hellstroms to be at her wedding. Before he walked away, J.T. said that was Victoria's call.

Victor told Adam how happy he was that Adam was planning to attend his wedding. Adam told his father it was obvious how much Victor and Sabrina loved each other. As Adam started to leave the club, he ran into Paul and Heather, who had just arrived. Paul invited Adam to join them for lunch. Heather was happy that Adam decided to join her and her father. Over lunch, an astute Paul noticed Heather and Adam's mutual attraction. When Adam left, Paul asked his daughter how long her relationship with Adam had been going on. Slightly embarrassed, Heather replied, "Just a little while." When Paul asked if Adam was married, Heather said that Adam was married to his job.

Over lunch, Victor told Sabrina that he was beginning to lose patience with Victoria. Sabrina said that her relationship with Victor was still causing Victoria pain. Victor said that he was growing increasingly impatient with Nick and Victoria-they no longer showed him any respect.

At a nearby table, Nikki noticed that David wasn't wearing his watch. He lied and told Nikki that he had to sent it to the manufacturer for some repair work. They noticed Victor and Sabrina lunching together.

Victor confronted Nikki with his incorrect assumption that Nikki had fired Gloria from Jabot. When Nikki told Victor that it was none of his concern, Victor said that it should be her concern-Nikki's executive pool at Jabot was shrinking. Sabrina joined Victor as he and Nikki continued arguing. When Victor accused Nikki of talking Nick and Victoria out of attending his wedding, David defended his wife. Victor left, telling David and Nikki that he wished them "continued marital bliss." After Victor and Sabrina were gone, Nikki told David that Sabrina had no idea what she was in for.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Victor told Adam and Neil that sales for Restless Style would continue on a downward spiral. Adam wondered if they should stop advertising in the magazine. Victor told Sabrina he'd felt that Adam had realized his mistake and Victor was willing to give him another chance. Victor decided to hand over the reins of Beauty of Nature to Adam.

Sabrina worried that Victor had put Adam in charge of Beauty of Nature to spite Victoria. Victor said that he'd decided to see what Adam could do. Adam happily told Sabrina that he would be in charge of the Newman beauty line. Sabrina said she knew how much the line had meant to Victoria, and she wished him luck. Adam discussed changing the name of the line and was interested in the input he got from Victor and Sabrina. Adam asked if they could work on the beauty line together. Victor thought that was a wonderful idea. He said it would be a family affair.

Sabrina looked sadly out the window. Adam saw her and wondered what was wrong. Sabrina said that she'd been going through a lot of emotions lately. Adam said he'd heard about Victor's dark side. Adam wondered how Victor could be so understanding with him and not with his other kids. Sabrina said that people who grew up without love were sometimes unloving to their children. Adam said that Victor had never been unkind to his mother, Hope. He said that Hope brought out the best in Victor. He said that Sabrina did too.

Nick and Jack bickered about what model to use for their next issue of Restless Style. Nick thought Jack had a problem with his choice for a model because Jack hadn't come up with the idea himself. Nick thought using the young, up-and-coming singer Katie would be a great match for the magazine. Jack said he wanted to keep the style in Restless Style, and that they needed an objective point of view. Sharon suggested toning down the model's look for the cover, but Phyllis insisted that Katie maintain her true look. Phyllis told Jack he would just have to suck it up this time. While Jack and Nick continued to argue about the cover, Katie asked to see some of Amber's designs. Amber happily obliged.

Nick and Phyllis were thrilled with Katie's photo shoot. Jack still disagreed that using a younger model would concern their advertisers. When Jack received a call from an advertiser wanting to pull their ad, Jack said that he was right all along. Nick said he believed in his cover model and they would not make a change. Jack told Sharon that Nick would be sorry.

Amber told Kevin and Jana that she hadn't heard from Daniel. She asked Kevin to say something if he'd heard anything from Daniel. She said that she'd been working on a gothic dress for Jana. Jana said that it wasn't quite her choice and apologized to Amber.

At the boutique Gloria accused Lauren's distributor of stealing. Lauren apologized for Gloria's erratic behavior. Just when Gloria thought she could do no worse, Jill showed up. When Jill saw that Gloria was working there, she called Jeffrey and told him to come over. When Lauren saw Jeffrey and Jill, Lauren suggested that Gloria go on a break. Gloria said that she was fine. When Jill requested a basic black dress, Gloria quipped that she needed a pointed cap to match. Jill enjoyed sending Gloria running around fetching clothes, jewelry, and coffee. Gloria pretended to trip and poured coffee all over Jill's blouse. Lauren asked her if it was worth the $2,000 it cost. She said that she couldn't afford to lose any more customers, so Gloria had better get her act together. An angry Jeffrey returned to ask Gloria how she could sleep with Alistair. Gloria said she had needs. She wondered what his excuse was for sleeping with Jill. Jeffrey said he hadn't been with Jill yet, but that would soon change. When Jeffrey left, Gloria continued to be frustrated trying to make sales. Lauren called Kevin for help. Kevin and Jana came by and helped Gloria. Kevin told Gloria that he was proud of Gloria for putting in a hard day's work.

Jill angrily told Katherine that Gloria had spilled coffee on her new blouse at Fenmore's. Katherine suggested that Jill had encouraged it. She said that Jeffrey loved Gloria; there was nothing Jill could do to change that. Jeffrey came by Jabot to apologize to Jill. He had an apology present for her, a silk scarf. Jill said that there were a lot of things you could do with a silk scarf. Jill tied Jeffrey's hands behind a chair with the scarf and started kissing him.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Michael, Lauren, and Fen were celebrating Father's Day at Crimson Lights. Michael told Lauren he had been reading his grandmother's diary-paying particular attention to stories about her "ne'er do well" son Lowell-Michael's father. Gloria called and told Michael that there was no hot water at the pool house. Annoyed, Michael told her to call the landlord. Lauren said that she wanted to stop by the pool house.

When the Baldwins arrived at the pool house, Michael realized that the "hot water" thing was a ruse-Lauren and Gloria had actually planned a surprise Father's Day party for him. Michael remembered that in fourth grade he had made a tie for his father-but when he had gone home, Gloria told him that his father had left and wasn't coming back. Lauren praised Gloria, saying that she had been both mother and father to Michael. When Gloria gave Michael a gift, he said that the greatest gift he could give her would be the truth about his father.

Gloria told Michael that Lowell Baldwin was handsome and charismatic. She and Lowell had led a hippie-style life. Lowell had been drafted to fight in Vietnam, but he had fled to Canada, and Gloria never saw him again. Michael asked Gloria when she and Lowell had been divorced, but Gloria confessed that they had never married. Tears welled up in Gloria's eyes as she told Michael that he had ruined a perfect Father's Day.

Michael asked Gloria if Lowell had ever returned from Canada. Gloria said she didn't know-perhaps he did after President Carter granted amnesty to draft dodgers. When Lauren said that some draft dodgers had stayed in Canada, Michael realized he might be looking in the wrong place for Lowell-Lowell might be in Canada.

Lily and Devon took Neil to Crimson Lights for a Father's Day celebration. As Lily and Devon walked to the counter to get some coffee, they commented that Neil seemed down. They attributed his mood to loneliness-Dru was dead, and Karen had left Genoa City. Lily blamed herself for Karen's leaving.

After returning to their table, Devon suggested that Neil call Karen. When Neil said no, Lily again took responsibility for the rift between Karen and Neil. Neil told Lily that it wasn't her fault-that he and Karen had different priorities.

Lily and Devon told Neil that they were taking him to ride Excalibur-the new super-scary roller coaster. Neil perked up when he received a phone call from Karen in New York. Karen started asking about life in Genoa City, but Neil said that he wanted to hear about Karen's life in New York. A somewhat glum Karen said that her job wasn't all that fascinating.

Devon and Lily watched as Neil spoke to Karen. Noticing how Neil's mood had improved, they decided that Neil still loved her. After the call ended and Neil rejoined them, Devon suggested that he fly to New York and visit Karen. Neil said that might be presumptuous, and the kids asked if his memories of Dru were stopping him. When Neil said that might be part of it, Lily and Devon said that Dru wouldn't want him to be lonely and unhappy-she would want Neil to find love. Neil told his kids how much he loved them.

At Jabot, Adam stopped by to see Heather. Heather told him that she had done something she was having second thoughts about-she invited Paul to a Father's Day brunch at the Athletic Club. Heather and Adam realized that they had both recently learned their true paternity.

Adam told Heather that he had been raised thinking that Cliff Wilson was his father. He added that Cliff was a wonderful father to him, and a wonderful husband to his mother. Heather told Adam that she had been raised thinking that her abusive stepfather was her real father. Adam said that sometimes when he looked at Victor, it was like looking at a stranger-at other times, it was like he was looking in a mirror. When Heather said that hadn't yet happened with her and Paul, Adam told her to give Paul a chance-Father's Day was the day that things between her and Paul might change.

At the Newman ranch, Victor told Victoria how much he liked a photo montage of his grandchildren that she had given him as a Father's Day gift. Victor was thrilled when Victoria gave him another gift-a tintype of Abraham Lincoln that Nick had found. They had "To our Dad from Nicholas and Victor" engraved on the back. Touched by the gift, Victor hugged Victoria. Sabrina invited Victoria to stay for breakfast, but Victoria told her that she was going to a family gathering at the club. Victoria lamented that Victor wasn't going to join them-he would be missing Reed's first Father's Day with J.T. After Victoria left, Victor told Sabrina that his not going had nothing to do with Sabrina-he had decided not to attend because whenever he and Nikki were in a room together the tension was so thick that one could cut it with a knife. Sabrina told Victor that she had to go to the office-she had left her planner there and she was absolutely lost without it.

At the Athletic Club, David was on the phone with Marty. He told Marty he wanted to bet the limit-$10,000. David quickly hung up when he saw Nikki coming down the stairs. He lied and told Nikki he was trying to reach his uncle in Texas. Nick and Phyllis showed up with Summer. Nikki was surprised when Nick told her that Victor wouldn't be joining them.

When Nikki told David that Victor wasn't joining the family for Father's Day brunch, David told Nikki that she had enough love for both herself and Victor. Nikki saw Paul and wished him a happy Father's Day. Paul told her how happy he was that Heather had invited him for brunch.

Listening to his cell phone radio with an earpiece, David heard that there might be some trouble with Candelabra, the horse he had bet on. He quickly put the cell phone away when Victoria, J.T., Reed, Nick, Summer, Phyllis, and Nikki joined him at a large table. Victor called Nick to thank him for the Father's Day gift. After he hung up, Victor looked extremely pensive.

Nick opened his Father's Day gifts from Summer and Noah. When J.T. opened Reed's gift-a Father's Day t-shirt-Nikki said that Reed was a miracle baby. She and the group toasted "to family."

Alone at the buffet table, Nick and Victoria discussed how strange it was to be celebrating Father's Day without Victor. They took solace in the fact that Summer and Reed were too young to wonder where their grandfather was. Nick became slightly angry and said that Victor should be there. They decided that they would never raise their children like Victor had raised them.

Heather joined Paul at the club, apologizing for not getting him a Father's Day card. At their table, father and daughter discussed how Heather and her mother, April, had, years earlier, come to Genoa City when they were in trouble-Heather's stepfather Robert had been abusing April. Heather said that was when she had decided to become an attorney. She said that April had not exactly been "Mother of the Year," and Paul said he would have been there for Heather if he could have.

Heather received a text message and told Paul she had to leave. She told Paul that she knew he was trying to be a good father. Heather left, and joined Adam at Crimson Lights. She thanked him for texting her, saying her brunch with Paul had been awkward.

Paul watched as David left the Newman family's table. David went to the bar and began listening to the race on his cell phone. When Paul approached him, David quickly put his cell phone away. David lied and said that he was listening to the Japanese stock market opening. When Paul left, David listened to the race again, and was thrilled to learn that Candelabra had won, paying 18-to-1.

At the Newman ranch, Adam wished Victor a happy Father's Day. When Adam mentioned that it was their first Father's Day together, Victor told his son that wasn't true-Victor had been at Adam's baptism on a Father's Day many years ago. Victor showed Adam a photograph of Adam's baptism-Victor was holding baby Adam with Hope by his side. Victor gave Adam the picture as a gift. Victor said that Hope would be proud of Adam. He added that although Adam went by the name "Adam Wilson," to Victor, Adam would always be "Victor Newman, Jr."

Sabrina returned to the ranch. When Victor noticed that she was a little distant, he asked if everything was all right. Sabrina nervously told Victor that she had lied-she hadn't gone to the office-she had gone to the pharmacy. She then wished Victor a happy Father's Day-and told him that she was pregnant!

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